Bug 1314547. Part 2 - remove unused public functions. r=cpearce
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Bug 1314547. Part 2 - remove unused public functions. r=cpearce MozReview-Commit-ID: 2PndXBXmwRv
--- a/dom/media/MediaDecoder.cpp
+++ b/dom/media/MediaDecoder.cpp
@@ -777,17 +777,17 @@ MediaDecoder::MetadataLoaded(nsAutoPtr<M
   DECODER_LOG("MetadataLoaded, channels=%u rate=%u hasAudio=%d hasVideo=%d",
               aInfo->mAudio.mChannels, aInfo->mAudio.mRate,
               aInfo->HasAudio(), aInfo->HasVideo());
   mMediaSeekable = aInfo->mMediaSeekable;
-  SetMediaSeekableOnlyInBufferedRanges(aInfo->mMediaSeekableOnlyInBufferedRanges);
+  mMediaSeekableOnlyInBufferedRanges = aInfo->mMediaSeekableOnlyInBufferedRanges;
   mInfo = aInfo.forget();
   // Make sure the element and the frame (if any) are told about
   // our new size.
   if (aEventVisibility != MediaDecoderEventVisibility::Suppressed) {
     mFiredMetadataLoaded = true;
     mOwner->MetadataLoaded(mInfo, nsAutoPtr<const MetadataTags>(aTags.forget()));
@@ -1271,58 +1271,45 @@ MediaDecoder::UpdateEstimatedMediaDurati
   if (mEstimatedDuration.Ref().isSome() &&
       mozilla::Abs(mEstimatedDuration.Ref().ref().ToMicroseconds() - aDuration) < ESTIMATED_DURATION_FUZZ_FACTOR_USECS) {
   mEstimatedDuration = Some(TimeUnit::FromMicroseconds(aDuration));
-MediaDecoder::SetMediaSeekableOnlyInBufferedRanges(bool aMediaSeekableOnlyInBufferedRanges){
-  MOZ_ASSERT(NS_IsMainThread());
-  mMediaSeekableOnlyInBufferedRanges = aMediaSeekableOnlyInBufferedRanges;
   return GetResource()->IsTransportSeekable();
   NS_ENSURE_TRUE(GetStateMachine(), false);
   return mMediaSeekable;
-  MOZ_ASSERT(NS_IsMainThread());
-  return mMediaSeekableOnlyInBufferedRanges;
   if (IsNaN(GetDuration())) {
     // We do not have a duration yet, we can't determine the seekable range.
     return TimeIntervals();
   // We can seek in buffered range if the media is seekable. Also, we can seek
   // in unbuffered ranges if the transport level is seekable (local file or the
   // server supports range requests, etc.) or in cue-less WebMs
-  if (IsMediaSeekableOnlyInBufferedRanges()) {
+  if (mMediaSeekableOnlyInBufferedRanges) {
     return GetBuffered();
   } else if (!IsMediaSeekable()) {
     return media::TimeIntervals();
   } else if (!IsTransportSeekable()) {
     return GetBuffered();
   } else {
     return media::TimeIntervals(
--- a/dom/media/MediaDecoder.h
+++ b/dom/media/MediaDecoder.h
@@ -246,25 +246,19 @@ protected:
   // instability is expected; if the incoming duration is not significantly
   // different from the existing duration, the change request is ignored.
   // If the incoming duration is significantly different, the duration is
   // changed, this causes a durationchanged event to fire to the media
   // element.
   void UpdateEstimatedMediaDuration(int64_t aDuration) override;
-  // Set a flag indicating whether seeking is supported only in buffered ranges
-  void SetMediaSeekableOnlyInBufferedRanges(bool aMediaSeekableOnlyInBufferedRanges);
   // Returns true if this media supports random seeking. False for example with
   // chained ogg files.
   bool IsMediaSeekable();
-  // Returns true if this media supports seeking only in buffered ranges. True
-  // for example in WebMs with no cues
-  bool IsMediaSeekableOnlyInBufferedRanges();
   // Returns true if seeking is supported on a transport level (e.g. the server
   // supports range requests, we are playing a file, etc.).
   bool IsTransportSeekable();
   // Return the time ranges that can be seeked into.
   virtual media::TimeIntervals GetSeekable();
   // Set the end time of the media resource. When playback reaches
@@ -763,17 +757,18 @@ protected:
   Canonical<bool> mPlaybackRateReliable;
   // Current decoding position in the stream. This is where the decoder
   // is up to consuming the stream. This is not adjusted during decoder
   // seek operations, but it's updated at the end when we start playing
   // back again.
   Canonical<int64_t> mDecoderPosition;
-  // True if the media is only seekable within its buffered ranges.
+  // True if the media is only seekable within its buffered ranges
+  // like WebMs with no cues.
   Canonical<bool> mMediaSeekableOnlyInBufferedRanges;
   // True if the decoder is visible.
   Canonical<bool> mIsVisible;
   AbstractCanonical<media::NullableTimeUnit>* CanonicalDurationOrNull() override;
   AbstractCanonical<double>* CanonicalVolume() {