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Thu Nov 02 12:36:05 2017 +0000
e512c14a04068f69369ef365642ba1ebb05dc3c5ffxbld — Update configs. IGNORE BROKEN CHANGESETS CLOSED TREE NO BUG a=release ba=release
911f1d4a63eaf22047444eeb2988cd48a62dc2c9ffxbld — No bug - Tagging mozilla-release d4134557db7c4aee5dd836efe4dfee7716ebc47e with FIREFOX_RELEASE_56_END a=release DONTBUILD CLOSED TREE
cebaab2ab7908b0952638daf73740725bfda51c4ffxbld — Preserve old tags after debugsetparents. CLOSED TREE DONTBUILD a=release
9b57887bd2992bbbd7b625b2b31002fa4320d272ffxbld — Merge old head via |hg debugsetparents b7c372f8a26c510c30a0e49b89801508cb2116dc d4134557db7c4aee5dd836efe4dfee7716ebc47e|. CLOSED TREE DONTBUILD a=release
b7c372f8a26c510c30a0e49b89801508cb2116dcffxbld — No bug - Tagging mozilla-beta 14581cf06e7fb0556dffebed82fe81b21e1fc68d with FIREFOX_RELEASE_57_BASE a=release DONTBUILD CLOSED TREE FIREFOX_BETA_57_END
14581cf06e7fb0556dffebed82fe81b21e1fc68dRyan VanderMeulen — Backed out changesets ba08d4e02e0c and b729ddecf1d1 (bug 1400563) for bustage. FIREFOX_RELEASE_57_BASE
eb82b9fadf9edad7dc7de1755ec4670bcd334858Michael Kaply — Bug 1413298 - Allow search encoding to be specifed by WebExtension. r=florian, r=mixedpuppy, a=ritu
a81ec6b0546245e736848656799b242eddd0622bMichael Kaply — Bug 1412126 - ACTION_EXTERNAL_APPLICATIONS_AVAILABLE no longer needed for Stumbler. r=snorp, a=ritu
d57f1c698b4e2930c64d4beeceb294b0184aae31Yura Zenevich — Bug 1412358 - Add telemetry probes for actions on accessibility indicator button and accessibility privacy preference checkbox. r=jimm, a=ritu
05e050d6c86867f19590b72a6131713df81044aaAaron Klotz — Bug 1336971 - Ensure that we always re-examine the length of the top-level remote doc array to pick up any changes due to mutation. r=Jamie, a=ritu
84af2700ac30dfc0e80759c17f66b46b9733021bMarco Castelluccio — Bug 1385542 - Blocklist pghook.dll as it causes crashes. r=jimm, a=ritu
39275addee5933725bdaf7f5de328e47df39790aEden Chuang — Bug 1408734 - Return InvalidStateError when accessing ServiceWorkerRegistration::updateViaCache after unregister. r=bkelly, a=ritu
24b1d36cd71070d9a8b7b6b719139351d62f5167Makoto Kato — Bug 1406358 - Keep SpeechDelegate object until speaking is finished. r=eeejay, a=ritu
ba08d4e02e0c3839aa85985c7fcdf68bba94dac5Randell Jesup — Bug 1400563 - Fix leaked nsTArray. r=froydnj, a=ritu
b729ddecf1d1807b64705588702d2d70b6cc87d8Randell Jesup — Bug 1400563 - More DataChannelConnection shutdown cleanup. r=drno, a=ritu
339cb803bbedd811d26e3748ef0b9f2b670b851dJared Wein — Bug 1413247 - Remove whimsycorn references from #PanelUI since it is unreachable in Firefox57. r=mconley, a=ritu
5ce3ede2222347365d2527d93f583f34a30649e2Kris Maglione — Bug 1404743 - Add better diagnostic crash reasons for URLPreloader failure. r=mccr8, data-r=rweiss, a=ritu
37480b2c19eb3f29969c2c82191fb527fb9cdcbaKris Maglione — Bug 1403348 - Add debugging assertions for more AsyncStartup failure modes. r=baku, a=ritu
0363254a02688c91f47944e79ea4530d8c29c10fRyan VanderMeulen — Backed out changesets e35c13737463 and 337db7b083a7 (bug 1406032) for causing various regressions.
3c66b352d3fb105bdde6b731c16a41348cfc85a4Jan Varga — Bug 1410420 - Clear database actor's strong reference to IDBDatabase when opening of a database fails. r=asuth, a=ritu
3e4524e4b17905dcc3a854b581bac2391af46119Fred Lin — Bug 1408539 - Onboarding Tour: update customize, library, and screenshot illustration. r=Fischer, a=ritu
b1dc78a5838b3bef69b4ae4d2c0c9bc351ef9ff7Alex Chronopoulos — Bug 1411866 - Uplift cubeb import to cf5ddc5. r=padenot, a=ritu
7591c7732048a08c2adb1337461da7f41dcc4274Jan Henning — Bug 1405973 - Add white to basic colour picker. r=jwu, a=ritu
c81df7f7b71fb5056b32eba3d9eff4136bc5719aJames Teh — Bug 1403180 - Fix StripHandlerFromOBJREF for VT_DISPATCH on Windows 7. r=aklotz, a=ritu
3972e3b8eedfa27a95116279bff8392c085ec144Blake Kaplan — Bug 1403428 - Handle a rare error case more gracefully. r=ato, a=test-only
79dba93cef4e19e50ef6bde2fb0e6e4137f2d754Henrik Skupin — Bug 1405474 - Add more attributes for elements in pprint output. r=ato, a=test-only
bd0f72296cf1ead39e07489c1ead33074cbadd78Henrik Skupin — Bug 1412222 - start_session should not ignore the result of connection attempts. r=ato, a=test-only
ef4109cb756c28e7548d664026928e8a6ec38abcffxbld — No bug - Tagging aa8f74f0ad60ab35955e539ac8e1164fe00a7fd1 with FENNEC_57_0b13_BUILD1, FENNEC_57_0b13_RELEASE a=release CLOSED TREE
d705fd06d8e5440b202b9e6bbc440488b503bc8fL10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Firefox l10n changesets DONTBUILD r=release a=l10n-bump
589e3a5d08ab72299b90b8ec30a334ad19097434L10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Firefox l10n changesets DONTBUILD r=release a=l10n-bump
b3ed60185d530b41be0a0ce54cbbccb416a40c4dL10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Fennec l10n changesets DONTBUILD r=release a=l10n-bump
df2fa16951a0c3307400764b25dc18200d776ff9L10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Firefox l10n changesets DONTBUILD r=release a=l10n-bump
0b060f92cbbc6ac3f46ef937b8dc40da31704326L10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Fennec l10n changesets DONTBUILD r=release a=l10n-bump
4c2975b60f77c84bbac8e59525093c5084d1d691L10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Firefox l10n changesets DONTBUILD r=release a=l10n-bump
140018a132dd82bb614310419cf8bf0b6e1c479fL10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Fennec l10n changesets DONTBUILD r=release a=l10n-bump
744001470d96e94f28f00fd34286d710e9cd1763L10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Firefox l10n changesets DONTBUILD r=release a=l10n-bump
c3501c2490c73fc695d8354596f2c966324bf036L10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Fennec l10n changesets DONTBUILD r=release a=l10n-bump
90da9f237889de334dcada15fd6f96af9fcc94dcL10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Firefox l10n changesets DONTBUILD r=release a=l10n-bump
245ff6bfbda3dd57810fee323a7241b49dd78945L10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Fennec l10n changesets DONTBUILD r=release a=l10n-bump
7990b07c2ce43b41fbc83c4a86444ca21ecf0d9dL10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Firefox l10n changesets DONTBUILD r=release a=l10n-bump
05be775ee87c3ead524bb6ef8e8597c60876b33fL10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Fennec l10n changesets DONTBUILD r=release a=l10n-bump
a084b99e6833df04c83af820c282b2a72ea26be7L10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Firefox l10n changesets DONTBUILD r=release a=l10n-bump
e237798beee2978c576eefac1a7e2f15c2ec4893L10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Fennec l10n changesets DONTBUILD r=release a=l10n-bump
784563523bf73f5dc9302c74259159a0f8dc9c21Jim Chen — Bug 1412681 - Fix NSS dialogs. r=snorp, a=lizzard
3060bafa83a95d96b237569037cfe7a9ed5f56e0Aaron Klotz — Bug 1412635 - Disable InSendMessageEx compat hack for UIA. r=davidb, a=ritu
2d90d22d7dc86054ce8ca22c669485c1e54e3514André Bargull — Bug 1411957 - Part 2: Update tzdata in ICU data files to 2017c. r=Waldo, a=lizzard
23ba8c9c80663c2ccee585430e6da5c12e9c260fAndré Bargull — Bug 1411957 - Part 1: Treat Canada/East-Saskatchewan as a legacy ICU time zone. r=Waldo, a=lizzard
a69a8dd038f7a13e205d546a1d86722d166d90fdEmilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1402442 - Properly remove display: contents pseudo-frames. r=mats, a=ritu
29270421f4bb7be3984f59c3053fda11b973ee92L10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Firefox l10n changesets DONTBUILD r=release a=l10n-bump
a593dcc9b9653969ac606b6724e12d966315344eL10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Fennec l10n changesets DONTBUILD r=release a=l10n-bump
35d5d6fdf6e2359a362d5864e936a48f2b028253L10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Firefox l10n changesets DONTBUILD r=release a=l10n-bump
73c6ba22ec40a9a84d19c20af0836a712df4ce8eL10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Fennec l10n changesets DONTBUILD r=release a=l10n-bump
542757bb00ef8dbcf77533632d3b2e4347eb74b6L10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Firefox l10n changesets DONTBUILD r=release a=l10n-bump
5e902b42e4c1b5723c9ad77313a973351e948b67L10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Fennec l10n changesets DONTBUILD r=release a=l10n-bump
2b7fbd7a3a6df2f2ae694dc890c3317cd9d79a29L10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Firefox l10n changesets DONTBUILD r=release a=l10n-bump
6b7de7e0649140f611a0c3c32843d0d85714e890L10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Fennec l10n changesets DONTBUILD r=release a=l10n-bump
da9d6f5af7fb486a15067f6ee4409bfe6b091887ffxbld — No bug - Tagging aa8f74f0ad60ab35955e539ac8e1164fe00a7fd1 with FIREFOX_57_0b13_BUILD1, FIREFOX_57_0b13_RELEASE a=release CLOSED TREE
c572957166b66a839ef7b20eff4cdd941461e934ffxbld — Automatic version bump. CLOSED TREE NO BUG a=release
4efc424b962a264cee29c4d785f011ff5edb2db2L10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Firefox l10n changesets DONTBUILD r=release a=l10n-bump
3afc74dbc839ad915904cd2c1ed7b9c8eb55fdefL10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Fennec l10n changesets DONTBUILD r=release a=l10n-bump
3e57a30fb1c020175e6575425cb5ab6a60525285L10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Firefox l10n changesets DONTBUILD r=release a=l10n-bump
3f6140793c2c3e686173d4c6cc27ac74e691d6c8ffxbld — No bug, Automated blocklist update from host bld-linux64-spot-032 - a=blocklist-update
1fd3d5fd9d39fd5c925077e925e89758d7cd7cb7L10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Firefox l10n changesets DONTBUILD r=release a=l10n-bump
660a5c6e393bde16544b31d21e620294e0cd344fL10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Fennec l10n changesets DONTBUILD r=release a=l10n-bump
181237cdb06d1cc45beadda6a0dfc883446d3f81L10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Firefox l10n changesets DONTBUILD r=release a=l10n-bump
9b184694120252a7ade8f2020359d93a29ac39bcL10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Fennec l10n changesets DONTBUILD r=release a=l10n-bump
150889c6edefb19a5908ea6ab67b817ec6067d26Ryan VanderMeulen — Bug 1412251 - Update reftest expectations due to bug 1409079 being 58+. r=emilio, a=bustage
09bc3172f43ab8d493436dc5a59ea415b39c6611L10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Firefox l10n changesets DONTBUILD r=release a=l10n-bump
04eb60337f72e1959d09207365caeda8c98f8346L10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Fennec l10n changesets DONTBUILD r=release a=l10n-bump
11ab96f5bc95768bd052e898089b7e07e499dd7aEmilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1412251 - Tests for making style sharing look at XBL / Shadow DOM rules. r=bz, a=ritu
f7252be9b5e6fc81d71a0e25aef508be06c51cceEmilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1412251 - style: Make style sharing look at XBL / Shadow DOM rules. r=bzbarsky, a=ritu
68fb8a30d5c4e3136cf2eaf951e22f6445aefb0cUrsula Sarracini — Bug 1411419 - Update Tiles new tab page to match Photon Design System. r=dmose, a=ritu
f2f2a8d8b7d93d26c2157102fc99ff97fd1c0c65L10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Firefox l10n changesets DONTBUILD r=release a=l10n-bump
75a4db331abc0c89e1333d54f810597dc3bb66acL10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Fennec l10n changesets DONTBUILD r=release a=l10n-bump
aa8f74f0ad60ab35955e539ac8e1164fe00a7fd1Valentin Gosu — Bug 1408990 - Only add the entry to the performance object if the loading document's principal is the same as the triggering principal. r=bz, r=dragana, a=lizzard DEVEDITION_57_0b13_RELEASE FENNEC_57_0b13_BUILD1 FENNEC_57_0b13_RELEASE FIREFOX_57_0b13_BUILD1 FIREFOX_57_0b13_RELEASE
ca0924347f3b4c1fc5310a200a1b6de202a61831Emilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1412011 - Test SVG <use> element matching rules. r=dholbert, a=ritu
a01684654651fcddf12f60f4ac7d5d3798d1ed8aEmilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1412011 - selectors: Be consistent about how we get a parent element for selector matching. r=xidorn, a=ritu
5376aa77e74ad7bc047c8e740efdfd201766256bL10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Firefox l10n changesets DONTBUILD r=release a=l10n-bump
9a6ef080fe208803b39e55a445daace18c280c70L10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Fennec l10n changesets DONTBUILD r=release a=l10n-bump
a35846d6229173deb8c64a5ba594e2c3fd582bc4Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changesets ccd297b281ff and 815223882b4c (bug 1412011) for bustage.
5259d71c643f17af1a44d3ce95920c9711f3db4fEmilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1412252 - Only fetch mPresShell after flushing the relevant content pres shell. r=bz, a=ritu
c5ef0a450889ca5939f361305c1606c94ed1b1ceFred Lin — Bug 1410763 - Backout bug 1390055. r=Fischer, a=ritu
6085ed28ca89787920669e05eed9ef4a1948f5dfYura Zenevich — Bug 1411591 - Make accessibility indicator off by default. r=davidb, a=ritu
ccd297b281ffeab4110e30d3130dcccb7aceaae2Emilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1412011 - Test SVG <use> element matching rules. r=dholbert, a=ritu
815223882b4c199b2fba87e9784cbff1998e1868Emilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1412011 - selectors: Be consistent about how we get a parent element for selector matching. r=xidorn, a=ritu
4465ffadaee29e821fe0e448fe6277c87f3f36d2Jeremy Chen — Bug 1411517 - stylo: "layout.css.stylo-blocklist.enabled" pref's default value should be false. r=xidorn, a=ritu
5faabed7438613b088c5d5020b93b63cafd3dc7bMasayuki Nakano — Bug 1409155 - IMEHandler should not associate IMC with any window if active IME is ATOK 2010 or earlier with x64 build on Win8 or later. r=m_kato, a=ritu
f5458aea49dc3b1488912ff711bfcaff59a99d38Edouard Oger — Bug 1411714 - Handle action=email in about:accounts. r=tcsc, a=ritu
ea74ebdb0dc7ac37507daf66db0f224c53c3420fMark Striemer — Bug 1411060 - Don't show extension controlled message if add-on isn't installed. r=bsilverberg, a=ritu
362e0a86dac7d2cab5c059dad21baf5b1f7e6e40dw-dev — Bug 1404681 - Change to FrameLoader.print(). r=smaug, a=ritu
3abd8b94efc9a1f44593586ef5a900155215105cNils Ohlmeier [:drno] — Bug 1410654 - Extend WebRTC Scalar Telemetry probes to 62. r=francois, r=mjf, a=ritu
bde9007b5de95632d12388fbebaba527051b409eBen Kelly — Bug 1409761 - Create dom.serviceWorkers.disable_open_click_delay and set it to a larger value on fennec. r=smaug, a=ritu
c90b8de0f6c7788386cc1e11b92480a1ad66e01aBryce Van Dyk — Bug 1367955 - Remove onended handler during ended handling to avoid video.ended race issues. r=pehrsons, a=test-only
fd9981ab28fc3fadf79d0171722e177a43f012d8Joel Maher — Bug 1376773 - Disable on osx for frequent failures. a=test-only
5d3f98983448a831397b33be10febb4ad9267a35L10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Firefox l10n changesets DONTBUILD r=release a=l10n-bump
6742b3b10427b88cfa7e0747ea43d0e3569c2733L10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Fennec l10n changesets DONTBUILD r=release a=l10n-bump
6830a66a839c4507528d106a7a11f5cd703669c9L10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Firefox l10n changesets DONTBUILD r=release a=l10n-bump
b007579cb33870065e4d764460e2820c66125440L10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Fennec l10n changesets DONTBUILD r=release a=l10n-bump
50954281973869a6ce2c5d78f53a9f8219565579L10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Firefox l10n changesets DONTBUILD r=release a=l10n-bump
512f708ebf35bc84b1ca9d91e7ecd8ec5a662c5bL10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Fennec l10n changesets DONTBUILD r=release a=l10n-bump
8aabe8fc525fd73f3e01d6441988aeb681365e44L10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Firefox l10n changesets DONTBUILD r=release a=l10n-bump
ed1c3a6ea4266151062edd4405729594be54b3e1L10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Fennec l10n changesets DONTBUILD r=release a=l10n-bump
5f2a56504c0dc29335dab9fe4b97472523447f61L10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Firefox l10n changesets DONTBUILD r=release a=l10n-bump
bf3fe2312fbdc45778b3c12b036eae61c1b83467L10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Fennec l10n changesets DONTBUILD r=release a=l10n-bump
2e68058239f6f5ea1771c57f4997745bfa593cd3L10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Firefox l10n changesets DONTBUILD r=release a=l10n-bump
567867b388618788c3e424ae3d8e5c28ca305103L10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Fennec l10n changesets DONTBUILD r=release a=l10n-bump
b6e6cd7ab85c679ac265c851a5a6f2dab22a9436L10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Firefox l10n changesets DONTBUILD r=release a=l10n-bump
a04065f980d8fe50845cdcfae98ba7d72a135d81L10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Fennec l10n changesets DONTBUILD r=release a=l10n-bump
948cc76ee2a4eadbdec3751239e0ff9533ce7bc6L10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Firefox l10n changesets DONTBUILD r=release a=l10n-bump
0dc15eb8f77003954ff82ede3cb3980e9ccddbbeL10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Fennec l10n changesets DONTBUILD r=release a=l10n-bump
78972a0947d4e0e2251c84b6fea873c61dd82166L10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Firefox l10n changesets DONTBUILD r=release a=l10n-bump
197b13fc577ccc99f387845b220ec9baf679cb33L10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Fennec l10n changesets DONTBUILD r=release a=l10n-bump
8647f6c46f8292e25f960ca68d798602146940b1L10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Firefox l10n changesets DONTBUILD r=release a=l10n-bump
ba564ae6bec12e8c258f22b2552f0ff8da84d1b8L10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Fennec l10n changesets DONTBUILD r=release a=l10n-bump
bb42092c04bb656ee405f247c02b7578d8dde853L10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Firefox l10n changesets DONTBUILD r=release a=l10n-bump
df7cd5978c08a0397356313cb35fb43e3fdfdc30L10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Fennec l10n changesets DONTBUILD r=release a=l10n-bump
196059cada7070ab1e35db83a22b60389bd0c794Xidorn Quan — Bug 1409444 - Update rand to 0.3.17. r=manishearth a=ritu
f6480a99ab1a53e3aaf711467758f703f1209c91L10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Firefox l10n changesets DONTBUILD r=release a=l10n-bump
3fb4c8c93c290f3472e4bf9e111409280a9be88dL10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Fennec l10n changesets DONTBUILD r=release a=l10n-bump
29eb088fc67db4d21f40a5e4fa573dc3f2700932L10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Firefox l10n changesets DONTBUILD r=release a=l10n-bump
0320202e4e97ad802ee92977c1790c5bf493c95aL10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Fennec l10n changesets DONTBUILD r=release a=l10n-bump
9d9ed1a5d9e98ef83f029c73cc08e68759da510dJulien Cristau — Bug 1397441 - Bump security preload information expiration dates to 2018-03-06 for Firefox 57. r=keeler, a=ritu
64aa5b5122f90089af082ca3cb64ec4ffcfc3b32Jason Laster — Bug 1409101 - Editor is occasionally empty. r=jdescottes, a=ritu
6092c6cb959de0fe3e7c5a8908e35f1d483a3653Henrik Skupin — Bug 1410366 - Improve socket handling in wait_for_port. r=ato, a=test-only
00c1f6c59a93cbe95b229de72ecc6ce8d34f874bHenrik Skupin — Bug 1410366 - Stop socket server from listening for new connections if told so. r=ato, a=test-only
2e330fadc8d392141695b39f656026c123aec191ffxbld — No bug - Tagging 013f57c8692e2da5d49288d77a78aa20db9dca24 with FIREFOX_57_0b12_BUILD2, FIREFOX_57_0b12_RELEASE a=release CLOSED TREE
df0725e2e452d9b28a50e2941810e80acdb32881ffxbld — Automatic version bump. CLOSED TREE NO BUG a=release
72aef98ac974f1836d64455b2dd46b7165663585L10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Firefox l10n changesets DONTBUILD r=release a=l10n-bump
dd5670b42a92b0610de0133b0a7be15692facc18L10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Fennec l10n changesets DONTBUILD r=release a=l10n-bump
23c2d52a25916e05ef2f837c157a600d1eaa74cbL10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Firefox l10n changesets DONTBUILD r=release a=l10n-bump
629bb682b01018a1d4bedff0cf6c6735cb578e3aL10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Fennec l10n changesets DONTBUILD r=release a=l10n-bump
013f57c8692e2da5d49288d77a78aa20db9dca24Rail Aliiev — Bug 1410960 - beetmover fails with lzma.h: No such file or directory r=bhearsum a=release DEVEDITION_57_0b12_RELEASE FIREFOX_57_0b12_BUILD2 FIREFOX_57_0b12_RELEASE
4868b6953a048ad6a2ccb913280244e31e1baa64Ryan VanderMeulen — Bug 1297515 - Make sure Windows buildbot jobs use pypiwin32 instead of pywin32. r=ahal, a=test-only
c060b92db7eefa93d70ac9df262d9b11948cde5cDavid Keeler — Bug 1411458 - Confirm we actually have a PKCS#7 signedData content info. r=jcj, a=ritu
0153d5be6150088221ef083ba9bfa2844ee4124aMichael Comella — Bug 1411749 - Disable testActivityStreamPocketReferrer when Pocket is disabled by default. r=mcomella, a=ritu
c67963054db3716652866c4a5d192fe7cc713a7cMichael Comella — Bug 1395409 - Add testActivityStreamPocketReferrer. r=liuche, a=test-only
ae4b19c61dc754940b570be2dcef2464429d032bMichael Comella — Bug 1411657 - Disable Pocket by default. r=liuche, a=ritu
f99471c1c261403be073cb2fe516f58affedb9aeMichael Comella — Bug 1411657 - Use resources when getting default Pocket value. r=liuche, a=ritu
18fc5fc8bf7c695329cbb92f2e2d04e630398d79Mark Banner — Bug 1411518 - Update follow-on search add-on to 0.9.6. r=past, a=ritu
d87eb6ee94579001e9729d91208c7c6df9dc4e06Johann Hofmann — Bug 1404108 - Change the accent color for the Web Browser Renaissance theme. r=nhnt11, a=ritu
c5ed62b37c2e346ff2660eab13efa5c8657c6487Andrew Halberstadt — Bug 1297515 - Always use the mozharness vendored copy of virtualenv. r=jlund, a=test-only
073a2a43a15cd103d2671b7e77d6700ddf3690f6Andrew Halberstadt — Bug 1297515 - Make a copy of third_party/python/virtualenv under testing/mozharness. r=jlund, a=test-only
433a682865c1eb4bd7e1e150f0d1dc7619ba3e19Rob Wood — Bug 1390908 - Make mitmproxy osx binary available on tooltool and update talos tp6 accordingly. r=jmaher, a=test-only
747911087c22b438e0095b9e5c49ddc54cde4adeTom Prince — Bug 1405177 - Install (slightly) newer pip to install boto. r=nthomas, a=test-only
8be6ac878d991a2f15b9f44ffa3695f869220f5eRail Aliiev — Bug 1411981 - Can't schedule publishing in balrog: error: unrecognized arguments: --suffix r=jlorenzo a=release DONTBUILD
5f5a87b7958692cc9713194f1d2fea0675dd1926Dragana Damjanovic dd mozilla — Bug 1410146 - Fix UnknownDecoder. r=mayhemer, a=ritu
ce6aa85a6c1167f412ed202df163cd2959cc1fdbAndrea Marchesini — Bug 1409496 - Cleaning data per domain, must delete localStorage data. r=asuth, a=lizzard
7d28b5b2217d909d2ea1b820f23112531d1cdf83Jason Orendorff — Bug 1407414 - Crash in js::GetOwnPropertyDescriptor. r=bz, a=lizzard
c11525bd0ab2150a9f9ea82d851a4208d66f5ca5Emilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1410028 - Add reftest. r=me, a=ritu
213357b2f20dbb7870d78d8c560f79ebba0a4c2dEmilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1410028 - style: Ensure logical longhands appear before their physical counter-part. r=xidorn, a=ritu
fe7c2a8b65809b1f21b5574f3dc763cb47da5044Emilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1410808. r=xidorn, a=ritu
c0467da2b62efb2019aeef358cb942e1586e6510Jan de Mooij — Bug 1408412 - Use ARGS_LENGTH_MAX as upper bound in MArgumentsLength::computeRange. r=nbp, a=lizzard
00e60f48b78d572472bffa2304f536552d2c5483Jan de Mooij — Bug 1404636 - Special-case typed arrays in PropertyReadNeedsTypeBarrier. r=bhackett, a=lizzard
7eac5fd072cbe24564f884d6b4e1c82bfb94790cAndré Bargull — Bug 1406398 - Avoid rooting the object twice in EnumerableOwnProperties. r=jandem, a=lizzard
e4a02592d30800d7e1733ac8784fdcdd3ba1c574Joel Maher — Bug 1352791 - Disable browser/base/content/test/alerts/browser_notification_do_not_disturb.js on windows for frequent failures. a=test-only
5c30a6ef0888b75407095caba050ac0997f5c375Geoff Brown — Bug 1400323 - Disable test browser_stayopenmenu.js on osx/debug for on-going intermittent failures. a=test-only
44dfa8d7a2340fc1ef89da31f8ebb04c34b31a41Nihanth Subramanya — Bug 1411236 - Conflicting sidebar search bar padding rules on Windows. r=dao, a=ritu
a15dd610601a0a15c3f011baf2e49a5371f381d2abhinav — Bug 1400615 - Hide search icon in the search field of Storage Inspector. r=bgrins, a=ritu
f9071831e7d83987b96a29630cd06761898c56b3Ben Kelly — Bug 1410634 - Part 2: Verify ServiceWorkerInfo.lastUpdateTime is not changed when reading from http cache. r=tt, a=ritu
f16311e84f0d54ef8d2597ebefb2b9fe9b6c3a0aBen Kelly — Bug 1410634 - Part 1: Call channel IsFromCache() during OnStartRequest() to determine if update result came from http cache or network. r=tt, a=ritu
7d510c1177b815dfa89c75f06322b87e9acb99d5David Anderson — Bug 1407032 - Reorder when GPUProcessHosts are destroyed. r=rhunt, a=ritu
1d09f3b353c7b9d8abdbd737f2a02c1b3a022a97Francesco Lodolo (:flod) — Bug 1410095 - Fix search URLs in searchplugin for Swedish. r=mkaply, a=ritu
fd6134823ff9c90421e7cd8c6b9ff19aac43f2a0Thomas Wisniewski — Bug 1405696 - Pass the document encoding to NS_NewURI for XMLHttpRequest. r=bkelly, a=ritu
4b4ff6b8f353329e0f8573a0d75b84b704ca7077Nicolas Chevobbe — Bug 1409836 - Fix setting filters prefs when filters are reset or cleared. r=bgrins, a=ritu
3a3c0ded951b68efef19d7ce6e83656b34d09011Johann Hofmann — Bug 1409340 - Ensure light theme on Windows 7 gets dark hover state on tabs. r=dao, a=ritu
e217d7311549c26c4b480df54ca105c41cec846dBrian Grinstead — Bug 1407737 - Don't persist sidebar state unless if the last window is being closed. r=mikedeboer, a=ritu
a233191abbeb0d72aadbd57f06e4b2a85c1c9955Kris Maglione — Bug 1405286 - Part 2: Ensure ordered processing of StreamFilter events. r=mixedpuppy, a=ritu
aaabba7b0c947c4beaae7cd2c37ec4ed1921705bKris Maglione — Bug 1405286 - Part 1: Allow retrieving the delivery target from retargetable requests. r=dragana, a=ritu
ceecc44c2b14cc35db2b3e6b29412097a71d0bafL10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Firefox l10n changesets DONTBUILD r=release a=l10n-bump
0d492533eb14f28ccf2bdeb7491e9ad032a2e857L10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Fennec l10n changesets DONTBUILD r=release a=l10n-bump
0cfe936054b04c5886e366735a467cd6a4c955edL10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Firefox l10n changesets DONTBUILD r=release a=l10n-bump
18f987e233ef4252058ae90d91d6e457fe192048L10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Fennec l10n changesets DONTBUILD r=release a=l10n-bump
5f046fd68d80adcb98efa835ea9174da060e7e80L10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Firefox l10n changesets DONTBUILD r=release a=l10n-bump
205eb4e8ba0b4766e1a87a00dcc7eb2342f1b248L10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Fennec l10n changesets DONTBUILD r=release a=l10n-bump
7d353dc1d856de249faafc7274ecbfb830bff984L10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Firefox l10n changesets DONTBUILD r=release a=l10n-bump
b1fbf45d83f42781ce189154669357b33c64cce3L10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Fennec l10n changesets DONTBUILD r=release a=l10n-bump
921ae95a11f5bc29a129892d88e69e70264e20cfBoris Chiou — Bug 1303235 - Part 3: Enable test_restyle.html and remove the early return in CanIgnoreIfNotVisible. r=hiro, a=ritu
167961e9d88e1c3e2a2bf442c5c3df1a76b50feeBoris Chiou — Bug 1303235 - Part 2: Templatize CalculateCumulativeChangeHint. r=hiro, a=ritu
a3f558c2926173a6ff6adcf6f9f641662ed0fce8Boris Chiou — Bug 1303235 - Part 1: Add ResolveServoStyleByAddingAnimation. r=hiro, a=ritu
df3cc0ef0e479d928dc4d1e75bdd81089fe109afBoris Chiou — Bug 1303235 - stylo: Add an FFI to get the ServoStyleContext with an extra animation value. r=hiro, a=ritu
119fd95b6e842a6cba502cf849fddfe558ee38bcJames Graham — Bug 1404733 - Handle non-utf8 better in wpt logging. r=maja_zf, a=test-only
036b6ffa94c9852463c0726ce70ac79a6f65427eGabriele Svelto — Bug 1410165 - Make the test harness properly listen to crash events when running a test more than once. r=mconley, a=test-only
4005ce92f03ea6c8dc2a7a0e60756c43ce66427fGabriele Svelto — Bug 1393800 - Have mochitests expecting crashes wait for the crashes to be recorded before clean up. r=mconley, a=test-only
73f66ceb9305cc86a6aba8424a874449d23b7f5eL10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Firefox l10n changesets DONTBUILD r=release a=l10n-bump
29d78558d32165ee3508fb967871556a6669191dL10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Fennec l10n changesets DONTBUILD r=release a=l10n-bump
49069ae6998aa8684803a441425470287c375206L10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Firefox l10n changesets DONTBUILD r=release a=l10n-bump
a07cfa7eea6047ea0ee5aa43d8491997fbaa6dc8L10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Fennec l10n changesets DONTBUILD r=release a=l10n-bump
9785fc55cd2f30883b14f25ea2f03f1d749c9af4L10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Firefox l10n changesets DONTBUILD r=release a=l10n-bump
d4496a36d132373f1209de3a640d72464f94b440L10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Fennec l10n changesets DONTBUILD r=release a=l10n-bump
ba0d92142134e1549fb502f7407a88b3512eca6eL10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Firefox l10n changesets DONTBUILD r=release a=l10n-bump
1f57ef43bb6589efcbd746134b6c8d18de9f7e28L10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Fennec l10n changesets DONTBUILD r=release a=l10n-bump
39a3a1dd8c6b87d09b9d4f8959eeb8e905d529a2Emilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1406750 - Use GetStyleContextNoFlush in UpdateCurrentStyleSources, and avoid flushing mPresShell twice. r=bz, a=abillings
596eecad379298febb37693026b4667e9f60f4f5L10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Fennec l10n changesets DONTBUILD r=release a=l10n-bump
d20a3b7291a4e0fafadd38d3384d2d3be02831b3L10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Firefox l10n changesets DONTBUILD r=release a=l10n-bump
c770b53d423e3d4859e6c50cefc69b758b83c89dL10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Fennec l10n changesets DONTBUILD r=release a=l10n-bump
598d726067c4fa4718fcc09cdf3e5f6b9b0b6eaeMilan Sreckovic — Bug 1387799 - Keep an extra reference. r=jrmuizel, a=ritu
c8c16ef5be63d4803b3bbe0194f745d3ba582d2cDão Gottwald — Bug 1398142 - Always specify .tab-throbber size so that pinned tabs can be positioned correctly before the session has been restored. r=jaws, a=ritu
09539becfa9a68096205fa70f7b5b8686fcc79f5Aaron Klotz — Bug 1383131 - Fall back to ole32.dll if combase.dll is not present. r=davidb, a=ritu
1b1c2b18e426340fd414efbb81d63d8c9cc0e991Nevin Chen(:nechen) — Bug 1410338 - Incorrect color for History Panel message. r=nechen, a=ritu
6495434fe826662a8f606a6a28ef53e57bd46457Mike de Boer — Bug 1387808 - Switch to using XUL spacer elements for the zoom and edit controls' leading space in the app menu to fix auto-sizing issues. r=jaws, a=ritu
f9d82e6c24c6039469356065d4bf27e331e12b72JW Wang — Bug 1409649 - Shut down the decoder when MEDIA_ERR_ABORTED is received. r=gerald, a=ritu
745e43737c952cb24494fb844769e76a5c729c65Aaron Klotz — Bug 1409541 - Replace IID_IUnknown with expected interfaces for outparams in a11y content ArrayData. r=Jamie, a=ritu
c19fd45614748b503df767817f0ad2b7a197ee31Aaron Klotz — Bug 1406822 - Implement a11y::HandlerProvider::GetEffectiveOutParamIid. r=Jamie, a=ritu
c2e0c41241893e8ce7844dd50064a57c97e6aa09Aaron Klotz — Bug 1409545 - Add the ability to query a handler provider for the expected interface for an IUnknown outparam. r=jimm, a=ritu
b1f8fcfb3260e3f35002a4ca5df8ac80e09aa828Nevin Chen — Bug 1398362 - Change the image with correct size. r=maliu, a=ritu
4b23a41c71b8f0f229de9d3e5ee9f4bb7f0cc9a4Justin Wood — Bug 1405681 - Use a special beetmover template for win32 to win64. r=nthomas a=release DONTBUILD
369b0f9bfdf603187e7c94b56a6213f2fe67cedaL10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Firefox l10n changesets DONTBUILD r=release a=l10n-bump
3e0121d132bac31ad8c9d25ecee59043d0d6f580L10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Fennec l10n changesets DONTBUILD r=release a=l10n-bump
c2d8effb743c40c0869e11ff362930c51860c23affxbld — No bug - Tagging 86534d5daeef8066928eef910d6d5c60442b24b0 with FENNEC_57_0b11_BUILD1, FENNEC_57_0b11_RELEASE a=release CLOSED TREE
fddc7fac6ab8aec40ba2f9c4d7c52d480bb6fa08L10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Firefox l10n changesets DONTBUILD r=release a=l10n-bump
f6349550f6265529461194956d7940619cfc5383L10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Fennec l10n changesets DONTBUILD r=release a=l10n-bump
cae5754b8af50a9b81e92b261365d6a6d4cbffb2Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset 2683f54b6e51 (bug 1406822) for bustage.
8b5e439d94d87dc3ef933e21d3ebb359538fbfc1Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset 349332cc8d85 (bug 1409541) for bustage.
0765b63cec042046edf4382343e6c3fc4880e792ffxbld — No bug - Tagging 86534d5daeef8066928eef910d6d5c60442b24b0 with FIREFOX_57_0b11_BUILD1, FIREFOX_57_0b11_RELEASE a=release CLOSED TREE
3b96e412ad4c53b55b757e4eb478b7461d64de75ffxbld — Automatic version bump. CLOSED TREE NO BUG a=release
f2d5cf8571925b8cea9bf10f427915ec25e19bc5Panos Astithas — Bug 1406234 - Remove historical search suggestions. r=mak, a=ritu
349332cc8d8507f2ab1e7a5bea9672d47d4ebddeAaron Klotz — Bug 1409541 - Replace IID_IUnknown with expected interfaces for outparams in a11y content ArrayData. r=Jamie, a=ritu
2683f54b6e5101964f23b973b03eaf7487f259e2Aaron Klotz — Bug 1406822 - Implement a11y::HandlerProvider::GetEffectiveOutParamIid. r=Jamie, a=ritu
88ea5a2c3e65399f1fec58244fd44d6303712a13Hiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 1409657 - Wait for one more frame after MozAfterPaint is received to avoid intermittent failures. r=birtles, a=test-only
46dd0c3deb02e9026555f434d1953c3c2ee66c16Stone Shih — Bug 1347689 - Intermittent pointerevent_touch-action-button-test_touch-manual.html. r=kats, a=test-only
20b951139cf14595303614c1a5e1e98ea999d5c4L10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Firefox l10n changesets DONTBUILD r=release a=l10n-bump
24608e7d4c8af4f64c62dc628f2c8059bf091dbfL10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Fennec l10n changesets DONTBUILD r=release a=l10n-bump
1cbd5a8b1b2291885b9da636a788f401e992b2edL10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Firefox l10n changesets DONTBUILD r=release a=l10n-bump
f2368a9487608555ee90306c1896ac71b27289ebL10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Fennec l10n changesets DONTBUILD r=release a=l10n-bump
783556704c1960422e5651916eca6e61a9ad71cfL10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Firefox l10n changesets DONTBUILD r=release a=l10n-bump
0d3c9e4c93d64bcad5eef961ead2082ac3979fb1L10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Fennec l10n changesets DONTBUILD r=release a=l10n-bump
d7c6431c07413ad424955ccdb2e5783d2259f6bcL10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Firefox l10n changesets DONTBUILD r=release a=l10n-bump
167314ad327d7c3182cfb85029868397107ff445L10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Fennec l10n changesets DONTBUILD r=release a=l10n-bump
0eaf457f8cf0abdb4e574b72078e7fae0838008bL10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Firefox l10n changesets DONTBUILD r=release a=l10n-bump
0bf335bbd491ad87a1dfeb7d58b9b782e1d3e040L10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Fennec l10n changesets DONTBUILD r=release a=l10n-bump
86534d5daeef8066928eef910d6d5c60442b24b0David Keeler — Bug 1406396 - Work around NSS utils potentially loading spurious root cert modules. r=mgoodwin, a=ritu, l10n=flod DEVEDITION_57_0b11_RELEASE FENNEC_57_0b11_BUILD1 FENNEC_57_0b11_RELEASE FIREFOX_57_0b11_BUILD1 FIREFOX_57_0b11_RELEASE
3d0ba43d0afd86b10a25213390180c8019a103c3Luca Greco — Bug 1403349 - Split webNavigation onCreatedNavigationTarget tests to prevent timeouts on linux32 debug. r=aswan, a=ritu
5ad5a62c35d20b99dfa7b4bcc54ccf76f67a2651Luca Greco — Bug 1403349 - Add a new webNavigation test for called with a named window target. r=aswan, a=ritu
30e6514351641ac8305e3a5838994ef9e7a99cc8Luca Greco — Bug 1403349 - Prevent WebNavigation jsm to leak the sourceTab browser on unpaired CreatedNavigationTarget messages. r=aswan, a=ritu
77cc7c8ce047990c36ec057d35b861cb7b7e67e3Luca Greco — Bug 1403349 - Fix wrong sourceTabId on webNavigation.onCreatedTarget event. r=aswan, a=ritu
aadb38c31b0ceb80495f11793acbd68669bcf303David Anderson — Bug 1408781 - Part 2: Cache invalidation properties after compositing, not before. r=mattwoodrow, a=ritu
a8e9602f18f64bf021b8a91bd0d3f94afff3f8dfDavid Anderson — Bug 1408781 - Part 1: Store the AL render region separately from the shadow visible region. r=mattwoodrow, a=ritu
938e8d1ced3df5ec4a033e8fbcaa24efef9d42e2J. Ryan Stinnett — Bug 1409277 - Ignore non-URLs for background pres attr. r=manishearth, a=ritu
22ad3b8731eb021bb3c93f5992265ea88b4d7c31Paolo Amadini — Bug 1381427 - Result width should often be constrained by the width of the location bar. r=mak, a=ritu
4d583d584b5c3a30dd7146eae9c5b218d5eb83c6Marco Bonardo — Bug 1410457 - Places.sqlite may be marked as corrupt if schema migration mixes up sync and async execution. r=Paolo, a=ritu
d16abfdc9433fbc12c0ee2e54a776f39d7c23ee5Marco Castelluccio — Bug 1407337 - Block OpenSC < r=jimm, a=ritu
58c1a09d1a65d3e1563dc8c479c02f1bdc67c2b0Andrea Marchesini — Bug 1407936 - Cleaning up QuotaManagar data only when ServiceWorkers are correctly unregistered. r=bkelly, a=ritu
6273b5da0f81eddc0249a3d0edb6e60ba3724e6eLuke Chang — Bug 1360694 - [Form Autofill] Cap the length of profile fields saved in storage. r=ralin, a=ritu
fd097e21e8d61cbdb9eb6c59c4da2b2634761301Hiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 1385013 - Check all vertexes for the target frame are outside of the parent frame if the target frame is empty. r=birtles, a=ritu
c703e451d7aa32dfe9ba4b7fc262c4a69234af0bKearwood Gilbert — Bug 1402871 - Change VREventObserver::mWindow to a RefPtr. r=dveditz, a=ritu
f3db43c2871f535249156bb5e082885dbd8b2a3dBen Kelly — Bug 1407245 - Fix service worker update 24-hour time check conversion from microseconds. r=asuth, a=ritu
8b84e5418b809672a7387975d2b780ce60be3a95Nathan Froyd — Bug 1163171 - Remove arm-specific hacks in typed array implementation. r=lth, a=ritu
9e21926958600c34dcdfec9a58986df3d7d41759Andrew McCreight — Bug 1408005 - Clear gApplicationReputationService in the dtor. r=francois, a=abillings
2e937c6b36c676e9402d3bc4626f464898872e5cLars T Hansen — Bug 1409196 - Specialize loadSafeWhenRacy and storeSafeWhenRacy on arm64 for uint8_clamped to pacify Clang. f=jbeich, r=me, a=jcristau
35f1d96d06e2c6dbaae61d7fbd9e288fb78443dfk88hudson — Bug 1409058 - Add pref to show or hide snippets in the pref panel. r=Mardak, a=ritu
e35c137374639978334a5b33bffba0c6d9aa5c48Stephen A Pohl — Bug 1406032 - Backout 096247c952ea (bug 1324892) to fix popup tests because popups now work correctly again on macOS. r=mstange, a=jcristau
337db7b083a718fcb515f5fc75a951edfe596cedStephen A Pohl — Bug 1406032 - Ensure that popup windows (such as the hamburger menu window) are shown on top of the browser window on macOS. r=mstange, a=jcristau
0b53a9c798b38884635abc70b9aaf0f280c4b266Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 1402450 - Ensure the test properly delays until the content process receives the touch events. r=botond, a=test-only
5510bc76210e5187339a8142412ae5cf7f4b5dcdL10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Firefox l10n changesets DONTBUILD r=release a=l10n-bump
9dcc1b8a0c90300039a9ac06ac45598955c58ea8L10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Fennec l10n changesets DONTBUILD r=release a=l10n-bump
ca3f06bcb74569c5d78b9731634319b46cfa15d0L10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Firefox l10n changesets DONTBUILD r=release a=l10n-bump
8a195f2f3f4ae250e46a4bc79d5013ee4ced5a80L10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Firefox l10n changesets DONTBUILD r=release a=l10n-bump
9fef703d6a279b5f068d50f2a27227d11638c7f8L10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Fennec l10n changesets DONTBUILD r=release a=l10n-bump
6e1936ed14a8a0d686ac0c102af42652b48d7a8dL10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Firefox l10n changesets DONTBUILD r=release a=l10n-bump
3f8af9b369d2920ddc990395e862947ec120a488L10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Fennec l10n changesets DONTBUILD r=release a=l10n-bump
90b0bc1bb449178d7bf71045626c203be1748e02L10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Firefox l10n changesets DONTBUILD r=release a=l10n-bump
d6667f83538e5b6e3a84f1ab5c859625aa233e8bL10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Fennec l10n changesets DONTBUILD r=release a=l10n-bump
28819b6837bda344d3d1dc276aa0b229f99a1be3L10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Firefox l10n changesets DONTBUILD r=release a=l10n-bump
8c2946a96020fc181635172d760064cdb0b4a3c6L10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Fennec l10n changesets DONTBUILD r=release a=l10n-bump
44f3b7566cd9d39f04d1734f9194976a2d2887f3L10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Firefox l10n changesets DONTBUILD r=release a=l10n-bump
14ba48095c75b4078ec19bfef0ce53501b6221f6L10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Fennec l10n changesets DONTBUILD r=release a=l10n-bump
add4a60517c0790f62bd65aa27c7bc5c1ead42ccFrancesco Lodolo (:flod) — Bug 1410105 - Remove broken searchplugin from Bulgarian. r=mkaply, a=ritu
92ec0c204c772405f58f5c8f2bb1bd3cf88ed326Jan Beich — Bug 1409680 - Extend --disable-debug-symbols to Rust code. r=glandium, a=ritu
04c4413946aaad0b08926cd036a8614b999917e7Brian Grinstead — Bug 1400176 - Prevent extra reflows by resetting html and body to display:block. r=nchevobbe, a=ritu
8d7197e77da190d3036cdda230ec1fad603fc21dEugen Sawin — Bug 1375141 - [1.0] Check for null-URI when sending view intent from Open-in menu item. r=snorp, a=ritu
dfee079363e1ba600ae3d15c02b23bc8a9b35900Jessica Jong — Bug 1406859 - [DateTimePicker] Let the first picker close gracefully before opening a second picker. r=mconley, a=ritu
fe950d3f8ad3928a111e0a3e4bacd0d12a50715bStephen A Pohl — Bug 1373581 - Make transition into and out of native fullscreen smoother on macOS. r=mstange, a=ritu
8dbd91b516700e2b13f1c774dbc9325a0c41a764Nicholas Hurley — Bug 1409275 - Default to gssapi64 on 64-bit windows. r=valentin, a=ritu
889eb5d0876bdb2fcd01282e0a4fcd789603db5cgasolin — Bug 1399142 - Part 2: Update illustration. r=Fischer, a=ritu
6a12f053f1d0233d00362575aca2f6b9d1e28438gasolin — Bug 1399142 - Part 1: Update the tour overlay colors. r=Fischer, a=ritu
428c84cbc00a0b2fe10f10886c83aeb3d1baa044Stephen A Pohl — Bug 1409468 - Test for appleModelId telemetry environment property. r=mstange, a=ritu
13789fec0a4be336215d1567972160e63217396eStephen A Pohl — Bug 1409468 - Add a property appleModelId to telemetry's environment data to collect model IDs for Apple desktop devices. r=mstange, r=francois, a=ritu
cba3cbf27533a3e888858074449f9427d1ef2403Prathiksha — Bug 1357523 - Make about:home and about:newtab search box search for the value in the search textbox when we use non-default search engines. r=nhnt11, a=ritu
caed14a4e0c20b027065cb7373a9d7351a83147aAndrew McCreight — Bug 1407740 - Fix a crash by setting a flag to true. r=bz, a=lizzard
f609508b197dba3ef9122b2442d6fcdb52e266fbOlli Pettay — Bug 1397811 - In order to not leak properties, ensure all the properties of adopted nodes are removed in case the adopt call fails. r=bz, a=lizzard
f430287412d359116d745546efbe3f3b9df76940gasolin — Bug 1389424 - Enable onboarding telemetry via ping-centre. r=emtwo, r=Fischer, r=liuche, a=ritu
40a5b201101f242ffbea991cd32d678cfc028665L10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Firefox l10n changesets DONTBUILD r=release a=l10n-bump
4dde3810ddaf20a253ba7a5edc00e08c3e8ffecfL10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Fennec l10n changesets DONTBUILD r=release a=l10n-bump
7ea29dbabecee7bb49e5d24b9e4007e723072516L10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Firefox l10n changesets DONTBUILD r=release a=l10n-bump
3d4ea219dea35246dc2df1cd8f67e58288a3fb3eL10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Firefox l10n changesets DONTBUILD r=release a=l10n-bump
0569614279900d13363c64874e7840e84d021588L10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Firefox l10n changesets DONTBUILD r=release a=l10n-bump
8cd6349bc28b40e918b57fa138df3c268ff4803bL10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Fennec l10n changesets DONTBUILD r=release a=l10n-bump
5dee2773e2fb7ed238fd1e460c8fa64c76be2435ffxbld — No bug - Tagging f3271256298ddeea6b13dcd64a26e3943b38aacf with FIREFOX_57_0b10_BUILD1, FIREFOX_57_0b10_RELEASE a=release CLOSED TREE
aa52928d3161efc7ffdfc5d684b4a6e940906622ffxbld — Automatic version bump. CLOSED TREE NO BUG a=release
a2c4de4f6e06b7da53be55dc2b0fe61524f2f317L10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Firefox l10n changesets DONTBUILD r=release a=l10n-bump
db1f848a1cba86c64512abf98c50d11b25d9507fL10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Fennec l10n changesets DONTBUILD r=release a=l10n-bump
90ffb5d80d266a26b49ce5bd16869470deb0471aL10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Firefox l10n changesets DONTBUILD r=release a=l10n-bump
9cc2705f665b072402b324c55868ec20e8985ab3L10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Fennec l10n changesets DONTBUILD r=release a=l10n-bump
dfaf923a09c907964bd3ab5e1e64c9fd669ca004L10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Firefox l10n changesets DONTBUILD r=release a=l10n-bump
2187697e8dbdf588824da6bd6f03403d41d749d3L10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Fennec l10n changesets DONTBUILD r=release a=l10n-bump
097f8dd6f62a1cdb622126b8925882abc205d125L10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Firefox l10n changesets DONTBUILD r=release a=l10n-bump
3ff9ebd83d0e7883da3ee60901e2273b94f63064L10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Fennec l10n changesets DONTBUILD r=release a=l10n-bump
f3271256298ddeea6b13dcd64a26e3943b38aacfJohann Hofmann — Bug 1409341 - Apply background background to tab instead of tab-background on Windows 7. r=dao, a=sledru DEVEDITION_57_0b10_RELEASE FIREFOX_57_0b10_BUILD1 FIREFOX_57_0b10_RELEASE
b4aa9ba59cc7cccde5f460f23880c40d18bc5ddcNevin Chen — Bug 1405853 - Change about page logo. r=walkingice, a=sledru
b2699930e94432edf4b2185557632ea0dba730b1Dylan Roeh — Bug 1397817 - Delete Downloads/memory-reports if it exists. r=snorp, a=sledru
b3c9f9d54ebd0b6ceec0da25a5141b231a21e8ebByron Campen [:bwc] — Bug 1406154 - Ensure that we avoid truncating the interface description strings in a couple of corner cases. r=drno, a=sledru
9d835cfe6e15d3d8d2c09e3eea1dca85c479cda4btian — Bug 1406395 - P3: Backout changeset b679806ce7e3 (bug 1384661 part 1). r=smaug, a=abillings
50f23336b2995959283db28b36d6fe2fea288282btian — Bug 1406395 - P2: Backout changeset 8f77d260780d (bug 1384661 part 2). r=smaug, a=abillings
7cea174aa5e6e45c268678d26cf7e669590cedeabtian — Bug 1406395 - P1: Backout changeset 7df868e0e356 (bug 1384661 part 3). r=smaug, a=abillings
6c71ebbcf8004d2ecde48f2019c667d5d918ee54Haik Aftandilian — Bug 1404919 - Whitelist Extensis Suitcase Fusion fontvaults and /System/Library/Fonts. r=Alex_Gaynor, a=sledru
1652bb3a07dd4484ccc1ecbe1d67d6f9a1cb28dfDavid Anderson — Bug 1408566 - Part 2: Scissor the visible region for intermediate surfaces that require redraw. r=mattwoodrow, a=sledru
a05f86234ac4b68df38c9c643dfe4a36bfe707fbDavid Anderson — Bug 1408566 - Part 1: Fix a coordinate space bug when composing some intermediate surfaces. r=mattwoodrow, a=sledru
fa442127041cd75f677a13271838ce326128b0b7Jan Henning — Bug 1404111 - Part 1: Work around potential InputMethodManager bug when gaining focus. r=snorp, a=ritu
ed1ece91fe042cd33d9c16ca9a2dfc98a3fe6dc1Jan Henning — Bug 1404111 - Part 0: Fix Javadoc. r=JanH, a=ritu
02b7917df086f58533fdc5fd3573e01c1ab66071Andrea Marchesini — Bug 1404910 - WebSocket should consider the corrent top-level window principal. r=smaug, a=ritu
5ddf0b9c8ff294b1a530724379095c822f8c7b89Henrik Skupin — Bug 1396880 - Skip not relevant checks in test_accessibility for webdriver click. r=ato, a=test-only
27a4dff9d4d58d784beb04c9084888d901806531Joel Maher — Bug 1402426 - Remove the requirement to sign addons from talos and run from source. r=rwood, a=test-only
141e05b4fab30ad2ec5ff924c897857ecef9a821L10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Firefox l10n changesets DONTBUILD r=release a=l10n-bump
2b188205fca9a06bed6b5b38000b60e704c04eceL10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Fennec l10n changesets DONTBUILD r=release a=l10n-bump
7f6f8c942b327dbc527dda4d153d1cd3d6d908b4L10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Firefox l10n changesets DONTBUILD r=release a=l10n-bump
762792f05526d7241edaa7d8521fb77221f7a2dfL10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Fennec l10n changesets DONTBUILD r=release a=l10n-bump
b11f7e582eb5a86814ccda1ee28840faad9ce91cL10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Firefox l10n changesets DONTBUILD r=release a=l10n-bump
9b2d047985bf75b9b0abaa5378502593ef73a643L10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Fennec l10n changesets DONTBUILD r=release a=l10n-bump
1d56d3922195efcabe9807b8ec0ea216397f90b4Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changesets 7a9e0869a2e6 and f645623441b3 (bug 1404111) for Android bustage.
adc0384c565aae18fd8b2a669363ac27bd3a6676Stephen A Pohl — Bug 1408701 - Ensure that we continue to show dark scrollbar thumbs on macOS 10.13 when scrollbars are always displayed. r=mstange, a=ritu
5f8523ca22a5567570ca8d173579ab80212b6190Randell Jesup — Bug 1407680 - Set DelayAgnostic and ExtendedFilter options. r=dminor, a=ritu
2a12a0f1984c90bde7bc51dc3b76077902177721Andrew Sutherland — Bug 1404344 - Part 3: Rename QuotaManager tests from 3_0 to 2_1. r=janv, a=ritu
23f60d61fee7240c71b3cd01622d6be925ceb9bdAndrew Sutherland — Bug 1404344 - Part 2: DOM Cache API schema 57-56 downgrade support. r=bkelly, a=ritu
6513161002fc5715cf7996a22fb7998226073dbcAndrew Sutherland — Bug 1404344 - Part 1: Alias QuotaManager schema 3.0 to 2.1. r=janv, a=ritu
2621743af55cd16af98570f306d091468d1a8e42Jonathan Kingston — Bug 1407209 - Add observer for preference changes whilst extensions are being updated. r=aswan, r=baku, r=bsilverberg, a=ritu
b95894a2554fa322d53dc4aa8e7de32637b96f78Felipe Gomes — Bug 1405655 - Only hide Flash Activation overlay UI if the entire plugin is covered. r=dthayer, a=ritu
7a9e0869a2e695ace50a38568b76d59e07249b9cJan Henning — Bug 1404111 - Part 1: Work around potential InputMethodManager bug when gaining focus. r=snorp, a=ritu
f645623441b344b2418fedfb4351989547a5f2a0Jan Henning — Bug 1404111 - Part 0: Fix Javadoc. r=JanH, a=ritu
7819bf87d650d12a88474d60fcd306fc5aa7fbb7Andrea Marchesini — Bug 1408397 - FileReader should not use a bufferStream together with an async inputStream. r=smaug, a=ritu
c64932850093d2f4988528cd70344da4a0643347Johann Hofmann — Bug 1398696 - Override the window background to Windows Aero Basic colors for Light/Dark theme on Windows 7. r=dao, a=ritu — Bug 1408693 - Add a lock to protect the sGPUCrashDataMap. r=jwwang, a=ritu
413220444b15681a7f5af66514b4e66e9b434005JW Wang — Bug 1400674 - Fix the algorithm of filling audio gaps with silence. r=jya, a=ritu
808585a48181544b0badc15f03711fd5d26d1269Matt Howell — Bug 1337856 - Part 2: Swap out stub installer background images with JPEG's, and add high-res versions. r=agashlin, a=ritu
628e941a223c24bb73c6e59e5700ee26234d3df0Matt Howell — Bug 1337856 - Part 1: Use a better up/down-scaling method for the stub installer background. r=agashlin, a=ritu
be62e8e756ba5b95455fbd4f1a11b44bae8e3912Ian Moody — Bug 1399429 - Properly determine if the content window is private for the contextMenu. r=Felipe, a=ritu
d4e212a2b1e1180c245dd528c39500991de311adSylvestre Ledru — Bug 1409382 - EnumSet.h - Initialize mVersion to silence a warning with gcc 8. r=froydnj, a=ritu
e0d56de2214bf49e23d5a9f80a8899ebbb464c77Jean-Yves Avenard — Bug 1409141 - Disable D3D11 YUV buffer copy on Windows 7. r=mattwoodrow, a=ritu
8bf87cac5783dbf98819debda5e74113b7e22b5bMark Striemer — Bug 1407999 - Support locked prefs for homepage. r=jaws, a=ritu
ce581d83a38e142e9a43a300d0748e7b736e418eJames Teh — Bug 1408638 - Ensure accessible isn't defunct in Windows RootAccessibleWrap::accNavigate. r=MarcoZ, a=ritu
21608c94652f308e27ee6779d23736f55e037eb2James Teh — Bug 1407475 - Fix IAccessible::accNavigate(NAVRELATION_EMBEDS) for e10s. r=surkov, a=ritu
f6eacd81d2d8b96c35a7b069845f1f3974efcc68Kevin Jones — Bug 1406912 - Fix _serializeRangeData does not handle ranges found in same node properly. r=mixedpuppy, a=ritu
80135600be68ddf6b75f60e1d7fce344f9b80651Joel Maher — Bug 1396184 - Disable uriloader/exthandler/tests/mochitest/browser_ext_helper_pb.js on OSX for frequent failures. r=me, a=test-only
897d2ea37106bbf8154e8da591ec233f3deadab6Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1342299 - browser_tab_close_dependent_window.js should wait for the tab to have gone away. rs=firebot, a=test-only
d64de9e6a3b2c70b6c0185970b8966adeedceeceL10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Firefox l10n changesets DONTBUILD r=release a=l10n-bump
ed4449f8912b7f7795111cba47a49ff595980d6bL10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Fennec l10n changesets DONTBUILD r=release a=l10n-bump
caab78f5e67410405c7ddef838fb76d6fd0152c2L10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Firefox l10n changesets DONTBUILD r=release a=l10n-bump
660349c13c4f1785f57996b0dddd33f8eac5a957Jonathan Kew — Bug 1408782 - Force punycode display for IDNs with a <dotless-i, combining mark above> sequence. r=valentin a=ritu
0cc2943b6df8540cddc1422d56251fbaebc19ae2Jeff Gilbert — Bug 1394265 - Set MAX_COMBINED_TEXTURE_IMAGE_UNITS to 0 if GetIntegeriv fails. - r=daoshengmu a=ritu
ab8bb7264d23996c30126f8f73948f20427892b2L10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Firefox l10n changesets DONTBUILD r=release a=l10n-bump
35f69d7d6c24e1c4e3dee0dbdd202d113c58eeedL10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Fennec l10n changesets DONTBUILD r=release a=l10n-bump
9c6653abae8431df9cf4fdbf35c07444ecf8e21bAndrea Marchesini — Bug 1404105 - Sanitize.js must check if QuotaManager returns an error before continuing with cleaning data. r=janv, a=ritu
fdd6f2f9f74dfc838866e5d6b4ac56ff5acb95bbLars T Hansen — Bug 1404683 - Introduce wasmCompileMode in testing functions, only run a baseline oom test when baseline-only compilation is enabled. r=bbouvier, a=test-only
499fc78f9bb5aebb5a7de3095285a90c2e278162Joel Maher — Bug 1404836 - Disable gfx/layers/apz/test/mochitest/test_group_pointerevents.html on windows 10 for frequent failures. r=me, a=test-only
8222f6a4a5ab5160bbdbe35eb8a0af013c603a43Ting-Yu Lin — Bug 1374482 - Part 2: Remove x and y parameters from _test_minimum_select_one_character(). r=mtseng, a=test-only
0dbdb60379571829fc039843be5ae11635edc2feTing-Yu Lin — Bug 1374482 - Part 1: Simplify focus changing tests for caret selection mode. r=mtseng, a=test-only
2e35a8e42ad6ea9a6074991bbc62fe9757a2e6f0ffxbld — No bug - Tagging 4b93f26c85540a41eeef07e1116770e47b78e104 with FENNEC_57_0b9_BUILD1, FENNEC_57_0b9_RELEASE a=release CLOSED TREE
1412ecdbb610c52c117889f2e38b381bbedc227fL10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Firefox l10n changesets DONTBUILD r=release a=l10n-bump
44cd1227c0f8e51847868a7864e69db52ae75e44L10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Fennec l10n changesets DONTBUILD r=release a=l10n-bump
d8afd194b9a9169010be6f3dcdb2afc11455497bL10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Firefox l10n changesets DONTBUILD r=release a=l10n-bump
6ebc25121018801a46db6b1d0a73eb5a90017f1bL10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Fennec l10n changesets DONTBUILD r=release a=l10n-bump
ec4de5f9889c8b896c5c70b5a2aa72cbf813bfc0ffxbld — No bug - Tagging 4b93f26c85540a41eeef07e1116770e47b78e104 with FIREFOX_57_0b9_BUILD1, FIREFOX_57_0b9_RELEASE a=release CLOSED TREE
5e1a538d14b9abbe79b873120e847909eee81d81ffxbld — Automatic version bump. CLOSED TREE NO BUG a=release
e77c27aa7288960f336cab93a5e6dc0c03a6bf8bL10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Firefox l10n changesets DONTBUILD r=release a=l10n-bump
bf95d9030dbba72767efa5cf239d3a901cb7f45fL10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Fennec l10n changesets DONTBUILD r=release a=l10n-bump
88a04d8454f955282a97a5dbdb8c109330632255L10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Firefox l10n changesets DONTBUILD r=release a=l10n-bump
35df32fb22dce111ccde5f8a630990857f770a13L10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Fennec l10n changesets DONTBUILD r=release a=l10n-bump
4ee37d9b44d63915dc69321a6c5735c4505cf747L10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Firefox l10n changesets DONTBUILD r=release a=l10n-bump
34b186de62114a312f7b862cec6cd142437f1690L10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Fennec l10n changesets DONTBUILD r=release a=l10n-bump
ffe120cce31ac18d8cb8bd30ddd194ed766a4a48ffxbld — No bug, Automated blocklist update from host bld-linux64-spot-325 - a=blocklist-update
e1dd4e0b3d497c58e8dd67b3525bb5e699cf2898L10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Firefox l10n changesets DONTBUILD r=release a=l10n-bump
abdad00598a085508f5fd3771ab39ea08a4a2f70L10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Fennec l10n changesets DONTBUILD r=release a=l10n-bump
8d49d887258f7a1e83ff378767887930afa3beefL10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Firefox l10n changesets DONTBUILD r=release a=l10n-bump
6e834c377cddc19d3c8afc45d87edeecc29e7843L10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Fennec l10n changesets DONTBUILD r=release a=l10n-bump
4b93f26c85540a41eeef07e1116770e47b78e104Matt Howell — Bug 1403037 - Don't test attribution data in applications that don't use it. r=Dexter, a=test-only DEVEDITION_57_0b9_RELEASE FENNEC_57_0b9_BUILD1 FENNEC_57_0b9_RELEASE FIREFOX_57_0b9_BUILD1 FIREFOX_57_0b9_RELEASE
51ee30adc28a355a9516a8a83c255d6b6ebf4bc1Emilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1408672 - Test that hover quirk is handled properly during invalidation. r=heycam, a=ritu
64170e5081cd17e543004e7194da4ccb2444b9adEmilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1408672 - Disable the hover / active quirk for invalidation. r=heycam, a=ritu
208bf788e80c094022fcadcb7970c141846e3e71Ryan Hunt — Bug 1333056 - Don't crash in SendBuildID when MessageChannel isn't connected. r=dvander, a=ritu
04f51b690e8c69eb9e0abd6a85389bfaf91313bfMatt Woodrow — Bug 1261175. r=tnikkel, a=ritu
f7d30f17af0defa3c530e6572368fe705aab3a1dMichael Kaply — Bug 1406164 - We're bringing eBay back. r=flod, a=ritu
6fa856a4da2f32f8178d30daa69d47528557b2afEmilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1406952 - Update bindgen to fix x86 build bustage. r=jdm, a=ritu
fe7a664b11b7384ce5cf6c19dfaa7490ad352741Steve Fink — Bug 1406570 - Rooting improvements. r=jonco, r=bz, a=ritu
c74720c139a84f6d9506c46492a22d81b8c83a36Eric Rahm — Bug 1373371 - Properly convert index in RemoveElementsAt. r=froydnj, a=ritu
6f56256c3f17cc82c7c43427af86fa40d06b36b5Robert Longson — Bug 1398806 - GetCtx and GetNearestViewport should return the nearest svg or symbol element which is now an SVGViewportElement rather than only returning the nearest svg element because a symbol establishes a viewport too. r=dholbert, a=ritu
6c786f0d59bcf548ed751bd3803441d672fde5b8JW Wang — Bug 1402584 - Reset readyState to HAVE_NOTHING before loading next source child. See comment 18 for the root cause. r=gerald, a=ritu
67a0dbdbd826ae06fe60fd242ddaab19620c69cdRyan VanderMeulen — Bug 1407437 - Unskip r=jmaher, a=test-only
503771cc0879f8a4b9a403429f35c23f9b0f9ef0Henrik Skupin — Bug 1406763 - Fix broken Assert.throws() calls for error class. r=ato, a=test-only
64117629c89a44c6184c44dd40aaf95fbcaeb6a5Henrik Skupin — Bug 1406763 - Strip brackets around IPv6 addresses for proxy hosts. r=ato, a=test-only
3ec4cc626311ecccd5cde96f20cde805c797c247Henrik Skupin — Bug 1406763 - Refactor xpcshell proxy tests for fromJson and toJson. r=ato, a=test-only
c27727efc446215ca24a44f3c8433838ec647bd0Joel Maher — Bug 1396260 - Run reftest in smaller browser sessions on windows 7 to reduce font loading/rendering issues. r=jfkthame, a=test-only
ea66f4c8766c9fde44f15ae53ea438377cb78283Nick Thomas — Bug 1387622 - revert firefox-sha1 alias change, r=rail a=release DONTBUILD
2769de93df211731f2b9bb558261d7c9dcf77f28L10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Firefox l10n changesets DONTBUILD r=release a=l10n-bump
815b515ee01569202571f7053875ee8b12fa4fecL10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Fennec l10n changesets DONTBUILD r=release a=l10n-bump
a786a2329795ad0462fbbed33530895f502293d4L10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Firefox l10n changesets DONTBUILD r=release a=l10n-bump
617f4f8aaa12d49331dc869370e3a7b6cdc359a4L10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Fennec l10n changesets DONTBUILD r=release a=l10n-bump
6f9230633a7f6f89c922e33e591ea757583214b6L10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Firefox l10n changesets DONTBUILD r=release a=l10n-bump
28989afc1833c4fffb7f5d9cc2aa3ccd0c477c7eL10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Fennec l10n changesets DONTBUILD r=release a=l10n-bump
42fd74a9e256beab08f1d8960cde915033755eb2L10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Firefox l10n changesets DONTBUILD r=release a=l10n-bump
6ea4028ffba0d843a5713062f9e5e8d60fe9a01fL10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Fennec l10n changesets DONTBUILD r=release a=l10n-bump
1229a5ec76407e5f8f91b0e3f23ae76f674239c5L10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Firefox l10n changesets DONTBUILD r=release a=l10n-bump
a06496197a40e5f0c6d5b0cc2db3c137aeae377aL10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Fennec l10n changesets DONTBUILD r=release a=l10n-bump
138ae6d08af377827d99b7dba2dccada525a46bdL10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Fennec l10n changesets DONTBUILD r=release a=l10n-bump
3690be90bbaf0599af27948dccbf3bf6403a2a8eL10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Firefox l10n changesets DONTBUILD r=release a=l10n-bump
74ee4369fda138bdd182301de5529942f9c85fe4L10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Firefox l10n changesets DONTBUILD r=release a=l10n-bump
b8e076daf176f44c90bac1643a1f04fd0b5ea054L10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Fennec l10n changesets DONTBUILD r=release a=l10n-bump
9a1e700c14a871b65b591451be74810907355298L10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Firefox l10n changesets DONTBUILD r=release a=l10n-bump
cd1203ab3d7070671a2180be709128e89b57d744L10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Fennec l10n changesets DONTBUILD r=release a=l10n-bump
02886ab26aaea1ce4a4cbbfb246c2b71ac063ab0L10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Firefox l10n changesets DONTBUILD r=release a=l10n-bump
7189ff11c98d6c93075fe14fb923e24f5d4227b2L10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Fennec l10n changesets DONTBUILD r=release a=l10n-bump
1ba045069db170feceed64a2776f386551601d59L10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Firefox l10n changesets DONTBUILD r=release a=l10n-bump
8ddfab551aa278f16cd887ef3193a441d9957948L10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Fennec l10n changesets DONTBUILD r=release a=l10n-bump
60546645c39020a15adea8341a27f5b525b34e2cJ. Ryan Stinnett — Bug 1406254 - Visited reftest for ::first-line inheritance. r=emilio, a=ritu
76b9a79e1fe540b3e7c15047264e79eccf91c150J. Ryan Stinnett — Bug 1406254 - servo: Clear visited rules for text inheritance. r=emilio, a=ritu
4a8c7830ff4822da140890800b401d462695ccc5Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changesets e71e4cda4c2d and 704d8010a876 (bug 1406254) for bustage.
d8aed408f78ab140803bb8d73248c7491c21ae9cStephen A Pohl — Bug 1405151 - Ensure that crashes appear correctly in Socorro in the case of SIGABRT crashes on macOS. r=ted, a=ritu
931b496bafe6bdef379a846e4bc73cb9ca39488aDragana Damjanovic — Bug 1405761 - If the preload pref is disabled rel=preload should be shown as not supported. r=smaug, a=ritu
e71e4cda4c2d8456a3240862ed29141f6275c693J. Ryan Stinnett — Bug 1406254 - Visited reftest for ::first-line inheritance. r=emilio, a=ritu
704d8010a876103c4efadc220714bdccd65de35aJ. Ryan Stinnett — Bug 1406254 - servo: Clear visited rules for text inheritance. r=emilio, a=ritu
81ae808baaf18909fda8ebae8a713a4a0560a1c1Dão Gottwald — Bug 1404583 - Make openLinkIn not steal focus from the address bar when loading the New Tab page. r=florian, a=ritu
e54dfb628cfa43c9529341368c25ee7bea0db920Jean-Yves Avenard — Bug 1407243 - Don't immediately fire canplaythrough for infinite/live streams. r=jwwang, a=ritu
b94e49969f70ea29c7c999ba1d3aca04e53abf51Ed Lee — Bug 1383593 - Noticeable delay when opening of new tabs if activity stream is enabled. r=k88hudson, a=ritu
b74c46c59b207b6deb3addcdb98b3d136f6dffe7Cameron McCormack — Bug 1407522 - style: Support more selectors in the style sheet invalidator. r=emilio, a=ritu
e38d82884ae80288798e4cb548d0cbd95977e9f6Randell Jesup — Bug 1400563 - Clean up SCTP shutdown. r=drno, a=ritu
4dd7832a9238a3c3c77e05e7be016d9d6fe70cceJW Wang — Bug 1405025 - Part 2: Revert Bug 1390443 P1. r=jya, a=ritu
57c10a793a8019df491a18109954fc16212931b3JW Wang — Bug 1405025 - Part 1: Ensure 'seeking' is fired before 'waiting'. r=jya, a=ritu
2b831e7a64bfc9ed5dfce1f793368f2207e7a761Alex Chronopoulos — Bug 1405258 - Uplift part of cubeb import ba2a896. r=padenot, a=ritu
025fd4ef0173ab04e2782efb518fbc3c542b9f3aPeter Major — Bug 1407675 - Fix cookie creation via Marionette using IP address. r=ato, a=test-only
d1ca9be4e5210cec58daaad6deb5003d299274d9Steve Fink — Bug 1402582 - Make shell's EnvironmentPreparer grab cx from TLS. r=bhackett, a=NPOTB
95e2671a811d131c93a862bf6266394d60a8e5d3Andrea Marchesini — Bug 1407751 - DefineOSFileConstants should return false if OSFileConstants service is not initialized. r=froydnj, a=ritu
544de21bc0602fa2a95cfd0491e499ca2ae27d52Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1407375 - Make sure to call NodeInfoChanged whenever we change the nodeinfo on a node. r=peterv, a=ritu
451bfe2c80bb0e783b931f518a969f07c0eb02aeNick Alexander — Bug 1407872 - Use Python yes-like pipe for --no-interactive in |mach bootstrap|. r=gbrown, a=test-only
8bdee6ba385a5ad969561d9c12754f5c7d398701Emilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1407953 - Fix invalidation collection for XBL when quirks modes don't match. r=heycam, a=ritu
37d735e5ed3bdea17e3017c26bef8fcd381f9f3aDavid Parks — Bug 1339259 - Hold Windows AudioSession object while recycling registration. r=jimm, a=ritu
3098eb13218908aed87917d26d50975a5496aedbTing-Yu Lin — Bug 1399204 - Update test_long_press_to_select_when_partial_visible_word_is_selected(). r=mtseng, a=test-only
f7fd0e6a425aca3d5b523a5a22416d1de7905a50Xidorn Quan — Bug 1391141 - Reenable test_docload.html on stylo Windows. r=xidorn, a=test-only
13bdb1a613e51ec8f1ad9ae3c53e30f2903b4325Henrik Skupin — Bug 1407925 - Don't use application name but ID to determine Firefox. r=ato, a=test-only
860c47bcfc10f6c7162dc48587ba5fb60f8e861fffxbld — No bug - Tagging d96198d960f3cbc4d17eb9990c801c1903d454fd with FIREFOX_57_0b8_BUILD3, FIREFOX_57_0b8_RELEASE a=release CLOSED TREE
3fa3e55a378b6abff5fac1db59004397c3f76f7cffxbld — Automatic version bump. CLOSED TREE NO BUG a=release
aa5a7e502f7abe428b1d4394694d7660fa05f65cL10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Firefox l10n changesets DONTBUILD r=release a=l10n-bump
f3d5728986c94ddf81d6f4b03644b066f9fbf297L10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Fennec l10n changesets DONTBUILD r=release a=l10n-bump
d96198d960f3cbc4d17eb9990c801c1903d454fdNick Thomas — Bug 1408197 - beetmover fix round 2, r=bustage a=release DEVEDITION_57_0b8_RELEASE FIREFOX_57_0b8_BUILD3 FIREFOX_57_0b8_RELEASE
71323afa873598b20916b6696f6bea6bce36cd12L10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Firefox l10n changesets DONTBUILD r=release a=l10n-bump
ca99400d76e13bc9263e797569d19b863d8a3b50L10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Fennec l10n changesets DONTBUILD r=release a=l10n-bump
e7469f89375a58a33b2a85afedec628d44d697d5L10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Firefox l10n changesets DONTBUILD r=release a=l10n-bump
e51f60530a0effdb94254e98f4e0b53883618af1L10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Fennec l10n changesets DONTBUILD r=release a=l10n-bump
c50a31492fe7fe38a75c8b4722f24685ba7dac03Nick Thomas — Bug 1408197 - fix beetmover by using a modern pip & setuptools, r=catlee a=release
1b1762aecfb4cc27bbca9609b0acd8a372470235Jing-wei Wu — Bug 1407923 - Adjust LWT layout/color for Photon style. r=nechen, a=ritu
56aea1e1ff326e1093ee685da0875085b6d09ee0Jing-wei Wu — Bug 1407915 - Ignore loading favicon without url. r=nechen, a=ritu
06cf405ffdab0ff5ad926a29b4dc256f26ddf445Tom Tung — Bug 1402581 - Part 4: Make the assertions for increaing and decreaing padding size be runtime checks. r=bkelly, a=ritu
744b60de23423c29f6d421037d8d67cf590026ccTom Tung — Bug 1402581 - Part 3: Allow failures happen when restoring or wiping padding file. r=bkelly, a=ritu
132fdc5a05f90c4cae2c46921d7c20ea23a51e91Tom Tung — Bug 1402581 - Part 2: Ensure the temporary file exists when failure happens. r=bkelly, a=ritu
9c74baf4288fffd3113a82cdd4e17e2c0d8c1503Tom Tung — Bug 1402581 - Part 1: Don't delete the body file and decrease the padding size when the transaction fails. r=bkelly, a=ritu
2504eb322881ac4bb8e05bf04b6011c598ca6b9dRyan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset 7239feae77be (bug 1407953) for bustage.
92d6abc111e03e3a5999c0306e566edcf4e0fa43Joel Maher — Bug 1336638 - Disable toolkit/components/alerts/test/test_principal.html on windows for frequent failures. r=me, a=test-only
bfa99221e3aff2a189a5c19c56b171c344f198dfBrian Hackett — Bug 1355109 - Add IC for property reads on xrays. r=jandem, r=bz, a=ritu
28f37f379cb578c49a182c89b9cf4d531ea72246Jonathan Kew — Bug 1408078 - Crashtest for small-caps + emoji issue. r=jrmuizel, a=ritu
d945995ae6ce69f26d1ed3b17620d29676767b1dJonathan Kew — Bug 1408078 - Add missing null-checks in MacOSFontEntry::SupportsOpenTypeFeature. r=jrmuizel, a=ritu
56011e0336df5a395d33d0223a6033984ff0df52Jing-wei Wu — Bug 1405710 - Adjust find in page layout to fit Photon style. r=nechen, a=ritu
2b73168324dd5459547571d20cd40298d72e5fbdJeff Muizelaar — Bug 1250461 - Don't reject profiles with negative colorant tristiumlus value on macOS. r=mstange, a=lizzard
7239feae77be01b4e5984ab5a2c8fc75b8f69f66Emilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1407953 - style: Fix invalidation collection for XBL when quirks modes don't match. r=heycam, a=ritu
2b1e17caa3146e55e1a87b1c87e3a0a27a5c4439Ian Bicking — Bug 1407732 - Update Screenshots version to 19.2.0. r=_6a68, a=ritu
567e84287828cffa7f68dd45bcef816ee9525da5Mike de Boer — Bug 1405942 - Make sure to always apply the descriptionHeightWorkaround in Photon panels on popupshown, because it might've missed elements that were hidden. r=Paolo, a=ritu
261ad1333984d97f050d74157f52523098f7ff14Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1404651 - Keep focus in the tabstrip when the focus has shifted with the arrow keys. r=dao, a=ritu
47c55e4e8ec9865cef8c89dde84cae15ebf8d062Samael Wang — Bug 1401522 - Don't apply statusCode sent from parent if mCanceled or mStatus has been modified in the child. r=mayhemer, a=ritu
c016aa44063766846c261a5eb998b364cb10e229Jonathan Kew — Bug 1405148 - Part 3: Use Core Text API to check for presence of small-caps feature in AAT fonts. r=jrmuizel, a=ritu
225b27eb29306fb74b0d7b2aab256c9653134d41Jonathan Kew — Bug 1405148 - Part 2: Map the 'smcp' OpenType feature to its AAT feature-selector equivalent when shaping via Core Text. r=jrmuizel, a=ritu
0c27448f0b21f75951b0f00e06d4e43426791cadJonathan Kew — Bug 1405148 - Part 1: Make gfxFontEntry::SupportsOpenTypeFeature a virtual method, and override on MacOS for AAT fonts that we'll shape with Core Text instead of HarfBuzz. r=jrmuizel, a=ritu
355a965b180c95d3e75f859c0d8605b661270dd5Bill McCloskey — Bug 1404629 - Make Queue emptiness assertion DEBUG-only. r=froydnj, a=ritu
4d00f19c020d85b88841c557a8ca8baea72735a7Jason Orendorff — Bug 1396466 - Remove Xray expando chains from the weakmap when transplanting nodes. r=bz, a=ritu
c8d3b27528f758e9291946fa16b1269b6ec71acbJonathan Kew — Bug 1390317 - Don't try to use the mozilla-specific cairo extension from bug 1377257 if we're building with system cairo. r=jrmuizel, a=ritu
94cb468585934ecc5bd6b0f617d483a14359e69bPaolo Amadini — Bug 1406509 - Search results are truncated and left aligned in RTL languages. r=mak, a=ritu
f66f3fd671001bfdc83d630d2f79aeebb7cf8a74David Major — Bug 1405713 - Reorder sourcepath normalization to fix srcsrv. r=ted, a=ritu
8a55ee69a86be122a157d7b85f6af408c6350f63David Anderson — Bug 1402737 - Part 2: Support component-alpha for intermediate surfaces in Advanced Layers. r=mattwoodrow, a=ritu
e316a95d1d60cd81c031be32a460167bc8a2cfd5David Anderson — Bug 1402737 - Part 1: Remove the ability for LayerManagers to disable complex component alpha cases. r=mattwoodrow, a=ritu
68132ce4a0ed15bd6ab98e129c1a05a17d5a9417Jason Orendorff — Bug 1404107 - Refactor: Move some reparenting complexity into XPConnect. r=mrbkap, r=bz, a=ritu
e3697ba2690a5de980805437302a9e3afea19e19Jason Orendorff — Bug 1404107 - Test that an Xray expando whose value is a DOM node works when the node is reparented. no_r=me, a=ritu
de5bfee27df08b69864905401bc8f9835bb63e1cBoris Zbarsky — Bug 1404107 - Test that Xray expandos are not lost when reparenting wrappers. r=mrbkap, a=ritu
41e3144ad0da0c04f03bb867c8b3366459951b92Jason Orendorff — Bug 1404107 - Fix cloning expando chains when reparenting DOM objects. r=bz, r=mrbkap, a=ritu
c664599c64e8aedd257de4eb3d1ff8c9a15cafd7Lee Salzman — Bug 1387079 - Only use SkRasterPipeline when SkJumper is accelerated. r=jrmuizel, a=ritu
a59416fd921a6ae31849f25238c2cb82bab3d94fsotaro — Bug 1407149 - Add immediate context pointer check to d3d images. r=nical, a=ritu
4522bc7343e6a569a032d95a5478192f1ca04f19Andreas Pehrson — Bug 1406027 - Always use the mixer so AudioCallbackDriver can track processed samples. r=padenot, a=ritu
9040197e9047d5a28820943f91b8db0945581b74Haik Aftandilian — Bug 1393805 - Part 5: Test that the system extensions dev dir is readable from content. r=bobowen, a=ritu
031933e4a8dcb61c5189bcff2e2cf2d937faad15Haik Aftandilian — Bug 1393805 - Part 4: Add Linux whitelisted directory for system extensions development. r=gcp, a=ritu
6c62f6086493e250e6f77a466192a769724e352bHaik Aftandilian — Bug 1393805 - Part 3: Add Windows whitelisted directory for system extensions development. r=bobowen, a=ritu
895ccb3cf6595306459f7a3c022455df353b6aefHaik Aftandilian — Bug 1393805 - Part 2: Add Mac whitelisted directory for system extensions development. r=Alex_Gaynor, a=ritu
2e90942f919ff5f62d869c2ee21f7d08fdcf8e54Haik Aftandilian — Bug 1393805 - Part 1: Add XRE_USER_SYS_EXTENSION_DEV_DIR XRESysExtDev Key. r=bobowen, r=gcp, a=ritu
91de7a930a6867b48a00d8850b5589a0d5a074b1L10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Firefox l10n changesets DONTBUILD r=release a=l10n-bump
8eb20bcd4198231facd775b7e0f7d1c8026eb549L10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Fennec l10n changesets DONTBUILD r=release a=l10n-bump
f4ba99b411837e4b16b134cbab5bcc355ddd6b22Jeremy Chen — Bug 1403077 - Part 3: Add tests for the stylo blocklist mechanism. r=heycam, a=ritu
1059f19c81364d89cbdfedcacf50e06998d87e7dJeremy Chen — Bug 1403077 - Part 2: Add two test-only helper functions to access the stylo blocklist. r=heycam, a=ritu
c2c10508ec8d9e50eba1db0137d4509fe7d9af19Jeremy Chen — Bug 1403077 - Part 1: Implement the stylo blocklist mechanism. r=heycam, a=ritu
10279b6ebdf8f0547d786ceda1f5e5d368991f6cLars T Hansen — Bug 1361526 - Merge from upstream test262 to kill intermittents. r=me, a=test-only
39d11cbd38ebc6f4a6d9a58dd80ccec094944cf8Andreas Tolfsen — Bug 1405018 - Add test for stale frame element. r=maja_zf, a=test-only
5d8a54db7749d6371ad772857e01a59f69e9f430Andreas Tolfsen — Bug 1405018 - Consider current browsing context on staleness check. r=whimboo
e287f4cad6d4b3a3584b26526b6fa2018875efd5Andreas Tolfsen — Bug 1405018 - Add support helper for generating inline <iframe> elements. r=whimboo
fdcd4aa54eae1f7d699a12ff441c9e2ebaf99d76Andreas Tolfsen — Bug 1405018 - Move Get Active Element test to the tests directory. r=maja_zf
9a13140630882d966dc1e41f23d6540d54afcc6aAndreas Tolfsen — Bug 1405325 - Align WebDriver:DeleteCookie with specification. r=maja_zf, a=test-only
bd809f9f27e00566e114900b6d057f87733b352aAndreas Tolfsen — Bug 1405325 - Correct HTTPWireProtocol#send documentation. r=maja_zf
d06884758cb64b0226a0811fda273ff41f35ae51Andreas Tolfsen — Bug 1405325 - Assign actual response to variable. r=maja_zf
b817f99334fa42aa949d0c2da4a76bafb881dd4dAndreas Tolfsen — Bug 1405325 - Use HTTPWireProtocol#url to build full URL. r=maja_zf
62b8da6295535e65dac66b18d7654cc4a014c261Andreas Tolfsen — Bug 1405325 - Fix webdriver.transport.HTTPWireProtocol#url. r=maja_zf
b15dc7b3b413bcaeb27322688d552aa2f7d93ea8Andreas Tolfsen — Bug 1405325 - Rename wdspec cookies test to match command name. r=maja_zf
7e991d4124cd3c10d3b8d87d55eeed8d1b4e522fRail Aliiev — Bug 1402015 - Submit re-compressed MAR metadata to Balrog r=sfraser a=release
4c2e84704183f3c2c7d8f5d69d20d587ff3fb66cRail Aliiev — Bug 1407279 - Docker image changes on mozilla-beta result in failed decision tasks, Backed out changeset 83fdd1638d8e. r=dustin, a=ritu
fc014302c515e1900b5f6cef82f190e30b3e7534Benjamin Bouvier — Bug 1406897 - Use JitFrameIter::operator++ in OnlyJSJitFrameIter::settle. r=luke, a=ritu
6fcfa157e5b834d167abaf8c7a695bbf3ed16adfHonza Bambas — Bug 1401538 - Drop mTimerScheduledAt at RequestContext::CancelTailedRequest when tail queue is empty. r=kershaw, a=ritu
65861c4a6ba487c1c4e8206c4c67ccb6f3037699Emilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1407092 - style: Fix ex computation with more than one operand. r=jdm, a=ritu
10ac938d97d5175ed0bc130aeae4a2158bcd5f70Jing-wei Wu — Bug 1406338 - Part 2: Show favicons in tabs tray page. r=nechen, a=ritu
cfafb2da1e661170ef34550e237ebaf98cb23f00Jing-wei Wu — Bug 1406338 - Part 1: Support applying specific text size while creating a favicon. r=nechen, a=ritu
b50526883dd5eeff65e11337c7af100ecd7caf6aGijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1405781 - Don't constrain the width of the overflow panel in customize mode to avoid the scrollbar being placed outside it. r=mikedeboer, a=ritu
613890f7fb2f3de95d55d768f3fe3efa797373a7Ursula Sarracini — Bug 1400562 - BackgroundPageThumbs.captureIfMissing leaks when hidden capturing_disabled pref is true. r=Mardak, a=ritu
5118e4f0839cdd2586874ee3eaf56a15618c1575Jan Henning — Bug 1400023 - Switch logins handling to use "display" URIs. r=MattN, a=ritu
d724d34784dacc9505cfd46a5e906b075d789c9bJing-wei Wu — Bug 1406874 - Show a color indicator for the selected tab strip on tablet. r=nechen, a=ritu
b619b2660aa85fe3fbab1c73b2087eac3cf5207eJing-wei Wu — Bug 1406828 - Update back/forward icons for RTL on tablet. r=nechen, a=ritu
98a72bed57b730ae8d79d151666deafa4e3caa53Jean-Yves Avenard — Bug 1405110 - Part 2: Never attempts to upload to D3D11 surface in parent process. r=mattwoodrow, a=ritu
d0b15c72dfcd7139763f1a6637416153e5028db9Jean-Yves Avenard — Bug 1405110 - Part 1: Lock device when allocating D3D11 surface. r=mattwoodrow, a=ritu
c609f1155d1633d0a9540fad22e6abec3fe59278Mike de Boer — Bug 1403466 - Don't set a max-height on panelviews used by WebExtensions, because it causes browser contents to be cut-off. r=Gijs, a=ritu
250948dc4a6bd4316f128c089ba43abf3d1e87bfMike de Boer — Bug 1397989 - Make sure to only set non-empty values as the content-type of a document in the remote browser binding. r=mconley, a=ritu
0c7a2975f0a63bb2826b6b556c7bdfc345fddcafsole — Bug 1391738 - Screenshot with filename fails with unknown error in Linux. r=jwalker, a=ritu
361361c9a042452fdad9c4dbe0343d3d8d7f2065Honza Bambas — Bug 1405199 - Update result principal URI on the new channel when nsBaseChannel redirects. r=bz, a=ritu
8278598e288cd21d10106e4b7535974b6c0df11eMarina Samuel — Bug 1406087 - All PingCentre pings should go to production by default. r=ursula, a=ritu
f9a13d4d62b64b82555300447695c33036856defJing-wei Wu — Bug 1405954 - Part 3: Change placeholder colors on URL bar. r=nechen, a=ritu
81f073b87c2a702d38305bfef0d3161e0048a82aJing-wei Wu — Bug 1405954 - Part 2: Change status bar background color to #F9F9FA. r=nechen, a=ritu
c3e64c4579b503e68b63ff6205ae6da60987d6bcJing-wei Wu — Bug 1405954 - Part 1: Increase progress bar height from 2dp to 3dp. r=nechen, a=ritu
d055ef797ede4146175553810e4630031d2254ceMark Banner — Bug 1404126 - Upgrade Follow-on search add-on to 0.9.5. r=past, a=ritu
469b8b2974ebdf05d58ab8589fa8107e8f2bee7fThomas Nguyen — Bug 1356854 - Check mFD is not null before PR_Write. r=mcmanus, a=ritu
7185be26d0db4223860238d50600cffb9e1f2c00Nihanth Subramanya — Bug 1407021 - Ensure in-content button font-size is not overridden by widget styling (e.g. in forms.css). r=johannh, a=ritu
9ea0df8dba2b238113abe30d7522358748a4c1f4Grigory Kruglov — Bug 1401318 - Fix some of the 'shared-state' access problems around Account. r=nalexander, a=ritu
a4dfb0e4ad97ec2f9b535f8232b063a9f151eaa4James Cheng — Bug 1365894 - Make SystemGroupImpl be a normal ref-counted object. r=ehsan, a=ritu
238145ba52b8a392edfc0d0c20d121ca1b2e1420Jon Coppeard — Bug 1400003 - Mark Heap<T> and barrier classes as MOZ_NON_MEMMOVABLE. r=sfink, r=froydnj, a=lizzard
1fa3a14b4612da51cf645cc521c74afc03b96560Henri Sivonen — Bug 1405568 - Return false from nsHtml5String::LowerCaseStartsWithASCII when this string is shorter than the literal. r=smaug, a=ritu
614027e7d4e3ee97eaaaeccc9b46ca9cf048007bJames Teh — Bug 1405065 - Implement accNavigate in Windows a11y LazyInstantiator. r=MarcoZ, a=ritu
c0121c274860c83b7b674e804fd0e80234c7db37L10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Firefox l10n changesets DONTBUILD r=release a=l10n-bump
d9f38ffcbcc8499ff3fd0ee66582594602d62a19L10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Fennec l10n changesets DONTBUILD r=release a=l10n-bump
2220c5f79afbc969f367d3082eb009c7ec8f8687Dale Harvey — Bug 1402290 - Update notification alignment. r=dao, a=ritu
029958b424815e19434006ddecfefe68fd3a78b5Dale Harvey — Bug 1394248 - Update plugins icon. r=dao, a=ritu
ff2d35ad0649e8d3be8fbddd88df1ff36dbacb35Nathan Froyd — Bug 1406474 - Provide gfxUserFontSet::Entry with a move constructor. r=heycam, a=ritu
f8a4d5043ad77d124892493fbbf31af8f1b7dd42Emilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1405543 - style: use the XBL styleset quirks mode to match XBL rules. r=heycam, a=ritu
76296f08f28382a5d2197af3684549166318281dXidorn Quan — Bug 1406562 - Return first continuation for parent of first-letter in ExpectedOwnerForChild. r=emilio, a=ritu
4dea9389c27bfc64707d975cefe3d0cc87fe9a9eIan Bicking — Bug 1406526 - Import Screenshots translations. r=_6a68, a=ritu
09655131b7e85f3aafd0b66efa3683f47e3b466fShane Caraveo — Bug 1406229 - Fix autocomplete crash in panels when window is closed during event. r=mak, a=ritu
bbda3799f0c8bd4b0665c10b5765dd7c457a5adaIan Moody — Bug 1404568 - Use the correct browser_action theme icons when the action is in a menu-panel. r=mixedpuppy, a=ritu
99d96c2d86364a69b9e70f510563580a1b1da2a4Ian Moody — Bug 1404568 - Improve webext browser_action icon fallbacks. r=mixedpuppy, a=ritu
63c9ad5b7e93b1dbb069cfc0f18587ece24bf474Mike de Boer — Bug 1402126 - Change the icon size of Download items in the Library's Downloads panel view to 32px. r=Gijs, a=ritu
da0c1e20a0cc7b310dfbcf967192ffc7b0b43812Mike de Boer — Bug 1387808 - Don't ever fixate the width and height of the main view, but leave it flexible. r=Gijs, a=ritu
3f5cdc290da42251994762e26fd4a2dee7a95fbfUrsula Sarracini — Bug 1400326 - Preparing existing about:home for 57 if we decide not to ship activity stream on it. r=k88hudson, r=Mardak, a=ritu
642dfa9cfbfedabeb100f84820f2429d30637e3eJing-wei Wu — Bug 1403596 - Adjust menu buttons position on tabs panel. r=nechen, a=ritu
465b880a2af90160c53b5c532992b05e74382f3aJonathan Watt — Bug 1405692 - Make sure mAnimatedGeometryRoot is initialized to nullptr in the rarely used nsDisplayItem ctor that takes an nsIFrame*. r=mattwoodrow, a=ritu
dcaaba0bd014d430b63a2cd79cc7c926b8f35db6Kit Cambridge — Bug 1405566 - Clamp future and far past synced history visit dates. r=markh, a=ritu
142a0743821ce1aba3aa0ecf3e3de3f16b614691Sylvestre Ledru — Bug 1406845 - AddMesaSysfsPaths: Resource leak on dir. r=gcp, a=ritu
a6373996bfa6c22cbf5a7895cf35cd036f4c9ea1Jed Davis — Bug 1406233 - Include sys/sysmacros.h for major()/minor() macros in Linux sandbox broker. r=gcp, a=ritu
fad5c108c84a9af12b9126101bdbe2772bdc59aaJed Davis — Bug 1401666 - Adjust sandbox policy to allow Mesa 12 to use libudev for device identification. r=gcp, a=ritu
5a16f28245b01b4483311578572adfc8eca9efe2Matt Howell — Bug 1405438 - Make sure the stub installer exit code is initialized before the user can exit it. r=agashlin, a=ritu
3ff5988c85fb0e30a73e2a2dcbfd8c57fad9b4ceKris Maglione — Bug 1403369 - Correctly handle content-side errors in tabs.executeScript(). r=zombie, a=ritu
76ace2631acc7cb8e12a449089235be1c10f0831Stone Shih — Bug 1375146 - Revise sending drag event. r=smaug, a=ritu
0893b7f1f14a830395dad12d2f0b5136589289f7David Keeler — Bug 1369561 - Address misc. SnprintfLiteral correctness nits. r=jld, r=froydnj, a=ritu
42c1b2dc8bac015e691fb2e17c95f60f6cb144aaJoel Maher — Bug 1396803 - Disable TestNoTabbarSessionRestoreButton.test_pref_off_button_does_not_show on osx for frequent failures. r=me, a=test-only
5efe45ee1b0a3eb83a52982aaf9f10f84e0ea9a9Joel Maher — Bug 1401090 - Disable test_FrameSelection.html,test_HaveMetadataUnbufferedSeek.html,test_EndedEvent.html on android for frequent failures. r=me, a=test-only
a0b348c406e497cebc42be847445711b6a4322c6Yura Zenevich — Bug 1388256 - Improving stability of name caching test. r=eeejay, a=test-only
5ce1a536ea4d0e14bdd194d4dc3d2c8cf33aec3bEdouard Oger — Bug 1398491 - Use SpecialPowers.pushPermissions instead of Services.perms.add in browser_notification_open_settings.js. r=MattN, a=test-only
38e9b861e872448bca29ee7d3520c5d6ba9d4ffcChris AtLee — Bug 1356240 - Run win7 reftest-gpu jobs on TC. r=RyanVM, a=test-only
973f61d8b175a1aa0109d4a6f1a3b3a75a3fc782Sebastian Hengst — Bug 1407437 - disable for perma failing for reasons outside of the tree. r=me, a=test-only
30b04fbce7769bd9df19402755d2dfb14ce757fcJoel Maher — Bug 1407437 - disable TestSecurity.test_get_address_from_certificate for perma failing for reasons outside of the tree. r=me, a=test-only
043c28a50ea4a7d68c6e8b49a54eda33559cc245Joel Maher — Bug 1407437 - disable TestSecurity.test_get_address_from_certificate on windows for perma failing for reasons outside of the tree. r=me, a=test-only
0aac8b210514c48af1ca90957d6a2216407b66baDale Harvey — Bug 1407007 - Fix RTL alignment of search icon. r=dao a=ritu
8874107036534d1cf5e3a04b7eafd678dc610337Dale Harvey — Bug 1406353 - Give autocomplete panel extra margin. r=dao
cdbd605ca994f0becfd8105468fdfd4233b77dbfDão Gottwald — Bug 1403734 - Set border radius for customize mode footer buttons. r=Gijs
22a065a6a5fe7f01fdda155e74969d85ac0fa6bcDão Gottwald — Bug 1406478 - Reintroduce browser.tabs.tabMinWidth hidden pref and set it to 76. r=jaws
b8bd3c282f179ea97261ba343639666ae9a67c48L10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Firefox l10n changesets DONTBUILD r=release a=l10n-bump
e5681fd0fc04e85c6eb82c3594fc6522605d9d6cL10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Fennec l10n changesets DONTBUILD r=release a=l10n-bump
6e0c776983c1c12c2b792fde5d6857f50829bd43L10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Firefox l10n changesets DONTBUILD r=release a=l10n-bump
2e41d11481a0764c4575730caa7fac32d52cef0bL10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Fennec l10n changesets DONTBUILD r=release a=l10n-bump
540baf1d99e0e646fce7206cd888c2387c1d26e5L10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Firefox l10n changesets DONTBUILD r=release a=l10n-bump
ed3ba56c8f11e626439d374aafbccffb39b82ddcL10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Fennec l10n changesets DONTBUILD r=release a=l10n-bump
ed53ec40faf53fe22e65df3fc47135cdbb1ae030ffxbld — No bug - Tagging b92b69f3503e71ea7a7184f3f56526aafa57d999 with FENNEC_57_0b7_BUILD1, FENNEC_57_0b7_RELEASE a=release CLOSED TREE
678f34ce1b2fb32b6a077f70c57769e08f3225e9Tooru Fujisawa — Bug 1394530 - Stop using optimized path for non PromiseObject. r=till, a=sledru
e1004148e064704121a5b9d3fc78cf89eb3c4520Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1405878 - Make sure to notify for our kids, if needed, before calling DoneAddingChildren in the XML content sink. r=hsivonen, a=sledru
d32fe6bfb80fe2fe9199b5b5c799472ecd81cf73Jamie Nicol — Bug 1395138 - Hold reference to layers in ContainerLayerComposite::mPrepared. r=mattwoodrow, a=sledru
47964993f1d0073d9ed23ea8d8f07e1e67bd0bc1Brian Stack — Bug 1406734 - Set TASKCLUSTER_CACHES on action tasks. r=dustin, a=test-only
7b0cf325bfb44acd8abc3fb2c05c257b3fa00d76Liang-Heng Chen — Bug 1405496 - Remove unnecessary assertion. r=bagder, a=debug-only
f906462b31279a4ef232d2b938fcce4aef96ae9bL10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Firefox l10n changesets DONTBUILD r=release a=l10n-bump
86c70e1302a8246b8d82d87199a7d5b5ba621f82Rail Aliiev — Backed out changeset 3a4a48bb3a22, Bug 1402015 - missing taskcluster bits to detect docker image changes
26e5b4f6b584f7e88990577cf35edf5cd2007e46Rail Aliiev — Bug 1336514 - Publish jsshell-*.zip as part of release r=nthomas a=release
3a4a48bb3a22cbb25899fb140d3d90b38fa0c0d3Rail Aliiev — Bug 1402015 - Submit re-compressed MAR metadata to Balrog r=sfraser a=release
c28a087b997e510d7ba3bde64eef4128ff4e11f8L10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Firefox l10n changesets DONTBUILD r=release a=l10n-bump
58016211408b4421d9958bdbe2012854e2b1a3edffxbld — No bug - Tagging b92b69f3503e71ea7a7184f3f56526aafa57d999 with FIREFOX_57_0b7_BUILD1, FIREFOX_57_0b7_RELEASE a=release CLOSED TREE
7ea23f72f1381cbc5ddf053077f8022336406d9fffxbld — Automatic version bump. CLOSED TREE NO BUG a=release
d88cd1a9f80611636ded817b3682dd04e838de6cBlake Kaplan — Bug 1405960 - Force e10s-multi off in a cross-branch way. r=mconley, a=sledru
e4b97f8d4fdc5d277ebdc5385d2899863b5271d6L10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Firefox l10n changesets DONTBUILD r=release a=l10n-bump
466c45d023d27aa0f40d3c92759a59919e16a4efL10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Fennec l10n changesets DONTBUILD r=release a=l10n-bump
230f50e94609c8a59e1e4458f22fdb90fbb2ac6eL10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Firefox l10n changesets DONTBUILD r=release a=l10n-bump
d8f98fdf242db8b8769343d79f3b5e8bf2181affL10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Fennec l10n changesets DONTBUILD r=release a=l10n-bump
b92b69f3503e71ea7a7184f3f56526aafa57d999Joel Maher — Bug 1243263 - Disable browser_notification_tab_switching.js for frequency failures. r=me, a=test-only DEVEDITION_57_0b7_RELEASE FENNEC_57_0b7_BUILD1 FENNEC_57_0b7_RELEASE FIREFOX_57_0b7_BUILD1 FIREFOX_57_0b7_RELEASE
19123c83cb42c8ba89f2f595409a431c181100daJared Wein — Bug 1406770 - Allow dropping tabs on to the Bookmarks Toolbar Item if it is located in the nav-bar. r=Gijs, a=ritu
b71429f5363a2217f2ad8d1f91d1578d3bee7f29Dragana Damjanovic — Bug 1400554 - Cancel a time in TLSFilterTransaction if transaction is canceled. r=mcmanus, a=ritu
b0466dd6b31a763431e7df6b0ba518eadb3a678bStephen A Pohl — Bug 1403432 - Show window titles when the inspector is launched in windowed mode. r=mstange, a=ritu
4533abfd5e9ce15c654e90f66a1e650959fa2a80Dão Gottwald — Bug 1406620 - Set fill-opacity for bookmarks tree icons. r=mak, a=ritu
7d76e5af1c2bc3063effab792ad9c9b095789b4dSam Foster — Bug 1406401 - Dragging toolbar separators shouldnt move the window. r=dao, a=ritu
dcc4e8d773a4136adbeb3ee1939b3b536125f325Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1406222 - Tests. r=heycam, a=ritu
f10c0a18896ebefe86217b7c333a0bfbbd3bee08Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1406222 - servo: Don't assume that inputs to compute_style_with_inputs have any rules. r=heycam, a=ritu
5764aced3a40d3049e08fad8f62bbf331a1d6f28Marco Bonardo — Bug 1402555 - Deleting history from urlbar completion list doesn't work. r=adw, a=ritu
74c5d77fcf9d7072319f0e849481f99195c62fb0Sam Foster — Bug 1400831 - Use a shorter tab-drop-indicator image to fit both default and compact themes, and move its box-align to CSS. r=dao, a=ritu
65d71d7a20bdb469d1f7b1867233451b6cc98291Scott Wu — Bug 1401876 - Part 2: Add browser-chrome test for reopening picker. r=mconley, a=ritu
83232ecf718cf3e9eae3bb2f814519d61d12bbc0Scott Wu — Bug 1401876 - Part 1: Close datetime picker on popuphidden. r=mconley, a=ritu
c4235f5a700c0aebf3598f217faa8687d4c38740Marco Bonardo — Bug 1366420. r=standard8, a=ritu
c953cae869d808bffeece84967fa02581cd3e3eeKris Maglione — Bug 1404741 - Don't call mozJSComponentLoader::CompilationScope during URLPreloader critical section. r=mccr8, a=ritu
4499acb9b54b7112f9942d3f6f6d3d9b29a67ac9Dale Harvey — Bug 1403359 - Switch search bar to photon icon. r=dao, a=ritu
b95ce26e04125e59009f07d498e688729c9fed62Manish Goregaokar — Bug 1404057 - stylo: Add reftest for ensuring lang is not reset by the `all` shorthand. r=xidorn, a=ritu
d6cb9fa359e571e7aa578b1f5a06fa96ecb4ae95Manish Goregaokar — Bug 1404057 - stylo: Add crashtest for text-zoom being reenabled within svg:text. r=xidorn, a=ritu
ad8fe782efece49bc5cfb1437165b0c333ac4321Manish Goregaokar — Bug 1404057 - stylo: `all` shorthand should not apply to internal properties. r=xidorn, a=ritu
b4eb5da347e5d1b1b67442f22070151c734e33c7Prathiksha — Bug 1368460 - Update urlbar in chromeless popups to match Photon style. r=dao, a=ritu
48052fefc77e7a0b21af1ca87c4f9298e966e9f0Chris Coulson — Bug 1405267 - Don't stub gdk_window_get_window_type in mozgtk2. r=karlt, a=ritu
0e67208dfe247daf1f03ce4e4e0f17f59e0f04d4Henri Kemppainen — Bug 1404716 - Hide GCLI in DOM fullscreen mode. r=Gijs, r=pbrosset, a=ritu
a29bc48fe4172c3ef572a094d6ba83d4b7f7de54Yura Zenevich — Bug 1403867 - Clean up indicator selector rules. r=dao, a=ritu
120189e6b8b19df5c508e0e375e68e4e87c4b8e6Yura Zenevich — Bug 1403867 - Fix positioning of indicators when menubar persists. r=johannh, a=ritu
fd75995c4d2b684df91afe3b126859d1334a0b1cJames Willcox — Bug 1402461 - Improve user input detection for focus changes in Fennec. r=jchen, a=ritu
949af313a041a9a4a855c3808be03e77de62be1cScott Wu — Bug 1397114 - Disable smooth scrolling when value changes come from input box. r=mconley, a=ritu
fe33835ad5f977397248d3aea03572b183799886Dan Glastonbury — Bug 1399978 - Port cubeb_pulse.c fix for startup assert. r=kinetik, a=ritu
6e9d76fd9afae2fdcdad952913d8da08bf87e781L10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Firefox l10n changesets DONTBUILD r=release a=l10n-bump
b9e89e842081ae083a6583a518b1730611d1ac90Jan de Mooij — Bug 1347984 - Check for dead object proxies in TriggerPromiseReactions. r=till, a=ritu
7f3c0f8c3973662cfb47b8e762e4094cae405c1cEd Lee — Bug 1406120 - Remove fade delay for about:home. r=k88hudson, a=ritu
3fecc15c4d2901ce619de5468dac32b3c10f256eEd Lee — Bug 1406096 - Fix flash of untranslated content on Activity Stream search bar. r=k88hudson, a=ritu
6081f387494bc6e1a902cbeb8d202c80e0749fa2Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1405720 - Ensure only 1 theme is ever shown as selected in customize mode. r=jaws, r=johannh, a=ritu
81ac511f7ff47d2ff75dd68ad967086414db8e3eEmilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1405635 - Test that custom content doesn't inherit from the root element. r=bholley, a=ritu
39cdbeea096e47dfa67f60434bf33ca5c22452f2Emilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1405635 - style: Use the flattened tree parent to find the closest non-nac ancestor of an element. r=bzbarsky, a=ritu
55322dd4aa31c646f6d85be14f1e73692bad9225Dão Gottwald — Bug 1399500 - Light and Dark themes should use the same toolbar borders as the default theme. r=johannh, a=ritu
5a9fd7c02662defd7104381efb2c321908215ca9Nevin Chen — Bug 1389343 - Make default background grey so it can occupied the entire favicon. r=jwu, a=ritu
8eb38d9ed82c6d6fee159fa4de01de5f6923135aPrathiksha — Bug 1388107 - Support unknown capability values in the sitePermissions.xul dialog. r=johannh, a=ritu
14dabb8eeb17c280a827143521ffbcca21328d73Stephen Horlander — Bug 1406276 - Update Folder Icon to fix some overlapping areas. r=jhofmann, a=ritu
8193fe6b6fdbf775f59f07bb5b47a104b5c0c426Lars T Hansen — Bug 1404760 - wasm baseline, disable branch optimization for int64 on x86 to avoid register starvation. r=bbouvier, a=ritu
fce8e9263a0116456ba6f0b9a7b66b4b7ff8801dAaron Klotz — Bug 1383501 - Do not crash when TabParent::RecvPDocAccessibleConstructor receives a null COM proxy sent to the parent process. r=jimm, a=ritu
d40416856dd2cf8b87a2191c81a5c70cba0fc301Mike Conley — Bug 1399068 - Send the context menu target node up to the parent as an explicit CPOW to fix login selection. r=Felipe, a=ritu
d6473a55aa1e8b3910321f5793043b4570f308f9Towkir Ahmed — Bug 1403851 - Fixed fill and fill-opacity of Bookmark toolbar icons. r=johannh, a=ritu
84e078bb2ba3e4c0eb924123cb155b3009fe0bdfKris Maglione — Bug 1403348 - Include details about AsyncShutdown failure in crash reason. r=baku, data-r=rweiss, a=ritu
487b6f758af6d9ca4827a9efff463bb6bdc2d4aeJared Hirsch — Bug 1405166 - Update occurrences of system-disabled pref outside screenshots system addon. r=kmag, a=ritu
96eb7bfcdaf849394a11e6477dddf36c52674f5cJared Hirsch — Bug 1405166 - Remove system-disabled pref from Screenshots. r=kmag, a=ritu
96e446025dc6b9e01520d63889d94e5cfebca795Jared Wein — Bug 1404495 - Back out changeset 3e7cd55f6cb9 to go back to different colors for connecting and loading on unselected tabs. r=Gijs, a=ritu
781a9f653d279753f4ac046f468b51f662509571Nevin Chen(:nechen) — Bug 1403728 - Remove unwanted padding. r=jwu, a=ritu
569e325d3ee192000bc5a8f6aea2c124b46e069aNevin Chen(:nechen) — Bug 1403132 - Orange color when tapping Get started button. r=jwu, a=ritu
70802f5afa5d24faa166b9f0928bfb2056558b80cku — Bug 1351190 - Revert the change we made in this bug, since it causes a crash in bug 1404681. r=me, a=ritu
20791ee82ff80e5990eb99def68b9314c61f332eL10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Firefox l10n changesets DONTBUILD r=release a=l10n-bump
a8113d4a1bb2c9adb5500ce5c8abd24e37e6be2bL10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Fennec l10n changesets DONTBUILD r=release a=l10n-bump
b938d2eb9dc9503cc21ba58d3d3db53a45f93c30Michael Kaply — Bug 1369778 - Reset search expiration on major updates. r=florian, a=ritu
3e7dd28c38831424011d7d502ff1ae7c53d4e36fFischer.json — Bug 1403402 - Should not migrate profile for a fresh install. r=MattN, a=ritu
2fb7c7c67528909622b11f6464b1d3302dac759bRobert Helmer — Bug 1348981 - Only load system add-ons from a built-in list. r=kmag, a=ritu
d5cae1307bad04045e3c33be24fba83d44b7d6d0Robert Helmer — Bug 1348981 - Provide method to re-initialize URLPreloader for xpcshell tests. r=kmag, a=ritu
b2eaa8be6e89a030e71337e5cec393d5437020dbRobert Helmer — Bug 1348981 - Add Cu.readURI helper for sync file reading on startup. r=kmag, a=ritu
1676af93bba8d5c8b6c02cd4917728b9a86309cbRobert Helmer — Bug 1348981 - Provide a list of valid system add-ons for packaging. r=glandium, a=ritu
25fd3441407d9b9246f11ac854007fb17f0ffce6cku — Bug 1343147 - Part 2. A crash test of painting elements with both perspective and transform in generate text mask for background-clip:text. r=mstange, a=ritu
2374254401686aca9372ee4bac6a746bcd7b5aedcku — Bug 1343147 - Part 1. Do not double applying transform vector of the root frame in a glyph mask into the target context. r=mstange, a=ritu
cff708b944d7ca498ec9396dae7578fa7f32194aMasayuki Nakano — Bug 1404206 - Part 3: Make GeckoInputConnection handle "mozAwesomebar" inputmode value as "url". r=jchen, r=gijs, a=ritu
5fc420351a7dfcad2900bb7f0fa3a8d035ebe261Masayuki Nakano — Bug 1404206 - Part 2: Make TSFTextStore and IMEHandler handle "mozAwesomebar" inputmode value. r=m_kato, r=gijs, a=ritu
9d9b14f8ad09e838fb8125f68d29fd7e4a9a7328Masayuki Nakano — Bug 1404206 - Part 1: Smart Location Bar should have special inputmode value, mozAwesomebar. r=smaug, r=gijs, a=ritu
98c8f403b3acf2734a8ef0794d28c1c9fcd98ef0Marco Bonardo — Bug 1356758 - Intermittent timeouts in browser_UsageTelemetry_urlbar.js. r=adw, a=test-only
401be6f5bdd47cf2928b5b98ae2515d79c5fc021Emilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1404324 - Use the placeholder state to remove out-of-flows that aren't real descendants of the destruction root. r=bz, a=ritu
870135d74339a6823e1362946e42c56bf6786aa2Tom Schuster — Bug 1403723 - Correct metadata when using management.get. r=mixedpuppy, a=ritu
a72ed9da48bbec1d1a4a7e9520386592016797caJ. Ryan Stinnett — Bug 1404088 - Hide RDM temporary tabs from WebExtensions. r=ochameau, a=ritu
6ceb9d42126963facdbde774179ef497a1cef268J. Ryan Stinnett — Bug 1404088 - Add gBrowser to the browser property list. r=ochameau, a=ritu
0c65042c46147a5197fd27290f4871eb38853264J. Ryan Stinnett — Bug 1404088 - Standardize RDM's exposed browser properties. r=ochameau, a=ritu
b2fab82b2d7715e46e9f1b57ad77294e074f3eefBrad Werth — Bug 1403699 - Unify ServoBindings synchronization primitives into a single RWLock. r=bholley, a=ritu
dd7ca7fe5c939aa7d87711e958ee4493f5e56383Ian Bicking — Bug 1403661 - Stop Screenshots in Private Browsing. r=kmag, a=ritu
879c63b668994021d1f2654c8be35a146298900eKris Maglione — Bug 1389784 - Recover gracefully when we fail to create a tab browser. r=mystor, a=ritu
9986e0e0ef6c1c0a4a95d9b034277738d5d5467dGijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1405643 - Ensure items don't spill out of the panel on small window sizes in customize mode. r=mikedeboer, a=ritu
90069fb227e2d99014b3985eaf3ec97734d1ac4eGijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1402929 - Try to make overflow panel in customize mode easier to understand. r=mikedeboer, a=ritu
0c646153b6a4c3d56386d5ad2a3df5bff640f5deJulian Seward — Bug 1400754 - stylo: crash on Win64 Asan build. r=manishearth, r=dmajor, a=ritu
f739353568eb7ac682468dae707e98dc4d887835Joel Maher — Bug 1398518 - Disable toolkit/components/extensions/test/mochitest/test_ext_notifications.html for high frequency failures. r=gbrown, a=test-only
6229f92f5dc9540b01e36a9fb8d1bbf9995e9fd8L10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Firefox l10n changesets DONTBUILD r=release a=l10n-bump
424c0dba9a8d8b5a96f329c462a8c748a4ae4667L10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Fennec l10n changesets DONTBUILD r=release a=l10n-bump
177d582a022dcecf8efecd4cf3fff54abbdb9616L10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Firefox l10n changesets DONTBUILD r=release a=l10n-bump
a966c8d13cd38289bb7e1e27b3b2b97dc5b3a4cdL10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Fennec l10n changesets DONTBUILD r=release a=l10n-bump
69538680b6db6ba39e92c777d3ab0e7a7233e348L10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Firefox l10n changesets DONTBUILD r=release a=l10n-bump
747439ff40f825c9cbb47ddc332ea35283874825L10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Fennec l10n changesets DONTBUILD r=release a=l10n-bump
e2b1ae43a46273f3cc641a5ea3401c9370c83cebL10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Firefox l10n changesets DONTBUILD r=release a=l10n-bump
6f91be4b69515116c463a8d4d5fc4de75604ce96L10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Fennec l10n changesets DONTBUILD r=release a=l10n-bump
9accccb09caddded0c399a75169efba551a7979fL10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Firefox l10n changesets DONTBUILD r=release a=l10n-bump
f9aad07762e44785e43502e7ae9923073caac26cL10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Fennec l10n changesets DONTBUILD r=release a=l10n-bump
4afe29e2aa78852bf3b3fbf2d4e310f4d3be767cL10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Firefox l10n changesets DONTBUILD r=release a=l10n-bump
f29d54a2c4a6ee9d47fc8f730795a4a998960507L10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Fennec l10n changesets DONTBUILD r=release a=l10n-bump
6c41354d9fa7d317845d70befa8bab88fc9a235dL10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Firefox l10n changesets DONTBUILD r=release a=l10n-bump
7a2a6f27fb5ba8bc72a9ea3c8ef8556bb5beebb7L10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Fennec l10n changesets DONTBUILD r=release a=l10n-bump
9802ea8f6220173617b75cb0ab740f1e1f88f8adHenrik Skupin — Bug 1406150 - Always throw exceptions by using 'new'. r=maja_zf, a=test-only
21e3f04ae989fd57b7a4acfa948e8587784dcf4bAndrew Halberstadt — Bug 1324961 - [reftest] Process stdout/stderr separately on Windows. r=gbrown, a=test-only
ca2f2ff689cc282c77f3a5d7f9725be7273519e2Alexander Surkov — Bug 1402951 - No show events for content on document load complete. r=aklotz, r=yzen, a=ritu
4566eb0d57603d7958c28baf70a2b48bd65620c1L10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Firefox l10n changesets DONTBUILD r=release a=l10n-bump
0f442072a8e63a23061da674a39876e9ce5ddcb5L10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Fennec l10n changesets DONTBUILD r=release a=l10n-bump
0f529f5390a6acc07192c412ccda05c0e9ff1149L10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Firefox l10n changesets DONTBUILD r=release a=l10n-bump
f947085fb18f6cebc7f03d11aa4daeb6fdfd2d6bL10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Fennec l10n changesets DONTBUILD r=release a=l10n-bump
ff87ed663cd3068e5af93d6ec8ee33c6434db055L10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Firefox l10n changesets DONTBUILD r=release a=l10n-bump
d98337a49252405f343b70ce711dd51ead41c058L10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Fennec l10n changesets DONTBUILD r=release a=l10n-bump
c5e550fbf12843a9189e5f6708f384d4133d6161ffxbld — No bug - Tagging 178de8c0b3e4c48cf86d7dbf7dfe047002d2346d with FIREFOX_57_0b6_BUILD1, FIREFOX_57_0b6_RELEASE a=release CLOSED TREE
ce1a0bbd388a6ce0d52d932e1a76a3db880cd322ffxbld — Automatic version bump. CLOSED TREE NO BUG a=release
f37d459fea2a3a60e0015ac14a671052f53645c1L10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Firefox l10n changesets DONTBUILD r=release a=l10n-bump
04433f8ef704571b709bc8e392f437a442b7943fL10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Fennec l10n changesets DONTBUILD r=release a=l10n-bump
178de8c0b3e4c48cf86d7dbf7dfe047002d2346dRicky Chien — Bug 1405624 - Add opacity to Preferences seach result tooltip. r=jaws, a=ritu DEVEDITION_57_0b6_RELEASE FIREFOX_57_0b6_BUILD1 FIREFOX_57_0b6_RELEASE
ffec6c4d27f15682ca547071c77f7e14ed811fcfJared Wein — Bug 1405569 - Reduce critters-postcard.png to 664x664 since that is the maximum size of the preferences container. r=mconley, a=ritu
f644bfb71ba602b3e448f624a3734456140dfb88Dão Gottwald — Bug 1404816 - Get rid of gear.svg in favor of settings.svg. r=adw, a=ritu
0e57db7575cb503d71aad4039e631882c3aab179Nevin Chen — Bug 1405287 - Change splash screen image. r=jwu, a=ritu
0bb44cd291e1cacac6c4db908e2751fc67efbe41Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1370791 - Use CUI listener and an attribute to toggle hiding/showing the new tab button. r=jaws, a=ritu
a820e59b932ae14191db2fe05936bbfbf2a45062Tim Taubert — Bug 1404556 - Support libc::ioctl() call on musl libc. a=ritu
5acadbb892b070232689073688086c5bf36a03bbGijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1404263 - Update the bookmarks toolbar item in the bookmarking tools subview when it is shown. r=mikedeboer, a=ritu
657033ffe651d9885c5004ef3aa0d4f906b526ffEvan Tseng — Bug 1397737 - Show a "…" ellipsis if the width of search tooltip is over 150px to match visual design spec. r=mconley, a=ritu
aba6afa7f1dc90f0bfcd9948f910c311eccb7d48Ian Bicking — Bug 1403665 - Remove " and ? from filenames. r=kmag, a=ritu
e35fe9985d659d365ae32e0a19a8ac40a351badbJing-wei Wu — Bug 1402882 - Update firstrun welcome image for nightly/beta/release. r=nechen, a=ritu
27d586cdc7264a5c9397766b5a630b5f84a41e41Evan Tseng — Bug 1379210 - Add a space between the trackingProtectionPBM checkbox and the learn more link. r=mconley, r=rickychien, a=ritu
1552f4dc444a8dfb49ee8fc9c1ef536a5f029fa6Louis Chang — Bug 1400050 - Part 2: Add test case for testing clamping issue of checkbox/radio. r=mats, a=ritu
ad08a0e40c6713d9ef354694fc0d1c1d055b82b5Louis Chang — Bug 1400050 - Part 1: Clamp the width/height of checkbox/radio to the smaller one and then center it on Android. r=mats, a=ritu
d741fd67c45ef7c4ec41d1c6a43995ffb0c627b3Johann Hofmann — Bug 1404268 - Remove top border-radius from the Windows 7 glass nav bar. r=dao, a=ritu
b7170f0744906ff767d59ef12fb5eb9528ce3d36Evan Tseng — Bug 1401868 - Unset the line-height of the menulist label to make it align to the middle of the menulist. r=mconley, a=ritu
adf452ba200a6f4ce3f80208ce5fb2da988e3fb4Mike de Boer — Bug 1395615 - Implement the "file moved or missing" check for download items in the Library Downloads subview. r=Paolo, a=ritu
2b0fdf04cfbab4f34bb76c17e2a7febe554d8489L10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Firefox l10n changesets DONTBUILD r=release a=l10n-bump
ae5156434b2d962eb871c4460502701f67b816a3L10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Fennec l10n changesets DONTBUILD r=release a=l10n-bump
c643949f4241d2b75b2b99ac45ccea361ff16453Benjamin Bouvier — Bug 1404714 - inIon() should return false when in wasm. r=nbp, a=test-only on a CLOSED TREE
c8ec00d6c623850d7c9512b5d23d2aef7961143dRyan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset d5f57ad0a0fb (bug 1404714) for bustage.
9aaa0404ca567a6bae5dd2e6c78805efe7966c2cJulien Cristau — Post Beta 5: Unset EARLY_BETA_OR_EARLIER. a=release CLOSED TREE
d5f57ad0a0fb5b362ed6abc150aa1038a1555fa5Benjamin Bouvier — Bug 1404714 - inIon() should return false when in wasm. r=nbp, a=test-only
99093bf0203f20a8be90862946acb21d3926af13Nicolas B. Pierron — Bug 1404486 - Do not flush necko cache to avoid keeping the CacheIOThread alive. r=valentin, a=test-only
e64fac470c25e535831126260eba5069c156fc8cL10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Firefox l10n changesets DONTBUILD r=release a=l10n-bump
6c3717d1d30834a528e12e3abdb612b31351b606L10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Fennec l10n changesets DONTBUILD r=release a=l10n-bump
4be4606ec497e1ecafac90a2a02e4e32f086aa89L10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Firefox l10n changesets DONTBUILD r=release a=l10n-bump
f2e4d1bb7c9b251adf3de3ade4a11656f2dc844eJulien Cristau — Bug 1397684 - Revert rev f1872f3e6e34 now that staged rollout for fennec 57 beta is complete r=jlorenzo a=release
aff9435e51e0f183a552237f6fd44f648a68e094ffxbld — No bug - Tagging 2cc69216f323ea33c977f7186b0b5668707c88f1 with FENNEC_57_0b5_BUILD1, FENNEC_57_0b5_RELEASE a=release CLOSED TREE
3a3dd3b7cfc609f10c603073cd07949a5b7b9472Manish Goregaokar — Bug 1385971 - #18712 - stylo: use FnvHashMap everywhere, remove default HashMap construction methods (from Manishearth:fnv); r=bholley,a=ritu
54d1b49d5ddf187cb180d48dd67c6d9c77759477Emilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1385971 - #18679 - style: Use PrecomputedHasher for custom properties (from emilio:precomputed-custom-props); r=manishearth,a=ritu
5ed93ab02724604be3e419c6ea6665e3908c9284L10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Firefox l10n changesets DONTBUILD r=release a=l10n-bump
741fe314f3653716f032294b3fd0e02acedfe7ffL10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Fennec l10n changesets DONTBUILD r=release a=l10n-bump
3d3e597d3b96eca3163c70ff0d2a263e2d7e9cf5Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1405377 - Remove trailing separator in recently closed tabs/windows subviews. r=mikedeboer, a=ritu
ecf9a5a692354b23e9d5d5fa1e607b8bbac207edRicky Chien — Bug 1393415 - Highlight help icon in high contrast theme. r=jaws, a=ritu
701860612ef43c21cedc713ce604e67ba05d8296Jared Wein — Bug 1405009 - Show a critters postcard when searching for firefox-emoji. r=mconley, a=ritu
ca0a6d284f987bb238be5a45bc28ac27773ab677Michael Comella — Bug 1403755 - Rm code to insert blanks into top sites. r=liuche, a=ritu
1dd75dca0442c5c0a27b8eb3225af70ecd5e3545Drew Willcoxon — Bug 1402272 - Replace adjustSiteIconStart with padding on all richlistitems. r=mak, a=ritu
29c2c1ade870f5da5f8767a285e668eb98b454baDão Gottwald — Bug 1404674 - Clicking the home button should focus the content area. r=florian, a=ritu
da520dfb9456bcda3e3b7098d5eee5e733f2c020Johann Hofmann — Bug 1404497 - Don't hide the post-tabs titlebar placeholder in maximized windows. r=dao, a=ritu
68551d5aa88beafd80d5d96aa524883d889bea4fThom Chiovoloni — Bug 1403052 - Limit tab sync max_record_payload_size to 512k. r=markh, a=ritu
4905b457c84c9184ef9866228c1c36419680d0e5Oriol Brufau — Bug 1400297 - Increase color contrast for JSON Viewer and Netmonitor headers. r=Honza, a=ritu
978e6322ec4c1c38e1d4eaf04ca0490bc5a427eeDaosheng Mu — Bug 1404518 - Return when OpenSharedTexture is false. r=jgilbert, a=ritu
f24a44f212b067dbf36366d0bbad292b8a75a08dHenrik Skupin — Bug 1404891 - Add noProxy documentation for proxy capabilities. r=ato, a=test-only
1e557c44b8026a247f84ee4570045bb018be6b85Peter Major — Bug 1402978 - Add cookie domain field to WebDriver:AddCookie. r=ato, a=test-only
8c7645234f86018b46dab62fdcc39955f229c74aBrad Werth — Bug 1403694 - Prevent nsStyleSheetService from storing null servo stylesheets. r=xidorn, a=ritu
f31efa9dfa8fc6161df364ee6bcd7a7469582ed3Michael Kaply — Bug 1401282 - Don't assume the intent has an action. r=snorp, a=ritu
4a1a1eab35ce97053558e791745a02b616983c66Gian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 1384804 - Allow reading /proc/self/status for libnuma. r=jld, a=ritu
3d3fb23661100dbd4a2b47d692029fc332fe4fcbMarina Samuel — Bug 1403695 - Send a generic health telemetry ping through Ping Centre for Activity Stream. r=k88hudson, a=ritu
b0fd47b5c0f35d8c22e465316defd7a0c5a33a9cLee Salzman — Bug 1404323 - Limit WindowSurfaceX11Image::Commit to clip bounds. r=gankro, a=ritu
daad6c8d11279dbad5eafcc902930929fa5afad2Johann Hofmann — Bug 1404337 - Fix titlebar-placeholders showing in maximized windows on Windows. r=dao, a=ritu
0dd094dc6fd17e38e9bf1bfd92e7237d70b79f00Dão Gottwald — Bug 1404286 - Let the border between tabs and navigation toolbar use the standard chrome-on-glass border color on Windows 7. r=johannh, a=ritu
b6970100a87abc4169a66766001f9ab93d20452cKearwood "Kip" Gilbert — Bug 1396326 - VRDisplay.getFrameData() now returns false when orientation data is not available. r=daoshengmu, a=ritu
53c3484d629196c7ea461cca40df01ce59efa4baJohann Hofmann — Bug 1397265 - Add a titlebar-placeholder on the right-hand side of the tabs. r=dao, a=ritu
425fc16c98396fe1d54ff92bd6922c22d44e7acaSam Foster — Bug 1387415 - Make empty toolbar spaces be drag handles for the window. r=dao, a=ritu
fd0f5f771d44e1edc000fc3c27d0ce991f7b54dcJonathan Kew — Bug 1370497 - Check ScriptExtensions property of combining marks when available. r=valentin, a=ritu
f82b141026857dab37f9302bd1dd8e8249969217Erica Wright — Bug 1401152 - Disable 'add to overflow menu' in the customize mode *palette* context menu for flexible space. r=Gijs, a=ritu
71427522fcd59802437718c37b6ace0fef110734Geoff Brown — Bug 1363945 - Mark text-control-baseline-1.html as fuzzy on Android. a=test-only
b76ca0d42c559e76c64136a17a9d3d418c578225Jonathan Kew — Bug 1363940 - Mark testcase as fuzzy on Android due to unreliable corner pixel of the frame. r=dholbert, a=test-only
977d70f841b886c629288d4032c6527b23b4c74aMike Conley — Bug 1244596 - Re-order awaits on browser loads in browser_revive_crashed_bg_tabs.js to avoid intermittent failure. r=mikedeboer, a=test-only
32c64c6523b70ba25a8227d96073da456b6af332L10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Firefox l10n changesets r=release a=l10n-bump
086ea45f4dc2550e7225f22f76f21aa006398572L10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Fennec l10n changesets r=release a=l10n-bump
3cdddb3af232d73c8c5c40f3dc083f65a54185c3Alexandre Poirot — Bug 1398061 - Remove simulators from WebIDE. r=jdescottes, a=sledru, l10n=flod
a894d887c0bae12ff51e1de29cc784cb405a5e27Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1402766 - Work around layout violating its own invariants and causing stylo code to crash. r=emilio, a=sledru
1c57bb1480fa5a722ebcea659c0f6bee93f77b8bJared Wein — Bug 1403382 - Dragging the back button out of the toolbar in customize mode shouldn't affect the toolbar height. r=Gijs, a=sledru
a766e6d5e5e7607fb7380284b9a273ad925c5733Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1389721 - Fix page action menu to deal with not being passed an event, so the 'save link to pocket' context menu works. r=jaws, a=sledru
76a43510d785e7cb2b4f53d77c96faca46433cdcAaron Klotz — Bug 1399557 - Add Environment to mscom::ProxyStream and define it for IAccessible. r=jimm, a=sledru
bc4443239c37288a8c7701238080e37cb75b10c6Maya Messinger — Bug 1396953 - Fix flexible space widget disappearing when adding to toolbar. r=Gijs, a=sledru
90fad10968db8890412fda2e3c0c9fc13f5d07a1Mike de Boer — Bug 1401991 - Ensure that we don't hide panelviews that are already reparented to another multi-view and ensure to hide other panels consistently. r=Gijs, a=sledru
69c4df3b3541d5e354918e2030ed5a3a68e615ebAndrew Swan — Bug 1399375 - Wait for _uninit in test_ext_permissions.js. r=kmag, a=test-only
1ffa3380bf98885bb1cad85ac63791d81687ac26Andrew Swan — Bug 1399550 - Explicitly close content page in test_ext_permissions.js. r=kmag, a=test-only
2fe5daa147a7d0ce90bf12be60533d6b6cc5e6ccL10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Firefox l10n changesets r=release a=l10n-bump
fdf19ce60e847a36b4a86237a5edbc86ee7bfb9aL10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Firefox l10n changesets r=release a=l10n-bump
f6ac7f91cda68e01ca62a982f25a9c26999870c1L10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Fennec l10n changesets r=release a=l10n-bump
6f4c9e5ce96e09bfea4d5d1c9188e5fac8f4ed6bffxbld — No bug, Automated blocklist update from host bld-linux64-spot-327 - a=blocklist-update
3f97c1571aac47968c562f066ffbffe9ff23425fL10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Firefox l10n changesets r=release a=l10n-bump
d2d205a6f0548ac1bcd8c0bb63a11e65793b1bd0L10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Fennec l10n changesets r=release a=l10n-bump
1338d62a031f45f833169b65264b56880609bff0Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1402476 - ExpectedOwnerForChild should not return a first-letter frame for a text child. r=emilio, a=ritu
0b73ed645d56a811110085e047d28bb09ae6af5fBoris Zbarsky — Bug 1391736 - Relax the ExpectedOwnerForChild assert in the ServoRestyleState constructor. r=emilio, a=ritu
f22fa49006ca02468eb0fc51341f9f666f136179Honza Bambas — Bug 1403998 - Make view-source channels return correct resultPrincipalURI via LoadInfo after redirect. r=bz, a=ritu
ff5e822324fcea8ecd483d2c681c52318cd7eebbJames Willcox — Bug 1404478 - For reals send the right CPU ABI in the core ping. r=jchen, a=ritu
a88f9115bb9c4cfed04db0e73af6168d2150fcedGabor Krizsanits — Bug 1404383 - Delay nsStringBundle preloading in content processes. r=smaug, a=ritu
3e3b262ee4354478c8494e78a5ef1ffa74e1bccfDrew Willcoxon — Bug 1385882 - Intermittent browser/base/content/test/urlbar/browser_page_action_menu.js | Test timed out. r=Gijs, a=test-only
d6424c273328be0288dc61072719959ca4901130Ricky Chien — Bug 1404665 - Extend font family menulist by removing spacer in Preferences font & color section. r=jaws, a=ritu
780761b37a04077fdada8cd521d0b438983ce0f5Luke Chang — Bug 1404531 - [Form Autofill] Features on submission should be disabled when the prefs are set to false. r=steveck, a=ritu
717f66b3515eba313257eb4463bd0d99082c239dCameron McCormack — Bug 1404180 - Don't allow associating form elements by ID to <form>s across anonymous subtree boundaries. r=smaug, a=ritu
711cce0acdcc3b42b2aba9cc03b04ddf8aec3512Emilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1404134 - Drop assertion that can be hit mid-unbind. r=heycam, a=ritu
5e1c7f03e3366d56ba69e69ed67c59ca349afb10Kirk Steuber — Bug 1402025 - Ensure form submission flush when unsetting relevant attributes. r=bz, a=ritu
5eccbe7a7bf822d3d3c1c0f4735bf9d1c4bbe594Bobby Holley — Bug 1404316 - Crashtest. r=me, a=ritu
999ba109c2fb5e0e5376565b95785ab3e53ca877Bobby Holley — Bug 1404316 - Use the nsContentUtils machinery for identifying document-level NAC in GetFlattenedTreeParentNodeInternal. r=emilio, a=ritu
dd575194b4f1e73c089ebe9fa71b6b2515d81dcbXidorn Quan — Bug 1404678 - Update cssparser to 0.21.3 and revendor. a=ritu
52db05e860d867ee1fd0d69637809c8a6ed1c5c9Jim Chen — Bug 1384829 - Add test case to testInputConnection. r=esawin, a=ritu
77a84867b31b82a9be8baa6d02de5f188ae66964Jim Chen — Bug 1384829 - Always perform shadow text actions. r=esawin, a=ritu
6e3b901aec51bc57a41941837271eb71665b128aMichael Comella — Bug 1405404 - Add 'de' to list of pocket whitelisted locales. r=liuche, a=ritu, l10n=flod
ab96b1b8fe4098206ad44119dcd44afcb5be439dMichael Comella — Bug 1404460 - Add test for pocket locale enabling. r=liuche, a=ritu
5f3019ce2cfa7c22c92513cd73629a73f6080393Michael Comella — Bug 1404460 - Hide Pocket preference if Pocket not available in locale. r=liuche, a=ritu
bc71eb47ec4ed24eb6bd373abb9767d88cfad170Michael Comella — Bug 1404460 - Add POCKET_ENABLED_TO_LOCALE to asUserPrefs telemetry. r=liuche, a=ritu
416989ade5b5b66dae90f45648f3ac2a53c6fb43Michael Comella — Bug 1404460 - Only show Pocket stories in specified locales. r=liuche, a=ritu
eefa10510e3ba576789e6c41973053ea41a5edfeEd Lee — Bug 1404345 - Users are upset and confused about how to turn off Pocket or other sections. r=ursula, a=ritu
46771933d922bb991abd4fe72796b009aadd6653Ed Lee — Bug 1400920 - The pocket section briefly shows up and causes the scrollbar to make the whole page flicker. r=ursula, a=ritu
79375774e4fef77d6f2fee7aac680a65bb5f6fedEd Lee — Bug 1403215 - Fix broken Snippets pref, perceived performance and bug fixes to Activity Stream. r=k88hudson, r=ursula, a=ritu
75d3f197fc949a11626199530083b64ddb551882Munro Mengjue Chiang — Bug 1402377 - Stop the corresponding track instead of the whole stream when an external device is plugged out. r=jib, r=pehrsons, a=ritu
569466abab14517782edd37612651df4d4d9a1baSam Foster — Bug 1395674 - Adding subviewbutton-nav class to menu-type toolbarbuttons and display the '>' in the overflow list. r=Gijs, a=ritu
7c374b1db6da28f5cd12ca47553f49ebb201949aDão Gottwald — Bug 1366405 - Stop using -moz-appearance: -moz-win-glass with the Windows 10 default theme. r=nhnt11, a=ritu
18045d83cbb225c43b093cf10107c5ce553532c2Geoff Brown — Bug 1392396 - Re-enable test_IE_bookmarks.js on Windows 10. r=jmaher, a=test-only
5044cb7aaf48ba278343ac8268120f2cd259ddbfL10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Firefox l10n changesets r=release a=l10n-bump
8d0b86dfae6fce807155dccdbb1f8aa734b92460L10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Fennec l10n changesets r=release a=l10n-bump
dee7ff5b7cbfc84e4411383547f4a62a8094f69dAlexander Surkov — Bug 1321960 - Let an interrupted reflow finish before processing a11y. r=eeejay, f=dholbert, a=sledru
b489c9d98ec6e705fb0a7b9cedb5cbd542ae9b16Alexander Surkov — Bug 1321960 - Rename nsIPresShell::mSuppressInterruptibleReflows to mWasLastReflowInterrupted to reflect better its purpose. r=dholbert, a=sledru
1a7a375aaca7cf40ef6a256d548ae0f1f7e19449Ryan VanderMeulen — Bug 1388764 - Skip test_object_plugin_nav.html on Windows debug builds for frequent mozilla::ipc::MessageChannel::WillDestroyCurrentMessageLoop() shutdown crashes. r=qdot, a=test-only
90f6f3ad9f9d078a51a771c81227249463c3a3ddL10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Firefox l10n changesets r=release a=l10n-bump
544c838d0899dac623b8e895022c4b9f1db12bf5L10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Fennec l10n changesets r=release a=l10n-bump
fdc17837aa31a98c9d85f735452edd9e74ea8ac0L10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Firefox l10n changesets r=release a=l10n-bump
4cef5c8425724582c0b82f990cbe143a0f68b506L10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Fennec l10n changesets r=release a=l10n-bump
801ff4f6ee6f7f5a4fbb3be3647071d29e7c9487L10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Fennec l10n changesets r=release a=l10n-bump
ad3926cb8b89b2c4eb891db4b2af57fc2de94e30ffxbld — No bug - Tagging 37d18f6628dcecba2f3f59a3d853071b7ca799e0 with FIREFOX_57_0b5_BUILD1, FIREFOX_57_0b5_RELEASE a=release CLOSED TREE
3fa22ee09c85846feca5cb066c060dc0d6448f6dffxbld — Automatic version bump. CLOSED TREE NO BUG a=release
b359993bc563d9610f4ffe2ea86193428704ad08Geoff Brown — Bug 1399854 - Skip test browser_newtab_overrides.js for 200+ failures. a=test-only
5cc64824d09156b007edc54d2189a62566f3ff78Geoff Brown — Bug 1392396 - Skip xpcshell test_IE_bookmarks.js on Windows for 200+ failures. a=test-only
b91a3fcbb6c6fb2c2e8ef8faaa2717ee52636e81Geoff Brown — Bug 1394963 - Skip browser_newtab_fullscreen_focus.js on osx/debug for 200+ failures. a=test-only
de6b8900aa7becfb2dd025c5850e32cb1500d22dRyan VanderMeulen — Bug 1388764 - Skip test_iframe_sandbox_plugins.html on debug builds for frequent mozilla::ipc::MessageChannel::WillDestroyCurrentMessageLoop() shutdown crashes. r=qdot, a=test-only
f66ff4d9ddbe3b16d9cbd7850f48e17ec0a7a3f6J.C. Jones — Bug 1399334 - Workaround buggy pki.js cert verifier implementation. r=keeler, a=test-only
1d3559680c3ec9916e08f10c0007ed476ccfdff1L10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Fennec l10n changesets r=release a=l10n-bump
2cc69216f323ea33c977f7186b0b5668707c88f1L10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Fennec l10n changesets r=release a=l10n-bump FENNEC_57_0b5_BUILD1 FENNEC_57_0b5_RELEASE
37d18f6628dcecba2f3f59a3d853071b7ca799e0Christoph Kerschbaumer — Bug 1402363 - Test Mixed Content Redirect Blocking. r=tanvi, r=kate, a=ritu DEVEDITION_57_0b5_RELEASE FIREFOX_57_0b5_BUILD1 FIREFOX_57_0b5_RELEASE
e28505bd7c0402f9b778956c214becf896032799Christoph Kerschbaumer — Bug 1402363 - Explicitly cancel channel after mixed content redirect. r=honza, r=kate, a=ritu
ba626b811d73e72eb422a462645434feaf26f4daMarkus Stange — Bug 1400057 - Override _wantsFloatingTitlebar to return NO in order to avoid titlebar glitches on 10.13. r=spohl, a=sledru
89d8e11182d28d1114fdb5dd1ed70c9a0fc7836bMasayuki Nakano — Bug 1400189 - Give same priority to composition events and selectionset event as keyboard events at sending those events from the main process to a remote process. r=stone, a=sledru
2a998e14f67b14a22be169b3f428bab496db76d6Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1396423 - Make it possible to drop items in what visually looks like the palette but isn't. r=mikedeboer, a=sledru
3f6b01c6cc57d3133065c89c1ea29a6093482a81Emilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1404167 - Properly update the styles of first-letter childs of anon boxes. r=bz, a=sledru
cd59a9732166353a0e9528f2e7f1cf5f1f8380d0Alessio Placitelli — Bug 1403978 - Add '' to TelemetryEnvironment. r=chutten, data-review=rweiss, a=sledru
2ad2dfbbb93af990374c13b63810d71792016ed0Yura Zenevich — Bug 1402309 - Fix titlebar-fullscreen-button vertical alignment. r=johannh, a=sledru
03e6331a76b5d90e43375cae07f61f4585967806Dão Gottwald — Bug 1404248 - Remove excess space between the address bar and the menu button in popups. r=nhnt11, a=sledru
f4474cbb84b465508a6e0cb8df5038486397f765Johann Hofmann — Bug 1404246 - Fix disabled scroll buttons in the tabs toolbar on Windows properly. r=dao, a=ritu
3b5a6259ec274e37dffcc5e05a63c319d15ff3c7Ryan VanderMeulen — Bug 1397557 - Skip the pdf.js browser-chrome tests on debug builds due to shutdown leaks. a=test-only
8d3464b1fd54fa48bc42ae51bdd365bbb40d1c1dBlake Kaplan — Bug 1404098 - Don't disable multi for extensions. r=krizsa, a=sledru
f4e84e6ed76d2fa4459cedc83bd2a3764767fcc7Hiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 1403433 - Add another variant of SchedulePaint that does not call InvalidateRenderingObservers for PendingAnimationTracker. r=birtles, a=sledru
cfde20f68c1fa8cfdb09fc8d3dc996a3f9a94b3eJ.C. Jones — Bug 1403279 - Set U2F version field on RegisterResponse. r=keeler, a=sledru
0ceab176791157db123c2cf05a8dfd759c366e68Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1402981 - Add light and dark themes to the list of themes in customize mode by default. r=jaws, a=sledru
049d652d6d74206d16fd1af64fcad57e662799a8Nihanth Subramanya — Bug 1402614 - Ensure findbar buttons inherit foreground color. r=johannh, a=sledru
307f151ecf046ba6b31000f5c704484326401ca5Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1401943 - Make reload button work immediately after a tab detach. r=jaws, a=sledru
e28be96825217be0417ca5e3bc27d5d6eb83c2ebSean Lee — Bug 1401411 - All name related fields should be counted as 1 field only when creating the records. r=lchang, a=sledru
10c0c1c42bfd72fe2ba097308060f568d3db0ed9Johann Hofmann — Bug 1390885 - Remove code that adjusts the titlebar to drawing lwthemes inside the titlebar. r=nhnt11, a=ritu
f01e95e090c5179382f9c3ba814ad89a0515ba61David Anderson — Bug 1403353 - Block D3D11 when using Intel drivers on Windows 7 systems with partial AVX support. r=jrmuizel, a=ritu
0fe06c5dd3958544f851cbbe9360a4fb934c66ebJared Wein — Bug 1402493 - Don't prevent switching back to Reload for top level about: loads. r=Gijs, a=ritu
8306dea5fd57a0621d7686bd471bcce2ea628609Dylan Roeh — Bug 1399504 - Pass more information to Intent:OpenNoHandler callback so that fallback urls may always be handled correctly. r=jchen, a=ritu
092cc740306c0817739e9b64a8edef56cfa29168Prathiksha — Bug 1402287 - Stop the separator in the permissions dialog header from moving. r=johannh, a=ritu
5fba16e588e6616d20ae3ba638bd42a50a4e2f43Prathiksha — Bug 1400219 - Align permission status menulists in the permission dialog with the header and adjust the menulist margin. r=johannh, a=ritu
c7b47e1282c2b96e8d440da60784e6dbae234770Nihanth Subramanya — Bug 1400165 - Increase padding of sidebar search container, adjust sidebar font-size on MacOS. r=dao, a=sledru
49cc08c809f76b10dffdbf7d040ab2559aa44875Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1399939 - Switch to highly restrictive profile for IDN. r=dveditz, r=jfkthame, a=sledru
8e780926710a7e4c8c5e966f62e8c51c29cba488Mike de Boer — Bug 1398346 - Follow up patch to correct one of the selectors to be more precise and avoid potential issues. rs=Paolo, a=sledru
d932d07adaf09fb853d302cfe2adb4aa5287a009Mike de Boer — Bug 1398346 - Hide the 'Open File' status label for failed downloads and/ or downloads where the file went missing for items in the Downloads subview in the Library panel. r=Paolo, a=sledru
a438ffa660b724ef79eb06e12f07bfbc28f74d8eGijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1393843 - Add telemetry for page action items and the context menu that enables/disables them. data-review=rweiss, r=adw, a=sledru
2f1496c1455f4a122dfe50a024da0ae297dd9673Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1403646 - Make sure dead object proxies have the same background-finalization status as the wrapper they replace. r=jonco, a=sledru
af6b3f0fdb60d6ef99b96927396d1c2912af8d11Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1402218 - Make sure to clone our CSSDeclaration as needed when removing properties. r=emilio, a=sledru
57e49b668005f60dea19b8eda37836a23b9994e0Grigory Kruglov — Bug 1404124 - Pickle account right after it's created. r=eoger, a=sledru
274c04f3c5657a44bc593d76d2cb7b60123a5b2fMakoto Kato — Bug 1403841 - IsSelectionEditable should check whether focus node and anchor node aren't null. r=masayuki, a=sledru
98e63bbec000a2a2dc23a7d90380770077932db0Grigory Kruglov — Bug 1403787 - Register FxA device with a default client name if we fail to obtain one. r=nalexander, a=sledru
1c7e7fda6b0d6419da86c47bb1e35fdda6776144Emilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1403712 - Crashtest. r=bholley, a=sledru
fd9bd6556ea886a9fbe1cba7ab20e83b7b4a552cEmilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1403712 - Clear the restyle root at the end of UnbindFromTree too. r=bholley, a=sledru
c5ae2d14772f7a6083b3bccefc887aebbd1928c0Emilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1403712 - Make some assertions not assert for conditions that may happen mid-unbind. r=bholley, a=sledru
c8b1590db5646e2f201f82e60e88c1d5513c5649Ryan VanderMeulen — Bug 1397557 - Skip browser_pdfjs_zoom.js on debug builds due to frequent failures. a=test-only
ab0fd6d075a606d41e668036687d2232d71783dbRyan VanderMeulen — Bug 1378524 - Skip browser_inspector_extension_sidebar.js on Linux debug/asan due to frequent failures. a=test-only
98673c4c15cc0410fd9da916055615bf21151719Andreas Pehrson — Bug 1403714 - Only regard max_fs when set explicitly. r=dminor, a=sledru
3c2c7b00d6ab3cde86839defdb08007c475a7f41J. Ryan Stinnett — Bug 1403465 - Crashtest. r=emilio, a=sledru
5a5d0e596c1d8130b58ce899c21918293505c465Emilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1403465 - style: Avoid creating element data in Servo_ResolvePseudoStyle. r=bholley, a=sledru
3ee864914db4caa935a2ac922dff57c60ee2cb8eRicky Chien — Bug 1402244 - Recover broken treecol & treechildren font-size. r=jaws, a=sledru
c53c961ce40713f348b443b4517179b0c6c96f93Jared Wein — Bug 1399111 - Keep the loading indicator gray for tabs that have been unselected since load. r=Gijs, a=sledru
66cc570df716f149096f16a8f8f5cbaafa659dc1Jared Wein — Bug 1399111 - Tabs that start loading in the background and haven't been selected before completing loading will show a lighter tab burst. r=Gijs, a=sledru
154153211b83353c8c5ff7fe11b653cad7fc2292Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1403293 - Add a test. r=kats, a=sledru
282e28b451d508e2c58e4f7592ca0a5dc0f3f7e5Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1403293 - Make sure that anonymous table columns and column groups never affect hit testing. r=heycam, a=sledru
55da6c78301249430edcbc84ed0a739eb06af788Stephen A Pohl — Bug 1404036 - Display window titles in non-default themes when titlebars are showing on macOS. r=mstange, a=sledru
675fb0ab7887e791f3b64d02c27c946c2861e3d3Towkir Ahmed — Bug 1403875 - Add missing fill and fill-opacity attributes to bookmarks-toolbar.svg. r=dao, a=sledru
abbc7bcb54e365d56c0abd70cbb7c48f97ddb08aStephen Horlander — Bug 1403202 - Update macOS DMG Backgrounds for label reability. r=dolske, a=sledru
8d89adbab6e645c5a8725da163ebe7c47f67d4ecStephen A Pohl — Bug 1402740 - Position modal sheets correctly on macOS now that titlebars are being hidden by bug 1401297. r=mstange, a=sledru
d1bb539f6325eb1f58d819316e9b99e46b1eacccChristian Holler — Bug 1403962 - Add JS test for FillWithUndefined special-case. r=anba, a=test-only
6cbe936e07c21d7920976a10c764fcb9bd9b574cJan Varga — Bug 1403023 - Set mSentCommitOrAbort to true when HoldWorker call fails to silence the destructor assertion (this is a followup fix for bug 1399322). r=asuth, a=debug-only
0b50c7250aa635957c72a9e49eddc8b7cd65cdf6Kris Maglione — Bug 1402503 - Part 2: Add test for extension slow script dialog. r=mixedpuppy, a=sledru
41942dc5a92f1fef3f2f8ec78bafb5d9a87b1951Kris Maglione — Bug 1402503 - Part 1: Fix slow script add-on ID detection. r=mixedpuppy, a=sledru
9bd05768af69c88d44b84ffcaa9a2644d9a0a6ecMilan Sreckovic — Bug 1403945 - Add utility functions to recognize OS X 10.13. r=mstange, a=sledru
0460ea0333f964f3ff09093260dc648933f43e67Dão Gottwald — Bug 1403853 - Hide the menu button separator in popup windows. r=nhnt11, a=sledru
ccce663812da531d339710da3901fc8b4bc64ab8Michael Cooper — Bug 1403758 - Sync shield-recipe-client v76 from GitHub (commit 2419d02). r=Gijs, a=sledru
dade9951a461fef6a6af9265760861e86c9b06caEmilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1403615 - Also follow the NODE_DESCENDANTS_NEED_FRAMES bit in ClearRestyleStateFromSubtree. r=bholley, a=sledru
f98a2bd7044165abb4e6244e1f6448596897fba8Emilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1403592 - Crashtest. r=Manishearth, a=sledru
1322c11127a063fc0172f8519b06e04380917163Emilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1403592 - Never flush the user font set when getting font metrics from style resolution. r=Manishearth, a=sledru
c786424818eae74178d9412cf999507be271d3cdXidorn Quan — Bug 1403127 - Don't try to pass fullscreen element through IPC. r=jaws, a=sledru
04e56dc5714e1b5d71dedc47ab372f03a2fcc19bGijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1402896 - Make the url bar strip javascript even when preceded by control characters. r=mak, a=sledru
d19abce87a20a5c33cc2831c4a50e3c8a6d72aaaMarkus Stange — Bug 1402416 - Use the correct font smoothing background color for disabled menuitems. r=dao, a=sledru
6508bce1106dffe39c131f2217abf514235c90b6Johann Hofmann — Bug 1391227 - Make buttons in the tab toolbar more opaque. r=dao, a=sledru
96181880ab720123d9f7c4309b999abfc1166e10Johann Hofmann — Bug 1403110 - Fix disabled button color on Windows 7 aero. r=nhnt11, a=sledru
35bae846b62970fc2faa9c0979c2544eff3c04daXidorn Quan — Bug 1402094 - Blacklist about:reader from using stylo. r=bholley, a=sledru
d9f70ecf91d3188bfb15a97b97ca1d5d1309aac8Ting-Yu Lin — Bug 1401807 - Part 3: Use a local reflow status when reflowing nsVideoFrame's children. r=dholbert, a=sledru
3c55cc6a76f28eba2e84f87450cb0503fdd658f2Ting-Yu Lin — Bug 1401807 - Part 2: Add a crashtest. r=dholbert, a=sledru
792634630d29963ba3f7d209b56be5cbd56ceb3eTing-Yu Lin — Bug 1401807 - Part 1: Give unconstrained block size when reflowing mPosterImage. r=dholbert, a=sledru
2445f6df733d9a17c87546d23b3b4ed21c0c7c05Ricky Chien — Bug 1393417 - Make Preferences Android and iOS icons highlight in high contrast themes. r=dao, a=sledru
f8ac35ccd7007d01591c17dc1bab835ef45e1664Jared Wein — Bug 1403550 - Update the X offset of the library button when the window is resized. r=sfoster, a=sledru
e4a0c97b413f2515c26a7022b60dffa89172955bThomas Nguyen — Bug 1403473 - Init loggingEnable for hashcompleter. r=dimi, a=sledru
452ca306a258e8b18c4a2eb3295b37b58a8ecd8bKaku Kuo — Bug 1403412 - Disable VP9 estimizer on Mac. r=jya, a=sledru
216d7126983b46cf7ddc8b522781386cdb8a9077Ricky Chien — Bug 1402918 - Initialize Applications pane in preferences.js. r=jaws, a=sledru
26f341039c20f9279b034d04a67227f47c7b4dc9Dão Gottwald — Bug 1399567 - Remove uneven vertical padding from urlbar and searchbar input boxes on Mac. r=johannh, a=sledru
509179a59024072b826ffa854b4c548596d27dcfsteveck-chung — Bug 1399065 - [Form Autofill] Hide autofill doorhanger close button. r=lchang, a=sledru
eb043b38b4388399b5e0abb1f1e31ab71fde3316Dale Harvey — Bug 1399642 - Use photon search icon in awesomebar. r=dao, a=sledru
6966674d52788c45016b8d9c2cb958503d349e52Ray Lin — Bug 1397486 - Update controlBar width according to videocontrols which really grows along <audio> width. r=jaws, a=sledru
667e147f2e0ab7edb6843a3b4cc9f1f8d1756e9bHaik Aftandilian — Bug 1402205 - Non-existent background page blocks extension startup. r=kmag, a=sledru
1ce3b4548c147f7403e9ddab1591229f1bc6803acku — Bug 1402798 - Part 2. Add a crash test for applying fill:url() property to an SVG text element. r=longsonr, a=sledru
eef9559e379b51c1c5ac6a22a1e29ee2c2111f8dcku — Bug 1402798 - Part 1. Check the type of an SVGPaint object from the correct frame. r=longsonr, a=sledru
b7b894f5fad8b4fb79e60b6bbdcce52da1281714Andrew Osmond — Bug 1389759 - Ensure we tear down CompositorManagerChild correctly if init or the GPU process fail. r=dvander, a=sledru
b108bdcaff9d3ec05cd3eba32800b3393409126cAlastor Wu — Bug 1402681 - Part 2: Add log. r=jya, a=sledru
23eb5e8f91148dab8b9752e3d663a3b5aedaa7cbAlastor Wu — Bug 1402681 - Part 1: Do not queue the task without task queue. r=jya, a=sledru
afebd547493aa4a6799603fca0f23ca2e9056f60Makoto Kato — Bug 1402469 - Part 2. Add crash test. r=masayuki, a=sledru
1a9b1dc1e690c62655a86996411947f1aa2d772bMakoto Kato — Bug 1402469 - Part 1. Return value of ConvertListType should use Element instead of nsresult. r=masayuki, a=sledru
8a3071abbaf1a1f5e8ad810480abc5f265e3cb12Dão Gottwald — Bug 1390025 - Add separator between the tab strip and the drag space in front of it. r=johannh, a=sledru
75e965089708d0937fad036eff7e3fce01994e0eJim Mathies — Bug 1401561 - Avoid prompting about compatibility issues with JAWS when e10s is pref'd off. r=jaws, a=sledru
54a5c274f8a49ce12cf560e3d715ab9e922dec52Matt Woodrow — Bug 1397671 - Don't treat SVG transformed frames as being transformed for the purposes of computing Combines3DTransformWithAncestors. r=dbaron, a=sledru
dd4bcf227b95d5a8767b3873f85b16c4c7eafd09Sean Lee — Bug 1400147 - Ignore the credit card regexps when extensions.formautofill.creditCards.available is false. r=lchang, a=sledru
c048148b2f2d6ea31c20d9068947bbb7945348bfBlake Kaplan — Bug 1396110 - Fix races during watchdog shutdown. r=billm, a=sledru
bd13ea56e690c84920e5f548e0a171e0966c152fDavid Major — Bug 1403220 - De-optimize the GetFontGroupForFrame function on Win32 to work around an MSVC PGO crash. r+a=RyanVM
1c9c05f5e5bd073187b2d16e0f87438bd730d2a2L10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Fennec l10n changesets r=release a=l10n-bump
d248045d3695ae01b8caafb3dde608c2c6ed80efTim Nguyen — Bug 1403543 - Fix close button color for developer toolbar in dark themes. r=bgrins a=sylvestre
35998341106ce20629c30154ba5263b93ccceb70Tim Nguyen — Bug 1401691 - Accept windowId parameter for browser.theme.reset(). r=jaws a=sylvestre
b4352de175f8a950bc89a2b1b51f32489ca1e4e4ffxbld — No bug - Tagging 1c3b6791f9433c7cf8d6ecb453c9277fd99a5b4a with FENNEC_57_0b4_BUILD1, FENNEC_57_0b4_RELEASE a=release CLOSED TREE
421e02cf3117d6846a3d0a12255fa4f07cadc50eL10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Fennec l10n changesets r=release a=l10n-bump
a587c953855f8355cd319650819366da725a8549L10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Fennec l10n changesets r=release a=l10n-bump
7b7e1bd82717a0d965f172c3a2ad223ddfb3a796L10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Fennec l10n changesets r=release a=l10n-bump
969b202c949f549d1f015d1308c7aaf8c6e0328bL10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Fennec l10n changesets r=release a=l10n-bump
f0bb37d778cb9dc55ca93e1da8ceb07e08b15b69L10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Fennec l10n changesets r=release a=l10n-bump
a8f12062e78c7d58e25c25ced1a681439415c5e5James Willcox — Bug 1372926 - Support new shortcut API in Android O. r=nechen, a=sledru
28f8d7fb6c67bc424078ad996fc189b069d0fc63James Willcox — Bug 1372926 - Revert bug 1394356, allowing "add to homescreen" again on Android O. r=nechen, a=sledru
8562484adb65cfd512258fd0d662454b16fa310aGeoff Brown — Bug 1403501 - Do not kill non-orphan xpcshell/ssltunnel. r=bc, a=test-only
f8181ac04c9c718dba2b23388213a210b914cd37Jim Chen — Bug 1258106 - Extend testEventDispatcher timeout. a=test-only
0a41da3aeca8ea20f68c9e979842738cf1e9ebd1Ryan VanderMeulen — Bug 1265233 - Skip test_updateRecordNoEncryptionKeys_ws.js on Linux for frequent failures. a=test-only
8b526273748eaf027fb89b2ed306d270c238a447Ryan VanderMeulen — Bug 1401076 - Skip webrtc/RTCPeerConnection-setRemoteDescription-offer.html for frequent timeouts. a=test-only
2ffd463c87e049e7bb712092e96300734cc33fc2Ryan VanderMeulen — Bug 1378628 - Skip some sessionstore crashedTabs browser-chrome tests on debug builds that fail frequently on Beta. a=test-only
32f35f222072feaaeccd61abbdbbb95d72fcfb3bMarco Bonardo — Bug 1402373 - Slack's red badge favicon is shown for no reason and then isn't cleared when all messages are read. r=nanj,Mardak a=sylvestre
79e814603e68d8fb13d12c09481fea06fd6098c0ffxbld — No bug - Tagging 1c3b6791f9433c7cf8d6ecb453c9277fd99a5b4a with FIREFOX_57_0b4_BUILD1, FIREFOX_57_0b4_RELEASE a=release CLOSED TREE
c6e78e5f5b9343c8fb385568e382fa073e20ac1dffxbld — Automatic version bump. CLOSED TREE NO BUG a=release
16e1cce9c582abb744582ecee41ba32360dae5c8L10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Fennec l10n changesets r=release a=l10n-bump
b4df966c6ccf9f10a440b25b16e1cc6d33b4da43Marco Bonardo — Bug 1401777 - don't use rich icons for tabs. r=Mardak, a=sylvestre
8af3d7fe15355253ef221d2fd3e0e244172223bbL10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Fennec l10n changesets r=release a=l10n-bump
89f5cd1bdbfe3647956dcf853e5062a1e812c7a7L10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Fennec l10n changesets r=release a=l10n-bump
1c3b6791f9433c7cf8d6ecb453c9277fd99a5b4aGijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1402311 - Use fill-opacity instead of hardcoded fill colour for disabled overflow button in customize mode. r=dao, a=sledru DEVEDITION_57_0b4_RELEASE FENNEC_57_0b4_BUILD1 FENNEC_57_0b4_RELEASE FIREFOX_57_0b4_BUILD1 FIREFOX_57_0b4_RELEASE
81bcbd6fa446f6f38fb567a942ac496f919fe7c2Florian Quèze — Bug 1403386 - Ignore about:blank paints only when window.opener isn't set. r=dao, a=sledru
d843bac9f3f428b4fc2cbd93677e091aa2de85c3Mats Palmgren — Bug 1402715 - Treat URL bar contents as raw text when copying. r=mak, a=sledru
d0134315fc7d21942776e60a5610cea9d7ee4b62Jon Coppeard — Bug 1401804 - Expose wrappee if we create a new wrapper. r=sfink, a=sledru
0e04c7294567db8bb3f978ed4a69a8d6c8f8cd44Stephen A Pohl — Bug 1399086 - Ensure that swipes on magic mice and back/forward buttons on other mice work as expected on macOS after the SDK switch to 10.11. r=mstange, a=sledru
e0067d975cebac06135b2033abd83ce0c2f0f918Emilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1403115 - servo: style: Fix various issues with XBL rule matching. r=TYLin, a=sledru
a4ba664d41ec7a7c045d1ac12608ea381c1e2de0Jonathan Kingston — Bug 1403243 - Fix typo in identity exceptions. r=kmag, a=sledru
ca781d13823bf2b42119ca7140138c5c5aa1026cIan Bicking — Bug 1402932 - Export Screenshots 19.1.0 to Firefox. r=kmag, a=sledru
8654b5afc31d49a00fa0e6d6e3174a6a0bc2e0f8Shane Caraveo — Bug 1401350 - Fix proxy auth for system requests. r=kmag, a=sledru
a18a4febdbdc83e3006e8297ef9dbd041597abf5Gabriele Svelto — Bug 1402966 - Search for libcurl in more paths to support various *BSDs. r=Dexter, a=sledru
e3eec872864d8fc717cd9dde16ae552195ae62dfStephen A Pohl — Bug 1402577 - Display titles in titlebar on macOS when the native titlebar is in use. r=mstange, a=sledru
2429ebbd68a92488797166e6e1a498f1e407a81cJan Henning — Bug 1403693 - Fix IDN conversion during theme installation. r=jwu, a=sledru
f2db1ec2bf72db9f4d164188e6173a90412939d1Jim Chen — Bug 1403251 - Only display validation message when element is invalid. r=sebastian, a=sledru
f06912ba5bb7ac2951eb184ba8d2f9f2487f1e4dJan de Mooij — Bug 1402876 - Remove unnecessary InvalidateCompilerOutputsForScript call. r=nbp, a=sledru
06cffe71eae8e440915e5b62c80629ed5c539ba7Jing-wei Wu — Bug 1401871 - Check if menu item(home_add_to_launcher) exists or not before accessing it. r=nechen, a=sledru
c7091b22d32efde7e224cb7b7671c121905a52bfKearwood "Kip" Gilbert — Bug 1381085 - Submit VR frames with a separate ID3DDeviceContextState. r=dmu, a=sledru
94e44c1f0875288e2612bcdff3f93f2b663b7909Andrew Osmond — Bug 1402592 - Ensure that ImageBridgeParent instances are closed by the parent during shutdown. r=dvander, a=sledru
e73836222b5775c7f81a46da0aef49db642e644fKris Maglione — Bug 1402066 - Part 2: Enable permissions tests in OOP mode. r=aswan, a=sledru
c4554c786af525028a97417650e8e6949e34ee68Kris Maglione — Bug 1402066 - Part 1: Fix ordering of base schema data in extension child processes. r=aswan, a=sledru
45b0a92887e4bc705de7081430b0b1d9a432df24Oriol Brufau — Bug 1399265 - Avoid relayout when switching tab in devtools. r=Honza, a=sledru
95731178131ba56c927d83f5f36caf6592662d87Tooru Fujisawa — Bug 1402239 - Use oninput to check new container name. r=jaws, a=sledru
961888633c2ca07ed7cdfa70d7740c8fd7b9debaJonathan Watt — Backout bug 1342951 part 4 (309140f65fc5). a=sledru
c98ecac8524403ae264f396d8cd91e86f627ea3bJonathan Watt — Backout bug 1342951 part 3 (302d9e49ac75) for causing bug 1402109. a=sledru
dabec7472928b6cfedce1a961b7a92387dcf0720Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset 16f21b8add66 (bug 1367069) for about:home bustage. a=ritu
17a2791683e811faafe3841809bca916a2c98d6cJim Blandy — Bug 1397385 - Clarify use of JSOP_GIMPLICITTHIS. r=tcampbell, a=npotb
fe72a46992c1d2cdbf5bb84f67838c180e0202f5Gabriele Svelto — Bug 1401339 - Look for libcurl under platform-specific paths; r=Dexter a=sylvestre
7b45a559d8cb4cfb7dd173483a45035b58ed8d48Xidorn Quan — Bug 1403024 - Part 2: Add more diagnosis information before crashing for adopting element across style backend. r=francois, r=heycam, a=sledru
87e4233eab278e1828a2b07e27e2702173b8e3deXidorn Quan — Bug 1403024 - Part 1: Add nsContentUtils::SchemeIs helper function. r=bholley, a=sledru
a1fd2d8e0917b28a4792da0bf36140aa66209034Hiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 1402219 - Compute css variables with custom properties in keyframes for getKeyframes(). r=birtles, a=sledru
36f274eacc02ce3a863344a6f654d80ee65a44efHiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 1402219 - Factor custom properties in keyframes into compute values in each keyframe. r=emilio, a=sledru
e2ea11f04e4f5e783c67d15a6bd16761fcb3a634Hiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 1402219 - Check the length of returned keyframes of getKeyframes(). r=birtles, a=sledru
f45c539b4dd55e6e09e3c11bd6205ea9b1cfeb92Servo VCS Sync — Bug 1402219 - Revendor rust dependencies. a=sledru
d5567d74cf89f7bf240dbdac57cc84981308c39dHiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 1402219 - servo: Handle custom properties in keyframes. r=emilio, r=birtles, a=sledru
7b06c843caadf7145926cc420f5f6fe3924f6201Julian Descottes — Bug 1352586 - Decrease sw timeout in about:debugging test. r=me, a=test-only
04e03b0726f97c5f89db4e08e1029147d4753063Michael Comella — Bug 1403347 - Don't cache CustomListPreference dialog items. r=liuche, a=sledru
7d38c920f81ad04972bf57b4cdae91cee244cf13Michael Comella — Bug 1403347 - Set dialog titles in createDialogItems. r=liuche, a=sledru
cfed66643774a87e0335d3879fa1c9a18b4a305aMichael Comella — Bug 1403347 - Move initial setHidden to panel preference constructor. r=liuche, a=sledru
d37c4ff7807c023e78a0bb0cd8d52c231a89f3edManish Goregaokar — Bug 1403282 - stylo: Add reftests for whitespace in attr(). r=bz, a=sledru
318aab4f559397c6e661db77f0d8f75ba6bb72e5Manish Goregaokar — Bug 1403282 - stylo: Don't error out on trailing whitespace in attr(). r=bz, a=sledru
2399e64d6af2cb9c8be4aff60f7d8b45c0598df6Michael Kaply — Bug 1401009 - Add border between notification buttons when highlight is disabled. r=johannh, a=sledru
3ab379041f96a8a4c135a72b02f8dff9935e7232Mark Striemer — Bug 1390276 - Make the options_ui background transparent. r=rhelmer, a=sledru
f8eb0cd96943082953eca6728f70fb6e4bb430b3Emilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1403028 - Crashtest. r=heycam, a=sledru
c363a41fc89928a55ccd7aaf9ab835bd1299c6c1Emilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1403028 - Ensure the parent is in the composed doc before marking it as dirty. r=heycam, a=sledru
995866fb3357e7fa89c7e83877a0cf9fe4e3f957Towkir Ahmed — Bug 1363028 - Update bookmark toolbar icons to photon styles. r=johannh, a=sledru
13e98e34ff2811f68cbee69c9b181ae2eaca3353Emilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1402366 - Crashtest. r=me, a=sledru
12d437dedc4d2724ece4135596d4687a8fe38cd0Emilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1402366 - Mark datetimebox as not needing xul.css. r=bholley, r=jessica, a=sledru
9c121063b2ae8913327355783439839a515a2cf8Emilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1397619 - Test paint-order specified value serialization. r=me, a=sledru
772fb56b0982b210b49374b5b52aaa952987307cEmilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1397619 - Test border-spacing specified value serialization. r=me, a=sledru
dea074a3264f0f6526fc10c002afb7c3d8539d85Fernando Jimenez Moreno — Bug 1397619 - stylo: test border-radius longhand specified values serialization. r=emilio, a=sledru
6e4272e16bb2ad4103900c7595643a229d9337afEmilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1397619 - servo: style: paint-order serialization fixes. r=nox, a=sledru
cda60381e179196bd55dcb09ba9d114bec41c59aDale Harvey — Bug 1387171 - Prevent tabs scrolling when enter / leaving customise move. r=dao, a=sledru
7aab168eac85e464896fb7b5e9c14e8c92da8682Ethan Lin — Bug 1352453 - Add crashtest for this bug. r=heycam, a=sledru
41166905e77a9bb91dd86037141156a29fc35df6Ethan Lin — Bug 1352453 - Check image dimension when computing border space size. r=heycam, a=sledru
2324642ef3dbe0dacd502ff2e7bf02a62faa32c5André Bargull — Bug 1387476 - Import time zone detection patch from ICU to improve tz handling in newer Linuxes and macOS 10.13. r=gandalf, a=sledru
38f4bb54aa797c90303ded0863fe6a2f153ba290Nihanth Subramanya — Bug 1401085 - Make the opacity of the disabled back button consistent with other disabled toolbar buttons. r=dao, a=sledru
a99eb3b7ac5a24d3fd63689a4da7d937f4a69117Nihanth Subramanya — Bug 1399747 - Density panel menuitems should use `font: menu` to be consistent with other panels. r=johannh, a=sledru
54e415e484079b49ac7c82b49e19c55dfb8752cbMark Striemer — Bug 1400379 - Crop category labels in about: pages. r=rhelmer, a=sledru
f2ce863c2b63dfc7df9a80aa60ffb6eff89abf5cMark Striemer — Bug 1400379 - Backed out changeset e0fe9ab6917b. r=rhelmer, a=sledru
e943211f7d3fc881213bc6722dfef68456483121Jing-wei Wu — Bug 1399378 - Update Fennec logo icons for 57 beta/release. r=nechen, a=sledru
bdb29efa6bee6a1b8b2213f3829506a6c3217cafMark Banner — Bug 1397728 - Use waitForCondition to avoid intermittent failures in browser_searchbar_openpopup.js. r=florian, a=test-only
2fbad6a28964d529b8d9c15cab56c882ba446d9aHenrik Skupin — Bug 1403616 - Defer logging of Marionette IOError to after post-test checks. r=gbrown, a=test-only
01cad263a6050e1ed5f58a04bf0fda1464211aefKaku Kuo — Bug 1401909 - Turn on preference of ShutdownDecoder feature on desktop version release and beta channel. r=bwu, a=sledru
af868f36e4b6e295cad9fc2b134db1ca11dab1afTowkir Ahmed — Bug 1394933 - Bookmarks toolbar dropzone icon updated. r=dao, a=sledru
f094ee5cc7b336a81ff8258a4dd93c1492926a87Drew Willcoxon — Bug 1402721 - Add/edit bookmark panel should open anchored on the page action (ellipsis) button instead of on the identity block (left side of the address bar) when the bookmarks star action is not pinned/visible. r=Gijs, a=sledru
4f28ecc3075147ee2aa29e50a6c1f57ef1becf37Marco Bonardo — Bug 1402178 - Address bar title and urls get cropped at strange places when matches are reused. r=adw, a=sledru
654ddd2ab34be49a6db8d2392440c7d0e805cc32Jared Wein — Bug 1401314 - Flip the search box images in the preferences when Firefox is running in RTL mode. r=Gijs, a=sledru
555fadd8b83535a3f98a712c97148b1ad0622616Mike de Boer — Bug 1398531 - Toolbarbuttons are standardized with a min-height of 24px, but the zoom percentage button is text-only, thus needs a different treatment. r=Gijs, a=sledru
70517fee99a30dee52c4749157fb0854a38fe29fAmy Chung — Bug 1360603 - Confirm the Throttleable flag on browser_saveImageURL.js. r=baku, a=sledru
cc0f6c992a6c474d74a531599d87903fac1f56dfAmy Chung — Bug 1360603 - Mark the save channel as throttleable. r=baku, a=sledru
e420ad572fe0c9d572f6516e81714a03b6f70a79Nicolas Chevobbe — Bug 1401972 - Release: Update reps bundle to 0.14.0. r=nchevobbe, a=sledru
761e5151e58eb8f398993ae4276227fb880e970fDale Harvey — Bug 1400863 - Fix tracking protection close icon size. r=dao, a=sledru
48429878026cbf7faa2cd8b8b9f6b10717906d60Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1378819 - Fix combined stop/reload button not working in the overflow menu. r=jaws, a=sledru
4e9b841f77f14fec64a5aaf390c15fffff3bca33Mike de Boer — Bug 1402023 - Limit the 'Recent Activity' list in the Library to a maximum of 6 items. r=Gijs, a=sledru
d9df1ee777a3c447b7f27d7f781f22cece32ad95Nicolas Chevobbe — Bug 1401607 - Photon style console follow-up. r=Honza, a=sledru
d8d8a5dde5bb7cac88081dfe5880e6c3d021f26fMike de Boer — Bug 1401383 - Remove anchor state after transition even if the transition is canceled, and always set main view as current. r=Gijs, a=sledru
b21b199adf72fc9b208073fc887e2e50fa82681aCameron McCormack — Bug 1403073 - stylo: Fix some bindgen object layout issues. r=xidorn, a=sledru
012dbe7d4f1985b8b54775237ff53d0135e50b54Cameron McCormack — Bug 1403030 - stylo: Fix some mismatching FFI declarations. r=xidorn, a=sledru
4320c131a141e90615af4e0e7178172ce5b9b68aHiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 1401801 - Crash test. r=birtles, a=sledru
0da6b667a44dc48788f517e213f680e78c87e0c5Hiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 1401801 - A reftest for a child element in animating element that the display property is changed from none by CSSOM. r=birtles, a=sledru
9458811cd8ba36e9cc7bdd9ae315227acf0eb9daHiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 1401801 - servo: Handle display property change from 'none' only if there is restyle hint for SMIL. r=birtles, a=sledru
c4367bba6dbd604e8df87e3428624aae8ccd8904Stephen Horlander — Bug 1402622 - Reduce size of Quantum wordmark to prevent it from possibly getting cropped. r=dao, a=ritu
000e220b2436fe59d6118dc1649754bc64e3f038Tobias Schneider — Bug 1401416 - [intersection-observer] Let intersection rect be empty if do_QueryFrame(rootFrame) returns null. r=dholbert, a=sledru
e84c811afec6d39ce77bb7659c8d44a1674234beGrigory Kruglov — Bug 1373254 - Ensure onStoreFailed won't be called twice. r=rnewman, a=sledru
f9a2d03764caab03762c2ce2ffa34d99fdfa4f19Bill McCloskey — Bug 1398070 - Convert WillDestroyCurrentMessageLoop assertion to a safe no-op. r=dvander, a=sledru
dce8934980ff886428603bb4d8c45b42bc79bfa1Ben Kelly — Bug 1402586 - Hold the worker alive while Cache API completes a lazy body open IPC operation. r=asuth, a=sledru
cfef69ffbc364c4401ffad973866bf70cffe115bJonathan Kew — Bug 1401227 - Cherry-pick patch 0d1262a41e019e4511071e339bb8aa018596a1fd from upstream freetype to avoid potential crash in premultiply_data. r=milan, a=sledru
c89417bb5ce904ef935563aa0e7ab9fc93f20f6fSean Stangl — Bug 1394146 - Avoid overflow on backwards iteration of IC entries. r=jandem, a=sledru
6e817055ffedec971f3c82c583f1c8ec800a480bKaku Kuo — Bug 1401902 - We should use MediaDataDecoder's address as an ID instead of MFR::DecoderData's address. r=gerald, a=sledru
d2a6c60348a88fa912539f986f259ac63db5d806Jean-Yves Avenard — Bug 1401922 - P2. Only set error when non handled. r=alwu, a=sledru
7cd3c4b643b04c8f15e325fa9b08b390ad170e8cJean-Yves Avenard — Bug 1401922 - P1. Ensure an error is returned when no decoder could be created. r=alwu, a=sledru
f9dc096f2d54e8f0ef860e9aa51a7ac3f4eb005fjason laster — Bug 1401573 - Fix PoE, Link, and linux issue. r=nchevobbe, a=sledru
eb405675a9619d230e97939c11f69b99c454e149Joel Maher — Bug 1374133 - Disable /html/browsers/windows/browsing-context-names/choose-_blank-003.html for frequent failures. r=me, a=test-only
b7b36850c2236c909902aec9a9c67816ca5dfcceJoel Maher — Bug 1389983 - Fix skip syntax for dom/media/tests/mochitest/test_getUserMedia_addtrack_removetrack_events.html. r=me, a=test-only
a0001600282a9bb9fa28f85276f1a4d3c8ddfa71Geoff Brown — Bug 1401035 - Avoid Android reftest restart after max run time exceeded. r=jmaher, a=test-only
25a300775dbe07086c68ecea576725e65d66985aJoel Maher — Bug 1401228 - Disable transforms/* on win7 non-e10s to prevent Assertion failure: [GFX1]: Failed to create DrawTarget, Type: 3 Size: Size(800,1000). r=gbrown, a=test-only
1c4aa3cce409bdcc911b4b9dc7f3d4c79b618d34Daosheng Mu — Bug 1398436 - Skip-if test_2_conformance__extensions__webgl-compressed-texture-size-limit.html in Win 7. r=jgilbert, a=test-only
977bae742f4f355d236d2157f6b9916525ab8001Julian Descottes — Bug 1354937 - Stop using mutations in browser_service_workers_status.js. r=ochameau, a=test-only
c5912bbb5405c263b428dae7fd51a4ebabe2882aRyan VanderMeulen — Bug 1372308 - Skip browser_restore_isAppTab.js on Windows debug for frequent failures. a=test-only
f19be5d421681d26abd8325c0d9bccf715f50bdfL10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Fennec l10n changesets r=release a=l10n-bump
7a56a3e1b181c0735c06d4fb90c428866d313701L10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Fennec l10n changesets r=release a=l10n-bump
058e8c2cba283dd5e9b301c7994a059f9a2677caChris AtLee — Bug 1378153 - Add 'a2' to aurora/devedition branding's firstrun page. r=jcristau, a=RyanVM
cb5b0f5538bfb456d049e446d3ef95e5d1494656Joel Maher — Bug 1388764 - Disable layout/reftests/bugs/508908-1.xul to avoid crash in mozilla::ipc::MessageChannel::WillDestroyCurrentMessageLoop(). r=gbrown, a=test-only
18235244bde0c69589b794f3959762beab1f6d8dffxbld — No bug - Tagging c3f480fa9744b65485b77e5d67768a9dbf075752 with FENNEC_57_0b3_BUILD1, FENNEC_57_0b3_RELEASE a=release CLOSED TREE
0bbec589b1fe446103b259b32818a8c3bba0d400Joel Maher — Bug 1402068 - Move windows 10 browser-chrome from hardware to virtual machines. r=ahal, a=test-only
520e300d1266d19aea623eb723587acc03751d50Brian Hackett — Backed out changeset 072f8d4a9964 (bug 1355109) for causing crashes with various extensions. a=lizzard
ea2f13a74a0d1c35af0907f47b261af9022a9816Jean-Yves Avenard — Bug 1403063 - Disable VP8 HW decoder on Windows. r=gerald, a=sledru
d15963544fa18b4c916ed10b963511c10cc72f42Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1401739 - Make sure to always call UpdateStyleOfChildAnonBox with the first continuation as "this". r=emilio, a=sledru
4280e8315271b3047f37ef8697cdc5bdd0eba03aDavid Anderson — Bug 1398304 - Fix shutdown leak in TextureSourceProviderMLGPU. r=bas, a=sledru
edb8232cf035a83e979dc9aebde13a02e3061883Bobby Holley — Bug 1402285 - Don't try to cache pseudo styles with an unstyled originating element. r=emilio, a=sledru
8f3ede266c834c34f42f06edd69c1ef9180f7f38Bobby Holley — Bug 1401992 - Mark some tests as passing on android. r=me, a=sledru
c4a05a728f4cd71b20d132c87e9821cc7b6f191bBobby Holley — Bug 1401992 - Reftest. r=me, a=sledru
e56ebf10a5bd52d57c98cc75a6b7784e560160d9Bobby Holley — Bug 1401992 - Don't cross anonymous boundaries when finding the fieldset. r=bz, a=sledru
cc652dcb13dba40ae3f263ae89ce3e610a34165fJustin Wood — Bug 1403084 - Make beta point at l10n-central for android. [beta patch] r=mtabara a=release
2779d2d4bacc75ff18c54830bb8429314f4afe7effxbld — No bug - Tagging c3f480fa9744b65485b77e5d67768a9dbf075752 with FIREFOX_57_0b3_BUILD1, FIREFOX_57_0b3_RELEASE a=release CLOSED TREE
63e1cc66e835e0d29b8e8628fba10e704dc0b547ffxbld — Automatic version bump. CLOSED TREE NO BUG a=release
6660f111fa007f01b0ba44caadae4b39bb1bfa56Mike Shal — Bug 1402856 - Add devedition upload symbols tasks. r=Callek, a=release
7d7a99abed83d38d0efe50aa657ca88b0473b8e2Kim Moir — Bug 1402955 - Fix syntax. r=rail a=release DONTBUILD
c3f480fa9744b65485b77e5d67768a9dbf075752Michael Kaply — Bug 1397975 - Show opt-in dialog for is_default with non built-in engines. r=aswan, a=sledru, l10n=flod DEVEDITION_57_0b3_RELEASE FENNEC_57_0b3_BUILD1 FENNEC_57_0b3_RELEASE FIREFOX_57_0b3_BUILD1 FIREFOX_57_0b3_RELEASE
29da5f3b170d6f5c74733cf93102da76397921c1Emilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1402472 - Crashtest. a=sledru
1512bd018892bc4486c70d351bd994bc443cd372Emilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1402472 - servo: style: Make sure to not run any style invalidation in an unstyled children only traversal. r=bholley, a=sledru
6fe64a79307f51607fff24c96e5740f815b5de41Ed Lee — Bug 1402529 - Fix broken story dismissing, unintended telemetry and bug fixes to Activity Stream. r=dmose, a=sledru
71572cf68a078f33534b4ff30dc4ae14bb47ff72Chenxia Liu — Bug 1402481 - Reverse incorrect sign of margin calculation. r=mcomella, a=sledru
627ccc1a06115213bdb0d1fc3b91e4c2597519e7Chenxia Liu — Bug 1402145 - Use adapter child position rather than view position. r=mcomella, a=sledru
5f814a1ccc2d8d8b16773562ae18667c96f74031Michael Comella — Bug 1402005 - Add telemetry for Learn More clicks. r=liuche, a=sledru
6e6c8c1988a94c5d7841b89351a3f9d5b1698656Michael Comella — Bug 1402005 - Add a learn more link to Top Sites. r=liuche, a=sledru
2ac580ab92111b3601bea0a4a932c915fb68d913Emilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1401706 - Crashtest. a=sledru
73daa36f9532fe15bfcdc4fd266a5deaa8f559f3Emilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1401706 - Remove redundant UpdateValueDisplay call. r=Ehsan, a=sledru
a896c16082f45b30c18d0677d993d6d619d924b0Emilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1401706 - Remove redundant boolean members from nsTextControlFrame. r=Ehsan, a=sledru
f1e83779aee97be6a183bda6aed19ec04ade5af3Emilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1401706 - Remove unused macro. r=Ehsan, a=sledru
4d33cf91c8bd34351510604e5032b610fa4afa02Emilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1401706 - Move ownership of editor anon content to nsTextControlFrame. r=Ehsan, a=sledru
fd78928b00d87444d1aefe942d0489e8682e0981Chenxia Liu — Bug 1401179 - Add snackbar for bookmark add/remove actions on newtab. r=mcomella, a=sledru
3fa652b178a23dd826594355a18d008f0b976bf1Emilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1402684 - Clear the servo data early, but the flags later, in UnbindFromTree. r=bholley, a=sledru
99992ed2b3f326a71044f04106a4c7795c5fdb40Emilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1400936 - Crashtests. r=bholley, a=sledru
ca0193447310df73222a91c485f6e41a8debe6f2Emilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1400936 - Clear servo data after children data is cleared, and allow setting the root as the document if the tree is mid-unbind. r=bholley, a=sledru
6b96a0fab002660434dc96f3ff8cf086cac1f4acEmilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1400936 - Only tear down the servo data in SetXBLInsertionParent if the parent actually changed. r=bholley, a=sledru
2d4c045f3066e9b6292bb8bf5571517be0161502Emilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1400936 - Remove dumb null check. r=bholley, a=sledru
c7907ac20968c2311d83e5338158d5c6621c3852Michael Comella — Bug 1400825 - Collapse top sites if there are no sites. r=liuche, a=sledru
2ac4b62c58a1dda9582e521459dc2827626b90ebSebastian Kaspari — Bug 1400825 - Show option for removing suggested sites from top sites. r=mcomella, a=sledru
d285547c68af03aa5afd9e81a52a8ab2644ce69aDragana Damjanovic — Bug 1397686 - The streams that cannot do 0RTT data need to be put in list and added to mReadyForWrite when 0RTT is done. r=hurley, a=sledru
508f470ffb60f0135864855cf64f8374687b9438sotaro — Bug 1294788 - Disable AssumeThemePartAndStateAreTransparent() on high contrast mode since Win8.1. r=jrmuizel, a=sledru
f0c4b2d3fcb5afe3e4b75b24563e2084b61ca490Mark Banner — Bug 1402059 - Don't import editBookmarkOverlay.js in places.xul on Mac because it is imported elsewhere. r=florian, a=sledru
0922e331d03daf1a88235e74d03ac7e922a1dc7eEd Lee — Bug 1401682 - Adjust activity stream fade in timing to avoid tart regression. r=k88hudson, a=sledru
8158695b90e423f6eb559ac90ee967f196afd44fAndrew Swan — Bug 1392176 - Implement prompts for browser.permissions.request() on Android. r=kmag, r=sebastian, a=sledru, l10n=flod
9fe3a9d4c166c69999e0a0e1477448bf0dd7604cJohann Hofmann — Bug 1401933 - Make Windows 8 light/dark theme background show up as tab background. r=dao, a=sledru
13011edd1ef4c1783844701996b06cd778f5f20cDoug Thayer — Bug 1401497 - Give menu-badged.svg context-fill-opacity. r=dao, a=sledru
b18dcb98aa98f90d8cbabf8f54db9804f3bca2f2Michael Comella — Bug 1399683 - Change padding of content view rather than self in onSizeChanged. r=sebastian, a=sledru
ae054da94c28841293d131354ee937bdf651c6d9Dão Gottwald — Bug 1387609 - Use --toolbarbutton-icon-fill-opacity for the tab close button. r=nhnt11, a=sledru
b9fd8bc899fac076254d80161f025cad198a6595Johann Hofmann — Bug 1401735 - Move the toolbarbutton badge slightly down in the bookmarks toolbar. r=Gijs, a=sledru
c270c61e90151e1ad1f94637b6b907c6314db8d1Bob Silverberg — Bug 1375546 - Fix sessions.getRecentlyClosed to consider the current tab history index. r=mikedeboer, r=mixedpuppy, a=sledru
ab425aca99680eda6fb6e2b75362cc40746323ffAndrea Marchesini — Bug 1401878 - Remove ServiceWorkers in SiteDataManager.jsm. r=bkelly, a=sledru
5addb4530c117b36fb6920c078de6e1087ec2ad3Andrew Osmond — Bug 1401524 - Ensure SurfaceCache state coherency whenever we perform an operation that may discard surfaces. r=tnikkel, a=sledru
0e76ba0aca051ff12e817d3c6ed960a03b84a6b4Gian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 1402351 - Make the Linux level 3 / read sandbox ride the trains. r=jld, a=sledru
8ee4c424d518b68aacb63db50d93f7161c20ed67Bob Owen — Bug 1402340 - On non-Nightly revert back to Windows content process sandbox level 3 to fix suspected top crashes. r=jimm, a=sledru
078e4766279046932260e65815dbd6fe3c973badDavid Keeler — Bug 910207 - Test that speculative connect is not enabled when there is a user cert installed (https only). r=mak, a=sledru
d81018c999467e67455aec94bbafcfaff7976ca9Valentin Gosu — Bug 910207 - Disable preconnect when user certificates are installed. r=keeler, a=sledru
de68fff98d0c5f6c6cc5bd230af92a5a9ecaa61fKris Maglione — Bug 1379148 - Part 4: Add tests for document.write() with document_start content script present. r=mixedpuppy, a=sledru
e9235f4e44ee49812d2d07e14619d4927b88f75cKris Maglione — Bug 1379148 - Part 3: Inject scripts synchronously if they're already available. r=mixedpuppy, a=sledru
b06cc382f74d48eaabbf9aad9c2fc22a4c07612dKris Maglione — Bug 1379148 - Part 2: Don't block script-created parsers when executing content scripts. r=mixedpuppy, a=sledru
df77a4c1b59103eef619fda4ca1e75404e17a95dKris Maglione — Bug 1379148 - Part 1: Allow blocking only non-script-created parsers. r=hsivonen, a=sledru
61d057b77852143069240c8a7e9de24577b74831Bobby Holley — Bug 1334730 - servo: Implement an nth-index cache (from bholley:nth_index_cache). r=emilio, a=sledru
1ac500d40e49104486b2339988d4581bd150e046Chenxia Liu — Bug 1400408 - Add telemetry for clicking on "MORE" link. r=francois, r=mcomella, a=sledru
69860047998e81da7e12e26ba8dc1eb45a65b9e3Chenxia Liu — Bug 1400408 - Fill in basic documentation of existing Pocket telemetry. r=mcomella, a=sledru
500a99cdda0b2aa301411163a6314d26640cb258John Dai — Bug 1401726 - Fix crash in nsLabelsNodeList::PopulateSelf. r=smaug, a=sledru
aa837b37b60cef2f61a086867f0111780d2d6700Tim Taubert — Bug 1400668 - Process key handle exclusion list when registering a token. r=jcj, a=sledru
3cfa5cf991a1c18a72929b2bc0b646580be24b3eCatalin Badea — Bug 1399091 - Avoid adding the same range to multiple selections. r=mats, a=sledru
d0b9e449e7fb833b2d531c773c82cc81b5e6bbd9Ryan VanderMeulen — Bug 1372015 - Skip on Android for frequent failures on Beta. a=test-only
04a56a700b172dd7a3e2b2123bd4a3afaf3e2113Ryan VanderMeulen — Bug 1400586 - Skip dom/events/test/test_bug607464.html on e10s runs across all platforms. a=test-only
acd879464984d82b5510009773b1aa48ce7381ffJon Coppeard — Bug 1401804 - Fix IsMarkedBlack check used in gray marking asserts r=sfink a=sylvestre
c282aab44b8ce72df14ecdf70845a7f201584e4fL10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Fennec l10n changesets r=release a=l10n-bump
6c30508150f281e2a0fbd007939a511da2d22f84L10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Fennec l10n changesets r=release a=l10n-bump
40f2d25d78c0ce6e23c932c27aae833916a2041bJoel Maher — Bug 1402079 - browser/base/content/test/performance/browser_windowopen_reflows.js fails on different screen resolutions. r=mconley, a=test-only
b59f1cc4bd56e0bf39cc21aad008ea65ae95c791Jonathan Kew — Bug 1402070 - Put explicit line-breaks in browser_bug970746.xhtml to avoid test fragility due to potential line-breaks within test elements. r=philor, a=test-only
00b34310a5c5d84a518d1528803229c4968952bbJohann Hofmann — Bug 1400357 - Whitelist maximize.svg in browser_startup_images. r=florian, a=test-only
ca9795c9066e8a8ea06157428b7d3e07482e5338Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1401840 - Make sure to not end up with infinite recursion when reframing a <body> that has a table pseudo parent coming from the root <html>. r=dholbert, a=sledru
e0b02b146664ac071a59fbd1709f1d1a843cfcc4Marco Bonardo — Bug 1401851 - Skip masked favicons in ContentLinkHandler until we support them. r=nanj, a=sledru
ced074245173c8b2eb9890aa7208eeece6757986Kevin Hsieh — Bug 1401709 - Do attach base line layout to orthogonal rtc. r=xidorn, a=sledru
7e35ed4a8c47909b300a79079ea05fba53cf80feAlessio Placitelli — Bug 1400870 - Keep the attribution code on environment changes. r=chutten, a=sledru
bc83af76203e62c7b61040630538a6d7d07458e3Doug Thayer — Bug 1399177 - Pull label out of description in update popups. r=Gijs, a=sledru
f26cc2bf3694d1e9e633f894a65872b85a055d20Chris H-C — Bug 1391531 - Make TelemetrySession idle callbacks cancellable. r=Dexter, a=sledru
103c51cbee81e6f0670cd007a05a1a169bae33f8Lee Salzman — Bug 1397918 - Don't use versions of libxcb before 1.11.1. r=karlt, a=sledru
46a47d4a1f5c1d453069b158d12e255114d312b0J. Ryan Stinnett — Bug 1401256 - Crashtest for animating lengths. r=heycam, a=sledru
61dd4d2e2a789916cbb49ca2625c5dca3b2c972dJ. Ryan Stinnett — Bug 1401256 - servo: Update inherited prop state for animation (from jryans:stylo-anim-inherit-context). r=heycam, a=sledru
eea4ead4541fac7668535b1f9ac4e39e1d6deef7Jan-Ivar Bruaroey — Bug 1399922 - Use a static mutex for getting deviceId keys in MediaParent. r=jesup, a=sledru
ea5136a2af4465baf84904ca6184d2ea7966c044Geoff Brown — Bug 1401287 - Skip sandbox check for test plug-in on Android. r=dbaron, a=test-only
06f90b83cf2062b568c529b21b5920c1ee4ddca6Geoff Brown — Bug 1402347 - Be more exact in Android tests when checking run time. r=jmaher, a=test-only
d0556b492297ba52e150830d555fccdbc12215c1Joel Maher — Bug 1402301 - Run preflight setup on windows for web-platform-tests to adjust screen resolution, also adjust tests that are affected. r=jgraham, a=test-only
5cf8c1979ea119ec6b413d026c933bd45b6953b8Joel Maher — Bug 1401501 - Ensure windows10 resolution is 1280x1024. r=ahal, a=test-only
628445067e7ca141cc539f54fab050aa7a464844Geoff Brown — Bug 1361476 - Change instance type for linux64-asan mochitest-devtools tests. r=ryanvm, a=test-only
a9142fa50a345d724e3cd5686832c13c642ad560James Graham — Bug 1393366 - Increase the marionette connect timeout in wptrunner. r=maja_zf, a=test-only
a6d9c15124a8e6f60795d2df156da70b61a63662James Graham — Bug 1397912 - Split wdspec session creation tests for intermittent timeouts. r=ato, a=test-only
430b63b3ae195c97c8318f81b904561daec4be40L10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Fennec l10n changesets r=release a=l10n-bump
7e5027f096f546cf46a4a5c4b140ead547c87740L10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Fennec l10n changesets r=release a=l10n-bump
b494556a75c95f3121aa6ed0218385aae3fb6adcL10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Fennec l10n changesets r=release a=l10n-bump
6c495bb9e72c5033cf9584851c10b508655bcf31L10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Fennec l10n changesets r=release a=l10n-bump
8e76d0006eebd158996c46bc72c87346a414bdf5L10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Fennec l10n changesets r=release a=l10n-bump
49c307de076f6e16ffc64de9e45c3bc54573f64aL10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Fennec l10n changesets r=release a=l10n-bump
b87c87397449ea48910d90f3f3a76827e0204840L10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Fennec l10n changesets r=release a=l10n-bump
38f92e5bbf892a0dd030994b8784c5afa3514f2bL10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Fennec l10n changesets r=release a=l10n-bump
4dd2a72249a856c875f09f31e06552cf7557886eDão Gottwald — Bug 1399584 - Update Back/Forward context menu icons. r=daleharvey a=sylvestre
58b2863e4c86de541bed3376dff2f97ca7c0f1daDão Gottwald — Bug 1395651 - Set the tab line color to #0a84ff (blue-50) when we control the tabs toolbar background color. r=daleharvey
081f504908ac55a442ff239348682250a394ef9bDão Gottwald — Bug 1401917 - Let tab strip scroll buttons use --toolbarbutton-icon-fill-opacity. r=nhnt11
1b4819c68224ee4c0139f0abedcd442b9a83b135Dão Gottwald — Bug 1399647 - Stop scaling down the Go button's icon. r=daleharvey
658cf4a58da3e48c31e231740258e6785b53c921Dão Gottwald — Bug 1399454 - Set initial focus before the first paint. r=florian
0a202bb2e249bfd06e3b705feb84561264c10516Robert Strong — Bug 1402376 - test code - Add whether the client has an incompatible version of JAWS to the update url. r=jimm, a=sledru
a5cb7f20d1e360670e305faa5b10cea541cb8949Robert Strong — Bug 1402376 - client code - Add whether the client has an incompatible version of JAWS to the update url. r=jimm, a=sledru
0d4f0c6d3fd205d5da5d1d53079ea5cdd638d521Jed Davis — Bug 1396542 - Let sandboxed content processes read /var/lib/dbus/machine-id. r=gcp, a=sledru
e4c1277e5d2cb18fd16ba6b0d22d3a652bf030f6Stephen A Pohl — Bug 1401641 - Avoid invalidations on macOS when setting window titles when titles aren't being displayed. r=mstange, a=sledru
a747acffe3e8d71975d3548289691fce8cf87672Andrea Marchesini — Bug 1333050 - Test for BrowsingData.removeIndexedDB. r=kmag, a=sledru
930d534401264ad106ee28f93245880ba3d2feb6Andrea Marchesini — Bug 1333050 - Introduce BrowsingData.removeIndexedDB. r=kmag, r=janv, a=sledru
a98d099fc07906b36c63af613d8928a07abfee5eAndrea Marchesini — Bug 1047098 - "Clear Recent History" must clean up all the ServiceWorkers. r=bkelly, a=sledru
4fc491de353a5080ef9851f962e267c1ba85adbbAndrea Marchesini — Bug 1047098 - "Clear Recent History" must always clean up QuotaManager data. r=janv, a=sledru
44dc794755b481f7b161d354d26caf7e83113134Chenxia Liu — Bug 1401404 - Add telemetry for AS content prefs. r=francois, r=mcomella, a=sledru
df744fbcedc4cb24d6f339a0027bfd8caaaf616aJonathan Kingston — Bug 1400812 - Removal of containers drawer icon. r=baku, r=dao, a=sledru
b36a7a8a26a4882115a7ddc5c641b662bc15e32aYura Zenevich — Bug 1401982 - Add restart confirmation prompt when accessibility.force_disable is toggled. r=jaws, a=sledru
da0d57213476b54b0d1786124a327029a63d7ce2Tom Tromey — Bug 1401821 - nsTextFormatter "*" width argument comes before the actual argument. r=froydnj, a=sledru
7bab92eb9dc2ad51d644cf94894639368e80681cMichael Comella — Bug 1401743 - Disable importance for accessibility of pocket MORE arrow. r=liuche, a=sledru
ecd8fc49d159299a38c568de20ed59effa07306aTom Prince — Bug 1393344 - Restore virtualenv paths for thunderbird buildbot builds on linux. r=aki, a=sledru
5c81435741d74e0596874277f4796ec47e2a87c3Florian Quèze — Bug 1400528 - Make test_bug574663.html wait until the 'blank' attribute has actually been removed. r=mconley, a=test-only
9c49f9ce76fa4746d788284702442c9b3215d5bdGeoff Brown — Bug 1397615 - Skip some long-running mochitests on Android Debug only. r=snorp, a=test-only
cecf69efe9dd3505759cd2e0ecc621d6c5c04b61Ryan VanderMeulen — Added tag FIREFOX_57_0b2_BUILD1, FIREFOX_57_0b2_RELEASE for changeset 3354b84cc524a26b78ce0058fef279cf523b948f. a=release
ec74e8fb42956e4f8378ba5d80300399fe95f8f5Ryan VanderMeulen — Added tag FIREFOX_57_0b1_BUILD3, FIREFOX_57_0b1_RELEASE for changeset 3d2edf73fb90e8f0601bc0b16e79c1c24919db98. a=release
ce3520e59e784eaf9d1fa446f886b080c97f8f4eRyan VanderMeulen — Added tag FIREFOX_57_0b1_BUILD1, FIREFOX_57_0b1_BUILD2 for changeset e85c29016601de4367a96ff4bc37a440206f3304. a=release
204859f2c3a68a933363a6efb1a3836108e91465Ryan VanderMeulen — No bug - Bump the version to b3. a=release
3be11e46a4ce0d7d5861ef27a606a4d47290222bJohan Lorenzo — Bug 1401620 - Snap: Use Canonical partner config instead of a duplicated one r=rail a=release
e1fa8dd27228a929f28524cfc1ad4e5fdcee0caeL10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Fennec l10n changesets r=release a=l10n-bump
d9d005572999dd76652d5d8d40a87cc78b0b4866Johan Lorenzo — Bug 1390071 - Snap: Add required .desktop file r=mtabara a=release
3354b84cc524a26b78ce0058fef279cf523b948fKim Moir — update display version so devedition 57.0b2 can proceed r=rail a=release DEVEDITION_57_0b2_RELEASE FIREFOX_57_0b2_BUILD1 FIREFOX_57_0b2_RELEASE
62078fe32d5682299e4127a23ad0d46dfe47d7c9Kim Moir — update display version so devedition 57.0b2 can proceed r=rail a=release DONTBUILD
a823dba52c9de3527650bb67f75b9b5e0df2adecKim Moir — update display version so devedition 57.0b2 can proceed r=rail a=release DONTBUILD
c23b7af37eaf1e19ee232f4d17cb1f204daf70aeSebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset 4dab43248f15 (bug 1372823) for crashing GTest on Windows 10 x64 debug. r+a=backout
e226c0b7420dfbd9b84a6b07d8fba32a1c8a5483Jon Coppeard — Backed out changeset 29b2e8acf5f9 (bug 1400278) for local crashes. a=backout
ba0cf71cb9cb2d101f1053ed41bcf98662e1b259Ryan VanderMeulen — Bug 1380968 - Fix broken syntax from the previous attempt at disabling. a=test-only
62ccc71503a7ae4776aaa15c7b1d843562afd817L10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Fennec l10n changesets r=release a=l10n-bump
a2e26860d2a9c67beda535586b6eef81a575624eRyan VanderMeulen — Bug 1398514 - Skip browser_ext_tabs_executeScript_runAt.js for frequent failures. a=test-only
b8028ef01cb64143dbc52e6e90f06bd1b7a24b25Ryan VanderMeulen — Bug 1397069 - Skip on Linux for frequent failures. a=test-only
58a96240470c02aa166daad42f59c4856ada79a8Ryan VanderMeulen — Bug 1396231 - Skip on Windows opt for frequent failures since the uplift to Beta. a=test-only
2690d7f78718269059ad7acf89791b5496824772Ryan VanderMeulen — Bug 1383315 - Skip browser/base/content/test/tabcrashed/browser_noPermanentKey.js for frequent failures since the uplift to Beta. a=test-only
9bfdcf8a24a732f0d1f82bf33ec8b5876a2236b2Ryan VanderMeulen — Bug 1364329 - Skip browser_toolbarbutton_menu_context.js for frequent failures. a=test-only
62642f3648221bd0e7a7acaa7e90d47f77353501Ryan VanderMeulen — Bug 1339326 - Skip test_bug331215.xul on Linux for frequent failures. a=test-only
06d4034a8a035cfefeec3b96164d5c66198666cdRyan VanderMeulen — Merge mozilla-central to beta. a=merge, l10n=me on a CLOSED TREE
f7e9777221a34f9f23c2e4933307eb38b621b679Sebastian Hengst — merge mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central. r=merge a=merge FIREFOX_NIGHTLY_57_END
e03b7dcc03113a465494ae8e64155de21e36ae67Sebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset 8a513ab0c112 (bug 1370613) for date format. r=backout
7eddf9b9a9a1fc46b26c8fb2db787c1aa4783240Florian Quèze — Bug 1401432 - Remove the 'setTimeout handler' stack frames in browser_urlbar_search_reflows.js to fix failures on beta, r=mak over IRC.
250a752d56864d729d306d2cf30a9faa8193a28cFlorian Quèze — Bug 1399660 - Intermittent browser_urlbar_keyed_search_reflows.js - reflow @ _handleOverflow was supposed to be hit 6 more times, r=mak over IRC.
4dab43248f156f9c864b6dbd6d8b6c134e302ca1Bob Owen — Bug 1372823: Extend BaseThreadInitThunk thread start address verification to 64-bit. r=dmajor
e5937bded0db065f91758e69cdb3a1be529ba2daDragana Damjanovic — Bug 1401509 - Extend the TLS early-data telemetry. r=mcmanus
9c1445f35fbf9048e32bec196a9b9a30dc3dd590Morris Tseng — Bug 1394226 - Add reftests. r=dbaron
0de55d6a505d02c10930a2881a9900656795af7dMorris Tseng — Bug 1394226 - Correct z-ordering for some table parts. r=dbaron
9febdbb6447c248bead2b6546b19e274962cace2Morris Tseng — Bug 1392200 - Turn on some backface-visibility reftests. r=kats
28bb2483daae9c4c7f422a34a8daaecb5f510408Morris Tseng — Bug 1392200 - Add backface-visibility support for layers-free mode. r=kats
525ab770ca31eaae484bbbd733d6d8524bbec718Morris Tseng — Bug 1392200 - Update interfaces for backface-visibility support. r=kats
757ae5e740f21d0c703233173422efd4fce7b501David Anderson — Revert asynchronous window resizes on Windows. (bug 1380462, r=bas)
8a513ab0c11269d800fbd680bc57cca7530c566aEhsan Akhgari — Bug 1370613 follow-up: Switch the chapter number of the Book of Mozilla back to 14:11
6772da37f539c4bd4afc893736a0d3637acbbdd8Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 1401606 - Change a bunch of asserts! to debug_asserts! r=kats
276e210419d6a607666f82f5a948c98b5abd5af8Seburo — Bug 1370613 - Update Book of Mozilla passage; r=ehsan
9caeafcec9982be90820e30bc699e851cb6af907Hiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 1401809 - Use Atom::from(nsIAtom) to increment reference count in case of dynamic atom for will-change. r=xidorn
77ce63ef82717bca47fae1f602d8208ba9f38b09Hiroyuki Ikezoe — servo: Merge #18590 - Use Atom::from(nsIAtom) to increment reference count in case of dynam… (from hiikezoe:increment-ref-count-for-will-change); r=xidorn
b77ab1b8e557ad180b1ccd124b59779c4e672783Dão Gottwald — Bug 1401908 - Completely disable the lightweight theme text-shadow for the Dark and Light themes. r=johannh
81c637ca25e6be73d98b1d864f2ffe9860710e5aGijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1401754 - print in the hamburger panel should open preview on Windows/Linux but not suggest its shortcut is ctrl-p, r=dao
fc5b1c09a348358cbb25b0e5ed82de73b86a0aebMakoto Kato — Bug 1350822 - Remove --with-android-gnu-compiler-version. r=glandium
2d942fb27e398ba373cab9bccf7e5bc867615ec0Jeremy Chen — Bug 1394284 - add wpt test for fallback discrete type of transform animation. r=boris,hiro
9044841344c9af963ed30293d8c5ecea0ee23845Jeremy Chen — Bug 1394284 - add fallback discrete procedure for transform animation. r=boris,hiro
e8fabb53ad00dbc94ad2f77d3d58dbe04ca34f22Jeremy Chen — servo: Merge #18591 - stylo: do not handle the fallback discrete animation inside the Animate trait (from chenpighead:stylo-singular-matrix-animation); r=BorisChiou
8eba074485cc441037a82b2aae44013ff29ed372Sebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset 9767e159a701 (bug 1351673) for failing android lint. r=backout
104d47ebd0d94af8ede278d9be6beb6d68f5c4e0Sebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset 0ceb7e5789f4 (bug 1401461) for leaking in mochitest run on Windows 7 debug. r=backout
58e2fc0076b728539fdfb632ae314bd911338759Sebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset ddfa978c27f7 (bug 1401461)
4f561b9294aec40e8219bfe46a3ea4e73dbde9e2Mike Hommey — Bug 1401875 - Replace MALLOC_DECL_VOID with a clever use of templates. r=njn
1c88655364bef6ed5fdcd4ab2c6e564da529cff1Oriol Brufau — Bug 1391274 - Add a Symbol object previewer to the console. r=nchevobbe
6366369bd0d0c6e700cf1a2a1a861d36a7dc82dbServo VCS Sync — No bug - Revendor rust dependencies
003763b2e7309a445e6cacc960fab82135a3c442Bobby Holley — servo: Merge #18589 - Plumbing for the nth-index cache (from bholley:nth_index_plumbing); r=emilio
10fe5727b04f216f68515ecb832768435a39fad8abhinav — Bug 1398522 - Sort 'Request-Headers' and 'Response-Headers' in 'Headers' tab. r=Honza
bbedfc5fd8be2f4ce3442c31b93fc658c69ff68cGlenn Watson — servo: Merge #18586 - Update WR (font variations, runtime dp ratio changes) (from glennw:update-wr-font-vars); r=metajack
870ce315712c4484f69ebe14fdc21f826c674d3fabhinav — Bug 1382184 - Change text color of notification-box to 'theme-toolbar-color'. r=Honza
3e576101b9d37f6ee8188af441b62adde57d65e6cku — Bug 1401069 - Part 8. Give a detailed comment to explain how to react when hitting this assertion in OpenDocument(). r=fatseng
5e23e6f7d6d50d34b89157515c7246baec3c867ecku — Bug 1401069 - Part 7. Declare GetPageCount as a const member function. r=fatseng
f6ec11335d524fab52de1f94d28136f5a708b6ffcku — Bug 1401069 - Part 6. Fine tune ComputeScaleFactor. r=fatseng
66cbdf9b1df0cc4d3b51b41220c563c9fc2392e5cku — Bug 1401069 - Part 5. Remove two local variables since we do not need them. r=fatseng
5ae21f43fbd35c91ab3d620c0803241e96a0ef8fcku — Bug 1401069 - Part 4. Change argument type from 'const RECT *' to reference type in WindowsEMF::Playback. r=fatseng
c5dfc2e657a4e5e455e73000215c760f29f9c170cku — Bug 1401069 - Part 3. Declare WindowsEMF::GetDC as const member function. r=fatseng
44ec9e64a5e3c9a8c54b441e9660621a7278d84fcku — Bug 1401069 - Part 2. Implement ReleaseAllResource to make WindowsEMF::InitForDrawing reusable. r=fatseng
74f2aee990a98f2dd905fb2f62cab340dfc1b8b4cku — Bug 1401069 - Part 1. Check the value of mPDFDoc and early return if it's invalid in both RenderPageToDC and DrawPageToFile. r=fatseng
b37909c3b506a2196d9e7c41c8f72e23b15eb3c9Kearwood "Kip" Gilbert — Bug 1389220 - Prevent navigator.activeVRDisplays from activating VR hardware and runtimes r=daoshengmu
7033e71f79294542fe45a40f591e45b06f236431Julian_Chu — Bug 1329152 - turn on CustomTabs via SwitchBoard r=nechen,sebastian
e692d1d1be1e51ac1b0dbd527b236bc2eef63d75Julian_Chu — Bug 1329152 - Enable custom tabs by default r=sebastian
22120272867fc10903abd0b8c1892ad98938c97dHiroyuki Ikezoe — servo: Merge #18584 - Drop RulesChanged (from hiikezoe:drop-rule-changed); r=emilio
ae92b4765e63b78e24dfdf89d2c0d8c404a56da8Xidorn Quan — Bug 1401792 - Release assert when adopting element with style data across style backend. r=bholley
ddfa978c27f7125395975b1e3f6b6acfd12a753fJW Wang — Bug 1401461. P2 - don't call mChannelStatistics.AddBytes() if the data is from an old channel. r=gerald
0ceb7e5789f4e88468c9b2c3ed43ba762aa87b16JW Wang — Bug 1401461. P1 - remove ChannelMediaResource::Listener::Revoke(). r=gerald
279ea05e310ad4d2bd028b26b80116c1128dc414Imanol Fernandez — servo: Merge #18575 - Improve Webrender<->WebGL synchronization (from MortimerGoro:webgl_flickering); r=glennw
2253d1020de58528b15e7e6333adc865d62a74c9J. Ryan Stinnett — Bug 1400329 - Run stylo-disabled for default branches. r=jmaher
d1d44405008e744056f918457d48c0f1f714b1f2J. Ryan Stinnett — Bug 1399742 - Use default branch list for reftest-stylo. r=jmaher
0f882496ac42b3f4461a7d6f078597b2e80cca9bXidorn Quan — Bug 1400438 - Use array instead of linked list for -moz-border-*-colors. r=heycam,mattwoodrow
f4424ec0b730c80f28cd1c211bc075e74f1f699bXidorn Quan — servo: Merge #18588 - Use array instead of linked list for -moz-border-*-colors (from upsuper:moz-border-colors-array); r=heycam
0f94bac50b3701aa729b5fbc395119ce577edb87Yura Zenevich — Bug 1383051 - fixing windows 10 window control alignment and indicator alignment in windows 7. r=jaws
1d059590a69b58c613c018ff4e06c6eeeec1955bYura Zenevich — Bug 1383051 - added accessibility service indicators. r=jimm
aa83d846b65e8c5af0a2723926e25442ce14a7afYura Zenevich — Bug 1383051 - updated private browsing indicators. r=jaws
9699e1cbb1ab3bdba84d7548dcdcd6efca9d1190Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to autoland. a=merge on a CLOSED TREE
d88e5dec2638ae6d34527726ff0a9cb8d9336036Phil Ringnalda — Backed out 12 changesets (bug 1383880) for decision task bustage
a439e2ac43058989193daa201b764b96821bd8faTomislav Jovanovic — Bug 1386427 - Part 4: Implement basic storage.managed functionality r=kmag
603d09a85dd63adb4a8f3927b7d8dacc440437d0Tomislav Jovanovic — Bug 1386427 - Part 3: Add `storage` and `pkcs11` NativeManifest types r=kmag
660f2242c95f7804448f4d09e3d030e6eb1d9d06Tomislav Jovanovic — Bug 1386427 - Part 2: Extract HostManifestManager to NativeManifests.jsm r=kmag
05ff50abca055f92132141bc25eeb053ac71c52eTomislav Jovanovic — Bug 1386427 - Part 1: Add XRE*NativeManifests locations to dirsvc r=kmag
fd3615e7e0a3a85ba58616396468229bce30f957Dustin J. Mitchell — Bug 1383880: --from-build is a dev tool, not for automation; r=glandium
8cceb6a82bfb079e93005d120f540f0877a0eaf3Dustin J. Mitchell — Bug 1383880: adjust mach artifact toolchain --from-build; r=glandium
571a6c9054a540e0bf40baf837da9175f21796b9Dustin J. Mitchell — Bug 1383880: use a vcs-compatible reader in decision tasks; r=gps
ec2b8ba5a949c3b899a647dbad93aa60b653e745Dustin J. Mitchell — Bug 1383880: add only-if-dependencies-run optimization for follow-ons; r=ahal
8e5847d9acda6349226b37fbbfc79ef2c01d7614Dustin J. Mitchell — Bug 1383880: annotate source files with what they SCHEDULE; r=ahal
b354fdf6e233ae06118ac8f1a975d0d4a53db4a9Dustin J. Mitchell — Bug 1383880: Annotate builds and tests with SCHEDULES-related optimizations; r=ahal
ebdd6ccbcfca7f7672040f7227da31594d60f737Dustin J. Mitchell — Bug 1383880: add support for optimizing tasks based on SCHEDULES; r=ahal
ebcc9d20981a491ab1cb6b71bff43225a90169e8Dustin J. Mitchell — Bug 1383880: add support for SCHEDULES in; r=gps
97eedc84d6e8f7b1128cd29a90ab4a72963bb851Dustin J. Mitchell — Bug 1383880: parse try config during the decision task; r=ahal
a3116da52b4e3e58fbdc1da33c47e18a2e371baeDustin J. Mitchell — Bug 1383880: optimize in three phases; r=ahal
b3eb0c93972084fd856a6d6f1bdadf8035478162Dustin J. Mitchell — Bug 1383880: add Graph.visit_preorder; r=ahal
7c07cb7985302e288a56c29c3fac22cacc4096d2Dustin J. Mitchell — Bug 1383880: allow only one optimization per task; r=ahal,glandium
9767e159a7018465824b7f6e4d504875cfa5cc6bGrigory Kruglov — Bug 1351673 - Use a single-threaded work queue to process batching downloader work items r=rnewman
4a59e79b7e947915bae60d7c37bffebf99ff3ef8Louis Chang — Bug 1399723 - Draw a grey background color when event state is active instead of hover. r=mats
7864172bddf6409c2e68ff7b1bd0dc0d730202d9Phil Ringnalda — Backed out changeset 8e98f894a8a3 (bug 1381085) for Windows 7 failures in draw_rect.html and change_size.html
433c120883e9f7be3b943195e97887c34af871a4Phil Ringnalda — Backed out 2 changesets (bug 1399505) for build bustage when it met a merge from m-c
1465ade89bff04c8bd2cba9d5a172f6eb03b6381Phil Ringnalda — Backed out changeset 96dab44be3ba (bug 1351673) for Android build bustage
1bf51e25a57b34f579979a1f5dea8cf013a9ce21Nicholas Nethercote — servo: Merge #18583 - Fix MallocSizeOf for TypedSize2D (from nnethercote:fix-TypedSize2D); r=mbrubeck
22f5e644534bfc2296e5d76785ad511436456269Michael Comella — Bug 1401779: Use HC+ Actvitiy.onCreateView. r=liuche
7bb527a1748fad509712d02775c2637c2e3172aaMichael Comella — Bug 1401733: Make StreamOverridablePageIconLayout caches static. r=liuche
cdeac7bb864103f319b04f0a588a5194d3f02c71Makoto Kato — Bug 1401448 - Remove libstdc++ support from Android buildconfig. r=froydnj
554aa0b7b531346f04ac326cbe1caa8aa7f5ddf0Wes Kocher — Merge m-c to autoland, a=merge
96dab44be3bab04b2b56f29b6a2749630735d382Grigory Kruglov — Bug 1351673 - Use a single-threaded work queue to process batching downloader work items r=rnewman
26228016eeae1527811bd2ad8e4a57149f57a29dHiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 1400035 - Drop InvalidateFrame() call in SVGGeometryFrame::DidSetStyleContext(). r=jwatt
2db87d9e38c1f4ad9eb9b42d5998c65662992899Hiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 1400035 - Propagate RepaintFrame change hint instead of UpdateOpacityLayer for SVG geometry frames. r=jwatt
f4ae3d8fd4a4af37aa0e11cb138a4eba8e087f95Hiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 1400035 - Check the frame has opacity animations in nsSVGUtils::CanOptimizeOpacity(). r=jwatt
dd9b01ec0df24f506d2bd2d8d09fd92694901193Grigory Kruglov — Bug 1401318 - Make sure account won't be null when it's processed by Android APIs r=nalexander
dc85108a0a305cff7c57d9cd6978b8312d03598fGrigory Kruglov — Bug 1401773 - Revert checkboxes->switches changeover for SyncPrefs r=nalexander
36d6f521c2b20ca63bfaf2bfdd3aaa656ea17424Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 1398223 - Add a webrender flag to mozinfo to allow using it in mochitest.ini conditions. r=gbrown
5fa690493eaa3a6d7993bb2f46478e94b9385e6dThom Chiovoloni — Bug 1401686 - Handle cases where max_post_bytes is less than max_record_payload_bytes. r=kitcambridge
5340cb842af889e483abed2ee2edc0aeb9327ea3Ed Lee — Bug 1400491 - Disable browser_aboutHome_search_composing.js for mac opt. r=ursula
72881ce767fcf80e51724c86371312e1b97d1897Sam Foster — Bug 1388832 - Fix right-click on searchbar when in overflow menu. r=jaws
bac4881560bfff4e2d06a63aa5663c68d6cac881Daisuke Akatsuka — Bug 1401128 - Part 2: Modify test to change the way to send mouse event. r=pbro
01ff67e4eeb83a630835c49c1b251ba7c9e5d129Daisuke Akatsuka — Bug 1401128 - Part 1: Change the size of time-body. r=pbro
cadfde4972ab158dfe23226613c88ef5cc4252d4Grigory Kruglov — Bug 1400742 - Remove per-account in-memory cache r=nalexander
4536d1692a1fe1c9ebb4f99f0ab511175147786eEdouard Oger — Bug 1359279 - Renew GCM token/Push registration/FxA Registration on push registration expired. r=Grisha
e0d1b299d389229ca7d5f66dcb13663824314583Sebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset 53e599ac1ed7 (bug 1359279) for android linting failure. r=backout
6694f4b93826511dd254dd36a7044891329beaf2Sebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset dff1e1774422 (bug 335545) for failing clipboard mochitest widget/tests/test_bug1123480.xul on Linux x64 asan. r=backout
e8f4ef8801fbe8013a7cb0eeb5a7fae23db19edfSebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset e96494792b66 (bug 335545)
0fb5cc4927b16358eb6fa8b6359c944ce077f1dcMike Hommey — Bug 1401453 - Don't keep libmemory.a separate anymore. r=gps
53e599ac1ed77ef24763069261996f916255edc2Edouard Oger — Bug 1359279 - Renew GCM token/Push registration/FxA Registration on push registration expired. r=Grisha
b4c11ce9704c7c358cb5d352e452f8dc8fd6f38eChris Manchester — Bug 1398897 - Move os includes to computed flags. r=glandium
e4ac1e17ffe51b34721a569b259d57cb6f965628Chris Manchester — Bug 1398897 - Move includes associated with CPP_UNIT_TESTS to the CppUnitTests template. r=glandium
ae4d0410545f5a85746dc7869e48b386f13b7032Chris Manchester — Bug 1398897 - Move breakpad include munging to r=glandium
9b5a00094c49b9b85e1fb5ff13921c52a1975cd0Chris Manchester — Bug 1398897 - Move includes to computed flags. r=glandium
300708364bfb309249b537f652887d0518ca1df2Chris Manchester — Bug 1398897 - Move defines to computed compile flags. r=glandium
82f0e87bd0ef416dd878f992ab6a61376060d45aChris Manchester — Bug 1398897 - Do not emit compile flags for directories only containing rust libraries. r=glandium
26f3a378ff0e95a74320d1dbe905776e30b67bdaHiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 1400926 - Filter out !important property in keyframes for stylo. r=emilio
785910c8bee719b14fd14a2fe64b260429449b3aBlake Kaplan — Bug 1398393 - Set Servo thread state on cooperative threads. r=billm
b5be4a3d9f13e924f02cbb2ee6d5871c6f026486Michael Comella — Bug 1401394: Add missing gecko:itemType to non-phone configurations. r=liuche
e96494792b66b2b7d8199d532164a3d23f66b004Rob Wu — Bug 335545 - Store clipboard data in memory XOR file r=mstange
dff1e1774422c12aacff69538936e88f0ff95c85Rob Wu — Bug 335545 - Use nsAnonymousTemporaryFile for clipboard cache r=mstange
5a44548cb570c0cc7fd5c188f5f7694a11e66fa4Blake Kaplan — Bug 1401412 - Destroy this singleton during XPCOM shutdown. r=smaug
fd7e2ce2fc920893e864191b19477cd2a9f5cd89Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 1399505 - Generate WR sticky frames from nsDisplayStickyPosition display items. r=mstange
40af6e459538e579da800aebb6520cdaa9b30e40Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 1399505 - Expose the API to add sticky frames to the WR display list. r=mstange
6a151f43cb3f70917bde1ace58a9d118776e70b9Alan Jeffrey — servo: Merge #18578 - Window should own Location, Document shouldn't (from asajeffrey:script-window-owns-location); r=KiChjang
e740ebb21e460f2882d72829258fdb0e9075e67bMehdi Soleimannejad — Bug 1401336 - Make user-initiated syncs ignore account sync settings. r=Grisha Kruglov
ebf0a7b3181733d31d75e2498255782580ec147bJustin Wood — Bug 1401546 - Flip windows spidermonkey jobs in taskcluster to tier 1. r=sfink
dc35a4abe1305e0ab3638b695d2734e8de7d2329Ed Lee — Bug 1401683 - Add section deduping, about:home telemetry and bug fixes to Activity Stream. r=k88hudson
89b1fac5342d401365727928dedc87254a7ec748Hiroyuki Ikezoe — servo: Merge #18572 - Handle !important in keyframe (from hiikezoe:immportant-in-keyframe); r=emilio
2d5c378f56108610c674b8ba8147f969c166ef48Tom Tromey — Bug 1399911 - preserve sourceURL comment directive on style sheets; r=bz,heycam
8e98f894a8a322859c307c84778eada9444a5dfdKearwood "Kip" Gilbert — Bug 1381085 - Submit VR frames with a separate ID3DDeviceContextState r=daoshengmu
a88a995faeedd735e3d3e737e17de2e2e46ea6eeKartikaya Gupta — Bug 1401651 - Remove obsolete documentation entries. r=cpeterson
50ed4d668bf776fc022d8306fe90e2c6e6eca0b8Sebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset 6aa63fcf5c4e (bug 1373853) for leaking preferences windows, e.g. after browser-chrome's browser/base/content/test/general/browser_bug735471.js ran. r=backout
802042e3b5e061a3e832289021e02e6ac7718377Chenxia Liu — Bug 1400950 - Don't draw divider above Highlights title. r=mcomella
517ccb27a05c7dd0fa5bc16488cfe6c24106de62Chenxia Liu — Bug 1400950 - Update AS panel color. r=mcomella
fbd44d38b79e69d500fd49716269185da7aef8a4Chenxia Liu — Bug 1400950 - Update title font size and spacing. r=mcomella
ef94a037bab9ad9bee020c25e2e89c6338027c23Chenxia Liu — Bug 1400950 - Update string for "MORE" link to be caps. r=mcomella
f39c3b2da2d12890a0c1d11b217a90f22fb1d9ceSebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset 6de16b8f63dc (bug 1388832) for failing browser-chrome's browser/components/customizableui/test/browser_customization_context_menus.js. r=backout
072a236f67fe85171955a001ef3ee12fb830365fChenxia Liu — Bug 1395792 - Hide Highlights empty state when Highlights are disabled. r=mcomella
ed817e1a17ba8a2f66c955a6b5bf252d7e8e8985Chenxia Liu — Bug 1395792 - Destroy loaders on reload. r=mcomella
b5b59c79c04d99502da95c90b39ea32186ef2432Chenxia Liu — Bug 1395792 - Add show/hide to onBindVH. r=mcomella
4a9fda296c1ae3d75e9b76675f827a17c69d79c8Chenxia Liu — Bug 1395792 - Add listener for AS SharedPreferences. r=mcomella
6fae3d9c774a9bb6908fb5c182d0e302ba7fb88aDoug Thayer — Bug 1401223 - Flip badged menu icon direction under rtl r=Gijs
6aa63fcf5c4ec13f9bef8ff21d9fea7a04d5436aMark Striemer — Bug 1373853 - Show extension that is controlling the new tab in preferences r=jaws
1459712dc9cae49898e4aa2a89f4b6836c522946Jan Henning — Bug 1401279 - Ensure that the menu itself is initialised as well when returning the menu panel. r=nechen
83fdd1638d8e024167520b38deda513f6ce1d6cfDustin J. Mitchell — Bug 1401183: raise KeyError from list_artifacts when none is found; r=glandium
cb6711fd369452c089aa9a2d026639743f6a2cffChris Manchester — Bug 1373395 - Upload chrome-map.json during code coverage builds. r=mshal
cdaeacba2c3215d8f52445126de93e5e9282236eJan Henning — Bug 1400544 - Include full host name in site identity popup. r=liuche
65537efd1f7262c7c43aa552fc2660a3e9960c81Jan Henning — Bug 1391421 - Part 9 - Add a basic Robocop test for IDN domain support. r=gbrown
3cb0b289475c028cc9c532ed277e74d09946f906Jan Henning — Bug 1391421 - Part 8 - Fix site identity handling. r=jwu
77084cd51869771c19d8c8e5af2ea13ce3cf66c8Jan Henning — Bug 1391421 - Part 7 - Switch addon/theme install prompts to Unicode domains. r=jwu
7707e5ec573c6bfadde7e3e7812a56603bbc38e8Jan Henning — Bug 1391421 - Part 6 - Switch context menus to Unicode domains. r=jwu
0f3603bb20458ab0419ffa8df7e4a2a8c7fd5d12Jan Henning — Bug 1391421 - Part 5 - Normalise the saved "appOrigin" to Unicode. r=jwu
89aa265c6be94b04701a4b6ecc3a51f135f42030Jan Henning — Bug 1391421 - Part 4 - Switch Session Store to save the "display" URL. r=mikedeboer
458c41e006705917c1e189385422d000b405288eJan Henning — Bug 1391421 - Part 3 - Switch various places that can end up being user-visible to use Unicode domains. r=esawin,jwu
2394625be48336e05eefb2aa3baf78b659a6b461Jan Henning — Bug 1391421 - Part 2 - Make script dialogues use the Unicode domain as title. r=baku
c9bfc364426e39047b46dea407839ff3b75c7897Jan Henning — Bug 1391421 - Part 1 - Switch nsAndroidHistory to Unicode domains. r=esawin
6de16b8f63dcd2667b307ccb9d2c44783fb646f4Sam Foster — Bug 1388832 - Fix right-click on searchbar when in overflow menu. r=jaws
6169cd08ca7d5912648e2f640d17d556355eb7a8Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound. a=merge
47f7b6c64265bc7bdd22eef7ab71abc97cf3f8bfRyan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset fc352698b470 (bug 1397438) for talos perf-reftest-stylo-disabled-e10s failures.
540d10078b32f3f2426dc208df2fd710bb5c7ca1Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset 6918dea06b7b (bug 1400147) for causing various form autofill heuristics xpcshell failures on Beta 57.
45b6bcd4422245ded71191437fb4018e895ad178sotaro — Bug 1399652 - Add more IPCOpen() checks to WebRenderBridgeChild r=kats
ed32591c239402478f5ff2858e55faf065087728Wes Kocher — Merge m-c to inbound, a=merge
e024769dac36e22935f1e64a328bb15334d6bdefGeoff Brown — Bug 1400979 - Follow-up: Skip test-verify on linux64-ccov; r=gmierz
545dfc344b3608bceae2d021f47af3fd8ec2bcb3Mason Chang — Bug 1399692 - Backed out changeset 46f0b004bdd2 for not cleaning up content client on the right thread. r=bas
fa279c97fca18b99615e64808b6a596f20dc18b8Ryan VanderMeulen — Bug 1401771 - Update pdf.js to version 1.9.583. r=bdahl
51711f2c9cae02483300eaaf12badc73a39e24b1Dan Minor — Bug 1373843 - Add -fsanitize-coverage to cflags in nicer.gyp; r=posidron
a88ee0137c104a57c747cd129c45952ccf1431adNathan Froyd — Bug 1401662 - don't inline nsThreadManager::get(); r=erahm
06eacffae8c8d2bec170b2ad6e6bfa4f95410e39Michael Layzell — Bug 1401685 - Don't skip sending BHR ping if it is empty, r=froydnj
efff4f307675a2226d4ef5867d64b6499bde39e3Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge mozilla-central to beta. a=merge, l10n=me on a CLOSED TREE
f8dd3f21e434be32fe5901849f1723b0e64cf668Geoff Brown — Bug 1400979 - Follow-up: Skip test-verify on linux64-ccov; r=gmierz a=merge
61340c7debf6dccec3b863d1bc00426feac42fe7Wes Kocher — Merge inbound to central, a=merge
789e21a08030b00acd832a58268680dede2e7a1bAaron Klotz — Bug 1399557: Follow-up: Add check for expected error code; r=bustage
2c443551b3cc3d280a89a300954abb7374b72309Byron Campen [:bwc] — Bug 1383019: Move more logic under the protection of nsTimerImpl::mMutex, and simplify. r=froydnj, a=abillings
319a34bea9e4f3459886b5b9e835bd338320f1fdWes Kocher — Merge autoland to central, a=merge
fc0e284fb21bbb2524a16f60a04a806d3b905d1fAndrew McCreight — Bug 1176342, part 2 - De-COM the flags for InitClassesWithNewWrappedGlobal. r=mrbkap
57e73bbccac7398902937aaa43ed25b1a3aa3368Andrew McCreight — Bug 1176342, part 1 - De-COM InitClassesWithNewWrappedGlobal. r=mrbkap
cd809c5e79a56312d24f83c6a51b5ff6563f22b4Bobby Holley — Bug 1401317 - Reftest. r=me
ef5d46900a24420c2de09a342437c38afcacaa01Bobby Holley — Bug 1401317 - Disable lazy pseudo caching when the originating element's primary style was reused via the rule node. r=emilio
cd4bfa0b73b3eccd692e390a307ba78b355a1fc7Brad Werth — Bug 1401063: Cache remaining gtk window and button colors to eliminate on-demand gtk calls in ::NativeGetColor. r=karlt
d0e11356fe9cc950396857364217a7df8b233e4fRob Wu — Bug 1401511 - Don't mutate return value of FindProxyForURL r=mixedpuppy
48290c6e4a03f1f5c86a0e2f9dba18384e5d05b6Johann Hofmann — Bug 1394451 - Add an illustration to net errors. r=ewright
4c93bc2592827f23e1acdef73216f24c68d3a522Jared Wein — Bug 1400975 - Add specific placeholders for the sidebar search boxes. r=adw
c21a648327d2ec27b7ee574c2cc2f1b29a3432ffSebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset 928f5840c78d (bug 1392200) for Windows bustage at gfx/layers/d3d11/TextureD3D11.cpp(1132). r=backout
9883a2bd5c76d65da053a1867de867966db2125bSebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset 3844ac09ae6a (bug 1392200)
c5d703bcca5125024da1e02868a962300d907012Sebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset a2169b64cac2 (bug 1392200)
a2169b64cac2b7297dceac1b8219d7be23c585a8Morris Tseng — Bug 1392200 - Turn on some backface-visibility reftests. r=kats
3844ac09ae6a0b4d10b57850b8d97c1113c40e8fMorris Tseng — Bug 1392200 - Add backface-visibility support for layers-free mode. r=kats
928f5840c78d9edd83c496e136e5b054ffb073a9Morris Tseng — Bug 1392200 - Update interfaces for backface-visibility support. r=kats
dbe8d28ff6effc8ceb07fdd38b73cc0815b237beSebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset 658b68ee4d0a (bug 1401383) for frequently failing browser-chrome's browser/components/extensions/test/browser/browser_ext_browserAction_popup_resize.js, especially on Linux x64 asan. r=backout
5e19b6a153a62680c3edb31a09db9ab1a39b2833Johann Hofmann — Bug 1401523 - Add 1px vertical padding to bookmark items. r=mak
1d37fb0f952be71f2f45522365be62c14bcd5993Thom Chiovoloni — Bug 1401382 - Make it safe to await inside async TPS handlers r=markh
ab1e0e06445226d0cadf3a1f12fac576c770584dJohann Hofmann — Bug 1399498 - Make chrome background show in tabs on Windows 7 and remove glass fog on default theme. r=dao
0a26b0e8ffeb6a26e0c2149091a6942e6920fb58Sebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset 5b56ebe80e22 (bug 1400438) for heap write hazard. r=backout
ff6c67a5c98680051727e4e9aac42fd28ca59119Sebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset 61a277705d59 (bug 1400438) for heap write hazard. r=backout
f9e527aa4ba5d497880de2a677c51b8ee6e27e63JW Wang — Bug 1401366. P2 - bail out Observe() if not subcribed per comment 2. r=kaku
0848279b2b72c10e8ae6b3cfcdff2e97355dc593JW Wang — Bug 1401366. P1 - format HTMLMediaElement::ShutdownObserver. r=kaku
648e06c8b1b557c199d7c0ea0cf153cc1ad1bfe2Michael Froman — Bug 1396419 - adding null checks to avoid intermittent crash. r=drno
c2de01dc7c105214ffa0f75b61a7e5e0df2b98a5Mark Banner — Bug 1401242 - Fix removing bookmarks from tag groups - when getting the tagGuid from the node, we must get it async, rather than using the concrete guid. r=mak
39b1badf8930068d09478b89a21621c17244f06eGijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1401232 - ensure sidebar persists correctly on update, r=bgrins
7cd3e6b51b63e8af01c728674726eeebd22e9dbcRob Wood — Bug 1401550 - Move talos tp6 OSX jobs from central to autoland; r=jmaher
76ba215c8f256d9f518c1107c89ec037fedc29b7Tom Tromey — Bug 1388789 - clean up \0 emission in nsTextFormatter; r=froydnj
2409839d34ba36791e3910083afb6d364a85d0bcTom Tromey — Bug 1388789 - normalize null string handling in nsTextFormatter; r=froydnj
e261f147b65f0871223d21bcb170b05da79c4d8cTom Tromey — Bug 1388789 - use nsTextFormatter::ssprintf in more places; r=froydnj
5a294c3eff7cad30386079148ed7ba6872283584Tom Tromey — Bug 1388789 - make nsTextFormatter runtime type-safe; r=froydnj
2c6474a8bc311bd18f71d9a19d568a3a69210bd3Tom Tromey — Bug 1388789 - change return values of nsTextFormatter::vs{s,v}printf; r=froydnj
2aa6bbd7fca8687c08e107863baef93918f91788Tom Tromey — Bug 1388789 - handle unrecognized escapes in nsTextFormatter; r=froydnj
ed7a9616664877b2a543deb84090201a0543b2d5Tom Tromey — Bug 1388789 - fix invalid format in; r=flod,pbro
c118b2a8f1b12e7354b8fe284b489310bc717d99Tom Tromey — Bug 1388789 - replace hex strings with static arrays; r=froydnj
ec3f626df9d1fde0095c0df104a7f4e7863ca5ffTom Tromey — Bug 1388789 - remove prio.h include from nsTextFormatter.h; r=froydnj
e9844f691218261440035e835748826b64c7ca38Tom Tromey — Bug 1388789 - make va_list nsTextFormatter private; r=froydnj
81457c20869561533141c80aaf762a39ecfedbdaMike de Boer — Bug 1398531 - Toolbarbuttons are standardized with a min-height of 24px, but the zoom percentage button is text-only, thus needs a different treatment. r=Gijs
5a1251678a2c07b94c82a10b72975b306989215dMike de Boer — Bug 1388422 - Remove all traces of the Customize Mode tip panel that no longer applies. r=Gijs
3440f3e480ebac94ca6abe87e4c427930d50eef6Mike de Boer — Bug 1388422 - Clean up all traces of the 'browser.uiCustomization.disableAnimation' pref used to disable Customize Mode transitions in unit tests. r=Gijs
736598341c098a396d99c1d492b0030defd54ea2Mike de Boer — Bug 1379357 - Ensure that the zoom button the app menu has a fixed width to fit the 100% label, so that the buttons next to it don't move when the label gets slimmer. r=Gijs
a47b3201ed3ee86de64d782d6611a8ad0bab9b2fErica Wright — Bug 1401485 - Move aboutRights.css to toolkit. r=dao
e5517a3809d4e3370ebcf4532f5dc193a9f98f14Simon Sapin — servo: Merge #18576 - Update some dependencies to fix some warnings (from servo:warn); r=nox
e0277058bf3457dd0279b64a7ac98ee10307c4b7Ricky Chien — Bug 1400595 - Allow Preferences search engine table scrollable only if its items are overflow r=jaws
ead4f1cf5c5a41dd354ae85e74f27d06c7149798Andreas Tolfsen — Bug 1400225 - Subscribe to and relay web content DOM events. r=automatedtester,whimboo
10d88df8b5d60a5eebf46e39ca6c605387c64887Andrew Halberstadt — Bug 1400424 - [tryselect] Make sure taskgraph generation is run from topsrcdir, r=dustin
78dd40f48c52a9b0f2ae57c8d5dc52a3b52d96aeDustin J. Mitchell — Bug 1401180: rename 'toolchain' transform to 'use_toolchains'; r=glandium
fc352698b470e0694b87a8cc907b7b482e90e97aRob Wood — Bug 1397438 - Add subtests support for talos base vs ref pageloader tests; r=jmaher
7a40d9d95e3c59295b0d7adafbad27e777d1c20cSebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset 48e2fba9e04e (bug 1398522) for failing devtools' devtools/client/netmonitor/test/browser_net_headers_sorted.js. r=backout
e16813cc3600bf4ed0dad980b5b60ae3db3744efSebastian Hengst — merge mozilla-central to autoland. r=merge a=merge
61a277705d59e27daefc3acd3a54a8798277da07Xidorn Quan — Bug 1400438 - Use array instead of linked list for -moz-border-*-colors. r=heycam,mattwoodrow
5b56ebe80e22951f549728908f5551d4c6379148Xidorn Quan — servo: Merge #18574 - Use array instead of linked list for -moz-border-*-colors (from upsuper:moz-border-colors-array); r=heycam
f3b8f72c3d894f5517fbf5daeea6b3c4f61a69efDavid Teller — Bug 1401299 - Removing leftover putc(stderr, ...) from ParseNode;r=nbp
969ff8612b148e51b3cafaa369859ca2ffbb8425Simon Fraser — Bug 1401504 Fix balrog platform used for linux32 lookups r=jlorenzo
3e62ada4597760ff84d1e66ec74f8d056619b8edGijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1401238 - remove pocket entries in bookmarks menu button panel and bookmarks menu, r=jaws
b2cc2a66454502872eb313a67cbc9556e21ab492Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1401238 - remove recent bookmarks from the bookmarks menu button and toplevel bookmarks menu, r=mak
b9dbaf2a0834c798c04d5d541a2e35874d10a963James Graham — Bug 1401489 - Generate wptreport json files for web-platform tests in CI, r=maja_zf
2fb9198e5a1dd2f007d342386f049f584650bc28Alexandre Poirot — Bug 1394804 - Update and sign DAMP add-on. r=ochameau
a42d926ae8a860b916b179bfa73ecd86a1164732Alexandre Poirot — Bug 1394804 - Restart firefox between each DAMP runs and record a "cold-load" run for the inspector. r=bgrins,jmaher
1e3b88f4c9bd40d177bd4bbc39d61f703063a961Alexandre Poirot — Bug 1394804 - Lazy load all dependencies from DAMP. r=bgrins
1bd12fd8c15ec2cf6959967be015f5eb080e4ecdTed Campbell — Bug 1401014 - Fix resume point in IonBuilder::setPropTryInlineAccess r=jandem
905ddac6491cca547135660ad0abdc75380002b4abhinav — Bug 1382187 - Theme specific filter added to devtools notification bar 'close' icon. r=Honza
3ed409890cbb3010f216e4def893cc8a5e4e7339Anthony Ramine — servo: Merge #18573 - Introduce TaskOnce (from servo:TASKS); r=SimonSapin
658b68ee4d0ae1b6c5ffb44ed38c310f50d4b283Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1401383 - remove anchor state after transition even if the transition is canceled, and always set main view as current, r=mikedeboer
865bfef2c528b19d30b838760a84cc87f57886a6Nevin Chen — Bug 1400804 - First run tour - the Sync button is not visible. r=jwu
48e2fba9e04e3d209b92a02d1e7198ac879703e9abhinav — Bug 1398522 - Sort 'Request-Headers' and 'Response-Headers' in 'Headers' tab. r=Honza
b165925af92a92dc59d8d07acd4bdacee7e6bc36Jing-wei Wu — Bug 1400858 - Introduce class CheckableFadedSingleColorTextView for supporting 'Checkable' status. r=nechen
4d6c6ad5642940e66b7a6714d3fd16633682fe5dBobby Holley — servo: Merge #18571 - Add a geckolib API to check for primary style reuse (from bholley:primary_reuse_api); r=emilio
437aef38f07e7812a6964aa266801f702ca6d65fgasolin — Bug 1399955 - set notification-body max height to show more description;r=rexboy
ac48d6f6f4d25f145aba401e389309998d1101a5gasolin — Bug 1399955 - set menu item max height to show 2 lines properly;r=rexboy
5db1536c77f3d7d9eb6e3d9f512abe95259f6748Sebastian Hengst — merge mozilla-central to autoland. r=merge a=merge
d817c91e1e56c62735fe367b74f893f188a0f174Miko Mynttinen — Bug 1379406 - Store DisplayItemClipChains in AutoTArray with a larger initial size r=mstange
46ce0f1dcd55b4674b02958d203b0b272d61fc67Henrik Adolfsson — Bug 1366369 - Change default theme icons. r=dao
c613a3d09cc1aae32f012e9f880791022951ab67Drew Willcoxon — Bug 1380021 - Remove 5000ms timeout from browser_PageActions.js test. r=Gijs
d78e78de5d8a271b12f869483b5e91dcb7b5a4e3Luca Greco — Bug 1401293 - Remove unneeded special handling for the devtools panel from extension-process-script.js. r=kmag
6918dea06b7bfb2bd6d26da1640cd0a0d6da341cSean Lee — Bug 1400147 - Ignore the credit card regexps when extensions.formautofill.creditCards.available is false. r=lchang
8918870e7a2028ff664d553bb3c78e001160cf52Evan Tseng — Bug 1398050 - Polish preferences page to match visual spec. r=mconley
f599f522b02ec1e7c4b7302ba8e31a716832b0c9Ting-Yu Lin — Bug 1289049 Part 4 - Make <basic-shape> animatable for shape-outside for gecko style system. r=boris
92bb93a96a44b37be998a7a1536e2f8751d528f7Ting-Yu Lin — Bug 1289049 Part 3 - Add CSS_PROPERTY_STORES_CALC flag to "shape-outside" property. r=boris
132a940e3e5f3d069cde7f4d04c178f14f43e918Ting-Yu Lin — Bug 1289049 Part 2 - Extract a helper function ExtractComputedValueFromShapeSource(). r=boris
1d5f95ad941eedae37a240fe2a4217b4ea54448cTing-Yu Lin — Bug 1289049 Part 1 - Use shape source instead of clip path in naming. r=boris
d74f41e430657e24ffed9209e21f2a97909a94e1JW Wang — Bug 1401460 - update principals in OnStartRequest(). r=gerald
3da75f798507be65851fc426a205767c230a0787abhinav — Bug 1379442 - Fix styling of nodeinfobar on RTL sites by setting writing-mode/direction to 'initial'. r=pbro
b8a7df0b3a46603083eaba1e5d09b1f20ee81e5cAndi-Bogdan Postelnicu — Bug 1328454 - Run static analysis based on clang-tidy from mach. r=glandium
45c37f5287f762b99c07daebf8d3c17d3bc6bddfBlake Kaplan — servo: Merge #18569 - Bug 1398393 - Add a way to initialize a cooperative thread in servo (from mrbkap:1398393-cooperative-thread-tagging); r=emilio
c041f734d59f73ad77d0efc511e3b16b3860ac6cBas Schouten — Bug 1400573: Back out initial fix for bug 1392453. r=mchang
74608fbc8d5686c76fbc3f115ef04931be808451Andrew Osmond — Bug 1401668 - Change ImageBridgeParent to acquire a compositor thread reference on construction. r=dvander
7e16f505b25f498935afa0dbc893cb9eef2d1207James Willcox — Bug 1400878 - Don't show keyboard on Android unless the user caused it r=jchen
282b2976adfdb47f3756af5c4ce11c6d9d0ae798Aaron Klotz — Bug 1399557: Add diagnostic asserts to interceptor creation code; r=jimm
454abbc380ed579a83c43bbcbda4b8757363c79dGeoff Brown — Bug 1400979 - Do not run test-verify on linux64-ccov; r=gmierz
7c2ee49644722c8c2f6340ba5fa911bbb2e518dfGeoff Brown — Bug 1401022 - Reduce taskcluster max-run-time for Android Debug mochitests and reftests; r=jmaher
7aa9a38d74bab3e0bbdc46944b4fa5ed5020db6fAndré Bargull — Bug 1398928 - Pass correct argument to SpeciesConstructor call. r=till
65f8abeba6c6afc305e3713d18f11571d4ae693dTom Tung — Bug 1400282 - Add a test to verify cache's operations won't run out of fd. r=bkelly
c07a2daeb7444862123aeda6f8186c0fd990d136André Bargull — Bug 1401148 - Don't count duplicate extension sequence values as variants in BCP49 language tags. r=gandalf
469eb992a9d166004f2601ce725786f671219054Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changesets a182935e2bd4 and 0735f44b742a (bug 1393374) for failures on Beta 57.
c83fc4d57beb43a625c582d2c959242fc6566832Wes Kocher — Backed out 2 changesets (bug 1376231) for reftest failures in 1376231-vertical-gpos-adjustments-ref.html a=backout
a079a0a2971dc11a7b88670d48dff46b011dac04Jon Coppeard — Bug 1399866 - Dump more info on gray marking failure r=sfink
fbdfaa4bae2d1efadd68f7cac2fdefc2e24dd79cJon Coppeard — Bug 1399866 - Add gray marking assertions when setting proxy target r=sfink
5e070a86daad50fa6ea1902f86bf9d29fad390bfKris Maglione — Bug 1401422: Bail out from idle callback if frameloader is being destroyed. r=mikedeboer
440965fa9a236c5d4ac69c84c6080a4be75fc0abSebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset 699842251977 (bug 1401319) for spidermonkey arm bustage. r=backout
e3835d35a46ed3450b2b99eccc1045f9c9022fbeJan de Mooij — Bug 1401577 - Optimize object flag accessors on native objects. r=anba
7b5664b73b5bc700ee5c4befb10cdce2d9cff47effxbld — No bug, Automated HPKP preload list update from host bld-linux64-spot-306 - a=hpkp-update
3950b9ded99d0d20244fcbb7f4424c81c1a4ecd6ffxbld — No bug, Automated HSTS preload list update from host bld-linux64-spot-306 - a=hsts-update
e4edd97bf01a822c56c9536cde860c0d0f9f14daJonathan Kew — Bug 1376231 - Reftest for GPOS-feature adjustments to vertical glyph advances. r=jrmuizel
b36ff08b10ee4703833852ab058799ba0a232550Jonathan Kew — Bug 1376231 - Invert the sign of glyph advance and origin y-coordinates in vertical mode, to match harfbuzz expectations, and then convert the resulting glyph positioning back to gecko's orientation. r=jrmuizel
776eb784874a71e4c0acb31a6e5c8a0b409fad83Ben Kelly — Bug 1336364 P9 Block storage denied windows from ServiceWorker.postMessage() and clients.matchAll(). r=asuth
6d44c48ca49e18f71ddd56b9fc6225d248069213Ben Kelly — Bug 1336364 P8 Expand test_third_party_iframes.html to verify worker scripts are intercepted. r=asuth
33e5d35a8df46799efe8092597c53cde4343367bBen Kelly — Bug 1336364 P7 Add a mochitest to verify subresource fetch events still work with 3rd party iframe cookies disabled. r=asuth
ea1993fd683d83fc287f02232e59c331efc4b956Ben Kelly — Bug 1336364 P6 Ensure that we don't control a document if its window cannot access storage. r=asuth
33e7c326e42fb78984bbf9ea92f7639507e3c0e4Ben Kelly — Bug 1336364 P5 Disable service worker getRegistrations() if storage is disallowed for a window. r=asuth
864019cce2c952a77abb48b288b2600cd0cd075eBen Kelly — Bug 1336364 P4 Disallow service worker register() is storage is forbidden for the window. r=asuth
4326596d4880308b4acc6be1f401ef468dd11ae4Ben Kelly — Bug 1336364 P3 Restrict service worker interception for more cookie policies. r=asuth
269f242c98dcfedad395a4eed745658095898cbeBen Kelly — Bug 1336364 P2 Fix the SW interception 3rd party cookie check to only apply to non-subresource requests and to properly check top window URI. r=smaug
9caa08b97a7dac57c99c623cf591a10ab99cfc01Ben Kelly — Bug 1336364 P1 Refact nsDocShell::ShouldPrepareForIntercept() to short-circuit on subresource instead of non-subresource. r=smaug
16f7779bc325484892766b270986f2bbaacbe2bcRalph Giles — Bug 1394696 - stylo: Suppress valgrind warning. r=jseward
35e80f56a79726c4c79b559a07e43324264a3b61Sebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset 3c7dfc3cc0c0 (bug 1401243) on request from sfink (issue with hazard build). r=backout on a CLOSED TREE
269c3306bcfd55fcbc757995d763088fdcf573abSebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset f668fa4b566d (bug 1401243)
f668fa4b566d4cfe2ddcda84989d7c2df48eac9dSteve Fink — Bug 1401243 followup - fix explicit constructor warning on a CLOSED TREE
d375b8dad67e21de64df02b21e508e94de609e16Florian Quèze — Bug 1394517 - URL bar drop-down arrow should only be shown when hovering the urlbar container, r=jaws, ui-r=shorlander.
6998422519778a38cfde7e901d05919fde0b023bSteve Fink — Bug 1401319 - Implement xulRuntime.is64Bit for manifest tests, r=jonco
3c7dfc3cc0c0c9dabcaa80dce62bad1faa381e83Steve Fink — Bug 1401243 - Remove AutoGCRooter for Parser, r=jonco
938750d859b85600b84013bd6dea63db1c32d135Stephen A Pohl — Bug 1401297: Followup to fix the selector checks in changeset f53d94fca971. r=mstange
b3637dfc01ba79a37c2e3a0c4b65eacd1bb0fa56Stephen A Pohl — Bug 1398582: Followup to fix the selector checks in changeset e4ac2e4268c7. r=mstange
4193c11e97aeab5a258d5499bf4a4d9177b27380Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 1399722 - Don't prevent changing the selection in the editor when setting the value attribute; r=masayuki
4d924f659b8cbc214e233bb4ea005ceaa84c42a1Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 1401225 - Pass the correct length when collapsing the selection in EditorBase::SetTextImpl(); r=masayuki
aa3fff074f3248cb11c4552dda41b533bd8016c2Jon Coppeard — Bug 1400278 - Now fix style check bustage r=me
df1139be8b06eb32dfb95e708e9537079b21e532Sebastian Hengst — merge mozilla-central mozilla-inbound. r=merge a=merge
5e2869a877a66bcf7f4b52a9769b0761f964f597Jon Coppeard — Bug 1400278 - Fix non-unified build bustage r=me
0c49ebf4195ce51072b24aacf01eaaffdcff9be6Sebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset c863089c7166 (bug 1399853) for changing string texts without altering string ids. r=backout a=backout
29b2e8acf5f925c4ee2c5534f02bc9608afd674aJon Coppeard — Bug 1400278 - Replace runtime allocation with system or zone allocation where possible r=jandem
065aebfbdd75820c73419a3173dbf1c5bca1ab00Jon Coppeard — Bug 1400278 - Replace use of RuntimeAllocPolicy with ZoneAllocPolicy r=sfink
6c960c257d13ba003045d784e3805fc7cacee0a6Jon Coppeard — Bug 1400278 - Fix compilation errors to do with unreachable return statements r=jandem
b95045e6223be4ef08d60b34577f48be87c95aabJon Coppeard — Bug 1400278 - Move definition of ZoneAllocPolicy to jsalloc.h r=sfink
8658f8f875d1d3015de7cdc495edea872436403fNicholas Nethercote — Bug 1401427 - Fix leak in the UACacheReporter and re-enable it. r=heycam.
d5e1533786ee8a8f754ef737ccd7980d30818e93Nicolas Silva — Bug 1400532 - Separate small and large shmem allocations in IpcResourceUpdateQueue. r=jrmuizel
5c407eb7c7ef6cf42c1611dee2152cdee6a25e56Nicolas Silva — Bug 1393031 - Remove unused nsTArray<WebRenderParentCommand>& parameter all over the place. r=jrmuizel
0ecd18f1020354adbdbc6ba3734ae69b1621c88aNicolas Silva — Bug 1393031 - Remove OpAddExternalImage from WebRenderParentCommands. r=sotaro
94f776f0a81665c6bdbe7bf6cea246810b2e3c12Dan Minor — Bug 1373843: Change assertion about message length to error in stun_codec.c; r=drno
34ddff9dde5093e226866c74cda9f74aaf4fade8Nils Ohlmeier [:drno] — Bug 1373843: Add a libfuzzer test for the stun parser; r=decoder
6985520d35f0eab6edf367866c4698bbf1daa975Florian Quèze — Bug 1399660 - Remove the 'setTimeout handler' stack frames in browser_urlbar_keyed_search_reflows.js, rs=mak over IRC.
0ff539e59fb14f92c2990d0742f5f1f16aa82ff1Olli Pettay — Bug 1400520 - VisitEntries should decrease the length of mEntries the optimal amount, r=mccr8
eab55565955de81c880c31c1e1c37506b5b042e0Jan de Mooij — Bug 1384121 part 2 - Add asserts to catch similar bugs and fix some false positives. r=nbp
15f2fbd686f628d014429b0ae5cab1f44541fe2aNicolas B. Pierron — Bug 1385842 - Clean-up InWorklist flags in case of OOM. r=tcampbell
6d8d80beb8c82d1617b9fe939fe6035df3044738Sebastian Hengst — merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound. r=merge a=merge
4c86474c75be02a4d568a33bce49d31bbbf88fa5Tooru Fujisawa — Bug 1394682 - Use template object for iterator result object. r=djvj
1d76fe320d1a10c903ea139296c35bde38136db8Tooru Fujisawa — Bug 1396398 - Fix comment for MAGIC_NUMBER. r=Yoric
a551e2cfcd5874f8afd579afec4cf9c1a56503cfSebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset d67b9fdabf9d (bug 1399789) on suspicion of causing Android build bustage. r=backout
38375565ef08fbc63dc4b3f98eee84ebd4e67a8bJon Coppeard — Bug 1400478 - Dump object class info if we find a compartment mismatch during marking r=sfink
598b7dc5fb33e8eb624c69207747b96e325ecef3Jon Coppeard — Bug 1401141 - Fix ZonesIter to return helper thread zones that are not yet being used r=sfink
98c159aec57e9231e10c2a9d373c3a8eb079c45aJonathan Kew — Bug 1377515 - Use GetFontTable rather than CopyFontTable in gfxDWriteFontEntry::IsCJKFont() to try and avoid copying. r=bas
65f9f54bd7bfc5f569a29d61c9fc3723a54cdbedNicolas Silva — Bug 1393031 - Use IpcResourceUpdateQueue in more places. r=jrmuizel
a937c7957c5f1957a32d797002c8e808741f6d21Nicolas Silva — Bug 1393031 - Begin moving OpAddExternalImage to IpcResourceUpdateQueue and recycle image keys in WebRenderImageLayer. r=jrmuizel
823029de25d1d3bfc3a4cad30f75effbc3aeef37Jan Varga — Bug 1399322 - Don't assume that HoldWorker() call must always succeed. IDBTransaction::Create() is now fallible again; r=asuth
d67b9fdabf9dd65f9b0a5a50ff24a94987b7a628Jan Varga — Bug 1399789 - Bring back nsSubstringSplitter/nsCSubstringSplitter forward declarations; r=erahm
76aceb596872aef0261a7771b7a9e07828db55a7Franziskus Kiefer — Bug 1399100 - fix follow-up, r=kaie
aff312af1dec2af03d190a0851147d39fb422a55Dão Gottwald — Bug 1398319 - Update about dialog wordmark for release. r=dolske
4bfb0b8fb6b1da31cb6c22b243bb071b6db01984Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge mozilla-central to beta. a=merge, l10n=me on a CLOSED TREE
a20de99fa3c1ba6287fe47d493a859a4e95120b0Sebastian Hengst — merge mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central. r=merge a=merge
46c0aa7327b3a5035e8678def3e2d216c4fb634aFranziskus Kiefer — Bug 1386955 - land NSS_3_33_RTM, no code changes, only version numbers, UPGRADE_NSS_RELEASE, r=me
d4f82b73ba6d6959c7bece6026744f0e2d8e2c6bBrian Birtles — Bug 1314537 - Drop comment reference to SharedKeyframeList; r=comment-only, DONTBUILD
72b1e768c334d814da7156bb17eee55da766549dMike Hommey — No bug - Remove a comment that has no significance after bug 1395776. r=me
a7b3fe40c4f4d3d602ec04d1c13f3e8be2aa6a1dTobias Schneider — Bug 1399605 - Fix wrong test being skipped. r=mrbkap
309140f65fc5820fa8ccab5f238d8d5c48283f82Jonathan Watt — Bug 1342951, part 4 - Add a version of SVGTextFrame::GetSubStringLength that can be used independantly of reflow, to avoid sync reflows. r=heycam
302d9e49ac753edc83e1503c098cfe1007fdc8ceJonathan Watt — Bug 1342951, part 3 - Support recording of SVGTextFrame correspondence before reflow. r=heycam
c0769d228dd3ba666d6e9b02896bebef7e996ad5Jing-wei Wu — Bug 1401457 - Update the logo icon for search activity. r=nechen
7bd14c0f640672f735af6aff9474e7185611ecfaLocke Chen — Bug 1390037 - Implement chrome connector to support Chrome RDP for netmonitor. r=Honza
9d2af29630cf63da091d907fc02d77ca9c9e5cfeRay Lin — Bug 1400665 - Add a explicit check for fieldDetail to avoid calling a method of "undefined". r=lchang
a182935e2bd40f64677c0add246ae2191391b780Ray Lin — Bug 1393374 - Part 2. Add a credit card basic autofill mochitest. r=lchang
0735f44b742a1d2bfb00310df2115e27f3e4d0b7Ray Lin — Bug 1393374 - Part 1. Introduce credit card helper functions in formautofill mochitest. r=lchang
94f70af939b5b8bb32ad9102f9a7073a2b198db6Bobby Holley — Bug 1400435 - Remove special case from analysis. r=sfink
e5bd13138738491c93fe3b1351f670b7202050c3Bobby Holley — Bug 1400435 - Use a more precise check in the nsCSSValue destructor. r=xidorn
0c3c45645636f8b9a5f2d850a533cc97512b69cfGlenn Watson — servo: Merge #18567 - Update WR (quality improvements for subpx text and blur) (from glennw:update-wr-subpx-blur); r=wafflespeanut
3923dbb0879491c11f2c727b24a0c7f605c7d550Ethan Lin — Bug 1397375 - Part3. Remove the related webrender user data when destroying a frame. r=jrmuizel
6b4ff36ca8a685c4dbbce4527b191149283e25c3Ethan Lin — Bug 1397375 - Part2. Add a table in layer manager to keep webrender user data and remove unused data in each transaction. r=jrmuizel
9feb6e1d9e630838a29cb7c384414a4cf1c74b3cEthan Lin — Bug 1397375 - Part1. Store frame, display item key, and user data table in the webrender user data. r=jrmuizel
84c535b614d5f75fa4c805c0ef39b8f39bd25f48JW Wang — Bug 1400155 - early return from NotifyDataReceived() when the stream is already closed. r=gerald
58c5b9d3eab336c3508544ca41f443e8c5e71084JW Wang — Bug 1399760. P3 - keep ID of the loading channel so we check whether the data callback is from an old channel. r=gerald
723726a9d8c3d26d5b3cdf7484183f9669fca6caJW Wang — Bug 1399760. P2 - ensure mCacheStream.NotifyDataStarted() is always called in OnStartRequest(). r=gerald
083932453cfc5cf78c1e745a2cb062aed3f9d4c2JW Wang — Bug 1399760. P1 - remove the CopySegmentToCache() member function. r=gerald
38b7e1cf149f174220e131cb5dd28f714706e525James Cheng — Bug 1401114 - Replace 'if (NS_FAILED(' with 'if (NS_WARN_IF(NS_FAILED(' under dom/media/gmp. r=gerald
c55a11aac9cdd5f8adc9ea6f63d06d60267f1d72Ed Lee — Bug 1401316 - Use favicon from either https or http version of the page. r=ursula
2ecda1649fe43924e185445db870d7fd7e27bb0bEd Lee — Bug 1401418 - Add initialized fade, focus tweaks and bug fixes to Activity Stream. r=dmose
3045288dcb2ebd8106da35ed5067f0edb3f7fb71Nevin Chen — Bug 1400150 - Use Swtichboard to enable Leanplum debugging. r=maliu
1bd488e6c4d64dc1674a95891e8f89f1982ebc62Cameron McCormack — Bug 1368922 - Set mIsDirty atomically. r=hiro
b3619f0787cdd1ece6ff805e0540c99fdef82dc7Louis Chang — Bug 1290782 Part 3 - Add test cases for using an SVG image as border-image. r=cjku,dholbert
f00ccd10b4f55dd290b4d12e8819c4718c41f7deLouis Chang — Bug 1290782 Part 2 - Remove redundant destCtx and IsEmpty check of snappedDestSize since it should always have a value. r=cjku
4dade7ac1e2403d693d59b8501a04c3e043d38ecLouis Chang — Bug 1290782 Part 1 - When drawing a border-image using an SVG image, we should not take into account any transformation of currentMatrix when computing svg viewport size. r=cjku,dholbert
6b2618acffea72ab7e06116680365ad352660823Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 1401427 - Temporarily disable UACacheReporter due to a leak.
2b9dcbd0701a739568267ba2a2614ac0be9ae3b9Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 1400078 - Measure the UA cache. r=njn.
8d9db6f7a86ed2a829b086a4cc15d5ad32af8279Nicholas Nethercote — servo: Merge #18568 - Measure the UA cache (from nnethercote:bug-1400078); r=emilio
ddad6d9b200eeced73e7286c9be93bbd877c7db5Mantaroh Yoshinaga — Bug 1362817 - Drop the DateTimeFormat::FormatTime(). r=m_kato
16deccf18876816db354f58165e1eef7500e2357Mantaroh Yoshinaga — Bug 1362817 - Use PRTime instead of time_t in nsSimplePageSequenceFrame::Reflow. r=m_kato
9d24dfb51c504a3543b69007eae9924fffb9dd0fMichael Comella — Bug 1401385: Add Pin to Top Sites to missing configurations. r=liuche
4c95e94b973b1b57965f23f3126119ce7d37671bThom Chiovoloni — Bug 1393659 - Fix inconsistent handling of max_post_bytes and max_request_bytes r=markh
af468f61fe8a0ee33de3f4558e46217c1ee6d172Mike Hommey — Bug 1401116 - Remove jemalloc symbols from r=njn
f8408a832d3514aa8d88d43ce26b138a52919a04Mike Hommey — Bug 1401101 - Remove the generic replace-malloc library. r=njn
3e84d38ad0b4c7dd46b73663094895fe76f088feLuca Greco — Bug 1401288 - Run remote devtools panel browsers in the right TabGroup. r=aswan
ffddadd962f2abdefb81b2252cc49911b33a8e89Blake Kaplan — Bug 1398396 - Initialize the locale stuff on runtimes instead of contexts. r=billm
9980c7c2f2314036dcf4b95b8f7ea8070dd9d9cfBlake Kaplan — Bug 1398396 - Make locale functions take a runtime instead of a context. r=janv,jorendorff
332b5c019493e543ee322d9a0b84312e573035b9Nihanth Subramanya — Bug 1398183 - Update copy for about:sessionrestore. r=johannh
6a176aa5ce0b0a4fe0b9fbe8f9b76519885ae432Nihanth Subramanya — Bug 1394458 - Update copy for about:tabcrashed. r=johannh
23f0696642c2c375c25119fdb7079b5447ed87c7Johann Hofmann — Bug 1394462 - Update dnsNotFound error copy and illustration. r=nhnt11
18723c6944b1d45e0044e100a8fdc8f573df4714Xidorn Quan — Bug 1400540 - Decide style backend type based on principal. r=bholley
a6f36a2ff650f7a0cda479bfb5dbf38f199c729dFelipe Gomes — Bug 1390706 - Remove Flash CTP rollout addon and make it CTP by default through prefs. r=benjamin+7044
fa4de7ce4de0d9d5fcb4baffa600e439992b9e4bWes Kocher — Merge m-c to autoland, a=merge
0ed0593535e0d6fe78550c0e9f5520e79a164a4fMike Hommey — Bug 1401118 - Avoid having to modify every time we add an allocator API entry point. r=froydnj
bb2d70186f6e6c1d9bd6313def70acc1ee8c5487Sebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset 26f9c5c3f434 (bug 1401316) for failing xpcshell's toolkit/modules/tests/xpcshell/test_NewTabUtils.js. r=backout
60d3233655028c318481f0b546b5875c79cc43a7Henrik Skupin — Bug 1401170 - Bump startup_timeout to 180s for all reftests. r=gbrown
f659596d56f2074544fa82d019d97074ff0402fcHenrik Skupin — Bug 1401170 - Bump startup_timeout to 180s for mochitest and reftests on Buildbot. r=gbrown
7e1111a6f0521a51e6ca0fe553a40348e5de2ed4Bobby Holley — servo: Merge #18566 - Thread state fixes (from bholley:thread_state_fixes); r=Manishearth
6e57f448953dbd8b5df11682ccc13b022269512dPrathiksha — Bug 1400992 - Fix r=francois,whimboo
2bd5e6f268862556ff086477d81d8ed86234be9cSam Foster — Bug 1386726 - Fix alignment of banner item labels in the hamburger menu. r=Gijs
a8d0557f9fc259c35fd047282f06d681461d34a2Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1397790 - add 'open' active state to urlbar buttons, use a more distinct background colour for it, r=abenson+572682,adw
ad4a5b8426edef77c9e2ed9aba138083c9937e64Brian Grinstead — Bug 1397295 - Use environment variables instead of query string for params to Browser Toolbox;r=jryans
f07a6fbba625da26526a24fe04bd01b1f40b1a1bJim Chen — Bug 1400243 - 2. Small fixes to ActionBarHandler and FormAssistant; r=esawin
ef0402ba21c23c957c6ffb56671c10a2680f4005Jim Chen — Bug 1400243 - 1. Use universal DoorHanger in LoginManagerPrompter; r=esawin
26f9c5c3f434500adb3aa7e47c8eebdb9ed45c86Ed Lee — Bug 1401316 - Use favicon from either https or http version of the page. r=ursula
f39fd02e1dc8cf5098b4bf962ed492ef01e3e06fMiko Mynttinen — Bug 1401262 - Allocate DisplayItemClipChain in nsDisplayOpacity::ShouldFlattenAway() from arena r=mstange
847a0c0530a5da33dd8c8434f2ea8453220f406cMarkus Stange — Bug 1401037 - Propagate nsDisplayList::mForceTransparentSurface to the parent list when recursing into flattened items. r=miko
edc888ae6c3e637a444765a6e4b07d224a1aa1f9Jared Wein — Bug 1397907 - Optimize some of the SVG animations a little more. r=sfoster
a2b89eb924d67c9cd40fdd2bf114f978902e52acMarkus Stange — Bug 1401305 - Fix TaskTracer build failure. r=froydnj
8699ae18ef13b3432432f43ee67366a4b39e7b6eServo VCS Sync — No bug - Revendor rust dependencies
f225956e4d48c6f86a8f97f15035dec3ee88fb50Manish Goregaokar — Bug 1401016 - Bump cssparser to 0.21.2; r=SimonSapin
6beb495c45a589db8f48f289f6a11c4b3c39cf39Manish Goregaokar — servo: Merge #18556 - Bump cssparser to 0.21.2 (from Manishearth:cssparserup); r=emilio
cf450ba78f02b0eb5c3f4d1476913360b6781118Jim Chen — Bug 1400886 - Re-enable JSM shared global on mobile; r=jchen
4edef41c7f6cc02c862cadb7195e346cbb27e7baJim Chen — Bug 1400886 - Change BrowserCLH subscripts into modules; r=snorp
c0decd9037fed5ae0afa80dd10702467d7e8379eKit Cambridge — Bug 1401236 - Don't reread already loaded data in `JSONFile#load`. r=Gijs
a86e0e1c7c6318e9664af75c05bcb3ea79687cf4Aaron Klotz — Bug 1401392: Use ApplicationAccessibleWrap for content application accessible on Windows; r=davidb
0ea61fd5fecd6d6af93c8177e4deebb470e0c093Kris Maglione — Bug 1384078: Prevent enter key from closing extension panels. r=Gijs
1303bbfb017d0a7446b959c9fcbe5bb65f296950Kris Maglione — Bug 1398646: Forbid sync DNS resolution on the main thread. r=valentin
4940894b7ef54d3ab3bf02fe57a007a83595f399Myk Melez — Bug 1400453 - yield thread between each call to gExternalProtocolService.getProtocolHandlerInfo; r=florian
785f346d9b0b8f565447783e66a4d2db8179f3d5Jonathan Watt — Bug 1401356, part 2 - Rename nsSVGEffects to SVGObserverUtils. r=longsonr
22eebb899bf69211e1fd1a7973a1d9f71d249796Jonathan Watt — Bug 1401356, part 1 - Rename nsSVGEffects.h/.cpp to SVGObserverUtils.h/.cpp. r=longsonr
d9db71772f1d5a324069b6033739dda5a462d78eWes Kocher — Merge m-c to inbound, a=merge
85af63c044f75f0a7b9909c70205829dbb7abe00Kris Maglione — Bug 1381344: Use original target to determine if context node is remote. r=smaug
fa6f9947d6544c030453222778c7de6002122668Jonathan Watt — Bug 1401154, part 3 - Avoid calling virtual method nsIFrame::IsFrameOfType in nsSVGFilterProperty::DoUpdate. r=longsonr
411cda08eaa700f2accc8ee4524eb17331ffef4dJonathan Watt — Bug 1401154, part 2 - Stop using nsChangeHint_InvalidateRenderingObservers in nsSVGMarkerProperty::DoUpdate and nsSVGPaintingProperty::DoUpdate. r=longsonr
269c3706542b49b5c1a9ed06bb65c0089dc34f2dJonathan Watt — Bug 1401154, part 1 - Avoid calling virtual method nsIFrame::IsFrameOfType in nsSVGRenderingObserverProperty::DoUpdate. r=longsonr
c863089c7166d0753860043539cb7f8050329ec2Jonathan Watt — Bug 1399853 - Identify the ID of the elements involved in SVG reference loops in the Web Console error messages. r=longsonr
f6898bbd82dc172db88189c959857fa7acf3266eJonathan Watt — Bug 1399824, part 2 - Always use nsIFrame::AddStateBits instead of manual bit twiddling. r=xidorn
e442edb7870d5099ef5650623d00b339ded41638Jonathan Watt — Bug 1399824, part 1 - Always use nsIFrame::RemoveStateBits instead of manual bit twiddling. r=xidorn
297d002e2bba3ccd81edc38998a8cf94b6ea641aEugen Sawin — Bug 1401313 - [1.0] Change display mode key value type to integer. r=snorp
f53d94fca971e3a6f6e742793dabbef8eb96f5deStephen A Pohl — Bug 1401297: Hide native titlebars on macOS 10.13 when exiting native fullscreen. r=mstange
c17dc70d0163d5432e7bdea627237dea40dd2cf8Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge mozilla-central to beta. a=merge, l10n=me on a CLOSED TREE
a0eb21bf55e1c1ae0ba311e6f2273da05c712799Wes Kocher — Merge inbound to central, a=merge
c0d1f9eb2a4090ab8a06ef3560ab5d0e06c5bb1fWes Kocher — Merge autoland to central, a=merge
c799d0ca59695a2fd43f953b1df74c15cad3b179Jonathan Kingston — Bug 1272304 - Add disabled state to screen sharing permission r=florian
736a50d4556d358b056ceb79494a2c98a344fbebChris Manchester — Bug 1401017 - Make mach try work with -j in the presence of modified local files. r=ahal
79e75fbda533329db3b7eded9f83426e0f44531dAndrew Halberstadt — Bug 1392787 - Disable manifestparser tests using 'disabled' key instead of comment, r=jmaher
68d44e7679e27532cd41393c0a421b5ebd1b93d9Andrew Halberstadt — Bug 1392787 - Add a linter to prevent comment-disabling tests in manifestparser manifests, r=jmaher
ee4e36ce2400b37005d03e00895cf7d19bc2136eAndrew Halberstadt — Bug 1392787 - [mozlint] Fix bugs in path filtering and add a test, r=jmaher
9c622588634eab38411b363b8e74309933235d22Grigory Kruglov — Bug 1398283 - Clean up Sync Preferences screen r=nalexander
4d7feb1d2adc840c1d0181c1cae8906c5251a2c3Nick Alexander — Bug 1398283 - Pre: Remove unused fxaccount_remote_error_* strings. r=nalexander
16f21b8add6624cb578f29c7f172a1c084a9f07efriedger — Bug 1367069 - "New tab" in the search widget doesn't open a custom homepage even when "Also use for new tabs" is set r=maliu
3f1a3f52cca8a049ab9c15ccb3509e0ea750e664Sebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset a3964204faf6 (bug 1398283) for failing android lint. r=backout
ca289939685261cb52551eb87dad5fa7d0b2c067Sebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset 0408636c7ea9 (bug 1398283)
de928fb123918d0c6fbe9d05785b918f8a2d9d90Andrew Swan — Bug 1401018 Don't let about:addons steal keypresses from options pages r=kmag
47b79f480db8c836706954928194b8fa6838a034Evan Tseng — Bug 1400203 - Middle align the image and text of help button since there might be a multiple lines string in the button - Fix mozilla-central. r=mconley
991e8f1b7a0a3ef1c6891ff96f840d30aa7f10bcJan Beich — Bug 1401166 - Skip Stylo dependency with ./mach bootstrap on OpenBSD. r=rillian f=gaston
65a459d1739be6c7cfacd9dcfb36fb14dffa989fJan Beich — Bug 1401166 - Simplify llvm40 dependency for ./mach bootstrap on FreeBSD. r=rillian
4dbee711378f8257097abdab8cc3fb1a6cc372d4Jan Beich — Bug 1401166 - Drop obsolete cargo dependency from ./mach bootstrap on BSDs. r=rillian
143071e48a2a8a79f2bf7a2a952d587b6ca53338Jan Odvarko — Bug 1397719 - Point users to the right collection; r=pbro
0408636c7ea903cc3fa50da56cf5bfcd432421c5Grigory Kruglov — Bug 1398283 - Clean up Sync Preferences screen r=nalexander
a3964204faf64d01bff917365b5d81c263c5ae49Nick Alexander — Bug 1398283 - Pre: Remove unused fxaccount_remote_error_* strings. r=nalexander
3cb5585a690ede2983be979625e3040afa6ddebcAnthony Ramine — servo: Merge #18520 - Continue to clean up HTMLMediaElement (from servo:media); r=emilio
8a27ba2f85b4e95108d333d45bd452a4ec1bde9eNicholas Hurley — Bug 1397621 - Ensure we use the proper default port for origin matching with h2 pushes. r=mcmanus
d94508124715f39a2e3f7a13aae12a12bf311855Felipe Gomes — Bug 1401249 - Fix getStringPref usage in clicktoplay-rollout. r=Gijs
7d6ade2d75d99866e1c343f61fb42991b0be2b7fMartin Robinson — Bug 1400216 - Update for interfaces changed in WR cset aabd0936. r=kats
d7bf0ddc77a71c17e3ae6418eb486154843e288cKartikaya Gupta — Bug 1400216 - Update Cargo lockfiles and re-vendor rust dependencies. r=jrmuizel
d54626f98cc471254ce0e677950545117b3bf951Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 1400216 - Update webrender to commit 68e2e7cd0e39d216bb6c35dfb353dc0700bb6948. r=jrmuizel
40b3b10f78c2d5a72356d21532add0848fc928b2Ed Lee — Bug 1400601 - Add responsive editing, browser.newtabpage.rows migration and bug fixes to Activity Stream. r=ursula
50d08bf45f3df9a5eacfc4531aafd85fd32875fdJames Willcox — Bug 1401208 - Change default web app scope to the start_url r=esawin
df4f51e1809091f05384bf2a5e18512201b42416Mike de Boer — Bug 1354536 - Part 3 - When the Library view is shown, populate a new 'Recent Highlights' section with at most 12 items as in about:newtab. r=Gijs
ea4c53366f8dbedbe1c8d4bf717c6cfc9c09e591Mike de Boer — Bug 1354536 - Part 2 - Add an option to ActivityStreamLinks.getHighlights() to allow results to be returned including favicons. r=Mardak
a766b936e0b14bc59303f39943579156e5a2f4d6Jean-Yves Avenard — Bug 1389304 - Don't include samples that won't be demuxed in range calculation. r=kikuo
5bce0c884d7af72c4c3b9a463b17fceee7a2a8abChristian Holler — Bug 1399917 - Create --enable-address-sanitizer-reporter TC build. r=aobreja,mtabara
f0ac15bbbc50f718ad2ed53dcb22da31af9ad596Jared Wein — Bug 1383130 - Remove the word "automatically" from telemetry checkbox label. r=mconley
685c28b080b39f5877a4773a245e1f10d8c5f63dGijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1399517 - remove CustomizableUI placements for old buttons to avoid saved state corruption, r=mikedeboer
83b48abc843353c5e981a1f6afb0069326e62f19Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1399517 - CustomizableUI shouldn't try to insert items next to nodes that aren't in the right container, r=mikedeboer
f28b312705df90d41bf211916e2417d4aafcc32eErica Wright — Bug 1394460 - Update illustration and copy for error: invalid URL. ui-r=shorlander r=johannh
930533fdd67daea94a1d192defe4c52e8fcef2a5Alexandre Poirot — Bug 1399909 - Prevent the inspector resizing its left pane during load. r=gl
f4714012ceb4294af938d48a557c394cf7e57358Ricky Chien — Bug 1400117 - Initialize Application handlers after pageshow to avoid delaying painting of Preferences page r=florian,jaws
31376e1efa8fd817eaf9066eaea410ca4586c3ffAlexandre Poirot — Bug 1398069 - Merge results when using cycles > 1. r=jmaher
407de8da5b2b42c48c3d742496a27dd567fe1e79Francesco Lodolo (:flod) — Bug 1399924 - Fix typos, update feedback instructions in Telemetry documentation r=chutten
05c577db81427fe623d81ebb016f90148795670fKartikaya Gupta — Bug 1400868 - Destroy backface-hidden display items that we're not going to process. r=jrmuizel
a2a1b037d34287da3bfac7a287a55aae779541f3Gregory Szorc — Bug 1400429 - Advertise use of `mach try` in commit message; r=ahal
fd2d3ed20c9498dda6732989b8a84e9d73e673b0jason laster — Bug 1400854 - Fix Watch Expressions + WASM feature flag. r=nchevobbe
d86b4cdd17d2790797a5052241b0e3b2be956ef8Sebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset f4c33a37fe6d (bug 1395890) for failing browser-chrome's browser/components/extensions/test/browser/browser_ext_find.js. r=backout on a CLOSED TREE
7d8bac06b7275668e62e5dfb80ffcad69ec71035Sebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset 5d3fe46e02cc (bug 1400438) for crashing chrome test mobile/android/components/extensions/test/mochitest/test_ext_options_ui.html on Android. r=backout on a CLOSED TREE
229b5c4c95cb7b431f51fffb27c9ae01fdb9a5a3Sebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset df9036657f25 (bug 1400438) for crashing chrome test mobile/android/components/extensions/test/mochitest/test_ext_options_ui.html on Android. r=backout on a CLOSED TREE
133b69a9a749d18d66d908626b0e8bf9d2f3920aSebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset eb54dc28dfc7 (bug 1400307) for Android API 16+ opt bustage at android-ndk/sources/cxx-stl/llvm-libc++/libcxx/include/memory:2630 (invalid conversion). r=backout on a CLOSED TREE
4823939d5e4bf44463881c4644c88ce5d8c6209cSebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset 2f1a9242f33d (bug 1398050) for failing reftest reftest/tests/editor/reftests/xul/empty-1.xul and more. r=backout on a CLOSED TREE
6d5fe3151e733d6ac818728f44f5985f1aa63f8cNan Jiang — Bug 1352459 - Collect rich icons in ContentLinkHandler. r=mak,Mardak
4dc8f5f9259c1413dcd2755ae01bad8dc8139050Louis Chang — Bug 1399776 - Draw a default background-color: white for checkbox/radio on Android. r=mats
eb54dc28dfc7cb09eec4bd3ac8da13b267d2a639Tom Tromey — Bug 1400307 - handle char32_t in TypeTraits.h; r=froydnj
0e015b03e2340e4af36e7665c3e22ba8392a7105Tom Tromey — Bug 1371849 - move source map pref checkbox into "advanced" area in options panel; r=bgrins
9393990862b0702cdc4c6ae0afa68daa4c1faedfTom Tromey — Bug 1371849 - remove style editor's source-map pref; r=gl
a03036beafc062febf8c52c281e2e26c63ee63c5Marco Bonardo — Bug 1391293 - Remove some hundreds reflows and adapt reflow tests to the new insert method. r=florian
33a41b9cf92a2505b124353e83d15a39917a6977Marco Bonardo — Bug 1391293 - Reduce Address Bar results flickering when typing additional chars. r=adw
2c920ffd1d7c9480355be7e56e14e21eb9806185John Lin — servo: Merge #18558 - Update angle to address Android build error on macOS (from jhlin:update-angle); r=emilio
0902f7275334aeb271d494b6aac1ee2730add627J.C. Jones — Bug 1399334 - Add more debugging to see why certificates aren't valid. r=ttaubert
3e7baf957e1d6af69aad895871fc3ed5ab2801f5Nathan Froyd — Bug 1396098 - part 3 - move android builds to new docker image; r=glandium
960c59ace16545af7614a3c92863e33eb1dfb95aNathan Froyd — Bug 1396098 - part 2 - make android-* fire off of mozconfig changes; r=nalexander
9435244890be0054e5e13efc5d79345cf60ce47dNick Alexander — Bug 1396098 - part 1 - base `android-build` on Debian instead of CentOS; r=glandium,dustin
76e4f11cc7a69a57f9a94265c3079079a442bad3Tobias Schneider — Bug 1399605 - [intersection-observer] Check if target is actually being observed when unobserving. r=mrbkap
e904b06ef3b36246b3d691146dd88fc39e9365a9Andrea Marchesini — Bug 1401156 - Cleanup ini files for WPT FileAPI, r=qdot
254e42b6acf0b011bd62e815ec57aecca0a7a487Steve Fink — Bug 1386344 - JS shell: implement help(/pattern/), r=tcampbell
331bcdb4167c725609e9fadf41f7815a42dd7e3fKai Engert — Bug 1393854, land NSPR_4_18_RTM, no code change, only version numbers, r=me
8ec345b71a6e775d9ba65b2e770f98253492b8a9Michal Novotny — Backed out changeset from bug 1392841 due to speedometer regression. r=backout
e4ac2e4268c75afeb6c3428bf0e7957287f2bd9fStephen A Pohl — Bug 1398582: Prevent drawing titles in title bars on macOS 10.13 when we don't want them. r=mstange
cfe8e6261a46182f214e7e8e3e790b9f9ab5ed57Joel Maher — Bug 1398766 - Disable toolkit/mozapps/extensions/test/browser/browser_gmpProvider.js on linux debug for frequent failures. r=me, a=test-only
14e8c355a0393ddfd01d34a68e32e25f4b161e67Joel Maher — Bug 1370783 - Disable netwerk/test/browser/browser_child_resource.js on debug for frequent failures. r=me, a=test-only
ba69e294fc80f23d54fc68050f1b7d63d341aa9cffxbld — No bug, Automated HPKP preload list update from host bld-linux64-spot-304 - a=hpkp-update
44f69e2140e214353c040fc0846da0b346dbd4b5ffxbld — No bug, Automated HSTS preload list update from host bld-linux64-spot-304 - a=hsts-update
6c0e0f992f335b37ad70f6818b3e528c106455eeRail Aliiev — Bug 1395697 - Use BZ2 MAR compression for versions less than 56.0 r=sfraser
efa6750d4e133a6631af705dffb0ba98a7c75cd0Tim Taubert — Bug 1400940 - Fix WebAuthn deadlock when cancelling a request on tab switch r=jcj
5b0de4548020931ddfa01b531b1b3e4cf2015d0bAndrea Marchesini — Bug 1401204 - Get rid of NS_BackgroundInputStream and NS_BackgroundOutputStream, r=valentin
ba27e91673d0fc9fab21c24f021203dcb9c5903fJoel Maher — Bug 1398910 - make reftest-no-accel run on windows 10 (hardware) instead of windows 8. r=ahal,jet
0bf0ba5d68492c7e3f37279532d59337c99facd5Joel Maher — Bug 1397258 - migrate mochitest-webgl to windows 10. r=ahal
c6b6fd015439f68a36cae903c5e6a771a33ba3c1Joel Maher — Bug 1401184 - migrate mochitest-chrome from buildbot hardware to taskcluster VM. r=ahal
1a53a959fd021f7cc31c6e0b0e5d869d5a23949aSteve Fink — Bug 1400442 - Trim down whitelists to only what is required, and mark all known issues with bug numbers, r=jonco
d7209c7f31af92b0c006a6b320e4afcad2bc7887Steve Fink — Bug 1400442 - Special-case annotation for a->b->emplace(); a->b->Init(), r=bhackett
696b8f10fcf33b103f8c4ef84c8976531643b603Steve Fink — Bug 1400442 - Assert that Gecko_ShouldCreateStyleThreadPool is only called on the main thread, r=emilio
239eedb24ef258870ac5d2316e03451a01cbfef8Steve Fink — Bug 1400442 - stylo heap write analysis: Miscellaneous minor annotations, r=jonco
08c0fdb95713ca020011565022b253ee7cc8243dSteve Fink — Bug 1400442 - Annotate Servo_ComputedValues_EqualCustomProperties as safe, r=manishearth
8ec91b85f043b8c16a80fed32da48d8eaa6e70e7Steve Fink — Bug 1400442 - Annotate nsTArray::InsertElementAt as returning a value that propagates safety of the array, r=jonco
eb2b0c8fa756eec150b4c3c9c6254083ac4a37dcSteve Fink — Bug 1400442 - Annotate border colors array as being thread-owned by container, r=bhackett
8fe39aef352a049563f1444d5e1798b383d7d716Steve Fink — Bug 1400442 - Backward-compatible js::Class[Ops].trace annotation, r=me
4ff3e372de3d54aadf62d9ad97eae7cd9a6dafd9Steve Fink — Bug 1400442 - analyzeHeapWrites: getter_Copies preserves safety (similar to getter_AddRefs), r=bhackett
3835877e5870ac4f4034fc8d97f8284d59519091Steve Fink — Bug 1400442 - analyzeHeapWrites: implement a cache for checking whether local variables are safe pointers, r=jonco
c37bd96f868a281c0eb288a85d7f6a33dc32f0cdSteve Fink — Bug 1400442 - Refactor the --function debugging command line option (and alias it to -f) to analyzeHeapWrites.js, r=me
410efc5458e07cc3a04e96b0a6c533791379a4a7Steve Fink — Bug 1400442 - Fix handling of parameterNames, r=jonco
46c262a38922c88052e4fc75f93927fa43e7276dSteve Fink — Bug 1400442 - Broaden the annotation for string appending functions to handle more types, r=jonco
84018f3951f95a70b86760382a00aad570d8bec0Steve Fink — Bug 1400442 - Annotate MOZ_CrashPrintf, r=jonco
c5239fd503f2c277f2dc185ce8c55789fbefcad2Steve Fink — Bug 1400442 - Targeted annotation for static local array of member pointers in LangGroupFontPrefs::Initialize, r=bhackett
4901b60d01263465f5bc4b8f14703362f4659b8aSteve Fink — Bug 1400442 - Annotate atof as not doing any racy writes, r=me
6696c7a9ed71d2292030c3610081d6ca29fd6aabSteve Fink — Bug 1400442 - Propagate safety through RefPtr, r=bhackett
9a3d18f5faeee9f0bd78397898fb606addeb95aaSteve Fink — Bug 1400442 - CFG dumping utility, handy for debugging, r=me
a4e41e4876ef49a5ff03322f5254753438f0d758Steve Fink — Bug 1400468 - Control verbosity, r=jonco
e793ea43500790c39a4cf69bd9b5014c32e3f524Steve Fink — Bug 1400468 - Port hazard analysis test scripts to python3, r=jonco
6d5acbf01f1deb321693aac8330ce6e75f7f6cacSteve Fink — Bug 1400468 - Trim output, r=jonco
18af2ea42a1e01e98273101fd7ed8dc0291e7a2dSteve Fink — Bug 1400466 - Cache the information loaded from src_comp.xdb into a structured clone buffer, r=jonco
383a2f567cebe59b0212e414b9a27d46123040bfSteve Fink — Bug 1400466 - Implement minimum necessary to allow saving and loading structured clone data, r=jonco
8d3d707fe0485a8900c4794a0c55018ad722c6deTim Taubert — Bug 1401019 - Cancel the current U2F API request before starting a new one r=jcj
c8277ab2befdd4c5027741f12bc94a0870925542Tim Taubert — Bug 1400559 - [u2f-hid-rs] rustfmt followup r=me
425b1969478e417db21ac1e35cdf481c1cd0be32Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1401171 - Make nsIMultiplexInputStream not inherit from nsIInputStream. r=bkelly
bb274a08887161806afe21ec1916d48cda1199d7Sebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset 3c9e25405f59 (bug 1401204) an request from baku for landing with wrong bug number. r=backout
3c9e25405f596871f714a8c3b10e6e9de9188554Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1401204 - Make nsIMultiplexInputStream not inherit from nsIInputStream. r=bkelly
5af3e3b70198dac5501d159d8d808ed738de9c06Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1400898 part 4. Get rid of nsIDOMChromeWindow methods that are unused from C++, and mark the rest [noscript]. r=farre
081034bdc4d4f0ac15877565a805b737c8d91b5dBoris Zbarsky — Bug 1400898 part 3. Make nsIDOMChromeWindow.browserDOMWindow readonly. r=farre
aa4d0a9412c0bc4fe131115aa002ad2b7f2c7927Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1400898 part 2. Get rid of the interface constants on nsIDOMChromeWindow. r=farre
a4ef5b6299e59859a0dec1996db87a717518db43Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1400898 part 1. Remove the one script use of nsIDOMChromeWindow. r=farre
b2e90060a137b10b38ad7a394dab802841094861Sebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset 5cd2ba3bc6c4 (bug 1336389) for failing new talos test cpstartup. r=backout
9e0e34d815597d581777f822f591301e174c06ffTim Taubert — Bug 1400559 - Move runloop code into its own crate r=jcj
9cabdd061402b2dda590d2a102a4b2d32b67f346Ekanan Ketunuti — Bug 1401050 - Add vanishingly to the en-US dictionary. r=ehsan
9016e255c36ced248b09b1745a293dee6981db81Vedant Chakravadhanula — Bug 1359289 - Add a "Learn More" link to Safe Browsing checkbox in about:preferences. r=jhofmann
762071fc48dda899efa95501e531cc5a39e09affNick Thomas — Bug 1400141 - Use redo params from nightly with a jitter r=bhearsum
6c1c2d8301199f5f755382e4a4526beee5a1d6d7Ed Lee — Bug 1399320 - Update rich icons to be httpdisabled:// to prevent network connections. r=jmaher
9f8c6be7d2f4216d3f87e091f8cfe238bab8ca1aNicolas Silva — Bug 1397407 - Apply deferred image key deletions to the next transaction. r=Gankro
3ff9cd026e70eacb71f9a182f633834eb837b24dAndrew Osmond — Bug 1380649 - Part 2. Ensure SourceSurfaceVolatileData does not forget its purged state. r=jrmuizel
a23a810d95855a42f009ccd72604935db0680bd3Andrew Osmond — Bug 1380649 - Part 1. Ensure SurfaceCache::CollectSizeOfSurfaces removes purged volatile buffer-backed surfaces. r=tnikkel
74faaba5ecd2fae75df27f3186f9f6eb8d1fa4bcJon Coppeard — Bug 1399944 - Check for valid GC cell pointers in various places r=sfink
69536041f010d547faafcc0e9a96468ed68d42c5Jon Coppeard — Bug 1396613 - Update rust glue with new objectMoved hook signature r=fitzgen
55fc35f2a57d0394d88df593ad694f81e97487beJon Coppeard — Bug 1396613 - Make proxy objects override handler's objectMoved method rather than using class hook r=sfink r=mccr8 r=peterv
70a52e791eb7160b0c4130cc8f0bb6f58d34d101Jon Coppeard — Bug 1396613 - Replace special cases with use of objectMoved hook when tenuring r=sfink
353300cbbf52fc65a5e4f463ca42eade3790b549Jon Coppeard — Bug 1396613 - Update the object moved hook to allow it to be called when tenuring nursery objects r=sfink r=mccr8
5cd2ba3bc6c4dbdba69c295791d20d1c804d8f11Gabor Krizsanits — Bug 1336389 - Talos test for content process startup time. r=mconley
b481e36a995802501ade1ac839c3ecd3747e04b9Jan de Mooij — Bug 1399471 part 2 - Add a mechanism to check callWithABI invariants in debug builds. r=nbp
db7b879601c6f7a4666c3f3be2dd2dd863fd92a2Sebastian Hengst — merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound. r=merge a=merge
b577f883dc898d203b74f7b02345a0a7dc3d32c0Sebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset d4f5756b1d12 (bug 1380649) for frequently asserting at image/SurfaceCache.cpp:138. r=backout
cc0cd5f70746c4efeb84bb76ce32d19043145341Sebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset 58844e6f37b2 (bug 1380649)
3aa403d810d87aecc1cc73729b154d5ee9a7db23Ralph Giles — Bug 1400927 - Fix u2f-hid-rs cross-compilation on macOS r=jcj
c1df5b677b8ad009ed98c3afd2cda7034bfbe4c4Michal Novotny — Bug 1392841 - Enable RCWN on Nightly, r=valentin
5fa2260faa05030380fa1d8f521db0ad092d0f14vincentliu — Bug 1399006 - Invoke PurgeCachedImages to release object in main thread while ServoTraversal. r=bholley
a67df8254927efaa4c3fad666c47fc2be0d9db89Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 1401028 - Remove the content-contextmenu observer notification; r=kmag
f1327c641da9f5950c7c29f545ea9de8de8c01aaBoris Chiou — Bug 1390026 - Update test_transitions_per_property.html for shape-outside. r=birtles
e10c49f7258a9cf281af774e9cac7d876a68c5f1Johan Lorenzo — Bug 1389420 - [mozilla-release leftovers] Rename android-api-15 to android-api-16 once 56 reaches release r=sfraser
ff7d6888f2490cea0c3ca131c2bb37743b0006beJan Odvarko — Bug 1377668 - Avoid invalid object by using noGrip option; r=nchevobbe
2a168e11b8172b26acb693f37b87fd7d12bb2adbLuca Greco — Bug 1383310 - Extensions Devtools panels should not receive messages or ports from content scripts. r=zombie
f1cbf53a14ea8553ce4edb947b4a28d24c08b088Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 1400888 - Mark some transform-3d reftests intermittently fuzzy in layers-free webrender. r=ethlin
2a0c39ba138bed7987ebecca889934220ca3546aKartikaya Gupta — Bug 1400888 - Turn on layers-free for transform/ and transform-3d/ reftests. r=ethlin
fa4c0d77707688a2c99384ca2e202763b609b0dbJohann Hofmann — Bug 1389966 - Make toolbarbuttons in the bookmarks toolbar adjust to toolbar height. r=Gijs
ea1956ea8a5019f9d39cb107ee705f7519f99603Nicolas Chevobbe — Bug 1307929 - Photon updates for new webconsole UI; r=gl,Honza.
2dc160bb6a349deb4af82d417e057bcf975e8054Johann Hofmann — Bug 1391593 - Increase the bottom padding of the bookmarks toolbar by 1px. r=nhnt11
9ebff732a7d1bb19852d7627de76cc2f767b7d33Sebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset 5033a269b87f (bug 1393374) for leak on OS X 10.10 debug. r=backout
686694b9544cae9393ff72a563a37d28741ddc0cSebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset ed09c905bce8 (bug 1393374)
2f1a9242f33df333d4e7ca123a5c8afb0a712987Evan Tseng — Bug 1398050 - Polish preferences page to match visual spec. r=mconley
fcdd367e82044dc3e12f72ebdcb2703e0c8f29fbBoris Chiou — servo: Merge #18559 - Make shape-outside animatable (from BorisChiou:stylo/animation/shape_outside); r=birtles
b10415064b6626fc1fddceaa2e847f958d10e287Sebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset 52fa1b99d27c (bug 1377668) on request from Honza. r=backout
52fa1b99d27c2ecef41149423fbc4dcff67b1030Jan Odvarko — Bug 1377668 - Avoid invalid object by using noGrip option; r=nchevobbe
ff2b91e284d22972722cb5dff84b5725ed03aa9fabhinav — Bug 1380828 - Hide 'Pretty Print' button in 'Raw Data' tab if json is invalid. r=Honza
f4c33a37fe6da79e663ee412581ac05f5234ee1fDan Banner — Bug 1395890 - Change all ESLint rules that are warnings to errors. r=standard8
df9036657f25fe45b6afb21dfc26ce5d481fe8f8Xidorn Quan — Bug 1400438 - Use array instead of linked list for -moz-border-*-colors. r=heycam,mattwoodrow
5d3fe46e02cc3e9c8b947bb330c89b369c95e3a9Xidorn Quan — servo: Merge #18557 - Use array instead of linked list for -moz-border-*-colors (from upsuper:moz-border-colors-array); r=heycam
88ee1e36eb17e5483d864c16d2060969726b011aNevin Chen — Bug 1379793 - Only allow pre header as title. r=jwu
25a9fbed058272223cbf45e2240c5e12474175b5Sebastian Hengst — merge mozilla-central to autoland. r=merge a=merge
f26229ebab05fb286c8b98802db821d077038f46Patrick Brosset — Bug 1397221 - Gather a bit more data for various inspector copy commands; r=francois,jdescottes
ed09c905bce8ad46649e7fa53946a5bc2ad1a21eRay Lin — Bug 1393374 - Part 2. Add a credit card basic autofill mochitest. r=lchang
5033a269b87f2c17a9816d2e84eafdc101e3d5afRay Lin — Bug 1393374 - Part 1. Introduce credit card helper functions family in formautofill mochitest. r=lchang
7b594f9487addd054b4c32bd82c05d433b78c0ccHiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 1400022 - Crash test. r=hiro
eaed1ca2cc9ca319ab8ede998a727da365ad0813Hiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 1400022 - Backed out changeset 610fbd30a6a3 (bug 1397057). r=mattwoodrow
5434fbd370ce1137a9c4e44bf34f3b1808f92e0babhinav — Bug 1377513 - Cancel element-picker on selecting eye-dropper if element-picker is already selected. r=pbro
8f132dd91e9cc1ef943d26761cbb23aec5381644Glenn Watson — servo: Merge #18554 - Update WR (implement blur filter, text-shadow blend fixes, frame output fix) (from glennw:update-wr-blur); r=emilio
e7c351009e60d2ba97a8bc6d712186f89f59fe63Jing-wei Wu — Bug 1400159 - Part 2: Update the QR code icons. r=nechen
2ed53c28b7d1508159c445e706a3de8944e158b5Jing-wei Wu — Bug 1400159 - Part 1: Update the notification icons. r=nechen
c3b8f2df5e18e9e75df66e653dccda70b7e1658dBobby Holley — servo: Merge #18555 - Add a Servo_IsWorkerThread API (from bholley:isworkerthread); r=upsuper
cdecec06131e8a405a3eba0f5abd711032ba2c6esotaro — Bug 1366700 - Remove MOZ_CRASH in GLContextEGLFactory::Create r=jgilbert
13f651129c38f79e0b7efa67892dcb296e41fe1aBoris Zbarsky — Bug 1400599. Make sure to properly handle removal of the root when the body propagates scrollbar styles to the viewport. r=dholbert
fe05bde7b58f5b63726404bc141d68de49cb04a5Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1400501. Store a list of ancestor principals on docshell and document. r=mystor
df23db5d453e546bfd3f09cd9da4e6de60dfcb20Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1400139 part 3. Add a use counter when the window.content getter is called from untrusted code. r=mystor
5bc10c68bbf72597a2d54a756c28e5ee40a3e2f9Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1400139 part 2. Make window.content non-enumerable. r=mystor
6ecbba14b2f30e3784afab23ba5b614b2b108cadBoris Zbarsky — Bug 1400139 part 1. Add infrastructure for marking WebIDL interface members as non-enumerable. r=qdot
98f9bde465d29db215f7d39da0efb4d202edbb8cBoris Zbarsky — Bug 991271. Restore our assertions about how wrapping failure should mean an exception was thrown. r=mccr8
5fb440d47ab9ebfa9633ff88274f221924f3cc3aRail Aliiev — Bug 1395697 - Syntax fix r=nthomas
58844e6f37b22655881a733e9812bb873ba81b0eAndrew Osmond — Bug 1380649 - Part 2. Ensure SourceSurfaceVolatileData does not forget its purged state. r=jrmuizel
d4f5756b1d1247656cad910c1f19b7ea600d4ec1Andrew Osmond — Bug 1380649 - Part 1. Ensure SurfaceCache::CollectSizeOfSurfaces removes purged volatile buffer-backed surfaces. r=tnikkel
60a702a06b11a12298fc7fca463b6abcaa067582Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge mozilla-central to beta. a=merge, l10n=me on a CLOSED TREE
e4261f5b96ebfd63e7cb8af3035ff9fea90c74a5Sebastian Hengst — merge mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central. r=merge a=merge
7c12af6fd620adc74e9dfb622d17966bdebdf2acBoris Chiou — Bug 1388601 - Part 2: Add tests of distance for Filter lists. r=hiro
499c7061d5b6ef9e2495abd7a443f281108d2603Boris Chiou — Bug 1388601 - Part 1: Add tests of distance for Basic Shape. r=hiro
5fc5a88872adb1ca891b85bcdd072b8159a26c05Daisuke Akatsuka — Bug 1366989 - Part 3: Add test for updating the bounds of summary graph, delay and endDelay element. r=pbro
7d8f842fe47c707a4b5bb9e3bd7ea422bfd5246dDaisuke Akatsuka — Bug 1366989 - Part 2: Modify tests to correspond with changing the animation-timeline. r=pbro
f391fb90181c5d230f3a8052829727e019be082aDaisuke Akatsuka — Bug 1366989 - Part 1: Avoid to refresh whole panel. r=pbro
f6c6f4f6bd3431d8d6d209ee9f89f08efec56e60Ting-Yu Lin — Bug 1341009 - Convert nsReflowStatus::Reset() to nsReflowStatus::IsEmpty() assertion in ReflowText(). r=dholbert
c0b4af15d17a5377f3d554129338747ad709d5d5Ting-Yu Lin — Bug 1341009 - Add nsReflowStatus::IsEmpty() assertions to all nsIFrame::Reflow() methods and some reflow helpers, and remove unneeded Reset(). r=dholbert
d85071e23dac815c379357dd4830e0053a6be675Ting-Yu Lin — Bug 1341009 - Reset aStatus before calling nsContainerFrame::ReflowChild(). r=dholbert
b500a58183a46c76e09b2f2f86ae06193af87131Ting-Yu Lin — Bug 1341009 - Reset aStatus before calling nsLineLayout::ReflowFrame(). r=dholbert
5b661188c6031eecf6e0088af7e10afec1310301Ting-Yu Lin — Bug 1341009 - Add nsReflowStatus::IsEmpty() assertion to nsAbsoluteContainingBlock::ReflowAbsoluteFrame(). r=dholbert
25757b404bb6823183dd8f67302752b4076875c3Ting-Yu Lin — Bug 1341009 - Pass const reference instead of value for nsReflowStatus. r=dholbert
a6211a66f585f19fbe96e19fb9debff6898ce982Ting-Yu Lin — Bug 1341009 - Remove nsReflowStatus::Reset() in BlockReflowInput's constructor. r=dholbert
b2bc48a42a394ce548cca585b193d8bc49feda91Jonathan Kingston — Bug 1397100 - Disable container about:preference checkbox if a container addon is enabled. r=bsilverberg,Felipe
93a1630a8911d78425c0acdec656d9229378131eMunro Mengjue Chiang — Bug 1389534 - Enable continuous auto focus mode. r=jib
45461d47b376357160c5a5768797b1a2ca03d40bJW Wang — Bug 1400166. P2 - Flush() should dispatch a task to clear arrays. r=gerald
18b7334918f0c1bfbd1fabd691eb6e3ff4e2a1c7JW Wang — Bug 1400166. P1 - move re-initialization code to Flush() for it is confusing to call Init() twice. r=gerald
b406b52fd2e315c0faa2e454d1558e58be4e7241J.C. Jones — Bug 1399959 - Prefer hardware instead of software U2F tokens r=keeler
a8b326d7a918386e14077be9b5f8b27463a5c8f4J.C. Jones — Bug 1400019 - Don't assert on illegal WebAuthn algo names r=keeler
ad20c4bf0d579b3d998a2775b5d52dce42520d15Kevin Hsieh — Bug 1395777 (part 2) - Make orthogonal ruby annotations inter-character. r=xidorn
044422a93db9435ea419f895f77a5352a81aa3e2Kevin Hsieh — Bug 1395777 (part 1) - Allow rtc to use its own writing mode. r=xidorn
b2e85eb4879dafd1533fff1e106307caf38672c8Karl Tomlinson — bug 1401052 label GfxInfo files as Graphics BUG_COMPONENT r=jrmuizel
7742383e9492e747b2b79757a969b51770c0fba7Wes Kocher — Merge m-c to inbound, a=merge
fd4481cbbd2958bd2b6339f1bb58ab8ef33b11bfsebastian — bug 1400839 use -1 instead of 0 to indicate absent glxtest_pipe fd r=karlt
11b46d2109c423c10ad890282acd9da08c00a409David Keeler — bug 1400913 - back out the functionality changes from bug 1364159 (but keep the test) r=jcj
6835fc2e493bf7af55ee65b48153e80be2f0ee33Wes Kocher — Bug 1391123 - Add a newline to the end of try_task_config.json r=gps
cb2b8b4f4e04feade93e494cc5ea9d12eb3b2017Wes Kocher — Merge m-c to autoland, a=merge
73f00193147b08865fa3d049aca5214df14c6276Michael Comella — Bug 1400397: Do not try to reload failed highlight images. r=liuche
b4a4b9fa2cfc418e6c03294c266c36e0d4a075f6Michael Comella — Bug 1400397: Use Icons if overridePageURL fails to load. r=liuche
6602fcf1da4280b8372796ffefff315962f494f1Alan Jeffrey — servo: Merge #17862 - Implemented paint worklets drawing to a border (from asajeffrey:script-paint-worklet-border); r=pcwalton
acdf05e3a34170c7a6244ee2f015c61f2f4ed499Andrew Swan — Bug 1395892 Fix legacy badge in details view r=andym
5f5730a85852f85c6bfa2886d2272c7d7f691fd7Alexis Beingessner — Bug 1399564 - properly thread through selection-specific decorations to WR. r=jrmuizel
888be4b177b9c4484fee2ddab35d84b5872fd05cGijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1400976 - remove dead tracking protection strings, r=bgrins
d783881ff2472e19a826a17ed9a4b6de05df4a38Eitan Isaacson — Bug 1400628 - Add test for non existing ID in select[aria-owns]. r=surkov
488548b1af4ac6ea97ddcb192d7edd14877751a0Alan Jeffrey — servo: Merge #18523 - Make pipeline ids non-zero so that optional ids take no extra space (from asajeffrey:pipeline-id-nonzero); r=mbrubeck
2a002b031156b3cf26081952df602aafc609803eJeff Gilbert — Bug 1396704 - Remove assert, which was the whole point of this bug.
4dd86bbce6496319e18e00d0aa81112e01f273a9Andrew Osmond — Bug 1389021 - Force CompositorManagerParent to close before shutting down the compositor thread. r=dvander,me
008e877ffdaa277796a9f1b6195732b368cb1157Andrew Halberstadt — Bug 1397229 - Schedule mochitest-browser-chrome tests on Windows 10 instead of Windows 8, r=jmaher
bb89cd6f5507d9bbe763998757d1ae3537fe53c6Andrew Halberstadt — Bug 1397229 - Disable toolkit/browser/components/tooltiptext/browser_input_file_tooltips.js on Win10, r=jmaher
2671b6644f50d3f30fa0bb6fa4af3af573d44b07Andrew Halberstadt — Bug 1397229 - Disable browser/base/content/test/performance/browser_startup_images.js hidpi on Windows 10, r=jmaher
9f07c6210b347fb83348904cd1c899c72e37a3d0Andrew Halberstadt — Bug 1397229 - Remove unused reflow from browser_windowopen_reflows.js on Windows, r=mconley
65b5b0da8345c5b337913ae6bde8a9f8f2dd5b87Mike Conley — Bug 1400865 - Put tab warming prefs on tabbrowser binding instead of async tab switcher object. r=florian
206b2ca14b91789922bd3079c08ee4888974bcdcDrew Willcoxon — Bug 1400024 - Clicks on Zoom label in Photon app menu shouldn't close the menu. r=Gijs
e368699e1e511972a1a95499d98663e06d4adf89Anthony Ramine — servo: Merge #18533 - Rename Runnable to Task and other improvements (from servo:TASKS); r=SimonSapin
0ad97b0a82c4341736eb3aad6f155cc6d30aec5cShane Caraveo — Bug 1394947 fix toggling the extension sidebars from menus, r=Gijs
776e2f2b53a2138d84e8c81a24b34c1f191b0c50Liang Wei — Bug 1120444 - Use fdatasync properly instead of fsync where appropriate. r=glandium
a952a23d3f140766157debe6e8fce757f6b67a97Drew Willcoxon — Bug 1384464 - Intermittent browser/base/content/test/urlbar/browser_page_action_menu.js. r=Gijs
81ae370514fde636b444e41b8c896ae48f0917faSteve Armand — Bug 1399989 - Add python/mach to flake8 linter. r=gps
5a8ddb2b2088c1d4f47f763ce3547506b8a5f9aaFelipe Gomes — Bug 1390705 - Bump Flash Click-to-Play rollout to 100% on release. r=benjamin+7044
84bc19f5cbe5f038f7a60ed75563c7c5a1f0e0eaTobias Markus — Bug 1400675 - Fix reference to undefined property FirsRunURL r=gfritzsche
716be9d0b6e0bacaec3f398693e13f68c6460e52Prathiksha — Bug 1363051 - Update about:blocked page visuals and copy. r=francois,johannh
5125dbdcbcb29e3ce48bb5347e1dcd9ceebbad11Kyle Machulis — Bug 1398074 - Add to domain list for HTML5 rewrites; r=cpeterson
e3265d380358d7485a6355c4fb9bd70aa922cba3Zibi Braniecki — Bug 1400006 - Extend language negotiation in LocaleService to support looking for the best likelySubtag for the locale with region stripped. r=Pike
ff7917ed161f04e2dd107c0c16a7b54437ef65c6Drew Willcoxon — Bug 1400751 - Bookmark star and Pocket animations are misaligned in touch mode. r=Gijs
fa80123d276ebd0a9612bbef8fea193341e5179dAndrew McCreight — Bug 1400374 - Fix compiler warning in FixGrayBits. r=smaug
4d4527934c6c9dbf9c181ed3db74b070440aaf33Simon Sapin — servo: Merge #18552 - Update osmesa-src to support building with mach (from servo:machless); r=nox
bc0b0b1a63fe06543b8a22dc75d5cf5ba79be390Sam Foster — Bug 1392066 - #stop-button and #reload-button should fill available width when in the overflow menu. r=Gijs
a3c89c07aff9c9c3dcb49da4f48e0feaf8c5b350Ed Lee — Bug 1400626 - Metadata not saved when opening multiple pages. r=ursula
5430d402cfd5da4caf7b5b6e8fb27fe7fd7034ccTom Tromey — Bug 1385337 - add MDN learn more link to source map errors; r=bgrins
ec282eb58c6ca5b57162df127fd067f12abb365eDão Gottwald — Bug 1379395 - Fix previous / next icon color in Dark theme. r=mikedeboer
a0f805dbe65da9f2d2283912248ab6267f441004Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge mozilla-central to beta. a=merge on a CLOSED TREE
30a386ff1192cba08a2f899343f81f6946bc6148Wes Kocher — Merge inbound to central, a=merge
948dc86aabc97e16d51ad19ea90debab6f93a628Wes Kocher — Merge autoland to central, a=merge
0a153e23338712dbf042771d77dea5027b5296e9Wes Kocher — Backed out changeset ab66407266ff (bug 1391545) at developer's request a=backout CLOSED TREE
63d97c8b46b28ea2e25923b8a4083aeae4bcff4dHenrik Skupin — Bug 1397612 - Skip TestQuitRestart.test_in_app_restart_safe_mode due to hangs after restart.
ab28a93856a4d8d93c6316f43294b44ce96ca6c5Gregory Szorc — Backed out changesets ef813898b5d3, ce228388aaf6, and c798f482b2c5 (bug 1396098) for violating TC cache constraints
4ac60362e1ccda4245bb5ab1db7cfb879e9b1160Joel Maher — Bug 1373578 - split reftest non-e10s into 32 chunks. r=gbrown
9e45f48ecf55f1d184834bb287411c17bb635a95Jim Chen — Bug 1393128 - 4. Add window to all Prompt usages; r=snorp
ef813898b5d34ef03428b1cee37a329f425db6e7Nathan Froyd — Bug 1396098 - part 3 - move android builds to new docker image; r=glandium
ce228388aaf6942eeafbdf999adb1f4d06436b88Nathan Froyd — Bug 1396098 - part 2 - make android-* fire off of mozconfig changes; r=nalexander
c798f482b2c55a384421cd75e4ca0a985cd6e044Nick Alexander — Bug 1396098 - part 1 - base `android-build` on Debian instead of CentOS; r=glandium,dustin
a8620614d5bf5c3fecc8b0ccf35c9af8f37560e5Nick Alexander — Bug 1396098 - part 0b - rename android-gradle-build to android-build; r=glandium,dustin
05993bfa51b0cca527e12e6dad0969d35bb04c55Nick Alexander — Bug 1396098 - part 0a - only source if we need xvfb; r=glandium
41071f38501c757c04ea8078f875ae9d3b21cb5eEitan Isaacson — Bug 1400628 - Check if dependent content is null before checking if it is accepteptable. r=surkov
573d2347f3aac6b4e70e78b6643bf798203c3f58Ryan VanderMeulen — Bug 1389996 - Only run Linux64 artifact builds on trunk and Try. r=chmanchester
9a26478b903485d0f70b7a24fec0a7fe2d0c124fLee Salzman — Bug 1400721 - fix Skia's glyph LCD filter padding for FreeType 2.8.1. r=jrmuizel
105b6523250e4726196d80d679752989f4641fa6Ted Campbell — Bug 1399373 - Add diagnostic that scripts have non-empty bytecode. r=nbp
81341c1fc5aee29ef648126e9462bace07b526e7Aaron Klotz — Bug 1383501: Diagnostic assert when CoMarshalInterface returns E_INVALIDARG; r=jimm
203c1f909ae096450cc1b1d1f4d5d72aefb9c9abBrad Werth — Bug 1400386: Skip reftest layout/reftests/font-face/font-display-1.html for being intermittent. r=aryx
43d1d3e1c1cbd9ef5990ac2113c8c379c1a99786Axel Hecht — bug 1399523, adjust configs to not merge l10n in mozharness, r=Callek
67a43ebd7bbd9c9ab77212af68892f05ed7e7409Axel Hecht — bug 1399523, now that we run l10n-merge in-build, drop it from mozharness, r=Callek
7fba2073e87027ba4d61196df519f5b32560857dRyan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset 8a0b8dfa2d7d (bug 1400411) for causing various font-related crashes.
937a6f3af2bd156bc1982b519faaac7edda93c2fAdam Gashlin — Bug 1393601 - Add telemetry for MOZ_UPDATER. r=Dexter, r=rweiss
64b9aee0d408a82e3a3cd2f236742ff1dbdd3f4aEkanan Ketunuti — Bug 1400752 - Add intifada to the en-US dictionary. r=ehsan
42151fcd6cfc216d147730d0f2c6a2acd52d22fdffxbld — No bug, Automated HPKP preload list update from host bld-linux64-spot-301 - a=hpkp-update
66d994e5bceba2e1e16397a286f3a3ff515f28e3ffxbld — No bug, Automated HSTS preload list update from host bld-linux64-spot-301 - a=hsts-update
5098b8bf0d77aa1c5935022b49e161a2fd9dd28fKevin Chen — Bug 1396492 - Support uniform radius for nsDisplayBoxShadowInner; r=jrmuizel
93ac511811516cfcd3e3c759f0ce3afef8a6b371Sebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset d928ad6475d2 (bug 1397229) for failing browser-chrome's browser/base/content/test/performance/browser_windowopen_reflows.js on Windows 7. r=backout
9f2bddf428dfd23dd7375aae6f7ae91639eb94b6Sebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset fed3a10c6ffc (bug 1397229)
1eaf47154762c9eeaa6ee7bcc0b2ee34ed027b62Sebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset 1c9f780c4e9c (bug 1397229)
87b0dfdc48323ee5f4713ebc681823dc482273d9Sebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset cb09c5099e51 (bug 1397229)
7d298491612835153b33357fd9edf04753d98f84Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1399935 - use horizontal panel for downloads checkbox panel at all times, r=mak
ab576fa6f89694ce1e70ebf89c83204444d8b106Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1399486 - show downloads auto hide panel after changing the pref instead of before, r=mak
7ee0accd38eefc04b056b83562685aa472300be3Rail Aliiev — Bug 1395697 - Do not generate bouncer entries for BZ2-compressed MAR files for beta and devedition. r=catlee
6f71235ab648e765dfe898a730b197b5cc46f6e3Kai Engert — Bug 1399100, enhance to warn when a local patch is registered for nspr/nss, based on feedback from glandium, r=fkiefer
63281179bfe0ddbdfc3e03b746252a52e2f8ce3bKai Engert — Bug 1399100, temporarily expose an NSPR helper function, only for Firefox 57, feedback+=mcmanus, r=fkiefer
777af9e19f70bb0a382daeed84db4c6fb3da75ffKai Engert — Bug 1393854, NSPR_4_17_BETA2
fa1052b9a9529e7e7ccee343475ed3d5c0ac7674Ian Bicking — Bug 1399615 - Export Screenshots 19.0.0 to Firefox. r=kmag
9072e9c0d0aa2bd790634bb0a5c49713b6e27c79Christoph Kerschbaumer — Bug 1399170: Test mozbrowser can not load data URI in iframe. r=smaug
ff9e6251cd5575a6c24f4451a2016d02bd932592Christoph Kerschbaumer — Bug 1400473 - Update talos test tpaint.html to comply with new toplevel data: URI navigation policy. r=jmaher
5eed51cc22286f8c9a738604e5cc7e7a6539229bChristoph Kerschbaumer — Bug 1400347 - Update test_ext_tabs_captureVisibleTab.html to comply with new toplevel data: URI navigation policy. r=smaug
2c1e11c618240f3a110efaf8c41dc05b1ffc9384Christoph Kerschbaumer — Bug 1380959: Block oplevel data: URI navigations in Nightly and early Beta. r=bz
01992997c2bb93f53606b30c34aeb3383d488b7aDavid Keeler — bug 1368652 - test that viewing a certificate with a long OID doesn't crash the browser r=Cykesiopka
be3a7857a1e7fefdd757d54cff99e6eefb9c7294Joel Maher — Bug 1398514 - Disable browser/components/extensions/test/browser/test-oop-extensions/browser_ext_tabs_executeScript_runAt.js on windows for frequent failures. r=me, a=test-only
ab66407266ff9e3b58be4f66d03ecb1f81976459Joel Maher — Bug 1391545 - Disable Marionette on osx* for frequent failures. r=me, a=test-only
5e24a3d197808a919011fba8fe4f2f6e6273ffcaJoel Maher — Bug 1389983 - Disable dom/media/tests/mochitest/test_getUserMedia_addtrack_removetrack_events.html on linux debug for frequent failures. r=me, a=test-only
a23afd2c12d95a6d02f7ff20eb2c7df33d95d95aJoel Maher — Bug 1387673 - Disable /webrtc/RTCPeerConnection-setRemoteDescription-answer.html for frequent failures. r=me, a=test-only
79bdf2f715e430cd3293254e298ceb803bf4efa5Joel Maher — Bug 1380968 - Disable browser/components/sessionstore/test/browser_522545.js for frequent failures. r=me, a=test-only
24626e602a6bc25463da5746ea85c33d4eba4ff2Joel Maher — Bug 1370056 - Disable /XMLHttpRequest/send-response-event-order.htm on windows for frequent failures. r=me, a=test-only
ba64cdc57937720873e9a096de3f892b817c5873Joel Maher — Bug 1373347 - Disable /XMLHttpRequest/send-response-upload-event-progress.htm on windows for frequent failures. r=me, a=test-only
550b6ae2740fcff21d9d0e8f35d4693ba65a0778Joel Maher — Bug 1282262 - Disable dom/media/tests/mochitest/test_getUserMedia_mediaStreamClone.html for frequent failures. r=me, a=test-only
cffcb90edf577f060ddfc737f548a093b1df605cBotond Ballo — Bug 1400440 - Re-enable apz.frame_delay.enabled on Fennec Nightly. r=kats
6d2c4c8a298206a3e0d8905ff2d1e697e8ec22b9Botond Ballo — Bug 1400440 - Apply scroll shift for dynamic toolbar to the composited scroll offset right away. r=kats
68c789e404f040b66a8b902b8dff0932e350affcRandall Barker — Bug 1392705 - part 3: Call nsBaseWidget::DestroyLayerManager() in nsWindow::Destroy to ensure IPC is not shutdown in the destructor for Android r=jchen
07751873d49f64a37b27a46fb1d9ca141f1f0127Randall Barker — Bug 1392705 - part 2: Ensure LayerManagerComposite::RenderToPresentationSurface checks the compositor widget before using it r=kats
706c7baf6e58484a26cf0fb45d5f23865057c26fRandall Barker — Bug 1392705 - part 1: Make UiCompositorControllerChild::Destroy synchronous r=dvander
05ad12b87422ca2c3cfb14a9c1834d4aece72f31Ryan Hunt — Bug 1397083 - Don't use CopySurface when drawing theme with nsNativeThemeGTK. r=lsalzman
d296dbfbf6cc8f8f1ddee4dbf571d7d80255a91bGeoff Brown — Bug 1400691 - Minor changes to logging for test-verify; r=jmaher
d51f41589301e2dc28d3e4390567fa3d31d247afJan de Mooij — Bug 1399471 part 1 - Disable the full_debug_checks jit pref by default in browser builds. r=nbp
09c4c37841280b3db24839e129254865e2409976Jan de Mooij — Backed out changeset e758012cf5b3 for landing with the wrong commit message.
e758012cf5b3eadc98f2c5428724e483338ec11bJan de Mooij — Bug 1399471 part 1 - Disable the full_debug_checks jit pref by default in browser builds. r=nbp
06dfdd5999997878e7eff2d3a11fb8d54ef81bd5Luke Wagner — Bug 1400383 - clamp HelperThreadState.cpuCount to 8 (r=lth,jandem)
07684fbf1ab2b5cfcaf4eb43593f43c176e9db7bMark Banner — Bug 1399946 - Bump version number of eslint-plugin-mozilla for releasing the dependency fixes from bug 1395879. r=ahal
58ddccff074b04b4f0db5640595882e42fb91017Henrik Skupin — Bug 1400786 - Use a startup_timeout of 180s for Marionette on all platforms. r=gbrown
e2043e1c37471e839548473bd5529fc697795683Henrik Skupin — Bug 1400594 - Further reduce start_timeout for test_startup_timeout. r=maja_zf
7dae5e4024d3a473c37be57024adc452fe104835Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1400810 - fix context menus looking squashed while retaining changes to shortcut and footer alignment, r=johannh
776c180fb82ac7e04ffc9b72a9691930a3eae019Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset 1e2233c98ff1 (bug 1400034) for QuantumRender reftest failures.
c89b96997d04fb6f765c42d4de83ff1bb6cb4eecBrad Werth — Bug 1399941 Part 2: Add more aspect-ratios to a test of media queries, testing for overflow. r=emilio
d04dd09068bb88890ab2e88da3b82c2cc24f4fa8Jan Odvarko — Bug 1400866 - Update Netmonitor's webpack config; r=nchevobbe
cb09c5099e519f615038109f0da3da190555775bAndrew Halberstadt — Bug 1397229 - Schedule mochitest-browser-chrome tests on Windows 10 instead of Windows 8, r=jmaher
1c9f780c4e9c5d34d1dce011480bffd789c5ee9cAndrew Halberstadt — Bug 1397229 - Disable toolkit/browser/components/tooltiptext/browser_input_file_tooltips.js on Win10, r=jmaher
fed3a10c6ffc85ec56c2af4c0afc59b2e15d76f6Andrew Halberstadt — Bug 1397229 - Disable browser/base/content/test/performance/browser_startup_images.js hidpi on Windows 10, r=jmaher
d928ad6475d220434dcd96681a4d659d8404dd32Andrew Halberstadt — Bug 1397229 - Remove unused reflow from browser_windowopen_reflows.js on Windows, r=mconley
026e90a816383c339b5b1eb55a0afe87054165b7Dan Horak — Bug 1400199 - Update atomics for s390(x). r=lhansen
bb67d7dc1ff22748e0e0dc845a58f387e6f8193dBen Kelly — Bug 1400372 P2 Add a WPT test that verifies a redirecting importScripts() can trigger an update. r=hopang
5fc997003df2136894c118afab0854936a54da4cBen Kelly — Bug 1400372 P1 Support redirected importScripts() when updating a service worker script. r=hopang
05f6da3339b33ba5bc4d369de5a706cd9523395dJan de Mooij — Bug 1384121 part 1 - Don't sweep ObjectGroups under IC helper functions. r=bhackett
4757f4c0639099dee535afc7101b8b62021e5d0dEmilio Cobos Álvarez — servo: Merge #18543 - script: Fix integer-JSID handling in named getters (from emilio:named-getter-int); r=nox
029b8bec31c17301473e1f5f977d92b9c438dd75Simon Fraser — Bug 1342392 Migrate partial update generation in-tree r=rail
cfe02dcfa163707c35493e240b26affbb861e055Julian Seward — Bug 1400341 - Uninitialised value use in nsMenuPopupFrame::SetPopupPosition(nsIFrame*, bool, bool, bool). r=enndeakin.
4ff9ba1e5310716535a3335045720f4ffccf05dcAndrea Marchesini — Bug 1388125 - CloneableWithRangeMediaResource for streams implementing nsICloneableInputStreamWithRange, r=jya
ab042a1a2b843a1b468db2a58927667776de2aeaAndrea Marchesini — Bug 1388125 - Move ChannelMediaResource to separate files, r=jya
ab2aef354a6d406dd97f4f684641163e943e06a7Andrea Marchesini — Bug 1388125 - Move FileMediaResource to separate files, r=jya
7d2d46e29a152fd663070e341966141dc747e256Andrea Marchesini — Bug 1388125 - FileMediaResource should use BlobImpl->Size() instead of stream::Available() to know the size, r=jya
bf5c89342c150331f3286641ed07ac91ff498224Jon Coppeard — Bug 1399889 - Handle map and set objects being moved before initialisation is finished r=jandem
54ee6d437d167105a657ea929a6243496e9d5d2fSebastian Hengst — merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound. r=merge a=merge
c147256cc10abdef30fdd14bb8eab62cd4dcb973Shawn Huang — Bug 1360567 - Add telemetry probes for Indexeddb storage types, r=janv, datareview=francois
c5d8edcea43b1d186f467f5138c825d80705e109Masatoshi Kimura — Bug 1394233 - Reftest to ensure that uppercase class names work. r=test-only
c9106770c861ea0c61e4fd9360c858da17b8d3bcGreg Mierzwinski — Bug 1400683 - Disable 'browser_dbg_stack-03.js' on linux64-jsdcov. r=jmaher
cb1c55fa345accb7496b64a8d14c37a58c247f69Greg Mierzwinski — Bug 1400683 - Add 'coverage' field to mozinfo to disable tests on linux64-jsdcov. r=jmaher
3a4fe916111c86e4d8f3efa7dc975e7e6c21eb94Sebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset 0d71c0be62de (bug 1342392) for bustage in partial update generator for docker images: not found. r=backout
0d71c0be62de1c49178294ca95eb23bbecf11201Simon Fraser — Bug 1342392 Migrate partial update generation in-tree r=rail
1e2233c98ff1e88570cf61b52ee3bf57e39950dfKartikaya Gupta — Bug 1400034 - Turn on layers-free for transform/ and transform-3d/ reftests. r=ethlin,pchang
5524d88599f61ecbf0b85287e760939f4634001bKartikaya Gupta — Bug 1400034 - Do a more direct translation of transforms from Gecko to WR in layers-free mode. r=ethlin,pchang
cd9baf0faf83aae1fad11be37bacc341f7316cefKartikaya Gupta — Bug 1400034 - Back out changes that introduce scaling complexity to StackingContextHelper. r=ethlin,pchang
7dbe23e8e1ee626ff46ddfb71b26828344b60cdeSebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset a43387ee65d7 (bug 1342392) for failing flake8 and py-compat jobs. r=backout
760c49597860adad4acad6b55829dc158d464480Andreas Tolfsen — Bug 1400289 - Add geckodriver release instructions. r=automatedtester
a43387ee65d7f889aac9b2581f12a6f2512e59b6Simon Fraser — Bug 1342392 Migrate partial update generation in-tree r=rail
32bb0db8301d0676b167c550ac8f9468045e6a4dBoris Chiou — servo: Merge #18517 - style: Clamp some filter functions to one if the values over 100% (from BorisChiou:stylo/filter/clamp); r=emilio
c71a5fd693a2a178a128a265bb59532d753a20a1Mateusz Naściszewski — servo: Merge #18506 - Fix issues with the combination of position:sticky and tables (from mrobinson:position-sticky-table); r=emilio
074e1de206f942155ab2f66ba7de93f5bb3d41a9Alastor Wu — Bug 1400758 - part3 : report the error description with InitPromise for ffmpeg decoders. r=jya
1d0e5cf9e932549350258d8f9fc4acfb2d36e090Alastor Wu — Bug 1400758 - part2 : report the error description with InitPromise for agnostic decoders. r=jya
67ce16d81d3c6876f2d6d80763ff90cbd664eacbAlastor Wu — Bug 1400758 - part1 : report the error description with InitPromise for Apple's decoders. r=jya
750a88e6701bb0260b94ee76bd4e59ba599aad7bManish Goregaokar — Bug 1400773 - Reland basic-shape wpt test added in bug 1290864. r=jgraham
936cba1c05c9ba0a1db3cfad187cd0f21ac61c03Sebastian Hengst — merge mozilla-central to autoland. r=merge a=merge
ffe6cc09ccf38cca6f0e727837bbc6cb722d1e71Sebastian Hengst — merge mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central. r=merge a=merge
ff9e183ca0fe4d0f4afde67a56777769357477b8Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 1400148 - Don't use -1 to represent an unset nsCursor. r=karlt.
f8c3e7d5f10df3296e0547284ec97fe74852a0bdNick Thomas — Bug 1400746 - checksums failure when boto3 and botocore present in our pypi mirrors, r=catlee DONTBUILD
aa14c5a7d4e15594030f9ecc95bd2addb5b72496Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 1400081 - Don't use -1 to represent an unset JSGCParamKey. r=sfink.
f5bc62a44e3de56b0d4b54cb2b6e56562d3789c6Alex Chronopoulos — Bug 1400671 - Update cubeb from upstream to ac532ad. r=kinetik
e008ca7971c93def654c90e2935d5f389cc3fd64Sebastian Hengst — merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound. r=merge a=merge
c0af528ff3654b8c2ea728863369dea698ad99e1Jan-Ivar Bruaroey — Bug 1381638 - Change browser_devices_get_user_media_in_frame.js to test cam then cam+mic instead of mic then cam+mic, to avoid bug 1400488. r=ng
e7488798c5d862eee2ae63a6206fd7d4c924d267Jan-Ivar Bruaroey — Bug 1381638 - Prevent sharing multiple input devices in the same process. r=jesup
7f20cfa6210fd21aabb8669ea73eb360f4c385ddNicholas Nethercote — servo: Merge #18548 - Implement MallocSizeOf properly for SmallBitVec (from nnethercote:measure-smallbitvec); r=emilio
90237bd98dae91d16ef65cc801703b68e7a28ef5Johann Hofmann — Bug 1399478 - Fix buttonhighlight for doorhangers without a mainaction. r=steveck
e015f756f2fc50a118f77b80b69c84fb39e81f0fJing-wei Wu — Bug 1400164 - Part 2: Tint close button manually when checked status is changed. r=nechen
ff594f5d6356970da1c74b289c529e2e8f79cffeJing-wei Wu — Bug 1400164 - Part 1: Provide a getter method for tint colors of themed widgets. r=nechen
3f31cf842931adb7d05ab18d5db641268633df9dAlessio Placitelli — Bug 1400202 - Move URI/domain tests out of browser_UsageTelemetry.js. r=Gijs
e46b617287390ec95c3dec3f07beb52ae8144be3Jan Steffens — Bug 1400175 - Stub gdk_screen_get_monitor_workarea in mozgtk2; r=karlt
76264c3da3f9cb4037375a5a3c391e1028398327Fischer.json — Bug 951965 - Make sure checking PanelUI.panel state after the popuphidden event, r=Gijs
8eb9099d21dd88f93a2ee26d1ae5cbcacd89b9d7Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1400337 - only set 'progress' attribute if 'busy' is already set, r=jaws
4f2552380412a7c656a1523bdd6c796827fa6266Shane Caraveo — Bug 1400391 fix e10s xpcshell-test for remote webextensions, r=kmag
3816b3b4f793fc3d02b8e22af1a4ddeceff3ea09Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 1399758 - Measure ImageValue objects. r=heycam.
112dba6948d388a6154f073c4f09c2c6a9addcf7Nicholas Nethercote — servo: Merge #18550 - Measure ImageValue objects (take 2) (from nnethercote:bug-1399758-take-2); r=heycam
4ef69bbd6816d95ade430640785971f587e2d5bcabhinav — Bug 1394323 - Remove overflow css rule for 'response-panel' as it prevents scrolling in Console 'Response' tab. r=nchevobbe
c452e8622329018257c34641e21f747337ecaebeTing-Yu Lin — Bug 1399767 - Remove preference "layout.css.clip-path-shapes.enabled". r=heycam
cd29ce68eefee0ceb49c9f909c27e545267dc221Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 1400624 - Fix a panic in Stylo memory reporting. r=heycam.
5e7579eb651d4c0ac2300e8da2aa0ac09ee84b7bNicholas Nethercote — servo: Merge #18549 - Fix a panic in Stylo memory reporting (from nnethercote:fix-enclosing-crash); r=heycam
14eff5fba2f12b7eb9e699b67b643115a3d2200dJean-Yves Avenard — Bug 1400537 - P2. Pass video framerate to decoder. r=gerald
f59c34720c8037e17f2205f65a2c8cad85455b93Jean-Yves Avenard — Bug 1400537 - P1. Don't assume that the PDM will properly report an error. r=alwu
24833bf7fb61ad0809c5c85b7204ff1a1a5a3768Bharat Raghunathan — Bug 1396794 - Removed aPacket and aLength change r=kentuckyfriedtakahe
7df304758224132097e865e6b7c056f1892744e9Emilio Cobos Álvarez — servo: Merge #18547 - style: Resolver cleanup and sharing by rule node fixes (from emilio:self-sharing); r=heycam
8a0b8dfa2d7df3e13bea7f81ed7a17c360eef5d7Alexis Beingessner — Bug 1400411 - stop mocking most of DrawTarget. r=jrmuizel
c86dac25f66fc0e7703bd27f99895ba3922c288bJohn Lin — Bug 1394239 - don't return video frames that MDSM won't show. r=jya
9779ff0008041b0ca1fa531d1d42437834896e81James Cheng — Bug 1399754 - [Part2] Fix wrong format string. r=cpearce
0e9ac37163ea228b2145777b9f817802df52418eJames Cheng — Bug 1399754 - [Part1] Replace CDM_LOG with GMP_LOG. r=cpearce
7ca486b28b99167b8ee033a5c0d3d6cba5ad0f87Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 1400100 - Shrink css::ImageValue. r=njn.
1aaa09eb300ce1763d516f6c4238e5acdbc20961Maya Messinger — Bug 1387846 change print button command to print instead of print preview on all platforms r=Gijs
7a01959c80e135bf948946fd2d09ad52f6c5672dSebastian Hengst — merge mozilla-central to autoland. r=merge a=merge
ae39864562c6048fdc2950c5dfedb48e247c3300Sebastian Hengst — merge mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central. r=merge a=merge
8a9f6ef5c3d444dd96d1d90602906a3fd62947e0Tim Taubert — Bug 1400513 - u2f-hid-rs: fuzzers should use a deterministic cmd byte r=jcj
a2ed201095ea183c4657aae5d961d8c978b06a9dTim Taubert — Bug 1400662 - Prefer the USB token if the softtoken is enabled as well r=jcj
dd87b8587fc1d63e57ebdadcbabba89c6d172969Sebastian Hengst — merge autoland to mozilla-central. r=merge a=merge
0408418cdef3a7ed4f72cdaaf5540b07b70021fdffxbld — No bug, Automated HPKP preload list update from host bld-linux64-spot-302 - a=hpkp-update
8cec2ff21d14c594a91d283a0d70add33a512a93ffxbld — No bug, Automated HSTS preload list update from host bld-linux64-spot-302 - a=hsts-update
446fa630c6ca22485cddeb9303f92af1d2a3239bEmilio Cobos Álvarez — servo: Merge #18525 - style: various serialization fixes (from emilio:border-spacing); r=nox
601946972c4419825c21a42c7a0e673107677994Jean-Yves Avenard — Bug 1400254 - Don't apply fuzz workaround when appendWindowEnd is set. r=gerald
5393e4f9885842009679d8b74faf5c7a22e0c45cDaniel Holbert — Bug 1400421 part 2: Delete unused nsLeafFrame::Reflow override (and its DoReflow helper). r=mats
c20a1a0d01ff475ff8db96f9e1d81c579029fa77Daniel Holbert — Bug 1400421 part 1: Annotate class 'nsPageBreakFrame' as final, to reflect reality. r=mats
cee0aab185bf8c7259a32668e9ee59d34efe5c2fEmilio Cobos Álvarez — servo: Merge #18537 - style: Spring cleanup (from emilio:spring-cleanup); r=nox
e4dad276a5231fd8a0a6428a94565598b35392b0Chris Peterson — Bug 1400705 - cairo: Fix -Wunknown-warning-option clang warning about gcc flag (and suppress some other warnings). r=lsalzman
f5e1eb39daf0c6f606f1aa41483702656922672cGijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1400681 - remove footer inline start padding explicitly instead of not setting non-icon inline start padding, r=johannh
af7271ca580b12a3b043a5c566917c9bb26a19aaGijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1400556 - apply padding to the tabs toolbar too to avoid other items moving when dragging tabs, r=johannh
bec354d845873082a5d2c00e23500262c2cc89e5Emilio Cobos Álvarez — servo: Merge #18539 - script: a couple DOM conversion fixes (from emilio:dom-conversion-fixes); r=nox
64b53d09febf538db91d4791a549680f43a2b57cEmilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1400325: crashtest. r=me
001d0020adccd2fa9e84ee97d5ca01d0f8ee6a7eEmilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1399546: Crashtest. r=me
f7b1daacf69d8d8b49fb881ec53e91667b372354Emilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1399546: Remove unused binding function. r=me
0ee945271889dc4a2b7650aa7edf9159d732837aEmilio Cobos Álvarez — servo: Merge #18538 - stylo: Don't add a font-size dependency to the rule cache if the reference size is not our current style (from emilio:font-size-dep-correct); r=heycam
14d7326af64d60a6be900427b468f94c7a2d2fdaSimon Sapin — servo: Merge #18541 - Upgrade to rustc 1.22.0-nightly (277476c4f 2017-09-16) (from servo:rustup); r=SimonSapin
15e338118aa22edfb3297728fc4017613bdc2f68Jean-Yves Avenard — Bug 1400598 - P1. Stop parsing bytesteam as soon as we have found the necessary data. r=gerald
727e7ea0e10d5b58fdba437f358ef7bc6b4168c7Paul Rouget — servo: Merge #18540 - Use BluetoothAdapter mock when bluetooth is disabled (from paulrouget:no_bt); r=nox
7ae99bcbaac4c84a727d4c81de529f5714b5c2cdSebastian Hengst — merge mozilla-central to autoland. r=merge a=merge
6bd0d9d8bc16a931642be34c54dd3522a4dce6d3Johann Hofmann — Bug 1399930 - Add drag space padding to the tabs toolbar on OSX. r=Gijs
2189a968511ee8f51eb2deb046bd7914a76a693bTim Huang — Bug 1384330 - Part 2: Add a test case for testing that navigator.mozAddonManager is correctly blocked when pref 'privacy.resistFingerprinting.block_mozAddonManager' is true. r=arthuredelstein,mossop
bb14bbb30c4150b69d541d4c9f32762721a9ccc2Tim Huang — Bug 1384330 - Part 1: Blocking the mozAddonManager when pref 'privacy.resistFingerprinting.block_mozAddonManager' is true. r=arthuredelstein,mossop
0806dedfeae9b2af24698cb9d004bd0e5e46ba23Jean-Yves Avenard — Bug 1400614 - P2. Change string output content. r=gerald
92224fd4468ac84b2193a97f0ac61288ad86d2dfJean-Yves Avenard — Bug 1400614 - P1. Handle case where we have no video track. r=gerald
26289fa4d71ac9a6fefde68643a17cd0517a81d9Eden Chuang — Bug 1398991 - Mochitest for spec change on PaymentRequest.shippingOption. r=baku
080349a1a6214fb01f40c40daa3c961a285a22caEden Chuang — Bug 1398991 - Set PaymentRequest.ShippingOption only if options.requestShipping is true. r=baku
97a042be82e5d16e97004376438cc8b6ec228c4eNeerja Pancholi — Bug 1381157 - Cache 'mContent->GetPrimaryFrame == this' with a flag on nsIFrame and replace these calls to GetPrimaryFrame. r=mats
a190e5b26bb11910bb5a6d180c51d3deb8f2dde6Mats Palmgren — Bug 1400623 - Add missing ClearOnShutdown.h #include. r=aosmond
34434390f6dce43baa530ee02200640ee176cc73Sebastian Hengst — merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound. r=merge a=merge
877d536658e644bd0d1662d608cc2ca3a9fa8d9fSebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset 7d0893f1b6ce (bug 1389021) for leaking in mda2 on Linux x64 asan (bug 1374856). r=backout a=backout
80494b13f4928660229d6c39d409cc4094a6b35aSebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset cc0acc00d769 (bug 1394233) for frequently failing own test usercss-uppercase.html on Windows 7 debug. r=backout a=backout
c4f1d0d1852b6e61c7a3e78ec8c0e33879c20d95Ryan VanderMeulen — Bug 1400602 - Update Freetype to version 2.8.1. r=jfkthame
1edc0d159982f6befa8c6e38f8af7e1f39c73e92Sebastian Hengst — merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound. r=merge a=merge
faa897d7948b7e2439573f39c34366c138913663Makoto Kato — Bug 1400128 - Link thumb library of libc++ when using MOZ_THUMB=1 and NDK r11c. r=froydnj
0d5b3f16219c3780c33c1804613a00b77263f7b8Andrea Marchesini — Bug 1396848 - Iterating a Header object returns sorted and combined values, r=qdot
6b5cce5da78594813192d46f129b6e5a012c9650Nick Thomas — Bug 1400746 - checksums failure when boto3 and botocore present in our pypi mirrors, r=catlee a=release DONTBUILD CLOSED TREE
3d2edf73fb90e8f0601bc0b16e79c1c24919db98Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge mozilla-central to beta. a=merge on a CLOSED TREE, l10n=me DEVEDITION_57_0b1_RELEASE FIREFOX_57_0b1_BUILD3 FIREFOX_57_0b1_RELEASE
be5bddf32db0a1ed27251295b7711d06f9189b11Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge inbound to m-c. a=merge
015f852e93fe8887e666ee5a1ff246d3d4e8063bRyan VanderMeulen — Merge autoland to m-c. a=merge
c079f3f1d24a9797205ba210e7f6a5d21d8c609bAxel Hecht — Backout revision ec6c7dd9e25f (bug 1390461) for breaking Beta release automation.
889b7cf3a773c8e8ee3e4456c19e971a69d5c3bbAxel Hecht — Backout revision d3021ff5ea6a (bug 1396177) for breaking Beta release automation.
1a2f0dc86126608d20b4f2f917836c41683c2403Axel Hecht — Backout revision e95f8bd7b519 and 84091f931dff (bug 1385227) for breaking Beta release automation.
13aea0c07147bf77029652944a6b4c4d3936e8f4Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset 62efa118ea7f (bug 1381638) for browser_devices_get_user_media_in_frame.js failures.
dae0e793707fdd9fd1455f06b5341bc47f879317Kris Maglione — Bug 1399098: Disable idle dispatch for login manager DeferredTask. r=me
0999c7162711da0457aef32082ac9fc6e8542022Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1398136 - use startup profile dir if necessary, r=MattN
62efa118ea7fe958197b94075a7c5d16aa651fb4Jan-Ivar Bruaroey — Bug 1381638 - Prevent sharing multiple input devices in the same process. r=jesup
1617e927b61c86adf3a814e5981db3db9402312bRyan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to autoland. a=merge
45b63125a4301eb89e7a4d70d0da1c650f11c7e4Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge inbound to m-c. a=merge
44e56a4d482a0959e00afb371872035caf3cd56dRyan VanderMeulen — Merge autoland to m-c. a=merge
401477969d7cba59c17e79396465dfd4d76f281dAndrew McCreight — Bug 1400566 - Explicitly get the global of |this| in CoverageUtils.jsm. r=kmag
7798872848dfe668ef3e7c8d1ec7c2048b164b5eDoug Thayer — Bug 1380345 - Use clipped menu icon when showing update badges r=Gijs
d7531c33e78df28cc94a1e9c4b75e4e9d7545cd3Jing-wei Wu — Bug 1383713 - [robocop] Find toolbar first and use it to find menu button. r=JanH,nechen
34e2566a71f160eb3c5c3d92626453852e818f18ffxbld — No bug, Automated HPKP preload list update from host bld-linux64-spot-304 - a=hpkp-update
0e7c43ea336cfd8b26ce71031757c9c5f32f84a1ffxbld — No bug, Automated HSTS preload list update from host bld-linux64-spot-304 - a=hsts-update
1ea2cdca150e66638c7c55f23f999f47e2541a35Edouard Oger — Bug 1383663 part 3 - Update FxA local state on profile email change. r=markh
81836819468a7293d2bb92a4cc043f9797a77b22Edouard Oger — Bug 1383663 part 2 - Remove fx-desktop-v1 client capabilities from aboutaccounts.js. r=markh,rfkelly
e7b8c72dc8680052be19e3ca6275ed9c74ab6184Edouard Oger — Bug 1383663 part 1 - Revert bug 1385191 changes. r=markh
753df1b7c5edb84daf585e0fb434f67755c60be2Phil Ringnalda — Backed out 3 changesets (bug 1383663) for timeouts in browser_aboutAccounts.js and failures in test_web_channel.js
f384a524cac6e769af1498d1b67ec33834a551d5Edouard Oger — Bug 1383663 part 3 - Update FxA local state on profile email change. r=markh
9d26a627e2f825eee2276d7644ea3c1455b628b4Edouard Oger — Bug 1383663 part 2 - Remove fx-desktop-v1 client capabilities from aboutaccounts.js. r=markh,rfkelly
c7d46e2e8ddca7bd5137846f12892ea1ac27a583Edouard Oger — Bug 1383663 part 1 - Revert bug 1385191 changes. r=markh
830a612d662c8436c44e3a0d673642b089edeb8dRobert Longson — Bug 1399942 - feTurbulence filter should only do nothing if baseFreq is zero in dx and dy r=dholbert
007288c8b7513cc8c223aaa71844aa493d840a61Sebastian Hengst — Bug 1399466 - Remove duplicate interface definition which caused bustage. r=bustage-fix on a CLOSED TREE
f1635330115fb1ac06cdb59fe5857dfc5d1c5749Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset ce09da537d44 (bug 1400391) for Android xpcshell failures.
f39e7ce332c0fd66c0c05e44684daa53f70bcaacSebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset 7822d49cfd59 (bug 1399466) for frequent leaks on Linux x64 debug (bug 1400132) and on Linux x64 asan (bug 1399117). r=backout
8aae08df567ddd45bc4778bba26984bfb72efaabMark Striemer — Bug 1399110 - Fix legacy badge placement in about:addons detail r=rhelmer
008c2a926077dba1e989f91da2876909d18c5b65Blake Winton — Bug 1388167 - Unify doorhanger footer styles. ui-r=abenson r=johannh
a2e766e76dba72797a9408d816394b42dc7e1ec8Eitan Isaacson — Bug 1369185 - Don't allow <select> to aria-own, or <option> to be owned. r=surkov
b3f6d72c338e5ac6af99a68dac7c7807b40e2dacAndrew Osmond — Backed out changeset 722569a89186 (bug 1380649) due to bug 1400549 and getting the crash signatures we needed.
f0b5f3476d8b05a3bacebb06056ff933e26a17faAndreas Tolfsen — Bug 1391605 - Correct webdriver create version number in 0.19.0 release. r=me
a7d36c4c2e14df2245b4f65300d1e67d2dd6eb35Andreas Tolfsen — Bug 1391605 - Release webdriver 0.31.0. r=me
a7aee415666d33258894a3c48f9435978f7c8eefRail Aliiev — Bug 1395697 - Add scripts to handle MAR recompression in release automation r=catlee
2edd69b245fbc493c3a1cf17c40c63b0280ead12Sebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset 82b8e6f1b4d9 (bug 1391605) for build bustage. r=backout
573ff832bf623811c4adebc3f39c973435b46ac3Sebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset ce0bfafc57be (bug 1391605)
ce0bfafc57bed52b7a6dad35a72fbf8e11623c1bAndreas Tolfsen — Bug 1391605 - Correct webdriver create version number in 0.19.0 release. r=me
8e697bb0803149993dadd2b3742b15c4ab6c83f7Jonathan Kew — Bug 1399540 - Add some IDN testcases with mixed punycode and non-punycode labels. r=valentin
42b73bde7b4fb5731a9d7e973fcb5cbfe8d7c595Jonathan Kew — Bug 1399540 - patch 2 - Handle invalid punycode better in stringPrep to avoid mangling display of fake-punycode labels. r=valentin
fbc5b903dbdd95722caa919703e1cb911ea99512Jonathan Kew — Bug 1399540 - patch 1 - Failure to decode an individual label within the IDN should not block decoding of other valid punycode labels. r=valentin
82b8e6f1b4d9072638839ab24182c276517476efAndreas Tolfsen — Bug 1391605 - Release webdriver 0.31.0. r=me
28e04e7d8935169dfa48d2b24fa712afbfbd57f6Sebastian Hengst — merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound. r=merge a=merge
cc0acc00d769666a41f5c9d5bea78e9614b30ddfMasatoshi Kimura — Bug 1394233 - Reftest to ensure that uppercase class names work. r=test-only
6af67f8caff4dec6bce2d46e7c899ea16069124aStone Shih — Bug 1292134: Disable pointerevent_touch-action-span-test_touch-manual because of intermittent failures. r=kats.
fd261ae32151d783c445cd7d9fa9eb20aa50cdefAndreas Tolfsen — No bug: Generate Marionette API docs. r=me NPOTB
151984c2ede0abf50464fea56bc5ea58eef0292fSylvestre Ledru — Bug 1400283 - flake8 consistency r=nbp
ce09da537d4487d0efdf6b6833235c0be7445ad0Shane Caraveo — Bug 1400391 fix e10s xpcshell-test for remote webextensions, r=kmag
733123f73cedfc198788848594bdc83adc3f9188Sebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset 5dc35eb2c70b (bug 1370401) on request from nhnt11 (taking bug 1399235 into account). r=backout
092944affb617ed74cd494a8feb7ac99fba2100aSebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset 616bd23b9896 (bug 1391145) for frequently failing mochitests layout/style/test/test_animations.html and layout/style/test/test_animations_omta.html on Linux x64. r=backout
134474e7c8a93b2565502b4a751a8ed0a0819512Johann Hofmann — Bug 1399499 - Add additional margin-top to the tabs toolbar on Windows 7 per Photon spec. r=nhnt11
5dc35eb2c70b5e60e334e9b8a779dc5dd273608aNihanth Subramanya — Bug 1370401 - Don't allow URL bar width to shrink smaller than its contents. r=dao,Gijs
375708697623fe63e87bf2e28ecd29a250c3a7eeBrad Werth — servo: Merge #18526 - Prevent aspect-ratio media queries from causing m… (from bradwerth:aspectOverflow); r=emilio
616bd23b9896a311973adadd932a76459cc634e4Manish Goregaokar — servo: Merge #18492 - stylo: Preserve variants of 2d translate/rotate/scale functions in computed transform (from Manishearth:stylo-translate); r=hiikezoe
5e5e2372b2c05bf68b4cd0908bdf22d8c4575a9dSebastian Hengst — merge mozilla-central to autoland. r=merge a=merge
b1e13cff22b9fa9ed414cf60f44b850e95603e1fBobby Holley — servo: Merge #18532 - Undo #18497 in the MatchAndCascade case (from bholley:more_cache_insertion); r=emilio
740cc074c30ff143f3716c59e591bd1ac2f392d9Mark Banner — Bug 1395879 - Remove espree/escope etc from the direct dependencies of eslint-plugin-mozilla since they are really peerDependencies supplied by the existing eslint peer. r=mossop
3b375d85383a82301d3c251901cee18bffcaa22fRyan VanderMeulen — Merge mozilla-central to beta. a=merge on a CLOSED TREE, l10n=me
27e7b4261e4b5a016e09adb5332a181e43ab520eSebastian Hengst — merge mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central. r=merge a=merge
eb321219373e544f8db4f23bc83e8203fed7e9d2Phil Ringnalda — Backed out changeset 0659ef1d09b2 (bug 1400347) for Android bustage in test_ext_tabs_captureVisibleTab.html
0f15faa4f0fab46833bf9f8ca8c48c5f482f22b3Stephen A Pohl — Backout f89ae3c450ce (bug 1324892) for busting Thunderbird. r=me
32bb2c8925bf97d27d3e055260dd5a7a43b94bcbRandell Jesup — Bug 1396879: don't dynamically switch to/from fast-path gUM audio r=jib
06ee47ac7e4d5d256639874421a550f957792a5fBoris Zbarsky — Bug 1400275. Ensure we create reflectors for JS-implemented webidl interfaces with the right prototype when those interfaces are subclassed. r=qdot
28bdfd821210b61b8d0196cbc3c99dd06b3730e9Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1398500 part 2. Make sure that if we start propagating scroll to viewport from a new body element we reframe it as needed. r=dholbert
4553f8ff4114c0a9c742564da3b1122c89429e58Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1398500 part 1. Switch the viewport scrollbar override stuff to use Element, not nsIContent. r=dholbert
0f52a45c01dc0f1cb55a01434e36e75337228b1cBoris Zbarsky — Bug 864845 part 2. Make window.content chromeonly in nightly. r=mystor
cd97f24d9ae779f1cb7808c2133df29e05a62b2fBoris Zbarsky — Bug 864845 part 1. Stop using 'content' in devtools tests. r=ochameau
0659ef1d09b286d37fbbf88a3d2c202a0c63fcc2Christoph Kerschbaumer — Bug 1400347 - Update test_ext_tabs_captureVisibleTab.html to comply with new toplevel data: URI navigation policy. r=bz
0d93c364b753c9ecde20ab8e961bba61a9bb894dGabriel Luong — Bug 1400319 - Implement the photon styles for the rule view search highlights. r=jdescottes
47901a63dd2befc5c202cd8466e5ef9947215d71Andrew Osmond — Bug 1397214 - Prevent ContentChild::RecvSetXPCOMProcessAttributes from running after shutdown. r=ehsan
5473323817b8b412f492307ce3b7a2bd72f59b21Kris Maglione — Backed out changeset 963bf9d85732 (bug 1398646) for causing bug 1400288. r=backout
0533dbf2956818762fbbe7dbcfad738fe8383d89Florian Quèze — Bug 1379587 - fix tests that rely on scrolling on a not-yet-painted browser, r=mconley.
95af17933c45ca0b02ea4e1cfe0c675cc95f11b8Florian Quèze — Bug 1379587 - Avoid white flash when opening new windows, r=mconley.
7e5b28819e5b382bea8cbcccf0c6402fe0e90192Jonathan Kew — Bug 1373852 - Update WPT metadata now that font-kerning-03 is no longer expected to fail. r=me
28ee946c28686298dacd8b782eb21335c017eb3bJonathan Kew — Bug 1373852 - Map font-kerning:normal to the appropriate low-level feature depending on orientation. r=jrmuizel
2d5650ab1aeca067c7b21584e73813761ffc4dcaSebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset 4360d673edef (bug 1380959) for failing talos tpaint. r=backout
1a6381a51810fed75d99cdf04b6735abfe78922aSebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset 906b8bdd2002 (bug 1400347) for failing talos tpaint. r=backout
5d86f27fe905246f8a3211da099f5e546315188bSteve Fink — Bug 1391877 - Restrict Windows to a single test worker for jit-tests, r=jonco
c385f15231d2a6dbbf8ffcbc3bf49fa18ee51282Steve Fink — Bug 1385512 - Do not race with gcBytes, r=jonco
4e8d6d2c8216a3805d354bdaa0e92d81debd662aMatt Woodrow — Bug 1397058 - Fix reftest annotations for box-decoration-break-with-outset-box-shadow-1.html
9eea474dfa80304f40f9c12c277e9c731da744ccAndrew Sutherland — Bug 1378949 - Fix SW notification tests that assumed activated SW to wait for activation. r=bkelly
8a5a46b8c9d195bcc68f796ba63d8a80c209402aGeoff Brown — Bug 1400181 - Return mochitests to structured logging; r=ahal
7bd452a934baa2c1f907bb7d5846aba51242afbcSebastian Hengst — merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound. r=merge a=merge
6c1b45e7e94dbf343813eda03f1fd0b3259b59b1Sebastian Hengst — merge autoland to mozilla-central. r=merge a=merge
c99a1520c7a5af8f3769d3a4fce38697ce47cbb2Sebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset 70f5f23a429f (bug 1397407) for letting Talos g1 timeout and spam its log on Linux x64 QuantumRender opt. r=backout a=backout
f90546e2947f1cc8381b4faf2c61e6cedc85831eJim Chen — Bug 1395688 - Update jsshell for minifying Fennec JS code; r=nalexander
a2832e30d3549b88a43fd545786672904ef22b9fKris Maglione — Bug 1400489: Restrict global sharing to desktop Firefox. r=tcampbell
b020722d08c09d44e64c3f89a0108820de76b676Matt Brubeck — Bug 1341102 - Revendor Rust dependencies.
5062ee0a6174aaf097fac02f811193b0ae0aa2b5Matt Brubeck — servo: Merge #18511 - Update to smallbitvec 1.0.6 (from mbrubeck:always-be-updating); r=KiChjang
68a115ea40024978a64f01782e86f6bc53074bdbEmilio Cobos Álvarez — servo: Merge #18531 - Reland #18519 (from emilio:body-quirk); r=heycam
e8d66b5b8f6ba7ea489e8546b5b7603a4cf4f693Martin Robinson — servo: Merge #18510 - Properly handle stacking context collection for truncated fragments (from mrobinson:truncated-fragment-stacking-context-collection); r=emilio
62f03c05db7827f2dcc242bb4b58049e09e1398cMichael Comella — Bug 1400072: Specify card size in onBind instead of onCreate. r=liuche
cd4c24e98e044705b210d8bb0beb0b93c7016e84Michael Comella — Bug 1400072: Rm unused variable tilesMargin. r=liuche
45f33d2b572218950d819c0341774d45a40c7bb5Michael Comella — Bug 1400072: Cache tilesSize in swapCursor. r=liuche
ec4dcc7799ad8fa5beb6e728b0801e55dd616e0aMichael Comella — Bug 1400072: Pass in tilesSize when needed, rather than caching. r=liuche
fea444196dee6a021d70f38f5e6884f87f2aa64eMichael Comella — Bug 1400072: Make num tiles a constant. r=liuche
c710d47517a28487160978de88f76e586fafd449Michael Comella — Bug 1400072: Move TOP_SITE_COLUMNS/ROWS -> TopSitesPage. r=liuche
f6de9a593c3c3913b483a6606dbcb493369eb3f6Emilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1399546: Add an API to know if an element is it's document body element. r=heycam
cd3a11354b72de2b9001c2ad83b6f1b7663fd4a0Emilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1399546: Remove broken code for handling the body text color. r=bholley,Manishearth
e354373c68a2853b8b1553b74da2e93c9a99a492Nico Grunbaum — Bug 1393095 - remote audio receiver stats missing;r=dminor,jesup
12d215a0f9524e8ab82a609f7b414860f2aab8cbEd Lee — Bug 1400353 - Add faster loading, favicon positioning and bug fixes to Activity Stream. r=dmose
7ddc2c24550bcc5be6f00823bd7f6cd9ff77fbc4Kit Cambridge — Bug 1400394 - Remove `TestingUtils.deepCopy`. r=markh
c9f54ac39f549d136434aff5972a52f3333abc5cPaul Rouget — servo: Merge #18410 - harfbuzz-sys update (from paulrouget:harfbuzz-update); r=mbrubeck
c8ab95c5a34bc85e3f46e21612e432d09076ba64Bobby Holley — Bug 1398982 - Remove style scoped warnings for stylo. r=me
02a2b8be0921dce0a406e6dc829983ad48dc140fAndrew McCreight — Bug 1400406 - js/xpconnect/ contains a reference to a non-existent directory. r=gps
1a79683f59bccbfe7199f48e048754fe17f4acedGregory Szorc — Backed out changesets 98e46ead3522 and 52e6fce3e6f6 (bug 1399870) for Windows test failures; a=backout
bd58d86f008b9f3fa415bac712443ffb3282065dWes Kocher — Backed out changeset 3b21f5d72f54 (bug 1398982) for unexpected passes in reftests a=backout
49dd4d0c6d0ed9138e70b0eb053bc8d50cd8cd33Chenxia Liu — Bug 1393174 - Rename FirstrunRegular.Link to Link. r=mcomella
82b8495eb44f6346d7e12a555702c0622e76bbbaChenxia Liu — Bug 1393174 - Add "More" link to Pocket AS title. r=mcomella
c28d790ecc91a33afe7b036523813137c9f8a0fbWes Kocher — Backed out changeset d9bc6c96c492 (bug 1399877) for build bustage a=backout
4f37ace5eff4dd87144939764e48937469e409caDaosheng Mu — Bug 1400091 - Skip-if WebVR reftests for MacOSX non-Nightly build; r=kip
790f099a55ab69ca981b46f80d3319f38a5fdf5eMasatoshi Kimura — Bug 1400207 - Remove nsIDocument::AddCharSetObserver. r=hsivonen
98e46ead352299d6e18b760535ed8195d2ce5006Gregory Szorc — Bug 1399870 - Fix test for DEFFILE; r=me
5d68f5307724344aff045e0c35acf24ecb077b20Matthew Noorenberghe — Bug 1400395 - Make credit card autofill available for tests. r=RyanVM
6cde1d8f17ad40e50bdfaec0c7ec19fe2e6022d0Gregory Szorc — Bug 1399878 - Fix case of LOCAL_INCLUDES; r=me
d9bc6c96c492eb23bb08716607f276d1e5ea2f20Ted Mielczarek — bug 1399877 - Globally define DLL_PREFIX/DLL_SUFFIX. r=gps
305e742634e5076bcfd0e98940879082b6f6db3aTed Mielczarek — bug 1399878 - Use LOCAL_INCLUDES instead of CFLAGS in some media files. r=gps
52e6fce3e6f625f08e0fc9b8b76222e8c7f8bcffTed Mielczarek — bug 1399870 - Make DEFFILE a Path instead of a string. r=gps
d6a3a83d9ce3c16773a5c818b5f754ff7728f665Wes Kocher — Backed out changeset 67769dac78c4 for busting builds CLOSED TREE
a6d9e37a9122e0848b67c072b7a101fe4b058716Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 1400378 - Add layers logging support for Point3D. r=mattwoodrow
9cc10d12de94bda1dee61a03e0681f5e73df5ee6Edouard Oger — Bug 1392874 - Force gSync initialization in browser_sync.js test. r=markh
f083cad6e8e6e96157ea3648062d62869caf04efJohn Lin — servo: Merge #18031 - Fix Android build errors on macOS (from jhlin:android-build-on-macos); r=mbrubeck
6159e19a7c0fffd202134027abff82b6e0bd22e6Josh Matthews — Bug 1397971 - Share strings in URLDataValue with Rust. r=heycam
5657bd411b28daebe0cbb5c170279fa4065c2a89Ben Kelly — Bug 1397128 P9 Make content script usage of Cache API use lazy body loading. r=tt
7650e58c8b52d3e4384073b3fd794c715bf76a04Ben Kelly — Bug 1397128 P8 Track which storage "namespace" each Cache object is associated with. r=tt
882ab64141403a04a6f3c178e6531948ec7ea71bBen Kelly — Bug 1397128 P7 Add an OpenMode enumeration to control if individual Cache API requests eagerly or lazily opens bodies. r=tt
c02de0753e45c68e432dde1ee3826776429abd0eBen Kelly — Bug 1397128 P6 Allow ReadStream to be created with an initially nullptr base stream. r=tt
afc46e4aa18cf8c4f305aa7155eacbf9259c6e30Ben Kelly — Bug 1397128 P5 Add ReadStream::Inner::EnsureStream() to synchronously open stream when Availabe/Read/ReadSegments is called. r=tt
faa7c0f91b4ed79995e66f121244dd805b825dd2Ben Kelly — Bug 1397128 P4 Add a PCacheStreamControl message to open a stream based on its body ID. r=tt
6a1adad5e9db8e9bcc31d7828420b2d32f66ca08Ben Kelly — Bug 1397128 P3 Add an OpenStreamAction class to open the file stream on the io thread. r=tt
88015eaa125d91308371400968cda004755628c3Ben Kelly — Bug 1397128 P2 Refactor StreamList::Add() to use move constructors and accept a nullptr stream. r=tt
b16b6ed01f5105f0e881ca7a50e4eba312911816Ben Kelly — Bug 1397128 P1 Make CacheReadStream ipdl struct contain an OptionalIPCStream. r=tt
1796dd9bccfbe41022858b94b8c510f919b1de3dAndrew Osmond — Backed out changeset 727f0d09e299 (bug 1399453) because the annotations are no longer needed.
906b8bdd2002b75be1ec731694d818b7aff02187Christoph Kerschbaumer — Bug 1400347 - Update test_ext_tabs_captureVisibleTab.html to comply with new toplevel data: URI navigation policy. r=smaug
4360d673edef90dc3b3397b60d1cfdcc1ed0c312Christoph Kerschbaumer — Bug 1380959: Block oplevel data: URI navigations in Nightly and early Beta. r=bz
aa02aa853d370a776efc59c699895a34a8671777Servo VCS Sync — No bug - Revendor rust dependencies
d0e83cfaff2ffa3512c4fb066ad4fbb3acb17eb7Matt Brubeck — servo: Merge #18527 - Revert "Measure ImageValue objects." (from mbrubeck:revert); r=mbrubeck
867559d318f3d860fcb1c29608b58e1a1273be16Simon Sapin — servo: Merge #18521 - Fix running `cargo test -p stylo_test` from repo root (from servo:cargotest); r=nox
d66f3c9329a8a7e9bc8dcccc51656e335033d4efTom Tromey — servo: Merge #18512 - Preserve sourceURL comment on style sheets (from tromey:preserve-style-sheet-source-url); r=SimonSapin
67769dac78c4e757a95b41b1d8d517af61ea19f2Emilio Cobos Álvarez — servo: Merge #18519 - style: Implement the body text color quirk in a more straight-forward way (from emilio:body-quirk); r=heycam
15ce21d9ddb13cd91088bcd1b01ed86823c595e5Martin Robinson — servo: Merge #18462 - Do some minor cleanups in display list building (from mrobinson:cleanup-building-state); r=emilio
13ec4ded3b4ed25913047b1bed312ef67011fc1fJosh Matthews — servo: Merge #18516 - Share specified URLs with Gecko (from jdm:stringshare); r=heycam
1885fa2ee0a84411d02512952134ab5bbb2467a6Emilio Cobos Álvarez — servo: Merge #18509 - style: Share user agent cascade data across documents (from emilio:ua-sheet-share-cascade-data); r=SimonSapin
437eae179c71eb3fcb1af49a48b4e315d6a47ab5Sebastian Hengst — merge mozilla-central to autoland. r=merge a=merge
6be5c7d30d2def62a762ac187252eba626b23a92Sebastian Hengst — merge mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central. r=merge a=merge
5b39f8dcc5cd6a38fe99564a9cfc90eedfad1639Sebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset bf572b74ec5f (bug 1392841) for frequently failing reftest layout/reftests/font-face/font-display-1.html on Linux debug and on suspicion for causing leak in bug 1399117. r=backout a=backout
f954ddf67d55cb5b5cb623e7adc95f2637742a91Sebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset 21edf7e4f6ad (bug 1399471) for frequently failing wpt /IndexedDB/interleaved-cursors.html and browser-chrome tests, all on Linux32 debug. r=backout a=backout
89ee33156cdec7c01c9c4c124dc20f4704c113d4Bobby Holley — Bug 1398983 - Remove warning about assuming gecko style system. r=me
1dc22f1138e63343e361c2d52b2c46c4843be750Bobby Holley — Bug 1398980 - Remove warning about stylo not supporting document state changes. r=me
3b21f5d72f54df2e34ffded24011eaa48f63c6b0Bobby Holley — Bug 1398982 - Remove style scoped warnings for stylo. r=me
722569a89186be92efbaebfa99005e5c46e27cf5Andrew Osmond — Bug 1380649 - Assert if we remap a purged SourceSurfaceVolatileBuffer. r=jrmuizel
dd653d5758d5cdbdc22e942eb54468a12400aa5cAndrew McCreight — Bug 1381961 - Enabled shared global for JSMs pref. r=kmag,tcampbell
c3c6406d94b5bf317aa0bf35068c6f1aaeb4f45aMike Conley — Bug 1399796 - UnsubmittedCrashHandler should never check for unsubmitted crash reports if disabled or suppressed. r=Felipe
eba07bb1d697ccb0bcc822bc80e7683bc0ca1879Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound. a=merge
e65c63e20f93eda01cee102363f61cc5d50e55f6Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to autoland. a=merge
413dd42f40288747af6d811babd136dc4146d87aAlastor Wu — Bug 1400195 - remove xp constraint for tests. r=jya
7aceaf8bcb9f582db0f93488b48ef7019e348dbaRyan VanderMeulen — Merge inbound to m-c. a=merge
31992a5c3d64ade078accdaab8ac4ffb5e43a9d7Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge autoland to m-c. a=merge
9071a20f3eaa804a439990b7596dbc16d52d1e20ffxbld — No bug, Automated HPKP preload list update from host bld-linux64-spot-361 - a=hpkp-update
d4ba3ecb9aa1dde96db8dc254cf62b1da63f8438ffxbld — No bug, Automated HSTS preload list update from host bld-linux64-spot-361 - a=hsts-update
69fec8b3a6a0dc196f2ff465259e9587182c389fAlastor Wu — Bug 1398139 - part4 : enable test. r=jya
39e86cbf34d57f5478838b9b0166ba44c4f68a71Alastor Wu — Bug 1398139 - part3 : check current time should be increased correctly in new chained part. r=jya
9fe90be81abbcc63f2c0aab66222eb867b968990Alastor Wu — Bug 1398139 - part2 : adjust sample's start time for chained ogg. r=jya
1421239eef77ff58aaf7883a366d8f97536cdfa2Alastor Wu — Bug 1398139 - part1 : revert the changing of bug 1386478. r=jwwang
3cb1ce131f7cab332f036cecd59e5d104c981fa8Sebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset c56a205100ac (bug 1399615) for failing browser-chrome's browser/components/uitour/test/browser_UITour_availableTargets.js, at least on OS X. r=backout
2ad95439eef6adad6aff5f0c72af709d304921cek88hudson — Bug 1399696 - aboutNewTabService should initialize with the correct _activityStreamPrerender value r=Mardak
20d129c15a9990da780859ca97fff236a1052e05Sebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset 1256cadba71b (bug 1399796) for eslint failure at browser/modules/ContentCrashHandlers.jsm:675: Async method 'checkForUnsubmittedCrashReports' expected no return value. r=backout
2939dc6bb578d28d8b75dc8ed91065ad7b8cce65Andrew Swan — Bug 1399791 Make Android extension permission dialog modal r=walkingice
2125fac068a6e36b387ff952715bf4133d5555a3Ray Lin — Bug 1374007 - Remove grey overlay of media controls before media start to play. r=jaws
07c412e7cdf019017a77fc543e05bd9b68c35230Sylvestre Ledru — Bug 1395580 - - Also manage the coding style {} for function declarations r=nbp
1a429aa9abdb7a4cc9165d52e8b4844559785001Fischer.json — Bug 1399693 - Update the watermark Firefox logo used on new tab from png to svg, r=gasolin
c56a205100ac8747670ad5ad5ba1d6c66ce77310Ian Bicking — Bug 1399615 - Export Screenshots 19.0.0 to Firefox r=kmag
1256cadba71bc9e0677e4f92174bc76ad8952eb5Mike Conley — Bug 1399796 - UnsubmittedCrashHandler should never check for unsubmitted crash reports if disabled or suppressed. r=Felipe
18dad63ef0c67b7bc0e8afb4c1268d5d6c30a55bAndrew Swan — Bug 1400129 Remove unused accessKey l10n property r=flod
8998495d56dcb03aac5376b72ccd73ab19dbfc8cFrancesco Lodolo (:flod) — Bug 1399511 - Update message displayed when a section has no data in about:telemetry r=chutten
e5d3009b7d0adc90e80530d8074b3703381dd477Mark Collins — Bug 1398329 - Convert uses of defer to new Promise in client/shared (except in test/, vendor/ and widgets/ subdirs). r=Honza, r=nchevobbe
fe4ce395c7ce3cbb3bf180b29fe2b93ca7a43988Liang-Heng Chen — Bug 1399409 - Ignore about:blank in awaitBrowserLoaded. r=kmag
8e62c82e6dacb76ac5b28bd28b1a3cf43aa2caa7Ethan — Bug 1397938 - Download protection whitelist and blacklist are not available for the Android platform. r=francois
ee4c8b6d9a083e24a6f902e9f3b3621561ab9451Sebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset 3f1e68da9634 (bug 1397128) for bustage at mozilla/dom/cache/CacheStorage.h:108. r=backout on a CLOSED TREE
c0a6198c2345c243a40f82220f7640ddcb755515Sebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset 15edfaab92f6 (bug 1397128)
3011315fd77cd184ca7e4721b7e35233b945b0c9Sebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset bfbcc07fcb4b (bug 1397128)
0241711c57ebe826345fc38ee5e695ff301c24b8Sebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset 389e9f39d6b8 (bug 1397128)
b1630c159759298a39b7a33397832c458d28ab9fSebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset 5988716b66bb (bug 1397128)
852e0b52c84f041880f1ed404be20d6c8022977fSebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset bb52082d2d3c (bug 1397128)
ea17b06fd8eb6e5cdd6021f8095c25d640b226d8Sebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset b28740aedf34 (bug 1397128)
768e5defb464e14a76b83884702b9ed5bff07401Sebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset e37614cb41e1 (bug 1397128)
927cceba22bea3a94e7ae10112f0e037588c583fSebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset b5ea37e08220 (bug 1397128)
5f1cc2ce82b29c90eb3354398cb6f8d9ec5d5652Andrea Marchesini — Bug 1376794 - Label blob IPC messages, r=billm
613e05258559feffb4017be2b03110a5878d91b2Dylan Roeh — Bug 1400059 - Fix trailing whitespace r=me
b5ea37e08220cef0cd3bb3130ea0b1104ad8d16bBen Kelly — Bug 1397128 P9 Make content script usage of Cache API use lazy body loading. r=tt
e37614cb41e1f96f02b365570a92bb748a7ae715Ben Kelly — Bug 1397128 P8 Track which storage "namespace" each Cache object is associated with. r=tt
b28740aedf34db48a9d5221bd49341d708d4cf00Ben Kelly — Bug 1397128 P7 Add an OpenMode enumeration to control if individual Cache API requests eagerly or lazily opens bodies. r=tt
bb52082d2d3c860253a90a6606f1fff7dc864aefBen Kelly — Bug 1397128 P6 Allow ReadStream to be created with an initially nullptr base stream. r=tt
5988716b66bba7ad38f8fe0cc7956d2120569ee5Ben Kelly — Bug 1397128 P5 Add ReadStream::Inner::EnsureStream() to synchronously open stream when Availabe/Read/ReadSegments is called. r=tt
389e9f39d6b8b2e7614511281ede2d7ce83839b5Ben Kelly — Bug 1397128 P4 Add a PCacheStreamControl message to open a stream based on its body ID. r=tt
bfbcc07fcb4bdb198e42424702c90d128c0ffaa7Ben Kelly — Bug 1397128 P3 Add an OpenStreamAction class to open the file stream on the io thread. r=tt
15edfaab92f6d812256252e8efc6b8574cd7c381Ben Kelly — Bug 1397128 P2 Refactor StreamList::Add() to use move constructors and accept a nullptr stream. r=tt
3f1e68da9634ed661ff2b4b1b128c43bf3e831bbBen Kelly — Bug 1397128 P1 Make CacheReadStream ipdl struct contain an OptionalIPCStream. r=tt
22ed219fb63a53c96daa5e957539a8f2393189d4ffxbld — No bug - Tagging mozilla-central 8e818b5e9b6bef0fc1a5c527ecf30b0d56a02f14 with FIREFOX_BETA_57_BASE a=release DONTBUILD CLOSED TREE
f73a6867afeead095c1804adb63815fb885af2f3Dan Minor — Bug 1398820 - Do not add duplicate rtp extensions; r=bwc
880d772e282e47a015605622ca0046569c80bd71Henrik Skupin — Bug 1399592 - Increase Marionette startup timeout for mochitest/reftest. r=gbrown
0e14317d2f6c454e86549fe84d6067e1745a76c5Florian Quèze — Bug 1379587 - White flash when opening new tabs, r=mconley, ui-r=phlsa.
f89ae3c450ce33915e4d2fff0b11b942dec17f1aStephen A Pohl — Bug 1398582: Prevent drawing titles in title bars on macOS 10.13 when we don't want them. r=mstange
26275c18b48c2aa4e64e8bb54062469fb63c0296Henrik Skupin — Bug 1391605 - Bump geckodriver to 0.19.0. r=ato
7f5db3c919582c4b8fdbf35007b48d0005fd3007Henrik Skupin — Bug 1391605 - Update for changes in geckodriver 0.19.0. r=ato
a35cf697567ab04735f1def1b399c03f40f35f39Erica Wright — Bug 1394461 - Update illustration and copy for about:rights. ui-r=shorlander r=dao
7ef7bcbd8884ababc8461fa3fe18d649526227d7Luca Greco — Bug 1398729 - Support devtools.panels.elements sidebar.setExpression API method. r=aswan
d3df8bc53dcb46cd30426d14f668cb5ab36c85c9Luca Greco — Bug 1398729 - Share devtools.inspectedWindow.eval helper methods in ext-devtools API module. r=aswan
956bc408307c40ffc9a307a7affe8377e04842aaMark Banner — Bug 1399968 - Ensure the inNavBar search pref really does get set correctly on startup. r=Gijs
ff8b9eddddc4068a878fd561ea734a1531382406Dylan Roeh — Bug 1400059 - Replace strings in ProgressListener.SecurityInformation with ints. r=snorp
160e7920634dbba36c550fec9655bb7ecd5cd535Matt Woodrow — Bug 1397058 - Make display item type flags compulsary and add them for all item types. r=mstange
8384b2a43a1bbbdb6468483d55d2331ddd1cf2abMatt Woodrow — Bug 1397060 - Don't call ComputeOpaqueRect unless we're going to make use of the result. r=mstange
670be1db5eeddc43fb7a36342f1c97bf6c3a5103Geoff Brown — Bug 1391694 - Avoid false shutdown leaks in browser-chrome tests with --repeat; r=jmaher
ee8939119c172f5e2c4b101ed17a23ea35897782jason laster — Bug 1399673 - Update Debugger Frontend and upgrade Source Map Worker to v0.13.0. r=jdescottes
447eaf2c0578d43d58c856e2e5664c9cda35eef2Nathan Froyd — Bug 1397823 - part 4 - reduce codesize for IPDL IPC::Message creation; r=kanru
14acffc2e1eca99806bda3099cdf12938772cd52Nathan Froyd — Bug 1397823 - part 3 - do a better job setting IPC::Message flags; r=kanru
6e7da31ab0b11eb3b4f2e372b350652b8b3e3597Nathan Froyd — Bug 1397823 - part 2 - tidy _generateMessageConstructor enums a little; r=kanru
1607f6d53f5273361ce35e47f94d3966c26611c6Nathan Froyd — Bug 1397823 - part 1 - move work into _generateMessageConstructor; r=kanru
70f5f23a429f3d621e44307c191fa84c77fb2f61Nicolas Silva — Bug 1397407 - Apply deferred image key deletions to the next transaction. r=Gankro
d26e31b70dae473c5a13804b5c761b10765251a1Stone Shih — Bug 1399876: Relax the assertion about sending multiple eMouseEnterIntoWidget in TabParent. r=baku.
92c830b99fe97c2970f0a58ecef8c8d8b6a2fa85Makoto Kato — Bug 1387937 - Part 2. Add patch file. r=jfkthame
a9bf7b6cf6d4ed4f467e261d771281498b626cc6Makoto Kato — Bug 1387937 - Part 1. Import changeset 40324. r=jfkthame
6487b7e332d64d438976a19030bb94e639480391Christoph Kerschbaumer — Bug 1399848 - Update failing windows tests within dom/browser-element to comply with new toplevel data: URI navigation policy. r=smaug
53d445528ef226c188bc39bee82dd4cefd1940d4Jon Coppeard — Bug 1399928 - RegExpShared::source should be a GCPtr r=sfink
5c1007b062e3a2b3d2571983603ccc67a144f8b6Jon Coppeard — Bug 1399933 - Replace use of ObjectValueCrashOnTouch with PoisonedObjectValue r=sfink
c4a244ec50df3b2fe64dad024275a9789ef113d0Sebastian Hengst — merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound. r=merge a=merge
d1a21fb93a04f252365cfb02b32535cc7665eaddGabriele Svelto — Bug 1393716 - Don't run minidump analysis on content crashes if the browser is quitting r=ted.mielczarek
07b93c7fec6c83f53a3bdce9becbb13f0fc397e5J.C. Jones — Bug 1400066 - Gracefully handle unsupported platforms for U2F HID support r=ttaubert
0aed7d43efe295f6086cb3d1cb96326da5c2ebacJ.C. Jones — Bug 1400080 - Remove impossible telemetry test from WebAuthn r=ttaubert
16edc2f1ada8f6f22ae8c36dda417522ac4fa25cMike de Boer — Bug 1354536 - Part 1 - Introduce a string for the 'Recent Highlights' section soon the be added to the Library view. r=Gijs
a71dd9ce8a166bf5781ecbc53ead54bd50f4f8f2abhinav — Bug 1347833 - Add support to wrap long request parameters/cookies in the netmonitor sidebar. r=Honza
9253681974414228318eacfdcaafdaae333855bbDão Gottwald — Bug 1400232 - Hide the menu button separator in compact mode. r=johannh
8b0058e2a4a8a123e09470b7ee975963be88a158Nicolas Chevobbe — Bug 1399460 - Fix for browser_webconsole_check_stubs_console_api. r=Honza
e7d1f0e04aaef260f2acd9f998eacf245ea2c363Nicolas Chevobbe — Bug 1399460 - Fix browser_ext_devtools_inspectedWindow_eval_bindings.js failure. r=rpl
0f78304723803b6debe7f5cfacf5ad4cd45390d6Nicolas Chevobbe — Bug 1399460 - Adapt the console to the new Reps bundle. r=Honza.
e843a11f6fde1526554af64f36c9df0d77eb1fadNicolas Chevobbe — Bug 1399460 - Release: Update reps bundle to 0.13.0. r=nchevobbe
7bda9cc7b79882ff5986a1e6192f64fe2aca1bb5Tim Nguyen — Bug 1387582 - Add toolbar_text color property to theming API. r=dao,mikedeboer
d196551463abb98db706e1dcca29b400792a7f50FSeita — Bug 1376333 - Improve naming of accumulation types & variables r=Dexter
753a7798aae8b33ac4d09ee1eb63c140ee5d257bDão Gottwald — Bug 1400092 - Move RTL direction and aligment styling for the location bar input field to a chrome stylesheet since it doesn't need to access .anonymous-div anymore. r=Gijs
43bf2195c59018db339183cab5e1b28a542c343eRob Wood — Bug 1374750 - Port stand-alone style-perf-tests into talos as singleton tests, r=jmaher
f400f13824d9dc81ef22f80d8ba553e1dbe69f60Steve Armand — Bug 1397852 - Enable flake8 linter on testing/xpcshell. r=ahal
e5660fb96ca6a97dfd255d2df8e0aa2f8f076fbeHenrik Skupin — Bug 1399628 - Disable Shield extension in Marionette and geckodriver. r=ato
2e6f093af5981da3ca2802f4dd6f7de1ee0b25ceKartikaya Gupta — Bug 1399630 - Re-enable talos-g1 on linux64-qr as it works again. r=jrmuizel
31adad19ac0c360ecab9ac66787e07e3c66c13a6Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 1399630 - Update webrender to commit 878914aaf4d230fa449ff7800b529fe9023fc3c5. r=jrmuizel
5500f432a88828303595de17bf31d127baa12ff9Sebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset 3baecf7b25f2 (bug 1399628) for build bustage. r=backout
08d09442ab4b8efb8104b2ba0d6f4eee8818efb9Jing-wei Wu — Bug 1400101 - [robocop] Find toolbar first and use it to find menu button. r=JanH,nechen
3baecf7b25f2d4a0d8cda5f773878a0f9d941ea5Henrik Skupin — Bug 1399628 - Disable Shield extension in Marionette and geckodriver. r=ato
2bf1aae5795a74407c9aad2dd8962aae433b03fcJames Cheng — Bug 1400180 - Fix CID 1417508 Uninitialized members of TextTrackCue::mLine and mPosition by giving them default values. r=alwu
3a173bcf1984255d88d8165a3798b7ae23db930cAndrew Halberstadt — Bug 1399522 - [mozlint] Properly handle directories in LineLinters, r=bc
7de50f562f6f542a1adbce4a39d533a898ea9afcDão Gottwald — Bug 1384686 - Use currentColor with a fill-opacity for toolbar button icons. r=ntim
5e160c22afe711581ab9d7428ac7d7d9dd439b84Scott Wu — Bug 1367322 - Preferences search support for credit card autofill. r=evanxd,lchang
ef45a78e74f22d2873a57d8ab95ad67280c93b1aScott Wu — Bug 1367322 - Preferences search support for address autofill. r=evanxd,lchang
5c947934d2858a5e5c19e8cf073da9167e4071edgasolin — Bug 1399421 - change onboarding library description;r=Fischer
f9bf0e04b9342150ac022d9ebbf680484f6c43d7gasolin — Bug 1399983 - Firefox logo should float in place;r=rexboy
426ca730d7a28a9d4c77c8a7b203822b187df16cSebastian Hengst — merge mozilla-central to autoland. r=merge a=merge
893fe1549e1e7342a66514b65960f08d40810a34Sebastian Hengst — merge mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central. r=merge a=merge
46f0b004bdd23afdf5201fc7801e81897cb7c349Mason Chang — Bug 1399692 - Copy the front buffer to the back buffer on the paint thread with OMTP enabled. r=bas
afdef583daff4df2e52a9259906978c1bcdf1b52Rex Lee — Bug 1399846 - [onboarding] Don't show speech bubble upon hovering watermark. r=gasolin
f7b896fc877805e3d3a51376f5f22b522f2e448aSebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset e2f8c9f76b71 for Hazard failure. r=backout
a7f12e31f7e02368b00d72ac73bf3c661d55d0adSebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset 1536fa69bad4 (bug 1399758) for Hazard failures. r=backout
50770364778192f030136c3ac91528fbe994df28Mike Hommey — Bug 1399921 - Register zone allocator independently, and delay jemalloc initialization on mac. r=njn
013516394a9cd0ccfed501b78f796cfdf877654dMike Hommey — Bug 1400146 - Gracefully handle the allocator not being initialized in isalloc_validate. r=njn
7f7d9a165b2fd988d4c8153352e0301dc9f364c5Scott Wu — Bug 1399382 - Add a pref to hide credit card autofill feature, r=lchang
738de4c495b950a459772024a74ba9bc32d0c68fMike Hommey — Bug 1400096 - Don't define the operator new/delete functions as mangled in mozmem_wrap.cpp. r=njn
09aa9fae62808374cf8d78e01a8e7ac8c428b3d2Mike Hommey — Bug 1400096 - Build mozmemory_wrap as C++. r=njn
092857175e36c1c9c0d8d74436f432dc57deba11Mike Hommey — Bug 1400096 - Annotate mozmemory_wrap.c windows functions as MOZ_MEMORY_API. r=njn
6cf651d919d1aa049d0b88c1ca8f91c0c33ee56bMike Hommey — Bug 1400096 - Remove mozmem_malloc_impl wrapping for operator methods exposed in mozmemory_wrap.c. r=njn
ba8d3ecc2412f0025e715a8ecd9a527ca44ef5e0Jean-Yves Avenard — Bug 1397307 - P10. Remove uncessary loop. r=gerald
7558fb4b16997621dab4b82e3dd0a5d81e0c4488Jean-Yves Avenard — Bug 1397307 - P9. Pass video frame rate to RemoteVideoDecoder and GPU process. r=mattwoodrow
0cf29b887325d88990f8c6b3ff77ba28e416424aJean-Yves Avenard — Bug 1397307 - P8. Pass averaged video frame rate to constructor. r=mattwoodrow
1df89fb6ff5d24981157557a82de345b6da3f100Jean-Yves Avenard — Bug 1397307 - P7. Display video resolution and frame rate in debug data. r=gerald
3fbbe2c4ec7be1057bbca4eab35bfbb4bad8de9cJean-Yves Avenard — Bug 1397307 - P6. Calculate average video frame rate as video is playing. r=gerald
768bf2920dab786813f9a698bd5c5b1778f09508Jean-Yves Avenard — Bug 1397307 - P5. Avoid creating two decoders on first sample. r=gerald
3fa8d29b3026c85ee6b0e956e2db1a490d0aefc7Jean-Yves Avenard — Bug 1397307 - P4. Fix style. r=gerald
9d597b2bcf3518432ec8325b07b0a8b85b1666caJean-Yves Avenard — Bug 1397307 - P3. Remove unused method. r=gerald
70899b90b6fe4a1be0650318a14ad40bcb604948Jean-Yves Avenard — Bug 1397307 - P2. Wrap boolean in structure to prevent unwanted conversion. r=gerald
c60b5da550ea3b664a9a81fb5dd9708bf7491657Jean-Yves Avenard — Bug 1397307 - P1. Make method const. r=gerald
1536fa69bad4d6ee7f1f4c265fab57504f6263d9Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 1399758 - Measure ImageValue objects. r=heycam.
e2f8c9f76b711c89b04ca0e2f2ac324e638ac704Nicholas Nethercote — servo: Merge #18515 - Measure ImageValue objects (from nnethercote:bug-1399758); r=heycam
f2aa9d36be3f30e79a76277ab5dc88e2ed7c7d64Andrew Swan — Bug 1384608 Show complete themes with legacy extensions r=rhelmer
eae22389b267d0603db9162d878881505dd94519Shane Caraveo — Bug 1393150 prevent remote extensions when e10s is off, r=bz,kmag
004c28e9a39e1d804e7d4ce62a7cbfcc231c89b9Anthony Ramine — servo: Merge #18504 - Some minor HTMLMediaElement improvements (from servo:media); r=emilio
f36106f3f52a9bb2769860d20568c589fc2498d0Phil Ringnalda — Backed out changeset 0e349b74bfc6 (bug 1399921) for failure to thrive on Mac
3947ec46871535ef97a419fd6e4d891f796fa797Jeff Gilbert — Bug 1400073 - Hide MOZ_debug from getSupportedExtensions. - r=daoshengmu
edd825dd3b1f017ca18b1eb50e2d439e02425240Kris Maglione — Bug 1398974: Follow-up: Skip adding request filters to favicon.ico requests. r=me
2a05fcf72a3a061d94fdb867c934e8f2c4bd3ddeKris Maglione — Bug 1399997: Part 2 - Fix eval usage in PhoneNumber.jsm. r=MattN
686f19f222263517c8598ef2bd009772aab447b8Myk Melez — Bug 1399963 - set a wider explicit width on the 'default font' menulist; r=nhnt11
0e349b74bfc6e12a3e7177a908484e0418a01725Mike Hommey — Bug 1399921 - Register zone allocator independently, and delay jemalloc initialization on mac. r=njn
18928907d9bc40c2a7f4a3f320d1c4865a286553Jeremy Chen — Bug 1399805 - fix the default path of for running wpt tests. r=jgraham
9f86654073e285d5af2a7250873c7701b53ce22cJW Wang — Bug 1399751. P3 - pass the offset of range request to ChannelMediaResource::OnStartRequest(). r=gerald
f85b473c49649a55da330e9bffefa90ca0344923JW Wang — Bug 1399751. P2 - pass a block index to FindBlockForIncomingData() so it doesn't depend on mChannelOffset. r=gerald
22dbe1bf55a0c34901cc837dccc44d6153f7f713JW Wang — Bug 1399751. P1 - pass a block index to AllocateAndWriteBlock() so it doesn't depend on mChannelOffset. r=gerald
aca18d5ec8efca82f3e94db8f31cff578e69fa10Kris Maglione — Bug 1398974: Part 7 - Update and sign talos webext extension. r=me
216079d767e7fd9351abf09e605ae63c2948bd53Kris Maglione — Bug 1399997: Part 3 - Update module environment tests with TODOs for shared module eval bindings. r=tcampbell
81e5e9200b41b827addbecfe34736bfd13249ab9Kris Maglione — Bug 1399997: Part 1 - Fix eval usage in Redux.jsm. r=Mossop
c006eaf460bb5bf3120913fa154106ebaded8069Sebastian Hengst — merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound. r=merge a=merge on a CLOSED TREE
9db826022521f825d9332ba560139836667d8babThom Chiovoloni — Bug 1400075 - Cleanup async handling for tab engine in TPS. r=markh
28d266b1cc870fc1bf6c91fdbc38ef85e7006d50Anthony Ramine — servo: Merge #18503 - Simplify WorkerGlobalScope::process_event (from servo:globalism); r=emilio
849f008bce82bd547dd4e092efcce43c3f89f61cMike Hommey — Bug 1400063 - Automatically declare jemalloc_* functions in mozmemory.h. r=njn
4cdf5e40be84ebc8ae528d670ac028d9a3037b39Bryce Van Dyk — Bug 1336367 - Fix unified build issues from previous changes. r=pehrsons
41efa509e924c30838b955fadbe6e73763e3e909Bryce Van Dyk — Bug 1336367 - Rename TestTrackEncoder to TestAudioTrackEncoder. r=pehrsons
9438b1661ccd7048c015180a7c3ce652d0c6cf0bBryce Van Dyk — Bug 1336367 - Add gtest for new AudioTrackEncoder init method and behaviour. r=pehrsons
b843181a1be76873aaac84f25a51ebb4314c2d22Bryce Van Dyk — Bug 1336367 - Move AudioTrackEncoder Segment init logic into new method. r=pehrsons
ef7b496eda7321b9f00cd7701cfa03afb0a68a17Bryce Van Dyk — Bug 1336367 - Significantly lower TrackEncoder timeout, make best effort init audio encoder on timeout. r=pehrsons
90114b31c54b30a1debb7f2ed56524ae616e28b1Felipe Gomes — Bug 1399969 - Fix typo due to merge conflict in e10srollout. r=mrbkap
360e984214c31afbe5d1894c4613442ef6705e7fAndy McKay — Bug 1395720 fix Error calls to have just one argument r=mossop
e3a246b2ded697679514eddf06006a087bb0d75aServo VCS Sync — No bug - Revendor rust dependencies
7fc8dcc9330001298c7441c5197942d3f4ac79eaMatt Brubeck — servo: Merge #18466 - Bug 1398957 - Make LRUCache use a linked list to reduce memmoves (from mbrubeck:cache); r=SimonSapin
3b514f20525296a9b6a623ba680fb027bc9e6caeEd Lee — Bug 1399970 - Add Photon polish, PureComponents and bug fixes to Activity Stream. r=dmose
f01cd7cd431c204e8792e2ddf961eb6891072706Jim Chen — Bug 1367077 - Follow-up to fix bustage; r=me on CLOSED TREE
d7ccda988869be632fb6b3345d3efba111db7f7dFernando Jimenez Moreno — Bug 1384221 - stylo: error reporting lies about property names in some cases. r=jdm
9c24bd90faa13cb7cccaa5af5aed8ddf450a98feJonas Finnemann Jensen — Bug 1393655 - Strip microsecond from run-task logs r=gps
442cc0fe3bec0c24499aedbeea051053bb30d1e3Sebastian Hengst — merge mozilla-central to autoland. r=merge a=merge
be8ecd6907a416c55e7f47106cdd6e8c2aac4d44Emilio Cobos Álvarez — servo: Merge #18502 - style: Unify how servo and Gecko handle UA sheets (from emilio:ua-sheets-unify); r=simonsapin
9e895d32653b939602552eb859c319b50457afbaAaron Klotz — Bug 1383501: Modify a11y::IsHandlerRegistered to include check of path to handler binary; r=eeejay
69521f759e299849c0ae9ab0f7f11ea322730aeaJim Chen — Bug 1367079 - 6. Fix testAccessibleCarets; r=me
5dae173f8fe8567970e9f97143ab635b8de8aceaJim Chen — Bug 1367079 - 5. Add TextSelection support in custom tabs and PWA; r=snorp
c185dd417782d8e8a1d9ab7c75211d6b09ac8573Jim Chen — Bug 1367079 - 4. Move ActionBarHandler usage out of browser.js; r=snorp
7f1d3a461631ba73c54fc3079dbc933889a711b3Jim Chen — Bug 1367079 - 3. Add utility for registering lazy WindowEventDispatcher listener; r=snorp
1af8aae9f13783e8497f9a0ca91a07e0524503deJim Chen — Bug 1367079 - 2. Move Share:Text listener to GeckoApplication; r=snorp
58e575edf398a9657282842eb798512b023f16dfJim Chen — Bug 1367079 - 1. Update TextSelection implementations for GeckoView; r=snorp
d190ba5c8b7f8cf619276f55dc93c8908b156788Jim Chen — Bug 1398409 - 3. Add FormAssistPopup to custom tabs; r=snorp
b1de7fdaa3835f5469206fc120ecb74616534291Jim Chen — Bug 1398409 - 2. Use event callback to communicate FormAssistPopup actions; r=sebastian
a99a2486f70c65b2411caef9898c05680b374499Jim Chen — Bug 1398409 - 1. Move FormAssistant out of browser.js; r=sebastian
5bb25516598f08df439fb16c69d60555b406d353Jim Chen — Bug 1367077 - 4. Remove LoginManagerParent.login; r=kmag
17f9dd20314af009f328e920f68008885ab8cb73Jim Chen — Bug 1367077 - 3. Move form fill event listeners out of browser.js; r=sebastian
72e591f41777329d56c686ba778f3e3c8b0dce20Jim Chen — Bug 1367077 - 2. Move PromptService startup to BrowserCLH; r=snorp
682c9d79073c383b52731d20fa81edd1c9755fb8Jim Chen — Bug 1367077 - 1. Move startup utility functions into GeckoViewUtils; r=snorp
0aa8826fa414d39fa7d5e661792a5c4ab83fe228Jonathan Kew — Bug 1398133 - Simplify gfxCoreTextShaper code by removing legacy code only needed on 10.7 and earlier. r=jrmuizel
41effc9b8c27c21a98dc995143a3f7562c9258a6Andy McKay — Bug 1350277 - Remove duplicates when showing host permissons. r=aswan
f36eefa1beee2978d546ae7c8b9177779b1988ddEd Lee — Bug 1399648 - Get browser_aboutHome.js passing on both about:homes with activity stream or not. r=ursula
ac08b84acbcc781b4542ceca12bf417da73ac563Sebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset 5dff64340068 (bug 1397407) because it depends on bug 1393031. r=backout on a CLOSED TREE
edddc72cb9a8b62fa6e921332c32128594fede6cSebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset 67ca40453027 (bug 1393031) for failing e.g. reftest layout/reftests/image/image-srcset-basic-selection-2x-ref.html on QuantumRender. r=backout
3428a9f92bf4bd18ee78946834a201a670a54752Sebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset 8291145f0920 (bug 1393031)
80142d2029b6d66a281dfd92d44bb08d28b86737Sebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset 980729ab6e94 (bug 1393031)
e1d623b0acedbc5ebc19a7a43a09a30d8e2af702Sebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset f34a52244cf9 (bug 1393031)
0bdbc08e691cff577004591c5d20350941759b96Jonathan Kew — Bug 1399503 - Use font family list passed from the chrome process to initialize the platform font family list on macOS, to avoid expensive Core Text font iteration code path. r=mconley
c115eec567a65b4045b7fce9765525cf79e24042Tim Taubert — Bug 1388851 - Follow-up to disable parts of browser_webauthn_telemetry.js r=bustage
b3820db371aee902b4b903483b02ba79082951bdOlli Pettay — Bug 1398196, flush layout before hittesting when handling mousedown/up, r=ehsan
ca18e7c2cadce9c93ea3eb89cc129dc37ca4c091Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset 754d3df0517d (bug 1378153)
3dcafbdc27cf956aaddf2a0997c8c2ac02829b28Markus Stange — Bug 1387594 - Sprinkle -moz-font-smoothing-background-color declarations over the CSS. r=dao
b049c00f7a8f9310c4e9855a668c9d67fd9ebd49Markus Stange — Bug 1387594 - Add system colors for use in conjunction with -moz-font-smoothing-background-color and vibrant -moz-appearances. r=dbaron
cc52c89aeb32bab11a5c121828e8b5d72cc6d937Markus Stange — Bug 1387594 - Respect the font smoothing background color in pushed layers again. This backs out bug 1386643. r=jrmuizel
7fae5971e174f433a1f41922602af7de2ccb9aadMarkus Stange — Bug 1387594 - Set the font smoothing background color based on the -moz-font-smoothing-background-color property. r=mattwoodrow
45225685bdbc8f6df8552db00d9b2fa4004603f6Markus Stange — Bug 1387594 - Stop getting the font smoothing background color from the theme. r=mattwoodrow
67ab42945b98077a04937fc348b8f0b6d9a54f34Markus Stange — Bug 1387594 - Add a chrome-only CSS property called -moz-font-smoothing-background-color. r=dbaron
57348c4c72880d4c28838a3c2f0683dc0c014f28Grigory Kruglov — Bug 1399904 - Surface detailed profile unpickling exceptions r=nalexander
f574820b65cffd6b8e3dd86adef7ac19e93c72a4Markus Stange — servo: Merge #18508 - style: Add system colors from bug 1387594 (from mstange:add-fsbgc-system-colors); r=emilio
ea0aae8835feea76c41414ccb79782e370fa53beValentin Gosu — Bug 1396307 - Set mCacheAsyncOpenCalled back to flase when AsyncOpenURI fails r=michal
d4ec49c6206d95b85414f4780340afaec72c52c8Valentin Gosu — Bug 1396307 - Add null check in nsHttpChannel::OnAuthAvailable r=michal
77cd8fa838bacdf3e3b79930cfcae8c37aa4e41eValentin Gosu — Bug 1396307 - Make sure we only set mRaceCacheWithNetwork to true when the feature is enabled r=michal
a387ab8e47528b103d21caaee2085b3435066635Miko Mynttinen — Bug 1399977 - Allocate some DisplayClipChains using nsDisplayListBuilder arena r=mattwoodrow
e0fe9ab6917b31d8188de3b9e3755a3f5800b402Mark Striemer — Bug 1393099 - Wrap category titles in about:addons r=rhelmer
736023670ba84b9f3cd6f5b2eb303e2a62f7c79bMichael Comella — Bug 1397888 - review: Rename topsite_pin -> as_pin_with_background. r=mcomella
e94744cad7d84baedd5065d725f887468504ecf0Michael Comella — Bug 1397888: Display pin icon in top-left of top sites card if pinned. r=liuche
adab05485ec5f7966ef626981374f10ce54295f3Michael Comella — Bug 1397888: Add top site pin assets. r=liuche
5289d258b56541f4cb5ddcf4496b899c23b1ce38Michael Comella — Bug 1397888: Remove pin icon from top sites title. r=liuche
a54ba2e89fe093f416814fe5e261d2d9957261bbSingingTree — Bug 1385241 - Remove mozilla-build specific rust install. r=ted.mielczarek
4a850ded2e3e31f86b183dbf1071e92842c6428dChristian Holler (:decoder) — Bug 1318548 - Experimental image decoder code for LibFuzzer. r=aosmond
952bd76f99bcbfc6b22cc9083a8804b940c67051jason laster — Bug 1398210 - WebExtension eval's fail to load in the debugger. r=jdescottes
5dff64340068f7e61dcbd239841ddbafe0693329Nicolas Silva — Bug 1397407 - Apply deferred image key deletions to the next transaction. r=Gankro
bb57f4702727f87e3bf578e3938075c095b3b0bdFlorian Quèze — Bug 1356153 - when closing multiple tabs, remove the tabs without beforeunload listener first, and then close what remains from left to right for immediate user feedback, r=mconley.
90dd92f271f5cc3209b7231a6d2f96ee32c8ae7dOlli Pettay — Bug 1398605, keep nsContentList objects alive for awhile when generating state keys so that new objects don't need to be created all the time, r=ehsan
97fbaf813dc6aaf4c1cb59d38268f4fe91950c54Kris Maglione — Bug 1398895: Part 2 - Ensure component loader initialization after user prefs load. r=mccr8
b51e0600fdc414552dd9dd7e4eefe4534b5dd73cKris Maglione — Bug 1398895: Part 1 - Initialize user prefs before loading any JS components. r=florian
7e21e2a22358d3e1b1f9abcd1fd3592c7b023d08Josh Matthews — servo: Merge #18415 - More codesize reductions for generated code (from jdm:moar-codesize); r=SimonSapin
c89dde5d6274c859c0fefe000a3c1ad59c13eeceTim Taubert — Bug 1388851 - Implement U2FHIDTokenManager r=jcj,qdot,keeler
4890481365e66c1ef2f7126481908b64002c113fKris Maglione — Bug 1399646: Part 2 - Use the async shutdown service for ServiceWorkerRegistrar. r=baku
f34a52244cf9f7d75b55edb2ca4bbe28ce5717eeNicolas Silva — Bug 1393031 - Remove unused nsTArray<WebRenderParentCommand>& parameter all over the place. r=jrmuizel
980729ab6e94e8c887bf3031f7f742a6a5ea17e7Nicolas Silva — Bug 1393031 - Remove OpAddExternalImage from WebRenderParentCommands. r=sotaro
8291145f092011aa98367f4818042a1c51e61d1dNicolas Silva — Bug 1393031 - Use IpcResourceUpdateQueue in more places. r=jrmuizel
67ca40453027d20fc50a475828f7b8089ff6cbebNicolas Silva — Bug 1393031 - Begin moving OpAddExternalImage to IpcResourceUpdateQueue and recycle image keys in WebRenderImageLayer. r=jrmuizel
7c0cba1eef91cdda67a2f2a00c4e3894c71c97a9Tim Taubert — Bug 1388843 - Part 3: Vendor u2f-hid-rs dependencies r=ted
66ca504303b87c614b3413fc7bf6abc3e6278ddeTim Taubert — Bug 1388843 - Part 2: Add u2fhid to the shared rust library r=ted
435c255e8718c7e565e6ae0376ba0456832ef190Tim Taubert — Bug 1388843 - Part 1: Copy u2f-hid-rs into dom/webauthn/ r=gerv,qdot
e217f827cc16e3ec1373b97c37e9345f9d4da256Geoff Brown — Bug 1315829 - Skip xpcshell test_ext_runtime_onInstalled_and_onStartup.js for frequent intermittent failures; r=me,test-only
dc0a077cedd58defcbbbf06e47a90e4c4fc210c6Geoff Brown — Bug 1382486 - Mark reftest 1375315-12.html as random on webrender for frequent intermittent failures; r=kats
cacc4579fb6385190d00889a941e2168d7148db8Geoff Brown — Bug 1380971 - Mark reftest 1375315-11.html as random on webrender for frequent intermittent failures; r=me,test-only
267e6c477d860f121b5e8cc0c27b141fb6143269Geoff Brown — Bug 1399769 - Do not modify return code for failed tests; r=jmaher
7b5261e3f38e230e1bacad15b31352c110193692Shane Caraveo — Bug 1399070 move launchWebAuthFlow to parent to fix opening auth window when remote, r=zombie
1bb5bd973eafc6b9d5dc5eeb7f1586c41333467bDavid Keeler — bug 805305 - remove nsIDataSignatureVerifier.verifySignature r=mgoodwin
0b78bddcd706d1c029699a304cc33a5e73b8188bNicolas Silva — Bug 1393031 - Use shared memory to pass resource update data. r=jrmuizel
131084e007d62aa8a8bc147c3563dba56fa77ef9Nicolas Silva — Bug 1393031 - Remove WebRenderBridgeParent::DeleteOldImages. r=sotaro
4832416f0a867e028792fe0654b32f95fa94f10aJonathan Kew — Bug 1334761 - Update ClearType usage at startup, and flush caches and reflow everything if it changes during the session. r=bas
5eef4a7618457f27848d5fbcf203470b5065f607Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound. a=merge
55d0a2aa99de0d2f646cb6d2ab9026630de2d16bRail Aliiev — Bug 1395697 - Add scripts to handle MAR recompression in release automation r=catlee a=release CLOSED TREE
ef07d617a48866f0ec06e357142255ca1e1e6b87ffxbld — No bug - Tagging fbef00b40b98333a637211cd284db9e3f5348f07 with FIREFOX_56_0b12_BUILD1, FIREFOX_56_0b12_RELEASE a=release CLOSED TREE
e85c29016601de4367a96ff4bc37a440206f3304Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset 754d3df0517d (bug 1378153) on a CLOSED TREE FIREFOX_57_0b1_BUILD1 FIREFOX_57_0b1_BUILD2
c38455951db4121afd705adadadebe55f039578dffxbld — Update configs. IGNORE BROKEN CHANGESETS CLOSED TREE NO BUG a=release ba=release
579a63f6ca97d82ffcfde4335b67b2c97228c4c5ffxbld — No bug - Tagging mozilla-beta d519209bdd0a4dd4c4a74f0a9097851d949eb25f with FIREFOX_BETA_56_END a=release DONTBUILD CLOSED TREE
a6a05842b7b9412160f8ec403ca256290147f66cffxbld — Preserve old tags after debugsetparents. CLOSED TREE DONTBUILD a=release
ef5f715ffaeb4d5427ae50044427abc2a7936911ffxbld — Merge old head via |hg debugsetparents 8e818b5e9b6bef0fc1a5c527ecf30b0d56a02f14 d519209bdd0a4dd4c4a74f0a9097851d949eb25f|. CLOSED TREE DONTBUILD a=release
8e818b5e9b6bef0fc1a5c527ecf30b0d56a02f14Sebastian Hengst — merge mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central. r=merge a=merge FIREFOX_BETA_57_BASE
38e7e0bba03684d37c8331667f6a1b2df2030670Philippe Normand — Bug 1399825 - Include nsXULAppAPI.h in nsThreadManager.cpp. r=Ms2ger
29713567c35d87d08c5d755712763b15c672208fAlex Chronopoulos — Bug 1399905 - Update cubeb from upstream to 09a90a7. r=padenot
bad8adc4d1de2d2957740babe98d55356275e0d7Michael Layzell — Bug 1391126 - Guard use of shared-libraries.h in HangStack.cpp behind MOZ_GECKO_PROFILER, r=froydnj
4b4c8d27ce9eab174d8f3f052bdde2d9e29bf761Dimitry Andric — Bug 1399412 - Work around clang assertion by wrapping lz4.c in an extern C block. r=froydnj
b7e48e336d38016979c79a36407531a59d19db61Henri Kemppainen — Bug 1396440 - Run about pages' special click handlers only for button 0. r=felipe
ea39b11826c9f4299ae84231d76a97abecbf9747Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound. a=merge
14913071baca66d343db2298c223d66130f27103Bas Schouten — Bug 1399178: Record SetPermitSubpixelAA. r=dvander
7d0893f1b6ce8494c9d73a0e7fe04ef3cf104b98Andrew Osmond — Bug 1389021 - Force CompositorManagerParent to close before shutting down the compositor thread. r=dvander
531247b23a5237309e5e79e0f29650eb58211b96Nathan Froyd — Bug 1396889 - don't warn about infinite recursion in mozalloc_abort; r=glandium
a36c26e1b55ec712213506c015802625834758afDan Minor — Bug 1393687 - Add mochitest for max-fs; r=jesup
3022e88f7a8fe80945ad5a82a94e735b0af2ce2dDan Minor — Bug 1393687 - Fix handling of max-fr parameter; r=jesup
6c7111ab968fc55accf3a2c6faf498cfd7c997a4Sebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset bc3d643c4973 (bug 1395973) for failing browser-chrome's toolkit/content/tests/browser/browser_bug982298.js and toolkit/modules/tests/browser/browser_Finder_hidden_textarea.js. r=backout on a CLOSED TREE
bf572b74ec5f3a9475e25c018f33eb76521c814eMichal Novotny — Bug 1392841 - Enable RCWN on Nightly, r=valentin
e19ae0bc0563f92b18a295acc6f0ec5c152d5b49Michal Novotny — Bug 1399802 - Race only when disk storage is used, r=valentin
7822d49cfd5974f2aebb7fe0ed3a5b75c8471158Andrea Marchesini — Bug 1399466 - IPCBlobInputStream should not use STS to read from the remote Stream, but DOMFile thread instead, r=smaug
75a18fd2dd49e226409ac5f2117c9cc592db8be5Nicolas B. Pierron — Bug 1397432 - Index documentation of JSMSG_INCOMPATIBLE_PROTO/METHOD. r=fscholz
67672b4fecc49740a30cdd2f61412044f134b585Gabriel Luong — Bug 1399725 - Adjust the link color to match the photon styles. r=pbro
2c3a82c4ad0a80076f6faa0e263f1b9ef3780c37Gabriel Luong — Bug 1399702 - Fix the sidebar tabs photon style in the dark theme. r=pbro
dffc040eb2f83d3cda52e7eba2058b5b25768330Julian Seward — Bug 1399489 - CanvasLayer::CanvasLayer(LayerManager*, void*): missing initialisations. r=nical.
4951f14df00c19468307b34891448fde4c8c2e3cJulian Seward — Bug 1399418 - JS::ContextOptions::ContextOptions(): missing initialisations. r=till.
bc3d643c49739f2576a5f94eb53a13d3d3b4ebafCatalin Badea — Bug 1395973 - Remove index cache from nsContentIterator. r=masayuki
6777be860609e4149d9ffa73b8dc6f1beadfbd5dAndrea Marchesini — Bug 1398556 - IPCBlobInputStream should call OnInputStreamReady() on the current thread if ::AsyncWait() is called without passing nsIEventTarget, r=smaug
971c6a19e3b5d60a4e40f60453e726ec28f92b64Jon Coppeard — Bug 1384544 - Improve atom marking assertions for JSFunction's atom r=sfink
21edf7e4f6adee7c85cef2e5827bc5431a62d7e6Jan de Mooij — Bug 1399471 - Add a mechanism to check callWithABI invariants in debug builds. r=nbp
9c250263488bcb1539b992e54c1963117f2adc4bGabor Krizsanits — Bug 1392829 - Prevent tour overlay form to confuse the process selecting algorithm. r=rexboy
2769237547ba7e8d1c61bd95b2e65de8611016beJessica Jong — Bug 1399036 - Enable date/time input by default on all builds. r=mconley
54e49813d0c511e326826c1add34f53f8f72061dChristoph Kerschbaumer — Bug 1398692: Test toplevel navigation to a data:application/pdf. r=bz
0b67372c4de0f5087149897d4829bc5d5c86fc26Christoph Kerschbaumer — Bug 1398692: Allow toplevel navigation to a data:application/pdf. r=bz
cf78e291a937bc6a4264219bfd0d88f96b188cc4Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 1399727 - Fix double-reporting of memory in ScriptPreloader. r=kmag.
b778b6cb49c8ed1dab244c00dc4dc3cf88b25ffeSebastian Hengst — merge autoland to mozilla-inbound. r=merge a=merge
314cd9bfe986e124b9f95b3c21f918a294ef4fd1Andrew Swan — Bug 1391579 Part 4: Handle the in-app extension update flow for Fennec r=jwu,sebastian
f25a9201e1eabaa6a85bca571fbd6274c66ca4c3Andrew Swan — Bug 1391579 Part 3: Add update indicator to top-level Add-ons menu entry r=jwu,sebastian
7048637ef80c14b230d7cde182dbc8d3c93e1554Julian_Chu — Bug 1391579 Part 2: Add MenuItemIcon r=jwu,sebastian
bb3a37d321e22313ce8d9d8cd71274569fc5121cJulian_Chu — Bug 1391579 Part 1: add attribute itemType to GeckoMenuItem r=jwu,sebastian
a59dee0eecb9f9729f4dde98001207f65fe0353aNan Jiang — Bug 1397789 - Tune Places data expiration for page metadata collection. r=mak
17fa89d452864c168865801c2088210d65ab0607Emilio Cobos Álvarez — servo: Merge #18501 - style: Move DocumentCascadeData::add_stylesheet to CascadeData (from emilio:cascade-data-rebuild); r=nox
065ed2f128fe30c5938558fd7bd1d38d9f94bea5Jared Wein — Bug 1396062 - Use White as the fill color for the tab loading indicator when the tabs toolbar has brighttext. r=Gijs
e3a8671c18c208504bb0ad10544f9184d78253f3Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to autoland. a=merge
93f2ac5733c4673d4fa4a39f2ef7a9cd83e02fe0Maya Messinger — Bug 1398305 - reorder library dropdown items to spec r=Gijs
0d59c91f1ad4fa4d869fe6e2b1a4e27559c38a76Nevin Chen — Bug 1399014 - Allow 'enable tracking protection in normal browsing' for release and beta channel. r=maliu
ebd6591b323f265e18bfbf889b83be13d7e0ae62Ricky Chien — Bug 1397325 - Fix broken font size for in-content pages r=dao
0d5051ae4f943ff69f2d5dbda9bc683bc6e9a6a2Julian Descottes — Bug 1399841 - add dedicated CSS variable to support filters in Firebug theme;r=pbro
a413fc1e540f6e6c2d332f450fcecf10616f55b8Julian Descottes — Bug 1399841 - use themed SVG filter for all DevTools active icons;r=pbro
291700116d62b23439ce9733b1d2f97733db8d1eDale Harvey — Bug 1390511 - Follow up to fix review nits. r=johannh
ec3c4234c98a424000d0e4312463b02ed7ec1516Munro Mengjue Chiang — Bug 1399395 - skip devicechange event handler in shutdown stage. r=pehrsons
45a470fd009745f4048e3ed39bc698b9f0784031steveck-chung — Bug 1397636 - Collect information on how much time users spent on page with credit card forms. r=MattN
9cff81ada79469b69384bc4f8e5a1e7c94e9a1a9Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to autoland. a=merge
e1cdf9566f460ec744390218fea97a4b1486c9b5sourav3 — Bug 1397856 replacing Sprinter with js::GenericPrinter r=nbp,Yoric
beec84e86e7e0537db2b12f2e4d12e383910936aSebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset 6fdcf075106c (bug 1397325) for failing browser-chrome's browser_parsable_css.js. r=backout
e6245f00e47935f2dd957deec09c2538f649daafChris AtLee — Bug 1399862: Disable chunks for win8 reftest-no-accel r=jmaher
37fc399a0c7bc41bd35820ea3fa78d8270a1c969Ed Lee — Bug 1399607 - Add about:home autofocus, adult filter and bug fixes to Activity Stream. r=ursula
c1744a3f7a8ed5b45dd2a3cf3e5bcdd14dbaebf6Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1399490 - fix unhiding the downloads button in customize mode if it was moved to the palette, r=nhnt11
3907243d5b86eff477f92aa81152cbd6570ace11Ricky Chien — Bug 1399699 - Remove redundant colon signs in cookies.dtd, siteDataSettings.dtd, translation.dtd r=jaws
a794ed07b821173cd09561afb4a56c6f449e0e3bAlexandre Poirot — Bug 1397330 - Define all specs and fronts relying on implicit require. r=jdescottes
4621001d8ba55088d3c08c7a4575a500e809984bAlexandre Poirot — Bug 1397330 - Lazy load inspector spec and front modules. r=jdescottes,jryans
53a1b44951cc0268e02955743016d3920ed6b542Tawny Hoover — Bug 260611 - Introduce pref browser.bookmarks.openInTabClosesMenu to optionally leave menu open for single bookmark menuitem clicks that open in new tab. r=mak
a7e7ef5e54eab4bffa3c800c198d2d8eab5ef89fXidorn Quan — servo: Merge #18498 - Use exhaustive match for cloning keyword value by default for property using enum class (from upsuper:enum-keyword-exhaustive); r=emilio
6fdcf075106c85a71ff1668d93df4b971159988dRicky Chien — Bug 1397325 - Fix broken font size for in-content pages r=dao
5f9aea31e446f18f03ef567ce1f14d0b1049d7e6Philipp Sackl — Bug 1393057 - Remove hover transition from toolbar buttons, r=mikedeboer
0ac518ed9fa167c2005fed16b6d20576f96d6978Chris AtLee — Bug 1378153: Add 'a2' to aurora/devedition branding's firstrun page r=jcristau
18a13126bd54093373d78e7e9b7583e5ee23e2deFrancesco Lodolo (:flod) — Bug 1399456 - Clean up (reorganize content, comments format) r=chutten
90bdf871a8d1fa732bbbfed1ebcb3e1fca64611cTom Tromey — Bug 1330383 - fetch original style sheet text using TYPE_OTHER; r=gl
270740992bc6efc61b25eef182f59570ccec7c86Tom Tromey — Bug 1346662 - do not revert original text after saving; r=gl
c1b5f6150e68907607ed8ffe7391ea93cee15788Dão Gottwald — Bug 1387726 - Fix identity box hover and active color for dark themes. r=daleharvey
b24b96e6f8a1552bff6ece9b7fe6a5cabc97ee95Dão Gottwald — Bug 1398549 - Let the 'Title Bar' and 'Drag Space' checkboxes inherit the text color when a lightweight theme is applied. r=Gijs
777f90a6648bdf5bf483a65ffe2d31e8429223f6Bob Silverberg — Bug 1399176 - Make browserSettings an optional permission, r=mixedpuppy
7819af073f1cf205e54895795a368e54e59070eeJohann Hofmann — Bug 1388699 - Increase the bookmark toolbar padding per Photon spec. r=nhnt11
e78a745bb31052380c195a7e609279a86547f83fKartikaya Gupta — Bug 1398241 - Disable talos-g1 on webrender since it's failing again. r=jrmuizel
cad3fc3f82ca506d6728ddf3c4a84c99f517761eMorris Tseng — Bug 1398241 - Update for interfaces changed in WR cset 02e21a58. r=kats
091818dd34247eaaa318ee8dc0ab9101a3270606Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 1398241 - Update Cargo lockfiles and re-vendor rust dependencies. r=jrmuizel
3f7072c64b51c52081c3a2782a4e84abf1127456Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 1398241 - Update webrender to commit 7d9444a24fb98bcc41afdca2a5bf145d514500f1. r=jrmuizel
62517cf482ae592f7d71afb6d2819c7d7801615cMark Banner — Bug 1393437 - Add a checkbox to preferences to control whether the separate Search Bar is present in the toolbar. r=Gijs ui-review=epang
5c50e8581fedf2ef3a218574f705c71cc20e2cd8ruby — Bug 1397427 - Enable py2 linter on tools/tryselect, r=ahal
7d519539e6684c9a26b674ff62140e2f13de2ef5Nicolas Chevobbe — Bug 1399161 - Fix filter bar mocha test. r=Honza
cf7a1267d47b09edb0da713b213e2509c0f9dc7fBob Silverberg — Bug 1366290 - Fix the ordering of tabs.onActivated and tabs.onRemoved, r=kmag
d68bccc30f7e0af24fb7f43950ecd2832981914bDale Harvey — Bug 1390511 - Replace inconsistent padlock icons. r=johannh
49c4c6552b661ed77122b509e8b09cfb44da5987Emilio Cobos Álvarez — servo: Merge #18497 - style: Don't cache styles that got a cache hit on the second pass (from emilio:no-cache-if-cached); r=heycam
431fb0d124cdde8423e4af122ef9ff0a1f0e1779Dão Gottwald — Bug 1399235 - Prevent the urlbar-icon hover feedback from bleeding outside the location and search bars. r=adw
94db30cdece1b46c6f3cddd2f97b86471a7f64fcFischer.json — Bug 1399398 - Turn on the Storage Management feature, r=Gijs
7807000c75138d299410a996db5f95eef9775e1dSebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset 1bc5e32dd5f6 (bug 1399014) for failing android lint. r=backout
9f1636ed17b6a33ae581a696c0ed1d34e7fe5622Cameron McCormack — servo: Merge #18499 - style: add a TLS-based cache of reset style structs (from heycam:rule-cache); r=emilio
163de8db41e8e1057f11816f5586bed29e837d76Sebastian Kaspari — Bug 1396941 - SuggestedSitePreparer: Update local cache if suggested sites change. r=mcomella
0cd2b311c3fb2321ad5df14d0d0470f76363c8feGijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1391280 - store last sidebar command irrespective of whether sidebar was open, r=bgrins,mixedpuppy
1bc5e32dd5f69ddaca634f577df765a43b6ec451Nevin Chen — Bug 1399014 - Alow 'enable tracking protection in normal browsing' for release and beta channel. r=maliu
df71f64a2925339d0f431b07bdef74a61555c198Sebastian Hengst — merge mozilla-central to autoland. r=merge a=merge
2b4360780665ef3ddf3e96d04041a8c191a633cePatrick Brosset — Bug 1396182 - Wait for the styleditor animations to be done before running tests; r=ochameau
2194f20eac24ac06a91fbc8b34d478fa82bc0a82Jan Odvarko — Bug 1399390 - Use lazy-require in Netmonitor's webpack.config; r=jdescottes
485003aa6af0797f5e8a742acdb71f83cf134664Servo VCS Sync — No bug - Revendor rust dependencies
b434b0499791802500d7d293eedf690b3ea122ddNicholas Nethercote — servo: Merge #18495 - Measure PropertyDeclaration more thoroughly (from nnethercote:derive-PropertyDeclaration); r=jdm
68049206869794c62eeed0c56c72b30449ada6a7Alessio Placitelli — Bug 1398811 - Document the edge cases for the 'update' ping. r=chutten
c71a1ac3a0f28a5734d00c22c36f09412189684aJan Odvarko — Bug 1395834 - Implement theme loader; r=nchevobbe
14a79a4e94a2c78cff33b57376bf5d1441d9a7dbJan Odvarko — Bug 1395834 - Launchpad is broken; r=nchevobbe
8d2ff3d80899ab9450a9b02b8cf974dabfb4d4a8Jared Wein — Bug 1399651 - Don't run the library animations in popup windows with toolbar=false. r=Gijs
d5dc76a1482891edaced2f77d2ee86d58b55b29cGian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 1399392 - Don't hardcode .config, use XDG_* environment vars. r=jld
b549b2ed2efcc38ec69b87ab626ca9c232738259Jed Davis — Bug 1363378 - Set close-on-exec in sandbox-related sockets held by parent process. r=gcp
45fe1c0506456d86919732e4223c1d0b2772e7f3Simon Fraser — Bug 1399393 Refactor create_tasks to avoid bottlenecks r=dustin
14207baa622e2e51dbb524db59c10840438db82dChris Peterson — Bug 1369361 - Backport SQLite fix removing rand_s() in an attempt to avoid Lenovo DLL crashes. r=mak
ff89cb83be0a2a1ba74099c839d4f796981dda67Bobby Holley — servo: Merge #18496 - do a second pass on the style sharing cache after computing the rule node (from bholley:2ndpass); r=emilio
5e5eab26b9dec16c05f70c351d78863f8cb23900Matthew Noorenberghe — Bug 1398656 - Always build the form autofill system add-on but disable it by default on release. r=lchang
593158cd491002031b4527a95d9bfac79c0cdcefffxbld — No bug, Automated blocklist update from host bld-linux64-spot-306 - a=blocklist-update
b8d2d6bd20242bf0680a39af6d2aff19359331fbffxbld — No bug, Automated HPKP preload list update from host bld-linux64-spot-306 - a=hpkp-update
aa0877abb872e6137679944053932281d748ac34ffxbld — No bug, Automated HSTS preload list update from host bld-linux64-spot-306 - a=hsts-update
943c2c2a1daf5cd0d3287c1974eb510615d5ed5bRyan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset 4198b9d273b9 (bug 1399541) for causing bug 1399899.
ef0f1085d54eae99d62bbf039952b0deb84f396dTed Campbell — Bug 1398601 - Fix wunused-variable errors when MOZ_DIAGNOSTIC_ASSERT isn't available. a=RyanVM
754d3df0517d5c374ac2b1515fab3621892c327dChris AtLee — Bug 1378153 - Add 'a2' to aurora/devedition branding's firstrun page. r=jcristau, a=RyanVM
dd6b788f149763c4014c27f2fe1a1d13228bda82Sebastian Hengst — merge autoland to mozilla-central. r=merge a=merge
1b5b6e3c41fc68b8f1efde169bd7962ba86b0a5bsteveck-chung — Bug 1399402 - Correct "Never Save Credit Cards" string in the credit card door hanger. r=lchang
cd559c11588f86cdfc72be65e4f0e478422dc0c2Francesco Lodolo (:flod) — Bug 1399509 - Update search URL and icon for Chambers (en-GB) r=mkaply
18dbc9b9340b774dd612623227cb7c6c16c0b03fHiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 1399714 - Iterate animation segments for setting start/end values and timing functions just once. r=boris
50288d4db7ec52bf9bb2f039d549e8f8a916eea0Henrik Skupin — Bug 1397675 - Immediately kill the process if no connection can be made after startup. r=maja_zf
e9b5426100ede4a630a72c7249a439032b4c2746Henrik Skupin — Bug 1398057 - Not all command arguments are printed to the log. r=jgraham
9b145214faaeca65848f6269d2c7571f204b3025JW Wang — Bug 1399372 - update the principal only once per OnDataAvailable() call. r=cpearce
37b749a726a9955513152f83ec820096610451dfChris Pearce — Bug 1399559 - Include nsXULAppAPI.h in AudioStream.cpp. r=jwwang
0a470261e8320bec3aba187aa6bb7eaee9ed9a13Glenn Watson — servo: Merge #18491 - Update WR (android driver bug fixes) (from glennw:update-wr-android-bugs); r=jdm
4f22ef5d805833c848d6276d17ce41fea1df56e0Alfredo.Yang — Bug 1389470 - fix for zero size memory leak. r=kinetik
8d242a53eca76fca4931aa7e1cbb86402066aeb2Alfredo.Yang — Bug 1389470 - use fallible memory allocation to avoid OOM. r=kinetik
33964845834caf5d447d89104c0db3533a03fc56Jing-wei Wu — Bug 1399384 - Part 3: Adjust edit layout padding and move values from layout to different styles.xml. r=nechen
ccc0121580630db03c096d9bce2664f02ae37cebJing-wei Wu — Bug 1399384 - Part 2: Status bar color refinements. r=nechen
1fb3bbbaa565dc619ace333a8b2028367c9012adJing-wei Wu — Bug 1399384 - Part 1: Change placeholder text color from #737373 to #B2B2B2. r=nechen
6266decf217d4da5a18115cb5b1ff70feb76e7a5Sebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset 951b97610913 (bug 1397058) for almost permafailing reftest box-decoration-break-with-outset-box-shadow-1.html on stylo. r=backout a=backout
850ec078a6adefce651d8c97c3db53fc91a02e34Sebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset b507473b9b75 (bug 1397060) for almost permafailing reftest box-decoration-break-with-outset-box-shadow-1.html on stylo. r=backout a=backout
4702042aa919d5ae49dfe3ac5ee86507839b3c83Wes Kocher — Merge inbound to central, a=merge
7fbfb64d7b9b351e557785987baecf4e0cbd1649Kris Maglione — Backed out changeset 71761ab92e6d (bug 1398974) for OS-X bustage. r=backout
9c8fa966c76b3d95e3928285b3a08959909256bfJan Odvarko — Bug 1399424 - Update net monitor colors: r=gl;
9cb5d9d656d27a1cf2b88d62a16395ac471711cbThomas Nguyen — Bug 1394031 - Remove mCryptoHash members of nsUrlClassifierDBServiceWorker and ProtocolParser
71761ab92e6d21c30a2f9bdfae0960044638cc42Kris Maglione — Bug 1398974: Part 7 - Update and sign talos webext extension. r=me
c7c638b31626ace9d0951e7a69450615673c9656Kris Maglione — Bug 1399646: Part 4 - Increase the extension shutdown blocker timeout. r=mixedpuppy
f87e1d6810536ab0dc940f95563869d86aa937d3Kris Maglione — Bug 1399646: Part 3 - Improve handling of StreamFilters at shutdown. r=mixedpuppy
8220fde3db60b243e9d8b8abd82562bb31509debKris Maglione — Bug 1399646: Part 1 - Destroy BackgroundPageThumbs instance at shutdown. r=Gijs
50e7fe6b995e6f0d4906ea40415a9f6503a00bfeRyan VanderMeulen — Bug 1399689 - Update pdf.js to version 1.9.562. r=bdahl
b2a36230e1936ff5e6554e3809274fa87e4297b1Jeff Gilbert — Bug 1399280 - Use pair->Size() for nvFIFO::AddElement, like i