Bug 1541175 Part 2: Force RDM UI to be at 100% zoom. r=pbro,ochameau
authorBrad Werth <bwerth@mozilla.com>
Mon, 06 May 2019 07:21:13 +0000
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Bug 1541175 Part 2: Force RDM UI to be at 100% zoom. r=pbro,ochameau Once RDM is up-and-running, the Zoom UI will stay synchronized with the zoom level of the RDM content pane. These changes ensure that the RDM tools are forced to 100%, and then does a fixup to get the Zoom UI to match the RDM content pane zoom level again. Differential Revision: https://phabricator.services.mozilla.com/D26045
--- a/devtools/client/responsive.html/manager.js
+++ b/devtools/client/responsive.html/manager.js
@@ -347,16 +347,35 @@ ResponsiveUI.prototype = {
         debug("Wait until browser mounted");
         await message.wait(toolWindow, "browser-mounted");
         return ui.getViewportBrowser();
     debug("Wait until swap start");
     await this.swap.start();
+    // Set the ui toolWindow to fullZoom and textZoom of 100%. Directly change
+    // the zoom levels of the toolwindow docshell. That doesn't affect the zoom
+    // of the RDM content, but it does send events that confuse the Zoom UI.
+    // So before we adjust the zoom levels of the toolWindow, we first cache
+    // the reported zoom levels of the RDM content, because we'll have to
+    // re-apply them to re-sync the Zoom UI.
+    // Cache the values now and we'll re-apply them near the end of this function.
+    // This is important since other steps here can also cause the Zoom UI update
+    // event to be sent for other browsers, and this means that the changes from
+    // our Zoom UI update event would be overwritten. After this function, future
+    // changes to zoom levels will send Zoom UI update events in an order that
+    // keeps the Zoom UI synchronized with the RDM content zoom levels.
+    const fullZoom = this.tab.linkedBrowser.fullZoom;
+    const textZoom = this.tab.linkedBrowser.textZoom;
+    ui.toolWindow.docShell.contentViewer.fullZoom = 1;
+    ui.toolWindow.docShell.contentViewer.textZoom = 1;
     this.tab.addEventListener("BeforeTabRemotenessChange", this);
     // Notify the inner browser to start the frame script
     debug("Wait until start frame script");
     await message.request(this.toolWindow, "start-frame-script");
     // Get the protocol ready to speak with emulation actor
     debug("Wait until RDP server connect");
@@ -366,16 +385,21 @@ ResponsiveUI.prototype = {
     await this.restoreState();
     // Show the settings onboarding tooltip
     if (Services.prefs.getBoolPref(SHOW_SETTING_TOOLTIP_PREF)) {
       this.settingOnboardingTooltip =
         new SettingOnboardingTooltip(ui.toolWindow.document);
+    // Re-apply our cached zoom levels. Other Zoom UI update events have finished
+    // by now.
+    this.tab.linkedBrowser.fullZoom = fullZoom;
+    this.tab.linkedBrowser.textZoom = textZoom;
     // Non-blocking message to tool UI to start any delayed init activities
     message.post(this.toolWindow, "post-init");
     debug("Init done");
    * Close RDM and restore page content back into a regular tab.