Bug 1551103. Stop using [array] in nsIServiceWorkerManager. r=asuth
authorBoris Zbarsky <bzbarsky@mit.edu>
Tue, 14 May 2019 17:24:24 +0000
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Bug 1551103. Stop using [array] in nsIServiceWorkerManager. r=asuth Though I do wonder whether we could just remove the unused data byte arg and simplify the code... Differential Revision: https://phabricator.services.mozilla.com/D30835
--- a/dom/interfaces/base/nsIServiceWorkerManager.idl
+++ b/dom/interfaces/base/nsIServiceWorkerManager.idl
@@ -167,18 +167,17 @@ interface nsIServiceWorkerManager : nsIS
                                   in AString aBody,
                                   in AString aTag,
                                   in AString aIcon,
                                   in AString aData,
                                   in AString aBehavior);
   [optional_argc] void sendPushEvent(in ACString aOriginAttributes,
                                      in ACString aScope,
-                                     [optional] in uint32_t aDataLength,
-                                     [optional, array, size_is(aDataLength)] in uint8_t aDataBytes);
+                                     [optional] in Array<uint8_t> aDataBytes);
   void sendPushSubscriptionChangeEvent(in ACString aOriginAttributes,
                                        in ACString scope);
   void addListener(in nsIServiceWorkerManagerListener aListener);
   void removeListener(in nsIServiceWorkerManagerListener aListener);
   bool isParentInterceptEnabled();
--- a/dom/serviceworkers/ServiceWorkerManager.cpp
+++ b/dom/serviceworkers/ServiceWorkerManager.cpp
@@ -946,24 +946,28 @@ RefPtr<ServiceWorkerRegistrationPromise>
   return runnable->Promise();
 ServiceWorkerManager::SendPushEvent(const nsACString& aOriginAttributes,
                                     const nsACString& aScope,
-                                    uint32_t aDataLength, uint8_t* aDataBytes,
+                                    const nsTArray<uint8_t>& aDataBytes,
                                     uint8_t optional_argc) {
-  if (optional_argc == 2) {
-    nsTArray<uint8_t> data;
-    if (!data.InsertElementsAt(0, aDataBytes, aDataLength, fallible)) {
-      return NS_ERROR_OUT_OF_MEMORY;
-    }
-    return SendPushEvent(aOriginAttributes, aScope, EmptyString(), Some(data));
+  if (optional_argc == 1) {
+    // This does one copy here (while constructing the Maybe) and another when
+    // we end up copying into the SendPushEventRunnable.  We could fix that to
+    // only do one copy by making things between here and there take
+    // Maybe<nsTArray<uint8_t>>&&, but then we'd need to copy before we know
+    // whether we really need to in PushMessageDispatcher::NotifyWorkers.  Since
+    // in practice this only affects JS callers that pass data, and we don't
+    // have any right now, let's not worry about it.
+    return SendPushEvent(aOriginAttributes, aScope, EmptyString(),
+                         Some(aDataBytes));
   MOZ_ASSERT(optional_argc == 0);
   return SendPushEvent(aOriginAttributes, aScope, EmptyString(), Nothing());
 nsresult ServiceWorkerManager::SendPushEvent(
     const nsACString& aOriginAttributes, const nsACString& aScope,
     const nsAString& aMessageId, const Maybe<nsTArray<uint8_t>>& aData) {