Bug 1520677 - Remove unnecessary --help dependencies in python configure. r=dmajor
authorMike Hommey <mh+mozilla@glandium.org>
Thu, 17 Jan 2019 03:34:54 +0000
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Bug 1520677 - Remove unnecessary --help dependencies in python configure. r=dmajor Differential Revision: https://phabricator.services.mozilla.com/D16777
--- a/build/moz.configure/android-ndk.configure
+++ b/build/moz.configure/android-ndk.configure
@@ -24,19 +24,19 @@ def min_android_version(target):
           help='android platform version{|}',
-@depends('--with-android-version', min_android_version, '--help')
+@depends('--with-android-version', min_android_version)
 @imports(_from='__builtin__', _import='ValueError')
-def android_version(value, min_version, _):
+def android_version(value, min_version):
     if not value:
         # Someone has passed --without-android-version.
         die('--with-android-version cannot be disabled.')
         version = int(value[0])
     except ValueError:
         die('--with-android-version expects an integer value')
@@ -46,20 +46,18 @@ def android_version(value, min_version, 
             min_version, value[0])
     return version
 add_old_configure_assignment('android_version', android_version)
-@depends('--with-android-ndk', build_project, '--help')
-def ndk(value, build_project, help):
-    if help:
-        return
+@depends('--with-android-ndk', build_project)
+def ndk(value, build_project):
     if build_project == 'mobile/android' and not value:
         die('You must specify --with-android-ndk=/path/to/ndk when '
             'building mobile/android')
     if value:
         return value[0]
 set_config('ANDROID_NDK', ndk)
@@ -107,20 +105,20 @@ def ndk_minor_version(ndk_version):
     if minor:
         return minor
     die('Unexpected NDK version string: ' + ndk_version)
 set_config('ANDROID_NDK_MINOR_VERSION', ndk_minor_version)
-@depends(target, android_version, ndk, '--help')
+@depends(target, android_version, ndk)
 @checking('for android platform directory')
 @imports(_from='os.path', _import='isdir')
-def android_platform(target, android_version, ndk, _):
+def android_platform(target, android_version, ndk):
     if target.os != 'Android':
     if 'aarch64' == target.cpu:
         target_dir_name = 'arm64'
         target_dir_name = target.cpu
@@ -143,20 +141,20 @@ def android_platform(target, android_ver
             "configuration, it should be in %s" % platform_dir)
     return platform_dir
 add_old_configure_assignment('android_platform', android_platform)
-@depends(android_platform, ndk, target, '--help')
+@depends(android_platform, ndk, target)
 @checking('for android sysroot directory')
 @imports(_from='os.path', _import='isdir')
-def android_sysroot(android_platform, ndk, target, _):
+def android_sysroot(android_platform, ndk, target):
     if target.os != 'Android':
     # NDK r15 has both unified and non-unified headers, but we only support
     # non-unified for that NDK, so look for that first.
     search_dirs = [
         # (<if this directory exists>, <return this directory>)
         (os.path.join(android_platform, 'usr', 'include'), android_platform),
@@ -169,20 +167,20 @@ def android_sysroot(android_platform, nd
     die("Android sysroot directory not found in %s." %
         str([sysroot_dir for test_dir, sysroot_dir in search_dirs]))
 add_old_configure_assignment('android_sysroot', android_sysroot)
-@depends(android_platform, ndk, target, '--help')
+@depends(android_platform, ndk, target)
 @checking('for android system directory')
 @imports(_from='os.path', _import='isdir')
-def android_system(android_platform, ndk, target, _):
+def android_system(android_platform, ndk, target):
     if target.os != 'Android':
     # NDK r15 has both unified and non-unified headers, but we only support
     # non-unified for that NDK, so look for that first.
     search_dirs = [
         os.path.join(android_platform, 'usr', 'include'),
         os.path.join(ndk, 'sysroot', 'usr', 'include', target.toolchain),
@@ -193,21 +191,21 @@ def android_system(android_platform, ndk
             return system_dir
     die("Android system directory not found in %s." % str(search_dirs))
 add_old_configure_assignment('android_system', android_system)
-@depends(target, host, ndk, '--with-android-toolchain', '--help')
+@depends(target, host, ndk, '--with-android-toolchain')
 @checking('for the Android toolchain directory', lambda x: x or 'not found')
 @imports(_from='os.path', _import='isdir')
 @imports(_from='mozbuild.shellutil', _import='quote')
-def android_toolchain(target, host, ndk, toolchain, _):
+def android_toolchain(target, host, ndk, toolchain):
     if not ndk:
     if toolchain:
         return toolchain[0]
         if target.cpu == 'arm' and target.endianness == 'little':
             target_base = 'arm-linux-androideabi'
         elif target.cpu == 'x86':
@@ -246,19 +244,19 @@ def android_toolchain_prefix_base(target
     return target.toolchain
           help='Options compiler should pass for standard C++ library')
-@depends('STLPORT_CPPFLAGS', ndk, '--help')
+@depends('STLPORT_CPPFLAGS', ndk)
 @imports(_from='os.path', _import='isdir')
-def stlport_cppflags(value, ndk, _):
+def stlport_cppflags(value, ndk):
     if value and len(value):
         return value.split()
     if not ndk:
     ndk_base = os.path.join(ndk, 'sources', 'cxx-stl')
     cxx_base = os.path.join(ndk_base, 'llvm-libc++')
     cxx_include = os.path.join(cxx_base, 'libcxx', 'include')
@@ -312,19 +310,19 @@ def android_toolchain_prefix(prefix_base
         return '%s/bin/%s-' % (toolchain, prefix_base)
 imply_option('--with-toolchain-prefix', android_toolchain_prefix,
 @depends(extra_toolchain_flags, android_toolchain,
-         android_toolchain_prefix_base, '--help')
+         android_toolchain_prefix_base)
 @imports(_from='os.path', _import='isdir')
-def bindgen_cflags_android(toolchain_flags, toolchain, toolchain_prefix, _):
+def bindgen_cflags_android(toolchain_flags, toolchain, toolchain_prefix):
     if not toolchain_flags:
     gcc_include = os.path.join(
         toolchain, 'lib', 'gcc', toolchain_prefix, '4.9.x')
     if not isdir(gcc_include):
         gcc_include = os.path.join(
             toolchain, 'lib', 'gcc', toolchain_prefix, '4.9')
--- a/build/moz.configure/toolchain.configure
+++ b/build/moz.configure/toolchain.configure
@@ -1632,18 +1632,18 @@ add_old_configure_assignment('MOZ_LTO_CF
 add_old_configure_assignment('MOZ_LTO_LDFLAGS', lto.ldflags)
 # ==============================================================
 js_option('--enable-address-sanitizer', help='Enable Address Sanitizer')
-@depends_if('--enable-address-sanitizer', '--help')
-def asan(value, _):
+def asan():
     return True
 add_old_configure_assignment('MOZ_ASAN', asan)
 # ==============================================================
--- a/toolkit/moz.configure
+++ b/toolkit/moz.configure
@@ -188,18 +188,18 @@ set_config('L10NBASEDIR', l10n_base)
 # config.guess, which we want to avoid. Even better, we could actually set
 # `choices` depending on the target, but that doesn't pan out for the same
 # reason.
 option('--enable-default-toolkit', nargs=1,
        choices=('cairo-windows', 'cairo-gtk3', 'cairo-gtk3-wayland',
                 'cairo-cocoa', 'cairo-uikit', 'cairo-android'),
        help='Select default toolkit')
-@depends('--enable-default-toolkit', target, '--help')
-def full_toolkit(value, target, _):
+@depends('--enable-default-toolkit', target)
+def full_toolkit(value, target):
     # Define possible choices for each platform. The default is the first one
     # listed when there are several.
     if target.os == 'WINNT':
         platform_choices = ('cairo-windows',)
     elif target.os == 'OSX':
         platform_choices = ('cairo-cocoa',)
     elif target.os == 'iOS':
         platform_choices = ('cairo-uikit',)