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Thu Nov 12 14:23:46 2020 +0000
21bb5006852ef1afc5c61ce9a2fb40d892fd5581Scott — Bug 1676700 - Turn on English Pocket stories in newtab for English users in India. r=gvn a=pascal
e958503c9aa32c67b92578a5b9f12518ee49c0e6Marco Bonardo — Bug 1672509 - Simple keyword searches are treated as potential domain visits. r=harry a=pascal
e4e70188ad75abd6a726d0f13df9a0e48737479eHarry Twyford — Bug 1676398 - browser.urlbar.update2.emptySearchBehavior should only affect search engines in search mode. r=mak a=pascal
4d7a26229928912a4753830f82926a1ca3648c77julianwels — Bug 1675533 - Collect telemetry which content types get upgraded by HTTPS-Only and if they load successfully. r=ckerschb a=pascal
b4d233ef14ae136259150de988085b3847a8af2bMicah Tigley — Revert "Bug 1328637 - Add a keyboard shortcut for showing/hiding the bookmarks toolbar. r=jaws,Gijs" a=pascal
86de4a89b896b187b26cbdc23a168236a1117511ffxbld — No Bug, mozilla-release repo-update remote-settings - a=repo-update r=RyanVM