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Wed Aug 07 14:22:14 2019 +0000
02d9056ba76c565c57334ae0df1246d52823cc43Aaron Klotz — Bug 1569756: Check for S_FALSE after calling IShellWindows::FindWindowSW; r=jmathies a=jcristau
e635e759e439d595ef59d3aa9befbbe8da0fcfb6Timothy Nikkel — Bug 1565542. We need to check to resolve image decode promises when we get the frame update notification too. r=aosmond a=jcristau
cb3f768f7cd8d65be5234efa064b21a45a95c261Aaron Klotz — Bug 1567614: Part 3 - Use ShellExecuteByExplorer in nsMIMEInfoWin; r=jmathies, a=jcristau
51aa10f2e418efada7ba24bc47cf63a8664d6955Aaron Klotz — Bug 1567614: Part 2 - Add ShellExecuteByExplorer overload to handle absolute PIDL lists; r=jmathies, a=jcristau
05634b24b8ef1c5808998710ea1375f7cac95981Aaron Klotz — Bug 1567614: Part 1 - Refactor launcher process's LaunchUnelevated to delegate to ShellExecuteByExplorer; r=jmathies, a=jcristau
fdf90a977a136dd0c37ef8b3b4d8402f0862da04Sebastian Hengst — Bug 1572012 - Temporarily disable wpt tests which permafail due to cookie expiration date in the past. a=me