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Wed Aug 14 02:49:25 2019 +0000
2254823049a2d2512d47be8da403a3896d2eb490Nick Thomas — Bug 1538995 - update bouncer aliases for partner products when shipping, r=aki, a=release DONTBUILD
1f1987d0fef378d50f9d1c7b036ff9508ca17345Nick Thomas — Bug 1538995 - pass list of partners to beetmover for pushing to releases/partners/, r=aki
86fac3055d1042916b24e3efb436505c75ad31fdNick Thomas — Bug 1538995 - submit partner products to bouncer when we'll host the files, r=aki
19d9e73e3c0e31be437c032c4b6d0d1bb8101959Nick Thomas — Bug 1538995 - adjust beetmover to copy partner stub installers into candidates dir, r=aki
75411b55c8fcd7693efca7ec46b8776329f86d34Nick Thomas — Bug 1538995 - adjust repackage-signing jobs to sign partner stub installers, r=aki
8000d797a95c551bad9b4fa333df186c9fc8e212Nick Thomas — Bug 1538995 - adjust repackage jobs to create partner stub installers, r=aki
cdcd92299b6439b792d3e6644b1b6a5d93ac2607Nick Thomas — Bug 1538995 - support repacking stub installers for partners, r=aki