Bug 912795 - make export doesn't handle install/purge manifests. r=gps
authorMike Hommey <mh+mozilla@glandium.org>
Thu, 05 Sep 2013 15:07:57 +0900
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Bug 912795 - make export doesn't handle install/purge manifests. r=gps At the same time, fix a few things in the top-level Makefile.in.
--- a/Makefile.in
+++ b/Makefile.in
@@ -47,18 +47,20 @@ ifndef MOZ_PROFILE_USE
 # a common directory. Each manifest is responsible for defining files in
 # a specific subdirectory of the object directory. The invoked Python
 # script simply iterates over all the manifests, purging files as
 # necessary. To manage new directories or add files to the manifests,
 # modify the backend generator.
 # We need to explicitly put backend.RecursiveMakeBackend.built here
 # otherwise the rule in rules.mk doesn't run early enough.
-default alldep all:: CLOBBER $(topsrcdir)/configure config.status backend.RecursiveMakeBackend.built
+default all export libs tools:: CLOBBER $(topsrcdir)/configure config.status backend.RecursiveMakeBackend.built
 	$(call SUBMAKE,backend.RecursiveMakeBackend.built,js/src,1)
+default all export::
 	$(call py_action,purge_manifests,-d _build_manifests/purge .)
 CLOBBER: $(topsrcdir)/CLOBBER
 	@echo "STOP!  The CLOBBER file has changed."
 	@echo "Please run the build through a sanctioned build wrapper, such as"
 	@echo "'mach build' or client.mk."
 	@exit 1
@@ -72,32 +74,33 @@ CLOBBER: $(topsrcdir)/CLOBBER
 config.status: $(topsrcdir)/configure
 	@echo "STOP!  configure has changed and needs to be run in this build directory."
 	@echo "Please rerun configure."
 	@echo "To ignore this message, touch 'config.status' in the build directory,"
 	@echo "but your build might not succeed."
 	@exit 1
-# Build pseudo-external modules first when export is explicitly called
+default all export::
 	$(RM) -r $(DIST)/sdk
 # Additional makefile targets to call automated test suites
 include $(topsrcdir)/testing/testsuite-targets.mk
 # Hacky way for precompile tier to bypass default tier traversal mechanism.
 TIER_precompile_CUSTOM := 1
+default all export::
+	$(call py_action,process_install_manifest,$(DIST)/include _build_manifests/install/dist_include js/src/_build_manifests/install/dist_include)
 include $(topsrcdir)/config/rules.mk
-default all alldep::
-	$(call py_action,process_install_manifest,$(DIST)/include _build_manifests/install/dist_include js/src/_build_manifests/install/dist_include)
+default all::
 	$(foreach tier,$(TIERS),$(call SUBMAKE,tier_$(tier)))
 include $(topsrcdir)/config/makefiles/tiers.mk
 $(foreach tier,$(TIERS),$(eval $(call CREATE_TIER_RULE,$(tier))))