Bug 1192064 - Add 'android-x86' job to |mach artifact|. r=jonalmeida
authorNick Alexander <nalexander@mozilla.com>
Fri, 23 Oct 2015 12:55:16 -0700
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Bug 1192064 - Add 'android-x86' job to |mach artifact|. r=jonalmeida
--- a/mobile/android/mach_commands.py
+++ b/mobile/android/mach_commands.py
@@ -210,17 +210,17 @@ class PackageFrontend(MachCommandBase):
         artifacts = Artifacts(tree, job, log=self.log, cache_dir=cache_dir, hg=hg)
         return artifacts
     @SubCommand('artifact', 'install',
         'Install a good pre-built artifact.')
     @CommandArgument('--tree', metavar='TREE', type=str,
         help='Firefox tree.',
         default='fx-team')  # TODO: switch to central as this stabilizes.
-    @CommandArgument('--job', metavar='JOB', choices=['android-api-11'],
+    @CommandArgument('--job', metavar='JOB', choices=['android-api-11', 'android-x86'],
         help='Build job.',
         default='android-api-11')  # TODO: fish job from build configuration.
     @CommandArgument('source', metavar='SRC', nargs='?', type=str,
         help='Where to fetch and install artifacts from.  Can be omitted, in '
             'which case the current hg repository is inspected; an hg revision; '
             'a remote URL; or a local file.',
     def artifact_install(self, source=None, tree=None, job=None):
--- a/python/mozbuild/mozbuild/artifacts.py
+++ b/python/mozbuild/mozbuild/artifacts.py
@@ -74,16 +74,17 @@ MAX_CACHED_TASKS = 400  # Number of push
 # TODO: handle multiple artifacts with the same filename.
 # TODO: handle installing binaries from different types of artifacts (.tar.bz2, .dmg, etc).
 # Keep the keys of this map in sync with the |mach artifact| --job options.
     # 'android-api-9': {'re': re.compile('public/build/fennec-(.*)\.android-arm\.apk')},
     'android-api-11': {'re': re.compile('public/build/fennec-(.*)\.android-arm\.apk')},
+    'android-x86': {'re': re.compile('public/build/fennec-(.*)\.android-i386\.apk')},
     # 'linux': {'re': re.compile('public/build/firefox-(.*)\.linux-i686\.tar\.bz2')},
     # 'linux64': {'re': re.compile('public/build/firefox-(.*)\.linux-x86_64\.tar\.bz2')},
     # 'macosx64': {'re': re.compile('public/build/firefox-(.*)\.mac\.dmg')},
 def cachedmethod(cachefunc):
     '''Decorator to wrap a class or instance method with a memoizing callable that