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Thu Jun 25 15:29:58 2020 +0000
52486654c09a5248ae83230ee380b1dbb7ad2ef4Dave Townsend — Bug 1648251: Running browser_UsageTelemetry_interaction.js a second time fails due to automatic opening of the extension's sidebar. r=Gijs, a=test-only FIREFOX_78_0_BUILD2 FIREFOX_78_0_RELEASE
37d625eb4f58ab983853b5e603f86aacd3f76d7aDave Townsend — Bug 1647762: Strip add-on identifiers from keyboard shortcut interaction telemetry. r=Gijs, a=jcristau
4d01ba78d2c7136c5a0a4fd68c720c141c38e98dSebastian Zartner — Bug 1646945 - Fixed MDN URLs linked to from the storage types. r=jdescottes, a=jcristau
d5935d751c16bdcf029154dfec96e95ea55a0725Jamie Nicol — Bug 1646243 - Guard against null state in UiCompositorControllerParent::Initialize(). r=kats, a=jcristau
129695dde6e776ad7c854ae18212644ca6724589Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 1648304 - Record WebRender compositor status in telemetry. r=aosmond, a=jcristau
d13ca4469f459b3c0428d07f5cb36187a6d6b874pbz — Bug 1645632 - Include webrtc window streams when handling webrtcLegacyIndicator click. r=johannh, a=jcristau
2921a9fe2aeb34ee2ea604efc54dc8e10cb77061Mike Conley — Bug 1634219 - Extend some Picture-in-Picture event probes to version 86. r=mstriemer,data-review=chutten, a=jcristau
aecfc014ba0c7e748cc32423c0ee94e62d5acfeaKershaw Chang — Bug 1644239, r=dragana, a=jcristau
2c4b83fa228b35762d6c17179c8e39f28c7eeba8Mark Banner — Bug 1647699 - Extend test_distribution to cover Acer distribution fixes. r=mkaply, a=jcristau
9ec0743afec64d78dd18cae6dded9a53ef616266Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1647727 - beta patch - make SelectParent find ZoomManager on the top window (fix dropdowns in add-on manager), r=emilio, a=jcristau
b5978abe3238692e75bb2877def29ac83148d777Eitan Isaacson — Bug 1647828 - Block moxPerformPress selector on non-actionable nodes. r=morgan, a=jcristau