Bug 1415978 - Change 'Activate Adobe Flash' to 'Run Adobe Flash' in the overlay UI. r=dthayer
authorFelipe Gomes <felipc@gmail.com>
Thu, 09 Nov 2017 18:27:49 -0200
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Bug 1415978 - Change 'Activate Adobe Flash' to 'Run Adobe Flash' in the overlay UI. r=dthayer MozReview-Commit-ID: JlHXRLl3DbY
--- a/browser/locales/en-US/chrome/browser/browser.properties
+++ b/browser/locales/en-US/chrome/browser/browser.properties
@@ -350,17 +350,25 @@ flashActivate.message=Do you want to all
 flashActivate.outdated.message=Do you want to allow an outdated version of Adobe Flash to run on this site? An outdated version can affect browser performance and security.
 flashActivate.remember=Remember this decision
 flashActivate.noAllow=Don’t Allow
 # in-page UI
-PluginClickToActivate=Activate %S.
+# LOCALIZATION NOTE (PluginClickToActivate2): Two changes were done to the
+# previous version of the string. The first is that we changed the wording from
+# "Activate" to "Run", because it's shorter and feels less technical in English.
+# Feel free to keep using the previous wording in your language if it's already
+# the best one.
+# The second change is that we removed the period at the end of the phrase, because
+# it's not natural in our UI, and the underline was removed from this, so it doesn't
+# look like a link anymore. We suggest that everyone removes that period too.
+PluginClickToActivate2=Run %S
 PluginVulnerableUpdatable=This plugin is vulnerable and should be updated.
 PluginVulnerableNoUpdate=This plugin has security vulnerabilities.
 # infobar UI
 pluginContinueBlocking.label=Continue Blocking
 # LOCALIZATION NOTE (pluginActivateTrigger): Use the unicode ellipsis char, \u2026,
 # or use "..." if \u2026 doesn't suit traditions in your locale.
--- a/browser/modules/PluginContent.jsm
+++ b/browser/modules/PluginContent.jsm
@@ -570,17 +570,17 @@ PluginContent.prototype = {
         this.addLinkClickCallback(updateLink, "forwardCallback",
                                   "openPluginUpdatePage", pluginTag);
         /* FALLTHRU */
       case "PluginVulnerableNoUpdate":
       case "PluginClickToPlay":
         let pluginName = this._getPluginInfo(plugin).pluginName;
-        let messageString = gNavigatorBundle.formatStringFromName("PluginClickToActivate", [pluginName], 1);
+        let messageString = gNavigatorBundle.formatStringFromName("PluginClickToActivate2", [pluginName], 1);
         let overlayText = this.getPluginUI(plugin, "clickToPlay");
         overlayText.textContent = messageString;
         if (eventType == "PluginVulnerableUpdatable" ||
             eventType == "PluginVulnerableNoUpdate") {
           let vulnerabilityString = gNavigatorBundle.GetStringFromName(eventType);
           let vulnerabilityText = this.getPluginUI(plugin, "vulnerabilityStatus");
           vulnerabilityText.textContent = vulnerabilityString;