NO BUG - Vendor latest robustcheckout extension; r=sheehan
authorGregory Szorc <>
Thu, 06 Dec 2018 10:34:12 -0500
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NO BUG - Vendor latest robustcheckout extension; r=sheehan Corresponds to revision 53c65bf08e17bc943a52e464f72a51a8ea5809e5 from version-control-tools repository.
--- a/testing/mozharness/external_tools/
+++ b/testing/mozharness/external_tools/
@@ -296,25 +296,25 @@ def robustcheckout(ui, url, dest, upstre
                 name += '_rmstore'
             if 'remove-wdir' in behaviors:
                 name += '_rmwdir'
             optimes.append((name, overall))
         # We break out overall operations primarily by their network interaction
         # We have variants within for working directory operations.
-        if 'clone' in behaviors:
+        if 'clone' in behaviors and 'create-store' in behaviors:
             if 'sparse-update' in behaviors:
-        elif 'pull' in behaviors:
+        elif 'pull' in behaviors or 'clone' in behaviors:
             if 'sparse-update' in behaviors:
             if 'empty-wdir' in behaviors:
@@ -604,16 +604,19 @@ def _docheckout(ui, url, dest, upstream,
             makedirs = util.makedirs
         makedirs(os.path.dirname(destvfs.base), notindexed=True)
         makedirs(sharebase, notindexed=True)
         if upstream:
             ui.write('(cloning from upstream repo %s)\n' % upstream)
+        if not storevfs.exists():
+            behaviors.add('create-store')
             with timeit('clone', 'clone'):
                 shareopts = {'pool': sharebase, 'mode': 'identity'}
                 res = hg.clone(ui, {}, clonepeer, dest=dest, update=False,
         except (error.Abort, ssl.SSLError, urllib2.URLError) as e:
             if handlepullerror(e):
                 return callself()
@@ -781,39 +784,16 @@ def _docheckout(ui, url, dest, upstream,
     behavior = 'update-sparse' if sparse_profile else 'update'
     with timeit(op, behavior):
         if commands.update(ui, repo, rev=checkoutrevision, clean=True):
             raise error.Abort('error updating')
     ui.write('updated to %s\n' % checkoutrevision)
-    # HACK workaround
-    # and
-    #
-    #'s load balancer may route requests to different origin
-    # servers, thus exposing inconsistent state of repositories to the peer.
-    # This confuses Mercurial into promoting draft changesets to public. And
-    # this confuses various processes that rely on changeset phases being
-    # accurate.
-    #
-    # Our hack is to verify that changesets on non-publishing repositories are
-    # draft and to nuke the repo if they are wrong. We only apply this hack to
-    # the Try repo because it is the only repo where we can safely assume
-    # that the requested revision must be draft. This is because CI is triggered
-    # from special changesets that when pushed are always heads. And since the
-    # repo is non-publishing, these changesets should never be public.
-    if url in ('',
-               ''):
-        if repo[checkoutrevision].phase() == phases.public:
-            ui.write(_('error: phase of revision is public; this is likely '
-                       'a manifestation of bug 1462323; the task will be '
-                       'retried\n'))
-            return EXIT_PURGE_CACHE
     return None
 def extsetup(ui):
     # Ensure required extensions are loaded.
     for ext in ('purge', 'share'):