Bug 1509266 - [5.0] Update API changelog. r=me
authorEugen Sawin <esawin@mozilla.com>
Wed, 28 Nov 2018 19:50:38 +0100
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Bug 1509266 - [5.0] Update API changelog. r=me
--- a/mobile/android/geckoview/CHANGELOG.md
+++ b/mobile/android/geckoview/CHANGELOG.md
@@ -19,10 +19,12 @@
 - Changed `LoadRequest.isUserTriggered` to `isRedirect`.
 - Added `GeckoSession.LOAD_FLAGS_BYPASS_CLASSIFIER` to bypass the URI
 - Added a `protected` empty constructor to all field-only classes so that apps
   can mock these classes in tests.
 - Added `ContentDelegate.ContextElement` to extend the information passed to
   `ContentDelegate#onContextMenu`. Extended information includes the element's
   title and alt attributes.
+- Changed `ContentDelegate.ContextElement` TYPE_ constants to public access.
+  Changed `ContentDelegate.ContextElement` to non-final class.
-[api-version]: 8cfd04a09e7a242b3da22ccdd55c88a2aca2ba6d
+[api-version]: 01a6677fc7645b27d9824a2ebd3a6ab54c5e192a
--- a/mobile/android/geckoview/api.txt
+++ b/mobile/android/geckoview/api.txt
@@ -326,18 +326,22 @@ package org.mozilla.geckoview {
     method public void onCrash(org.mozilla.geckoview.GeckoSession);
     method public void onExternalResponse(org.mozilla.geckoview.GeckoSession, org.mozilla.geckoview.GeckoSession.WebResponseInfo);
     method public void onFirstComposite(org.mozilla.geckoview.GeckoSession);
     method public void onFocusRequest(org.mozilla.geckoview.GeckoSession);
     method public void onFullScreen(org.mozilla.geckoview.GeckoSession, boolean);
     method public void onTitleChange(org.mozilla.geckoview.GeckoSession, java.lang.String);
-  public static final class GeckoSession.ContentDelegate.ContextElement {
+  public static class GeckoSession.ContentDelegate.ContextElement {
     ctor protected ContextElement(java.lang.String, java.lang.String, java.lang.String, java.lang.String, java.lang.String);
+    field public static final int TYPE_AUDIO = 3;
+    field public static final int TYPE_IMAGE = 1;
+    field public static final int TYPE_NONE = 0;
+    field public static final int TYPE_VIDEO = 2;
     field public final java.lang.String altText;
     field public final java.lang.String linkUri;
     field public final java.lang.String srcUri;
     field public final java.lang.String title;
     field public final int type;
   public static final class GeckoSession.FinderResult {