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Fri Mar 22 01:31:40 2019 +0000
662e97c691037298df2971fea3def0bb19fe3f93Jan de Mooij — Bug 1538006 - Don't emit unbarriered writes to an object if its group might change. r=tcampbell, a=dveditz FENNEC_66_0_1_BUILD1 FENNEC_66_0_1_RELEASE FIREFOX_66_0_1_BUILD1 FIREFOX_66_0_1_RELEASE
eebf74de1376d74e42b78351b00cee6d3293f92dTed Campbell — Bug 1538006 - Propagate unknownProperties when changing prototype. r=jandem, a=dveditz
e8e770918af7d9ef0de4b2a7e6a804db3c693d06Jan de Mooij — Bug 1537924 - Simplify some alias sets in Ion. r=tcampbell, a=dveditz