Bug 1409210 - Don't prefetch resources with a Vary header. r=valentin
authorNicholas Hurley <hurley@mozilla.com>
Mon, 16 Oct 2017 16:55:46 -0700
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Bug 1409210 - Don't prefetch resources with a Vary header. r=valentin Conceivably, we could allow a few more prefetches than this would (based on the headers in the original request matching up to a header listed in the Vary response header), but this is safer in case (for example) future requests of this resource end up sending a cookie that wasn't set on the original request. In practice, the difference is likely to be small enough that this broader stroke won't make a huge impact on the number of things we do or don't prefetch. MozReview-Commit-ID: GhD9mZR6aOX
--- a/netwerk/base/Predictor.cpp
+++ b/netwerk/base/Predictor.cpp
@@ -2604,28 +2604,30 @@ Predictor::UpdateCacheability(nsIURI *so
     PREDICTOR_LOG(("Predictor::UpdateCacheability non-http(s) uri"));
   RefPtr<Predictor> self = sSelf;
   if (self) {
     nsAutoCString method;
+    nsAutoCString vary;
+    Unused << responseHead->GetHeader(nsHttp::Vary, vary);
     self->UpdateCacheabilityInternal(sourceURI, targetURI, httpStatus,
                                      method, *lci->OriginAttributesPtr(),
-                                     isTracking);
+                                     isTracking, !vary.IsEmpty());
 Predictor::UpdateCacheabilityInternal(nsIURI *sourceURI, nsIURI *targetURI,
                                       uint32_t httpStatus,
                                       const nsCString &method,
                                       const OriginAttributes& originAttributes,
-                                      bool isTracking)
+                                      bool isTracking, bool couldVary)
   PREDICTOR_LOG(("Predictor::UpdateCacheability httpStatus=%u", httpStatus));
   nsresult rv;
   if (!mInitialized) {
     PREDICTOR_LOG(("    not initialized"));
@@ -2653,17 +2655,17 @@ Predictor::UpdateCacheabilityInternal(ns
   uint32_t openFlags = nsICacheStorage::OPEN_READONLY |
                        nsICacheStorage::OPEN_SECRETLY |
   RefPtr<Predictor::CacheabilityAction> action =
     new Predictor::CacheabilityAction(targetURI, httpStatus, method, isTracking,
-                                      this);
+                                      couldVary, this);
   nsAutoCString uri;
   PREDICTOR_LOG(("    uri=%s action=%p", uri.get(), action.get()));
   cacheDiskStorage->AsyncOpenURI(sourceURI, EmptyCString(), openFlags, action);
@@ -2730,17 +2732,18 @@ Predictor::CacheabilityAction::OnCacheEn
                                         flags)) {
       PREDICTOR_LOG(("    failed to parse key=%s value=%s", key, value));
     if (strTargetURI.Equals(uri)) {
       if (mHttpStatus == 200 && mMethod.EqualsLiteral("GET") &&
           !hasQueryString &&
-          !mIsTracking) {
+          !mIsTracking &&
+          !mCouldVary) {
         PREDICTOR_LOG(("    marking %s cacheable", key));
         flags |= FLAG_PREFETCHABLE;
       } else {
         PREDICTOR_LOG(("    marking %s uncacheable", key));
         flags &= ~FLAG_PREFETCHABLE;
       nsCString newValue;
       MakeMetadataEntry(hitCount, lastHit, flags, newValue);
--- a/netwerk/base/Predictor.h
+++ b/netwerk/base/Predictor.h
@@ -134,32 +134,34 @@ private:
                            , public nsICacheEntryMetaDataVisitor
     CacheabilityAction(nsIURI *targetURI, uint32_t httpStatus,
-                       const nsCString &method, bool isTracking,
+                       const nsCString &method, bool isTracking, bool couldVary,
                        Predictor *predictor)
+      ,mCouldVary(couldVary)
     { }
     virtual ~CacheabilityAction() { }
     nsCOMPtr<nsIURI> mTargetURI;
     uint32_t mHttpStatus;
     nsCString mMethod;
     bool mIsTracking;
+    bool mCouldVary;
     RefPtr<Predictor> mPredictor;
     nsTArray<nsCString> mKeysToCheck;
     nsTArray<nsCString> mValuesToCheck;
   class Resetter : public nsICacheEntryOpenCallback,
                    public nsICacheEntryMetaDataVisitor,
                    public nsICacheStorageVisitor
@@ -421,17 +423,17 @@ private:
                           uint32_t &flags);
   // Used to update whether a particular URI was cacheable or not.
   // sourceURI and targetURI are the same as the arguments to Learn
   // and httpStatus is the status code we got while loading targetURI.
   void UpdateCacheabilityInternal(nsIURI *sourceURI, nsIURI *targetURI,
                                   uint32_t httpStatus, const nsCString &method,
                                   const OriginAttributes& originAttributes,
-                                  bool isTracking);
+                                  bool isTracking, bool couldVary);
   // Make sure our prefs are in their expected range of values
   void SanitizePrefs();
   // Our state
   bool mInitialized;
   bool mEnabled;