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Wed Jan 17 10:41:52 2018 +0000
571ae115f2de6aedeb1de20a80a81b4067219921Karl Tomlinson — bug 1429666 cubeb_resampler_speex: don't call data callback while draining r=padenot a=gchang
7151850b2933e3ae6e41435461545db63b6591c9Matt Woodrow — Bug 1421345 - Check the canary during allocations. r=jet a=gchang
aba167b6e63f27f9b10ce8805b4e02d8b0a79035Shih-Chiang Chien — Bug 1401459 - always run HttpChannelChild::Release on main thread. r=mayhemer a=gchang
5096a6c3aefd858af15facdd31b53d8f57baf061Luke Chang — Bug 1430522 - [Form Autofill] Enable address autofill by default on release build. r=seanlee a=gchang