bug 780203 - add [u]intn_t types to xpidl r=khuey
authorTrevor Saunders <trev.saunders@gmail.com>
Fri, 27 Jul 2012 19:58:26 -0400
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bug 780203 - add [u]intn_t types to xpidl r=khuey
--- a/xpcom/idl-parser/typelib.py
+++ b/xpcom/idl-parser/typelib.py
@@ -13,16 +13,23 @@ import xpidl, xpt
 # A map of xpidl.py types to xpt.py types
 TypeMap = {
     # nsresult is not strictly an xpidl.py type, but it's useful here
     'nsresult':           xpt.Type.Tags.uint32,
     # builtins
     'boolean':            xpt.Type.Tags.boolean,
     'void':               xpt.Type.Tags.void,
+    'int16_t':              xpt.Type.Tags.int16,
+    'int32_t':               xpt.Type.Tags.int32,
+    'int64_t':          xpt.Type.Tags.int64,
+    'uint8_t':              xpt.Type.Tags.uint8,
+    'uint16_t':     xpt.Type.Tags.uint16,
+    'uint32_t':      xpt.Type.Tags.uint32,
+    'uint64_t': xpt.Type.Tags.uint64,
     'octet':              xpt.Type.Tags.uint8,
     'short':              xpt.Type.Tags.int16,
     'long':               xpt.Type.Tags.int32,
     'long long':          xpt.Type.Tags.int64,
     'unsigned short':     xpt.Type.Tags.uint16,
     'unsigned long':      xpt.Type.Tags.uint32,
     'unsigned long long': xpt.Type.Tags.uint64,
     'float':              xpt.Type.Tags.float,
--- a/xpcom/idl-parser/xpidl.py
+++ b/xpcom/idl-parser/xpidl.py
@@ -115,16 +115,23 @@ class Builtin(object):
             const = ''
         return "%s%s %s" % (const, self.nativename,
                             calltype != 'in' and '*' or '')
 builtinNames = [
     Builtin('boolean', 'bool'),
     Builtin('void', 'void'),
+    Builtin('int16_t', 'int16_t', True, True),
+    Builtin('int32_t', 'int32_t', True, True),
+    Builtin('int64_t', 'int64_t', True, False),
+    Builtin('uint8_t', 'uint8_t'),
+    Builtin('uint16_t', 'uint16_t', False, True),
+    Builtin('uint32_t', 'uint32_t', False, True),
+    Builtin('uint64_t', 'uint64_t', False, False),
     Builtin('octet', 'PRUint8'),
     Builtin('short', 'PRInt16', True, True),
     Builtin('long', 'PRInt32', True, True),
     Builtin('long long', 'PRInt64', True, False),
     Builtin('unsigned short', 'PRUint16', False, True),
     Builtin('unsigned long', 'PRUint32', False, True),
     Builtin('unsigned long long', 'PRUint64', False, False),
     Builtin('float', 'float', True, False),