Bug 1494069 - [mozlint] Append global 'excludes' to each linter at parse time, r=rwood
authorAndrew Halberstadt <ahalberstadt@mozilla.com>
Tue, 16 Oct 2018 21:04:14 +0000
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Bug 1494069 - [mozlint] Append global 'excludes' to each linter at parse time, r=rwood Right now there are excludes defined in the linter definition (via the .yml files), as well as excludes defined in lintargs (via the mach_commands.py). This is a minor simplification that extends each linter definition's local excludes with the global ones right off the bat. This just makes it a bit easier to keep track of. Depends on D5863 Differential Revision: https://phabricator.services.mozilla.com/D8844
--- a/python/mozlint/mozlint/roller.py
+++ b/python/mozlint/mozlint/roller.py
@@ -4,16 +4,17 @@
 from __future__ import absolute_import, print_function, unicode_literals
 import os
 import signal
 import sys
 import traceback
 from concurrent.futures import ProcessPoolExecutor
+from itertools import chain
 from math import ceil
 from multiprocessing import cpu_count
 from multiprocessing.queues import Queue
 from subprocess import CalledProcessError
 import mozpack.path as mozpath
 from mozversioncontrol import get_repository_object, MissingUpstreamRepo, InvalidRepoPath
@@ -88,42 +89,45 @@ class LintRoller(object):
     :param root: Path to which relative paths will be joined. If
                  unspecified, root will either be determined from
                  version control or cwd.
     :param lintargs: Arguments to pass to the underlying linter(s).
     MAX_PATHS_PER_JOB = 50  # set a max size to prevent command lines that are too long on Windows
-    def __init__(self, root, **lintargs):
+    def __init__(self, root, exclude=None, **lintargs):
         self.parse = Parser(root)
             self.vcs = get_repository_object(root)
         except InvalidRepoPath:
             self.vcs = None
         self.linters = []
         self.lintargs = lintargs
         self.lintargs['root'] = root
         # result state
         self.result = ResultSummary()
         self.root = root
+        self.exclude = exclude or []
     def read(self, paths):
         """Parse one or more linters and add them to the registry.
         :param paths: A path or iterable of paths to linter definitions.
         if isinstance(paths, basestring):
             paths = (paths,)
-        for path in paths:
-            self.linters.extend(self.parse(path))
+        for linter in chain(*[self.parse(p) for p in paths]):
+            # Add in our global excludes
+            linter.setdefault('exclude', []).extend(self.exclude)
+            self.linters.append(linter)
     def setup(self):
         """Run setup for applicable linters"""
         if not self.linters:
             raise LintersNotConfigured
         for linter in self.linters:
             if 'setup' not in linter:
--- a/python/mozlint/mozlint/types.py
+++ b/python/mozlint/mozlint/types.py
@@ -31,20 +31,20 @@ class BaseType(object):
                          the definition, but passed in by a consumer.
         :returns: A list of :class:`~result.Issue` objects.
         if lintargs.get('use_filters', True):
             paths, exclude = filterpaths(
-                config.get('exclude', []) + lintargs.get('exclude', []),
+                config.get('exclude', []),
                 config.get('extensions', []),
-            lintargs['exclude'] = exclude
+            config['exclude'] = exclude
         if not paths:
         if self.batch:
             return self._lint(paths, config, **lintargs)
         errors = []
@@ -75,17 +75,17 @@ class LineType(BaseType):
     def _lint_dir(self, path, config, **lintargs):
         if not config.get('extensions'):
             patterns = ['**']
             patterns = ['**/*.{}'.format(e) for e in config['extensions']]
-        exclude = [os.path.relpath(e, path) for e in lintargs.get('exclude', [])]
+        exclude = [os.path.relpath(e, path) for e in config.get('exclude', [])]
         finder = FileFinder(path, ignore=exclude)
         errors = []
         for pattern in patterns:
             for p, f in finder.find(pattern):
                 errors.extend(self._lint(os.path.join(path, p), config, **lintargs))
         return errors
--- a/python/mozlint/test/test_roller.py
+++ b/python/mozlint/test/test_roller.py
@@ -83,18 +83,17 @@ def test_roll_catch_exception(lint, lint
     lint.roll(files)  # assert not raises
     out, err = capfd.readouterr()
     assert 'LintException' in err
 def test_roll_with_global_excluded_path(lint, linters, files):
-    lint.lintargs.update({'exclude': ['**/foobar.js']})
+    lint.exclude = ['**/foobar.js']
     lint.read(linters('string', 'regex', 'external'))
     result = lint.roll(files)
     assert len(result.issues) == 0
     assert result.failed == set([])
 def test_roll_with_local_excluded_path(lint, linters, files):
--- a/tools/lint/python/compat.py
+++ b/tools/lint/python/compat.py
@@ -53,17 +53,17 @@ def run_linter(python, paths, config, **
         # If we're in automation, this is fatal. Otherwise, the warning in the
         # setup method was already printed.
         if 'MOZ_AUTOMATION' in os.environ:
             return 1
         return []
     root = lintargs['root']
     pattern = "**/*.py"
-    exclude = [mozpath.join(root, e) for e in lintargs.get('exclude', [])]
+    exclude = [mozpath.join(root, e) for e in config.get('exclude', [])]
     files = []
     for path in paths:
         path = mozpath.normsep(path)
         if os.path.isfile(path):
         ignore = [e[len(path):].lstrip('/') for e in exclude
--- a/tools/lint/python/flake8.py
+++ b/tools/lint/python/flake8.py
@@ -124,18 +124,18 @@ def lint(paths, config, **lintargs):
     fix_cmdargs = [
         os.path.join(bindir, 'autopep8'),
         '--global-config', os.path.join(lintargs['root'], '.flake8'),
         '--in-place', '--recursive',
-    if 'exclude' in lintargs:
-        fix_cmdargs.extend(['--exclude', ','.join(lintargs['exclude'])])
+    if config.get('exclude'):
+        fix_cmdargs.extend(['--exclude', ','.join(config['exclude'])])
     # Run any paths with a .flake8 file in the directory separately so
     # it gets picked up. This means only .flake8 files that live in
     # directories that are explicitly included will be considered.
     # See bug 1277851
     paths_by_config = defaultdict(list)
     for path in paths:
         configs = get_ancestors_by_name('.flake8', path, lintargs['root'])