Bug 1270752 - Fix lifetime of buffer passed to PR_SetEnv(). r=jduell
authorHonza Bambas <honzab.moz@firemni.cz>
Thu, 26 May 2016 03:18:00 -0400
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Bug 1270752 - Fix lifetime of buffer passed to PR_SetEnv(). r=jduell
--- a/ipc/glue/GeckoChildProcessHost.cpp
+++ b/ipc/glue/GeckoChildProcessHost.cpp
@@ -487,32 +487,34 @@ GeckoChildProcessHost::DissociateActor()
       PostTask(NewRunnableFunction(DelayedDeleteSubprocess, this));
 int32_t GeckoChildProcessHost::mChildCounter = 0;
-GeckoChildProcessHost::SetChildLogName(const char* varName, const char* origLogName)
+GeckoChildProcessHost::SetChildLogName(const char* varName, const char* origLogName,
+                                       nsACString &buffer)
   // We currently have no portable way to launch child with environment
   // different than parent.  So temporarily change NSPR_LOG_FILE so child
   // inherits value we want it to have. (NSPR only looks at NSPR_LOG_FILE at
   // startup, so it's 'safe' to play with the parent's environment this way.)
-  nsAutoCString setChildLogName(varName);
-  setChildLogName.Append(origLogName);
+  buffer.Assign(varName);
+  buffer.Append(origLogName);
   // Append child-specific postfix to name
-  setChildLogName.AppendLiteral(".child-");
-  setChildLogName.AppendInt(mChildCounter);
+  buffer.AppendLiteral(".child-");
+  buffer.AppendInt(mChildCounter);
-  // Passing temporary to PR_SetEnv is ok here because env gets copied
-  // by exec, etc., to permanent storage in child when process launched.
-  PR_SetEnv(setChildLogName.get());
+  // Passing temporary to PR_SetEnv is ok here if we keep the temporary
+  // for the time we launch the sub-process.  It's copied to the new
+  // environment.
+  PR_SetEnv(buffer.BeginReading());
 GeckoChildProcessHost::PerformAsyncLaunch(std::vector<std::string> aExtraOpts, base::ProcessArchitecture arch)
   // If NSPR log files are not requested, we're done.
   const char* origNSPRLogName = PR_GetEnv("NSPR_LOG_FILE");
   const char* origMozLogName = PR_GetEnv("MOZ_LOG_FILE");
@@ -523,29 +525,34 @@ GeckoChildProcessHost::PerformAsyncLaunc
   // remember original value so we can restore it.
   // - Note: this code is not called re-entrantly, nor are restoreOrig*LogName
   //   or mChildCounter touched by any other thread, so this is safe.
   static nsAutoCString restoreOrigNSPRLogName;
   static nsAutoCString restoreOrigMozLogName;
+  // Must keep these on the same stack where from we call PerformAsyncLaunchInternal
+  // so that PR_DuplicateEnvironment() still sees a valid memory.
+  nsAutoCString nsprLogName;
+  nsAutoCString mozLogName;
   if (origNSPRLogName) {
     if (restoreOrigNSPRLogName.IsEmpty()) {
-    SetChildLogName("NSPR_LOG_FILE=", origNSPRLogName);
+    SetChildLogName("NSPR_LOG_FILE=", origNSPRLogName, nsprLogName);
   if (origMozLogName) {
     if (restoreOrigMozLogName.IsEmpty()) {
-    SetChildLogName("MOZ_LOG_FILE=", origMozLogName);
+    SetChildLogName("MOZ_LOG_FILE=", origMozLogName, mozLogName);
   bool retval = PerformAsyncLaunchInternal(aExtraOpts, arch);
   // Revert to original value
   if (origNSPRLogName) {
--- a/ipc/glue/GeckoChildProcessHost.h
+++ b/ipc/glue/GeckoChildProcessHost.h
@@ -195,17 +195,20 @@ private:
   bool PerformAsyncLaunchInternal(std::vector<std::string>& aExtraOpts,
                                   base::ProcessArchitecture arch);
   bool RunPerformAsyncLaunch(StringVector aExtraOpts=StringVector(),
 			     base::ProcessArchitecture aArch=base::GetCurrentProcessArchitecture());
   static void GetPathToBinary(FilePath& exePath);
-  void SetChildLogName(const char* varName, const char* origLogName);
+  // The buffer is passed to preserve its lifetime until we are done
+  // with launching the sub-process.
+  void SetChildLogName(const char* varName, const char* origLogName,
+                       nsACString &buffer);
   // In between launching the subprocess and handing off its IPC
   // channel, there's a small window of time in which *we* might still
   // be the channel listener, and receive messages.  That's bad
   // because we have no idea what to do with those messages.  So queue
   // them here until we hand off the eventual listener.
   // FIXME/cjones: this strongly indicates bad design.  Shame on us.