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Tue Apr 21 23:03:33 2015 +0000
d27c9211ebb30a99ef26446d805f736a348dd2b0ffxbld — Update configs. IGNORE BROKEN CHANGESETS CLOSED TREE NO BUG a=release ba=release
c925f2b262975674af1874dcf86f0d410101e521ffxbld — No bug - Tagging mozilla-release b95583c8e7e7 with FIREFOX_RELEASE_37_END a=release DONTBUILD CLOSED TREE
e5bf20ba8827a8d3b4569f598dc12c15fba90c1cffxbld — Preserve old tags after debugsetparents. CLOSED TREE DONTBUILD a=release
c9681728b72ac23578a4057e0fb1b26c90cf8f07ffxbld — Merge old head via |hg debugsetparents afb64330c5b5 b95583c8e7e7|. CLOSED TREE DONTBUILD a=release
afb64330c5b50a9c70f825c96e28394bf0852f66ffxbld — No bug - Tagging mozilla-beta fc98815acf5f with FIREFOX_RELEASE_38_BASE a=release DONTBUILD CLOSED TREE
fc98815acf5f041c6269fd256a68af8a92ba222aMark Hammond — Bug 1152193 - Ensure sync/readinglist log directory exists. r=rnewman, a=sledru FIREFOX_RELEASE_38_BASE
5712fefbace859cf30d8a10cc522d1a7d5c80ea7Chris Pearce — Bug 1156131 - Expand list of WMF DLLs that are whitelisted for use by EME plugins. r=bobowen, a=sledru
e7210d2ce8a925d64bcc019273f2eeb57a40fac5Chris Pearce — Bug 1156131 - Use correct DLL on WinVista, 7, and 8 for WMF decoding in gmp-clearkey. r=edwin, a=sledru
d1e5b60cd47cf3ed1cd54cac293afd187eb49539Philipp Kewisch — Bug 1153192 - Cannot pass extra arguments to r=gps, a=lmandel
650ed1bb5a042dd840455df387d4e6afb264f7c8Matt Woodrow — Bug 1154536 - Disable 4k H264 video for vista since it performs poorly. r=ajones, a=sledru
52322e98f739b56e511b21c5c7b57f987476d902Patrick Brosset — Bug 1155172 - Intermittent browser_webconsole_notifications.js. r=past, a=test-only
8f9c08f19f6abcaebdbf222528fed02fe23681e5Kai Engert — Bug 1156428 - Upgrade Firefox 38 to use NSS 3.18.1, a=dveditz
69173cc17556df8b9e063cff06290a2e89114861Justin Dolske — Bug 1155191 - Please disable readling list and reader view for 38. r=markh, a=me
f9e30d1f1d4c674ac20b65c4354f51032ec127e9ffxbld — Added FIREFOX_38_0b6_RELEASE FIREFOX_38_0b6_BUILD1 tag(s) for changeset c68a6293bb0d. DONTBUILD CLOSED TREE a=release GECKO380b6_2015042016_RELBRANCH
c68a6293bb0d42691e36be6dccec2d6e27abcba4ffxbld — Automated checkin: version bump for firefox 38.0b6 release. DONTBUILD CLOSED TREE a=release GECKO380b6_2015042016_RELBRANCH
5c7a5eab6f1cbfd4681463772483e061f0c5fdb7ffxbld — Added FENNEC_38_0b6_RELEASE FENNEC_38_0b6_BUILD1 tag(s) for changeset de232b1d4835. DONTBUILD CLOSED TREE a=release MOBILE380b6_2015042016_RELBRANCH
de232b1d4835d8211ec6b9aa8a26c121262684c8ffxbld — Automated checkin: version bump for fennec 38.0b6 release. DONTBUILD CLOSED TREE a=release MOBILE380b6_2015042016_RELBRANCH
a00d0de3202f5107d11b926e84179f01f106b73eDavid Keeler — Bug 1150114 - Allow PrintableString to match UTF8String in name constraints checking. r=briansmith, a=sledru
630336da65f2495969eb961325261dea3f55cec4Ralph Giles — Bug 1144875 - Disable EME on ESR releases. r=dolske, a=sledru
f3dd042acc1866e01dd5526bfd1cfe26fa04d960Ryan VanderMeulen — Bug 1150376 - Fix rebase typo. a=bustage
72f1b4086067303ba044f7d6a17f57695943c38fBoris Zbarsky — Bug 1154366 - Pass in a JSContext to StructuredCloneContainer::InitFromJSVal so it will throw its exceptions somewhere where people might see them. r=bholley, ba=sledru
5dc0d44c8dbdd97f31fcbf39cf1c130dfd33e1d5Luke Wagner — Bug 1152280 - OdinMonkey: tighten changeHeap mask validation. r=bbouvier, a=abillings
704989f295eb634d4356795a31f5f8245a46255cGijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1150520 - Disable EME for Windows XP. r=dolske, a=sledru
e4192150f53ab9f8dfece70663946759497f6010Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1155788 - Make the Ion inner-window optimizations work again. r=efaust, a=sledru
9117f9af554e0d8583090037ac4c7c48b29f55cfGijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1141031 - Fix in-content prefs dialogs overflowing. r=jaws, a=sledru
65cf03fc2bc9a195e1e189dabc3638ddca7cd599Chenxia Liu — Bug 1154980 - Localize first run pager titles. r=ally, a=sledru
18af6cfb3b86b457232363823fa7899f26458a6eOlli Pettay — Bug 1153688 - Treat JS Symbol as void on C++ side of Variant. r=bholley, a=abillings
4dc8d874746bcd510d883239c867e2c1d59b0e7dBas Schouten — Bug 1155228 - Only use basic OMTC for popups when using WARP. r=jrmuizel, a=sledru
746934eab883dac2bef36e7cf0281e5c41c3ff71Bas Schouten — Bug 1150376 - Do not try to use D3D11 for popup windows. r=jrmuizel, a=sledru
eb5e2063637b5c354b2eb9e8aece552cece3cbaaGijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1155692 - Include latest Readability/JSDOMParser changes into m-c. a=sledru
44de10db57a66fd4d365a8bce41d69e9cfecf8c9Blake Winton — Bug 1149068 - Use the correct font for the Sans Serif font button. ui-r=maritz, r=jaws, r=margaret, a=sledru
849bf3c58408d0eed43114fcd16d76a6eece1c2dGijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1124217 - Don't gather telemetry for windows that have died. r=mconley, a=sledru
4a98323f8e688917ae113a07d61b4dc9b6f538c4Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1152219 - Make reader mode node limit a pref, turn off entirely for desktop because of isProbablyReaderable. r=margaret, a=sledru
e5d6dc48f6de0aa11858ca7543a5c68fe6fa5b49Jared Wein — Bug 1134501 - UITour: Force page into Reader View automatically whenever the ReaderView/ReadingList tour page is loaded. r=gijs, a=dolske
899ee022ed4cdcc4badfe281c03be38c373345fdPaul Kerr [:pkerr] — Bug 1154482 - about:webrtc intermittently throws a js type error. r=jib, a=sledru
38e095acde46785479c56f72e38b0744e9049043Margaret Leibovic — Bug 785549 - Use textContent instead of innerHTML to set domain and credits in reader view. r=Gijs, a=sledru
7e31d76c4d7b8bbc7f199ce435490d297369c618Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 1151873 - Stop forcing text/plain-only content being copied to the clipboard when an ancestor of the selected node has significant whitespace. r=roc, a=sledru
125ec6c545760d296e0b3f6e3ac2925db31a942fGijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1147487 - Don't bother sending reader mode updates when isArticle is false. r=margaret, a=sledru
e66ad17db13fc48389eea9172b6ccd6ea78a31f4Ed Lee — Bug 1152145 - Filter for specific suggested tiles adgroups/buckets/frecent_sites lists with display name [r=adw, a=sylvestre]
86d3b11031971bb93e7444bc243313be9b181f77Robert Strong — Bug 1154591 - getCanStageUpdates has incorrect checks for Windows. r=spohl, a=sledru
b158e9bdd8a0ee3da84855578069a9adfd4ee9e6Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1153900 - add fixes to tests for aurora, rs=me, a=RyanVM
6a5c3aa5b912ddf8503ccd50053909f64f7d46d7Mike de Boer — Bug 1155195 - Disable Loop screensharing for Fx38. r=Standard8, a=sledru
fff936b47a9fce8830804c24d434a0fdff357eccPaul Adenot — Bug 1136360 - Take into account the output device latency in the clock, and be more robust about rounding error accumulation, in cubeb_wasapi.cpp. r=kinetik, a=sledru
69e54b268783fdd4747e9affd37fea744c24e574Jim Chen — Bug 1072529 - Only create GeckoEditable once. r=esawin, a=sledru
55837b9aa1116e52c16ef1732565605eef028f3fGijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1153900 - Fix IE cookies migration. a=sylvestre
4411b07ee6bda18acbe25119ce2adbe0ea24a278Mike Shal — Bug 1152031 - Bump mozharness.json to 23dee28169d6. a=test-only
e1dd0d7756c549b6a8632713a1c3851db45d50d1Mats Palmgren — Bug 1153478 - Part 2: Remove useless assertions. r=roc, a=sledru
18b8b10f2fbd13ef6cc5789859a22ee6b2960d39Mats Palmgren — Bug 1153478 - Part 1: Add nsInlineFrame::StealFrame and make it deal with being called on the wrong parent for aChild (due to lazy reparenting). r=roc, a=sledru
d79194507f322ebbbd56eb8d4303d39f9f787715Terrence Cole — Bug 1152177 - Make jsid and Value pre barriers symetrical. r=jonco, a=abillings
6103268d785d981b5efd60507ec0d04663a69e04Carsten Tomcat Book — Bug 1155679 - "mozharness update to ref 4f1cf3369955" on a CLOSED TREE . r=ryanvm, a=test-only
3bc79addfa1e768bd2bfcab91111ffca9a7593a7tbirdbld — Added THUNDERBIRD_38_0b2_RELEASE THUNDERBIRD_38_0b2_BUILD1 tag(s) for changeset 906cb468c579. DONTBUILD CLOSED TREE a=release GECKO380b2_2015041702_RELBRANCH
906cb468c579959440c97962f9a854f0d7ddec0ftbirdbld — Automated checkin: version bump for thunderbird 38.0b2 release. DONTBUILD CLOSED TREE a=release GECKO380b2_2015041702_RELBRANCH
80208f153bb0991b16ba8d2500dc1d56844064b4ffxbld — Added FIREFOX_38_0b5_RELEASE FIREFOX_38_0b5_BUILD1 tag(s) for changeset 90271e6d8250. DONTBUILD CLOSED TREE a=release GECKO380b5_2015041617_RELBRANCH
90271e6d8250cf3b3ac72c8b11b3159eb0dc63a6ffxbld — Automated checkin: version bump for firefox 38.0b5 release. DONTBUILD CLOSED TREE a=release GECKO380b5_2015041617_RELBRANCH
45a5eaa7813b8310df5fe415a0adf5558be4a9f4Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1148923 - min-width the font menulists. r=jaws, a=sledru
8fd05ce16a5f23d9ff269b8421801ad4bb3d9066Xidorn Quan — Bug 1154814 - Move font rules from 'rt' to 'rtc, rt' and make text-emphasis conditional. r=heycam, a=sledru
f9d36adcdf5164783218095dcd51f08ee76489e7Richard Newman — Bug 1153973 - Don't blindly apply deletions as insertions. r=nalexander, a=sledru
7a10ff7fd9e4926f179211035ea12a46e34d7572Margaret Leibovic — Bug 1152121 - Factor out logic to get original URL from reader URL into shared place, and handle malformed URI excpetions. r=Gijs, r=mcomella, a=sledru
ccb54262291d03ce6684c2ae328b03d32a84d74eXidorn Quan — Bug 1141931 - Part 0: Fix unicode-bidi value of ruby elements in html.css. a=sledru
16d7e20d9565ab94e050b3ac43a2957a1e043642Nicolas Silva — Bug 1145981 - Do not crash when a DIB texture is updated without a compositor. r=jrmuizel, a=sledru
348cc6be3ba0ee0f129efca4b16d113708f113d5Ryan VanderMeulen — Bug 847903 - Skip 691096-1.html on OSX 10.6 due to intermittent crashes. a=test-only
22eb12ac64e99a77a9d867171df8a0acdcc09d2aMark Goodwin — Bug 1120748 - Resolve intermittent failure of browser_ssl_error_reports.js. r=ttaubert, a=test-only
34331bbc957539d5adec6e2bc84518ea100043a7Ryan VanderMeulen — Bug 1021174 - Skip test_bug495145.html on OSX 10.6 due to intermittent crashes. a=test-only
86b6cb966d95d440f825565d6f45ed37dcef3941Ryan VanderMeulen — Bug 1097721 - Skip test_mozaudiochannel.html on OSX 10.6 due to intermittent crashes. a=test-only
fe141895d7ab3b2a4a326c9a28b8ba2979937b34Ryan VanderMeulen — Bug 1123563 - Annotate test-animated-image-layers.html and test-animated-image-layers-background.html as random on Android and Linux. a=test-only
85106e95bcb85952d6d52bf0dc02a1a8b806825dRyan VanderMeulen — Bug 1092202 - Skip testGetUserMedia for frequent failures. a=test-only
062e49bcb2dadddce911d5e43648b8db4dc313b2Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1150862, make about:reader unlinkable from content on desktop, r=gavin, a=sylvestre
a5203cabcc04bfaa8cdc0b0132225eda26294d54Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1150862, make about:reader unlinkable from content on mobile, r=margaret, a=sylvestre
5c9df6adebed1562a80a9a14ec05032e8e287075Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1150703, allow about: pages to be unlinkable even if "safe for content", r=mcmanus, IGNORE IDL, ba=sylvestre
98703ce041e27a28e9c27e54916bc1db7233efd5Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1154447 - add aero asset for update badge, r=me, a=sylvestre
6c7e8d9f955c26768d5efb0126433879b459fd9dEdwin Flores — Bug 1148071 - Fix CDM update behaviour. r=cpearce, a=sledru, ba=jorgev
7b296a71b115a246a49a47fe8cfbf7172dd43a7fBen Turner — Bug 1154599 - Revert unintentional change to crash reporting infra in changeset ce2692d64bcf. a=sledru
e10ddd2bc05f0ad39f723c9d8c39b32d926733b9Michael Comella — Bug 1148390 - Dynamically add padding to share icon on GB devices. r=wesj, a=sledru
58f203b17be24d917888bc588844527fa6a82e49Mark Goodwin — Bug 1153090 - Unaligned access in cert bock list. r=keeler, a=sledru
df47a99c442f6fc997e668b0deaafbd9b2a78410vivek — Bug 1145567 - Display toolbar only after Domcontentloaded is triggered. r=margaret, a=sledru
199b60ec60dc2ffc59e74497cf869426491b0429Richard Newman — Bug 1153357 - Don't set SYNC_STATUS_MODIFIED unless an update touches fields that we sync. r=nalexander, a=sledru
97856a6ac44da543a598aa38f179e13f45c00cccRyan VanderMeulen — Bug 1154434 - Bump mozharness.json to revision 4567c42063b7. a=test-only
e487ace8d7f9bbf93d655f24344467f827071b50Jan-Ivar Bruaroey — Bug 1153056 - Fix about:webrtc to not blank on zero allocated PeerConnections. r=jesup, a=sledru
4954faa47dd0c0a61551e25a2dd690a0b47a9206Bas Schouten — Bug 1151361 - Wrap WARP D3D11 creation in a try catch block like done with regular D3D11. r=jrmuizel, a=sledru
a27fb9b83867662cb9d585c1a3889d8edadacec8Xidorn Quan — Bug 1145448 - Avoid painting native frame on fullscreen window when activate/inactivate. r=jimm, a=sledru
ea342656f3cbc1bfb77f1c7ce08f68a98adecdf3Matthew Gregan — Bug 1144199 - Require multiple consecutive timeouts to accumulate before triggering timeout error handling in libcubeb's WASAPI backend; this avoids spurious timeout errors triggered by system sleep/wake cycles. r=padenot, a=sledru
c82fcbeb7194301c61166e01d8424d089a3cabd7Ben Turner — Bug 1114788 - Disable failing test on workers. r=mrbkap, a=test-only
7496d2eea11127c13747c949fd5bba23bb9b0febMike Hommey — Bug 1146738 - Fix race condition between js/src/target and js/src/host. r=mshal, a=NPOTB
01e0d4e09b6d38e74cece2d2767ac67bfe30c0c7Reed Loden — Bug 1152939 - Upgrade to SQLite 3.8.9. r=mak77, a=sledru
baa8222aaafd8a75135246ac98e36453de556d8aCameron McCormack — Bug 1146101 - Call ClearCachedInheritedStyleDataOnDescendants on more style contexts that had structs swapped out from them. r=dbaron, a=sledru
4f36d5aff5cfc854164e9ff58680a29e596eed1aRyan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset d1e3ce033c7a (bug 1150005) for leaks
91df81e2edacbc3e3324426d20c6b877aeec236dMark Hammond — Bug 1148701 - React to Backoff and Retry-After headers from Reading List server. r=adw, a=sledru
1412c445ff0d669a68c8d02a0e52bcde34fdddfdRichard Newman — Bug 1153358 - Client mitigation: don't upload stored_on. r=nalexander, a=sledru
4cc36a9a958bef871bb2376269001e96186f1d3aMilan Sreckovic — Bug 1152331 - If we do not delete indices array, it gets picked up down the line and breaks some assumptions in aboutSupport.js. r=dvander, a=sledru
f5d0342230c012045e222f1df377077de708f80bCameron McCormack — Bug 1153693 - Only call ReleaseRef on nsStyle{ClipPath,Filter} once when setting a new value. r=dbaron, a=sledru
3beb9cbddb3f56062f42da325987a0ff4f0015f8Chris Pearce — Bug 1143278 - Support IYUV and I420 in gmp-clearkey on Windows, as Win 7 Enterprise N's H.264 decoder doesn't output I420. r=edwin, a=sledru
dfce472edd1e3a5c6ebc2893cc7dc9508bcad44eChris Pearce — Bug 1143278 - Use a different CLSID to instantiate the H264 decoder MFT in gmp-clearkey, as Win 7 Enterprise N requires that. r=edwin, a=sledru
5779893b39a5749a5f226301b441a34969f9d52fChris Pearce — Bug 1143278 - Add more null checks in gmp-clearkey's decoders. r=edwin, a=sledru
f9f96ba1dbdb3e920d4bdb567dd7dc038b7b0366Chris Pearce — Bug 1143278 - Make gmp-clearkey not require a Win8 only DLL to decode audio on Win7. r=edwin, a=sledru
48976876cdb93e7721ab7243d2de25420f945bf2Tim Nguyen — Bug 1013714 - Remove old OSX focusring from links in in-content prefs. r=Gijs, a=sledru
9e1bf10888cd0a06fa1d9981aa5e246189089af9Jared Wein — Bug 1152327 - ReadingListUI.init() should be called from delayedStartup, not onLoad. r=gavin, a=sledru
7af104b169fa58f95c5e221d7dcac62805401d64Brian Grinstead — Bug 1151259 - Switch <toolbar> to <box> to get rid of -moz-appearance styles for devtools sidebar. r=jryans, a=sledru
5ca4e237b259a78f2328ebc6f39f48524c4c2328Shu-yu Guo — Bug 996982 - Fix Debugger script delazification logic to account for relazified clones. r=bz, a=sledru
87f3453f6cc0a1a91810d835337092d8ab181bd0Mark Hammond — Bug 1151666 - Fix intermittent orange by reducing verified timer intervals and always using mock storage. r=zaach, a=test-only
d1e3ce033c7af21d0c5b2cfffdd6b3ac4e2913d7Sami Jaktholm — Bug 1150005 - Don't wait for "editor-selected" event in browser_styleeditor_fetch-from-cache.js as it may have already been emitted. r=bgrins, a=test-only
b2d1be38dab17bd998e156adb64a37f8b76d80e3JW Wang — Bug 1080685 - Add more debug aids and longer timeout. r=edwin, a=test-only
bf3ca76f10c3f53e0c8f94928426b2b4f3332a3fJW Wang — Bug 1153739 - Make Log() usable outside EME test cases. r=edwin, a=test-only
8a54862698218225f2e6c583b0e72ce6e024e84dBill McCloskey — Back out bug 1103036 to resolve shutdown hangs a=backout
56f805ac34ce750248a70276cd7d33f273ace6f5Bill McCloskey — Back out bug 1083897 a=backout
4c24545641448116677ed3945703b973b5b6b91fSylvestre Ledru — Post Beta 4: disable EARLY_BETA_OR_EARLIER a=me
7ca7e178de4083ffc34f91fdff3322022970300dJon Coppeard — Bug 1149526 - Check HeapPtrs have GC lifetime r=terrence a=sylvestre
ec12b6470115221ade235b781a3b04cd697c6753ffxbld — Added FIREFOX_38_0b4_RELEASE FIREFOX_38_0b4_BUILD1 tag(s) for changeset 4b9fb6cbf6d4. DONTBUILD CLOSED TREE a=release GECKO380b4_2015041317_RELBRANCH
4b9fb6cbf6d42b90ce68f58b20ed090ff8c12f2cffxbld — Automated checkin: version bump for firefox 38.0b4 release. DONTBUILD CLOSED TREE a=release GECKO380b4_2015041317_RELBRANCH
607133e77ad7060626efd508ee2601bd95f92835ffxbld — Added FENNEC_38_0b4_RELEASE FENNEC_38_0b4_BUILD1 tag(s) for changeset ea8d9c8087ac. DONTBUILD CLOSED TREE a=release MOBILE380b4_2015041317_RELBRANCH
ea8d9c8087acc9d9687a803d9e55e29c8c4152e4ffxbld — Automated checkin: version bump for fennec 38.0b4 release. DONTBUILD CLOSED TREE a=release MOBILE380b4_2015041317_RELBRANCH
05508ccf3ae8a27f348fe671b2e0941d8eae2845Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 1153381 - Add a D3D11 ANGLE blacklist. r=mstange, ba=sledru
4359c16b7f4483ba12d323cad0e10ea287402b54L. David Baron — Bug 1148829 - Backport a safer version of part of bug 1061364 to make transitions stop running the refresh driver after they've finished. r=bbirtles, a=sledru
7717f3aa4cf677d8aa73df3640887dc2435d549cAndrew McCreight — Bug 1144649 - Make CCGraph::AddNodeToMap fallible again. r=smaug, a=sledru
333017ad43a941c63bf28477d9ba6e9e7b6e5d82Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1152022 - Update Readability to github tip. r=gijs, r=margaret, a=sledru
2659ba26dcf2a53e5a132211969d57caac7604b9Mats Palmgren — Bug 1143299 - Make frame insertion methods deal with aPrevFrame being on an overflow list. r=roc, a=sledru
afe57494b44d07a1fc9fe34c644be53eb01c2df4Michael Comella — Bug 1152489 - Prevent getMostRecentHomePanel() from being called on null selectedTab. r=mfinkle, a=sledru
9740c1d817f10780a6d87080a33e0780bebbadbfJared Wein — Bug 1043612 - Persist the size of resizable in-content subdialogs. r=gijs, a=sledru
b54c44cfa07ea3c42d68ba609ff5588741e58229Michael Comella — Bug 1150430 - Set quickshare !visible and !enabled by default. r=mfinkle, a=sledru
2ffc047abd902629d53626babbee13008fdcf7e4Margaret Leibovic — Bug 1153262 - Remove length comparison from testReadingListCache. r=gijs, a=sledru
7081bbd2b331fc7afcab04fe2c581331909a9be4Michael Comella — Bug 1153193 - Add EXTRA_DEVICES_ONLY flag to share intents. r=rnewman, a=sledru
0a9b3f3e962da24c6b8a2bbe6ba8f8e115531b59Blake Winton — Bug 1149136 - Specify a min-width and min-height to avoid flex making things too small. ui-r=mmaslaney, r=florian, a=sledru
8191b45753c734e4aa399d3313733a4efb173cc5Mark Hammond — Bug 1152703 - Prevent desktop reading list sync errors from preventing sync from starting again. r=adw, a=sledru
002faed66e963edd23f4740c98dbac75c4beac30Jared Wein — Bug 1149230 - In-content preferences: missing padding between labels and learn more links in Advanced -> Data Choices panel. rs=Gijs, a=sledru
8340415e7b27c141dbd5a01e6e8492a8cda2ec0aBen Turner — Bug 1135344 - Don't let IPDL use names that are reserved for compilers. r=froydnj, a=sledru
cd5b5709b2e4aec6e38c485a9707356e2ce266d7Mike Taylor — Bug 1139560 - Update srcset web-platform expectations. r=jst, a=sledru
7285a02cd883fa1b3ab150985318f8268559b454John Schoenick — Bug 1139560 - <img>.currentSrc should be not be nullable. r=jst, a=sledru
07666fc071bede5e3a2412785a19c4a6854fbdcbJohn Schoenick — Bug 1139560 - Fix srcset parser 'After descriptor' state mishandling spaces. r=jst, a=sledru
dffb5c867f476431f65783822d0e2b380f58d7e0John Schoenick — Bug 1139560 - Reject non-standard parses of integers in srcset descriptors. r=jst, a=sledru
1b6ba1cb52f693f8b28734a6699673be227eab4fDrew Willcoxon — Bug 1151077 - Make the desktop reading list sync module batch its POST /batch requests. r=markh, a=sledru
ab0337907115447e4ac7318cbe5deaa1bca278e7Margaret Leibovic — Bug 1150695 - Use isProbablyReaderable function from Readability.js. r=Gijs, a=sledru
c4a01c159cb618af53e9f1f15c421e64939c5175Jean-Yves Avenard — Bug 1147744 - Part 2: Properly calculate cropping value. r=k17e, a=sledru
8f8ebd1868635ebb70e6251c7debeb777a9286f9Jean-Yves Avenard — Bug 1147744 - Part 1: Round down display size. r=k17e, a=sledru
999636e73165b26dd1ac3e742fc062798b9e15a0Chris Pearce — Bug 1148286 - Ensure we don't nullpointer deref if the CDM crashes in MediaKeys and Reader::SetCDMProxy implementations. r=edwin, a=sledru
5f042fe297079c75236497c7c262822ed55c2e58Aryeh Gregor — Bug 1134545 - Insufficient null check. r=ehsan, a=sledru
10c3198eb453412eadfa54a13552e09974081af6Kannan Vijayan — Bug 1134515 - Ensure SPSBaselineOSRMarker checks pseudostack size properly. r=shu, a=sledru
7efd806788be0cc904a3674f8a99f88f43146e97Jean-Yves Avenard — Bug 1153469: Ensure IOSurface isn't released before being composited. r=mattwoodrow, a=sledru
10f75583d21a1fb3d7ef946d8d2e77c43ae601b0Jean-Yves Avenard — Bug 1133633: Part2. Enable async decoding on mac. r=mattmoodrow, a=sledru
fe0a2d7b08f3f08356b098a3658b893db3d30115ffxbld — No bug, Automated blocklist update from host bld-linux64-spot-160 - a=blocklist-update
6d9fdd280e65d020fd6bdbcc3e6bb74fd44f1881Matt Woodrow — Bug 1116812 - Blacklist two intel GPUs that are trigger driver crashes frequently. r=jrmuizel, a=sledru
f5f2adb889682fab78404fec795c9fa4129dded5Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1152104 - Use command event and delegate clicks to it. r=jaws, a=sledru
948241aa9d1a359d35a33641731b9e56ddeddaaaGijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1147337 - Stop checking article URL as AboutReader.jsm gets created separately every time anyway. r=margaret, a=sledru
d2bade84e15e5d228252ecfb3549480e7c4921b3Brian Hackett — Bug 1151401 - Watch for non-object unboxes while optimizing object-or-null operations. r=jandem, a=sledru
e2f81a3ca1e5a2be87a7f09934cff1efe9f50b5ePatrick Brosset — Bug 1139925 - Make the BoxModelHighlighter highlight all quads and draw guides around the outer-most rect. r=miker, a=sledru
7f7236a5b6dd6a157dc48d42cf37dfff56ef9043Ryan VanderMeulen — Bug 1153060 - Bump the in-tree mozharness revision. a=test-only
639f3f658301d06491e84068a3fe3e800f20b634ffxbld — Added FENNEC_38_0b3_RELEASE FENNEC_38_0b3_BUILD1 tag(s) for changeset cd986fb900d6. DONTBUILD CLOSED TREE a=release MOBILE380b3_2015040917_RELBRANCH
cd986fb900d6f78969e6ade64ab49fc17817be07ffxbld — Automated checkin: version bump for fennec 38.0b3 release. DONTBUILD CLOSED TREE a=release MOBILE380b3_2015040917_RELBRANCH
fdbc13136a22f329d37ff9ba89193d3db0e9640effxbld — Added FIREFOX_38_0b3_RELEASE FIREFOX_38_0b3_BUILD1 tag(s) for changeset 4526b85aa607. DONTBUILD CLOSED TREE a=release GECKO380b3_2015040917_RELBRANCH
4526b85aa6072aa8526c44fa0b38d36830610360ffxbld — Automated checkin: version bump for firefox 38.0b3 release. DONTBUILD CLOSED TREE a=release GECKO380b3_2015040917_RELBRANCH
ff91cb79a7c8b1b0706fb15febdd2d4c5c19d41fMargaret Leibovic — backout 7d883361e554 for causing bug 1150251
3f5e298cb6416fa78f9845abe1319c4016d27138Mike de Boer — Bug 1152391 - appVersionInfo should use UpdateChannel.jsm to fetch update channel information. r=Standard8, a=sledru
f377c6831282133f56676a0b015d450e849eb6feFlorian Quèze — Bug 1144774 - Add to reading list button is blurry. ui-r=mmaslaney, r=jaws, a=sledru
d4ee3499fe0db51facd40b519109cff0ea844be9Florian Quèze — Bug 1137603 - WebRTC sharing notifications fail to open from the global indicator when the Hello window has been detached. r=mixedpuppy, a=sledru
e62ca3da49e1223eddd71fbbf42d31a07d7db2d5Byron Campen [:bwc] — Bug 1151139 - Simplify how we choose which streams to gather stats from. r=mt, a=abillings
c821f76bf302600af9b6278629bfb8fed1a27eb5Andreas Pehrson — Bug 1149494 - Part 2: Add mochitest. r=jesup, a=sledru
d46cb3b3ebb31c7478b042e33c14b955b78c5634Robert O'Callahan — Bug 1149494 - Part 1: Add a listener directly to the unblocked input stream that reports the size of the first non-empty frame seen. r=pehrsons, a=sledru
d13016a31d6f5c7b84f75cd43c6612b0f2de1d72Mark Banner — Fix beta specific xpcshell bustage from bug 1152245. r+a=bustage-fix
58dca3f7560af26b1aeb15dd27e74663f57e4c0fValentin Gosu — Bug 1099209 - Only track leaked URLs on the main thread. r=honzab, a=sledru
367745bbac8a67dd4fbb157033f8e8ddb3074c68Mark Banner — Bug 1152245 - Receiving a call whilst in private browsing or not browser windows open can stop any calls to contacts being made or received. r=mikedeboer, a=sledru
07f2a01649a4ec8b0eeaa14b903640dec9317bfaAndrea Marchesini — Bug 1151609 - WebSocket::CloseConnection must be thread-safe. r=smaug, a=sledru
6ab02e48d0c247ee5f803d5d1a298e6888cfb79aBlake Winton — Bug 1149520 - Move the font-size change to the container, so as not to repaint the toolbar. r=jaws, r=margaret, a=sledru
bbbb9f84cf98afe3ea3fa2816e02341c9191806aMark Hammond — Bug 1149896 - Avoid warnings when using sendAsyncMessage on a ReadingListItem object. r=adw, a=sledru
bf83a8535bf41c274924d5d7f5e6bd722632cf54Seth Fowler — Bug 1148832 - Return early from nsAlertsIconListener::OnLoadComplete if the image has an error. r=baku, a=sledru
881a59941b04a8dd6d1c0980e2997a5f108d3cb1Mark Hammond — Bug 1149869 - Prevent duplicate readinglist items from appearing in the sidebar in some cases. r=Unfocused, a=sledru
0ff855a44d9c9fbe7aa22474a38f2c90caacc534Edwin Flores — Bug 1142835 - Null check mPlugin on GMPAudioDecoderParent shutdown. r=cpearce, a=sledru
b04842ef36ca804767aef6cf5d84a13c4c90c00eHonza Bambas — Bug 1124880 - Call PR_Close of UDP sockets on new threads. r=mcmanus, a=sledru
e06c5a9ce450c8ac01666b2c4cc3ea058901ac54Edwin Flores — Bug 1146192 - Whitelist sched_yield syscall in GMP sandbox on Linux. r=jld, a=sledru
8bb13d7a5d2a11658a6e09097708c0d0381299beDragana Damjanovic — Bug 1135405 - Use different multicast addresses for each test. r=michal, a=sledru
982dba6be01c36edac7e7b7fbffa3f50e20ae9b4Andrea Marchesini — Bug 1134224 - test_bug1132395.html must wait until the port is actually available before sending messages. r=ehsan, a=test-only
51c5166a338b5d19961ada9a58bafc9488009409Ryan VanderMeulen — Bug 1129538 - Skip various tests that hit the mProgressTracker abort. a=test-only
a24bdacce4cc3c5e35c2dd6c873989316284abdbJean-Yves Avenard — Bug 1151360: Allow playback of extended AAC profile audio track. r=k17e, a=sledru
bfff2ca947666eb5315b282fba659ef37ce7ea4dAaron Klotz — Bug 1141081 - Add weak reference support to HTMLObjectElement and use it in nsPluginInstanceOwner. r=jimm, a=sledru
188117472132ca890705122e9389d725a0a5e461Timothy Nikkel — Bug 1150021 - Backout the patch for bug 1077085 on beta and aurora. a=sledru
89de3c04af8b83ba9efe4c8a07338302b69358a1Stephen Pohl — Bug 1151544 - Update Adobe EME's homepage URL in addons manager. r=gfritzsche, a=sledru
fa50c9c02b3ce8c4516b8a5c0e51d62159faafcfGijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1151252 - Back out content part of the restyle of about:preferences. r=jaws, a=sledru
1f70f2dba807c059c566d909b14a1813c8f1eeebGijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1148024 - Fix wrapping of privacy pane. r=jaws, a=sledru
de78faf679e706fbfa3dc78fd6d965f6ab9cdd72Blake Winton — Bug 1148762 - Tweak the css on the reading list sidebar to prevent unecessary scrollbars. r=mstange, a=sledru
f7dc5b7781e27fec10a056aa61eae740fc5e811bBlake Winton — Bug 1149649 - Design Polish Updates for the Reader View Footer. ui-r=mmaslaney, r=jaws, a=sledru
a3c18ef98317bd8759ce27a0d3ff1c5afa412f43Blake Winton — Bug 1149261 - Replace the close icon and adjust the borders. ui-r=mmaslaney, r=jaws, a=sledru
9a763ea8d7814297462db801a5713b8e6d276c99Patrick Brosset — Bug 1139937 - Don't try accessing the computedStyle of pseudo elements on reflow. r=miker, a=sledru
115865f1432434e307a980da9a37b2010eba14fcMark Hammond — Bug 1149880 - Avoid readinglist item races logging unhandled promise exceptions. r=dolske, a=sledru
0f0c47f90ab6807ba03cf5612ccdea29dcb1b958Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset a7535132fe8e (bug 1148770) for test bustage.
e55db32c5ef6fed554c4ae59126e3bd07d11cbceRichard Newman — Bug 1123389 - Allow Android-side reading list service work to ride the trains. r=rnewman a=sledru
2a6a2f558ec2d76e58b97cc12280a825589bd427Mark Finkle — Bug 1151469 - Tweak the package manifest to avoid packaging the wrong file. r=rnewman, a=sledru
01cf08a90d44873129141008e31b57bf333e4781Jean-Yves Avenard — Bug 1151299 - Part 2: Clear EOS flag when new data is received. r=mattwoodrow, a=sledru
68f61e9c41d2c99908c297f88c10aa2ee940133bJean-Yves Avenard — Bug 1151299 - Part 1: Only attempt to decode first frame when available. r=mattwoodrow, a=sledru
de1e5351aad22c4db876301d9a102442a8372dd0Jean-Yves Avenard — Bug 1149278 - Limit box reads to resource length. r=k17e, a=sledru
4c9214ed82b80afcaa22425678c16ff28a43b731Jonathan Kew — Bug 1012640 - Part 3: Reftest for line break after inline element with white-space:nowrap and whitespace inside the element. r=roc, a=sledru
3c64e9fdc3d7acc1b82bc6f77bdf8300283775e9Jonathan Kew — Bug 1012640 - Part 2: Ensure mCurrentRangeIndex is initialized correctly when creating iterator for a gfxSkipChars that begins with a skipped run. r=roc, a=sledru
083361a6534958ebbaebf4c6454a4aefa3e11a32Jonathan Kew — Bug 1012640 - Part 1: Add checks for IsOriginalCharSkipped() to the gfxSkipChar unit tests. r=roc, a=sledru
d4e6fe0b0eb5b15d89669f15570334b5822ec722Matt Woodrow — Bug 1151721 - Disable hardware accelerated video decoding for older intel drivers since it gives black frames on youtube. r=ajones, a=sledru
58b20f079d4f55183e1740cc8ce0fc0264d668e1David Major — Bug 1137614 - Align the mvsadcost array to work around a possible compiler issue. r=rillian, a=sledru
1dc6d70e9022f5fda0040a3d3815d53ae9880b76Robert Longson — Bug 1149516 - Draw continuous stroke if stroke-dasharray = 0. r=jwatt, a=sledru
ac9862939f3eeb1c5655f3dd554f8321bdfc5cefAllison Naaktgeboren — Bug 1124895 - Add password manager usage data to FHR. r=dolske, r=gfritzsche, a=sledru
a9d1df7af6fc5a9f8ed13b0cacb631b692ec7b42John Schoenick — Bug 1139554 - Fix srcset parser mishandling bare URLs followed by a comma. r=jst, a=sledru
2d8d16d8c2ad8bc93dd48be62d5232fd6755163dMichael Comella — Bug 1147661 - Use new device icons in share overlay. r=liuche, a=sledru
32e9c40ea3f9a587e36f7b56acd0c0aff936878bMichael Comella — Bug 1147661 - Add new device assets. r=liuche, a=sledru
0299772271a8860f081a1b4aef5a81223ed97880Mike de Boer — Bug 1150052 - Report exceptions that occur in MozLoop object APIs directly to the console, so we'll be able to recognize errors better. r=Standard8, a=sledru
a7535132fe8efa5fd1ac164b274d38680ba461a7Sami Jaktholm — Bug 1148770 - Rewrite browser_styleeditor_bug_870339.js to fix intermittent leaks. r=ejpbruel, a=test-only
8d23b1e2cc0f70fa3c1778353192779efae4056eAnish — Bug 1135091 - Convert remaining SpecialPowers.setBoolPref to pushPrefEnv. r=jmaher, r=mwargers, a=test-only
a1c4c4d437760873670fdfff987f04666a5aa0caRyan VanderMeulen — Bug 984821 - Disable browser_CTP_iframe.js on Linux and OSX for ongoing intermittent failures.
cbe44fd0d2fc757fedfca34e03bfe6dbcd8aef6aMichael Comella — Bug 1132747 - Set the padding for share in the context menu on Lollipop. r=mhaigh a=sylvestre
5b70a93a7f10f810b9b519d78853e23c26423975Michael Comella — Bug 1148677 - Use larger shareplane icon. r=liuche a=sylvestre
358448358c217f312fa96238836925f8cd0ce783Michael Comella — Bug 1151089 - Move slide up animations to onResume. r=liuche a=sylvestre
4db575e8088361e4b85121ef649ddf930bffb8adMichael Comella — Bug 1148197 - Move share overlay margins to child to properly align. r=liuche a=sylvestre
0db186d2534c1d45555aa5825e1ec9bcc5d6952cMichael Comella — Bug 1148041 - Inherit from Gecko theme in share overlay. r=liuche a=sylvestre
0442cb68ed69251304c1b5cfac2a1b269f8888d4Michael Comella — Bug 1148041 - Have the ShareOverlay text styles inherit from the default TextAppearance. r=liuche a=sylvestre
e399294c9df3a361b4d416caeea0cf90c39c87a8Michael Comella — Bug 1130203 - uplift: Add dropshadow assets from bug 1137921. r=trivial a=sylvestre
3eb3b25437dd29f351ce18aedc70c9fb68f766e3Michael Comella — Bug 1134484 - Add Fennec color palette to colors.xml. r=liuche a=sylvestre
d49aaecd32a35e710de0e12bb93f2541efa7cd73Michael Comella — Bug 1130203 - Remove retry button in share overlay retry toast. r=margaret a=sylvestre
994526939c21c5993dae6bc2de2c97abd4784504Michael Comella — Bug 1130203 - Add drop shadow to overlay share dialog result toast. r=margaret a=sylvestre
dcadb357269253ff50c38b977a66f49f03283c53Michael Comella — Bug 1130203 - Review: Finish off share overlay nits. r=trivial a=sylvestre
ce7199dbb0afabe2af56b0b46737267760f8b9b3Michael Comella — Bug 1130203 - Review: Remove single use styles in share overlay. r=trivial a=sylvestre
dd5f8068b392a148db0af000884f7e33784b9a8bMichael Comella — Bug 1130203 - Reset the first item background drawable state onResume. r=mhaigh a=sylvestre
8a05ce8c5ff7cd0784af98a8df85f2211d5fd5ceMichael Comella — Bug 1130203 - Clean up share overlay toast styles. r=mhaigh a=sylvestre
abff0e24007817a766f62f53f30ab3f19b220cceMichael Comella — Bug 1130203 - Update ShareOverlay icon padding & assets. r=mhaigh a=sylvestre
f2cbe1ec6d5a8f84d7f5ae34e4391bcfd08e22a9Michael Comella — Bug 1130203 - Update share overlay row pressed color & color names. r=mhaigh a=sylvestre
49441819b75a6ae1bf32c10e95238cf392407696Michael Comella — Bug 1130203 - Clean up style inheritance in share overlay. r=mhaigh a=sylvestre
1c2ce96f9359c8c32f14a57b8ae63c4f65fad9edMichael Comella — Bug 1130203 - Remove unused share overlay layout. r=mhaigh a=sylvestre
b731c0df23aa34ecf5691f2396ea4125bb1a181cMichael Comella — Bug 1130203 - Remove excess LinearLayout from ShareOverlay. r=mhaigh a=sylvestre
8691a7ac4c9585244e4e39d583f42173dd1b493bMichael Comella — Bug 1130302 - Move ShareOverlayButton.Text to ShareOverlayTextAppearance.Button. r=mhaigh a=sylvestre
41eba60614f8468570ff16a6ef343e2f94c6b41fMichael Comella — Bug 1130203 - Rename TextAppearance.ShareOverlay to ShareOverlayTextAppearance. r=mhaigh a=sylvestre
ca3650a73fdfbd63355a5c752ed6b4ea65572fb4Michael Comella — Bug 1130203 - Update share overlay text colors to match mocks. r=mhaigh a=sylvestre
c3ec8ada4705df04834d6fe5b9166173c1273c9aMichael Comella — Bug 1130203 - Set width for share overlay. r=mhaigh a=sylvestre
5dd03a21c3768f978452f45babc07b9d9201152dMichael Comella — Bug 1130203 - Round the corners of the first item in the share overlay. r=mhaigh a=sylvestre
feb7a6808bfb9c9f2581f15c1c15f2b35e61e5ebMichael Comella — Bug 1130203 - Add @dimen/button_corner_radius and replace corner radius use in code. r=mhaigh a=sylvestre
9a5a288095252c753568cbbb84d3c459aa207d54Michael Comella — Bug 1130203 - Remove dividers in share overlay. r=mhaigh a=sylvestre
8002be97de82412e331875bd7a87f35a815fbaffMichael Comella — Bug 1130203 - Move share overlay title styles into styles.xml and revise to match mocks. r=mhaigh a=sylvestre
57a21c5e110057113a6bc71ba279b26d3f0b7f15Michael Comella — Bug 1130203 - Remove Firefox logo from share overlay. r=mhaigh a=sylvestre
d6200a67e0079ef6ffffed74ddfcdf3c1a2b7e4cMichael Comella — Bug 1130203 - Remove header container in share overlay & roughly style text. r=mhaigh a=sylvestre
4f2f00d1331c07d00048dc0267891f3de1b6ab2fMichael Comella — Bug 1130203 - Clean up OverlayDialogButton's initialization. r=mhaigh a=sylvestre
6d1efbb2c76c7edab0481d711159f00d9c44f5a2Christoph Kerschbaumer — Bug 1147026 - CSP should ignore query string when checking a resource load - tests. r=dveditz, a=sledru
c2f29d6648e858c8c101ad43fed03bc69c25d34aChristoph Kerschbaumer — Bug 1147026 - CSP should ignore query string when checking a resource load. r=dveditz, a=sledru
9adbbf9a8784b95eb614b94d7dcd138aa2eaedcfJeff Muizelaar — Bug 1146034 - Cherry pick "Fix struct uniform packing." a=sledru
eb178aedaaad73540a60396dc9e0616d9d42be22Shih-Chiang Chien — Bug 1080130 - Force GC to close all used socket immediately. r=jmaher, a=test-only
16c909280059fbac6a2b0f5f40833aa8d350664ePatrick Brosset — Bug 1134500 - Fix multiple browser/devtools/animationinspector intermittent tests. r=bgrins, a=test-only
88bda8094530361013d17cae288a0dd89f1fd498Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset 589aafc2bb13 (bug 1134500) for a rebase error.
8f0271f2c153b5601d2a997a035087c098c62be3JW Wang — Bug 1150277 - Match hostname when removing GMP data. r=cpearce, a=sledru, ba=sledru
3f5d7f2774717e8571ada8b60775cb7d9d6aaa1fMargaret Leibovic — Bug 1150872 - Update toast notification when removing a page from reading list from reader view toolbar. r=mcomella, a=sledru
d2987ec0e0e7727b14c99494ce55e8cc834c4b32Mark Finkle — Bug 1149094. r=blassey, a=sledru
8a734418a22efe61ba871d8405bcd85493d9a852Richard Newman — Bug 1151484 - Account for null result when polling on a latch during Reading List sync. r=nalexander, a=sledru
4406ce9ace92e0f39d32df1a0e79a5b32a69830fGavin Sharp — Bug 1148562 - Right clicking the reader mode button shouldn't trigger reader mode. r=jaws, a=sledru
d384bdaed2fd862786edefa5b9c83b536a42504aMike de Boer — Bug 1146921 - Disable the window sharing dropdown item in Loop conversation windows on unsupported platforms. r=Standard8, a=sledru
8ff6cc64abe808ea597f71a458cc61d8ab277aa2Jan Beich — Bug 1147845 - Drop redundant check to keep blocked download data on Tier3 platforms as well. r=jaws, a=sledru
98ac0c02020567ef31191530ef3e4a809e331219Matt Woodrow — Bug 1102612 - Don't attempt to read data from a resource if we've evicted the start position. r=jya, a=sledru
589aafc2bb139db6f54899be8d35fb4c6865c88fPatrick Brosset — Bug 1134500 - Fix multiple browser/devtools/animationinspector intermittent tests. r=bgrins, a=test-only
484a6aef6a4f17ebb3e2f7069b5f4fbfdacb6188Jon Coppeard — Bug 1146696 - Don't assume there are no arenas available after last ditch GC r=terrence a=sylvestre
0c29ab096b90837d374d8f62b539c33443e9ca32Mike Hommey — Bug 1147207 - Use SimplePackager code to find manifest entries and base directories during l10n repack. r=gps, a=sledru
7f2d41560360ed928a92e47b96f60ff7e844ae61Mike Hommey — Bug 1147207 - Allow to give extra l10n directories to r=gps, a=sledru
46262c24ca5b491f86b010b50a14c0762c1e25b5Mike Hommey — Bug 1147207 - Improve SimplePackager manifest consistency check. r=gps, a=sledru
fc1e894eec2fbd34b745cd94f505080427d24705Mike Hommey — Bug 1147207 - Add a ComposedFinder class that acts like a FileFinder proxy over multiple FileFinders. r=gps, a=sledru
d59b572e546f1514aa59f31f134de87f2310901cMike Hommey — Bug 1147283 - Replace mozpack.path with mozpath. r=mshal, a=sledru
a72d76b284ea79559e866026c5b13de9854d8861Jean-Yves Avenard — Bug 1100210 - Mark MPEG2 Layer 1,2,3 audio as MP3. r=k17e, a=sledru
a1d7b2cdd9506cf386c359026f08d768354cfd56Tom Tromey — Bug 1150646 - Ensure that memory stats show up in treeherder logs. r=chmanchester, a=test-only
f208b7bb88aed9fed4d2943a52c6ee0b4c90c001Tooru Fujisawa — Bug 1150297 - Move source property to RegExp instance again. r=till, a=sylvestre
5c4cacd09c9cfe2fa743022775a40e71ee2f9e48Mike Hommey — Bug 1147217 - Improve l10n repack error message when locale doesn't contain necessary files. r=mshal, a=NPOTB
5b6180fc4286890f5847e0e94a76526bd08a94feRalph Giles — Bug 1080995 - Don't use the h264parser gstreamer element. r=kinetik, a=lizzard
34acc17788184c08d8ea00cc1316050c6fe7e918ffxbld — Added FIREFOX_38_0b2_RELEASE FIREFOX_38_0b2_BUILD1 tag(s) for changeset e061e88f65b1. DONTBUILD CLOSED TREE a=release GECKO380b2_2015040620_RELBRANCH
e061e88f65b1931a347c0cac03b1c49bf2906059ffxbld — Automated checkin: version bump for firefox 38.0b2 release. DONTBUILD CLOSED TREE a=release GECKO380b2_2015040620_RELBRANCH
b5c29658208176b17340cfe4cd95b37c8cfff109ffxbld — Added FENNEC_38_0b2_RELEASE FENNEC_38_0b2_BUILD1 tag(s) for changeset a87df07b2498. DONTBUILD CLOSED TREE a=release MOBILE380b2_2015040620_RELBRANCH
a87df07b2498bc55546fcf2fc6b0a87927da3ad0ffxbld — Automated checkin: version bump for fennec 38.0b2 release. DONTBUILD CLOSED TREE a=release MOBILE380b2_2015040620_RELBRANCH
499e1c563939ad4c9b0c5a8fa0fcb19406a4571fJeff Muizelaar — Bug 1137716 - Increase the list of devices that are blocked. a=sledru
32d78bac2cfac5b26942be40fc7cda4804767cf2Cameron McCormack — Bug 1149542 - Part 2: Track undisplayed characters before empty text frames properly. r=dholbert, a=abillings
984f9cdef799cc3607fe07a46e62f8c85c72622bCameron McCormack — Bug 1149542 - Part 1: Return early from SVG text layout if we discover mPositions is not long enough. r=dholbert, a=abillings
8c5c12705b50008104ac674b86945e010aa388bbRobert Kaiser — Bug 1084258 - Language pack compatibility should be bound to Gecko branch, else undefined entity errors possible. r=glandium, a=sledru
b4e6da60e6d474981e3a5962d381fb4ceb4fd11bMilan Sreckovic — Bug 1149954 - Only Skia canvases need be considered for acceleration. Carry r=jmuizelaar from bug 1124249, a=sledru
ce2f9cedb9750b8153bb31a93cd47c4c19b6f90dPatrick McManus — Bug 1141775 - One wifi monitor thread. r=hurley, a=sledru
f9441895096d135aebe1488f3ec60dd778f5e93cRalph Giles — Bug 1133862 - Remove MSE debug User Agent string. r=mconley, a=sledru
f4f4979e09b2bec735a9e80e2069dce27fed159fMike Hommey — Bug 910660 - Make the SimplePackager emit a separate base for addons. r=gps, a=sledru
90925932c88c42530c693d54c809ea6094096a04Mike Hommey — Bug 910660 - Make package formatters handle addons. r=gps, a=sledru
06cd1b5deb25592c5449e1e8a67fa339e25025d4Mike Hommey — Bug 910660 - Add a test for the unpacker code. r=gps, a=sledru
a141c675b40521d705c5abab96282c693e8479cdMike Hommey — Bug 910660 - Refactor so that it's easier to follow. r=gps, a=sledru
882dd82e8af01ab7e46ff963882b1ef432d4fff0Mike Hommey — Bug 1147723 - Avoid non TEST_PASS/TEST_UNEXPECTED_FAIL output from r=gps, a=test-only
2bc3aac3094b63a1c5a841e1e6d200262f4855b9Mike Hommey — Bug 1147760 - In mozpack.files.FileCopier.copy, remove files after copying. r=gps, a=sledru
088cbfb1007994278a1827144037fb1b943691beBlake Winton — Bug 1147479 - Add a transition for adding items to the reading list. ui-r=mmaslaney, r=Unfocused, a=sledru
b42a539dcc29ce89986f9a5fd27607e4b3be7e6bBlake Winton — Bug 1147444 - Add a transition when deleting an item from the Reading List. ui-r=mmaslaney, r=Unfocused, a=sledru
05f716c8608de7f6b54e261daed932c187522d5aBlake Winton — Bug 1147440 - Add a transition to the readinglist-addremove-button. ui-r=mmaslaney, r=jaws, a=sledru
a606f164b2a7270b71cb3f32f2c281b3a39d01e7Byron Campen [:bwc] — Bug 1147919 - Part 2: Lowercase fingerprint alg before comparing. r=drno, a=sledru
38cb0f4d54e892232a4ca00cb813a0107914a754Byron Campen [:bwc] — Bug 1147919 - Part 1: Make sure content gets an error callback when it does not use a fingerprint algorithm we support. r=drno, a=sledru
f7d65dc9093b15f98bc79aa2023a5dd92742b8f5Jared Wein — Bug 1146773 - Unify the code paths for adding an item to the reading list (location bar + reader mode). r=margaret, a=sledru
6238a894c78f399a680c44429b9a073d12b4a989Jared Wein — Bug 1148462 - When "Reading List" is disabled (browser.readinglist.enabled = false) CTRL+ALT+R should not open its sidebar. r=gijs, a=gavin
d69e01ecebe06206b6a9ff28397d60cb9e0e9ed6Blake Winton — Bug 1137211 - Move the click handler to the document so we can click on the margins. ui-r=phlsa, r=margaret, r=jaws, a=sledru
33496825c683672b6fecc3f00e5f8cf04c614eebTim Nguyen — Bug 1138630 - Switch the desktop update badge to an SVG image. r=Gijs, a=sledru
3d380257da88536ee98b2d1b03253366e9deb0f3Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1150476 - Fix silly typo in list styles. a=sledru
ecf15768ec500c59e510a8abb5f87eae8d74a292J. Ryan Stinnett — Bug 1149778 - Lazify simulator startup to allow ADB init. r=ochameau, a=sledru
2ff89ac6dc8dc97b7b96ac7126739096cd2a0f04Divjot Singh — Bug 1139026 - Use white background-color & inverted color for selected area. r=margaret, a=sledru
e749a39aaf5c593bfd3c7fc1cf4ce51ecf1c813bJeff Muizelaar — Bug 1150124 - Move WARP reporter closer to actually testing WARP. r=Bas, a=sledru
30be2924717b573cc5ef1034da2e4b2e93f687faBlake Winton — Bug 1149277 - Increase the Line-Height in Reader View from 1.44 em to 1.6 em. ui-r=mmaslaney, r=Unfocused, a=sledru
b8343ae0a9dc9a28ab228febc6bca5df21967e00Abhinav Koppula — Bug 1132656 - Reader mode toolbar overlaps content if window becomes too narrow. r=jaws, a=sledru
7b6bd63b68e5d52a745a599c9459cb46671e10a9Blake Winton — Bug 1148050 - Make Reader View type panel look closer to the spec. ui-r=mmaslaney, r=Unfocused, a=sledru
f8e17839eac9f188232842b38cf19b244d922ad1Ben Turner — Bug 1112620 - Fix invalidated version change transactions. r=khuey, a=sledru
0e9a4f42d12a364adee23bd70953512b490553a9Ben Turner — Bug 1071360 - Fix async storage connection closing when open fails. r=asuth, a=sledru
537b5f078296463e0aade94ec7a406e4295e180fBlake Winton — Bug 1145809 - Add the reading mode footer. ui-r=mmaslaney, r=Unfocused, a=sledru
7d883361e554d634ffe000049e59712eca7275ddvivek — Bug 1142528 - Decrease tappable area for +/- buttons. r=margaret, a=sledru
887be7f12f1e3fb1773313117e0e9efc3e5a2571Mark Capella — Bug 1134446 - Automatically open the ReadingList sidebar the first time ReaderMode is used. r=unfocused, a=sledru
3e828a466ece1640db5809e2f5c2c753245be283Blake Winton — Bug 1147889 - Transition background and text color in Reading Mode. ui-r=mmaslaney, r=Unfocused, a=sledru
180f3c3634e3e9977d1e4ae2f3e8d4e7b42a8efdMargaret Leibovic — Bug 1146373 - Don't resize reader view images in JS. r=Gijs, a=sledru
a2a4bbc864adf7db461478dd2d5c3889f25ebf46Margaret Leibovic — Bug 1147122 - Restore reader view error message if about:reader fails when user clicks reader button. r=Gijs, a=sledru
fd67405ba1de4b0769d32bc70c19233983f942deJared Wein — Bug 1135589 - Make the focusring match the visible borders of the buttons in reader mode. r=florian, a=sledru
079e210207b94d66f8e0a193417aabfc1edee456Markus Jaritz — Bug 1139174 - Use Georgia and Helvetica/Arial as Reader View Fonts until Fira and Charis land. r=margaret, r=dolske, a=sledru
a1214cc8c57ea6491b25b6626c3175f473cfa2c8Vaibhav Pradeep Bhosale — Bug 1135009 - Printing in reader mode cuts off on the left (sidebar overlays text). r=Margaret, a=sledru
c0496dd61e608e2fa6211ae0d74aabae5544e7faJustin Dolske — Bug 1142298 - Fix reader view font/color control glitches. r=gijs, a=sledru
e2efc8489eba53392209166f9aa38cf52ce21f89Robert Strong — Bug 1083653 - Fix intermittent failure for marStageSuccessPartialSvc.js and marStageFailurePartialSvc.js. r=spohl, a=test-only
4d02b020a3194337ea6c9c222d5f3c4baec905a0Nick Alexander — Bug 1149226 - Initialize Reading List authority after upgrade. r=rnewman, a=sylvestre
3f82a5a05c309784aff83d3215c59362e8a375f2ffxbld — No bug, Automated blocklist update from host bld-linux64-spot-160 - a=blocklist-update
0ed266400af520ed0642a2c9e3d5da4ee7a0f38dJoel Maher — Bug 1139328 - update talos to latest version for preferences and e10s fixes. r=wlach, a=test-only
e4566e5991e8714f0a5006b0ba923215870e25ddMargaret Leibovic — Bug 1147597. r=gavin, a=sledru
88b4ec69e42f6a2b575cecce20d4ef8c589d819bVladan Djeric — Bug 1150230 - Add reading-list.sqlite and about:home indexedDB to SlowSQL whitelist. r=Yoric, a=sledru
8348e6654b30089b141ef9f0316e6ef4b60b3202Matthew Gregan — Bug 1134977 - Release IAudioStreamVolume when closing WASAPI stream. Refixes bug 1109802. r=padenot, a=sledru
dad86e3e53cd7ff30935ee3f907b11428f6d9697Vladan Djeric — Bug 1149746 - Update expiry dates for probes that measure Telemetry health. r=rvitillo, a=sledru
edf4fa83d569da36ad528ac807c05058b789a333Mark Hammond — Bug 1146346 - Fix sync login when master-password was unlocked by something other than sync. r=ckarlof, a=sledru
b28b502e4acafd10d4e9bc3373a942cb9442ffceMichael Comella — Bug 1132751 - Add android:logo to fennec application. r=liuche, a=sledru
8be55cae236f90fb73fd63a8c5eab965782f8e56Michael Comella — Bug 1132751 - Remove redundant ActionBar home setting. r=liuche, a=sledru
125623fcc804035f3fccd361f14d85c85d60b01eAndrea Marchesini — Bug 1148032 - BroadcastChannel API should not bypass private browsing mode. r=ehsan, a=sledru
d6ec30c02b8d2247b352102f42fa4bdc52480cf4Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1148973 - When skipping shape guards in Ion common getter/setter code because the object has a non-configurable property, first verify that its current shape matches the shape we're using to compile our code. r=jandem, a=sledru
8d84399a000b7bee4229250e5bd6c588b876d0d2Nils Ohlmeier [:drno] — Bug 1148572 - Improve H264 renegotiation handling. r=jesup, a=sledru
5f5a4c5a7e021a0f9edc72f39a7292bd97187918Seth Fowler — Bug 1148682 - Handle content length correctly for moz-icon channels. r=tn, a=sledru
ca8eaf3366e5c74341ba5e3a96813afd0639746cSeth Fowler — Bug 1148684 - Compact SourceBuffer even if it contains only one chunk. r=tn, a=sledru
d3e9b16fc53f07ebbf6248e29366a6bd2714c54dJed Davis — Bug 1146116 - Clone File objects passed to mozSetFileArray into receiver's global. r=sicking, a=sledru
a9d533ac9ff4a642e922284097d9dea9514a9963Deepak Koli — Bug 1039540 - In-content preferences: Disable the sorting of rows of sub-dialogs when right clicking. r=MattN, a=sledru
94de32e773b8073698e979bacd26c21990da66b7Alessio Placitelli — Bug 1137481 - Adjust the Heartbeat UI and add a Learn More link. r=MattN, a=sledru
bfe014dd05efc9d9c4f6a717881de4a59ef0924bAlessio Placitelli — Bug 1138323 - Use https instead of http in Heartbeat's browser.selfsupport.url. r=ttaubert, a=sledru
67259acf0c1e4ea91b9d8fae67d135347152baaaMatt Woodrow — Bug 1138260 - Add typed Microseconds class and use it for the range removal algorithm. r=jya, r=kinetik, a=sledru
0fce0415d8b4e72060d351af6e4be96fd8d31c51Hector Zhao — Bug 1146869 - Make AM_PATH_{NSPR,NSS} compatible with input version in the form of major.minor. r=glandium, a=NPOTB
e65f5a19d0e4cef132a3bb65bfcb70ddfd9ae384Philip Chee — Bug 1142997 - Cannot Print from Composer and other <editor> elements r=mossop a=sylvestre
c481e8a84a6c1cd2cbb23f44cc29ef08ee19a8a0Chris Pearce — Bug 1146201 - Use message manager instead of observer service in GMPWrapper. r=markh a=sylvestre
7a04aad0ab5dafb8e517f9d3f1dfbd8e99868cc3Chris Pearce — Bug 1146201 - Remove "we can't play EME because..." notifications when we successfully play EME. r=gijs a=sylvestre
9383010b69fe0087677f4e8835c865fd4a69a242Chris Pearce — Bug 1146201 - Initiate check for GMP updates when JS requests CDM and we haven't installed it yet. r=spohl a=sylvestre
b7e7470e83b313c0d3784830654ebcc5a78e3fceChris Pearce — Bug 1146201 - Delay navigator.requestMediaKeySystemAccess if CDM not downloaded yet or needs update. r=jwwang,ehsan a=sylvestre
ffb13ef5ff0adb3adc8002572c85882eab32221bRyan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset 3f7826efc5de (bug 1121671) for test failures.
9c755cdc241c75d691e5f064befd942228d94a36Tim Taubert — Bug 1120748 - Ensure the progress listener created by createNetworkErrorMessagePromise() isn't GCed too early. r=felipe, a=test-only
b9d2266daf60bff103085ea01e734e8a1bff6e48Tim Taubert — Bug 1120748 - Split browser_ssl_error_reports.js into multiple tasks. r=felipe, a=test-only
cc9ac70315065f6b2a96f2a327d760b6e20f3f04Jon Coppeard — Bug 1149997 - Add v8-v5/check-raytrace.js test to expected CGC timeouts list. r=terrence, a=test-only
cf89394816b19d66f472fc63b4e00440f2963f62Neil Deakin — Bug 1150038 - Add a waitForFocus to this test. a=test-only
b228af82453b30c5fd66ab0a92c07cef9dd9444aPatrick Brosset — Bug 1137771 - Intermittent browser_animation_play_pause_button.js. r=miker, a=test-only
e98a992238e2d13b1ed0f80d0dab80d1408c85edTim Taubert — Bug 1016312 - Fix intermittent browser_fullscreen-window-open.js failures by removing arbitrary timeouts. r=jaws, a=test-only
3f7826efc5de1d854c2ce21370133b97032c01ffNeil Deakin — Bug 1121671 - See if using the TabSwitchDone event will work. a=test-only
09687ee1bf7ea6d1b5336ae15db6417d3a345764Martijn Wargers — Bug 1148405 - Intermittent Mulet test_garbage_at_end_of_declarations.html,test_value_storage.html. r=smaug, a=test-only
fdb4e8b3eedb50d4729163de7e6a3c3d742ae6a4Neil Deakin — Bug 822298 - Window isn't focused so spellchecking doesn't happen, use waitForFocus first. a=test-only
d30e64ad7e1f251e8717bd212123b219a13c7082Mark Banner — Bug 1139586 - Attempt to fix intermittent failures in Loop's Marionette unit tests by extending the timeout. r=mikedeboer, a=test-only
231768361c8bcec5648c5f6ef69c5670e8515792L. David Baron — Bug 1123979 - Annotate known intermittent assertion on crashtest. a=test-only
85c87a6f453f18e36502210dde6966f0fe9c5cc2Ryan VanderMeulen — Bug 1026815 - Disable test_bug565388.xul on Linux and OSX for frequent failures. a=test-only
108255910fbffa525e4d337cc85fc36f730bc5cbRandell Jesup — Bug 1147857 - Followup patch to continue BuildStats cleanup. r=jib, a=lmandel
2c5d97fcb993b292c64b6f20ca84f93121e7be3aRandell Jesup — Bug 1147857 - Be careful about WebRTC stats query creation. r=jib, a=lmandel
d7bbef9132a428c5cf31d98f4567d4bc5e39c308Patrick McManus — Bug 1148328 - Disable alt-svc. r=dveditz, a=lmandel
c4e7a4be6f6345cbe36467425c5189c5e731c2c8Bas Schouten — Bug 1149864 - Do not attempt to create any D3D11 device when safemode is turned on. r=jrmuizel, a=sledru
cf2036567077747b1d19275ef4eab41a0dc6f3c8Milan Sreckovic — Bug 1149761 - Don't MOZ_CRASH if WARP fails. r=bas, a=lmandel
25d2e5abebecd662b3d34d0e7e28c08392561c18Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 1137716 - Fix driver version typo. a=lmandel
f546eff14959de4422d168272c8d367d54d3cfb0Sebastian Kaspari — Bug 1143280 - SearchBar: Suppress deprecation warnings in constructor to allow building with API level 22. r=rnewman, a=sylvestre
14eb337e419aa01daa703baed9050f5b13b35eabSebastian Kaspari — Bug 1143280 - DateTimePicker: Replace deprecated DateFormat constants with local constants. r=rnewman, a=sylvestre
27f61020a9e4b29d75576206c5a1ed4107e6ba17Nick Alexander — Bug 1140813 - Schedule periodic Reading List syncs. r=rnewman, a=readinglist
dff4ad2686670e9db8f222a53231011270200cc9Nick Alexander — Bug 1140812 - React to Backoff and Retry-After headers from Reading List storage servers. r=rnewman, a=readinglist
ec6516ecdd71698cdfb57b297fb62dd8be1f5ccaNick Alexander — Bug 1148029 - Disable Reading List sync when using custom endpoints. r=rnewman, a=readinglist
c5baf4b4a350acc0893ec4f2a729ae00c036d9c0Richard Newman — Bug 1147473 - Follow-up: move ReadingListConstants to avoid build flag pain., a=readinglist
32b6b2c4a69eb3f71894ecfb7aa2bed853843b36Nick Alexander — Bug 1148504 - Protect Firefox Account state with a critical section. r=rnewman, a=readinglist
0aedf96a7cdc06cc788e47407259cbf008ee344dNick Alexander — Bug 1142596 - Use cached FxA OAuth tokens in Reading List sync. r=rnewman, a=readinglist
ac9b83aca21f3686f7dd95be2ab89d509d653fe5Nick Alexander — Bug 1147473 - Expose Firefox Account debug information from Settings activity. r=rnewman, a=readinglist
c27964aaa4c5e71c0bfdeb93fe2080fd5bad34b6Richard Newman — Bug 1148432 - Sync reading list deletions. r=nalexander, a=readinglist
f1c7c471c2d81000269ecc76e0717551295d8332Nick Alexander — Bug 1140810 - Upload material (non-status) Reading List modifications. r=rnewman, a=readinglist
daf8a9291a9bcdde85dd7ba589c1690c49d2f400Ed Lee — Bug 1148862 - Update pref to the new v3 endpoint [r=adw, a=sylvestre]
98144ed917cb8244da64a7faaa327c1fdd762d36Marina Samuel — Bug 1149682: Don't cache (or show) sponsored suggested links. r=adw, a=sylvestre
96e8fba7c4c41cd551845b00591b4d3fc6ab6f9cMarina Samuel — Bug 1149680: Send the Firefox channel on fetch. r=adw, a=sylvestre
311733df5675219a9192a041fb8230dec5592d3fMarina Samuel — Bug 1105360: Only enhance tiles that are under the 'enhanced' key. r=adw, a=sylvestre
da253517277077271eb8d9b53f6a90fc18f373aaEd Lee — Bug 1149021 - Suggested tile with just an image shows a thumbnail instead [r=adw, a=sylvestre]
1d9b014f0414cb0d9b54bf8b41b8e83128deb2b7Marina Samuel — Bug 1136203 - Remove thumbnail/title replacing functionality for history tiles. r=adw, a=sylvestre
5fd426f495ff0230bcace86e8d76abb81140f5dcMarina Samuel — Bug 1146146 - Maximize the number of rows of tiles by reducing the suggested explanation maximum line count to 2 instead of 3 [r=adw, a=sylvestre]
6892b485a7e005abcc611775cb30707f45f07e61Ed Lee — Bug 1146249 - Tiles on the newtab page don't wrap properly [r=adw, a=sylvestre]
4afccec73fb9515f83602e35904bb652fb009d90Ed Lee — Bug 1140496 - Only show a suggested tile url for some number of times or until clicked [r=adw, a=sylvestre]
60f350a6b8b886a46a2827a48e6f8c7fe185a446Marina Samuel — Bug 1136208 - Change all references of 'related' to 'suggested' r=adw, a=sylvestre
745269d59b33f9df2798f31530e0a4393b294b52Marina Samuel — Bug 1143745 - Update the way Firefox reads directoryLinks.json sent from the server for the tiles v3 endpoint. r=adw, a=sylvestre
65f2aa5f2dd736116ed4b3408417b9f81f7c9248Marina Samuel — Bug 1143797 - Allow clicking on suggested explanation text to see overlay explaining the suggested tile. r=adw, a=sylvestre
56763fc69140552ab810342889a122691bd4a328Marina Samuel — Bug 1145410: Return valid results when querying the provider cache while it's empty or being populated. r=adw, a=sylvestre
db2b585009340185edd1286b6c656483b08cbb9cMarina Samuel — Bug 1126186: Allow users to turn off all tiles that aren't history tiles and update newtab cogmenu wording. r=adw, a=sylvestre
e9021ea8d7ca06c0793085a3c8db96fcd1480567Marina Samuel — Bug 1126188: Show suggested tile explanation text under a suggested tile. r=adw, a=sylvestre
1a007e477655ffecd4ccf9b8360bbc1264b7d604Marina Samuel — Bug 1126184: Part 3: Mochitest fixes for suggested tiles. r=adw, a=sylvestre
48564fb0e6633c281f62f7ff387dbaa2d0f780feMarina Samuel — Bug 1126184: Part 2: Select a single tile to show as the first unpinned tile based on a user's top sites. r=adw, a=sylvestre
869ba4681d1b7289f50a84fb7f67f4bc214862b0Marina Samuel — Bug 1126184: Part 1: Make DirectoryLinksProvider listen to PlacesProvider and update its _topSitesWithRelatedLinks cache. r=adw, a=sylvestre
83bcf11d00efa232f10d8c5fe66bdd6ea255b0efMarina Samuel — Bug 1126182: Extract related tiles data from links json and store for later selection. r=adw, a=sylvestre
48e2f76e963f126c119917551fcc86332c68a784Mark Hammond — Bug 1149859 - readermode now considers paragraphs with 100 chars acceptable instead of 200. r=margaret, a=readinglist GECKO380b1_2015040104_RELBRANCH
818e63fbfba2f66badc25c0d2337d0323e768b52Drew Willcoxon — Bug 1149105 - Fix various desktop reading list sync failures, add more logging. r=markh, a=readinglist
9104d1f928a764957d2480fd8f4140cb2026a810Drew Willcoxon — Bug 1147554 - Lazily create desktop reading list's database connection (follow-up: revert erroneous chage). r=me, a=readinglist
acc50d40464862daf61d3796252cfe3992c498a4Drew Willcoxon — Bug 1147554 - Lazily create desktop reading list's database connection. r=markh, a=readinglist
7dded32396ba66046647ad06e4dfe9f9e029f88fJared Wein — Bug 1147113 - Filter the article properties in ReaderParent.jsm instead of ReadingList.jsm. r=adw, a=readinglist
b7c329fb21606e36498a846b77b09e370ea84f8ctbirdbld — Added THUNDERBIRD_38_0b1_RELEASE THUNDERBIRD_38_0b1_BUILD1 tag(s) for changeset cb279e8b39ec. DONTBUILD CLOSED TREE a=release GECKO380b1_2015040104_RELBRANCH
cb279e8b39ec647b4f50be9803378e5a7144245atbirdbld — Automated checkin: version bump for thunderbird 38.0b1 release. DONTBUILD CLOSED TREE a=release GECKO380b1_2015040104_RELBRANCH
4e05802f6eb4930167cc5dcf22cb1ef60e187d42Mark Hammond — Bug 1149023 - fix errors deleting an already synced readinglist item. r=adw, a=readinglist
6604edc0f5da0f6a9ffb8b6c4dfe57861fcc1f8aRyan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset 0fa80dee3113 (bug 1126639) because tests are green without it. a=test-only
c71114667500cba5e3abc08bee8fb278bcc50fb9Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset b4b774124dee (bug 1105803) because tests are green without it. a=test-only
104b4d83088d6ca279e6ad98b0db0460caf52c0dffxbld — Added FIREFOX_38_0b1_RELEASE FIREFOX_38_0b1_BUILD1 tag(s) for changeset 604367e1fa5e. DONTBUILD CLOSED TREE a=release GECKO380b1_2015033018_RELBRANCH
604367e1fa5e39086c051ec59fac361d646ab294ffxbld — Automated checkin: version bump for firefox 38.0b1 release. DONTBUILD CLOSED TREE a=release GECKO380b1_2015033018_RELBRANCH
bf756e4fd2d32cefee7888115fe0e7a6bb676e71ffxbld — Added FENNEC_38_0b1_RELEASE FENNEC_38_0b1_BUILD1 tag(s) for changeset aa6c2b97bf23. DONTBUILD CLOSED TREE a=release MOBILE380b1_2015033018_RELBRANCH
aa6c2b97bf23e514bd986605138992b30e1d8c1effxbld — Automated checkin: version bump for fennec 38.0b1 release. DONTBUILD CLOSED TREE a=release MOBILE380b1_2015033018_RELBRANCH
0a67b8adbc52eb22907e1b0e7dfd5fd553a46722Bas Schouten — Bug 1147728 - When using WARP, don't try to create a synchronization texture. This will fail on Windows 7. r=jrmuizel, a=sledru
5ab526e88a5b21309e1acb581219e4778c8b345eRyan VanderMeulen — Bug 1135315 - Re-enable webide tests on OSX debug. a=test-only
b4b774124deed0fc91f6b5cc8ee7349320643d1bRyan VanderMeulen — Bug 1105803 - Disable the Storage Inspector tests for permafailing on release builds. a=test-only
0fa80dee3113bfe1e4250daa897c3f148535f0f7Ryan VanderMeulen — Bug 1126639 - Disable browser_responsiveruleview.js for permafailing. a=test-only
9c266e3362e3c64e0753a093496e6c13d77d0391James Graham — Bug 1066621 - Update web-platform-tests expected data. a=test-only
4df54044d9ef3c47c6d366f14b0049317d98c201ffxbld — Update configs. IGNORE BROKEN CHANGESETS CLOSED TREE NO BUG a=release ba=release
c9a9a78b13a674823ae175c718fa57bef29994d4ffxbld — No bug - Tagging mozilla-beta b41c57eefd69 with FIREFOX_BETA_37_END a=release DONTBUILD CLOSED TREE
ca6093d7fdaf00ccad0b0a4f8e20c7771773d4edffxbld — Preserve old tags after debugsetparents. CLOSED TREE DONTBUILD a=release
f6e25d0e9d2217d998c1068cefa764b7d3d70a62ffxbld — Merge old head via |hg debugsetparents d92bf011e305 b41c57eefd69|. CLOSED TREE DONTBUILD a=release
d92bf011e305a4a4ad6bb98192a53b86bd64b813ffxbld — No bug - Tagging mozilla-aurora 8bc9656cad94 with FIREFOX_BETA_38_BASE a=release DONTBUILD CLOSED TREE FIREFOX_AURORA_38_END
8bc9656cad94db48cd44f3947f1b3b1d8c57768aDavid Rajchenbach-Teller — Bug 1087110 - Don't update experiments manifests if no experiment is running. r=gfritzsche, a=sledru FIREFOX_BETA_38_BASE
5a3897ebc3d69a66e599c5f99af105fa358aa206Jonathan Kew — Bug 1114329 - Reftests for floats within blocks of varying width and directionality. r=smontagu, a=test-only
16337cb1002a37cc3220eed2ad8bed6c4d8d987fSimon Montagu — Bug 1143218 - Part 3: A better fix for bug 1105137 using line-left and line-right to place floats. r=jfkthame, a=sledru
9d500d926e218825a3b42dbdfd882e0e4c448889Simon Montagu — Bug 1143218 - Part 2: Add LineLeft and LineRight accessors to LogicalRect. r=jfkthame, a=sledru
d9e8b56ea59381f8ce983bd8fde5adafff62be68Simon Montagu — Bug 1143218 - Part 1: Back out the fix for bug 1105137. r=jfkthame, a=sledru
04038d160c05b03c727c8d3a448d3c9e9a9af446Sylvestre Ledru — Bug 1149078 - Missing UUID dump. r=mconley, a=sledru
615a00a095521ada40fc19ed92986c2cb8a6ce70Marco Bonardo — Bug 1144571 - Pasting multiple bookmarks should retain their order. r=ttaubert, a=sledru
7049015f9ce37e4957231fbc33f3651baf734efbBobby Holley — Bug 1147215 - Add a helper to get the current window with a null check. r=smaug, a=sledru
d7ec6454a5c947026b16a88300d14786aeebe3b5atlanto — Bug 1137615 - Some icons are not displayed in the bookmarks sidebar. r=seth, a=sledru
36249d8296a49d39e488fd288d0561b9aef87b50Richard Newman — Bug 1147992 - Be paranoid when reading strings from intents, yet again. r=mfinkle, a=sledru
154f30b91df382a4deca636c9ff3dbee34e88fe4Jared Wein — Bug 1146907 - Dismissing the unblock related dialog window unblocks the download. r=paolo, a=sledru
8333cdfb08e80d69fdd70f2da5931473e07a4262Jean-Yves Avenard — Bug 1128332 - Part 4: Update webref results. r=karlt, a=sledru
030201a8f8ed02688e76cac652bf7f938e76929fJean-Yves Avenard — Bug 1128332 - Part 3: Re-attempt to decode from last failed position. r=mattwoodrow, a=sledru
a3ddca520a581a2d9267f417320d798e3b30ca5aJean-Yves Avenard — Bug 1128332 - Part 2: Don't consider decoding error as fatal. r=mattwoodrow, a=sledru
804fbc03972515ff4d5977cc616e98469e4eab11Jean-Yves Avenard — Bug 1128332 - Part 1: Add useful informations to logging. r=mattwoodrow, a=sledru
448587b993b41dc4c0609d4dfea66d91e57e47d0James Graham — Bug 1124091 - Try to make the CSP tests a bit more stable. r=Ms2ger, a=test-only
41be09fe77e0268ce047337453fa84c8cdc4e839Jan de Mooij — Bug 1144366 - Switch SpiderMonkey and XPConnect style from |T *t| to |T* t|. r=jorendorff, a=sledru
177744c2bea9ec8a3ca11cb9bd7e48a41f713e79Jean-Yves Avenard — Bug 1146222: use nsAutoCString to store mimetype string. r=karlt a=sledru
a16d6cee20ca008a49468b8e57f0f6fe8745db22Jean-Yves Avenard — Bug 1143514: Update mochitest. r=cajbir a=sledru
72140ae7649f4e25bc56a2620612ad285c75ba34Jean-Yves Avenard — Bug 1143514: Part2. Update webref results. r=karlt a=sledru
90712a460818d280515f4aec298d4f85898096d1Jean-Yves Avenard — Bug 1143514: Part1. Only add sourcebuffer to ActiveSourceBuffers once active. r=cajbir a=sledru
19a74d3f65add9e953bac4957fe09d6ecb8ac47eJean-Yves Avenard — Backed out changeset 55d8ab6f1700 a=test-only
8a31fbd7a448f3d30ae22e056322ac0d264d0729Mark Banner — Bug 1147375 - Don't fall over if roomName isn't supplied, let users continue to use Loop. r=mikedeboer,a=sledru
9e57e977657115757e070b15beb822db3e38f3f4Chris Pearce — Bug 1147730 part 2 - Validate input rather than not-yet-set data field in MediaKeySession::SetSessionId. r=jw_wang a=sledru
6293b0a6e99e76595cff37555cb6ce94361cb18bChris Double — Bug 1148092 - Telemetry for EME playback success/failure - r=cpearce,bsmedberg a=sledru
2ca36c0b7ccd82c236f9f37818f9caccbcb4af86Edwin Flores — Bug 1148699 - Fix race in CDM Session IDs - r=cpearce a=sledru
9f91e5c4b887e11f93fcdea6adf31fdf0199c2a6Daniel Holbert — Bug 1135541: Annotate new method "IsStillValid" in EME code as 'override'. rs=ehsan a=sledru
10e091b42c5256bbad324bc8c2c09ed964a2f97bGerald Squelart — Bug 1135541 - Make crash reporting work for EME CDMs - r=cpearce a=sledru
7ce924fcb7a63fd8d5bed3db86a832b03f827f19Edwin Flores — Bug 1147689 - Fix static analysis bustage - r=bustage a=sledru
255a5791fab3883f4f4c2282b4f425c4e8dfc3a7Edwin Flores — Bug 1147689 - Preserve compatibility with eme-decrypt-v6 - r=cpearce a=sledru
4ff57be7b888a9ee5f03d2a43711a488089c5166Edwin Flores — Bug 1147689 - Increment eme-decrypt API version to v7 - r=cpearce a=sledru
730f3ecb847b71cd20061fa2fd13cf0a7a15cc16Edwin Flores — Bug 1147689 - Pass the session ID(s) of an encrypted frame into EME CDMs - r=cpearce a=sledru
7d33ef433d9e23b6f4770e9ac8bc723004033671Byron Campen [:bwc] — Bug 1147400: Do not check mid in answer if not present. r=drno a=sylvestre
5bff0c3c1c6e888b334669ea0a84ee3b15b053f8Byron Campen [:bwc] — Bug 1144432 - Part 4: Unbust signaling_unittests r=mt a=sylvestre
c8c05d6d97236ed84dcb85f6986cbfa074e83d04Byron Campen [:bwc] — Bug 1144432 - Part 3: Disable unused m-sections in answer, and fix a null ptr bug. r=mt a=sylvestre
c8adf5fc55649111bf2ad116ccf5b15d6e0a1537Byron Campen [:bwc] — Bug 1144432 - Part 2: Allow mid to change in renegotiation, check that mid doesn't change in answer, and disable some checking when the m-section was previously disabled. r=mt a=sylvestre
21ee0f42cf6eba78946d18e0f8a53da867b0597fByron Campen [:bwc] — Bug 1144432 - Part 1: Test-case r=mt a=sylvestre
27402eebc291f38293a0f0212cba738683b8a76dByron Campen [:bwc] — Bug 1133866: Some refactoring and simplification in JsepSessionImpl. r=mt a=sylvestre
bce8a0df6baf35eb7b0b69a1f04585ba549ffbeaMike de Boer — Bug 1146938: enable Loop screensharing based on a pref. r=Standard8, a=Sylvestre
0c64436fdc7936d74ef326be2fc1ea3a4b694f10Mark Hammond — Bug 1148724 - reading list scheduler gets a back-off strategy on errors. r=adw, a=readinglist
4de05bfedb9c28375ceb9ecbdfdb3663cfde1115ffxbld — No bug, Automated blocklist update from host bld-linux64-spot-106 - a=blocklist-update
5e59d38dbe67dae42697e2afec9d8f4e21632ccbffxbld — No bug, Automated HPKP preload list update from host bld-linux64-spot-106 - a=hpkp-update
96f7a1e1d391c4c8c38131116bad12421a3d467cffxbld — No bug, Automated HSTS preload list update from host bld-linux64-spot-106 - a=hsts-update
42c16678844c1793a60850f3f59aa07d359a23bfDrew Willcoxon — Bug 1148201 - Fix desktop reading list client use of Last-Modified, If-Unmodified-Since, If-Modified-Since headers. r=rnewman, a=readinglist
fb59ff1c6cdf250d05890566f66fbc14f33593d2David Keeler — bug 1130757 - ensure that all certificates required by PSM xpcshell tests are available r=me a=bustage
30b2115bdb18278dbdc2b1eca9cf8b06798642d9Bhargav Chippada — Bug 1130372 - Onboarding screen still showing behind externally opened url. r=mhaigh, a=sledru
85246855810995cbe53961804b7ba30f6bde286eMark Goodwin — Bug 1130757 - Tests for bug 1130757. r=dkeeler, a=sledru
03f55ec25d9a3378ea637e14a506a25ba0e4ee25Mark Goodwin — Bug 1130757 - Move OneCRL check to NSSCertDBTrustDomain::GetCertTrust. r=dkeeler, a=sledru
578c3d9bd490d88764c4d4435450c730ca30f5a5Honza Bambas — Bug 1147392 - Workaround harness orange, recreate cache entry in test test_cache2-23-read-over-chunk.js every time. r=michal, a=test-only
662d10209c462187ac53c0715419e8ca0605bf84Neil Deakin — Bug 916004 - Preload datasource to see if it prevents intermittent orange. a=test-only
effbfa0e3155cc80f4cbf8028fc8499c797ca1dbTim Taubert — Bug 1147720 - Fix intermittent waitForDocLoadAndStopIt() timeouts by keeping a strong reference to the progress listener. r=mak, a=test-only
9f3e4590ece121d9818aec5703e66966d78741b0Jordan Lund — No bug - Bump mozharness.json to revision 9c18f2f9e0c0, uplift of mshals m-c patch r=jlund a=testing
d8ffff967a4da822df2b8fe8b17c4230f6e1085fMark Hammond — Bug 1148273 - have the readinglist scheduler handle FxA error states correctly. r=rnewman, a=readinglist
989aaf7d850d8af599a29f483fc682f0ca02b06bMark Hammond — Bug 1148252 - gracefully handle an attempt to upload a new item when the server already has it. r=adw, a=readinglist
8e90e4869bb2f7d89451c60c1da798bcb9be3d91Shih-Chiang Chien — Bug 1144715 - Socket might be closed by GC before lower layer failure. r=khuey, a=test-only
d9497593e7aaf342943831f5651c78563ed581f3Jean-Yves Avenard — Bug 1145815 - Do not report discontinuities less than 35ms. r=k17e, a=lmandel
c23a289345ca2891b8b56f0d0e328088546ab2b0Steven Michaud — Bug 1147521 - Cannot type into comment area of plugin crash UI. r=smaug, a=lmandel
55d8ab6f1700a015fb7ea77bed26d3ea89b0feeaRyan VanderMeulen — Bug 1143586 - Re-annotate various mediasource-addsourcebuffer.html tests as failing on Windows. a=test-only
d3263782f2eb52340dcc549f18a2f5ef2cae5bcfMark Hammond — Bug 1148217 - catch and log local storage errors in reading-list sync engine. r=adw, a=readinglist
edfd5cf5f1fb56b5def104c1cf2fbae4fe085cf3Blair McBride — Bug 1136570 - Pre-land strings for initial set of pages in ReadingList. r=Gijs a=sylvestre l10n=Pike
cb0db44ce60e0eebe6e1682672a31674a241b4b6Jared Wein — Bug 1148098 - Enable reader mode outside of Nightly. r=margaret a=readinglist
572a200405b45407c4c2f358d65fe7309c6442dbDrew Willcoxon — Bug 1148060 - Fix test_Sync.js pre-39 failure due to defining `delete` on an object. r=jaws a=readinglist
a3e6d4e1890cbad8c82071ee2b3da0c87a061d99Margaret Leibovic — Bug 1146046 - Update testReadingListCache non-reader-able testcase. r=rnewman a=readinglist
0dd708c5b576ae51f0a427837587e4a3ba9f4eb6Mark Hammond — Bug 1146054 - browser now reports a prolonged readinglist sync error after the correct time. r=adw a=readinglist
ce90526403d8b465c1cb751727e78890233c27bcMark Hammond — Bug 1131413 (part 2) - add readinglist support to browser-syncui.js. r=adw a=readinglist
7bf115416751c9ceda69c6d8df6a149b6f9f805aMark Hammond — Bug 1131413 (part 1) - add tests for browser-syncui.js. r=adw a=readinglist
cdda1e9c607daea0717287db445484bf9593fca5Mark Hammond — Bug 1147270 followup - fix stray quote character. r=me a=readinglist
bbad6053a2592634fc78029551546f71224540dcMark Hammond — Bug 1147270 - extract Sync's device name logic so it can be used by reading list. r=rnewman a=readinglist
20d4b2b21a8f9e24f470388d61b362b6ce6bbb62Mark Hammond — Bug 1146068 (part 2) - fix log manager to automatically set log level for all logs under its control. r=adw a=readinglist
312551e075004fcf9a90aefb0c6935831dc60ee6Mark Hammond — Bug 1131410 followup - addressing review comments I missed in part1, r=adw/rnewman a=readinglist
214e71c08482583542c79e337b1967f608b494c4Mark Hammond — Bug 1131410 - Extract sync's log management so it can be reused by the reading-list back-end. r=adw a=readinglist
d93c3c3ac3221757ac2982def0fa5abea460f1a2Mark Hammond — Bug 1146068 (part 1) - fix scheduler to match readinglist sync engine implementation. r=adw a=readinglist
e700ba708c291e9b7bded685ad96faffecc1199dDrew Willcoxon — Bug 1131416 - Desktop syncing module for reading list service (sync module). r=markh a=readinglist
ee9b3d01d1c2b5f5477047545b80316d028953e4Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1146666 - fix reader mode button's dealing with history.pushState, r=margaret a=readinglist
5a005b821daee4994d7a1e895dea23066eb79feeBlake Winton — Bug 1146946 - Handle empty lists in sidebar.js when using the up/down key. r=florian a=readinglist
6e5a2a95f319e79211b143c5ef50b7a6d8458cc7Margaret Leibovic — Bug 1145259 - Add pageshow listener to check whether or not to show reader button when DOMContentLoaded doesn't fire. r=Gijs a=readinglist
2b44abf2f570c90cd58ef4ab0f8f96715a41a985Margaret Leibovic — Bug 1132674 - Show reader toolbar button on DOMContentLoaded instead of pageshow. r=Gijs a=readinglist
2bc473feb50a6327dfef164d1df2329760b4299aBlake Winton — Bug 1137556 - Make the ReadingList sidebar look like other sidebars. ui-r=mmaslaney, r=florian a=readinglist
57a010d48a4722d9b1ac815acaecd30107c380aaFlorian Quèze — Bug 1143388 - Loading an item from the readinglist shouldn't make the user leave the reader mode if it was active, r=jaws. a=readinglist
8f553b5d176835c39516d8419d2ad6a05cbf4206Mark Hammond — Bug 1146786 - make readinglist sidebar logs less noisy. r=florian a=readinglist
8e91ca6e762d08ae38500cbd6bf16213144d9d6aMark Hammond — Bug 1131416 - module for the readinglist sync engine to use to talk to the server. r=adw a=readinglist
fc08c7dc1d51b2c8e3f0012b053ad21bfd20ee69Jared Wein — Bug 1145911 - Enable reading list by default, r=florian a=readinglist
86fdca1c5b68cd1511aab701dfa99a22fbfd3a59Jared Wein — Bug 1146486 - The generic reading list thumbnail graphic is stretched too big and on white background. r=florian a=readinglist
54820487703f004e16d29fa1f935bd5faacf465aJared Wein — Bug 1146463 - Prevent reading list description text from wrapping on hover. r=florian a=readinglist
61685c383230ebb0f2f91c33a93aa608f9205b76Jared Wein — Bug 1146358 - Adding an item to reading list from reader view fails. r=adw a=readinglist
dfd7c0ccfffda4afd76c57bcf5ab5546b1895340Abhinav Koppula — Bug 1127337 - Show article favicon in the browser tab in reader mode. r=jaws a=readinglist
cb38b4973ea93df3807296d0bdee82beb1cc13f0Margaret Leibovic — No bug: update readability libs to the up-to-date github versions. rs=me+Gijs a=readinglist
54db0a4c777fc2e2f2d33229d2b2754be1dbfb29Florian Quèze — Bug 1145911 - fix leak and other test failures for reading list, r=gijs a=readinglist
4f9d6ba4a684ad19c207c3240740a4b0fde1fde3Gijs Kruitbosch — No bug: update readability libs to the up-to-date github versions to include significant perf and quality improvements, rs=me a=readinglist
79bc8606e3155585c3f61f1abe70180d48f90970Jared Wein — Bug 1145909 - Use an image instead of toolbarbutton for the reading list button. r=florian a=readinglist
b7de0775a8d922415b69c9d552daf621638e23c7Jared Wein — Bug 1140345 - Use an image instead of toolbarbutton for the reading view button. r=florian a=readinglist
7b9c0e41f86a885bd933e664c385252ae405877cDrew Willcoxon — Bug 1131416 - Desktop syncing module for reading list service (one more fix to prepatory changes). r=jaws a=readinglist
e52d11853e9825f3dd8b3465c357f96046ec6a29Drew Willcoxon — Bug 1131416 - Desktop syncing module for reading list service (fixes to prepatory changes). rs=jaws a=readinglist
54e9be44f35c5e041a91f64912b43a73c90c7363Jared Wein — Bug 1133485 - [ReadingList] Open the Reading List sidebar when the button in the location bar is used to add the current page to Reading List. r=markh a=readinglist
7d452f002a02cbb1dc4682166a6a3a1d459cc31cJared Wein — Bug 1123518 - Follow-up, use background-size:cover for the reading list images. r=me a=readinglist
599e67dd8b26a24d1e59a8b50e999d4e40ff0059Drew Willcoxon — Bug 1131416 - Desktop syncing module for reading list service (test fix). r=me a=readinglist
de26a56440142abcdf236a886a3031ae3c24710fDrew Willcoxon — Bug 1131416 - Desktop syncing module for reading list service (prepatory changes). r=markh a=readinglist
2dbde197a04e343d806d345ed81da18c031533e6Florian Quèze — Bug 1144823 - reading list sidebar should be sorted by most recently added, r=markh. a=readinglist
4c492ecaf5e7d2b5a4f4aeb73b1119aa612d7d73Florian Quèze — Bug 1144380 - active state on reading list sidebar persists after switching tabs, r=markh. a=readinglist
b0e7f69c3590c883b733d0c6a0d4acd6dcfcd380Jared Wein — Bug 1123518 - [ReadingList] Display article preview image in the Reading List sidebar. r=florian a=readinglist
395fa1ecf377e8f736312f2d1961094e58534632Mark Hammond — Bug 1131414 (part 2) - add the reading-list engine to Sync prefs. r=adw a=readinglist
bf356118c79edd721906d013977d475bb6d01a5bMark Hammond — Bug 1131414 (part 1) - add a pref to indicate if sync is disabled in its entirety. r=rnewman a=readinglist
28912ec5344f23094e927e370d4504c362ab23f2Margaret Leibovic — Bug 1143844 - Update readerModeArticle.html test case to have more paragraphs. r=Gijs a=readinglist
6f97fe51dff7a52045be7c7b33960ac0c31ee4a5Margaret Leibovic — Bug 1143844 - Check document for readerable content to determine whether or not to show reader button. r=Gijs a=readinglist
7ed35febcb504b460ceed21b8e4aaa565150a9e3Jared Wein — Bug 1133429 - [ReadingList] Store image URL in the ReadingList sqlite database. r=markh, a=KWierso. a=readinglist
73a88d5a05d3ced5caf3b51c85773defe86eacc1Florian Quèze — Bug 1145372 - The add to reading list url bar button is larger than the other url bar buttons, r=markh. a=readinglist
70a942a84ad58abe0963b800c186deb5a7fe8f6cFlorian Quèze — Bug 1144680 - The Reading List URLbar button should handle about:reader urls and filter out other non-http(s) urls, r=markh. a=readinglist
69c5f5536e10e7119f277e93e27695eba3107ed0Florian Quèze — Bug 1144675 - The Reading List button from the Location Bar should have a distinct icon for pages currently in the list, r=markh. a=readinglist
4510e7024404394e75fcbe4074245bca73dc859eFlorian Quèze — Bug 1144377 - hover state on reading list sidebar items remains after the mouse leaves the list, r=jaws. a=readinglist
e967dc8f6f3e96f27e38d5e7980783ac92d36dcfJustin Dolske — Bug 1133662 - [ReadingList] Show something useful in the sidebar when the Reading List is empty. r=florian a=readinglist
57a7834350dd4d46c62fbf85d7ebdde70115d788Florian Quèze — Bug 1144382 - title text in reading list sidebar item wraps poorly, leaving partial text visible, r=jaws. a=readinglist
3e0c6d66b371d3ec541d8159d2e71360870b0911Florian Quèze — Bug 1123525 - [ReadingList] Allow deleting items via the Reading List sidebar, r=jaws. a=readinglist
090a386f48d55cfd5c9ebd868013854bb2905aa6Jesse Ruderman — Bug 1144351 - Add newline at the end of 'JSDOMParser error' messages. r=mfinkle a=readinglist
8492c9dae13c3f5ab25ea54b052393adafa6a8caGijs Kruitbosch — No bug, update Readability.js to the version in github, rs=margaret,me per discussion earlier today a=readinglist
b7c0318cd5b0ac571011aca8e6dfa1ad2298a52aMargaret Leibovic — Bug 1139678 - (Part 3) Don't try interacting with the window in AboutReader if it has been unloaded. r=Gijs a=readinglist
ead131a382fe5b74190dce9a0fca78c88563d192Margaret Leibovic — Bug 1139678 - (Part 2) Update non-reader-able test URL in browser_readerMode.js. r=Gijs a=readinglist
afede426f944bd4961a49ad09750f4fbca69a343Margaret Leibovic — Bug 1139678 - Don't do reader parse until user clicks on reader button. r=bnicholson a=readinglist
b2227f72c242b9625d07610554909eecb968b07cBlair McBride — Bug 1131457 - Add a button to the URLBar that allows adding the current page to the Reading List. r=markh/adw a=readinglist
1155419379269a1a638c772e92421aafd84bbeadBlair McBride — Bug 1131911 - Extract page metadata extraction from Social.jsm to its own JSM. r=mixedpuppy a=readinglist
f2e7171388b1c3ba174393506f56001926d81de7Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 1143508 (part 2) - Optimize pair returning from makeNodeElement() in JSDOMParser. r=bnicholson. a=readinglist
3af32770b0f3628c0a4e17ae4518bb2a34b7dd31Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 1143508 (part 1) - Optimize tag name scanning in JSDOMParser. r=bnicholson. a=readinglist
a7946db30b62636c1c893a22d6b9c831893199dbMark Hammond — Bug 1143970 - clicking on an item in the reading list sidebar now opens the item. r=gavin a=readinglist
c8f5fabac3693dca7d0f8bf5a4855cd333bf05bcFlorian Quèze — Bug 1142217 - Make the '+-' button in reader view work. r=markh a=readinglist
47992ba93d42af911f841011c7306c8763e8d9e0Margaret Leibovic — Bug 998031 - Reader Mode toolbar should scroll in and out instead of fading. r=bnicholson a=readinglist
62207e715de5efdfe038b4dafec9aa9f612e74bfMargaret Leibovic — Bug 1141757 - Catch exceptions thrown in ReaderWorker. r=Yoric a=readinglist
82be87b08032f3d4512813b25077e9998081c0e7Drew Willcoxon — Bug 1140389 - Fix test_SQLiteStore.js and test_ReadingList.js failures on Windows due to NS_ERROR_FILE_IS_LOCKED. r=Unfocused a=readinglist
b18bdcfaba790d7f8261306bcf9d16fb97411a5cMark Hammond — Bug 1141505 - avoid array.includes in xpcshell test. r=adw a=readinglist
569f5001706570cc73b0aba67d05092175ecc552Margaret Leibovic — Bug 1141618 - Disable reader worker logging by default. r=Mossop a=readinglist
bf9ea14440703f1d1560f4398d7ee0c95b358845Margaret Leibovic — Bug 1140172 - Use a single reader worker instead of spawning infinite workers. r=bnicholson f=Yoric a=readinglist
1b23ce8302cda994023c58841a7eb53a275ea28aDrew Willcoxon Bug 1131362 - Update Readinglist.jsm consumers to use new API. r=Unfocused a=readinglist
ef56ce2db9302160775ac3f87472b4ca24919916Drew Willcoxon Bug 1131362 - Create a reading list SQLite database and JSM to provide access to it. r=markh,Unfocused a=readinglist
6d3dc7ed4b28fa7fb95e48634cf3fa89b69f74e2Mark Hammond — Bug 1131412 - implement a scheduler for the readinglist. r=adw a=readinglist
581298c4704e72b8f9b6b5da9bdcb2bfa2ab8e07Matt Hammerly — Bug 1124271 - Entering reader mode from an app tab shouldn't open a new tab. r=jaws a=readinglist
a024d69753b4791f534be8d182dcf8b100c80504Boris Kudryavtsev — Bug 1135364 - Close <meta> tag in aboutReader.html. r=bnicholson a=readinglist
558460c05b39f1efce7a0a14b3fc0baeb52667f0Jean-Yves Avenard — Bug 1142433 - Part 2: Update webref. r=karlt, a=sledru
07e8fa9ef9e7790f3f78b114290dcf36ccaed8c4Jean-Yves Avenard — Bug 1142433 - Properly scale duration found in movie extend header box. r=k17e, a=sledru
ea7b4e8ae62903ec2e69bd2b2608bade4d475e27Jean-Yves Avenard — Bug 1143586 - Part 2: Update webref results. r=karlt, a=sledru
13857368ae361e449ae3f821fbc3a83bbfb643e5Jean-Yves Avenard — Bug 1143586 - Part 1: Be more relaxed when parsing h264 codecs' levels. r=cpearce, a=sledru
0b3872e186f002ed51797a6677e54becc4a34569Bob Owen — Bug 1147446 - Chromium patch to fix memory leak in Windows sandbox r=aklotz
6915683642e60c6615bc91be0f77228cd3893830Shih-Chiang Chien — Bug 1061174 - Part 2: Remove flaky timeout in test_udpsocket.html. r=khuey, a=sledru
f8e35395b00f903fedc725a553adc0395339800bShih-Chiang Chien — Bug 1061174 - Part 1: Fix updsocket leak. r=khuey, a=sledru
5ac36d22cce10f7c8f6f0d4a3cf59c278f1a4e6dMasayuki Nakano — Bug 1140832 - Don't call gtk_im_context_reset() during "delete_surrounding" notification. r=m_kato, a=sledru
e9ab25405ce1c683187815068fc557a4d119ed0fAllison Naaktgeboren — Bug 1128431 - 'Start browsing' link from onboarding v1.5 is not visible on small screen devices. r=liuche, a=sledru
3324c2c1deede495335c79c032a479465fd08fdaMatthew Noorenberghe — Bug 1120860 - Measure whether an <input type=password> is associated with a <form> in BindToTree. r=smaug, a=sledru
3b636a032b240597871b2b09be0c3d89c8ae42cfMike de Boer — Bug 1135095 - Add telemetry for window and tab sharing triggers in Loop. r=Standard8, r=vladan, a=Sylvestre
30fe8b0a6e06b3567ab63a1d0c163446b6b96161Seth Fowler — Bug 1019840 - Use cached intrinsic size in nsImageFrame::ComputeSize unless the image loader has a size. r=tn, a=sledru
813378228975c4d04793108a8cd20221eb924692Seth Fowler — Bug 1141376 - Do not call OnSizeAvailable in nsImageFrame::Init. r=tn, a=sledru
3a5799a7a8dbd9091800b733ae2f05e56cd7acf6Ryan VanderMeulen — Bug 1037287 - Skip test_abort.html on Android and B2G due to intermittent failures. a=test-only
0b7762fb7639cd652cd3e175710a99eee763a725Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset 52d27124efe7 (bug 1143971) because it turns out the test still fails on Windows after all.
586471431570b24a9e2624375e171587293a9c50Bobby Holley — Bug 1135170 - Mark previously-failing WPT as passing. r=karlt a=testonly,bustage
28f5144c5bd99a4ac6a36065f6d97928e9ee2426Jordan Lund — Bug 1146855 - Add cygwin dlls to manifest for minidump_stackwalk - DONTBUILD r=ted, a=testing
bc0f9cfd283176c0d6920237f4a50f23a0be6054Stephen Pohl — Bug 1146565 - Ensure proper CDM install state when the media.eme.enabled pref is toggled when Firefox isn't running. r=mossop, a=sledru
bb43518a73575a6b8f4f912bcef863dc051afa0aOlli Pettay — Bug 1140804 - Make sure to close WebSocket channel even in workers. r=khuey, a=abillings
b1f71aee0779528abaaf4e64a8161fb99fddb2eeDavid Keeler — Bug 1138716 - Update PSM data structures that depend on root CA changes. r=mmc, a=sledru
dc7fb3eb4475eb0f1fc31200645cfc940790b350Chenxia Liu — Bug 1124465 - Add telemetry probe for usage of the password capture dialog. r=MattN, a=sledru
31935020c81162e22da5e1522c6e5094c75357e0L. David Baron — Bug 1090555 - Fix visited link test in test_animations_omta.html to wait for visited link coloring properly. r=birtles, a=test-only
dc9d4978fb45fdfb72fb93dcfce877e9cae0183cJames Graham — Bug 1092458 - Disable drawFocusIfNeeded tests for instability on Windows. r=RyanVM, a=test-only
9b7464221b8ace296ce545aeb36fc9a2a8eb6cdeRyan VanderMeulen — Bug 1146061 - Skip test_peerConnection_basicH264Video.html on Windows. a=test-only
1915368f79fe9f1bc8b1dec80211adca29da324fRandell Jesup — Bug 988698: Ensure threads can't be started during nsThreadManager::Shutdown() r=nfroyd a=abillings
52d27124efe7df8c3f39aa9526847552648b2b30Jean-Yves Avenard — Bug 1143971: Part2. Re-enable mediasource-duration.html tests. r=karlt a=testonly
00cbbfb866280ba4225c7f4807ddbb9bd175865bJean-Yves Avenard — Bug 1144617: Part2. Allow seek to end of mediasource.duration. r=mattwoodrow a=sledru
efd5a0a9cf830eaa0b8a2715d2b0584f0d2338b9Jean-Yves Avenard — Bug 1144617: Part1. Add MediaResource::IsLiveStream() API. r=cpearce a=sledru
c29c4393b55e101a513be112bcc6480845601cd0Jean-Yves Avenard — Bug 1143971: Part1. Come out of waiting mode when mediasource is ended. r=mattwoodrow a=sledru
dcc5ad62d9b263302e4ca9205b87f1ad2e6f60d3Jean-Yves Avenard — Bug 1141333: Mark reader has ended when EndOfStream explicit. r=mattwoodrow a=sledru
d543a39ac7b26a2846c21cf7353c162f5900c6ecJean-Yves Avenard — Bug 1128397: Work around EOS detection in MSE. r=mattwoodrow a=sledru
4170308932f6bd25fb4a0e64100cb0a8e58d743dJean-Yves Avenard — Bug 1144980: Don't fire timeupdate event immediately after seeking event. r=karlt a=sledru
2e4d058161b21efe212d11b0075a955e7b2ad6b4Jean-Yves Avenard — Bug 1144509: Part2. Update webref tests. r=karlt a=testonly
f80361d0ef392f60f9752fd95999043e080b9edfJean-Yves Avenard — Bug 1144509: Part1. Fire timeupdate before seeked event as per spec. r=karlt a=sledru
d496848bee5f96e4dca5a422f77ab04e0222de26Chris Double — Bug 1127646 - Report MSE Join Latency and MTBR in telemetry - r=cpearce,bsmedberg a=sledru
1fd8ef835f7196ecbf80b451e91ab6c11e409f38Jon Coppeard — Bug 1144738 - Check for invalidated script when updating SetPropertyIC cache r=jandem a=sylvestre
0f67ff87b8ea5b984fafd79cf71ee3bf84f96fa8Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 1145631 - Part 6: Remove MOZ_OVERRIDE and MOZ_FINAL; r=froydnj a=sledru
5f2da0467e960fc1d0813660dff7a4631087b86aEhsan Akhgari — Bug 1145631 - Part 5: Replace MOZ_FINAL with final in the AccEventGen codegen; r=froydnj
b81a700d1cf95c764ffa7997862a7e8b0121ca0fEhsan Akhgari — Bug 1145631 - Part 4: Replace MOZ_FINAL with final in the IPDL codegen; r=froydnj
2f1e4ecb55d8435bbe281bbfff1ad48d732f2cfdEhsan Akhgari — Bug 1145631 - Part 3: Replace MOZ_OVERRIDE with override in the XPIDL codegen; r=froydnj
15d231833bde9ef733c3654a7d3922c223f35d92Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 1145631 - Part 2: Replace MOZ_OVERRIDE and MOZ_FINAL with override and final in the WebIDL codegen; r=froydnj
a20c7910a82fa2df2f3398c1108d102bac9128b0Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 1145631 - Part 1: Replace MOZ_OVERRIDE and MOZ_FINAL with override and final in the tree; r=froydnj
4b6ecbc0b798919459c2ecf8cd2b2b88ca5d05e1Tim Taubert — Bug 1042561 - Autocomplete: Typed text in red despite results/matches found if suggestions change by last input r=mak a=sylvestre
4abc71a31d019b37941002584f8ba9b47be7e802Jonathan Kew — Bug 1141676 - Fix the sizing of synthetic sub-/superscript glyphs. r=jdaggett, a=lmandel
3e63e6edecbbd51329d3b77416225ac946361609Jean-Yves Avenard — Bug 1143987: Use SharedDecoderManager with EME PDM. r=cpearce,a=sledru
c906b0dbfe3735bd10db05454326858852a1d574Edwin Flores — Bug 1145405 - Add shutdown checks to main thread dispatches in ClearKey CDM - r=cpearce,a=sledru
530e2db7672d4f908d9adbd08ecfafcaa29048c5Chris Pearce — Bug 1138777 - Don't do sync dispatch in gmp-clearkey AudioDecoder. r=edwin,a=lmandel
2cca98bb90d56582757416b8ccd64e5dc5217333Sotaro Ikeda — Bug 1142527 - Always call ReleaseMediaResources() when entering dormant. r=cpearce, a=sledru
9a8251ea2aa3384a8d2bbf25f240f977d69a7314Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 1146883 - Null check the node passed to GetGoodSelPointForNode. r=smaug, a=lmandel
22f0b83707a4cc21739fd9f30022dd06440ebad5Matt Woodrow — Bug 1145585 - Hold a ref to the right texture. r=jmuizelaar, a=lmandel
9a4c9dc2496104a50057f1f446b0198c88e78436Michael Comella — Bug 1145897 - Check if accounts exist before returning client count in ActivityChooserModel. r=rnewman a=sylvestre
7e03a2d215652d17b6d046c65da74621a03bcb94Michael Comella — Bug 1145892 - Add null check in ShareDialog.handleSendTabUIEvent. r=rnewman a=sylvestre
fbf1c776fa91ad4a28a246d895f8f6b9160f0ed2Michael Comella — Bug 1143759 - Change scaleType of quick share action bar to centerInside. r=liuche a=sylvestre
538f346c00b60a68b5d5fd8f66b7f0a74ad06620Michael Comella — Bug 1122302 - Fix bustage: Work around removed variable after rebase. r=me a=sylvestre
87465191828f2dd96e9bfadb78f2d04426e19b22Michael Comella — Bug 1122302 - Review: Address nits. r=me a=sylvestre
6c950c12a28310b5717636b15ec1decf3136a99dMichael Comella — Bug 1139230 - Enable scrolling on the share overlay. r=rnewman a=sylvestre
c4ef508b97efd87260a330def2e86fc73a4383dcMichael Comella — Bug 1122302 - Small perf improvement in ActivityChooserModel. r=rnewman a=sylvestre
c71969cda5035fd87b147dae2e730551f364eb16Michael Comella — Bug 1122302 - Pin internal actions to the top of the share menu. r=rnewman a=sylvestre
2d824556647097e7c71cef4028fca985e8fcca9cMichael Comella — Bug 1122302 - Make the device list in the share overlay always show up only for the current channel. r=rnewman a=sylvestre
69cbe91e4d9e6575eea88333a596a531238f85adMichael Comella — Bug 1122302 - Correct the size of the share plane in the quick share menu. r=rnewman a=sylvestre
0873eaffa95fdee8e3f0708bc57504a3d483db00Michael Comella — Bug 1122302 - Handle reusing the share overlay. r=rnewman a=sylvestre
f9ecb2ff1fecbf159aa2d7d1747cb5ff83588c94Michael Comella — Bug 1122302 - Add escape hatch in case clients list is empty in share overlay. r=rnewman a=sylvestre
9eee81158ae22988b34addf723e1b4e54e938e06Michael Comella — Bug 1122302 - Reload activities in ActivityChooserModel on sync. r=rnewman a=sylvestre
fcbc7d7bf56e507cc9447d0059e69562ff9f6633Michael Comella — Bug 1122302 - Don't add "Send to other devices" if there are no other devices to send to. r=rnewman a=sylvestre
4dcad21fe5d1658b5b3eee8897fc7356a621e31bMichael Comella — Bug 1122302 - Only show the device list when opening "Send to other devices" in Firefox. r=rnewman a=sylvestre
909e80e07d18c88cd1c3276b94ea79f40d985f41Michael Comella — Bug 1122302 - Change "Add to Firefox" -> "Send to other devices" when sharing inside Firefox. r=rnewman a=sylvestre
bf04f67325267df57bbf99134ff86bbcad92efe8Michael Comella — Bug 1122302 - Add share plane assets. r=rnewman a=sylvestre
d46dc75c02ae4f014a33ec308e4859c74fd1f974Steven Michaud — Bug 1137229 - Keyboard input can stop working in a window. r=smaug a=lmandel
35b6e9d50a3610957daa1895eb760e0b9afed9ceValentin Gosu — Bug 1144398 - Restrict charcters which are allowed in the URL hash (ref). r=mcmanus, a=abillings
86a6c3272b09f400d116771ca9f21feaf84b11dbJean-Yves Avenard — Bug 1145101 - Part 6: Remove the PDM::Shutdown() method. r=cpearce, a=sledru
23386c5b2c67306d837c26d4874d21c14ec76159Jean-Yves Avenard — Bug 1145101 - Part 5: Re-use the same PDM when recreating a decoder. r=mattwoodrow, a=sledru
eede1353e09f453210c18808e97e3cf7908e0a20Jean-Yves Avenard — Bug 1145101 - Part 4: Fix coding style. r=cpearce, a=sledru
c06132cbaa8d5ead98162ac8b60a89d5a202ccc0Jean-Yves Avenard — Bug 1145101 - Part 3: Ensure PDM is shutdown after decoder. r=cpearce, a=sledru
6d051b7b91b71991fbb92c60e3d30a74113d5fedJean-Yves Avenard — Bug 1145101 - Part 2: Unset VDA/VT system functions when unlinking framework. r=cpearce, a=sledru
2682ac013bcec5cdc30463cc250339c1028d82cfJean-Yves Avenard — Bug 1145101 - Part 1: Correct log entry. r=cpearce, a=sledru
d7569b6d46d41d6f29bdafa7682759a7a2a1e0e1Jared Wein — Bug 1140340 - Add Reader Mode menu item to the menu bar. r=florian, a=sledru
d174fe615e300da44958708e6363b8e551115fb6Jean-Yves Avenard — Bug 1145517 - Follow exactly ITU H.264 7.3.1. r=cpearce, a=sledru
3fcf7cee3050870e8f4d16b652f83529cf82078bJean-Yves Avenard — Bug 1145517 - Properly skip the NAL's emulation prevention byte. r=cpearce, a=sledru
c5ee2892aedd992b60680542de0461532aa43662Morris Tseng — Bug 1143139 - Cancel all timer when SelectionCarets are terminated. r=roc, a=sledru
dd8d81c94d4dd3f367d9c3891da3575d17f487a0Léon McGregor — Bug 1115925 - Added proper indication for selected tree rows in high contrast mode. r=jaws, a=sledru
03b3162f7ef94f96fda9c0aa9a6a05efd6e1896bJared Wein — Bug 1064261 - Check if the preference is locked before making the related control enabled. r=Gijs, a=sledru
98bba78bbc4f9f0db3ae10dd4082fbed0b675853Nicholas Hurley — Bug 1136484 - Fix happy eyeballs regression from bug 1003448. r=mcmanus, a=sledru
d04808ad7b1addef99b0e2c1c2424682e3d7de87Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1128175 - Add explicit <esc> handler. r=jaws, a=sledru
af6d12754ae44c8f1dc3885acbc755f449460444David Keeler — Bug 1102443 - Fix leak in key pinning logging by removing an unnecessary function call. r=cykesiopka, a=sledru
375410716149df9168cec41432ac2dcc137bf017Richard Marti — Bug 1141649 - In-content pages: Add the -moz-margin-start: 0 also to the radio on OS X. r=jaws, a=sledru
8f1b126e6981e69781a707c2de4e07e6f7b55c67Giovanny Andres Gongora — Bug 1136671 - InContent prefs - Tree sort arrows should be darker. r=jaws, a=sledru
545bf6e4e6a09f73e0645459f33d8b6d341aa124Léon McGregor Bug 1130741 - Correct the css class for the Sync TOS text size. r=jaws, a=sledru
77888254c674df91c26193d9ac8f60b00972b48fRichard Marti — Bug 1136670 - InContent Prefs - Implement alignment according to spec. r=jaws, a=sledru
7da1870a019480b7d7b9888951c7528440184ce3Michael Comella — Bug 1142196 - Match about:reader add/remove button state with the toolbar's on press. r=margaret a=sylvestre
93781202ec1b399b6ca3a894ef995f64ac3f6178Michael Comella — Bug 1142196 - Make LocalReadingListAccessor strip about:reader urls to get the base url. r=margaret a=sylvestre
e1a108384863264072dd741c0111ec14e5debd32Michael Comella — Bug 1145217 - Disable toolbar add to reading list button on about: pages. r=margaret a=sylvestre
469cca05c231f77abe6c682495b4e916a746a16aMichael Comella — Bug 1127445 - Fix inconsistencies between v11 and v14. r=margaret a=sylvestre
a8d54ccb530609a486180472970c96c2b579cda4Michael Comella — Bug 1127445 - Fix Android 2.3 issues in toolbar menu. r=margaret a=sylvestre
c8532b69607bfaa3155e98e044958d31a66f57fcMichael Comella — Bug 1127445 - Set toolbar menu reader item title based on state. r=margaret a=sylvestre
8d29f7ea81e28494363705464ad1c65da54793c5Michael Comella — Bug 1127445 - Add functionality to reading list button in the toolbar menu. r=margaret a=sylvestre
d6177ac541226134326a149c22f5b3ba53bdd162Michael Comella — Bug 1127445 - Remove vertical dividers from toolbar menu & quick share. r=margaret a=sylvestre
5501134877bf076f4dc69f3c2477fdacee87309cMichael Comella — Bug 1127445 - Add quick share bar (i.e. third row) to toolbar menu. r=margaret a=sylvestre
3319f2d57a8d3ef6324aeb57fa4a822b8b7500b9Michael Comella — Bug 1127445 - Add reading list item to menu. r=margaret a=sylvestre
637170048f0ce878387e1afc07f289ceb5fcd01dMichael Comella — Bug 1127445 - Add new reading list, share, and bookmark icons. r=margaret a=sylvestre
6f0afb5065a8b82f42b4233cea422180561bea8eAlex Verstak — Bug 1144816 - Extend timeout for referrer tests, slow shutdown on mac os x e10s. a=sledru
2dc2bdb7ff91519df907eb699c4c0f024f80aa3cAlex Verstak — Bug 1144816 - Focus the content window before popping up the context menu. a=sledru
514b921f8f3a6966f862151561e78afc1e36a4a2Christoph Kerschbaumer — Bug 1144816 - Add longer timeout to meta referrer tests. r=gijs, a=sledru
7670a26203b6f092cd651ae2c49140d379b92b00Christoph Kerschbaumer — Bug 1113431 - Tests for referrer in click, middle click, and open new link in new {tab, window}. r=gijskruitbosch, a=sledru
5aaef73ac73e2fe4ef6a584633d0b7404a3c94bbAlex Verstak — Bug 1113431 - Propagate referrer policy throughout the UI: command-click and context menu open link in new tab/window. r=gijskruitbosch, a=sledru
de0c010c81a493da75291c65f3ae83c983b1f3a7Alex Verstak — Bug 1113431 - Expose referrer policy to UI code via Document and nsIWebNavigation. r=jst, sr=bz, a=sledru
5049d11255b96f6abb80d36d9741982fc7f3eb11Ian Moody — Bug 1133577 - Fix test browser_bug734076.js to open the context menu with mouse events so the menu inits correctly. a=sledru
abb82568a7d0fd97c636ef32511a0eadefcb6454Ian Moody — Bug 1133577 - Make context-menu open link/frame commands use messages to avoid unsafe CPOW warnings. r=mconley, a=sledru
fda2ca0a0defc93a5d4bd1397e584e7703fd4111Tim Nguyen — Bug 1008171 - Add focus indicator for elements inside the in-content prefs (on OSX). r=Gijs, a=sledru
e8f8a378c098b1b04c59f0b4cfca0238067a43e7Giovanny Andres Gongora Granada — Bug 1135508 - InContent Prefs - Don't allow text selection of categories. r=jaws, a=sledru
05820d683ab70372fc40694115f796fba566debfGijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1129597 - Hide search engine keyword editor on blur. r=florian, a=sledru
a7638a7764af00456c7ddc5cbcd612fabcaec2c7Shih-Chiang Chien — Bug 1080130 - Unreferenced socket might be closed before opened. r=khuey, a=test-only
aa0d8e209af65056db2e423c7ae4ba3233d2ebf8Shu-yu Guo — Bug 1143194 - Rollup for backport. a=sledru
d6d3d4e918ebffa236ea3bec7119c1e4a4d31675William Chen — Bug 1131348 - Use fallible Append in content serializers. r=smaug, r=nfroyd, a=sledru
04dc5ff4b2a9ed5033df3535d5eeae6ce006ad79Olli Pettay — Bug 1146339 - Do anchor scrolling right before dispatching popstate/hashchange. r=bz, a=lmandel
5fe9f09fe5788865796fb041d8035d736c531ae1Matt Woodrow — Backed out changeset 22a4edc0cfa8 (bug 1138967) for causing crashes
b9480ce8f288751dee1a6e51e1ab79c823ca0d89Marco Bonardo — Bug 1005991 - trivial fixes for non-unified builds. r=me a=lmandel
6b874e2d4d18d05fa9e3197b507611f5614d9170Nicolas Silva — Bug 1143653 - Backout because of spiking crashes on windows. r=me a=lmandel
b990527a06e8fd119ffebd5e6d4cb5e8cadd8d1ePaolo Amadini — Bug 1144869 - Add BrowserTestUtils.withNewTab. r=smacleod, a=test-only
408c2cb6f5e7bce1750f68273dac32affbd83faaPaolo Amadini — Bug 1143937 - Make BrowserTestUtils.waitForEvent not use flaky timeouts and cover more use cases. r=smacleod, a=test-only
8d9f88b14da2159dfbb79c6732c60b2a5366636dSteven MacLeod — Bug 1132566 - Make test e10s compatible: browser_privatebrowsing_cookieacceptdialog.js. r=billm, a=test-only
89256655b7f643f3a2c7ae33dbab61ee454073bcPaolo Amadini — Bug 1142108 - Make TestUtils.topicObserved cover more use cases. r=smacleod, a=test-only
edcec62a11c93a1ad805bd34a1279b7c66150a81Dave Townsend — Bug 1136910 - Backport the ContestTask.jsm changes to Fx38. a=test-only
a5e4a92755fb6c2cec39845188dbeba4189026efJulien Pagès — Bug 1141129 - BaseMarionetteTestRunner.__init__ should initialize self.prefs as dictionary. r=dburns, a=test-only
159b3fe587eac19e350faae07d1334829e68dcadEhsan Akhgari — Bug 1144523 follow-up: Forward declare nsCString to fix the build bustage; a=bustage
5af398065b4c8c18c806fa8d8eaea491206ac5a0Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 1137716 - Try blacklisting Optimus w/ Intel Ironlake Graphics. r=bas, a=sledru
ac89e90a43935f164bf9e55d17baa2203345eb64Ben Kelly — Bug 1133939 - Part 2: Add tests validating nsPipeOutputStream AsyncWait behavior. r=froydnj, a=sledru
eb89ef2c7878a8dadda10061620cb5df4e24cca2Ben Kelly — Bug 1133939 - Part 1: Free buffer resources when an nsPipeInputStream is closed. r=froydnj, a=sledru
8f3a232c8a2dfd8b0d560c979fea71cc9f8d9a3dTrevor Saunders — Bug 1144347 - Disable IPC accessibility for Firefox 38. r=dbolter, a=sledru
4cf8979b0915d78ddbd4fe85312908575ee62eebStephen Pohl — Bug 1145694 - Uninstall Adobe EME when media.eme.enabled is set to false. r=mossop, a=sledru
595d5143f8e1b9d5a6af1320f07eabf91c8ea283Stephen Pohl — Bug 1145336 - Remove old GMPs during updates. r=jwwang, a=sledru
4f3336a230e76a3452b3bfcb3cca8692edfa2860Stephen Pohl — Bug 1140263 - Enable Adobe EME on Windows Vista+ and add a pref to force-enable it on other platforms. r=mossop, a=sledru
071fb28e4ef7ca3238f48244563981915dd43335Benjamin Chen — Bug 1131563 - Set the flag skipToNextKeyFrame to false if there is no keyframe behind. r=kinetik, a=sledru
d885f561788f38c68c0a9e03d91b43c282430147Bob Owen — Bug 1145432 - Add the policy for the client side of the crash server pipe to the GMP Windows sandbox. r=aklotz, a=sledru
0936a835649d0f2332a4e7864c2f3a7f34662027Daniel Holbert — Bug 1128354 - Don't optimize away a flex item's second reflow, if it has percent-height children. r=mats, a=sledru
14e163e39e344e477203d756b353eff4149dc26cMatthew Gregan — Bug 1144523 - Convert input buffer to expected format for OpenH264 GMP plugin. r=cpearce, a=sledru
9b5d357f679f030458748db79a8b0e886638a30eMatthew Gregan — Bug 1143968 - Allow a cubeb_stream in error to be stopped without triggering a fatal assert. r=padenot, a=sledru
64b3dcb20ac276662a0d6ffe1692a5bafc46026dNicolas Silva — Bug 1143653 - Crash in CompositorD3D9 rather than TextureD3D9 if device reset fails, after a few attempts. r=jrmuizel, a=sledru
eca6f2287fb7ebd1009c7354f6c6c3ca819967ecDavid Keeler — Bug 1143085 - Allow subject alternative name extensions to be empty for compatibility. r=briansmith, a=sledru
127ecffe323962925a5f09cc8693398e835c1600Kearwood (Kip) Gilbert — Bug 1120705 - Part 2: Tests. r=roc, a=sledru
1126b4e5525732e39d712204d27977d399c30f39Kearwood (Kip) Gilbert — Bug 1120705 - Part 1: Limit scrollbar button scrolls to one page per click. r=roc, a=sledru
68f723fa6438cc8f8619a02e8a10c431e1681377Timothy Nikkel — Bug 1143974 - Add test. a=sledru
93c0ea1b6b09e083f6a578b17dcc13c4623c7a99Timothy Nikkel — Bug 1143974 - When converting the anchor rect for a xul popup make sure to actually convert for app units differences. r=mats, a=sledru
232c3c9e1a10c2ad42cec1a3897751a5e519e523Olli Pettay — Bug 1124206 - Don't release nsCORSListenerProxy so early. r=mcmanus, a=sledru
6a2c46a3e94b95bb25277535df7cebb449866d90Neil Deakin — Bug 942411 - Change the frame height to force a reflow and renable the test on Linux to see if it helps. r=smaug, a=test-only
5abbc6599bd1afb2080fd0cbc6b901713e21bd06Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 1142360 - Move the mochitests for bugs 441782, 467672 and 570378 to the reftest framework. r=dbaron, a=test-only
336578eb0008b186851043fd7e1f9ea774c740e8Tim Taubert — Bug 1088163 - Fix intermittent browser_offlineQuotaNotification.js timeouts by properly waiting for a notification to show. r=markh, a=test-only
4f87a9688961e1d7a046dd979b45a5dd78d943b1Cykesiopka — Bug 1121117 - Add fuzz time to workaround non-monotonicity of Date(). r=keeler, a=test-only
b615089f60c47226a846e5776812e5fab6b75503Kyle Huey — Bug 1145870. r=bz, a=sledru
d601e9af55fb2c6b38779061f3886183ae99996eJames Graham — Bug 1139234 - Update wpt metadata for OSX 10.10. a=test-only
441544bb022e58b2d4a4313733524b01f751a7b2Kai Engert — Bug 1137470, Upgrade aurora to NSS_3_18_RTM, bump version requirement, remove obsolete doc patch, clobber, a=sledru
325daf43b8f1acef08b3a69963abfc65a42238afTooru Fujisawa — Bug 1141455 - Do not treat an element with tabindex as an interactive content in label. r=smaug, a=sylvestre
bdfe1112a65c011f8ec8e0332007ce1a993d3958Jeff Gilbert — Bug 1143218 - Use mochitest subsuites to specify webgl tests. r=jmaher, r=gbrown, a=test-only
0ef4054f3ec132e26161ce2d923b67fb1d509bb3Chris Manchester — Bug 1145444. r=jmaher, a=test-only
adb4b49d560e52622bbdd608eeea1ebc1c016c1cffxbld — No bug, Automated HPKP preload list update from host bld-linux64-spot-160 - a=hpkp-update
675359c27b571bbf4a8d53689957d6fcc4781314ffxbld — No bug, Automated HSTS preload list update from host bld-linux64-spot-160 - a=hsts-update
7b82c496e1e38301ffaed5cae59743c10c9ff377Ben Turner — Bug 1143885 - Fix transaction handling when requests are killed prematurely. r=khuey, a=sledru
4a3cc0e9fca5350b96bdfaa8735feb2a01840d7eMike de Boer — Bug 1143298 - Show the correct amount of imported contacts in the Loop panel after the import has finished. r=Standard8, a=sledru
d87e1b194c52268c50f09e134a954667bc19e536Jean-Yves Avenard — Bug 1143516 - Ignore SPS's aspect ratio if value is nonsensical. r=cpearce, a=sledru
48e130d698364f246d9ab870044617fbf9e21f20Mike Hommey — Bug 1136958 - Reintroduce pixman code path removed in bug 1097776 for --disable-skia builds. r=jmuizelaar, a=sledru
08d7c1951e618f91863d34bddfdffe880bf78bf6Stephen Pohl — Bug 1140523 - Send correct onEnabling/onDisabling notifications when EME preferences change. r=mossop, a=sledru
8852b9ffe7c266330b9135555047d8fbf9b67961Daniel Holbert — Bug 1142686 - Check flex item's content-box size (not border-box size) when deciding whether to skip final reflow. r=mats, a=sledru
4c8396eda749ef528c05f421423721b2d449b52bAndrew McCreight — Bug 1114804 - Make ISupports use the standard deferred finalizer code. r=peterv, a=sledru
706ba2c72a17432c96e5bea91b87b676e48be748Kannan Vijayan — Bug 1139506 - Check for null JSRuntime in tableticker stack trace merge. r=shu, a=sledru
e9d5b9c89b595c5b2876f58ce1c92e406e5227aaTooru Fujisawa — Bug 1135401 - Do not run js1_8_5/extensions/file-mapped-arraybuffers.js test if memory mapped array buffer is not supported. r=sfink, a=test-only
525829e43c332c57cad50f71e570db176c0bb999Steve Fink — Bug 1120655 - Suppress zone/compartment collection while iterating, r=terrence, a=abillings
16babf5d700c31100392ce17c0132aad1d38ac9cSteve Fink — Bug 1120655 - Rename lastGC -> destroyingRuntime, r=terrence, a=abillings
75b29a50fa630af2916299335f8f4c94e1400162Bob Owen — Bug 1144155 - Part 2: Bump the MFBT GCC requirement to 4.7. r=glandium. a=sledru
ab5f08d31c49bde67772653067451aed787f65f9Bob Owen — Bug 1144155 - Part 1: Bump our minimum supported GCC version for Gecko up from 4.6 to 4.7. r=glandium, a=sledru
aa382cafd79acc0c65318de8ede777c73382c09dBob Owen — Bug 1135051 - Add license for SuperFastHash to about:license. r=gerv, a=sledru
89c04bf4aa059eca39660a5218f9dfc24ca0c521Sami Jaktholm — Bug 1141109 - Ignore errors from external sources to fix intermittent test_page_errors.html failures. r=past, a=test-only
d05ce20c1d772bd3512ebb219e7a53a5e247ba57Tim Taubert — Bug 1143740 - Re-enable browser_491168.js. r=smacleod, a=test-only
13819479b7abcf5ed2814878b03bb0fb1d455d2cBarbara Miller — Bug 1134872 - Fixing getElementValueOfCssProperty to support chrome elements. r=dburns, a=test-only
d9889bdeea0768f4b02d67ad5068f08aaac59c98Chris Manchester — Bug 1139722 - Allow use of nested job objects in mozprocess on windows versions that support them. r=ahal, a=test-only
758e5e0001831b40e1847e191dc47ad08f590545Henrik Skupin — Bug 1124667 - Release marionette-driver 0.2 and marionette-client 0.9. r=automatedtester, a=test-only
5530b792f312b597128df48f3ba7a49e6ae64b19Chris Manchester — Bug 1097705 - Add ability to right and middle click to marionette's action chains.;r=automatedtester a=test-only
208dbbcbde71b03c43bbd08e7e608e4d387dc22fChris Manchester — Bug 1129702 - Add support for double clicks to marionette's action chains.;r=automatedtester a=test-only
bdfd6fc8230274ea5f5f012bda6579dac8bdfbb2Chris Manchester — Bug 1142404 - Fix marionette's restarts to keep from attempting to reconnect to the browser as it's shutting
919d851ad5691e90c8b176d56f1ed7df579a1f97Chris Manchester — Bug 1142344 - Remove a racy assertion added in marionette test for frequently failing on a pgo build. r=jgriffin
75069e9797d9b4e6b7e94bdf38c5fab50c74c69bChris Manchester — Bug 1141679 - Ignore the server's response when quitting the application with marionette.;r=jgriffin a=test-only
81306a6804e839b0565cbf1c1be53cbf7a3f12feChris Manchester — Bug 1137388 - Add a facility to restart firefox from marionette from within the browser for update
61d3f469b8e22c6cda330b62ae03f6400f461f73Marco Bonardo — Bug 1005991 - mozStorage should not use XPCVariant off the main thread. r=asuth a=sylvestre
86d0cb51955bec3ee9d7b8f466bd506af792f497Olli Pettay — Bug 1144988 - Don't let other pages to load while doing scroll-to-anchor. r=bz, a=lmandel
bd599bf81cc7991da8ec0c0050708423033da0ddBoris Zbarsky — Bug 1144991 - Be a bit more restrictive about when a URI_IS_UI_RESOURCE source is allowed to link to a URI_IS_UI_RESOURCE URI that doesn't have the same scheme. r=bholley, a=lmandel
932e756908557dff1ac0e222fbf0855179204748Xidorn Quan — Bug 1143535 - Fix condition of ruby leading/trailing whitespace trimming. r=bz, a=abillings
40267ba6cf4366b2163581d8c46077fb9af307ceJed Davis — Bug 1111065 - Backport some upstream IPC serialization fixes. r=bent, a=lmandel
276d869dd9e55204e53686d48d6113fc8c99c6c7Jed Davis — Bug 1111079 - Backport some IPC message/channel fixes. r=bent, a=lmandel
00bdb5b2e0a2baa0b78821b6195e7ec57605719fSteve Fink — Bug 1145255. r=luke, a=lmandel
d95e5e43ea2088282c38017bdc3de1bf7c59cf26Matt Woodrow — Bug 1145029 - Disable DXVA for 4k videos on AMD hardware since it performs poorly. r=jya a=lmandel
fdf7355134e122e396b9e63f193ccf6c6bba256aSeth Fowler — Bug 1137058 - Increment RasterImage::mLockCount to ensure that non-discardable images don't eventually become unlocked. r=tn, a=lmandel
7d22e62ca127bd5e2e42e35576fdc5e9b49de54dJeff Muizelaar — Bug 1130978 - Fix VisitEdges. r=kats, a=lmandel
41a819532cfbbc16dc1b6dff53033680c761f055Steve Fink — Bug 1095290 - Make unlazified scripts same-compartment with their functions. r=bhackett, a=lmandel
decce7b6987f2e8ffb8a1c200f9fbef7a325d298Tooru Fujisawa — Bug 1116376 - Skip full GC triggered by atoms zone if keepAtoms is true, and retrigger it after keepAtoms becomes false. r=jonco, a=lmandel
d67a40476963b8c947a2c59cb4b2cf086118257aMasatoshi Kimura — Bug 1133187 - Update fallback whitelist. r=keeler, a=lmandel
22a4edc0cfa8bc693e8aa8f637effdc5092b98d7Matt Woodrow — Bug 1138967 - Part 3: Add D3D11 YCbCr texture clients and upload on the client side. r=nical, a=lmandel
77b336a4baf6875a7c9770a630ad4e4ed4ad64bfMatt Woodrow — Bug 1138967 - Part 2: Create IMFYCbCrImage so that image data copying happens off the decoder thread. r=nical, r=cpearce, a=lmandel
126db33d290584d60795dafb846df8e2fca61bf6Matt Woodrow — Bug 1138967 - Part 1: Remove ISharedImage. r=nical, a=lmandel
c6966342ab735800d34702d08481144099fad6acAvi Halachmi — Bug 1142079 - Disable refresh driver telemetry on Android. r=froydnj, a=lmandel
4e6dbab8eb4e713ffa286a35171df16797d8a3f2Seth Fowler — Bug 935850 - Add a little more fuzz to box-sizing-replaced-003.xht. a=test-only
656031c224321e7ca16c34a8f84b995e319f0b9cAlexandre Poirot — Bug 1139984 - Fix console API in child processes by ensuring windowID is correctly typed. r=bz, a=sledru
80bd1fddb5b92a42da5969859e8a5a093c550a7fStephen Pohl — Bug 1140522 - Ensure proper use of appDisabled and userDisabled in GMPProvider.jsm. r=mossop, a=sledru
f503d2d6d48ad3efc0b2d36fbee7a62bcfde5bc0Steve Fink — Bug 1139456 - Do not let compaction set the alloc threshold to unreasonably small sizes. r=terrence, a=sledru
8c310e0dbcc34349fb4ead7f5abd280979457e65Nicolas Silva — Bug 1125848 - Reduce the likelyhood of a CompositorParent being destroyed without the proper shutdown sequence. r=sotaro a=lmandel
685fef7b72a4ef27870261ef4036c62de34a3df6Byron Campen [:bwc] — Bug 1141749 - Prevent collisions in local SSRCs. r=mt, a=abillings
1a341ad8d30d00b0450cf83c886bed0806a2b557Aaron Klotz — Bug 1128064 - Check for null mContent in nsPluginInstanceOwner::GetDocument. r=jimm, a=abillings
0e5b241da92adc4aea398180568d73a8a80f98daAaron Klotz — Bug 1141081 - Ensure nsPluginInstanceOwner::Destroy is called before returning from failed plugin instantiation. r=jimm, a=lmandel
fc647f26739b4a8ea7d1071b007f89f4d4b65f44Nicolas B. Pierron — Bug 1137624 - Disable Array.join optimization. r=jandem, a=abillings
66813082b5b1ab580442761e4ed23a8bf1aba1adTim Taubert — Bug 1124409 - Fix test_bug659071.html to properly reset page zoom before finishing. r=smaug, a=test-only
96d5d5100a9c2ad725c9a93c76671093aa833ae3Tim Taubert — Bug 1124409 - Fix intermittent browser_bug1015721.js failures by ensuring the EventStateManager has a document before trying to dispatch ZoomChangeUsingMouseWheel. r=smaug, a=test-only
1025ba88fc435bd2063d79d0d85f8679602b7b1fCameron McCormack — Bug 1144507 - Fix incorrect Promise usage in test_font_loading_api.html. r=jdaggett, a=test-only
9c79cb13792489a56a3ff4a4e30dfc9e3be72ab1Cameron McCormack — Bug 1143995 - Remove unnecessary layout flushes from test_font_loading_api.html. r=jdaggett, a=test-only
5ba0b08949a0a78a99ddd235cae6041e7651db1bCameron McCormack — Bug 1143953 - Fix typo in test_font_loading_api.html where it incorrectly returns r=jdaggett, a=test-only
98428cf569e6687fb4a3cb99b5e762eb1012e32eJordan Lund — Bug 1113460 - Bump mozharness.json to revision 75c435ef19ca. a=test-only
b3f7cab19d3a6aa553858d1a31023e7e5d1b12bdDavid Major — Bug 1138794: Use an alternate crash report server on Windows XP SP2. r=ted a=lmandel
706b206f3e87e1b71e8aabffa574a247f2db0522Ethan Hugg — Bug 1144157 - Add to the screenshare default whitelist r=jesup a=lmandel
8a388fd12c53f8e863c2023e8519e524f6688c18Bobby Holley — Bug 1141785 - Force all audio samples to be keyframes. r=k17e, a=lsblakk
d85fafd8eb51c7697aba80f6e2b057505f1ed757Bobby Holley — Bug 1141785 - Logging fixes. r=jya, a=lsblakk
bea2d0ba8bc037cacefbeabfd531db6068ac3a63Matthew Gregan — Bug 1142746 - Make unexpected SL_PLAYEVENT_HEADATMARKER notification non-fatal. r=brsun, a=lsblakk
9393bdac53066d6a5599ceedd8a98687a808a896Paul Adenot — Bug 1141781 - Grip the VideoFrameContainer when queing a call to invalidate in the MediaStreamGraph. r=roc, a=lsblakk
ea08b1f7c7be6851b8507d1ee9921933f87cb0b7Jean-Yves Avenard — Bug 1139271 - Part 3: Only consider a Box to be available if entire content is available. r=k17e, a=lsblakk
22a4e4d8d14af641ee5814e0b7a126467bca46a0Jean-Yves Avenard — Bug 1139271 - Part 2: Ignore partial moof. r=k17e, a=lsblakk
b742cde7beed0876d006b993d9814f3e537537f5Jean-Yves Avenard — Bug 1139271 - Part 1: Add logging when encountering invalid atoms. r=k17e, a=lsblakk
b1dc2c9553d47c55aff21a0b5bc81cec3b33fe2dAaron Klotz — Bug 1135491 - Part 2: Changes to nsJSNPRuntime to ensure that JS exceptions aren't thrown when plugin destruction is pending. r=josh, r=bholley, a=lsblakk
538258785927031872a033e0e0c1e839bf505edcAaron Klotz — Bug 1135491 - Part 1: Add functions to notify plugin when a plugin destroy will be deferred. r=jimm, a=lsblakk
928b87615130ecec1ce77cd4816e8aff4c842648Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1130411 - Only care about unload if it involves the page we opened. r=jaws, a=lsblakk
91734d2bf6f93d1770cde60f223f431fdfafe89cGijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1141055 - Fix in-content 'Content' pane preference initialization so rebuildFonts *actually* doesn't break. r=jaws, a=lsblakk
4aa3cc7995047bf915554e819861c844a00bc5a6Margaret Leibovic — Bug 1141550 - Register an AsyncShutdown blocker to persist download changes. r=paolo, a=lsblakk
ead1bd9d09b0829e5a9fbc4bb626de66934b5349Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 1136363 - Do a better job of falling back to sane metadata. r=mfinkle, a=lsblakk
bf384c919c3342a7ae49fee94cb4ad216c61616bAaron Klotz — Bug 1136930 - Fix nsNPAPIPluginStreamListener so that destroystream calls are made during async plugin init. r=jimm, a=lsblakk
9797a33e3b82d643a4db69b6f8b94c445f4c9ba7Aaron Klotz — Bug 1136930 - Hook PluginAsyncSurrogate into NPP_DestroyStream. r=jimm, a=lsblakk
e84f4f61eea19048396886786a6e1ce6e77fabcdRoberto A. Vitillo — Bug 1133521 - Enable BHR on Fx38. r=vladan, a=lsblakk
67b5620ec1879f899699947d603fa26f2e00c06dJan Varga — Bug 1067568 - Fix intermittent "ASSERTION: We don't know anyting about this file handle?!: 'Error', file dom/filehandle/FileService.cpp, line 234". r=bent, a=lsblakk
66f5da2f6da183f11e4fd4bff2df0de62dafb6e3Jeff Beatty — Bug 1144119 - Add az to mobile/android/locales/maemo-locales. r=Pike, a=lsblakk
dc63b8a5854d5182ab8e9b42222d052f67451c30Jordan Lund — Bug 1142743 - Increase chunks for Android 2.3 mochitest-gl, in-tree cfg total chunk fix. r=kmoir, a=test-only
1c3fac248815ac5c09af77459a63b9e09c4ffb47Ryan VanderMeulen — No bug - Bump mozharness.json to revision fde96e1730cc. a=NPOTB
fc83730483c71e6231f3ef0f08ecf17db44638a2Ryan VanderMeulen — Bug 1135315 - Disable the webide tests on OSX 10.10 debug as well. a=test-only
16167d63e6b86c2ef9b9b06c27446371e8f72547Geoff Brown — Bug 1138468 - Disable test_audioBufferSourceNodeNeutered.html on Android debug. a=test-only
cad8615a378ce93965d4d7e41a4705509d45fb62Jon Coppeard — Bug 1137341 - Don't allow GC to observe cross compartment prototype pointers for object groups. r=terrence, a=sledru
bde39a58935d277f7e0abaecf86969b0a879e89cJon Coppeard — Bug 1138390 - Wait for GC to finish if necessary in runOffThreadScript() r=terrence a=lsblakk
4acd7286be9e3a4b207629722127875828da836fJean-Yves Avenard — Bug 1141914: Always use video dimensions using extradata's SPS. r=cpearce a=lsblakk
d1e899435508368c98080813bd31c7ca817ae630Jean-Yves Avenard — Bug 1139779: Part5. Move picture/display size calculations in AVCC wrapper. r=rillian a=lsblakk
7b7b5e77e5e19e96ec3aa84e812dfa98cf122322Jean-Yves Avenard — Bug 1139779: Part4. Make FFmpeg video decoder use AVCC. r=edwin a=lsblakk
20b06ff42ed20303b113094ec95cd87a0f61f9e8Jean-Yves Avenard — Bug 1139779: Part3. Use dispay size extracted from SPS NAL. r=edwin a=lsblakk
8d8cd865b4d074d7b8ba8b4d97778faa1c88b32eJean-Yves Avenard — Bug 1139779: Part2. Use display dimension from SPS NAL. r=rillian a=lsblakk
2802cf435885526ed59b1dc5bcc7222ce5a43285Jean-Yves Avenard — Bug 1139779: Part1. Extract display dimension from SPS NAL. r=rillian a=lsblakk
7f90fdddb5ef9c67946fd313a0ee34173beba31aGeoff Brown — Bug 1142552 - Update robocop chunking to fix rc10 on aurora; r=ahal, a=test-only
0aa24399b11bb93d5844cbaea3be847361092b9bAllison Naaktgeboren — Bug 1124895 - Part 1: Add password manager usage data to FHR. r=gps, a=lmandel
1f65c8a32e2be88c2f2ca3db87884bdaebd7ca14Seth Fowler — Bug 1135572 - Disable 944353.jpg crashtest on ASAN. a=test-only
0bbebc0cac80d314402f8e01f0596a6c08fa94a1Patrick Brosset — Bug 1142170 - Intermittent browser_animation_actors_10.js. a=test-only
16fb0cf8266abbb9f6fa64d11763170fc3024d8aXidorn Quan — Bug 1141919 - Drain overflow list of ruby content frame if line break suppression fails somewhere. r=dbaron, a=sledru
c36dcffd0b40ac1b01cb3b5ce0df1a0569415acbXidorn Quan — Bug 1141919 - Fix incomplete line break suppression. r=dbaron, a=sledru
a2dec0c6164718e662551511f9f835e3c60164f9Nicolas B. Pierron — Bug 1131846 - Check the return value of MResumePoint::Copy. r=h4writer, a=lmandel
519ee78e1f3a9836f1edf503a07bc044f0493823Matt Woodrow — Bug 1139503 - Backlist ATI driver version for DXVA on windows 10 since it's causing crashes. r=cpearce, a=sledru
403d5c8e345c881ef452fcd261ca8502f37b7468Mike Hommey — Backout the part of changeset 8044e5199fe2 (bug 1080319) that removed -remote. a=sledru
ce270a92ad19f9a29ab702cb01ffbf9978c361c1Matt Woodrow — Bug 1131638 - Disable hardware decoding if too many frames are invalid. r=cpearce, a=lmandel
8b455f330594d12dded19f2228db40e31b821005Matt Woodrow — Bug 1131638 - Record invalid frames as dropped for video playback stats. r=ajones, a=lmandel
d7647fcac08768dafec7bd67a8288cbda2f5fa28Matt Woodrow — Bug 1131638 - Discard video frames that fail to sync. r=cpearce, a=lmandel
4d2fec20b67f2f4bcc985748d078832375209dc3Chris Double — Bug 1131884 - Video buffering calculation fails for some MP4 videos - r=jya a=lmandel
42d90bceb0170db3ccddb4381a6f677ed16ac042Seth Fowler — Bug 1142849 - Upliftable fix for imgRequest TSan violations. r=tn a=lmandel
ae81a10f22b654570c937461e116a262882dda72Wes Kocher — Backed out changeset e2c811c726a1 (bug 1137341) for jit failures a=bustage
5ceefaf4b6bf34970d242a8713e9d732be404e4cGijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1142045 - Fix onClearHistoryChanged reference. r=jaws, a=sledru
4a18090955c7571997fe5c0dd8896ae55df9af04Jan-Ivar Bruaroey — Bug 1141622 - Unregress screensharing frameRate by limiting hardcoded capabilities to osx camera. r=jesup, a=sledru
19236dba96ef8745d516138465168b2277e85052vivek — Bug 1141665 - Add vertical separator between the Synced Tabs split pane list views. r=nalexander, a=lizzard
aed23e04c61df257dc9165921505d053cbf33e73Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1055973 - Prevent focus from leaving the dialog for anything but the browser UI. r=jaws, a=lsblakk
6640b75100f8f40da610b2af3dcff8cd3f9124b9Jared Wein — Bug 1044600 - Close subdialogs when the back button is used in the in-content preferences. r=Gijs, a=lsblakk
e2c811c726a1eafaeb828fe7e05884ce8bc9915dJon Coppeard — Bug 1137341 - Don't allow GC to observe cross compartment prototype pointers for object groups. r=terrence, a=sledru
52cfccf643f53ffdacc2853d2a9120700444d002Richard Marti — Bug 1139091 - Don't use -moz-image-region with the svg arrow. r=Gijs, a=lizzard
d982b2490a53f255b71de822f3c9cc0bcdb555daRichard Marti — Bug 1139337 - Make the panel shortcuts visible on hover with High Contrast themes. r=Gijs, a=lizzard
03cef824009e3ae7e3910555578ab9ee62201949Richard Marti — Bug 1079098 - Fix the ui-r issues in panelUI. r=Gijs, a=lizzard
510796de70f7a2962ef8097e091936105c45daa3Mason Chang — Bug 1133526. Only enable vsync compositor or refresh driver if hardware vsync is enabled. r=kats, a=sledru
7e59731ecf7644350732c07dbb7e2ddac78e4bb1Bas Schouten — Bug 1131370 - Try to ignore transient errors and increase D3D11 timeout as well. r=milan, a=lmandel
5be71dd4906e8daafbb86d2026cd193a46e742daMark Banner — Bug 1143629 - Contacts import incorrectly displays all forms of plural strings. r=mikedeboer, a=lmandel
0231fc5fc139b9e0b8c244682689eede03fb0631Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1142521 - Disable casting on Firefox desktop by default. r=mconley, a=lmandel
e7f06142f3b55548ff9ad5d57aa3262c4d993e29Jan-Ivar Bruaroey — Bug 1136871 - PeerConnection typo in replaceTrackFailure. r=docfaraday, a=lizzard
5c301565bea72d86258acb55fa853ce8fa68bdffMike Shal — Bug 1137060 - Set _RESPATH for OSX xulrunner; r=glandium a=lmandel
4005301169f123b59b2b06850aec7498f6a7e8d8Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changesets 2a76dd8f86c2, fa9401887405, and dd6e425826fc (bug 1131638) for build bustage.
38edb378cf15df11268baf122bf313ff50401ab7Mark Hammond — Bug 1081158 - Ensure we report all login related errors. r=rnewman, a=lmandel
87fc4129c84ef7a2b75b4002ecd4aff09c0c0b7cPerry Wagle — Bug 1122941 - Remove bookmark tags field max length. r=mak, a=sledru
d1add43a60ec7b97646c461bcc27a2c1c620f994Nicolas B. Pierron — Bug 1138391 - LazyLinkStub stops making a call and reuses the parent frame. r=h4writer, a=lmandel
c2cd84d8716606bbfb4f146c886efc3cb01cd311Nicolas B. Pierron — Bug 1133389 - Fix FrameIter::matchCallee to consider all inner functions and not only lambdas. r=shu, a=lmandel
df0cef34f63e290cadc4e54f7c175be764678cd7Maire Reavy — Bug 1142140 - Citrix GoToMeeting Free added to screensharing whitelist. r=jesup, a=lmandel
1170f2c892e327ed3b760ff2b3bed7f707c4aa50David Keeler — Bug 1138332 - Re-allow overrides for certificates signed by non-CA certificates. r=mmc, a=lmandel
2a76dd8f86c2fb74466d9cc1bf222b3220a19f76Matt Woodrow — Bug 1131638 - Disable hardware decoding if too many frames are invalid. r=cpearce, a=lmandel
fa9401887405af671b3cca6df81dd03b627dc937Matt Woodrow — Bug 1131638 - Record invalid frames as dropped for video playback stats. r=ajones, a=lmandel
dd6e425826fcbe674f300188a42f9586606c6383Matt Woodrow — Bug 1131638 - Discard video frames that fail to sync. r=cpearce, a=lmandel
8cb4760b0f549e43ba0fd769711621fdd1117fc0Sami Jaktholm — Bug 1035140 - Split browser_inspector_menu-0?.js into multiple tests. r=pbrosset, a=test-only
d98504aa80c2f2847ca53e02c477c10dbb7214fdMike de Boer — Bug 1141122: supply a more canonical alternative to about:loopconversation in Loop conversation gUM prompts. r=florian, a=lsblakk
9b59f3a2743da31da70342679e301e9867f01074Mike de Boer — Bug 1142066: add strings for screen sharing type Browser, aka tab-sharing for the WebRTC UI indicators. r=florian, a=gavin, l10n=gavin
0b78e34a3347962cb388c4198154a282ec03b5ecMike de Boer — Bug 1140313: enable the 'Share my Tabs' option for screensharing in Loop conversations. r=Standard8, a=lsblakk
b3d399af0d4c6137d8dd3b12a233ef1db6180e55Mike de Boer — Bug 1135045: add tests to confirm that the tab-sharing infoBar is working as expected under various conditions. r=Standard8, a=lsblakk
f4c0e3fd326a519f08cd6ccf21c662e32f8cd065Mike de Boer — Bug 1135045: Show an infobar when tab sharing is activated in a Loop conversation. r=Standard8, a=lsblakk
249da78cf780e9ca20aafea915f526d8f0d4f4b0Mike de Boer — Bug 1135045: support notification bar buttons of type menu-button with a custom menupopup. r=Standard8, a=lsblakk
8acc69cac05d31cfa5d9ef9aaaaece3be8fce29fMike de Boer — Bug 1139907: show WebRTC screen sharing notification icon in Hello conversation window and globally when tab sharing is active. r=jesup,florian, a=lsblakk
6c5849a66b1ac07ce819846a578b44d1e8ba8b87Mike de Boer — Bug 1141059: ignore attempts to share e10s tabs in a Hello conversation. r=Standard8, a=lsblakk
4037672fcc2adb6af5e821560bdb8defd62afe60Mike de Boer — Bug 1131568 - Update the OpenTok SDK to version 2.5.0. r=Standard8, a=lsblakk
f8089ba15c56aab0536d154efeb2dfdfd3e8e031Mark Banner — Bug 1139471 - Fix an issue with trying to update the Loop desktop room view's state whilst already rendering; This could cause items like tab sharing to still look like they were active even though they weren't. r=jaws, a=Sylvestre
e6b04fc354b3feffe262e6cda635e66850357380Mark Banner — Follow-up to bug 1131574 - temporarily disable mochitest on e10s due to apparent load complete detection issues. rs=bustage-fix for CLOSED TREE, a=lsblakk
d12f76b7e524fd9ae6f1545cbc1cf9d864ee1777Mark Banner — Bug 1131574 - In Loop's tab sharing, make the shared tab follow the active tab. r=mikedeboer, a=lsblakk
8f1e24aa5874eaec3afb142923d9398e50abb465Mike de Boer — Bug 1133493: add necessary actions to start sharing a browser tab and pass respective parameters to the OpenTok SDK. r=Standard8, a=lsblakk
8b92dc52aab2ecbb98b62e1f8c9f25ba2a2c9000Mike de Boer — Bug 1133493: add e10s-friendly API to fetch a tab's outer window ID. r=florian,Standard8, a=lsblakk
8bbd2e9d75f9dd524749f2c40fa82e0f74ee06f6Jan-Ivar Bruaroey — Bug 1136871 - cleanup RtpSenders accounting to not rely on streams r=mt, a=lizzard
d4a23c33ce27b241976a4c5d8c0e303df4ea8433Jan-Ivar Bruaroey — Bug 1136871 - test invalid replaceTrack arg r=standard8, a=lizzard
fe2a63ef54e7db61c21102c8a19753b721f342a0Mark Banner — Bug 1136871: replaceTrack testcase r=jib, a=lizzard
838d2dcbcb633630adc58a4559f21268ca21d5d0Byron Campen [:bwc] — Bug 1136871 - Part 2: Clear up some inconsistencies with ReplaceTrack r=jib,smaug, a=lizzard
b0ce72fae36018dee00e1b84f138b1a9a1e2e0b2Jan-Ivar Bruaroey — Bug 1135655 - bump up tab sharing dimension defaults to match screensharing r=jesup, a=gavin
12a35ce9fdf1a1c269460803b4caee7236cd77a4Mike de Boer — Bug 1143623: add an outerWindowID property to the browser binding to make tab-sharing Loop work. r=Standard8, a=Sylvestre
bfc727710e8629b3e287683bfe6cb9abae5c28e1Mike de Boer — Bug 1142066: add strings for screen sharing type Browser, aka tab-sharing for the WebRTC UI indicators. r=florian, a=gavin, l10n=gavin
17f9ac0d4f40d946da37c818ef5dce2a459a9fb0Joel Maher — no bug: bump mozharness revision to fix mozharness branch conflict of android.json removal CLOSED TREE a=bustage
2ca434cb843b85fd0b0b1f991975846c4f7ddf6dJames Graham — Bug 1136398 - Update to latest wptrunner, a=testonly
0deb8d0c2c05f78de00b59c840caaf1db989a225David Burns — Bug 1107336: Update layout tests to use new Marionette Driver; r=jgriffin a=test-only
b4de64871d158173dda862d93e0125bb9827ddedDavid Burns — Bug 1107336: update build and test targets to use new marionette driver; r=jgriffin a=test-only
5c0363ee9a8552a1a3bb71d0132d6bf4b3304866David Burns — Bug 1107336: Update marionette unit tests to use new marionette driver; r=jgriffin a=test-only
d5123c4a18ccaeb9009c9f3e8d6a77395599709cDavid Burns — Bug 1107336: update marionette client runners to use the new marionette driver; r=jgriffin a=test-only
064664eb0b6758def214852c9cfa397da352af4cDavid Burns — Bug 1107336: Create Marionette Driver containining all of the automation API code; r=jgriffin a=test-only
d9fa66f426369b99efacd352539dc550c3699d5dDavid Burns — Bug 1107336: Update b2g desktop ref test runner to use new Marionette Driver; r=ahal a=test-only
194557917f555457056cdce1e60a836ef32e68a9David Burns — Bug 1107336: Update loop tests to use new Marionette Driver; r=jgriffin a=test-only
fc2702ad5761f467c9ce4b44dfefde0bce313033Michael Comella — Bug 1127445 - Part 0: Add strings for manipulating the reading list from the menu. r=margaret a=lmandel l10n=lmandel
e6041097474942730fd43136350cd2bb8d6839e0Xidorn Quan — Bug 1142369 - Include padding of generated image in intrinsic isize of bullet frame. r=roc, a=lizzard
b5ecfb63fbd87f2365b247028666d44cf9b980bbJean-Yves Avenard — Bug 1128381 - Part 7: Streamline code across platforms. r=cpearce, a=lsblakk
958a39180eda78ff76d63cec36fa7da347584741Jean-Yves Avenard — Bug 1128381 - Part 6: Remove unused member functions. r=cpearce, a=lsblakk
408e6acc619e4539308ba5507be39e5e8473633cJean-Yves Avenard — Bug 1128381 - Part 5: Make AVCC wrapper be dormant capable. r=cpearce, a=lsblakk
2ad9bd374080548f51f2f1eaba9a27992fc50039Jean-Yves Avenard — Bug 1128381 - Part 4: Make AVCC wrapper work with SharedDecoderManager. r=cpearce, a=lsblakk
c4da71ceaf4cf091a04a7bceabdffe313316a8bcJean-Yves Avenard — Bug 1128381 - Part 3: Handle on the fly video format change. r=cpearce, a=lsblakk
f3d0d5ada68007c803574210fabee6575c684dfbJean-Yves Avenard — Bug 1128381 - Part 2: Properly extract extradata from AVC1 sample. r=rillian, a=lsblakk
4e35ffca555eb8c920a898effaa1396101d05c1eJean-Yves Avenard — Bug 1128381 - Part 1: Don't assert on empty extra_data. r=kentuckyfriedtakahe, a=lsblakk
12c00902a2792025ec5b7eca659fe16691296525Andrew McCreight — Bug 1138616 - Part 3: Add a faster bloatlog-only mode. r=dbaron, a=lizzard
62b1a0d875918a21a4e4025908c0bef3c5924f00Andrew McCreight — Bug 1138616 - Part 2: Inline BloatEntry::AddRef and ::Release. r=dbaron, a=lizzard
1ca5e9fbc9fe8b64f0497bdd6abfa5e296291ad0Andrew McCreight — Bug 1138616 - Part 1: Remove nsTraceRefcntStats::mAddRefs and ::mReleases. r=dbaron, a=lizzard
c2ab66bc0fdf999acce8844d094e5df0f69ff75cAndrew McCreight — Bug 1073594 - Part 4: Remove nsTraceRefcntStats::mObjsOutstanding{Total, Squared}. r=dbaron, a=lizzard
d50b1d697c75e6f31b5ce05cac020734edb8fa0fAndrew McCreight — Bug 1073594 - Part 3: Remove the mean and stddev for BloatLog object counts. r=dbaron, a=lizzard
ae154f933e659d3f57fc86e927889d7752427139Andrew McCreight — Bug 1073594 - Part 2: Remove nsTraceRefcntStats::mRefsOutstanding{Total, Squared}. r=dbaron, a=lizzard
1abea956f06f654e953b27868879fea02d6771c7Andrew McCreight — Bug 1073594 - Part 1: Remove mean and stddev for BloatView addrefs and releases. r=dbaron, a=lizzard
c871e36ce5c75cc4d87d3dfecca934c778e1eecbBen Hearsum — No bug: bump mozharness revision as part of Buildbot master reconfig. r=reconfig, a=reconfig
05208c58686f38a4d2d1fe430b0d17337f190d9eJames Willcox — Bug 1142459 - Fix mixed content shield notification broke by bug 1140830. r=rnewman, a=sledru
dc1f927542cb6f8240256a3259cd887100bbfb4aJeff Muizelaar — Bug 1132432 - Implement AsShadowableLayer() for ClientReadbackLayers. r=roc, a=lsblakk
dfdf36b1fafa14aea28650f387143fac831d8f33Margaret Leibovic — Bug 1134553 - Disable downloads in guest session. r=rnewman, a=lsblakk
02eb8c85400a933fbe318c552d6dcefe20fed589Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1111967 - Honor browser.casting.enabled pref for casting on desktop. r=mconley, a=lsblakk
3b60141915ae24c7856ad1231b571d5c6383d9b5Mike Taylor — Bug 1136877 - Collect telemetry on SPS.max_num_ref_frames. r=jya, a=lsblakk
6936b9b499966f16d7e613fc144260de5213c5a6Mike Taylor — Bug 1136877 - Collect telemetry on constraint_set flags from decoded SPS. r=jya, a=lsblakk
017aeb6767db923277c9f14ce84bad3e174129b1Mike Taylor — Bug 1136877 - Collect telemetry on constraint_set flags from canPlayType. r=jya, a=lsblakk
a1928a51487caca46fb2bae2f0510e849e876840Sami Jaktholm — Bug 1142633 - Fix intermittent netmonitor e10s test failures caused by dead CPOW usage. r=vporof, a=test-only
b96f11b6c017bcff960c6b596ba3590fed733f49Richard Newman — Bug 1117830 - Part 4: update local names before syncing. r=nalexander, a=readinglist
8124d4aeea69ed6dfff65d4a607c224088b2a999Richard Newman — Bug 1117830 - Part 3: ReadingListSyncAdapter. r=nalexander, a=readinglist
1596a5729a59cd5f910709ada583f20d8ea6f75dRichard Newman — Bug 1117830 - Part 2: ReadingListSynchronizer. r=nalexander, a=readinglist
ac26edd784206bdc8f72d7f8868a3ef67c62bbc4Richard Newman — Bug 1117830 - Part 1: reading list client and record representations. r=nalexander, a=readinglist
ac253d7f1a15086776d5cb7b5694c70fe2f1c901Richard Newman — Bug 1117830 - Part 0: log account state on AndroidFxAccount init. r=nalexander, a=readinglist
f0c7f604e11f36b0a9f3b619e608285d702ecf50Jordan Lund — Bug 1094364 - switch win64 builds to use mozharness - mozharness.json bump, r=mshal, a=testing
f3b4c80c999e3f83aaf01d43877d21af4798cdc0Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset 55ff50bd855b (bug 1136407) for landing without approval.
6129d46fedce5ad6488ae104fa25f26e5c7aba42Byron Campen [:bwc] — Bug 1140089 - Call SetPullEnabled on all streams in PCMedia when offer/answer concludes. r=jesup, a=sledru
fcc4b9a7a8c1240a4007ee60591f4c366a88de32David Anderson — Bug 1139845 - Avoid crashing in ChromeProcessController if the view is null. r=mats, a=sledru
1de2809cfcd66e395985774764205865d60a77caChris Pearce — Bug 1141386 - Test case for gmp-clearkey's base64 key/keyId decoding. r=edwin, a=sledru
5a30ae259c1ed0508252d72cbce448d41634ef55Chris Pearce — Bug 1141386 - Don't always assume base64 encoded EME key/Ids have padding stripped. r=edwin, a=sledru
9034597a939ea5dd0f095e011b4d0b342c675158Chris Pearce — Bug 1131387 - Enable EME, update whitelist. r=kentuckyfriedtakahe, a=sledru
409c55959211221438ee232787718a60a09810e4Chris Pearce — Bug 1131387 - Rename MSE whitelist pref. r=kentuckyfriedtakahe, a=sledru
95d7fea08a004f4eb39c6042311cae73e007ba81Chris Pearce — Bug 1140797 - Prevent fatal assert when doing base64 decode in gmp-clearkey. r=edwin, a=sledru
5abad9f5fc159883348e6bb2b7e8e7aa1a3b9072Chris Pearce — Bug 1140797 - Make gmp-clearkey buildable outside of mozilla-central. r=edwin, a=sledru
44664728d0e15f6d9fb737e37dfb544dae28a9f2Andreas Pehrson — Bug 1129263 - Part 6: Remove DOMMediaStream::TrackTypeHints. r=roc, r=jesup, a=lsblakk
4f50ff0a07685cab43adc09051f6fa882095cb05Andreas Pehrson — Bug 1129263 - Part 5: Add intial remote PeerConnection tracks atomically to SourceMediaStream. r=jesup, a=lsblakk
682025ac0b1cd0c84e1b39f689bb7b07b0434b62Andreas Pehrson — Bug 1129263 - Part 4: Use MediaInfo instead of mHasAudio/Video in media element. r=roc, a=lsblakk
fdddf7161b59cd1bc9bb09a46cc433f751f83572Andreas Pehrson — Bug 1129263 - Part 3: Add tracks atomically when capturing from decoder. r=roc, r=jesup, a=lsblakk
d02ba6daf0ccf42f2ff5d78c45be84116da0bb2bAndreas Pehrson — Bug 1129263 - Part 2: Put hardcoded numeric TrackIDs in MediaInfo instead of DOMMediaStream. r=roc, r=jesup, a=lsblakk
3d689b47ef57bf1df6b6e1d4d240d7ab87a3f308Andreas Pehrson — Bug 1129263 - Part 1: Add an event to MediaStreamListener for handling atomically added tracks. r=roc, r=jesup, a=lsblakk
55ff50bd855b1da1fce01ff0d84372658ccca7eeBill McCloskey — Bug 1136407 - Disable Mac sandbox. a=test-only
3aa78f012b7256585516bd57948a16caefd38691Andrew Sutherland — Bug 947167 - Fix/improve debugging of test_downloads_pause_resume.html intermittent. r=aus, a=test-only
694d3b0b810004da44f00174e224c36acbe2ab0eSyd Polk — Bug 1134888 - Disable the mediasource-config-change-webm-a-bitrate.html test; r=cpearce a=testonly
51b8957e1143dd00d300009a7118c4a3f3bf68b2Margaret Leibovic — Bug 1141317 - Account for new #container div in about:reader CSS. r=bnicholson a=readinglist
0b6cd2155e766342e88c2bb92662dd21a996e52eMargaret Leibovic — Bug 1138628 - Don't try to find article in reader mode cache on desktop because we don't actually store them. r=Unfocused a=readinglist
b8d06501b1389a1503a52b460372d19d0defdda0Margaret Leibovic — Bug 1134361 - Hide "tip" to add to reading list in reading list panel on low memory devices. r=nalexander a=readinglist
8771d218e0e1e3ec18d36a8afa8a952c54320b30Steven MacLeod — Bug 1093566 - Migrate BrowserUITestUtils into BrowserTestUtils. r=Unfocused, r=paolo, a=test-only
1888d98f1d6f045cb2b70863ffb06e5b0b4c18ceSteven MacLeod — Bug 1093566 - Add Cc, Ci, Cu, Cr to scope of spawned ContentTasks. r=Gijs, r=paolo, a=test-only
8e5d503cd9c991c8c3adebc7fd8d6a96c85a4ad3Steven MacLeod — Bug 1093566 - Add modules for sharing mochitest-browser test code. r=Gijs, r=paolo, a=test-only
5e114045a6d9ed913a8d15372cb1313fec6c4b82Monica Chew — Bug 1090754 - Re-enable remote-lookups in release builds. r=sworkman, r=francois, a=lsblakk
9119e76f47d4e39d4bdc48e7687faef96be2790fEugen Sawin — Bug 1133802 - Force Gecko update on endBatchEdit for range updates. r=cpeterson, a=lizzard
12ef28874ba51f620d33e39f8618acb7686b6f2aValentin Gosu — Bug 1123920 - domainLookupEnd and requestStart out-of-order when using a persistent connection. r=mcmanus, a=lmandel
64032a38ad65db4488822bf641bf66c55d776596Valentin Gosu — Bug 1123920 - ConnectStart and ConnectEnd should call DomainLookupEndHighRes if null. r=ehsan, a=lmandel
2e1a4ce4eed81f7d7c3a3bda888e65ce9211a7efValentin Gosu — Bug 1123920 - requestStart timestamp is before connectEnd when using persistent connections. r=mcmanus, a=lmandel
2a03194aed0eab5144bc56a321ad9cff039d1d06Valentin Gosu — Bug 1132572 - Fix data race for nsHttpTransaction's timing info. r=mcmanus, a=lmandel
cd91ede303a9a2c5040dc9f6f807f4886c9883edBrian Birtles — Bug 1134487 - Remove delegated constructors in GMP{Audio,Video}Decoder since they're not supported by GCC 4.6. r=cpearce, a=lmandel
912d6d60b4d785b99a508c04220c1efce9f1c924Panos Astithas — Bug 1101196 - Use the correct l10n keys for the event listeners pane. r=vporof, a=lmandel
b941fc78a871736b4aa53d90ebe92bfd87f01747Mark Goodwin — Bug 1120748 - Fix intermittent orange from message manager misuse. r=felipe, a=test-only
cf3737de127744a7440a4f7eca60b71291b95ef1Tim Taubert — Bug 1093660 - Fix intermittent browser_e10s_switchbrowser.js failures by not using a CPOW to log the loaded URI. r=Gijs, a=test-only
d2f5b54a9de0f9bcba04a5847e442c6ee15ed203Tim Taubert — Bug 1130560 - Fix intermittent browser_463206.js failures by rewriting the test to make use of ContentTasks instead of CPOWs. r=smacleod, a=test-only
6338c7ac59a1d791027da4df7c9781b15136a296Nils Ohlmeier [:drno] — Bug 1139094: fix multiple steeplechase test execution problems, r=mt, a=test-only
b673d5f84d9f99c6c7f7ac4e0d380a0c814e2435David Anderson — Bug 1135883 - Implement GetMaxTextureSize in the basic compositor. r=mattwoodrow, a=lsblakk
da642d10a83ee71bd83a3612322151ad8c551bb0Steven Michaud — Bug 1137229 - Fix breakage in IMEInputHandler::OnDestroyWidget(). r=masayuki a=lmandel
9a40936b9714134be003a598fb0c628fce43b789Nicolas Silva — Bug 1123080 - Use cairo's image backend as canvas fallback on windows. r=Bas a=lmandel
f30f71665f72287ecc3e3ae13da922fec45e4abbJared Wein — Bug 1137909 - part 3: fix browser_confirm_unblock_download.js to use correct enum values. r=paolo a=lsblakk l10n=sylvestre
3cd97926186e1d4b201b8c88b79ac43849659d37Jared Wein — Bug 1137909 - part 2: context menuitem to unblock downloads and an X button to confirm the blocked download. r=paolo a=lsblakk l10n=Sylvestre
3b9fb49515b45f235fad77823cd08a7371639448Jared Wein — Bug 1137909 - part 1: blocked downloads should keep data. r=paolo a=lsblakk
a3276215697d035a8ea8749bc3e2a42c16958e4bFlorian Quèze — Bug 1140440 - Mouse chooses options when search menu pops out under it. r=Gijs, a=sledru
b09980a431dbea30f11c8dd1a18e01d8734ff857Karl Tomlinson — Bug 1139874 - Check for shutdown before asking the reader for buffered. r=bholley, a=sledru
0e69b618b931cdd6412a25891d44e7f21b075f1fRyan VanderMeulen — Bug 1141245 - Disable test_tooltip.xul on OSX 10.10 due to frequent timeouts. a=test-only
8e9f59a58088d0033912d3257d539719fdbf6b96Neil Deakin — Bug 1002232 - Move tooltip test into a window to prevent the browser tooltip from interfering with it. r=neil, a=test-only
0ebb2c0231a149edf07e0b13c465341e21e4a227Tim Taubert — Bug 1128928 - Fix intermittent browser_social_chatwindow_resize.js failures with ASAN builds by increasing the number of tries used by waitForCondition(). r=markh, a=test-only
9f3f281f26d25d3dcd525188658b675ab5d6b368Chris Pearce — Bug 1141241 - Add nullcheck for mDecoder in WMFMediaDataDecoder::ProcessDrain(). r=mattwoodrow a=lmandel
646122234d90eb36f8c41dbef272d99566b477e8Cesar Guirao — Bug 1139132: Fix Chroma offset on WebRTC remote video when width is not even r=jesup a=lmandel
31275b97d5366070bdcc5c2d9c795a1cf884153fRyan VanderMeulen — Bug 1128357 - Fix rebase error. a=bustage
983b2bf5229e5e4d0712f878131592dfe459c78bBlair McBride — Bug 1141016 - Use syncBrandShortName in ReadingList/Sync promo strings. r=markh, a=lsblakk, l10n=flod
53df17fc5fcad4061143f6588c8d0cee75022bfdBlair McBride — Bug 1138738 - Pre-land strings for in-product tour pieces for ReadingList. r=MattN, a=lsblakk, l10n=flod
15b0197dc31ab38db8aa20086fef4efe18687592Josh Matthews — Bug 1142032 - Add a crashtest. a=lizzard
77c29b7f2e7c7a4ce3e1480e524b3b4d7b2d2854Josh Matthews — Bug 1141260 - Null-check the responsive selector in images. r=jst, a=lizzard
10c28009ec95260b104d0b52c421c96ff4d36ca9Andrea Marchesini — Bug 1141026 - BroadcastChannel should throw if it fails registering the worker feature. r=smaug, a=lsblakk
4efbd492175392836a3de0e299cfe0614a14d57cStephen Pohl — Bug 1137961 - Check for new GMPs as soon as possible after an update to Firefox. r=gavin, a=lsblakk
aa343bcd66bdc992cb6330a27975ef6e197e9039vivek — Bug 1129171 - Update remote tabs styling on landscape tablets. r=nalexander, a=lsblakk
18b6678e7a9696c37f1d938c977cf3916a289c84vivek — Bug 1129168 - Avoid fragment load flicker by explicilty managing back-stack. r=nalexander, a=lsblakk
b1162f88200548aff85d77ff18e0af0827861bcaGijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1019828 - openPreferences should also work if no windows are open. r=jaws, a=lsblakk
53bd63715ff5899a891055309a13d99e4f7b7843Jeff Walden — Bug 1140196. r=jorendorff, a=lsblakk
eb9d4802922565b7ffac622a83355e776bb3dc36Masatoshi Kimura — Bug 1138882 - Add a pref to enable unrestricted RC4 fallback. r=keeler, a=lsblakk
4f1a176fefaf3f2be71f68f1fedcf9600ba9d682Michael Comella — Bug 1138723 - Remove GeckoBase theme in values-large-v11/ to inherit from Material on tablet. r=liuche, a=lsblakk
54eb779dab7ff7efc41cabc0117a101469162028Michael Comella — Bug 1138723 - Move arrowPopupWidth to dimens (from theme attr). r=liuche, a=lsblakk
0fcfefef9a164a3f9b62fa2b49480970360b7ef5Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1095017 - Pass the element instead of the pane object to gSyncUtils.changeName. r=markh, a=lsblakk
38f738759ece58dfc31b295dd8ed7b096b26deb9Victor Porof — Bug 1132370 - Wrong State: Expected 'attached', but current state is 'detached'. r=jsantell, a=lizzard
a211fede7312d2356e268cb4f04647addddbfe66Sotaro Ikeda — Bug 1128357 - Part 4: Asynchronize SetDormant(). r=cpearce, r=bobbyholley, a=lsblakk
23b7c077855dc448bbea889ef2436fe019ed2685Sotaro Ikeda — Bug 1128357 - Part 3: Test for video playback with dormant. r=cpearce, a=lsblakk
f89ab4b1b2005c8d1f71bc21d2f9d0ecaed52d22Sotaro Ikeda — Bug 1128357 - Part 2: Don't dispatch seeking/seeked events when coming out of dormant mode. r=cpearce, a=lsblakk
04b4edf606f21c54731089ee48c6e66430a52e8bSotaro Ikeda — Bug 1128357 - Part 1: Add extra dormant logging. r=bobbyholley, a=lsblakk
0851168bbb9c05452a9228b5d389df195039167cMichael Comella — Bug 1114774 - Hide the status bar on the share overlay. r=liuche, a=lsblakk
b68853d83c4de9e7d2aa6a6fc673b401bbaa6cc6Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1139022 - Fix camelcase issue with access key in EME notification bars. r=jaws, a=lsblakk
3e97a869fd1f69c2bc2c5d3a91d5036efc602990Chris Pearce — Bug 1140778 - Disable test_eme_obs_notification since it's testing functionality we're going to remove. r=test-only a=test-only
9ce0cda926df0e9d9b29e2df8fc456612e15ae22Jean-Yves Avenard — Bug 1139380: Ensure all queued tasks are aborted when shutting down. r=cpearce a=lsblakk
38ea2ada979198138b3a6105b69a1a2077fc1f35Edwin Flores — Bug 1140933 - Handle empty subsample encryption information in SampleIterator - r=cpearce a=lsblakk
5625edb0f03577bccf60e3d3c1fda0c373ae0ceaEthan Hugg — Bug 1140648 - WebRTC check codec config max frame rate is set before using r=jesup a=lsblakk
78a8634d4ee9a22e4df89acf289800eada2492cdXidorn Quan — Bug 1138092 - Add sanity check before checking ruby-align in TextAlignLine. r=dbaron, a=lsblakk
5405ed0953e7fa220af1dd524139b257bc2c981dMatthew Gregan — Bug 1136107 - Handle reconfiguring audio device if it went away while the stream was stopped. r=padenot, a=lsblakk
0d1531a43a58fb98c224cd42e516f21e332e8579Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1134513 - Shaky eme icon on first play. r=sevaan, a=lizzard
36de3260f65790de5000b2c5023ea80c3a11299cDavid Keeler — Bug 1085506 - Gather telemetry for TLS handshake certificate verification errors. r=rbarnes, a=lsblakk
441dc7e176513499e9dd7e9305a1cf082fd432a5Kannan Vijayan — Bug 1130367 - Ensure profiler stack sampling is disabled when spsProfiler is disabled. r=shu, a=lsblakk
7a9812f7da3ff5e369e3cdfe024176297f21a938Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 1138770 - Make memory reporters that have been stashed for testing eligible for unregistration. r=mccr8, a=lsblakk
a76195f874dedc6d57c5b7fcae3f235634447ebfDavid Keeler — Bug 1049740 - Implement telemetry to measure compatibility impact of 2048-bit-minimum RSA keys. r=briansmith
e76ef30e2931390523e4b86df133dcec6157b9b9Jonathan Kew — Bug 1135622 - The number-control.css stylesheet should be treated as a UA sheet when loaded, so that the inline-size property is recognized. r=heycam, a=lizzard
020ba765ef446b91f03070513588235524334848Sean Stangl — Bug 1141268 - Install js-config.h for standalone builds. r=glandium a=lsblakk
115d3d727f45e001427894ae7bd3f6abe50ef4d3Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset 6d66dccc94f8 (bug 1135883) for bustage.
1adf44fcb513fd289f513df089ee72c86f498c8bSami Jaktholm — Bug 1140739 - Don't expect any specific TLS version or cipher suite in browser_net_security-details.js. r=vporof, a=test-only
758a094c8b7e66c67cd2998b30d0f2d89c4d74e4Kai Engert — Bug 1137470, landing NSS_3_18_RC0 minus bug 1132496, r=nss-confcall, a=lsblakk
bb6535c6211b51f9d10628f092e9d44354b493a4Benjamin Smedberg — Bug 1132192 - Enable org.mozilla.searches.engines by default in FHR. r=gps, a=lsblakk
609b4fbc385f594108a2fe9dd8ad1bf5517bd5f0Patrick McManus — Bug 1136140 - wss inside https proxy null deref. r=hurley, a=lsblakk
b837e465cdf1303897756a42f7fe294772f623b4Robert Longson — Bug 1134561 - Use of the namespace when checking the tag name if HTMLPictureElement and HTMLSourceElement. r=jst, a=lsblakk
28738a551bd0a81d7d584f9063900551c2671d0bJeff Muizelaar — Bug 1136242 - Make sure we acquire the mutexes when copying the surfaces. r=jgilbert, a=lsblakk
398749e97b25f46b6e6865249424c66dc03b30c8James Willcox — Bug 1140830 - Don't try to use a null JSONObject in SiteIdentity.update(). r=rnewman, a=lsblakk
a37bffb6cfb048355ab95fd3d38fc51c0b624820Mark Banner — Bug 1106941 - Part 2: Firefox Hello doesn't work properly when no video camera is installed - fix incoming conversations. r=mikedeboer, a=lsblakk
15dce2aeae06859405ab24453c0969b95b394660Mark Banner — Bug 1106941 - Part 1: Firefox Hello doesn't work properly when no video camera is installed - fix rooms and outgoing conversations. r=mikedeboer, a=lsblakk
c51acd8dcf496176959c774e925b62509d9001b8Jan-Ivar Bruaroey — Bug 1140363 - Fire recording-window-ended on gUM failures, like we do on deny. r=jesup, a=lsblakk
3293b116b319c68909c31c0a6f51f4347e8d7cccKarl Tomlinson — Bug 1138229 - GetOutputStreamInfo() after each SetOutputType(). r=cpearce, a=lsblakk
f06f05f415f500122a583f637c549b1504f91aabNeil Deakin — Bug 1015617 - Wait for panel to show before adding hidden listener. r=gijs, a=lsblakk
6d66dccc94f8019fe32179cc249abb7baf9b722bDavid Anderson — Bug 1135883 - Implement GetMaxTextureSize in the basic compositor. r=mattwoodrow, a=lsblakk
9ea4d014791b70ac5047e224b1b831747cd25aceJesse Ruderman — Bug 1133142 - Downgrade 'mTempFile not equal to mTargetFile' from assertion to warning. r=yoric, a=NPOTB
643bbfda477319a4c6a76d9bf1ddef35674b3b2dEhsan Akhgari — Bug 922977 - Request a longer timeout when running test_reftests_with_caret.html. a=test-only
19443ff644bdeaa19d89c381ec4107a9e5fa3532Jean-Yves Avenard — Bug 1132342: Handle race should operation be aborted while reading metadata. r=karlt a=lsblakk
04c022de147f074f8182031294e459c87d2a404bNicholas Nethercote — Bug 1134030 - Add WindowsAddressSpaceReporter. code=njn,dmajor. r=dmajor,njn. a=lsblakk.
469a0c3d1eb168c4c439d870e57015d1a58e27f4Steven Michaud — Bug 1130435 - Mouse cursor doesn't disappear over Flash object when it should. Works in non-e10s. r=josh a=lsblakk
26960651c5d95f81afa6f66e07d854431e70e9e3Milan Sreckovic — Bug 1135066 - Deal with failed CreateDrawTarget. r=mstange, a=abillings
fffaf2a7de3d24dabdce43c082941e7013367b16Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1102042 - Fix the test to not have a race between the binding and the test bits. r=terrence, a=test-only
d3939281285dfd4b2b1bcad149e177e5f3f38ee6Lars T Hansen — Bug 1141516 - Call reportCompare even on early exit. r=luke, a=test-only
caac2d955f54a091bc7258a2785d4dd403b3f239Boris Zbarsky — Bug 453969 - Fix the race in test_bug382113.html so we don't set our child-onload-fired boolean to false _after_ the child onload has already fired. r=froydnj, a=test-only
690fb52f675629b213eadf12f42d3078f0c03a42Sami Jaktholm — Bug 1125342 - Fix intermittent browser_responsiveui.js by making the test to wait for document to load before starting the test. r=ochameau, a=test-only
9bb2ecb59c70b66e728ce2db698da0cd3f6fbc7dTooru Fujisawa — Bug 949971 - Set longer timeout for test_input_typing_sanitization.html. r=RyanVM, a=test-only
c4e811a11277cab3eabcdd94f0044c43dfb752b5Randell Jesup — Bug 1130150: mSources update r=roc a=abillings
01153eab1ffaff31ae905dad32951baa77270a2dRichard Newman — Bug 1140243 - Refactor default client name in FxAccountUtils. r=nalexander, a=readinglist
571b6e13c58c0f13b52b974bf6f17b3bf1624827David Keeler — Bug 1136616 - Allow underscores in reference DNS-IDs in mozilla::pkix name matching. r=briansmith, a=lmandel
359e3680014f8a8f787d023371e83544e4dd4683Eugen Sawin — Bug 1051556 - Simplify GeckoEditable exception messages. r=snorp, a=lmandel
1fb8a664e27b5b53692033230b166522d607c8a9Brian Hackett — Bug 1138199. r=billm, a=abillings
9f2a6cf5957f328a158fa40dc736619c67fa7aa0L. David Baron — Bug 1140134 - Don't skip the rest of the properties in an animation after hitting one that we shouldn't apply. r=dholbert, a=lmandel
e8418c77c6a83a833dc1861456a40a48445cc591Jeff Walden — Bug 1127012. r=jorendorff, a=lmandel
bf35674bc802847a86646a29f7b7517125c9747dBas Schouten — Bug 1138934 - Make sure the white texture of a component alpha pair is fully uploaded when new. r=nical, a=lmandel
5b2516e8aea9d9a0a11834f86d29624ed10b3f8fMichael Comella — Bug 1138529 - Add null checks mDoorHangerPopup access in toolbar editing state. r=liuche, a=lmandel
3d241bf1edd8c563809455c00c6c2a900d7d29bfDrew Willcoxon — Bug 1130850 - Fix outdated plugin notification bar text color. r=Unfocused, a=lmandel
cbef37fab945039a507151fb01148ba5ed68d8e2JW Wang — Bug 1138557 - Add null check to mLoadingSrc. r=karlt, a=lmandel
b8939b631f2428895855f2ec7d1e55718236d951Maire Reavy — Bug 1137167 - Orange added to screensharing whitelist. r=jesup, a=lmandel
992a9b4bb74df2b4a3abdb5e9b49dd5f54f85193Christoph Kerschbaumer — Bug 1111834 - CORS request after preflight should not follow 30x redirect. r=sicking, a=lmandel
bea134860f17003bfb2b9001ede7d1b5c335d57fBobby Holley — Bug 1093980 - Rewrite test_FrameSelection to avoid assuming that resizes will always be processed before firing 'seeked'. r=mattwoodrow, a=test-only
0c71c8d58c5d9b76100e4e48cf943a170673ca5fPaul Adenot — Bug 1130077 - Bump the number of iterations to prevent failures on slow machines. r=ehsan, a=test-only
cf4c5e311ae586f936248071bb7d1546d5a33d0eDavid Keeler — Bug 1129771 - Disable IPv6 in PSM xpcshell TLS connection tests due to failures on OS X 10.10. r=cykesiopka, a=test-only
5359c57ac9f7931c9312b11482a52bd692f3b62dTim Taubert — Bug 1139588 - Fix waitForDocLoadComplete() to hold onto the weak progress listener to ensure it isn't GC'ed before we saw the document load. r=Gijs, a=test-only
7d616841ef4d80ba15c2ac285a5f6604a64fbea4Jonas Jenwald — Bug 1138993 - Prevent print preview of PDF files from generating one empty page for each page of the file, when switching to landscape mode. r=yury, a=lmandel
3641e326506d3ef56f2027c250178c8fe8d01ebfGeoff Brown — Bug 1062365 - Bump mozharness rev. r=armenzg, a=NPOTB
a01a7a3f2bbdcb50348588b12c20a004267aab9dRichard Newman — Bug 1140241 - Add ReadingListConstants. a=readinglist
87052f130746e1c494dc74d570f6e5f6b12a3ce2Richard Newman — Bug 1140240 - Don't throw when accessing the body of an HTTP response with a null entity. a=readinglist
2d8fe278dfc69239d16c66b1f2b2e03cf6215946Nick Alexander — Bug 1139946 - Generalize audience across SyncAdapter instances. r=rnewman, a=readinglist
405496698d0b7524dff93d0f2d709e3fec8a8629ffxbld — No bug, Automated blocklist update from host bld-linux64-spot-088 - a=blocklist-update
06f7e8ed3ee019821d79533ecef7a033f63a37efffxbld — No bug, Automated HPKP preload list update from host bld-linux64-spot-088 - a=hpkp-update
b73fc92669c4a27276b79efcf397b0972144eae3ffxbld — No bug, Automated HSTS preload list update from host bld-linux64-spot-088 - a=hsts-update
bcfac4ff0a06134b43598a85f053fde6af9c879aCameron McCormack — Bug 1137031 - Do not stop restyling when TryStartingTransitions gives us a new style context. r=dbaron a=lsblakk
582136af3821d92c2c67a3350cbf762509178936JW Wang — Bug 1139270 - mark kGMPOutputDownscaled keys able to decrypt. r=cpearce a=lmandel
a1cd7c036d45869f61c452a5debb28da800fd586Ben Hearsum — bug 1138990: 64-bit windows xulrunner is busted - fix compiler selection for win64 xulrunner. r=glandium, a=lmandel
f0ed8156330d3f0d7aed61441f5ddd1ac6514b34Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 1127140 - Run the tests for bug 989012 with the touch caret disabled. a=test-only
5a1e981853b04f0ee4e09913abbf5835ebff90a3Michael Comella — Bug 1137240 - Specify primaryColorDark in v21 themes.xml to set status bar color. r=liuche, a=lizzard
7435f23f270eb80c1fc26c228982a24798d8e2cePaolo Amadini — Bug 1137996 - Can't drag items from downloads panel. r=mak, a=gavin
2d4039cac0df5896d43e0eb65fca9df4dd7ff454Tim Taubert — Bug 1022403 - Fix intermittent browser_sessionHistory.js timeouts by making sure the weak shistory listener isn't GC'ed before we saw the notification. r=smacleod, a=test-only
2ac69c94ce417290df138fd70b717dbc0f7a532cRyan VanderMeulen — Bug 632290 - Disable browser_about.js on Linux and Windows. a=test-only
8a4c972a2cf9ae3e405e574f9c917a4afddacfd4Tim Taubert — Bug 1041297 - Rewrite browser_tab_dragdrop2.js to get rid of arbitrary timeouts. r=Gijs, a=test-only
95495d7715bdd84dd369383577ea14d5bc5ee64aRyan VanderMeulen — Bug 1120410 - Adjust the fuzz for 413361-1.html a bit more. a=test-only
39379b6b90dccb0b79a50f123507a0a05bb5e8f1Anthony Jones — Bug 1138253 - Count dropped frames directly; r=cpearce a=lmandel
97597242629b64b50b15ee14fb4602e3d055dc8aAnthony Jones — Bug 1138253 - Clean up AutoNotifyDecoded; r=cpearce a=lmandel
33852948b0e8103f4f15c11370222df2f038b00fMike Shal — Bug 1138535 - generate precomplete before signing for OSX; r=ted a=lmandel
83db950282b446ae998ec9b60dc5c522d24e77dcChris Pearce — Bug 1139316 - Add pref to enable EME outside of MSE. r=edwin a=lmandel
36bbf44de5978e6a3dcdb82fb991d1b789db2a82Edwin Flores — Bug 1131392 - Fix EME tests after disable non-MSE EME - r=cpearce a=lmandel
b9ff759f56f80a520b1b3989ecae26e1afb5de5cEdwin Flores — Bug 1131392 - Remove unused test code after disabling non-MSE EME - r=cpearce a=lmandel
0c96d6164ccb7dc046189f4de7429c95df0914c4Edwin Flores — Bug 1131392 - Restrict EME to MSE only - r=cpearce a=lmandel
4f7d9555627d000bee71d559e8e803f9eadb8d20Chris Pearce — Bug 1138771 - Ensure we don't deref a null pointer in assertion in GMPVideoDecoderParent::Shutdown(). r=edwin a=lmandel
fb5eb3316df9fc17a4b824325958042d275b4f0aJordan Lund — Bug 1094364 - Switch win64 builds to use mozharness mach. r=catlee, a=NPOTB
70580084599ef043f2fe9783a9c0d93c3f5f9476Nicolas Silva — Bug 1125848 - Prevent PCompositorChild messages to be sent after the actor started shutting down. r=sotaro, a=lmandel
998bbb1255f707e3f2e97e9e6c7dbf02e000ef36Mark Banner — Bug 1108187 - Hide Loop's toolbar button in private browsing mode as Loop doesn't work fully in it yet. r=mikedeboer, a=lizzard
ce7ddf3f848cab4a0cb2eec1227a8a59f2c9a2a7Robin Ricard — Bug 1124193 - Follow-up: Reland part of first synced date is wrong on first sync. r=nalexander, a=lizzard
7dc41433f93b2453f92b66ffc2b17c289c4ed416Cameron McCormack — Bug 1136010 - Don't coalesce style contexts added to RestyleManager::mContextsToClear. r=dbaron, a=lmandel
f03e25d599eb33d20c02798923e1ed2d83fa46c0Margaret Leibovic — Bug 1120004 - Update styles of Reader View controls on mobile. r=bnicholson a=readinglist
bc07944f02c11093dd46f7062c2e772a8c1088f5Margaret Leibovic — Bug 1128757 - Do not trim fragments from URLs loaded in reader view. r=bnicholson a=readinglist
4d847c044609c115f85121c30e245a37ae6b90f3Tyler St. Onge — Bug 1134927 - Add 'Add to Reading List' back to context menu. r=margaret a=readinglist
d828b6d179ddc99fc75044bc99eb283d82126e77Margaret Leibovic — Bug 1124011 - Hide reader view buttons related to reading list if reading list is disabled, and enable reader view by default on Nightly. r=Unfocused a=readinglist
da4f8b1829592ead7664bae86d9350ec5e6ea1a2Mark Capella — Bug 1133489 - Hook up "Open ReadingList" button in desktop ReaderMode, r=unfocused a=readinglist
c936fb041d6fcdb6a2f193d5135c031cc5f21174Karl Tomlinson — Bug 1123492 - Remove ResetDecode() call from MediaSourceReader::AttemptSeek(). r=mattwoodrow, a=abillings
40e4baf83c7743a6b430627bf490edc90a22e22aKarl Tomlinson — Bug 1123492 - ResetDecode() on subreaders before Seek(). r=mattwoodrow, a=abillings
650639387cb4fd0ff3a6d5828a054bfe722f280eKarl Tomlinson — Bug 1123492 - Update comment to describe the thread that runs AttemptSeek(). r=mattwoodrow, a=abillings
61d8566d00c3eaf67d19e4f1af144d5010ff35abJean-Yves Avenard — Bug 1138922 - Fix build bustage. r=mattwoodrow, a=lmandel
1b4d785e0473f78a859839d3ece1a04fef5bd1c9Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 1125963 - Part 2: Rename mPreFormatted to mPreFormattedMail in order to clarify the meaning of this member. a=lmandel
a7b9fbe30a22321c273d638e3c1e2891e462066eEhsan Akhgari — Bug 1125963 - Part 1: Fix serialization of the pre-wrap elements that Thunderbird relies on. r=bzbarsky, a=lmandel
3cc4e56ab9ad7acdd07b3a5d50808f0f43004985Mark Hammond — Bug 1137459 - Avoid sensitive information in the FxA logs. r=ckarlof, a=lmandel
9923b668bf681f69d57f6d4220a59d7a25b19160Margaret Leibovic — Bug 1118487 - Remove double-tap-to-scroll behavior in reader view. r=bnicholson a=readinglist
d0eef186dc22c8527454d41f17d1c166afbf2c9dMargaret Leibovic — Bug 1134441 - Replace font size controls with +/- buttons. r=bnicholson a=readinglist
fa8645257f11179cf987bf2b63e9cdece126be93Margaret Leibovic — Bug 1136231 - Unify Reader View type options to be Sans-Serif on Left, Serif on Right. r=bnicholson a=readinglist
10dec7965ec8d7a7c4136c9bc7a6ee267daacb2aMargaret Leibovic — Bug 1130206 - Don't blow away saved reader mode article until another non-about:reader page is shown. r=bnicholson a=readinglist
ecd47bf3bd2bb83e144fe4683ff303dd5ab26271Margaret Leibovic — Bug 1134443 - Update Readability.js from shared library on github. r=bnicholson a=readinglist
191e9c8fcfad3937c414db8e1c85fd536f558f8eMargaret Leibovic — Bug 1136716 - Consolidate reader view strings in one .properties file, and make the strings to close reader view consistent. r=bnicholson, r=Unfocused, a=lsblakk, l10n=lsblakk
2ef3b3c12db98eac9565806efe710673cf1309ecShu-yu Guo — Bug 1136397 - Ensure OSR frame scripts have debug instrumentation. r=jandem, a=lmandel
5761d1889d029cb87b46fddb6b229badb2a243e2Sotaro Ikeda — Bug 1137251 - Disable RemoveTextureFromCompositableTracker except gonk. r=nical, a=lizzard
3ebd765486ce4d2fcd499b3ca97288faf0f25ff2Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1135764 - Make sure XSLT transform results have a document timeline so things like transitions will work. r=smaug, a=lmandel
cc28574bd2c5edaf508c0c76d70fcd98d41ba1a2Steve Fink — Bug 1137336 - Explicitly disallow WeakMapTracer.callback from GCing. r=terrence, a=lsblakk
2a92625b924e1d6c87e686757f01d33b04a6f16eSteve Fink — Bug 1137326 - Fix out of bounds error in JS_iterateCompartments. r=terrence, a=abillings
385b6dcab55f11a791b8420b08bd43c9c433b52dEhsan Akhgari — Bug 1125956 - Hack around the broken assumptions of Thunderbird about the HTML copy encoder by disabling the plaintext encoding detection logic. r=roc, a=lizzard
06d70b82938e0328ab1c8b1680b7401e3c373f09Chris — Bug 1121417 - Change hiddenOneOffs search pref to use unichar type. r=gavin, a=lmandel
bdf310a1b1bc466eb2b4480a0c986566c77b462avivek — Bug 1136699 - Temporarily disable swipe to refresh in synced tab landscape mode. r=nalexander, a=lsblakk
9aa3163b6d36599fbd1518b713e4e6ec62930f0cMichael Comella — Bug 1132986 - Display a Gecko-themed dialog when sending tabs to device. r=liuche, a=lizzard
f9bc1766be400e2d79261a6841d1f8069671f430Garvan Keeley — Bug 1136976 - Set MLS geolocation to nightly+aurora only. r=cpeterson, a=lsblakk
d2d54a52605d645040672f17f9506dd7c9a53f84Garvan Keeley — Bug 1136956 - Set CoreLocation provider to non-release only in firefox.js. r=cpeterson, a=lsblakk
f61a5c023ec1c203276fd3cef80464a1b6f97950Bobby Holley — Bug 1137511 - Account for audio frames already pushed to audio hardware but not yet played when computing OutOfDecodedAudio. r=kinetik, a=lsblakk
2f29031bfd403eab9046988511dcdcaa619c2d7dMasatoshi Kimura — Bug 1137179 - Add wildcard support to the static fallback list. r=keeler, a=lsblakk
3e7843c91294878bdf89786062bb187f363b6dc5Blake Kaplan — Bug 1137025 - Add a telemetry probe to see how often Window.showModalDialog is used. r=jst, a=lsblakk
da4e3fd3320b879cdc80d4815f5a9cd80a1e8892Patrick Brosset — Bug 1137129 - Fix the toggle-all-animations button size on retina screens. r=miker, a=lsblakk
705946ec0d52cb52b00a2440b103c0aa70f37d42Benoit Girard — Bug 1132468 - Reject invalid sizes. r=jrmuizel, a=lizzard
b3e0687fcf276200e4397d52beaa4b842866eddcMargaret Leibovic — Bug 1130834 - Explictly cancel ongoing download notifications instead of trying to update them to be non-ongoing. r=wesj, a=lmandel
75b47202646792bf13f27f711167e355228f33b5Makoto Kato — Bug 1138070 - Don't use GetModuleHandleA on RtlImageNtHeader. r=dmajor, a=sledru
8599bb3db71fbe799da1f8ced3f421f1c7bb48ecDavid Major — Bug 1137609 - Test for the missing export because we can't trust the version. r=glandium, a=sledru
488646d664853a1a7f148db19bfb59e47dc48ca6Benjamin Smedberg — Disable bug 1133003 - We aren't going to make any automatic changes to the Flash protected-mode setting for now; we will keep working with Adobe on fixing or wallpapering the most common hang scenarios. a=lmandel
373bcb466173fa7f77fe0ba969ab53f5c1c5e435Ryan VanderMeulen — Bug 1120993 - Backout bug 1125891 and bug 1119941 to return to default settings for Flash protected mode and our internal sandbox. a=lmandel
63e88b0c9000225d24e3880e09453c24161fc3a3Mike Conley — Bug 1134891 - Print progress code paths for OS X should be unreachable. r=trivial, a=lizzard.
b063310a4e36653f3a4359d197411009767510faMike Conley — Bug 1134891 - Make the print progress dialog for Windows and Linux be opened by the browser window's nsIDOMWindow instead of the content window. r=smaug, a=lizzard.
fa85f159d3fbab8f1b5958023f70c6b4fdb80fa5Mike de Boer — Bug 1069962: update ui-showcase to show contacts in the lists and add unit tests for Gravatar support. r=Standard8, a=lizzard
26c502f841b3528722aa51e36aac9459c4823161Mike de Boer — Bug 1069962: show a promo area in the contacts list for Gravatars. Show Gravatar icons upon granting permission. r=Standard8, a=lizzard
5e3ea215b04d083b55516e6c3a0adb9e436e8cb5Chris Pearce — Bug 1138240 - Fail faster if a CDM tries to resolve a resolved promise. r=edwin a=lmandel
ec239700e42b401514fbdee137e15664d628bf6dChris Pearce — Bug 1136986 - Fix unthreadsafe uses of GMPVideoHost in gmp-clearkey. r=edwin a=lmandel
15d3bc2d83753854d08c3b146da0c7c9afb97ce7Chris Pearce — Bug 1136986 - Disable SharedDecoderManager for EME video. r=kentuckyfriedtakahe a=lmandel
ee8fd10fb6fa282a6c836ee992664c13d7fcd16dJean-Yves Avenard — Bug 1134387: Prevent crash when decoder couldn't be created. r=edwin a=lmandel
fe65513db8388d2b040654960cfe0e155774f86aChris Pearce — Bug 1137957 - Fix non-unified build failure in GMPVideoDecoder. r=kinetik a=lmandel
1fff78b318d64f8d275db3d003254aa8e71f9093Chris Pearce — Bug 1137489 - Fix unified build failure in gmp-clearkey. r=edwin a=lmandel
104dbec6acc23e3413949eb65460431ec2258de1Richard Newman — Bug 1139035 - Supporting RepoUtils and ExtendedJSONObject changes. r=nalexander, a=readinglist
f1507c74dd1f068aea188abe020c29aac3918801Anthony Jones — Bug 1135558 - Disable WebM support for MSE; r=rillian a=lizzard
2bae960bfe47c9ab3413f7aa12be18977c0d258bXidorn Quan — Bug 1135954 - Part 2: Make GetUniqueStyleData private and remove no longer used unique cases. r=heycam, a=abillings
838f4982e92787c726d6be4fc3e968c4533ed3baXidorn Quan — Bug 1135954 - Part 1: Create empty border/padding style struct for rbc/rtc. r=heycam, a=abillings
8f8953a2200f6dc1c7f22dda2270024cb43d4c97Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 1137952 - Call mozRequestAnimationFrame on the right window. r=mstange, a=test-only
ed5c2656ffb659292895289d13acc1f4a8ababdeJon Coppeard — Bug 1128670 - Ignore intermittent timeout in compacting GC tests. r=terrence, a=test-only
c2ffff195e60478aa4ca30d21937c34147ec9650Jean-Yves Avenard — Bug 1138731 - Fix non-unified compilation in TextInputHandler. r=smichaud, a=bustage
2f2e1513282ae21ec898179b964ca6f9367db166Jean-Yves Avenard — Bug 1131433 - More non-unified build fixes. a=bustage
9d2a26109463e5b688f22e29797e80cf7a85ccabKim Moir — Bug 1137575 - Disable test_native_mouse_mac.xul on OSX 10.10. r=mstange, a=test-only
cb533bea322d3c59d1e83a6cc748ab1e23fe3541Steve Workman — Bug 1093983 - Disable type ANY request in DNS used to get TTL on Windows. r=mcmanus, a=lizzard
929ae3baf44c4f8c45afc3b9cd198421b5c5b798David Major — Bug 1137050 - Don't SetThreadContext if the context didn't change. r=luke, a=lizzard
3cf370890e0eeb75fb00a222d7d2781ae27459c0Geoff Brown — Bug 1099175 - Skip conformance/textures/texture-npot.html on android. r=jgilbert, a=test-only
11fa3a2140278325d996be92058f16eeed10e8a7Wes Kocher — Bug 1131433 - Further fixes to SourceBufferDecoder.cpp. a=bustage
4b51b9e2c0881c72318d559a8cc2f7fcce02374fMike de Boer — Bug 1137141 - Extend Loop toolbarbutton tests to check for correct panel states upon opening. r=Standard8, a=sledru
c1b3c8c553e903b03c2e90f107c4e5ab9cda3f46Mike de Boer — Bug 1137141 - Fix for making the Loop contacts tab show and/ or hide when the user logs in or out of FxA. r=Standard8, a=sledru
62f149b1cfd7e2c7a70b0b53a7fb55a004ac5b12Steve Fink — Bug 1133909 - Fix hazards revealed by adding in new GCPointers. r=terrence, a=lmandel
7cde06012d12f2fd372199ad66272427007c921fTimothy Nikkel — Bug 1102896 - Save and restore the subpixel AA settings of the draw target when drawing an inactive layer manager so they don't get clobbered. r=mattwoodrow, a=lmandel
5a6ad0eb44370f1d53e37eb3952c0415f76bd66bTimothy Nikkel — Bug 1134293 - Report the bounds of a tree body as needing component alpha and support disable component alpha in the text it might draw if asked. r=roc, a=lmandel
5c0c7cd2cc6620b361706244962046bec7cf4433Andy Pusch — Bug 1124884 - Clear search history in Firefox Search after using 'Clear Private Data' in Firefox. r=margaret, a=lmandel
84c98bb4f5c4b468fcf874608425174fd040d678Hannes Verschore — Bug 1130679 - Disable optimization due to fuzzer failures. r=nbp, a=lmandel
faca7520c9461008ee1b9d825c2187e948c19bb3Matt Woodrow — Bug 1136984 - Use correct units for comparing timestamps in TrackBuffer::RangeRemoval. r=jya a=lmandel
b0610daf9f4b520905192e189611a522061f6375Matt Woodrow — Bug 1136984 - Always call DrainComplete in response to Drain, even if it wasn't called on the active decoder. r=cpearce a=lmandel
33147d1285b8e838ad2c8a39effec1499e6bc62cRichard Newman — #
446133410f9bf4f3b323d4c6f3ffdd08b31ad568ffxbld — No bug, Automated blocklist update from host bld-linux64-spot-195 - a=blocklist-update
cb0f4956e5ba8b50f8813848a55a5964c09837eeffxbld — No bug, Automated HPKP preload list update from host bld-linux64-spot-195 - a=hpkp-update
106f3715179ec7ea1a9f7a5ca5d7f2f12653a924ffxbld — No bug, Automated HSTS preload list update from host bld-linux64-spot-195 - a=hsts-update
253357cc63f3dc54f9c2de4d08c45e4065999da4Richard Newman — Bug 1135900 - Follow-up: add fields from CommonColumns and URLColumns. a=readinglist
d0c984820a7f5c13847ae4b1939d90562ff37af9Ryan VanderMeulen — Bug 1131433 - Re-add accidentally-removed GetMediaSourceLog() declarations. a=bustage
40d995020286d08b067b325f7dc1fe26d52b3608Blair McBride — Bug 1137231 - Double Separator In Bookmarks Menu when ReadingList is disabled. r=markh, a=lsblakk
1f5f262bea13a02233d92e4cceaa8dcd598c61abIan Moody — Bug 1136693 - Make the headers request URL and security panel info visible in the dark theme. r=vp, a=lsblakk
d8d04e0bbaa64fa2dcb00c4c0255c28e18d555feMarco Bonardo — Bug 1135348 - Fix about:downloads by adding missing XPCOMUtils imports. r=paolo, a=gavin
72eb85afdde6e9d0382859727cd64b28beba26e3J. Ryan Stinnett — Bug 1136450 - WebIDE packaging check did not function correctly. r=ochameau, a=lsblakk
8a0d1a42bb4c04d308a3c5bf73652e92041c1d6eMark Hammond — Bug 1136291 - Better handle an unexpected (eg, the hidden DOM window) being the window opener when initializing the sidebar. r=Unfocused, a=gavin
256f560409edd6a4c1aba13d7f5bacecb03a433dGian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 1123012 - Just return a NULL ptr instead of casting NULL. r=jesup, a=lsblakk
ac0ad76096ad4d93b1d62a0f55ae13b1b3bd74f6Nick Alexander — Backed out changeset 8eef92e67922 (bug 1128033) for causing Bug 1135858.
773d9db35988ccbfc8a0fa96379d540721754c82Kai Engert — Bug 1137470 - Upgrade Firefox to NSS 3.18, landing NSS_3_18_BETA7. r=nss-confcall, a=lsblakk
225c87a41c2febc8a4ff85622eef844b4c59b867Dave Townsend — Bug 1129567 - Revert page-mod to using the old synchronous worker. r=jsantell, a=lsblakk
4f4d508e1c7d967fc245be942bd9377d262ec976Stephen Pohl — Bug 1129721 - Add license URL for Adobe EME. r=dolske, a=lmandel
d373bc0db4387fdfeaae29570d0d94bbbc8abde8Stephen Pohl — Bug 1130682 - Add homepage URL for Adobe EME. r=dolske, a=lmandel
415a2cc6f3f5eaaf28f8e23c64fe526c8e70b869Michael Comella — Bug 1056002 - Backout changeset c56275d516ec. r=mfinkle, a=lsblakk
c002149f2c79e30c262dd74b6973b21dcdf236e5Jordan Santell — Bug 1135752 - Add tracking params in the dev edition doorhanger promo URL. r=jwalker, a=lsblakk
bb174842be5c875f48e4cfa91c3f532f0e969f7bJ. Ryan Stinnett — Bug 1128027 - Rework Console tests that click links. r=bgrins, a=lsblakk
fa0ec48ad174cc752231c553cd6b312ddcc3a6b7J. Ryan Stinnett — Bug 1128027 - Settle Web Audio requests in tests before teardown. r=jsantell, a=lsblakk
8955f76dc2004e711c1f99ca141d5ba6cf20d390J. Ryan Stinnett — Bug 1128027 - Record protocol.js request headers for debugging. r=bgrins, a=lsblakk
e988c79a74f50b55cddad86ca4541a26529e4d49J. Ryan Stinnett — Bug 1128027 - Inspector destroy error was holding document alive. r=bgrins, a=lsblakk
010880539033308e3c729de7a80fe45b27340dc8J. Ryan Stinnett — Bug 1128027 - Repair sourceeditor test after protocol.js cleanup change. r=bgrins, a=lsblakk
f4a427d7dc865622fae1e0647ec89068856c4e21J. Ryan Stinnett — Bug 1128027 - Clean up protocol.js pools after connection close. r=bgrins, a=lsblakk
8eb1835381813521a4ee43fd663b5ff4510f9353Matt Woodrow — Bug 1132757 - Don't crash if we call WMFVideoMFTManager after we've initiated shutdown. r=cpearce, a=lsblakk
aabde40b9764a91917f07ceb067680969b944518Michael Comella — Bug 1135796 - Update ActivityUtils to use proper API levels. r=rnewman, a=lsblakk
5bb976753d27ccc441eb2d8f49a412808c58973eRichard Newman — Bug 1137259 - Don't send Campaign:Set for distribution referrer intents. r=mfinkle, a=lsblakk
4338ca9969349061833b98a8277b9ff49579f8b6Jean-Yves Avenard — Bug 1136576 - Properly align source buffer starts with current decoder. r=cajbir, a=lsblakk
884b4f4c4d6798c39ea19727218956c53aa39c54Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1107695 - Make one-off buttons accessible. r=florian, f=MarcoZ, a=lsblakk
6e54bae0865380b5ff464cc000d79d0b016d972bJean-Yves Avenard — Bug 1096089 - Make end argument an unrestricted double as per spec. r=cajbir, r=bholley, a=lsblakk
49c8f23aad9b52c75ba1812d4723a3d5d5d4faa1Jean-Yves Avenard — Bug 1096089 - Part 3: Add trimming support from beginning of source buffer. r=cajbir, a=lsblakk
ce8525a6b2d95909c62b664a5cbcd7dcfcdb0b90Jean-Yves Avenard — Bug 1134064 - Part 5: Evict from TrackBuffer's current decoder. r=cajbir, a=lsblakk
2f297ec7ecef7fd161c71547f56c5c489af7e876Jean-Yves Avenard — Bug 1134064 - Part 4: Fix racing condition should data get evicted. r=mattwoodrow, a=lsblakk
b148e936392018f0d822b4206ad863465791be63Jean-Yves Avenard — Bug 1134064 - Part 2: Drop current reader when seeking outside range. r=mattwoodrow, a=lsblakk
01ad6f6b479d7737901abb8f9fa22bb1bcb9b856Jean-Yves Avenard — Bug 1134064 - Part 1: Don't hold on reader when we stop needing it. r=mattwoodrow, a=lsblakk
07f1fc72c886faef9bb7defb07d104adfdf3e95cRichard Newman — Bug 1135900 - Add ReadingListItems.ALL_FIELDS. a=readinglist
bfe706982340a3b069f0b249edfa81e1609e450fRichard Newman — Bug 1130461 - Part 3: disable ReadingListHelper's background fetch triggers to avoid test problems. r=margaret, a=readinglist
dfe8f55e047a8bfc89b604881f355e930732c778Richard Newman — Bug 1130461 - Part 2: correct value setting in AddToReadingList. r=margaret, a=readinglist
2a568085f0429a3a33f5587ffdbf64e4e16f6fb6Richard Newman — Bug 1130461 - Part 1: change schema for reading list. r=margaret, a=readinglist
bcae3d28587355de5e426a9b5adcf045d4227ca3Mark Banner — Bug 1137469 - If an uncaught exception occurs whilst processing an action, the dispatcher can fail, rendering parts of Loop inactive. r=mikedeboer,a=sledru
e8f0fd3fbd3b2b505a4444c4b5253ebf79c68b62Mike Conley — Bug 1136855 - Send a message from the content script when printing has finished so the parent can save print settings. r=Mossop, a=sledru.
3095f0eb1b3cf308bbb111f5809bd35cef748804Florian Quèze — Bug 1124400 - [ReadingList] Add section to bookmarks popup for reading list items and actions. r=Unfocused, a=lsblakk, l10n=comment-only
1304475d63b747079a0f46c12f695f3b35884422Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1131758 - Indicate 64-bit windows or OSX/Linux incompatibilities for Adobe's CDM. r=dolske, a=lsblakk
12ac5041ad5622a2cf5d3be0f5de20962afedc5fRichard Newman — Bug 1134454 - Extract common resource code out of Sync. r=nalexander, a=lizzard
108b0d3dc2fea25c07d7105baee6cac01fc969fdYFdyh000 — Bug 1135007 - "Sync Now" button is not translated. r=nalexander, a=lmandel
6267d292aab3b6464d1ddd08d52416a397f0c4d8Gian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 1134991 - Failure to set up voice communication mode in OpenSLES should not be fatal. r=jesup, a=lizzard
9a4542438b40afd3d2066afe919fbd49b3354ff2Michael Comella — Bug 1134192 - Prevent the options menu from opening in fullscreen mode. r=mfinkle, a=lizzard
ec26b08dcc08166c0d9d3344b028c03a973a63fbMichael Comella — Bug 1134192 - Add ActivityUtils.isFullScreen. r=mfinkle, a=lizzard
abeee313fed047e8ea111d0c6cbd6f5ac9b47f5bMichael Comella — Bug 1133770 - Use Refreshable interface instead of TabStrip in BrowserApp to allow builds on API 9. r=mhaigh, a=lizzard
a3214625cd30c9f73290c343f890ed8506a30aadMichael Comella — Bug 1133770 - Display the selected tab in the tab strip on device rotation. r=mhaigh, a=lizzard
42d279a1e1f7c42db650ada48114e6194453c2ceMark Banner — Bug 1114713 - Fix intermittent test failures by removing a event-cycling setTimeout call. r=mikedeboer, a=test-only
0a882df01fc3dadfc369431670787fe6b998bf47Ehsan Akhgari — Backed out 2 changesets (bug 1133939) because of bug 1136453
57f387aaa54b22623a1bd2f8f149febe51696b8bMargaret Leibovic — Bug 1073775 - Pass default engine from JS to Java, instead of making assumptions based on engine list order. r=liuche a=sylvestre
330952212a28ed664296af03ca25a535c2441db7Matthew Gregan — Bug 1135878 - Simplify post-error cleanup logic in WASAPI cubeb backend. r=padenot a=abillings
f915102fc4b3d4a6d78ee5da4c77f5df1e355711Phil Ringnalda — Back out 66cf24f275b7 (bug 1124011) for frequent ASan crashes in test_memoryReporters.xul.
e685304832add39579b541b4b9fc3ce63c420c71Ryan VanderMeulen — Bug 1135315 - Disable the webide tests on OSX 10.8 debug due to asserts across the suite.
f531d838c055760a852601eb257c91f74624adaaffxbld — Update configs. IGNORE BROKEN CHANGESETS CLOSED TREE NO BUG a=release ba=release
fde87d0c2ef87077cfa34726647835add91bd720ffxbld — No bug - Tagging mozilla-aurora d55b99e80107 with FIREFOX_AURORA_37_END a=release DONTBUILD CLOSED TREE
187c73d085e5020ce0ae36096092f6680f5c8a6fffxbld — Preserve old tags after debugsetparents. CLOSED TREE DONTBUILD a=release
f9000ce9110111c97b11856fcdf1465b9f1d50ffffxbld — Merge old head via |hg debugsetparents ace95bf5bd7b d55b99e80107|. CLOSED TREE DONTBUILD a=release
ace95bf5bd7bc2e14daf9d46679f14d38d313467ffxbld — No bug - Tagging mozilla-central 98086da94ccd with FIREFOX_AURORA_38_BASE a=release DONTBUILD CLOSED TREE
98086da94ccdc88f6de86774ce3d1fa258dc7c44Carsten "Tomcat" Book — merge mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central a=merge FIREFOX_AURORA_38_BASE
f7db65ae3c38a4ca3e2050745dd1b4e28b714e76Randell Jesup — Bug 1128116: Fix decoding H264 in webrtc where SPS & PPS aren't in a STAP-A packet r=ehugg
338cb106bfc40eeaa6199370a3794133ba82703dPhil Ringnalda — Back out 21e812742b52 (bug 1134598) for unexpected assertions
7d8719e9714846571fc14ae785646a6bbaedd539Phil Ringnalda — Merge m-c to m-i
b0982cda7bb6f5a82c842cc7fe188413188f5b30Bas Schouten — Bug 1135408: Report device resets and their reasons through telemetry. r=vladan
814042ff9c7d7aa57793f63d4995ebaddafa3d95Bas Schouten — Bug 1131370: Give content side more time to finish its copy. r=jrmuizel
68277ab46641801fec72045026eb20de06e8dbb1Jan de Mooij — Bug 1135001 - Get rid of slow GetTopJitJSScript calls in Ion ICs. r=bhackett
f4b96c24feced2848c51a38c12fff2e317fb9bd4Xidorn Quan — Bug 1135432 - Suppress line break after text run which ends in ruby. r=jfkthame
21e812742b52d06aa5e17a8a3510b84009517018Jonathan Kew — Bug 1134598 - Enable the vertical writing-mode reftest directory. r=smontagu
94d986abfb627e09f5152d35764751a8e2209861Jonathan Kew — Bug 1134534 - Reftest for fieldset legend with opposing directionality. r=smontagu
3cdad1dd81a0012524c5ccde5383c7f942a08426Jonathan Kew — Bug 1134534 - Convert writing mode if necessary before applying positioning to fieldset legend. r=smontagu
11d9b42afb1ea2b26be6a13840a610bddf622933Jonathan Kew — Bug 1134216 - Reftest for automatic hyphenation with text-transform. r=smontagu
8b5dcb02f766007f236508e73bbc77e5f05c4a2dJonathan Kew — Bug 1134216 - Preserve line-break flags properly when applying text-transform conversions. r=smontagu
8d7af888331bc65894aedfdcac9f4d9d1917ec74Makoto Kato — Bug 1061339 - Part 2: Build AVX code on all Windows build. r=rillian, r=ted
ba871c6324bf8e97d1c71e7b198698cf6c281dd6Makoto Kato — Bug 1061339 - Part 1: Always use VS2013 target. r=rillian
1b3a53dbea93c371dd021efb53600cf6e77adc5aPhil Ringnalda — Bug 1134111 - Update test_platform_colors.xul to include new 10.10 color for -moz-cellhighlight
b28fd46a117445f5e02cdb2b6d74696353e12e12Sotaro Ikeda — Bug 1133426 - Care about new CompositorChild and CompositorParent re-creation.
627e0703a68ae745d60fb5fa4e18ec4bd5186dfbCarsten "Tomcat" Book — merge fx-team to mozilla-central a=merge
c25eff2d6122eea3ac443cec7e3b1ef57f118aefPhil Ringnalda — Merge m-c to f-t
d680979a2f99cca77d8fd0d5fa4705afaca8d6c3Mark Finkle — Bug 1131438 - SearchEngineManager doesn't scan the distro searchplugins locale folders or fallback to a distro locale r=margaret
18d513da3ce17c300398b639d8d3b7b9658400aaMark Finkle — Bug 1135406 - Remove unused browser.history preferences r=mcomella
4e52d97f181682b4270f3fdf727e415568d3660fRyan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset b413c3707a12 (bug 983469) for browser_dbg_server-conditional-bp-01.js timeouts.
66cf24f275b75f0b28c0532d5b95333bfbdf961aMargaret Leibovic — Bug 1124011 - Hide reader view buttons related to reading list if reading list is disabled, and enable reader view by default on Nightly. r=Unfocused
951a9f999db4f70c7e3d11cd254ced863118d0f9Abdelrhman Ahmed — Bug 1134417 - Don't preprocess content-contextmenu.svg on Windows Aero. r=jaws
e380f4372610a2b80ff7ca1bff26b97911ce299dSami Jaktholm — Bug 1123952 - Make values copyable in the netmonitor security tab. r=vporof
3310c245055340b619a6a8d8bb4593f828588143Jordan Santell — Bug 1122766 - Fix canvas debugger to continue recording frames until one with a draw call. r=vp
116ca223e290808ac9a881bf806dc96130d3bf91Yash Mehrotra — Bug 1009056 - Make the width of the Web Audio Editor Inspector controllable by a preference. r=jsantell
b413c3707a123870c945a0512899734ef143e34eZimon Dai — Bug 983469 - Pause on breakpoint condition exception. r=fitzgen
14b28a5bdb0e0f7a671d9cfafea4e6e3484853d6Carsten "Tomcat" Book — merge b2g-inbound to mozilla-central a=merge
855395fafc66980eb7437f1551eb49bc1ec920ceB2G Bumper Bot — Bumping manifests a=b2g-bump
54d9813ed64c8d205b1d554958d8e65e7d0f756fB2G Bumper Bot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia revision(s) a=gaia-bump
fa3b4b1223d7d37d1e46980af12d3b8a7cb31059Giovanny Andres Gongora Granada — Bug 974435 - Remove inline scripts and styles usage via JavaScript for shell.html and shell.js r=fabrice
056c556b41b214981aa5437a84a1b83496b79f57Blair McBride — Bug 1133673 - Fix PluralForm string in ReadingList string pre-landing. rs=flod a=tomcat
ed70d2025beef8fb2d9d5dfacb231650f033698fBlair McBride — Bug 1133673 - Pre-land strings for ReadingList v1. r=markh a=Tomcat
86d2bb8bb1c95bbfdd19a6faa1b48a55afb5b22fPhil Ringnalda — Merge f-t to m-c, a=merge
84faeab6911458d4783231ca78dcb862f9f92518Alessio Placitelli — Bug 1111022 - Fixes the accessibility test_docload.html test failing with hidden windows.
3e69b38f7d2e6d92418346407537c259fff86b85Alessio Placitelli — Bug 1111022 - Adds a test to make sure UITour works with no tabs/windowless browsers. r=MattN
2b12485b132e6a59a3dade3a95d9e278b87d6586Alessio Placitelli — Bug 1111022 - Changes UITour.jsm to work with windowless browsers. r=MattN
c99674acf5d6d70bedc779b36c3fe0aba100e64cAlessio Placitelli — Bug 1111022 - Tests for the SelfSupport backend. r=gfritzsche
236b975a2ca0eddd8a43bd3763ff972b518a976fAlessio Placitelli — Bug 1111022 - Load self-support page in a hidden tab. r=ttaubert
fc5e585fbbd9866a8254408a7a6f19cd9f338d00Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1131758 - add strings for 64-bit and unsupported OSes for EME, r=dolske
3538fc10da63fa9333f2de1be4f90043345e94dfGijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1135237 - update message for EME notification, r=dolske
e73203a690fe1b08e0f7b907fa5904589ad75312Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1135375 - indicate we intend to ship in-content prefs with 38, r=jaws
eb7aafc0915d88c9d6f097b51e377a1788c44db2Phil Ringnalda — Merge b-i to m-c, a=merge
4579a35bed05ed105a78a2a2a32f08ef72dbdcaaB2G Bumper Bot — Bumping manifests a=b2g-bump
e3116a87646e99beb8e1a03eefdf3cf5d2c089c8B2G Bumper Bot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia revision(s) a=gaia-bump
55bc979094aa69d56bf51ab937a359c238fec727B2G Bumper Bot — Bumping manifests a=b2g-bump
7910a0baf07b744058677d9d5dfca96d687831f8B2G Bumper Bot — Bumping gaia.json for 3 gaia revision(s) a=gaia-bump
06a415459f572f373fedd42d1663c5755a7f12ceB2G Bumper Bot — Bumping manifests a=b2g-bump
196076b78444cc6be434e77db1a8df7cb209a704B2G Bumper Bot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia revision(s) a=gaia-bump
d1f1624d615c97588241ed5c440af7589e3df0f4Aaron Klotz — Backed out changeset aec4384126ef (bug 1116806)
c07df64140ae2ff375e03c895c74889b5301a67fAaron Klotz — Bug 1127888: Fix bustage; r=bustage
aec4384126efc7d8a5adc5f2144875ab33ae0a32Aaron Klotz — Bug 1116806: Enable dom.ipc.plugins.asyncInit by default; r=vladan
850264d2c1c49fdd58d0b8f5645a98eb170f25a8Aaron Klotz — Bug 1115437: Part 2 - Update layout reftests to be compatible with asynchronous plugin initialization; r=roc
afa28e98419f418a7a6aefaa36672726503a8b2dAaron Klotz — Bug 1115437: Part 1 - Update plugin tests to be compatible with asynchronous plugin initialization; r=gfritzsche
92279670ec95a00baea69d2bd5a2159f491e45e1Aaron Klotz — Bug 1127888: Fix causes of async plugin init hangs; r=jimm
029f26a9f518114c98cc93a1a309ff5d505edd31Abhishek Arya — Bug 944579 - another crashtest.
f7b44ecfcaec70354e969f3a0e18632ac254c551Mats Palmgren — Bug 969756 - Back out the test b/c of orange.
9e46e93f81dde66cddcf25833947266260fa08d7Xidorn Quan — Bug 1135426 - Prevent buffer overflow at CJKIdeographicToText. r=mats
f9bce66211f2b6aea67ab29d2762828d2a028d04Tooru Fujisawa — Bug 1135368 - Do not run shell/futex.js test if SharedArrayBuffer is not defined. r=luke
91f7d8b2ca947a6f0d72614a94fdfd7adaf34fd0Jesse Ruderman — Bug 970710 - crashtest.
3690e3e1ec34eeadd97a37e98cae033073306856Mats Palmgren — Bug 969756 - Add a code comment and a test. r=cam
0fbb04624916b9f9759923a15f4f4f00851d4773Abhishek Arya — Bug 961859 - crashtest.
70a55b2d51bffe3036a7bf2cd0ac6a285cc5a080Jesse Ruderman — Bug 950000 - crashtest.
a135f49fc62888d45cfde480966dc32ce704c515Atte Kettunen — Bug 947158 - crashtest.
039d86557933b54bc010a81e0baacf67ef1bd521Abhishek Arya — Bug 944579 - crashtest.
e3b422965837e93b91c6f8bfd1213c008c8d3450Carsten Book — Bug 944353 - crashtest.
3256a8c0d4dd97e14dce2600bea254653d99a15bTyson Smith — Bug 930381 - crashtest.
921ef32172111570c708506c9bc1eab26af34b24Jesse Ruderman — Bug 593526 - crashtests.
e43d643f2a9258fecbe01f96eb682d3154051217Jesse Ruderman — Bug 419352 - crashtest.
cef15f16f5a506e583c2137482ee5877b945ea08Benjamin Smedberg — Bug 1133003 followup to correct typo in strings. r=stupidity
456afb8e465072537d132444d1190a154d7226bfBrian Hackett — Bug 1133254 - Improve type information and Ion compilation when dealing with converted unboxed objects, r=jandem.
84305980a93ca00645a551ee605303bddb56c5e0Tooru Fujisawa — Bug 1135397 - Disable on windows ggc build. r=sfink
cc27fc8a8bdc0907bd2d58c0b56ea8254f434598Brian Hackett — Bug 1132390 - Consider immediately adjacent move groups when assigning scratch registers to move groups, r=sunfish.
3b7c2a2e1da25c3dc844988703d69e300059c586Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound. a=merge
24c42b4b9694b0526bd3804f94a6738fb68a340fMartin Thomson — Bug 975144 - Disabling b2g tests due to bug 1135339, r=jib
fdeb0075ab87ab741d382b8b5c4b4c242acdfa5fMartin Thomson — Bug 975144 - Updating identity tests to use promises, r=jib
0cbedfe1417d6ad1da5875a24673e3d4245e8008Martin Thomson — Bug 975144 - Moving to fold identity errors into the promises we return, r=jib
54054ad9997cd5418c173b538bde75365971482eMartin Thomson — Bug 975144 - WebIDL changes for identity error handling refactor, r=jib,bz
beacd5e9867731378018fcdb2346b8b74b6134c8Martin Thomson — Bug 975144 - Enabling tests on e10s, r=jib
fb5b01aec70fc89759cd39ab106395d1fd3f5998Martin Thomson — Bug 975144 - Adding IdP loading tests, r=jib
0e7fed532bd502fd56c59305bef62a94ac5b3091Martin Thomson — Bug 975144 - Updating RTC identity tests, r=jib
1b46f2423156e2aa4041e40c2a50a4b20a63f7a4Martin Thomson — Bug 975144 - Updating test IdP for new API, r=jib
c516431e7ad73785a946986baa439a1c33d1907aMartin Thomson — Bug 975144 - Rework RTC identity to use JS sandbox, r=jib
8fc35500a37b8b6ca2c2f4e62fd1ff645f80fa89Martin Thomson — Bug 975144 - Tests for rtcIdentityProvider property, r=gabor
7cf45873e3682883bae83fa90c55e963fe40c402Martin Thomson — Bug 975144 - Adding rtcIdentityProvider to sandbox global scope, r=gabor
8859d04f962ac6e0581fb5523c778e0e94a05827Martin Thomson — Bug 975144 - Implementation of RTC identity DOM component, r=jib
d3bb6e25fd0464349bb37a59bfaa4c4436fad937Martin Thomson — Bug 975144 - WebIDL changes for RTC identity sandbox, r=jib,bz
0cefb584fd1aef8e3585fa6dee752c627f347d22Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge inbound to m-c. a=merge
717e92977f9a8eaf77ddaacaed259efe383e5759Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out 2 changesets (bug 1127150, bug 1085283) for w-p-t failures.
cc77a5165615f32a6d85087cc80d0bf88f93db9fNikhil Marathe — Bug 1127150 - Fix FormData File filename. r=baku
ef51eb31fa09d3580a68d4c918646cde5a456662Nikhil Marathe — Bug 1085283 - Patch 1 Implement FormData manipulation methods. r=baku
886bc136c20b4db8570c75ed1b74b15615a5a492Benjamin Smedberg — Bug 1133000 - Expose the protected-mode toggle in the Addons-manager UI options pane for Flash. r=Unfocused/MattN
973d369b4f28291310a7ec42851446d577db23b1Benjamin Smedberg — Bug 1133003 part B - count Flash hangs and show UI if there is more than one in a session. This feature can be disabled at runtime by setting browser.flash-protected-mode-flip.enable. r=jaws
11b57818df6368c969139cb2988927add2d6deb1Benjamin Smedberg — Bug 1133003 part A - send a global observer notification when Flash hangs, r=aklotz
b159a0401468c0ed969d80c9ba01ac1db318fc42Jan de Mooij — Bug 1132584 - Fix bug with Ion OsiPoint register verifier. r=nbp
b83256f370d0e8be1df950e6d4c90e67175774a7Jan de Mooij — Bug 1106982 - Stop doing script/pc lookup in GetNonexistentProperty if extra warnings are disabled. r=jorendorff
65af65cf50216289fc2cce88703275864d21be59Masatoshi Kimura — Bug 1127339 - Followup to fix comments. DONTBUILD
c09d4b852a3652d8c0651ef9045658616d6517c6Stephen Pohl — Bug 1135242: Properly initialize media.eme.enabled during GMP tests, irrespective of the default. r=gfritzsche
a0b805de0c8ede5a6379b7641829b45ed44267a3Matthew Noorenberghe — Bug 1124888 - Record the effect of the saved formSubmitURL on autofilling login forms. r=dolske
213b54806bc435295ba11e4f4555385b135f1ec9Tooru Fujisawa — Bug 1135338 - Do not run sharedtypedarray.js test if SharedArrayBuffer is not defined. r=jandem
8c11efebc45599bce9e0f7ceb1ba413ce8c28a87André Reinald — Bug 1083344 - Tighten rules for Mac OS content process sandbox - "rules part". r=smichaud
0d3195c37d04703036329446fb9e7f5c45c4c66bAndré Reinald — Bug 1083344 - Tighten rules for Mac OS content process sandbox - "core part". r=smichaud
e4883b7af6babd696adf43ceb7ca9f7882eb8610Brian Smith — Bug 1133618 - Move test SHA1 function to pkixtestutil.cpp. r=mmc
05b27953c8655a72564084ae86cbe5171bd42b6bBrian Smith — Bug 1130754 - Make PublicKeyAlgorithm an enum class. r=keeler
7c0a5a6f94e133fecaa82d203583f0a40a2aad8cBill Gianopoulos — Bug 1134618 - Change MaxILKSize to 0x7FF00000. r=khuey
492a04a7efc41b24211c08c7191d68a2b2499f4bBoris Kudryavtsev Bug 1131763 - Remove dead constants in r=dburns
3df9f4282a657dfd19da52fc65f3b09efd5ada0bBen Kelly — Bug 1118845 P2 Make SharedWorker override parent LoadGroup with custom proxy callbacks. r=khuey
6d00c2de1db03531a2c026a0a1f4e2e146bcff29Ben Kelly — Bug 1118845 P1 Add optional base context to LoadContext() constructor. r=smaug
212080d51fb7ad163eaf9da19315b42aa0c1af50Ben Kelly — Bug 1133939 P2 Add tests validating nsPipeOutputStream AsyncWait behavior. r=froydnj
27de4b5539120f837604f3b1867b22b488ade6dbBen Kelly — Bug 1133939 P1 Free buffer resources when an nsPipeInputStream is closed. r=froydnj
690cf0b376326720a90de9ad2cbef85e22f005aaGregory Szorc — Bug 1134028 - Don't assign flags to file that may not be defined
8b690d6504f8ef0d3fd5f025f77786eb568615e5Xidorn Quan — No bug - Fix some meta data of submitted w3c-css reftests. DONTBUILD
18713000b6207307e1a6d2733fbcd68ae21db65cXidorn Quan — Bug 1134432 part 6 - Add reftest for intrinsic isize calculation of ruby. r=dbaron
0aae8944c2514121345046cc5158694af191a4a3Xidorn Quan — Bug 1134432 part 5 - Fix line breaks for intrinsic min isize calculation of ruby base container. r=dbaron
92293bb019a80a6f198d3f123686209dbf03221bXidorn Quan — Bug 1134432 part 4 - Move line break checking code to an independent method for reuse. r=dbaron
cb219f3865638bbbf01720df04c7e1130745f239Xidorn Quan — Bug 1134432 part 3 - Move a function upwards for reuse. r=dbaron
9c9bbcdf3f36239535e48229716b3c1d11836898Xidorn Quan — Bug 1134432 part 2 - Fix basic inline min/pref isize calculation of ruby frames. r=dbaron
801fdfa3ce60ee721d05e36ab8db1a9f8b7af99aXidorn Quan — Bug 1134432 part 1 - Suppress break inside ruby when calculating intrinsic isize. r=dbaron
01fb39cc49802bf3a104af136e24c863bbdd3c59Masatoshi Kimura — Bug 1127339 - Move SSLv3 detection out of aboutNetError.xhtml. r=gijs
da3ca2b04b86151e7bd2af67dffadb68374cae3cMasatoshi Kimura — Bug 1127339 - Assign a dedicated error code for SSLv3 in docshell. r=bz
4e11a8c6230e6d28b9a3fbf4cb62aa5b35cbd304Masatoshi Kimura — Bug 1127339 - Detect SSLv3-only server in PSM. r=keeler
4a6fbf44754401e2aa7f063b6581529efb71e935Daniel Holbert — Bug 1135181: Remove unnecessary 'nsresult' return value from nsCSSRuleProcessor::Startup(), since it always succeeds. r=heycam
2de6cbc18110aa5638f21b725dd681b4e7d3086cJames Willcox — Bug 1090300 - Repopulate input buffers when necessary in Android media decoder r=gcp
bab7f4c2c67ca8e5cf2c242a4eeace964cb10a8cBoris Zbarsky — Bug 742194 part 2. Use the new uncatchable exception machinery in worker XHR code. r=khuey
160607e021a9fafa2643beb2695b9f816103f2ceBoris Zbarsky — Bug 742194 part 1. Add support for throwing uncatchable exceptions to Web IDL bindings. People keep asking for this. r=khuey
e6a5ac331b138a84d9b0dbfdd61957b64758ff42Mats Palmgren — Bug 1128722 - part 2, tests.
6e751a9279da0a694a5cfcab0175cb259c0f1603Mats Palmgren — Bug 1128722 - part 1, Call SetDirection as soon as we decide it needs to change. r=smaug
871333b77c9e0803ad4cb6e400a649d92bf55145Mats Palmgren — Bug 1129078 - part 6, Test suite for ordinary multi-range selections (non-generated ranges).
3edc8e10f9e4ef197429c9fbd1b810dddf481c9dMats Palmgren — Bug 1129078 - part 5, Test suite for multi-range selections involving user-select:none.
30571f86f6663c8e3d2d9cf365315848f49ca890Mats Palmgren — Bug 1129078 - part 4, Add AutoPrepareFocusRange stack objects on paths to TakeFocus that sets up mAnchorFocusRange (and possibly removes mIsGenerated ranges) based on what operation the user is performing. r=smaug
70294f053aabe8dc27b94f6ed184bd719d109879Mats Palmgren — Bug 1129078 - part 3, Add a mIsGenerated bit to ranges that ExcludeNonSelectableNodes created due to user-select:none. Also, return the index to the range we want to be the new mAnchorFocusRange, based on the Selection direction. r=smaug
c6fca5a991b34f746a604ac09eb4a39cb76af010Mats Palmgren — Bug 1129078 - part 2, Refactor nsFrameSelection::MoveCaret slightly. r=smaug
8f005dc860ea635eb873ceead9e6daa48047b029Mats Palmgren — Bug 1129078 - part 1, Remove the chunk that bug 739396 added to Selection::Extend. r=smaug
9b0531bd1e446fa107e3f1f6b165356634685a4fChris Pearce — Bug 1134913 - Disable EME plugin-container voucher generation on Win64. r=ted
8503b0f889f4c6853c31b3a02045467c1c70990dJoe Steele — Bug 1131798 - Fix handling of CPU sub-type and rebasing WITHOUT requiring Python 3.3. r=ted
1f73582b2c3902148f7b5c17c17a1e90cbdb055fJoshua Cranmer — Bug 1054308 - Add mozmill tests to the mozharness configurations for Thunderbird, r=ted
ef051b501adff8eaf374cf27c11ce040d9232c98Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge fx-team to m-c. a=merge
923580a290d103f2916a447cea6deef08cde672cJordan Santell — Bug 1134082 - Fix uncaught promise exceptions in shader editor. r=vp
de5f7b01ed51f085d18ba8947406a343946541b7Gareth Smith — Bug 1132001 - set noMailTo flag if gIO can't handle mailto: links in linux r=Dolske
aae9d2200d629ced681f5c734abe6919db8acf67Brian Grinstead — Bug 1134265 - Add async-storage for a simple key value store in devtools. r=jryans
ab63972551cb18dec790f714dd284daa637f327cAbdelrhman Ahmed — Bug 1129106 - Load about:reader in the child process. r=margaret
f2fd19c776cfbc439eba6f8a2e61468acd38fe6dAbdelrhman Ahmed — Bug 1132925 - Pass messages to the parent process to set reader mode prefs. r=margaret
4ecaac2ab5ef2d3c4ec0aa14bcb1b62ab944f57bdominique vincent — Bug 1126989 - Detect not readable links to pop up the zoomed view. r=kats, r=mcomella
27dffa80e6dc62f90ab87d38fa0b6862e15fff18dominique vincent — Bug 1126866 - Fix the text size in zoomed view. r=kats
0fd6c4c24dc9ca6c224a14938ff6ce7f02d4d94cGijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1135317 - make explicit that test for changing app handlers in in-content prefs relies on in-content prefs, rs=me/test-only
f617ca1020a25e97c467552a41b859498da2dbcfBlair McBride — Bug 1123517 - [ReadingList] Implement basic sidebar that lists unread ReadingList items. r=florian
cdb550540b4768b7b18a28995ced2f9010e7c430Blair McBride — Bug 1123517 - Refactor sidebar code. r=florian
63da271edfa5ba4a0d041a94a951acb4f38c8e19Ian Moody — Bug 1134409 - Make "Full Screen" context-menu command use messages instead of CPOWs. r=mconley.
feda67ef14b1c14d496ab71bb9774083d1839f76Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge b2g-inbound to m-c. a=merge
0ff59a91d1fe5381635356960972b4302040f19eB2G Bumper Bot — Bumping manifests a=b2g-bump
6178a00f875f8bc216225d66ae06e57b1cb1fb45B2G Bumper Bot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia revision(s) a=gaia-bump
0c4f1b444e0067519ddf9585745bd182100ea35cWes Kocher — Merge m-c to b2g-inbound a=merge
87e8083da958ae0ab377c77ea51d306d975a9335B2G Bumper Bot — Bumping manifests a=b2g-bump
9faaa4fdb1b39cdf8b4ae9e0e4ff773080ddc60eB2G Bumper Bot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia revision(s) a=gaia-bump
a46af4f0db138cfd5c6e59c62bcb75836d62deebffxbld — No bug, Automated HPKP preload list update from host bld-linux64-spot-148 - a=hpkp-update
0667d44f1714dea761daa05daf7a7a7eeae5f7fdffxbld — No bug, Automated HSTS preload list update from host bld-linux64-spot-148 - a=hsts-update
5de3af90c494a7344dd017f6aeb7ca4bf775e47eWes Kocher — Merge b2g-inbound to m-c a=merge CLOSED TREE
d7a6ef24ccfcc9ded518a8fffc7bca9251e64b91B2G Bumper Bot — Bumping manifests a=b2g-bump
bfb1f90de10641814211672889d8c8dbf17719dfB2G Bumper Bot — Bumping manifests a=b2g-bump
ebab6877af7a4f994b898334733abdd18c7a0c82B2G Bumper Bot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia revision(s) a=gaia-bump
8de0c3602c7a322d95f8a4e71640c2fb79ac242bRyan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset 096a27bb1f8e (bug 1126065) for mochitest failures.
ab3f35ef16e2e79567a311e3095e6958a8fa49ffB2G Bumper Bot — Bumping manifests a=b2g-bump
096a27bb1f8e5e4e3c90bfdb524c96aaf72a0d17aus — bug 1126065 - Update newChannelFromURI JavaScript callers. r=sicking
c8a4dfd89479921f7c5a5283ba9a28b480b012bfB2G Bumper Bot — Bumping manifests a=b2g-bump
acc6c4be1b832320d39386bc65f3c99c5357c28aB2G Bumper Bot — Bumping gaia.json for 6 gaia revision(s) a=gaia-bump
8a7c157ae433eaba9640b848db4578dc93ed6361B2G Bumper Bot — Bumping manifests a=b2g-bump
b88e3581cc8cb056c31a6094cf7cb402feaac8aeB2G Bumper Bot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia revision(s) a=gaia-bump
ba56b548937d7c6b005d144d83fbec19a1820db6B2G Bumper Bot — Bumping manifests a=b2g-bump
fc1ca101b77049f72830876c51c935803ca11b15B2G Bumper Bot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia revision(s) a=gaia-bump
b9994aa8605594469501e04dea11ff89a362879bB2G Bumper Bot — Bumping manifests a=b2g-bump
100814eb90795a85164968d0d24f9645b5051978B2G Bumper Bot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia revision(s) a=gaia-bump
0508eb110ccf28dc351504a0f6fe4512400cf96eB2G Bumper Bot — Bumping manifests a=b2g-bump
eaa102ad0c15c32f2567e985f1ceba3e68a56c88B2G Bumper Bot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia revision(s) a=gaia-bump
29dd8be9e4837cba3a69a3375707a68fd156f10bB2G Bumper Bot — Bumping manifests a=b2g-bump
b293fb336c460acea92e7d63aeda305f26d8daa2B2G Bumper Bot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia revision(s) a=gaia-bump
058a13723e9b778920cd407f5be7fb43383d4540B2G Bumper Bot — Bumping manifests a=b2g-bump
bf316032b0b964cc8784255d4eb33e9304132cd3B2G Bumper Bot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia revision(s) a=gaia-bump
7935059359d5416aec99c3a437e2f8a710b732edB2G Bumper Bot — Bumping manifests a=b2g-bump
bc27856e15f54c44e6261a825fd36df271e1beabB2G Bumper Bot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia revision(s) a=gaia-bump
9c1093e7a12869757de39c7aad2b330836d195d9Alexandre Lissy — Bug 1133741 - Add camera focus hardware button. r=masayuki
63f519fc7fe94db830c95cde574c410b04a68f66B2G Bumper Bot — Bumping manifests a=b2g-bump
78e4e6bc917c3cea4b2f8e6aa4fad475dee5dd8eB2G Bumper Bot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia revision(s) a=gaia-bump
f71d82e601e41330265667448e4befbe7f79650eB2G Bumper Bot — Bumping manifests a=b2g-bump
4f2240fd9394267bb5e0fa6d9e71959c8f074127B2G Bumper Bot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia revision(s) a=gaia-bump
2404e82f59d56f7f66a36484ac1c417c8e54eba8Carsten "Tomcat" Book — Merge mozilla-central to b2g-inbound
2f03ad51053e556290ebf1f81970a64c2ebabe79B2G Bumper Bot — Bumping manifests a=b2g-bump
8796557ee95b31dd17ae899ea53376673c0666ceB2G Bumper Bot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia revision(s) a=gaia-bump
59daee2a63ae9cb527ef85430e71ce30b7cfb8c9B2G Bumper Bot — Bumping manifests a=b2g-bump
fcec654b8712d00a9831fb4c93f941944dc00f2aB2G Bumper Bot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia revision(s) a=gaia-bump
dff32a7c1524191fc43bd6342d8e61690ca21e74B2G Bumper Bot — Bumping manifests a=b2g-bump
eabd9d975a7198f0fb483de305a0a718aa699d07B2G Bumper Bot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia revision(s) a=gaia-bump
d0c5f4fa9d419a542c56458ca6b7350f2b996865B2G Bumper Bot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia revision(s) a=gaia-bump
bcecece5fca0149bc1df60f5a918e578bd3b06deB2G Bumper Bot — Bumping gaia.json for 4 gaia revision(s) a=gaia-bump
de39ce13a54c77f4a7ecda5ae4530fc9c2a3fb92B2G Bumper Bot — Bumping gaia.json for 1 gaia revision(s) a=gaia-bump
f9a307724d7ac0bb6fb2a693003a995d29f87c95B2G Bumper Bot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia revision(s) a=gaia-bump
c6adbb794d26816c91d31a29592e3223de5089cfB2G Bumper Bot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia revision(s) a=gaia-bump
e9ce4c8b525d5994949ceef6887504cdfb3745a6B2G Bumper Bot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia revision(s) a=gaia-bump
45a77b0aba15aa6afe238a2cfaee09c5578537cdWes Kocher — Merge fx-team to m-c a=merge CLOSED TREE
d5cf77595febb40614cc5e42b9d4d4f0c8ea2932Margaret Leibovic — backout a9139003abaf for busting mobile
980ed27ef3e3895f9a239c0849df84ce7b9c8d36Ryan VanderMeulen — Bug 1135021 - Update pdf.js to version 1.0.1149. r=bdahl
a9139003abaff3d919f36b7e6ca5bc7ce114d31aAbdelrhman Ahmed — Bug 1132925 - Pass messages to the parent process to set reader mode prefs. r=margaret
65ced0c5e6892b6b0ad3338d9c7789af6672cca6Margaret Leibovic — Bug 1135234 - Use "serif" and "sans-serif" in reader mode controls to match desktop. r=bnicholson
a652101ef37a2e6317884fa9e2bedca2b2de4907Allison Naaktgeboren — backout of bug 1124711 due to regression
2b1d7ebb83252d5f37945f5c7a271995364a9126Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1134891 - stopgap: don't break if opener is null, r=mconley
0af7b6d63a81415e7001fdb8c69533d185831535Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1047586 - warn about large fonts, r=jaws
a10d797e3d05601d44e08a506c5d26301544f66eRobin Ricard — Bug 1085609 - Disable testDoorHanger on 2.3 (temporary, waiting for a refactor). r=margaret
0cdefed72d36c2410cf341dfc212e304941eb2b1Nick Alexander — Bug 1093242 - Follow-up: define geckolibs-revision and log files written.
2ce33d2b582e042acd91fb23374df7463e5c7170Ryan VanderMeulen — Bug 1135021 - Update pdf.js to version 1.0.1147. r=bdahl
2e9ff15fa9c78e3e49d7909ccedbe15e8e03898cshreyas — Bug 1071558 - Correctly handle middle- and right-clicks on search suggestions in about:home and about:newtab. r=adw
3abfc3b9ab90256cbdc34b24ce21dafc880fb4ccMike de Boer — Bug 1069962: add strings that will be used for the Gravatar permission promo box. r=Standard8
64b25e31343910ff7dda74723478edfe61a251b7Michael Comella — Bug 1132720 - Hide the dialog on animation end to prevent flicker on Activity.finish(). r=margaret
8eef92e67922b2800fe95efe0d5e635ce365e925Nick Alexander — Bug 1128033 - Install hyphenation files with FINAL_TARGET_FILES. r=gps
19343180c28835fff941092e05e76e421129c2c2Nick Alexander — Bug 1093242 - Produce and upload geckolibs artifacts for Android API v11+ opt builds. r=gps
cc01cf09928cfae75fd2b067cca3063331488a4aRichard Newman — Bug 1135088 - Follow-up: restore removed import. a=bustage on a CLOSED TREE
9a4e71f96af9b5f85cf879291b315f65fd71c632Michael Comella — Bug 1123904 - Provide url highlighting in reader mode. r=margaret
5e5861f36aafadf80c67ba88138baed4acd1cf3cMichael Comella — Bug 1123904 - Display original title in toolbar in reader mode. r=margaret
f7b9ce0b920db10d0455a502e0f7ab0c311703a5Richard Newman — Bug 1135088 - Implement shutdown() for SharedBrowserDatabaseProvider. r=margaret
821a440f3d4b9895672805012fc02d272c1fe1afRichard Newman — Bug 1135086 - Implement in-place computed UPDATE in DBUtils. r=margaret
2febda909f2d16b8c1f89f03ae7ea06532b9366cIan Moody — Bug 1134399 - Make context-menu media commands use messages to avoid unsafe CPOW usage warnings. r=mconley
1e087e6607f1a3525208d9a8f73b2eea5ebf579fdominique vincent — Bug 1134338 - Move ZoomedView inflate in BrowserApp. r=mcomella
8487c436c49b183c5b1ea08c0aa053f6f2aac236Alessio Placitelli — Bug 1128564 - Whitelist Self Repair ( origin for UITour. r=MattN
7936ccc85422b7662484b0364450e146014373e8James Long — Bug 1124106 - Don't show unnamed eval sources in the debugger. r=ejpbruel
22cebd0c92a6afc45168b00b48e1d639be38158aMichael Holloway — Bug 966485 - Remove telemetry bucket for FENNEC_STARTUP_TIME_ABOUTHOME. r=rnewman, r=margaret
522de3fc7a8a3963042f0150e744f5595800913aMike de Boer — Bug 1135045: add strings for the Hello infobar to be added soon. r=Standard8
bdf97ff74fea8a29abbc2f312773b25b20922461Mike de Boer — Bug 1131584: add 'Share my Tabs' button to the screenshare dropdown menu in the conversation window. r=Standard8
8eff2d3583214ebf92d33832dd8a797583a37c56Florian Quèze — Bug 1113747 - New search UI breaks if too many open search providers are offered - prelanding the string, r=Gijs.
2e20e21d578505d78c192e5c190bc17876d1e516Carsten "Tomcat" Book — Merge mozilla-central to fx-team
3215184d1171bfdab5dc1b682958b917dd82053fTim Taubert — Bug 1094864 - Convert mochitest-browser tests in browser/components/places to Bookmarks.jsm API r=Mano
80eced23e8e01269495ec6baf01c9a4750bc2498Abhilash Mhaisne — Bug 1097876 - Collect UITelemetry about the Panic Button, r=florian.
50bf2ec4b07507aecac8704279c6b0cd8275d581Florian Quèze — Bug 1126250 - Show one-off buttons when clicking the magnifying glass, r=Mossop.
9cb1667fd7f0c02fa4c4dfcaa83940d7272a63ceMike de Boer — Bug 1113090: change Loop email to clarify that other browser are compatible. r=jaws
56efbd1550625d6dff070ea162548bb83d3f80edRyan VanderMeulen — Backed out changesets fbfda0143584 and e8cfd49ac790 (bug 1129510) for crashes.
e02960e6ee7aeb2453dee00af95e53bdab5992e5Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changesets 4c2b179b71ae and c96050cdedd5 (bug 1133939) for asserts.
0b9a16b993c9054aa27a189797594ca60c6236c1Kannan Vijayan — Bug 1119335 - Fix static analysis test failure on CLOSED TREE. r=treeherder-red
617202816856ed0fcb3543f0d651cc5c1995b431Kannan Vijayan — Bug 1119335 - Fix static analysis test failure on CLOSED TREE. r=treeherder-red
fbfda01435842a1b5c296f37ee802d91b149d38bKannan Vijayan — Bug 1129510 - Fix static analysis test failure on CLOSED TREE. r=treeherder-red
4c2b179b71aece02d8c241573d2e5c75321970c5Ben Kelly — Bug 1133939 P2 Add tests validating nsPipeOutputStream AsyncWait behavior. r=froydnj
c96050cdedd5f7b9336678499f91cf136fea7b04Ben Kelly — Bug 1133939 P1 Free buffer resources when an nsPipeInputStream is closed. r=froydnj
e9a8fe34405ccb260609e18ff885921502a78327Jan-Ivar Bruaroey — Bug 1119335 - support ideal/exact constraint syntax. r=mrbkap, r=mt
e8cfd49ac790eb7a8db2ff79f6fad74c7f567129Kannan Vijayan — Bug 1129510 - Trace references to JS heap from Profiler buffers. r=shu
4a083a63de4d89b101ccfba3d52c1c713d0b5b69Kannan Vijayan — Bug 1135236 - Part 1 - Remove unused ProfileEntry methods. r=BenWa
bef14432db9c0eb91b248c2279dc478d4f9dcf2bNathan Froyd — Bug 1135075 - move generation of nsStyleStructList.h to GENERATED_FILES; r=mshal
cd23a224e84279f24cd18bb3a8f8c1b7f716fa68Martin Thomson — Bug 1132813 - Enabling DTLS 1.2 for WebRTC, r=abr
8591c9fcd24d32e7153e12adb7dee94fbf8bc2e2Botond Ballo — Bug 1131749 - Correct for errors in our approximation of the spring equation for overscroll physics that might otherwise violate an assumption. r=kats
ff50efdf90e656e865edd1fa86fda22e337d284cMagnus Melin — Bug 1135212 - ReferenceError: Ci is not defined (in contentAreaUtils.js). r=Gijs
7afbf9ebc89b15cc71605b371d3688be92b70679Wes Kocher — Backed out 8 changesets (bug 1129078, bug 1128722) for mochitest-5 failures
56e00c7bfa7e95e0912b32f538e449b3f4f7057cHenry Hu — Bug 1132358 - Save and restore mIterGenCnt. Keep it consistent with mIter. r=mcmanus
22e2163cb8ec2728bc9d343969d8cad3599f5f4eTom Tromey — Bug 1135081 - Fix typo in nsTString::AssertValidDepedentString. r=froydnj
333249f6088d026149d22bfc7334c73e8382eb55Alex Henrie — Bug 1134537 - Only support GIO in nsLocalFileUnix. r=froydnj
9e5fb43dac2d24365294b618ecc9862bc8fc978dMilan Sreckovic — Bug 1118595 - More aggressive shrinking of shmem section heap. r=bschouten
e47a04e3dbe6e62d246f646e23864767f9175dfdTooru Fujisawa — Bug 1131953 - Do not run shell/futex.js test under --no-threads option. r=jandem CLOSED TREE
b6372c9513efb51231c5a8d8495872332eb61ce5Sean Stangl — Bug 1134359 - Remove maybeStrSpecial. r=evilpie
3e529daa34f7272ff6313494822df0b7cca3697fDan Gohman — Bug 1130845 - Fix jit-tests SIMD/bug1130845.js when SIMD is not available r=me
dfb2d0f9a97c030fffc81a67dbee1efe94caaa06Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1134955. Be more careful with how we stringify property ids for error message reporting. r=jorendorff
13622d451fded39e5abe1991e7d4bc34119eb732Markus Stange — Bug 1132626 - Indicate component alpha on layer borders of tiled layers + tiles. r=bgirard
21771a04f183fa5b1db518d2b5a312f6bdd3c047Markus Stange — Bug 1134311 - Get rid of the draw region and always only use the visible region. r=roc
3a3a3cb8522d6f3e2c55b643c7a20b4fb6e9a0f6Jim Blandy — Bug 1134428: Update js/src/ to include all source files now needed for a SpiderMonkey build. DONTBUILD r=sstangl
0cd1e60fd265203b487c97e61341bec2f7fc274bMatt Woodrow — Bug 1087956: Fix clipping of position:fixed layers inside displayports. r=roc
23c081755b11c953475fd8103c957402d1981700Chris Manchester — Bug 1125377 - Store window ids in a weak map keyed by browser objects to prevent attempts to access dead windows in marionette's getWindowHandles.;r=jgriffin
e16c7c78c1f6b92a8089080a880768d55893128bTooru Fujisawa — Bug 1101662 - Run during spidermonkey shell builds. r=sfink
2f1af783edd16097a9df849da31c0d7c40ae7597Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset ca73b950e612 (bug 1134762) for B2G crashtest failures.
238915c01dc417e306c5529f342a1d9c3a91a5dcTom Schuster — Bug 1135031 - Call HasProperty instead NativeLookupProperty in args_enumerate. r=jorendorff
41b3823ec7172ef528e1ee75ead39e9bd0ca0179Max Li — Bug 1122857 - form controls fail to emit TYPE_VIEW_CLICKED events upon state change. r=eeejay
5b3151e57fcab9652265017dc12ac539e30ace9aAndrew McCreight — Bug 1130142, part 4 - Use reinterpret_cast for PR_SetThreadPrivate. r=froydnj
200f19f411dcc6df1a83ed87ef6554e533ccf6f7Andrew McCreight — Bug 1130142, part 3 - Use HashNumber method in more places in trace refcounting. r=froydnj
3c62cf81479eee5a0c84f298048dd0eee8186c12Andrew McCreight — Bug 1130142, part 2 - Don't explicitly coerce pointer to bool in nsTraceRefCnt. r=froydnj
a6640044a1093603aff8f4e272de2e82d47cc244Andrew McCreight — Bug 1130142, part 1 - Don't truncate pointers to 32-bit values in refcount logging. r=froydnj
f7eff607655a5ad0491fd4d4cd58d5dc20a405d3Mats Palmgren — Bug 1128722 - part 2, tests.
801b3abc0de8aed546ae45a6e394975e66d29988Mats Palmgren — Bug 1128722 - part 1, Call SetDirection as soon as we decide it needs to change. r=smaug
275d27c2dba06b7103f16fee39515a06ca187063Mats Palmgren — Bug 1129078 - part 6, Test suite for ordinary multi-range selections (non-generated ranges).
9830ab1a2028aab1c1a1ff865704908b56a37722Mats Palmgren — Bug 1129078 - part 5, Test suite for multi-range selections involving user-select:none.
ce5cb876af9ab955878f61367262c33cc9971ef4Mats Palmgren — Bug 1129078 - part 4, Add AutoPrepareFocusRange stack objects on paths to TakeFocus that sets up mAnchorFocusRange (and possibly removes mIsGenerated ranges) based on what operation the user is performing. r=smaug
c199ff86c77f2b0562fb525ce32d78566008a6d1Mats Palmgren — Bug 1129078 - part 3, Add a mIsGenerated bit to ranges that ExcludeNonSelectableNodes created due to user-select:none. Also, return the index to the range we want to be the new mAnchorFocusRange, based on the Selection direction. r=smaug
38b1b039f14d690f0caece009e8a66de416d1505Mats Palmgren — Bug 1129078 - part 2, Refactor nsFrameSelection::MoveCaret slightly. r=smaug
c8a99ee9731326128b418be6fed2a30879f68c29Mats Palmgren — Bug 1129078 - part 1, Remove the chunk that bug 739396 added to Selection::Extend. r=smaug
00ea6409e912aac7552509669a8f0528595259baDaniel Holbert — Bug 1134931: Add some missing MOZ_OVERRIDE annotations in ServiceWorkerManager.cpp, nsFrameMessageManager.cpp, and 2D.h. r=ehsan
0645b0eeb7202ee9e3aa0a0fe90b2affabbc79bcNathan Froyd — Bug 1134633 - convert makefile rules with to use GENERATED_FILES; r=mshal
9ba87714f5cfda74e6dd2eb8fd73678429a9b3e6Bill McCloskey — Bug 1128798 - [e10s] Make a version of nsIContentPolicy that doesn't pass the node as a parameter (r=mrbkap,tanvi,ckerschb)
bc5168c2922d017babf46cab931dc7f8ad7c82c6Steven Michaud — Bug 1110888 - Always do plugin IME in main process, even with e10s. r=masayuki,smaug
ca73b950e612af5a0395380a8e676ea2c993136dBenoit Girard — Bug 1134762 - Clean-up UseFastPath logic to avoid OOM error. r=kats
b465cd661b6beb01fc6e76d35ad5b80b66747082Patrick McManus — bug 1133177 - https tunnel of h1 without pconn inside h2 session stall r=hurley
f34ddbf1e4908fea90f4109875bfe9cddf3f4391Patrick McManus — bug 1133177 - network logging and cleanups (part 1) r=hurley
39354f436e2b7d5ecde0b7fbbdfbc1fe797c12beCatalin Badea — Bug 1058311 - Remove prefix for SWClients. Rename getServiced to matchAll. Add stub query options for matchAll r=baku
a30cdc2cc8d856aa2e06a7d2fd7bc03c7cf8e05eDave Huseby — Bug 1116189 - Fix up the dom uses of nsAutoJSString::Init to use the cx-less interface where it makes sense. r=bholley
a1463070ce7162fe452fb5e32ae27d2baac2f36aJan-Ivar Bruaroey — Bug 1119335 - Streamline camera capabilities (remove alternate algorithm for OSX/B2G). r=jesup, r=ayang
eb836d0e41ff38f41af1585fc3c0fed85ef3faabFernando Rodriguez Sela — Bug 1100863 - SimplePush: Adaptive ping doesn't work when it converge. f=jorgep, r=nsm
9ca878db19bead9376ede11572c1d0d8755fca0bHonza Bambas — Bug 1092857 - Drop conditional request headers when there is no cache entry available. r=michal
d3febf8ec84d35f42e72ce2d6acdcbc81396f872Nils Ohlmeier [:drno] — Bug 1089798 - MediaStream ID tests. r=bwc
d7755b48d81749ca675b2fa4ef65caa406dce424Nils Ohlmeier [:drno] — Bug 1089798 - Implemenation of MediaStream IDs. r=bwc
f97ab75f35afeaeca1b59738ede8bcfbba83e747Nils Ohlmeier [:drno] — Bug 1089798 - Add id to MediaStream. r=bwc, r=smaug
62bc66380845b1886c58731943b8254c21fe75e7Valentin Gosu — Bug 1132693 - Add back check for mManageOfflineStatus r=jduell
71fff9b44fbe8ffe93d8d6c22f6e8a29153837c0Carsten "Tomcat" Book — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
dbfe4013530a3fc3c0d3749443d6dfc142ab4ad7Stephen Pohl — Bug 1134831: Add the ability to localize license info for GMPs in addons manager. r=gfritzsche
98dde800f7c79fb8af370acb6b44690a2ac276c3Stephen Pohl — Bug 1134817: Change GreBinD to GreD for ClearKey (followup to bug 1132789). r=cpearce
159b306674c8bf8ca7e2c9faae09c9a6f9d9fdebLars T Hansen — Bug 1131953 - futex and SAB mbx test cases for the shell. r=luke
628b43ac056c33c4a6c7423fbdb4319c252bb1e4Lars T Hansen — Bug 1131953 - SharedArrayBuffer mailbox for the shell. r=luke
cf3b9f27efcfac72e5c43583ec591100d43b7c99Lars T Hansen — Bug 1074237 - futex API implementation. r=luke
d9a929677d0a10a800a64de38c88522657bd2f21Tooru Fujisawa — Bug 1120168 - Do not use RegExp literal and do not call RegExp constructor before self-hosting global is initialized in Intl.js. r=till
8c4ece492c05d44f30c2163adc43dab21bd2e463Joel Maher — Bug 1134824 - update talos on trunk to gain fixes for e10s, mainthreadio, etc. r=wlach
f08229fa002550911904c49d10a5f958914cc1bfJon Coppeard — Bug 1134255 - Add breakdown of allocated and unused GC things by kind in memory reports r=njn
225deeffbc544153541bab75491e87c653ecbc61Jonathan Kew — Bug 1131013 followup - make the vertical-bidi reftest more robust across platform/font differences. r=smontagu
5f1009731a977b83d2b177099c6ae3b12085ec7aCarsten "Tomcat" Book — merge mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central a=merge
6d812200f09098afde6e2bb0858e68467f3e7ef7Nigel Babu — Merge m-c to m-i
07a480f4761e5ff9608e7bfc8c469605541561b9Chris Manchester — Bug 1133468 - Use wait_for_condition rather than immediately checking for a url update in marionette's modal handling code.;r=automatedtester
521af16144ac1e5cc8fb4f7b03989b533e5d4506Chris Manchester — Bug 1119211 - Disable the 360 second socket timeout when marionette is invoked with --jsdebugger.;r=ato
a71a4b10000ab73c33eec3b0eacfe53da1325763Ben Kelly — Bug 1073231 Follow-up to fix bad rebase in rev 39c5fd86a4a0. r=me
138f7daa8b624c2375b855407125ab39f214c40bChris Pearce — Bug 1124031 part 4 - Enforce min CDM version from keySystem string. r=bz
b37b1cc5163fb89cf3f346f51fae6b09f604a67eChris Pearce — Bug 1124031 part 3 - Parse min CDM version from EME keySystem string. r=bz
f0e5c16136ca2426815f23b3592e05a8fcc59c30Chris Pearce — Bug 1124031 part 2 - Rename EMELog.h to EMEUtils.h. r=bz
0c200f94c3cf9d1c51f844b3cfeefb8fe0cde5a9Chris Pearce — Bug 1124031 part 1 - Expose GMP version on GMPParent. r=jesup
39c5fd86a4a0bd76810e3d481b36b82f92da17bfBen Kelly — Bug 1073231 Implement Request and Response Clone() methods. r=nsm r=baku
fb6b682a464e0bd9f30fa2004c73d907f34a9a65Jean-Yves Avenard — Bug 1134064: Part3. Don't evict partial data and make resource unplayable. r=k17e
74014ad8e1f8301cff489b9a6561f1deb39059eeJean-Yves Avenard — Bug 1133625: Part2. Don't accept buffer exceeding our threshold. r=cajbir
af39fc4994cc2c06cce3f11d582b17cd3195cfbbJean-Yves Avenard — Bug 1133625: Fix mochitest so it doesn't append data forever. r=cajbir
661dcf41cef9a2acbb6b4b2dc4af627c750a4b56Jean-Yves Avenard — Bug 1133625: Return an error when attempting to append too much data. r=cajbir
25e29e6871e6ee7ed8180d779b5557abc3c972f5Bill McCloskey — Bug 1133594 - Fix comment DONTBUILD
b9f0d6ad53a73d043b5933ba56422e559b7cf4e5Bill McCloskey — Bug 1133594 - Add support for message manager process scripts (r=smaug)
c97594ee58d9f34a3362c3d099733b94ca328e25Bill McCloskey — Bug 1133594 - Hide nsFrameMessageManager::sChildProcessManager (r=smaug)
a70302aa6104349af7a97ec266f9f3bc7ce129edBill McCloskey — Bug 1133594 - Make a common base class for message manager script globals (r=smaug)
f7ab5a44691d144ffc3da6f5c82cdace8abd97c7Bill McCloskey — Bug 1133594 - Rename LoadFrameScript to LoadMessageManagerScript (r=smaug)
84c196dc0c640cba169e23cec5c0426c4740c471Bill McCloskey — Bug 1133594 - Rename nsFrameScriptExecutor to nsMessageManagerScriptExecutor (r=smaug)
5ef8e549a1d92b3388e42e106f16a23def07f0a5Timothy Nikkel — Bug 1132371. Allow opacity items that only contain one item that paints (and others that don't) to flatten away as well. r=mattwoodrow
e3ecf5768337ab6b9d0d23d92de10fb1d0e2ba3cTanvi Vyas — Bug 1084504 - Enable browser_mcb_redirect.js test for mixed content redirects. r=mrbkap
f835c33057fd491c2d88430102938bf48d27b1c9Tanvi Vyas — Bug 1084504 - fix Mixed Content Blocking for redirects in e10s. r=mrbkap
2144c24dfa0169e3c3e44e22a2f13d6f9e92323bChristoph Kerschbaumer — Bug 1119005 - No need to branch on NewChannelinternal callsites anymore - callsite updated (r=sicking)
9d623faf8c8b065dc0c18256e51a23daf75e8321Christoph Kerschbaumer — Bug 1119005 - No need to branch on NewChannelinternal callsites anymore - netUtil.h changes (r=sicking,sworkman)
3615c8ae27ad4ea47ccae77a74c5145cc5bd7265Milan Sreckovic — Bug 1133160 - Matrix filters should have 20 elements. r=mstange
c649b0112e6d3abcf1de013fce37adde06b07b55Andrea Marchesini — Bug 1134600 - worker.terminate() should close any BroadcastChannel object in workers. r=smaug
d2c5ad87e7db0a553396db9fda5acfb34625e351Staś Małolepszy — Bug 1133725 - Rename Langpack's version property to revision. r=fabrice, r=sicking
398df560c211dbdbb3874c0993dff60755c3108eDave Huseby — Bug 1115375 - [JSAPI] Add nsAutoJSString::Init that doesn't require a JSContext. r=bholley
0c1fc54afdf5c658724e11cd8aa214bbd7cbbe6dDhi Aurrahman — Bug 835800 - Convert more DOM attribute reflectors to DOMString. r=bzbarsky
fb653123d5552c4d4b3b9ce81d4f36738b1cce1cChris Double — Bug 1119947 - Add telemetry for MSE video playback - r=cpearce,bsmedberg
cacbad5e8e75107eb1d2329304b28b8870371128Xidorn Quan — Bug 1134783 - Fix ruby-align problem on annotation when it has different align with its base. r=roc
a288fd1c1d0d9235ee36130929065ed90a0a98e2Xidorn Quan — Bug 1134667 - Check length of text run before checking line break in reflow of ruby base container. r=jfkthame
1c7760c72b583da925ffe351fc4fec9e32717a77Matthew Gregan — Bug 1133386 - Introduce an XASSERT() macro to libcubeb rather than (ab)using assert(). r=padenot f=dmajor
d64f901863d6908e409913a7ce1ae231c34769c7George Wright — Bug 1026093 - Don't allow the user to open an e10s window in safe mode r=mconley
80bd1ae9dd0af4a6e12f2a4cdf448179de1ae2e1Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1111153 - show error notifications for broken EME content, r=florian
ee9a8d36a96ab43388b2f38b2327a94ea88e0affAlessio Placitelli — Bug 1075055 - Inform mozinfo about the MOZ_TELEMETRY_REPORTING build configuration. r=ted
ac7c99989aa56f04e181ed5fe63b8540cf9cd06fAlessio Placitelli — Bug 1075055 - Adds mochitest for Telemetry options in Preferences UI. r=jaws
460076a2e344166156dccbb013236a0178cb450eAlessio Placitelli — Bug 1075055 - Make it impossible to turn on telemetry unless FHR is also turned on. r=jaws
9e4ee18f745a6d21d97985ebe38d81e556ce15c6Alessio Placitelli — Bug 1075055 - Remove Telemetry unused strings and change Telemetry checkbox label in preferences. r=jaws
4bc67916867af99eed41242723bd0e4befd8ad7cMatthew Noorenberghe — Bug 1126756 - Listen for |message-manager-disconnect| instead of |TabClose| to teardown UITour. r=Unfocused
41e0d2bd2fcf4fdb3b034859c556f4e20be357dfNigel Babu — Merge m-c to fx-team
1146999121f4e324280fdb16864b7f148ba69720Margaret Leibovic — Bug 1131303 - Update strings for reader view/reading list UI, and add title text to reader view toolbar buttons. r=Unfocused,rnewman
5595892c4c07ea2b80381e5864b66c1879c7737fshreyas — Bug 547623 - Add a button to about:support to enter safe mode. r=adw
0bb440fbcbfec33568d217cbb21d6d7f74ad934cDave Townsend — Bug 1081891: Only reset the browser title when we start to switch to a new document location. r=mconley
abec19b886f43d6602fcf7902b9388972b44caf2Dave Townsend — Bug 1081856: Allow javascript urls to load in any process. r=mconley
1b4c5daa7b7ad326a0b812f1e50bbf3afb5b1b87B2G Bumper Bot — Bumping manifests a=b2g-bump
e85d66c37a102e66ee0736c3b47ac92ba9474d53B2G Bumper Bot — Bumping gaia.json for 1 gaia revision(s) a=gaia-bump
866490152b2a5b4b66828fe26f454699380e610fB2G Bumper Bot — Bumping manifests a=b2g-bump
fe0d45a7c743dbec62f1bb127559b9884257b34dB2G Bumper Bot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia revision(s) a=gaia-bump
28fde3b237eca85957406525da74f5fb148e7a69B2G Bumper Bot — Bumping manifests a=b2g-bump
51458a066fda3375cf6abecca6bc3da61be56f70Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge fx-team to m-c. a=merge
cee52e6c3662bbdb135c2f7e56f9b3dbd8ff12d2Shane Caraveo — Bug 1134315 fix domain origin displayed in activation panel for directory, r=jaws
3b28be32ebc7d0e4f07350c8dafe1633d3b6c849Shane Caraveo — Bug 1134315 revert prior fix
5e195355a1b9647e5b352bd4c8118ee382c937c2Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset e755879c138c (bug 1133770) for bustage.
e755879c138c1a3ca96ba9da9f9244cb5bfd755fMichael Comella — Bug 1133770 - Display the selected tab in the tab strip on device rotation. r=mhaigh
42b42d67f1a8bddc0819b5849aaa4cf2595d99e4Michael Comella — Bug 1106935 - Get bitmap from Drawable, rather than BitmapFactory. r=rnewman
6d82ed89b839b1232c42c08fefce10c0153480ebMichael Comella — Bug 1106935 - Remove new tablet branch in MenuItemActionBar. r=mhaigh
ced200b5b4abab5be9f6d7dac4017b5b9b4dce82Michael Comella — Bug 1106935 - Move BrowserToolbarTablet menu button right margin hack to xml. r=mhaigh
fffa9d369acd98fca385313f9ffec56ade3f0c7eMichael Comella — Bug 1106935 - Remove MOZ_ANDROID_NEW_TABLET_UI confvar. r=nalexander
e08a3fda1ada2c855b6ffe8907e395e6c8b45612Michael Comella — Bug 1106935 - Remove new tablet branch in GeckoMenuInflater. r=mhaigh
85da107747057857d8518259e539d9ca53e2f83bMichael Comella — Bug 1106935 - Remove new tablet favicon size branch from Favicons. r=mhaigh
d34cbc2d93284c19ea2575e32471203bd4fa2ab2Michael Comella — Bug 1106935 - Remove new tablet branch in selecting default toolbar favicons. r=mhaigh
2ba0223fe2b437cf39de06d3dce0d95528649f47Michael Comella — Bug 1106935 - Remove MOZ_ANDROID_NEW_TABLET_UI from r=nalexander
43b5364feb64fc7b7839c924f66741ff65520cd8Sami Jaktholm — Bug 1133481 - Make browser_webconsole_bug_597136_network_requests_from_chrome.js fail only if an exception is coming from webconsole code. r=past
b6d828722589cfc3509de98486f7522d7b9c7093Martyn Haigh — Bug 1134248 - Default for Title Bar in the Display settings screen is incorrect in robocop test (r=margaret)
12910aac17042d0bb9cc36af01c4db913a50e4f1Carsten "Tomcat" Book — Merge mozilla-central to fx-team
8e19117d4631d1bdaf21e34b962caf4fe085db1eCarsten "Tomcat" Book — Backed out changeset 5dfb417f346e (bug 1123517) for bc1 test failures
6f36188ad81825449c619b7fb1cf320b47512724Carsten "Tomcat" Book — Backed out changeset 9b07a29dcbdd (bug 1123517)
9b07a29dcbdd390de5d6f0384cc36648ef81604cBlair McBride — Bug 1123517 - [ReadingList] Implement basic sidebar that lists unread ReadingList items. r=florian
5dfb417f346e034057e3e76547169445d2aa21b8Blair McBride — Bug 1123517 - Refactor sidebar code. r=florian
56f090df548043a787a537e076b8346c7d660ee4Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge inbound to m-c. a=merge
2be7a90b66b9fc0222730a23e836a080f3723359Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1134112 part 2. When doing dictionary init, if we have a non-optional union member just go ahead and uninit it before we try initing it. That way even if it's already been initialized (e.g. because we default-initialized at some point) things will still work correctly. r=peterv
18cb3176175cee4f5e8ed1d0a6ebd8248419e3b7Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1134112 part 1. When doing fast-init of a Web IDL dictionary, do fast-init of its dictionary members and its ancestors too. r=peterv
387ce2b80bd3169d660413ae194bf22b7b600757Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1134559. DOMContentLoaded should not be cancelable. r=ms2ger
a286c01c617c1eb8a0c45e61d49b718995da19d2Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1109924. Remove pointless DOM proxy handler guards that are covered by the shape guards we have already done. r=jandem
06d87431a1aea07bfa4e8e0df47bddc6e9504215Alexander Surkov — Bug 971212 - Implement ARIA role=none, r=davidb
d0b21535d0a280631652a0c660734b313aa3a942Terrence Cole — Bug 1133140 - Part 1: Split GCIfNeeded out of CheckAllocatorState; r=sfink
3fea2967b275967d2df4e4ac9e1b02761740818aAndrea Marchesini — Bug 1125940 - File should not unlink FileImpl, r=khuey
3e5734d87240b2d9ebce0b0734d28e62301d43e6Randell Jesup — Bug 1116925: queue track adds for getUserMedia and cleanup r=roc
cb099675e6a532d9de0037d390a2ffc0baf3c9bcAnish — Bug 1056851 - Change existing callers of SpecialPowers.setBoolPref/setIntPref/setCharPref to SpecialPowers.pushPrefEnv. r=jmaher,mwargers
5737d98a9ccdb5739765f8701a058cb366aff5e8Ralph Giles — Bug 1134398 - Enable MSE for youtube on MacOS X release builds. a=ajones
0819ea44a310506ba39f417a39a575b566afa7d7Jeremy Chen — Bug 1131948 - Part 3: Test caret visibility in multi-range text. r=dburns
8506b71e121eb14187690fbcccc132a749eb9fd5Jeremy Chen — Bug 1131948 - Part 2: Separate multiple line test cases from test_selectioncarets.html. r=dburns
09f68bee144887ab1e2d57683cb4ea83346082f4Jeremy Chen — Bug 1131948 - Part 1: Add content non-editable marionette tests. r=dburns
0c26eb16bc31907d47e5312aacbcb5e301637ec0Dragana Damjanovic — Bug 1108957 - Add per network interface dns query. This is possible only with gonk. r=mayhemer
05666fcd8e286a199f597032caa1b39246f618c8Carsten "Tomcat" Book — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
5f26a8bdf93ea664f31ccb2542cfeb4d21bc81e5Eric Skoglund — Bug 1121936 - Implement %TypedArray%.prototyp.{map,filter}. r=evilpie
b5ec2e74a50cf51222c895974df9b2caab9e6252Dirkjan Ochtman — Bug 1121935 - Implement %TypedArray%.prototype.slice. r=evilpie
ae1809cd39e343a4520807fa3c086d5821ed30d0Till Schneidereit — Bug 1121935 - Add intrinsic for retrieving the original constructor for typed array instances. r=Waldo
0aa5dec4bf2a696e0817c8610f473eda00a71a71Olli Pettay — Bug 1117977, make script load handling during shutdown safer, r=mccr8
3a255cd7dadf3ccd5ea87799e2d3228a8409790dCarsten "Tomcat" Book — Backed out changeset 6885e993936a (bug 1056851) for crashtest failures
eff950c4b958a1f42f63bea029b3ee7dbb0bddc3Robert Strong — Bug 1134334 - Intermittent run-by-dir test_0900_deprecatedUpdateFormat_minor.xul | Checking currentPage.pageid equals checking in pageshow - got downloading, expected checking. r=spohl
e19b2d82fee01ab795fa2d10600113e4f24e17aaJim Mathies — Bug 1132874 - Improve PPluginWidget shutdown logic. r=aklotz
c419d483d834783633c8b60240619a3f7a4f5ddfJon Coppeard — Backed out changeset d60d2602deab (bug 1134255) for making test_memoryReporters.xul fail
18fbec59acaaa22ef3a062ab5b76d8ce5b12127aNeil Deakin — Bug 1102015, adjust browser_bug427559.js test to not use the command dispatcher and reenable it, r=gijs
6885e993936a17fd0c9d0b59984630825f2f1e16Anish — Bug 1056851 - Change existing callers of SpecialPowers.setBoolPref/setIntPref/setCharPref to SpecialPowers.pushPrefEnv. r=jmaher
0638262755e796055e5f3198cc412ec59a01a976Carsten "Tomcat" Book — Backed out changeset a29c4ad0d52b (bug 1132728) for R7 and R11 B2g test failures
7451604bd50ddca420334064fb5b567658721bc7Jan de Mooij — Bug 1132770 - Don't omit overrecursion check in scripts with potential scripted getter/setter ICs. r=sunfish
f6e87ae428aeedfac0e1f18507c5a5f306eadf2fJan de Mooij — Bug 718531 - Fix functions with try-finally to not return wrong value in some cases. r=shu
04a909655b92c61a467d3bcf364909fe9ee33e51Benjamin Bouvier — Bug 1133565: Factor SIMD templates within a compartment; r=jandem,jonco
d60d2602deabe046e430cc8aab13ade02a1a334eJon Coppeard — Bug 1134255 - Add breakdown of allocated and unused GC things by kind in memory reports r=njn
67ea8244ccf33be1fbc120d177e2175f0b19f4c9Robert Longson — Bug 1134131 r=jst
011fa139e620feda4960eedc0c68cdbd77cd4451Jan de Mooij — Bug 1133574 - rm js/src/devtools/jint. r=sfink
c8e7bedf9511a447a3b646364ea840c0318f433dJan de Mooij — Bug 1134232 - Don't pass handles to Baseline IC stubs. r=bhackett
dd506e90e8e7cade1e958acbcbabb33db421abe9Xidorn Quan — Bug 1134069 part 2 - Move ruby inlinize blocks reftests to w3c-css/submitted. r=dbaron
3b1b7aa2bdda25a13f78425d7357ff50694d0eb0Xidorn Quan — Bug 1134069 part 1 - Move ruby autohiding reftests to w3c-css/submitted. r=dbaron
69e2817c85e82d3e6c6bc48d9bc128eaaeb38fd2Xidorn Quan — Bug 1134206 part 2 - Reset zeroEffectiveSpanBox when ruby adjust the line spacing. r=roc
bd2675bc4b963fef3f12500c3bbbff3e2595b643Xidorn Quan — Bug 1134206 part 1 - Remove mZeroEffectiveSpanBox flag from PerSpanData. r=roc
8eac97f0d85b0a83585dad8f7d7e0d5a12a85ae8Carsten "Tomcat" Book — Backed out changeset 4b194434cfee (bug 1089798) for breaking nexus builds
8f0ac84423933160cba75f72868a4aaebf1d0da7Carsten "Tomcat" Book — Backed out changeset abf7a473323c (bug 1089798)
35ea9043748e32c0a2f241a3234665375c6c2f2bCarsten "Tomcat" Book — Backed out changeset a6ccfddbdac0 (bug 1089798)
deb69ff30cacf8e54987fba130aa4916f2c01f9eJames Graham — Bug 1134188 - Update web-platform-tests expected data, a=testonly
92ce823b5b63950636721990eec5260e0eab82bcJames Graham — Bug 1134188 - Update web-platform-tests to revision 06dfcf88301bcc02ed25830f0d87c75f041dad4e, a=testonly
a29c4ad0d52b7ca9b0db4a69fb4f6dff5d67584dChris Lord — Bug 1132728 - Don't draw focus rings on b2g. r=fabrice
73715117edd4d0c9fa1d0fc8ff40ba59e5afd099L. David Baron — Bug 1133439 patch 2 - Distinguish animation-only SMIL restyles based on eRestyle_StyleAttribute_Animations in RestyleManager::PostRestyleEvent. r=birtles
47474f11ad2d28dba262d3f03aeec201a41f4e49L. David Baron — Bug 1133439 patch 1 - Split eRestyle_StyleAttribute into eRestyle_StyleAttribute and eRestyle_StyleAttributeAnimations. r=birtles
8d38dc1dcdebd7d2038319df40c97d5d5d1991baShu-yu Guo — Backout 4a21032847e0 (bug 1131759) on suspicion of tsvgx regression.
26de49fecaaee86f5f199678faba77d3abbc16dcMasayuki Nakano — Bug 1119609 part.18 Add nsITextInputProcessor.commitCompositionWith() and drop aCommitString from nsITextInputProcessor.commitComposition() r=smaug, sr=smaug
4a1b3c42f28789d1e97998dc2aed51a629c97a01Masayuki Nakano — Bug 1119609 part.17 TextInputProcessor shouldn't allow to begin input transaction with different TextEventDispatcher during dispatching an event r=smaug
8aa90e1304a3575f4a3179305c1e80446d71d1e3Masayuki Nakano — Bug 1119609 part.16 Fix new orange of browser_tilt_controllers.js since they were passed because keypress events were not dispatched r=smaug+vporof
07f7bc36519ccfb5a5b07dee4c8fd7d597d979a7Masayuki Nakano — Bug 1119609 part.15 Fix new orange of test_menulist_keynav.xul because it's caused by timeout of incremental search in menu r=smaug+enn
d1e9fee455380cada037356b9d41bb9510cbabe5Masayuki Nakano — Bug 1119609 part.14 Reimplement/redesign EventUtils.synthesizeKey() with nsITextInputProcessor r=smaug
faa6c7dc1dd121f9c6634275e718fa21a178e57dMasayuki Nakano — Bug 1119609 part.13 EventUtils.synthesizeComposition() and synthesizeCompositionChange() should take KeyboardEvent for emulating composition state change caused by a key operation rs=smaug
bcf39cf754249c23b5204fd091ba73475ba9bd31Masayuki Nakano — Bug 1119609 part.12 nsITextInputProcessor should take KeyboardEvent as an argument of composition releated methods for dispatching key events around composition events r=smaug, sr=smaug
0ea20218201750faf0c76202e58fb8c18a2dd628Masayuki Nakano — Bug 1119609 part.11 TextEventDispatcher shouldn't allow to begin input transaction during dispatching a event r=smaug
38827922cd9bbe51471d4cbd4691fcdcfaf6d203Masayuki Nakano — Bug 1119609 part.10 Support all key and code values which are enough stable in DOM Level 3 KeyboardEvent key/code Values rs=smaug
6f20df12d0ff91f8a151ec55f9757268924fdfe7Masayuki Nakano — Bug 1119609 part.9 Make a check in runUnloadTests2() of window_nsITextInputProcessor disabled due to unknown random failure r=smaug
cd6067b851b44adac4be50f0b00d2ea07b9ad5fcMasayuki Nakano — Bug 1119609 part.8 nsITextInputProcessor.keydown() and nsITextInputProcessor.keyup() should be able to only modify its modifier state without dispatching key events r=smaug, sr=smaug
87ed00d8ae5cfc0dacd1264f644834d8e61cede8Masayuki Nakano — Bug 1119609 part.7 Make TextInputProcerros possible to share modifier state r=smaug, sr=smaug
d97c2fcf2bf8155a843123d294a851600e41ea55Masayuki Nakano — Bug 1119609 part.6 TextInputProcessor should manage modifier key state and set it to dispatching key events automatically r=smaug, sr=smaug
79a7a9fb13a9aceeebaab24eea9bca5542725a48Masayuki Nakano — Bug 1119609 part.5 Compute KeyboardEvent.location and .keyCode if they are 0 r=smaug, sr=smaug
4af5d66b1c0bd98d089d4f4ff3b3daa596ce0f37Masayuki Nakano — Bug 1119609 part.4 Add keydown() and keyup() to nsITextInputProcessor r=smaug, sr=smaug
d7ef5a56b661bbabc20b0ef5ba09e5e8d3b9cba0Masayuki Nakano — Bug 1119609 part.3 Implement converting methods from key/code value to key/code name index r=smaug
eb629fa95d06928dbf1cde8edbbd34893421daedMasayuki Nakano — Bug 1119609 part.2 Don't dispatch keyboard events from TextEventDispatcher if there is a composition r=smaug
e3ab2f41fa6382ffee00ed6dae9ddd5c89b0d9e3Masayuki Nakano — Bug 1119609 part.1 Implement key event dispatcher in TextEventDispatcher r=smaug
6ab4d5d7fec67b880ede9db0d932151b823555c9Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 1132802 - Add more assertions to pldhash.cpp. r=froydnj.
c841c87a77912f66ff78e5a1335b7deb6e7719c1Paul Adenot — Bug 1124411 - Add timeout when calling WaitForMultipleObjects to wallpaper over a deadlock. r=kinetik
d3d919e4fdf4cc86e34d6f1d80557890c1e80a62Matthew Gregan — Bug 1134102 - Move cubeb's stream reconfiguration to render thread. r=padenot
35b8aaad1312e40ae4ee57dc924cb47760742361Paul Adenot — Bug 1133190 - Don't use auto_unlock in paths where lock is being destroyed. r=kinetik
99f5101d6cf18479f300d29725026094db957673Paul Adenot — Bug 1132034 - Properly round the number of frame for the accumulating clock in WASAPI. r=kinetik
425f602236255e8c0a2f23d08ba6d0aeb7f9cb85Matthew Gregan — Bug 1134078 - Don't restart stopped cubeb streams when handling device change notifications. r=padenot
a58a44e992d2918fe9af10dae182cb65a2b24046Alexander Surkov — Bug 1133322 - tweak shutdown procedure for accessibles maintaining own trees, r=yzen
d563f8e2d157bf939a02671a59e97b94a2618248Chris Peterson — Bug 1133900 - Only collect JS telemetry for web content (not add-on or chrome JS). r=jandem
b213954a5d30d946088cc8267d7c064753cec0a4Chris Peterson — Bug 1133286 - Remove nonstandard expression closures from docshell/test. r=bz
55e4ab92ff9470bfeadb60a999d4833205cb426dMichael Schloh von Bennewitz — Bug 1123480 - Component: widget nsTransferable private browsing correction. r=jdm
13b2859e5c155a5993e86ffb914b0620cf6f4031Cykesiopka — Bug 1097622 - Add test cases for certs that have notBefore times earlier than the UNIX epoch. r=dkeeler
2163383b541a12f5cf39bb726432085d51eb2f6fCykesiopka — Bug 1097622 - Return ERROR_INVALID_TIME when decoding invalid time values. r=dkeeler
fd5016a0c130d53c4e178dab58a72099f9bf02c9Cykesiopka — Bug 1097622 - Rename (mE|e)rrorCodeExpired variables to (mE|e)rrorCodeTime. r=dkeeler
a6ccfddbdac032abc47085f85b3e8747cd9b65d8Nils Ohlmeier [:drno] — Bug 1089798 - MediaStream ID tests. r=bwc
abf7a473323c919a0d39d1509f70f30bf2c04b58Nils Ohlmeier [:drno] — Bug 1089798 - Implemenation of MediaStream IDs. r=bwc
4b194434cfee62188c2b6502ec6cb97fe9c3de10Nils Ohlmeier [:drno] — Bug 1089798 - Add id to MediaStream. r=bwc, r=smaug
153af0363bb9c854325beca174dc2dd69b6b2d05Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge b2g-inbound to m-c. a=merge
63d65b4b783aa83b79fe380f5faa5248e6a21157B2G Bumper Bot — Bumping manifests a=b2g-bump
9e5104f3d0f4b872ceb0203e3b3dab6898ae8aceB2G Bumper Bot — Bumping gaia.json for 1 gaia revision(s) a=gaia-bump
64a555d9d1004b32cca66fd07bdac42ce5212ab0B2G Bumper Bot — Bumping manifests a=b2g-bump
de578b9b13731c1fc2f394a88df42427cbfc6980B2G Bumper Bot — Bumping gaia.json for 3 gaia revision(s) a=gaia-bump
98399d53882ec8158e80606c7a68ba13d6a9b8fdB2G Bumper Bot — Bumping manifests a=b2g-bump
3ec0fa882e05a9fe60e132ae39c707e1a36cb208B2G Bumper Bot — Bumping gaia.json for 4 gaia revision(s) a=gaia-bump
71976f70c78868f6e3c828caa8253d4e600a1f5bB2G Bumper Bot — Bumping manifests a=b2g-bump
e1b31386bd78fb6fbefc9e6f619c68b24fccdd73B2G Bumper Bot — Bumping gaia.json for 4 gaia revision(s) a=gaia-bump
871f0fbe15e3075a5896fc28f5f2f6a430c8ac30B2G Bumper Bot — Bumping manifests a=b2g-bump
a831ee9506af66cfa05136fdbaefb1852acb6caeB2G Bumper Bot — Bumping gaia.json for 4 gaia revision(s) a=gaia-bump
3417015d8e1f25350df6131438ba635f5dc2f315B2G Bumper Bot — Bumping manifests a=b2g-bump
813b4d13bcc3c27d27a65f07a2566653065776dfB2G Bumper Bot — Bumping manifests a=b2g-bump
4b812ca945b22f33c15417ff40f396dfb3fe0a25Kilik Kuo — Bug 1112438 - Make newCurrentFrameTime more accurate while seeking by checking audio & video timestamp boundary in addition. r=cpearce
dad2219de6a3d2e0a06e0f8019aab71297b10d60Ben Hsu — Bug 1067629 - Part 5: Deprecate GECKO_RADIOSTATE_ENABLING and GECKO_RADIOSTATE_DISABLING (ril_consts.js). r=aknow
2acb4a40861939663429af43d94fc8a7e90bb773Ben Hsu — Bug 1067629 - Part 4: Update the related testcase. r=aknow
88984657509c6f7c4f04f0a3c78b19f1ed9f89ffBen Hsu — Bug 1067629 - Part 3: Some minor modifications(ril_worker.js). r=aknow
15831b5e5f463de01f65a7a977c95771db199498Ben Hsu — Bug 1067629 - Part 2: Remove some radio state checks(RadioInterfaceLayer.js). r=aknow
038a9dea37839593933e3657ee4b8e014d503f98Ben Hsu — Bug 1067629 - Part 1: Construct a radio state FSM(mobileConnectionService.js). r=aknow
00456a9daa3ac2332e86b8b39fa160eee59dfed4Carsten "Tomcat" Book — Merge mozilla-central to b2g-inbound
6277d31d0179b4347bff520fd1a21cf4ebeaaf60B2G Bumper Bot — Bumping manifests a=b2g-bump
c38a916d6f14a64303ce4e4b8fb27cd0660f7d0aB2G Bumper Bot — Bumping manifests a=b2g-bump
93f6865c8d5dd95dfbbfd380b3aca616550edd76B2G Bumper Bot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia revision(s) a=gaia-bump
6296a60b586bbe1c3d0d1ed052292be1a822b748B2G Bumper Bot — Bumping manifests a=b2g-bump
c7d060502939b1058039b2abbf0d72bc6e34925cB2G Bumper Bot — Bumping gaia.json for 4 gaia revision(s) a=gaia-bump
cfa6af900beffe61469eace3c99d84137ced7bc8B2G Bumper Bot — Bumping manifests a=b2g-bump
7b6db8a5676134f450f69676dccfecea4639d04fB2G Bumper Bot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia revision(s) a=gaia-bump
74874130dd252312133b40e6ed468bee08561da9Kai-Zhen Li — Bug 1132837 - User VARIANT=userdebug for nexus-5-l which allow disable selinux. r=nhirata
986e840a29794126c86ba10126756a5688a13da5Mike Shal — Bug 1123990 - installer needs voucher.bin; r=glandium, r=cpearce, a=RyanVM
2ae1d6e56becd431234c9e333be3feda66ec4a45Carsten "Tomcat" Book — merge b2g-inbound to mozilla-central a=merge
36261c8164f76f4ba867deda3b1623353ed50abeB2G Bumper Bot — Bumping manifests a=b2g-bump
8e0f6bac8929cd098dfe9b98db5bb6ce684833a8B2G Bumper Bot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia revision(s) a=gaia-bump
02af2baa5de957ede21f179e7ad9072dc3ded9b1B2G Bumper Bot — Bumping manifests a=b2g-bump
df39e86f6f217983e6a34ed3a632abae17f84c39B2G Bumper Bot — Bumping manifests a=b2g-bump
b3d477ae57291679326f0f2db53a54576237ef3cB2G Bumper Bot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia revision(s) a=gaia-bump
c0b119d6e85f6c743ce730f5d5e6c17a407fa82eRyan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to b2g-inbound. a=merge
5a37fa441cc2e265fed47e91f02935744d7e4eadB2G Bumper Bot — Bumping manifests a=b2g-bump
3d8037a4e1cb2fb06ffbcb5898a7cfd2eca14ba5B2G Bumper Bot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia revision(s) a=gaia-bump
7345d6035eea369101ba922b1af2304f04ceb013Carsten "Tomcat" Book — merge fx-team to mozilla-central a=merge
39a485cf11d87481e49506c8b0715d051d35b752Jan Keromnes — Bug 1133927 - Add a catalog of known devices with emulation properties. r=ochameau, f=jryans, f=canuckistani
cb0b4ff6d490e9ddc535eb18d58069423e9d8d55Jennifer Fong — Bug 1132244 - Expose Settings Actor in restricted mode. r=jryans
7b5751bf50e9bcbfb8e49bc24895051d48caf1c1Luca Greco — Bug 1124536 - Fix Debugger UI loadSourceError on PageMod content scripts and bookmarklets associated to 'javascript:SOURCECODE' urls. r=jlongster
dbe38ec9c16d35273188a7afc2e1345db1c0e432Brian Grinstead — Bug 1123948 - Wait for _applyingModifications to finish before checking computed style in livepreview test. r=pbrosset
54a5226f99f2fb233b5d1956b363b30a2e556e91Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to fx-team. a=merge
58f815545f09f4e4e80c361371468f7a77a83891Nithin Murali — Bug 1098517 - Fix hiding of FxA UI when loop.fxa.enabled is false; r=MattN
f39249695662bc00f04a8363a52edabf1b4f8037Matthew Noorenberghe — Bug 1120888 - Record the result of password manager form autofill. r=dolske
d71a3d134bf30ce7566e036169a6963908d7c3bbMargaret Leibovic — Bug 1132307 - Use <button> elements instead of <a> elements in reader mode toolbar. r=bnicholson
d88e65d32c5301f9ba87765d581eea36b56d9b7dJean-Yves Avenard — Bug 1130450: Properly handle MP4 with Apple QT extension. r=k17e
5d68cdc80ddfa82c041369827f231e7c03cde2a2Jean-Yves Avenard — Bug 1133633: Part1. Add logging reporting if we are using HW accelerated decode. r=rillian
d942232f7ce68a294593bc7959a8bb935a08e9baBoris Zbarsky — Bug 1134149. Throw the exception the spec calls for when withCredentials is set on a sent XMLHttpRequest object. r=ms2ger
bed50853ae08e7da85137064395a8e32a9c97d51Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1134013. Add a version of branchTestObject that takes an Address. r=jandem
8940026f4214c9302decff57913f46b66a7c4894Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound. a=merge
1e12e3b6847878b1454eefcd385a0b1c4a9c0789Josh Matthews — Bug 1065216 - Dispatch a fetch event to workers when controlled pages initiate a network load. r=baku,mayhemer,smaug
2b2f1d308c3abfb10d965c7b7d1f22f11dc95221Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset d77323edbdec (bug 1117977) for Nexus 5-L bustage.
d01c44107a30385c0ebbf649a0ee341d780ee421Jeff Walden — Bug 1130811 - Inline PushNodeBinaryChildren into its sole caller. r=shu
52debad69c67cffd2dddf1a5b0d27663eeb521c3Jeff Walden — Bug 1130811 - Remove pushUnlessNull in favor of making callers null-check. r=shu
8333a0bfa579b4523d2b9d12322f3d0ccb5b70e8Jeff Walden — Bug 1130811 - Inline PushTernaryNodeNullableChildren into its single caller. r=shu
5d5f2a894a8b4a20105aa5e1c3ed69b1e53a3724Jeff Walden — Bug 1130811 - Inline PushUnaryNodeNullableChild into its sole user. r=shu
75c804d608a2f19bf8ac330928e75af71cb8b66aJeff Walden — Bug 1130811 - Split PNK_OBJECT_PROPERTY_NAME out of PNK_NAME, so that PNK_NAME is *always* a name reference and the other is *always* the identifier used to specify a property name in an object literal. r=efaust
fb17e51e21c26359c1991c9a03d6b0e2252bb957Jeff Walden — Bug 1130811 - Refactor some object-literal key:property and shorthand parsing code slightly. r=efaust
74e2fa416f62dfa71696642ed1437021df4e6b03Jeff Walden — Bug 1130811 - Remove the bizarre left-equals-right special case when recycling binary nodes. r=efaust
f62587c1fa13b3c6f4cbc3d6f44caa8b1c138e75Jeff Walden — Bug 1130811 - Convert the last ParseNode recycling arity-check to deal *only* with PNK_NAME to give the right impression about what should be done. Fixing PNK_NAME to deal with multiple arities looks to be moderately tricky for various reasons, so punt on it for now until those other reasons are cleaned up. r=shu
56acd8644a3ff7a01fb4e68194b9767f23200d0bJeff Walden — Bug 1130811 - Handle import/export and lexicalscope nodes by kind, when recycling. r=efaust
efb65bb7755565bc94bd4cb56466df0f684557ccJeff Walden — Bug 1130811 - Handle PNK_ARRAYCOMP nodes by kind when recycling. r=efaust
293f7e3a1cb1680a6c40ce9d6683a78e5c03e741Jeff Walden — Bug 1130811 - When parsing an array that later turns out to be a legacy array comprehension, explicitly discard the array literal, rather than needlessly setting its kind to PNK_ARRAYCOMP and then implicitly dropping it on the floor. r=efaust
d4a230d1ff773288cd4796060e80d4f04a2e3e8cJeff Walden — Bug 1130811 - Handle a few more kinds, by kind, when recycling. r=efaust
a382317116055ef03ca9f288b6da836a441a1144Jeff Walden — Bug 1130811 - Handle a few more kinds, by kind, when recycling. r=efaust
5c7e45daf893d5a7de008ef0195c2c208794f7a6Jeff Walden — Bug 1130811 - Make addArrayElement infallible, 'cause it is. r=efaust
688f46924277905d06c9576a80d1b04fcc1798e7Jeff Gilbert — Bug 1094457 - Implement ReadBuffer and RenderbufferStorageMultisample. - r=kamidphish
f74fcc98ea52950862fd00e117ac6d52bff38c6cCameron McCormack — Bug 1134379 - Cancel old AnimationPlayer when redirecting a transition. r=birtles
c38eaa958c1e5caf3f22e8a5f6750e4c3799abd7L. David Baron — Bug 1131812 patch 2 - Don't do ratio scaling when applying min/max-width/height for images without an intrinsic ratio. r=dholbert
5e670610fec2081cf5cb963be631facb84195426L. David Baron — Bug 1131812 patch 1 - Add reftests for sizing of replaced elements. r=dholbert
35db3e41a20683dbe8972d13802814a30663ad7aL. David Baron — Bug 1133392 - Make handling of nsChangeHint_UpdateSubtreeOverflow iterate continuations, as all change hint handling needs to. r=mats
c7b08a1d83f07d7e8e382f65922bc50ac423fddeL. David Baron — Bug 1133375 - Condition starting (or cancelling) CSS transitions on the combined duration, rather than delay and duration both being exactly 0. r=birtles
584bbe0e1cd8a913724129d8326ee31fe0ab8c69Jonathan Griffin — Bug 1121577 - Only enable SpecialPowers at newSession, r=AutomatedTester
b596d5ffe50f3be8ea1c29036487bd20d9e415abRobert Strong — Bug 1044443 - release off main thread crash in nsXPCWrappedJS::Release() via nsUpdateProcessor::~nsUpdateProcessor(). r=bbondy
72481fdb360538f0c90bb2fd546a2cf0a47481acNicholas Nethercote — Bug 1127201 (attempt 2, part 3) - Remove the NS_ABORT_IF_FALSE macro. r=Waldo.
b4fa9c896fef4996dda7c4f0ef4c12997ff87772Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 1127201 (attempt 2, part 2) - Remove remaining uses of NS_ABORT_IF_FALSE. r=Waldo.
d48bfd6bc6a102ccf216c54077b6237768060f52Robert Strong — backout bug 1134334 - changeset 30d3e9381a50
f74ab4efb948bb570861abab90c5fa80d8ae6352Andrew McCreight — Bug 1127827, part 3 - Weak map get should always return undefined on failure to find the key. r=Waldo,jgraham
e9449c138c67ccac35103bdcd647855f926555c7Andrew McCreight — Bug 1127827, part 2 - Treat missing arguments to weakmap methods as undefined. r=Waldo
53a0ff28cc17e73088dd781062a3d24ba18bd198Andrew McCreight — Bug 1127827, part 1 - WeakMap.get, has and delete should not throw when the key arg is not an object. r=Waldo
9305c6f70f01e8271e3787a902bb36656128f763Christoph Kerschbaumer — Bug 1134196 - Allow 'null' LoadInfo within nsNetutil.h (r=sicking,jduell)
3315ae2e30d92e65fa0852ef6db6f5755198b33aBenoit Girard — Bug 1113435 - Only cull the fully rendered region when doing progressive draw. r=jrmuizel
1703a6a1028fc1f587e5a7312835dad4a2f1a6caBenoit Girard — Bug 1085223 - Restore culling because of regressions from bug 1132144.
d77323edbdec08e3b234b8385cb23b70063ff02fOlli Pettay — Bug 1117977, make script load handling during shutdown safer, r=mccr8
d880fdc6fb00371b5cdcac60b383d62081aa5e18Geoff Brown — Bug 982106 - Avoid intermittent NPE in Android x86 crashtests; r=kats
42ab578331a615dbb35838c50c14c7f420550ae1Trevor Saunders — bug 1133075 - fixup includes CLOSED TREE
3e172dcfa9a56d24d10061293806b452caa11d7dBrian Hackett — Bug 1071403 - Allow evicting multiple intervals at once in the backtracking allocator when considering aliased registers, r=sunfish.
10237dc3ac6613a4d34314bcb13c5571662170bfTerrence Cole — Bug 1132706 - Lazify hashing for insertions into the NewObjectCache; r=jonco
22cb52f4cab40be582abedebf8fe0c3a1beaea23Botond Ballo — Bug 1132153 - Replace 'using namespace base' with specific using-declarations. r=dholbert
bf0a30e5256cd3f75782686954fddfc31348fcf2Trevor Saunders — bug 1133075 - add more MOZ_OVERRIDE r=froydnj, waldo, jrmuizel
30d3e9381a50e33ca1721c34f6ef400a162214e0Robert Strong — Bug 1134334 - Intermittent run-by-dir test_0900_deprecatedUpdateFormat_minor.xul | Checking currentPage.pageid equals checking in pageshow - got downloading, expected checking. r=spohl
360b5f21118017db0bbaf2b55ef04ce003d812d8Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge inbound to m-c. a=merge
9f6ba4598996042ec9648472dac8103bc2a6af08Christoph Kerschbaumer — Bug 1109910 - Move LoadInfo from docShell into Necko (r=sicking,sworkman)
a3642ea4fdf0d82e057ea8ba9a83664457650654Xidorn Quan — Bug 1133384 - Add -MaxILKSize to LDFLAGS for MSVC to avoid LNK1248 error. r=glandium
4b55612b43f5c666aa28bcd5116447dfb75efb64Nikhil Marathe — Bug 1126815 - Implement Response.finalURL. r=bkelly,baku
34a8eb104adc6f1e9f49f04eaf86ad2e9010affbRyan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset 25a4a1aecec4 (bug 1131749) for gtest failures.
830294dbc05cb0ef7df097a008ccd124f6d73b2dRyan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset 25f90464e93b (bug 1065216) for Android mochitest failures.
25a4a1aecec470b73c60b8cd40b321e91db2448bBotond Ballo — Bug 1131749 - Correct for errors in our approximation of the spring equation for overscroll physics that might otherwise violate an assumption. r=kats
9345d96f487e39273de44716a9639e064a054431Benjamin Bouvier — Bug 1134298: Fix assertion in MConstant::New to handle NaN; r=luke
5ae55992592ed7e587dbd5720a43108b5561fac5Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changesets b7d9158b53e7 and 820a0cabcb92 (bug 1131375) for Windows bustage.
7e71082f0eda4b85bf265ee0bc8e5f3331dbd791Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset e4962045c59c (bug 1131798) for Win8 build bustage.
3ada01d5cdd19d5a5fb9900fabe711033c556dc8Masatoshi Kimura — Bug 1133187 - Update fallback whitelist. r=keeler
ae9cc48ed726557364866e4db9b8d1d09d013cf8Masatoshi Kimura — Bug 1124039 - Allow RC4 only for whitelisted hosts. r=keeler
25f90464e93b6648537ffc3997aed832db888597Josh Matthews — Bug 1065216 - Dispatch a fetch event to workers when controlled pages initiate a network load. r=baku,mayhemer,smaug
ea24593f97e3eef377e9e78ba99648b5e4b89c02Brad Lassey — bug 1134246 - compartment name not shown in about:compartments r=mossop
4dfa3991e9ca81dbf19cb6c8a5ce2f1ab04e7d8eKannan Vijayan — Bug 1131295 - Fix profiler frontend category mappings. r=vporof
e3459498439288ad480a3fd15785c3713d24d580Bill McCloskey — Bug 1131317 - Always unwrap objects before wrapping them in XPCWrappedJS (r=mrbkap)
b7d9158b53e746bb336a75aec3f22ad700028115Bill McCloskey — Bug 1131375 - Test for message ordering (r=Mossop)
820a0cabcb9225600fc342d6078b4bf1de15a5c4Bill McCloskey — Bug 1131375 - Message manager messages should arrive in order in non-e10s (r=smaug)
7c3e53198e5bb558a2809d64b8df8551bcaf47d9Jonathan Kew — Bug 1105644 - Update reftests for improved handling of capitalized words. r=smontagu
133f5ec3de019aa95ac7c50d712cd8478f13fe8fJonathan Kew — Bug 1105644 - Lowercase words before passing them to libhyphen, so as to match patterns fully. r=smontagu
6b0631da5300abc98ddf26fbac419054cee7fb64Tooru Fujisawa — Bug 1018628 - Lookup definition node for identifierName in default value in destructuring. r=jorendorff
e4962045c59cf00b60f70c81fdad885793a56e46Joe Steele — Bug 1131798 - Fix handling of CPU sub-type and rebasing WITHOUT requiring Python 3.3. r=ted
161af2aba1e980a4f8019ccff458bfd6201c373dBenjamin Bouvier — Bug 1133859: Allow shared array views as SIMD.load/store arguments; r=lth
cda91b1179bf3d5aa371f9b1730dbc1d44f258ceJan de Mooij — Bug 1134142 - Replace Baseline ICStub New functions with a variadic template function. r=djvj
7f4925153bd9dd8506f69164d065b32a595aa84aRyan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset 4ef497dc6f9b (bug 1131557) for frequent Linux xpcshell failures.
dd8e580f0e1d20d4cc90a923673b106ce3175fd4Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset 73e586b9f04f (bug 1109910) for bustage.
73e586b9f04ff542c1c948c9216e56bdef3c2504Christoph Kerschbaumer — CLOSED TREE - Bug 1109910 - Move LoadInfo from docShell into Necko (r=sicking,sworkman)
4c5c681a610412fb8a2b0421ae4a527795e261cdCarsten "Tomcat" Book — Backed out changeset 5f5540f3fcce (bug 1109910) for Bustage on a CLOSED TREE
d58b4ab4b72a58b396407b00a07075aea86529a7Armen Zambrano Gasparnian — Bug 1110286 - Pin mozharness to 2264bffd89ca instead of production. r=rail
fe823d167766bd9847e4ec868dba70a6b1d8816aChristoph Kerschbaumer — Bug 1116278 - Follow up: Using new channel API in browser/components/feeds (r=sicking)
087732d18dc12cacc3c2fc0900fe7f7336fc1d6bChristoph Kerschbaumer — Bug 1131455 - about:sync-log assertion failure: newly created channel must have a loadinfo attached (r=rnewman)
cebea9cb6f9b91b8eb45c50b900fcfb9a255ca06Christoph Kerschbaumer — Bug 1124950: Make JS callers of ios.newChannel call ios.newChannel2 in toolkit/webapps (r=marco)
5f5540f3fcce544fea11876fed93a93da104bb29Christoph Kerschbaumer — Bug 1109910 - Move LoadInfo from docShell into Necko (r=sicking,sworkman)
acf46fe8b0547a5051d9be1629c901ac93844729Andrew McCreight — Back out bug 1071880 for causing bug 1083952.
b1cc2dd3e35c8c8e074ac15e3e618520dc07edbcBrian Hackett — Bug 1133254 - Dehandlify shape-updating object methods, allow setting multiple flags on an object at once, r=terrence.
4ef497dc6f9b7fd560ac6f167c1c8d483d07fb3fDragana Damjanovic — Bug 1131557 - Serve multiple xpcom events in one poll iteration. r=mcmanus
f47810257e9852f65a2fbe27bfd825306c15bb12Douglas Crosher — Bug 1130827 - Odin: Use SIMD load/store for the fbird test now that they are implemented. r=bbouvier
797672558e447aefe43c3ea6ee812351d3e5e9f1Alex Henrie — Bug 694870 - Only support GIO in Linux file and protocol handler. r=roc, r=karlt
81256bde8592e79bfd10c0be237a25213aa638d3Nathan Froyd — Bug 883954 - part 3 - build using new GENERATED_FILES functionality; r=gps
21b8e84737816a47e2b0b8ce4c54e4501da3b2d3Nathan Froyd — Bug 883954 - part 2 - add support for defining generating scripts for GENERATED_FILES; r=gps
5e837e179aab7bcbfe1efc91b19e67b96cbc813dNathan Froyd — Bug 883954 - part 1 - make GENERATED_FILES emit proper objects; r=gps
b41c6cb9d0225b1a09ed79ff2980bb0c6c8037c9Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 1131695 - Ensure that mouse and touch events sent via BrowserElementParent to the child are offsetted correctly. r=fabrice
9aeb417a0af8e204efec96794a1919b6a53a2c07Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 1131695 - Extract a GetLayoutDeviceToCSSScale helper function in TabParent. r=fabrice
52a4735208c2338eb61d980916414d29982f40f3Carsten "Tomcat" Book — Backed out changeset e46f80935409 (bug 1105644) for ASAN reftest failures
ddf7147e8a2f7f6d3736407c59936e762af5b106Carsten "Tomcat" Book — Backed out changeset a36c441817d8 (bug 1105644)
45a72ac5b38234163e36eacd18c4a2ec4a4e429dJon Coppeard — Bug 1133759 - Always shrink GC buffers at the end of a shrinking GC r=terrence
2f68cea9b4c963e7ab101ce96778915bb0f39014Tom Schuster — Bug 1120503 - Fix seal/freeze for typed arrays. r=Waldo
587cfd4385b7bc0eef784092bcd0b37fedaa8fe5Xidorn Quan — Bug 1039006 - Enable the preference for CSS Ruby by default. r=dbaron
a36c441817d8bef920bde6921ded41faa300b6f6Jonathan Kew — Bug 1105644 - Update reftests for improved handling of capitalized words. r=smontagu
e46f80935409371649ca03c5be0915da1d6c9e30Jonathan Kew — Bug 1105644 - Lowercase words before passing them to libhyphen, so as to match patterns fully. r=smontagu
95c1fecef4f6f8d3f06f56017a3b67ebdd9fe334Carsten "Tomcat" Book — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
ae1dcb146f54391376a3427a6bfd89b292e6521bDouglas Crosher — Bug 1133203 - Jit: do not flag AssertRange as movable. r=sunfish
df804595c4e1a6855124f7fdeba54752d9ee7a32Steve Singer — Bug 1130223 - Add an implementation to the big endian conditional. r=jesup
96e6f939259856b3c8c26b9f73fd297cd2c50ab3Jeff Lu — Bug 1098415 - Skip DNS prefetch for local resources. r=sworkman
4ba0059e72204f38a0b882fdbfdb5f1dd360b5afKevin K. — Bug 1057600 - Don't require MOZILLA_OFFICIAL to include build revisions in build. Add MOZ_INCLUDE_SOURCE_INFO variable as an alternate way to include build revisions without setting MOZILLA_OFFICIAL. r=glandium
71d030563b18097639ea2bcef8f4242ffa5864afDavid Anderson — Add weak reference support to nsBaseWidget. (bug 1133150, r=roc)
36a3cbc746f50d61a572b4b5b392aab02e238d74Anthony Jones — Bug 1133572 - Use new demuxer for all sample fetches; r=cpearce
5cc5ea4bf0726e7bbf8701dae40fd76a43d106f6Anthony Jones — Bug 1133572 - Remove duplication of logic from GetNextKeyframeTime(); r=cpearce
946b11555d66b3c624f3f4d9f02a6f6d3c639588Chris Peterson — Bug 1133418 - Remove nonstandard expression closures from mobile/android. r=mfinkle
433fc2a17d02969958d4d84329b0dbc76a4290c8Chris Peterson — Bug 1133283 - Remove nonstandard expression closures from security/manager/ssl/tests. r=keeler
3b080c1a621cb2d573dfee2d0fd18944c08bdf8dChris Peterson — Bug 1133279 - Remove nonstandard let blocks from toolkit/mozapps/extensions. r=Mossop
2c39507285afc6eb254f5248a4e70cc4dc5252f1Tooru Fujisawa — Bug 1129920 - Separate String.prototype.normalize test into small parts. r=Waldo
8988da1e5c0faf987b41d91a8cbbb53430de8b5cXidorn Quan — Bug 1133697 part 3 - Make ruby text frame not continue text run. r=roc
a9dfc4f7e628eae057a77377167935c068d7f754Xidorn Quan — Bug 1133697 part 2 - Scan ruby texts instead of their container for building text run. r=roc
9b1a319556664089ed3041ef8f64d9efb2d313e1Xidorn Quan — Bug 1133697 part 1 - Remove aForFrame check in BuildTextRuns. r=roc
1da0551c005b9405862755f96518c8a0e52dab2aJosh Grant — Bug 1128515 - Update session_capabilities property. r=dburns
4dc28102814051775c29bb19b83f374e71406386Alexandre Lissy — Bug 1128986 - Update gaia_lock_screen.js. r=jgriffin
1219ad286c50cc8a7435453f0381df2ea72b6c43Blake Wu — Bug 1123669 - Reset mDrainComplete flag and implement overridden flush() for audio. r=ajones
83725be2772e249c8d24ee3178feb60e28856ebeEdwin Flores — Bug 1133634 - Fix CanPlayType in GStreamer backend - r=kinetik
d6b88fc5f6d99901ceaef35ec048ba168b01c521Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound. a=merge
b8dc15f1f92339d671184a38a962d8410f5230baTimothy Nikkel — Bug 1132427. Add test.
90995b26caef976c36956c0b2a5e787e9d874915David Major — Bug 1132663 - Part 2: Block rndlnpshimswf.dll and rndlmainbrowserrecordplugin.dll. r=bsmedberg
e873eb61dba84040063692501aee88a0372e5e34David Major — Bug 1132663 - Part 1: Use the DLL blocklist in plugin-container processes. r=bsmedberg
84fff2da5d7e6fea283f7a8e49fdd5172d493b80Ralph Giles — Bug 1127448 - Use indexOf instead of includes. r=mconley
d5939eb820857a2574e180b7c041127593d6b8a9Matt Woodrow — Bug 1128170 - Use UniquePtr for TextureClient KeepAlive objects to make sure we don't leak them. r=jrmuizel
ab62fb74233b489b77c94c5499ad7a4a1ca0d3d0Steve Fink — Backed out 2 changesets (bug 1131424) for continuing problems on a CLOSED TREE
c43187545daac7e59ed8160623e91a98a446fe8aSteve Fink — Bugfix followup to bug 1131424 on a CLOSED TREE
a8f46cfb16e7ec53b61e1e5dc6fbdce3c38b2c08Steve Fink — Bug 1131380 - Run all shell builds with ASLR off, r=terrence
0e7e4e9718b7d25c445a5815136af5b7d1e1819aSteve Fink — Bug 1131424 - Report error message when failing to open ctypes library, r=jorendorff
982b7c688f3f58f2615add7cad64fc89ba39ee5dRalph Giles — Bug 1127448 - Append the build id to the ua string for youtube. r=mconley
ae54f91e4b10609436409a43ac379235913083baBarbara Miller — Bug 1131219 - Add focusmanager.testmode to Marionette; r=dburns
f20cf9991555d47e8f6af2f46d2750c2a3ace079Jonathan Kew — Bug 1082017 - Add writing-mode to prerequisites for line-height and font (shorthand) tests, because vertical vs horizontal mode may result in different line metrics. r=dbaron
60d2f893feb93f77cb19b6fb43dd9e9afae2b518Cameron McCormack — Bug 1127198 - Part 4: Clear cached structs only after we have fully processed a restyle. r=dbaron
1ac22d8f07fadcccb802def741dac4395fcced50Cameron McCormack — Bug 1127198 - Part 3: Crashtest. r=dbaron
dd451e36fd917313d9c69a1c9dd6ed090a2e4bd0Cameron McCormack — Bug 1127198 - Part 2: Assert if we clear cached structs on a style context still used by a frame. r=dbaron
1a1b8b9ec10a0d79dc5a0713aab7710c06c12ffaCameron McCormack — Bug 1127198 - Part 1: Add a DEBUG-only count of frames that use a style context. r=dbaron
e7d74758846b838a78914c4edcd6155f10a7b341Cameron McCormack — Bug 1125391 - Re-enable bug 931668 optimizations. r=dbaron
f1e0ee57dee0a7c9ac84325a978bb5be968fac18David Keeler — bug 1123671 - if a non-overridable error is encountered when processing an overridable certificate error, report the non-overridable error r=mmc r=jcj
3292bc65a0aed3ec6508265ac819547d76b34d63Masatoshi Kimura — Bug 1129756 - Revert test changes in bug 1041631 since Symbols are reenabled. r=jorendorff
04527ab4352c1553d6d90f24990ba6d8f30c7ae0Robert Longson — Bug 1129854 - markers not oriented correctly for degenerate beziers. r=jwatt
514a4d642fd6a6a05fb454363b7b5635175d0308Bill McCloskey — Bug 1133099 - Add window.navigator.mozE10sEnabled flag (r=jst)
9b95a2885023286cbd1bfad543e7ac851739ed83Matthew Gregan — Bug 1132257 - Update cubeb from upstream. r=padenot
602f3407d79a3bdc70fc15a3fb3efdeaf58fef75Matthew Gregan — Bug 1133645 - Check size of audio_specific_config before use. r=snorp
551febba68bc0410889ea83734cf6968e449f33bRyan VanderMeulen — Merge fx-team to m-c. a=merge
4d66d5d582321b98f24030a60ed5c03f572ca908Miles Rakestraw — Bug 1126290 - Removed PAN_THRESHOLD from JavaPanZoomController, replaced with PanZoomController.PAN_THRESHOLD. r=kats
fbb2f8d1a8419f582a0ad34e7a6db3dde5410a76Max Li — Bug 1134092 - Content area inaccessible on Android. r=nalexander
c17419e638084908bfa53444bcd5d7d34b1d08dbRyan VanderMeulen — Backed out 7 changesets (bug 1106935) for Android API9 mass-fails on a CLOSED TREE.
1fc897448cada5c9c917cb5f0dc4e46d27847033Shane Caraveo — bug 1134315 use service origin in activation panel when activating from directory, r=jaws
78bb737b85eaac4923cb699f7796c9125ad00178Margaret Leibovic — Bug 1123102 - Always create reading list panel, regardless of device memory capabilities. r=nalexander
89a1843b77337229bccd2ee50e0e8d5b289b35d0Margaret Leibovic — Bug 1123910 - Display original article URL in urlbar when in reader mode (instead of about:reader). r=Unfocused
6706694c76db6027c6ba9281cfe603bc3bb4f2b9Chenxia Liu — Bug 1131806 - Update Firstrun copy for first screen. r=margaret
679ce562066915a803c33b679abc4e6707af04f5Mike Conley — Bug 1133260 - Disable browser_testOpenNewRemoteTabsFromNonRemoteBrowsers.js for non-e10s test runs. r=Mossop.
83ffa64463100a2077bc3c6cee27cc1f2fb4b4a8Federico Paolinelli — Bug 1127613 - tabs animation triggered when tabs open and switching between tab types. r=wesj
f8366cf7e7c88d53221715d6bc907b003f09057eMichael Comella — Bug 1106935 - Remove MOZ_ANDROID_NEW_TABLET_UI from r=nalexander
efa9411df1c4c1ea74fcdde7b5c3fc8a88725d79Michael Comella — Bug 1106935 - Remove new tablet branch in selecting default toolbar favicons. r=mhaigh
f292df38d7eb785980cb35ef3e2e2b93756934dbMichael Comella — Bug 1106935 - Remove new tablet favicon size branch from Favicons. r=mhaigh
319511aa757a5b3615b13bb86c62db3b4f4f17f2Michael Comella — Bug 1106935 - Remove new tablet branch in GeckoMenuInflater. r=mhaigh
78cb4369b3963aabac55172e3eac88010f67ffe3Michael Comella — Bug 1106935 - Remove MOZ_ANDROID_NEW_TABLET_UI confvar. r=nalexander
fb066050757e614338dd185e6f99cfdbdbf818ecMichael Comella — Bug 1106935 - Move BrowserToolbarTablet menu button right margin hack to xml. r=mhaigh
9080887b3cc4a922a8721ca4a32134d886a27025Michael Comella — Bug 1106935 - Remove new tablet branch in MenuItemActionBar. r=mhaigh
8ef3725e6a667e3e864d928045073149492051f3vivek — Bug 1103267 - Load passwords favicon from cache. r=liuche
3cca31468f292eceac9cde308fa97bcc71d57710vivek — Bug 1127309 - Correct password age picked from nsILoginMetaInfo. r=liuche
78fcab4b550ee5b061c87af3e1f84f320e7f85d5Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset 09a43afd57b2 (bug 1044600) for making bug 1130411 fail frequently.
b6f1c25cf603905b438d197b0af8819e9c7e578eNick Alexander — Backed out changeset ee6252e71b8b (bug 1129443) for rc4 failure.
4d10b6a2cd5fb4f643975769b4bfefb16ff716f8Nick Alexander — Bug 1117829 - Add Firefox Account-backed oauth client. r=rnewman
8fa40864937c47a3718c9aea162d98540c35017aNathan Toone — Bug 1133983 - Allow overriding of resources in branding. r=nalexander
da5bf8c21c13c738c02419e35e12ab3581af390bRobin Ricard — Bug 1124193 - Last synced date is wrong on first sync. r=nalexander
ee6252e71b8ba2d9333da979e1a6fe5422e94100Martyn Haigh — Bug 1129443 - Add item in Settings to manage tab queue (r=liuche)
5e0b3725b15985b457e039f3b45b582413bb9d45Erik Vold — Bug 1131923 - Uplift Add-on SDK to Firefox a=me
2cf0e5bc1473307b6ce7a3e00ff1926f773187d9Mike Conley — Bug 1133077 - tabbrowser-tabpanels should not attempt to switch tabs if the requested index matches the current index. r=billm.
73f1285748cfbd46be157c7f3a6f7c692a453236Carsten "Tomcat" Book — Backed out changeset ed7a34b39130 (bug 1098374) for failing dt tests
66d5208fba2385fcc622460c442600d56fb66527Carsten "Tomcat" Book — Backed out changeset e3a0544d600f (bug 1046234)
f113f8bed398ebb5b96b9a02200470cfd5d93ee7Carsten "Tomcat" Book — Backed out changeset 0799176cb906 (bug 1120570) for m-oth test regressions on a CLOSED TREE
c87629c34fcc89f1c8c611d4631157f4f8ea2732Paul Rouget — Bug 1127205 - Can't quit B2G Desktop on Mac. r=mstange
7fa78c76bc46a937a6875fd243280dc6966e98faPaul Rouget — Bug 1134172 - WebIDE does not remember its previous size. r=jryans
4e0ed73971cd6333f622b6b0e7673a4247128c7bJordan Santell — Bug 1134036 - Disable web audio editor's automation panel until bug 1125600 is fixed. r=vp
56a8b4e8549d02ce0b2efe2ed79d55554502fd04Richard Marti — Bug 1022581 - Use a svg image for the category icons. r=jaws
bf0c74950c9ce919ada008f9dc784cc9a442ad7aJordan Santell — Bug 980786 - Shader Editor should be disabled when debugging chrome. r=vp
e3a0544d600f76781241a94743711e12ab43331eMichael Ratcliffe — Bug 1046234 - Add more DevTools Telemetry measures (display size etc.) r=pbrosset
ed7a34b391300ed599ef04a00a7d54bd3c55eaddMichael Ratcliffe — Bug 1098374 - Telemetry: Stop all monkey patching in devtools telemetry tests r=harth
0799176cb906053ee1bf896b741562b928ee1b8eMichael Ratcliffe — Bug 1120570 - Fix media query in rule view link text r=bgrins
f8c367a18f16ca11f83401bac8b9ff1855c9f12dPaolo Amadini — Bug 1121973 - Remove the unneeded FrameState structure from the stack capture code. r=fitzgen
e5f6be0faad7298d08d2a025c3f18d0e08db6a64Carsten "Tomcat" Book — Backed out changeset f15413bf7ef9 (bug 1123517) for test bustage
41eb8b560dfbc1881211350564a37c2197b75dd2Carsten "Tomcat" Book — Backed out changeset 0e65e74f315f (bug 1123517)
0e65e74f315fe741614d52d1a51eacf3534416abBlair McBride — Bug 1123517 - [ReadingList] Implement basic sidebar that lists unread ReadingList items. r=florian
f15413bf7ef960b5e85cde7afe120fb8a7cde303Blair McBride — Bug 1123517 - Refactor sidebar code. r=florian
dbed1e3c1a1e06a4794ba4da75bb5cc9ab7b7242Mrinal Dhar — Bug 979991 - Added function to open a new browser console or bring one into focus if it exists, instead of closing it. r=past
c7983f7c97933e6bfa36a736bcf120db6eb76de3Carsten "Tomcat" Book — Merge mozilla-central to fx-team
9e8cbc32295737b355af6a19ecbeee6a13ac37e3Timur Valeev — Bug 1133246 - Fix wrong buttons alignment with content on about pages using info-pages.css. r=jaws
371308353f46309872a9f823372fc94d04de7e3fAbdelrhman Ahmed — Bug 1133002 - Align warning button to left. r=jaws
840ddbf2de5ee4db39d639df422553f4803f415bJordan Santell — Bug 1112378 - Rewrite errors from call watcher to hide information of the error originating from call watcher, rather than content. r=vp
6500f3e51d7860e955811f28232b95d2eeb9eb12Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to fx-team. a=merge
15edc0cdbae7f203c0919736922ddd9c6746520fAndy Pusch — Bug 1134015 - Fixes broken button toasts. r=margaret
a288bf86a785ac92b0527ab3f2379a12af8cfa12Margaret Leibovic — Bug 1132547 - Move reader.has_used_toolbar logic to Android's Reader.js. r=bnicholson
5a8b6218aedb2e8e655e00348beda584630c8d78B2G Bumper Bot — Bumping manifests a=b2g-bump
3311b2e126e109586ce623f3acee6f95f90049fbB2G Bumper Bot — Bumping gaia.json for 7 gaia revision(s) a=gaia-bump
b4d49f3dc153c3739fc08eca79969673e29fbbadB2G Bumper Bot — Bumping manifests a=b2g-bump
d82f58dcb5434851584e9caa80e5bf4012d5d5aaB2G Bumper Bot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia revision(s) a=gaia-bump
57e1719e3d03bbb9d3175ccb21d4f0eb4832c7b4B2G Bumper Bot — Bumping manifests a=b2g-bump
2563af49ecd23f0a5f145713ea80a93504203eb4B2G Bumper Bot — Bumping manifests a=b2g-bump
ed8e868333be90f220a89c63d6e6f0416a5b6c68B2G Bumper Bot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia revision(s) a=gaia-bump
be8b600837e701e6a415c229cfe8174e701566aeB2G Bumper Bot — Bumping manifests a=b2g-bump
c9ac20306c8fd64c66b155655f5c801d8fc69f3bB2G Bumper Bot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia revision(s) a=gaia-bump
3f5e549ddee9e69d3b6c660a37eaf3333b3e6384B2G Bumper Bot — Bumping manifests a=b2g-bump
9ecb157649a51bb2f46d39c8c177c26d12d6832aB2G Bumper Bot — Bumping gaia.json for 4 gaia revision(s) a=gaia-bump
b66abf148c1062fc22650c75b567231f44c63702B2G Bumper Bot — Bumping manifests a=b2g-bump
b0f2821f2a3b15726e397a026945b3940ceb054bB2G Bumper Bot — Bumping gaia.json for 3 gaia revision(s) a=gaia-bump
f68c4d461b0b94fb8456423047a76d98cd4a1b8fWander Lairson Costa — Bug 1132583: Use different object folders for opt and debug builds.
975694bde3c143435f18511c982c98d0e860e186B2G Bumper Bot — Bumping manifests a=b2g-bump
09c89d751944442d414cd9ad257483b4b37893dfB2G Bumper Bot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia revision(s) a=gaia-bump
715d14942ea3854480c8c7be634015e36dcfd5b7B2G Bumper Bot — Bumping manifests a=b2g-bump
62a62e6277d0ee6598b879db3c49a68fbbd14cefB2G Bumper Bot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia revision(s) a=gaia-bump
94af57d6d3a04cb0132418f5c9b41b0d2bd34512Wander Lairson Costa — Bug 1109365: Default try graph platforms to all.
ac1ad74bcfd1f4591e0ac8c6bb1bd193a36b3fb0Carsten "Tomcat" Book — Merge mozilla-central to b2g-inbound
bd248e7e767947d702ba67b9394f2a2832b48497B2G Bumper Bot — Bumping manifests a=b2g-bump
de51a7db6a502fe61f3581093b96029052ddffa2B2G Bumper Bot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia revision(s) a=gaia-bump
944c1cc9e81aaaefe6697d8a0a74b622bc8ce56fB2G Bumper Bot — Bumping manifests a=b2g-bump
93a040199e3f90f688a0e9cc890464d3977017f3B2G Bumper Bot — Bumping gaia.json for 4 gaia revision(s) a=gaia-bump
4bf6f170baa3a31b3ada268f3f9e3520cce4cfb5B2G Bumper Bot — Bumping manifests a=b2g-bump
13b679777130954557a5dee1fdbc80e54a0ca78dB2G Bumper Bot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia revision(s) a=gaia-bump
9696d1c4b3ba3c8dbf937ee7747cb16abefb3603Carsten "Tomcat" Book — Backed out changeset 333cd39619fe (bug 1121871) for causing C2 Regressions
93ddd99ffd86b5fd925a02b6d83a6e69c57e32b6Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge inbound to m-c. a=merge
14fad3f56818b61f160cf8a51079c49f5a2bbe25Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset 820649ecb0fa (bug 1113435) and changeset 4d049a07f749 (bug 1085223) for Android reftest failures.
465e4d4986e15b7be4e250d5bb90e1fc1710e951Ryan VanderMeulen — Bug 1130065 - Skip test_workerUpdate.html due to frequent failures.
84934f38ef76084a190a2589bcf8ff4623978336David Anderson — Make sure XUL windows have a top-level APZC. (bug 1130645, r=roc)
6faa3c88e59764ef269e4dfbf86acd05df605651Olli Pettay — Bug 1132960, don't include conditionally processed nsIFoo header files in .ipdl, r=tbsaunde
58acfa044b49cc547a5d55cfb8d1992d9f8df5cdFrédéric Wang — Bug 467729 - Add a PackageKit XPCOM API. r=karlt
d979b7a7ed9c1f3c323ebf2357b98c96eeca0f18William Lachance — Bug 1133076 - Add documentation for mozinstall. r=ahal
c4268a5f1bc9144a1c895aca6701f686c557d39dHector Zhao — Bug 1129287 - Fix not rejecting partial name matches for plugin blocklist entries. r=gfritzsche
ae8e1af090f6908e6c0b0f5ba5a486e99f2a00cfJim Mathies — Bug 1095761 - Child plugin window focus handling for e10s. r=aklotz
060d29a8e8bc05bd42337784bb3fd7723293d407Daniel Holbert — Bug 1099296 followup: Drop now-unused variable "kIOServiceCID" from PropertiesTest.cpp. rs=ckerschb
a3cabc94db732dd274679d3c6961dae652e4b563Brian Hackett — Bug 1131403 - Optimize additional uses of ObjectOrNull values better, r=jandem.
ebd50d4250b2bfc11b09abfa6e650138e99c4cdaRyan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound. a=merge
4638a15529043d97b572c321351aa76cd3d6e48cTerrence Cole — Bug 1132286 - Simplify NewObjectCache allocation path now that we are exactly rooted; r=sfink
d26a8e427e4430736c7a87d0ec75f5059673e6f3Andrew Halberstadt — Bug 1132154 - [manifestparser] Implement basic chunking algorithms in manifestparser, r=jmaher
820649ecb0fa264572fef286ff783c59bde85062Benoit Girard — Bug 1113435 - Don't cull for layers being drawn progressively. r=jrmuizel
4d049a07f7495d71a3a91eb907f720d82960f21fBenoit Girard — Bug 1085223 - Restore culling because of regressions from bug 1132144.
1b86fdc1e49fe2dcebfd6c81c23c6e85f2c8c67fAndrea Marchesini — Bug 1130570 - Fix tests to use iframe to work on b2g. r=nsm
71df4e762c585c2306cb948f1edf462dc4de137cNikhil Marathe — Bug 1130570 - Ensure we have a valid runtime service, and clear updating scopes on early return. r=baku
f64c2ee330876b35637e08160fb16422e248a18eNikhil Marathe — Bug 1130065 - ServiceWorkerManager capture "atomically" properly.
c2bcea8dde26a82ff24571eb737806b3c5fc0d81Nikhil Marathe — Bug 1041340 - Implement [[HandleDocumentUnload]]. r=baku
4c0ccf99cb71de69b2efeb1d532f1ed201500c2bDaniel Holbert — Bug 1131371: Only update overflow region (& trigger DLBI) when CSS "outline" changes, instead of triggering a reflow. r=heycam
78282059eb4a51e190ec4fa86d405def2839081bChristoph Kerschbaumer — Bug 1099296 - Attach LoadInfo to remaining callers of ioService and ProtocolHandlers - websocket changes in mobile (r=wesj)
6676dab23edee0e90f60683fea7545dcb037ff7fChristoph Kerschbaumer — Bug 1099296 - Attach LoadInfo to remaining callers of ioService and ProtocolHandlers - websocket changes in dom/push/ (r=nikhil)
b24695fc8d793288a8da01e1d84a997028ade671Christoph Kerschbaumer — Bug 1099296 - Attach LoadInfo to remaining callers of ioService and ProtocolHandlers - websocket changes in browser/ (r=gavin)
e369969c0bdd106c9031741bb29ac02b888c47b2Christoph Kerschbaumer — Bug 1099296 - Attach LoadInfo to remaining callers of ioService and ProtocolHandlers - websocket changes (r=jduell)
f01170060577400ed845c1cf850df314b3cc9856Christoph Kerschbaumer — Bug 1099296 - Attach LoadInfo to remaining callers of ioService and ProtocolHandlers - in toolkit/ (r=mmc,mak)
a640042495073e4b7566fee0cc891fc6f8547304Christoph Kerschbaumer — Bug 1099296 - Attach LoadInfo to remaining callers of ioService and ProtocolHandlers - in security/ (r=keeler)
b75f375f7cb53b4ba36df6065507209d2abde11eChristoph Kerschbaumer — Bug 1099296 - Attach LoadInfo to remaining callers of ioService and ProtocolHandlers - in netwerk/ (r=sworkman)
918a7b7f82754164139b265f7d2b4d96a90f407bChristoph Kerschbaumer — Bug 1099296 - Attach LoadInfo to remaining callers of ioService and ProtocolHandlers - in js/ (r=bholly)
b92d3b73d5f61b62e31c23c42886473a05a61b37Christoph Kerschbaumer — Bug 1099296 - Attach LoadInfo to remaining callers of ioService and ProtocolHandlers - in extensions/ (r=ehsan)
490fbc9b7f9b549da7956a21089041210d4be615Christoph Kerschbaumer — Bug 1099296 - Attach LoadInfo to remaining callers of ioService and ProtocolHandlers - in embedding/ (r=bsmedberg)
235767967861659a0793fccaed075a2d8bbaa605Christoph Kerschbaumer — Bug 1099296 - Attach LoadInfo to remaining callers of ioService and ProtocolHandlers - in dom/ (r=sicking)
4c36a47a1d27b726f2dc91552961c103619f2abeChristoph Kerschbaumer — Bug 1099296 - Attach LoadInfo to remaining callers of ioService and ProtocolHandlers - in docshell/ (r=sicking)
bad2a08db2057f6e54fb9738b66fbf6eb139e8c4Gervase Markham — Bug 1129436 - Add SinaAppEngine domains to PSL. r=gerv
883b84c33c4bd5b2237affa19c319de2181f849bStephen Pohl — Bug 1089867: Add tests for Adobe EME CDM download/install. r=gfritzsche
929f592663d19a64bcbabf49f61c4b129456c77fStephen Pohl — Bug 1089867: Disable and hide Adobe EME by default and add ability to hide hidden GMPs in addon manager. r=gfritzsche
7a87c365a1d165b9b69addf19e78795220074395Stephen Pohl — Bug 1089867: Refactor GMPProvider and make it compatible with EME CDMs. r=gfritzsche
23191f01ed55d35a4235d57d0721bff15e10e1aaStephen Pohl — Bug 1089867: Rename media.eme.adobe-access.enabled pref to media.gmp-eme-adobe.enabled. r=cpearce
800c27e0e3162c57172df94b3b886951c942fa0fStephen Pohl — Bug 1089867: Enable download and install of EME plugins. r=gfritzsche
bd746b89c47cebb9a08642d0ea6f6aca8cb28739Stephen Pohl — Bug 1089867: Rename OpenH264Provider.jsm to GMPProvider.jsm. r=gfritzsche
b87c58ef866756086ef843a0cb0beddcaef9b2c0Andrea Marchesini — Bug 1132537 - Make WebSocketImpl::Dispatch less racy, r=smaug
a9a074f02927f4661d68297b139df2fb77e6b2c0Benjamin Bouvier — Bug 1123777: Have SIMD shifts + splat + with functions apply ToInt32 to their scalar arguments; r=till
f7e6d385cdaa50062241f15dce61fda1a8f0ddbdBenjamin Bouvier — Bug 1123777: Let SIMD.float32x4.with{X,Y,Z,W} accept double scalar argument in asm.js; r=luke
b1da75458e0002ef2a572661843517809fb2a70eNathan Froyd — Bug 1122812 - part 4 - update the Visual Studio backend for UnifiedSources changes; r=mshal
732b88e667d0737fe5d4e1d6aad173d79944f4f9Nathan Froyd — Bug 1122812 - part 3 - move unified files writing for UnifiedSources to CommonBackend; r=mshal
65b27bd855682c966bbe266f9a4f72a89e64d088Nathan Froyd — Bug 1122812 - part 2 - factor out the grabbing of an object's; r=mshal
308e00e6f6e86fa36f1821fa64b82fbb766513ecNathan Froyd — Bug 1122812 - part 1 - move unified file grouping to UnifiedSources's constructor; r=mshal
5de196d1152280b040fb9f3eb3fcb444a233c25bBenjamin Bouvier — Bug 1129491: Remove coercion role of SIMD constructors; r=luke
c6e50e83f7cbbd0d267fe5c3ec7bdaf568af8e09Sotaro Ikeda — Bug 1133167 - Add CancelSeek call to FlushDecoding() r=cpearce,bholley
95b94b9901f1ea6c996c0008d0a6f72262e69ccaByron Campen [:bwc] — Bug 1130534: Use a single bidirectional media conduit that MediaPipelines can attach/detach at will. r=jesup
cf5ec9f850cde06c9e2ef679f31bdbbaa43fe904Byron Campen [:bwc] — Bug 1017888 - Part 2: Testing for renegotiation. r=mt, r=drno
e888d63dbd3307fe4830a97eafcdb7431db9f251Byron Campen [:bwc] — Bug 1017888 - Part 1: Renegotiation support. r=mt, r=smaug
d94b3b272dbb613a946a6a8c95eb8d877fdbd3faRyan VanderMeulen — Merge fx-team to m-c. a=merge
3fe14625f9543330393d8b91628e5d9d1c9e776fSparsh Paliwal — Bug 1117883: Added asyncPluginInit to the telemetry ping; r=aklotz
bce595d4ed1c851c7b6fb1ccef1b3dfce2f0c92cAllison Naaktgeboren — Bug 1025703 - Ignore autocomplete=off for filling login forms.r=dolske
9d7cc5a9570f382d9ab6408ccec3ed8b00044c12Sami Jaktholm — Bug 1133030 - Fix timeout in browser_webconsole_bug_632817.js by requesting a page with valid CORS headers. r=past
ec8bf5a601efcab27fb94c39dc29329981e1e214dominique vincent — Bug 1130630 - Move zoomed_view_stub from shared_ui_components to gecko_app. r=mcomella
306eab8d8ffebc9b1ab7b440850c18c1aecba75fJan Odvarko — Bug 1126274 - Add new API to listen for sent and received RDP packets. r=jryans
e1d276c611eaaae6c176fb04f5fe2ba2a38b5b5dSami Jaktholm — Bug 1125526 - Wait for output from executed method in browser_webconsole_assert.js before asserting on number of messages. r=past
d547c062e79ab2fd1124e750b00405cbf657d951Alexandre Poirot — Bug 1124501 - Add a "logs" panel to WebIDE showing pre-package command output. r=jryans
95a87349301f6c313be84248d6cec4ad0d0e4576Dave Townsend — Bug 1133141: Reduce the amount of CPOW traffic caused by shimmed events. r=billm
8f0354b995ea7834cfd4acc0c098d62cc54161cfRyan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset 0e2e7780755b (bug 1123762) for causing bug 1133786 and bug 1133865. a=me
881451080bb1dc4ad4997b0064952f7e826c2c98B2G Bumper Bot — Bumping manifests a=b2g-bump
0604b59e608644c3ff6840f3d3f2cadb97a7b272B2G Bumper Bot — Bumping gaia.json for 1 gaia revision(s) a=gaia-bump
844a56219f2093b548a98f2f56db077224c9903cB2G Bumper Bot — Bumping manifests a=b2g-bump
2831ef908d84808f349c70ae920071e72b9c8372B2G Bumper Bot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia revision(s) a=gaia-bump
333cd39619fef15e2ddde2f831fadd863aecf036Kartikaya Gupta — Back out bug 1121871 as it is an improper fix and creates regressions like bug 1132741. r=BenWa (on IRC)
6cdcad2254776b12fea08c87edd3d4428aa86730B2G Bumper Bot — Bumping manifests a=b2g-bump
52c6f614236b8d8eee97e3ce85e3894d92ba9bc2Jocelyn Liu — Bug 1132330 - Reject pair/unpair promise if operation failed. r=btian
12391199c45fabc04d0efb3b1f4ef525febf632cFabien Cazenave — Bug 1119057 - Scrollbar position should follow the document 'dir'. r=timdream
001eeb345356f818240db9d4ee3b9584fd314a68B2G Bumper Bot — Bumping manifests a=b2g-bump
565861ff81d77f07ce230070f8b555997b05cbd8B2G Bumper Bot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia revision(s) a=gaia-bump
d45b4735f98860e51c48fcc059cf7e705e215da9B2G Bumper Bot — Bumping manifests a=b2g-bump
8ec009974f042411584f720d1ddeebb8eb190197B2G Bumper Bot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia revision(s) a=gaia-bump
8f2b17571c093778717a86bcd651468054c6ef3fB2G Bumper Bot — Bumping manifests a=b2g-bump
6bdf7bb7fabdb049c8cac3af128927bcd905914cB2G Bumper Bot — Bumping gaia.json for 3 gaia revision(s) a=gaia-bump
fb9680492d09ff82f5b3aea064da8147e2726420Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to b2g-inbound. a=merge
e923c537de3aa17873ec615a9f824bf396e7656fB2G Bumper Bot — Bumping manifests a=b2g-bump
d6da624ca2f9856f6b50afd4f8f749a7a62f7e85B2G Bumper Bot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia revision(s) a=gaia-bump
98de8f0c9bd55c7c5d5253b0ce47e9fdaee5db21B2G Bumper Bot — Bumping manifests a=b2g-bump
54918c220da9b9a0fd3f0e6abbe5e37ae1e07513B2G Bumper Bot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia revision(s) a=gaia-bump
06ac77a68b5ccc7ac16f8bc7844818249e63f8fcB2G Bumper Bot — Bumping manifests a=b2g-bump
5a2dfa24595d9f4fb375960533e322364f4deda2B2G Bumper Bot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia revision(s) a=gaia-bump
e6aabad765cac938625ea350901e31e5b101d0c2B2G Bumper Bot — Bumping manifests a=b2g-bump
3a783d8ab32ee37215d42a311cbe35e051ad36beB2G Bumper Bot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia revision(s) a=gaia-bump
99f9c4872b04e437bd0baf784b9d7eaafc49bde9B2G Bumper Bot — Bumping manifests a=b2g-bump
adbc8be5fd7ee6b5fa7ba8748ddd5d25c96beaaaB2G Bumper Bot — Bumping gaia.json for 4 gaia revision(s) a=gaia-bump
62bbce06d1669e25011e333c4d69a0ac00ac5418B2G Bumper Bot — Bumping manifests a=b2g-bump
c24cbbce366d379f1cbb4f8b9328edea18565bebB2G Bumper Bot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia revision(s) a=gaia-bump
b6c56fab513ddd109307a8d9720c53947bd1756eRyan VanderMeulen — Merge inbound to m-c. a=merge
2bb299df4c331486538496c3de283798543e8996Josh Matthews — Bug 1017875 and 1018389 - Update WPT expectations.
de043394a41dc8ae43911644a0ad6c435aadf345John Schoenick — Bug 1017875 - Pref on <picture> element and update test
f8cb71f5eda1dcb29a8faf6327082c7db7cb607cJohn Schoenick — Bug 1018389 - Pref on <img srcset> and update test
9c39680606e8d0a808c64b6fdd4fca999e392058John Schoenick — Bug 1067345 - Add tests for img/picture/srcset preloading
b64c085b06e1446de958cbd0186d2900c50026fcJohn Schoenick — Bug 1067345 - Part 3 - Implement speculative load operations for <picture> and <img srcset>
c1b3abf6bb988443bf0670035219ec4c585e0beeJohn Schoenick — Bug 1067345 - Part 2 - Add HTMLImageElement::SelectSourceForTagWithAttrs to do <picture> source selection without a DOM
406045c02f899cfc99bebb279bafb6d1c9860e3cJohn Schoenick — Bug 1067345 - Part 1.4 - Allow ResponsiveImageSelector to take a nsIDocument as well as a specific nsIContent
7884f103f1e7b1bd87ab535c8430a5f91cfdf22cJohn Schoenick — Bug 1067345 - Part 1.3 - ResponsiveImageSelector should resolve the URL at selection time, store unresolved strings for candidates
4cc6d580cda6eb3d8f9e908cd0dfe0deb8b2560bJohn Schoenick — Bug 1067345 - Part 1.2 - ResponsiveImageSelector: Rename best candidate -> selected candidate, add clear function
afeff812b5dda8dcbf3628fab5a53fbd0d5be564John Schoenick — Bug 1067345 - Part 1.1 - Move ResponsiveImageSelector selection into GetSelectedImage instead of GetBestCandidateIndex
51c2796056eab4b61a33e719c603e0602451f0a1John Schoenick — Bug 1023514 - [NEEDS TESTS] New srcset parser
e00ed1b014d0047b2a3ac15fa563b8f3019f2b16Tom Schuster — Bug 1132045 - Add handles to various equality operations. r=jandem
70d0d6ba5e9c89e136d587f2bfd5ce56795e112dTom Schuster — Bug 1132045 - Correct loose equality operation. r=jandem
3ecb0ebbbe898e5cdb0803b32ce23996baf5eeb9Jonathan Kew — Bug 1119475 followup - Add test files that were accidentally omitted when landing the patches above.
934ed2f5f21fa2aa7438e4358859361f61d4262dCarsten "Tomcat" Book — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
efaae84c2ed0e8ac1f3864d1b11a05b1265f4ee4Masayuki Nakano — Bug 1133629 IMEContentObserver should grab itself before using ContentEventHandler because it causes flushing pending layout r=smaug
32e74ad032eadb0bca5089e24a9307ef9c0c5b63Andrea Marchesini — Bug 1133242 - ServiceWorkerManager must use the correct principal in b2g, r=nsm
a9af12923b894c9861a886813ca2adff124ecdefJon Coppeard — Bug 1132171 - Fix race updating object elements pointer after moving GC r=terrence
97d0d6761449f5d35803190cb44c07d03613f5efXidorn Quan — No bug - Mark css-ruby/line-breaking-1 a known assertion for windows. r=dbaron
ba6d1381814da1bbaf6d381ab9f59b9dd40d8039Tom Schuster — Bug 1133379 - Simplify typedobject set array element code. r=bhackett
e726777aad6f667684321ca2ae175e13f6c3fd74Makoto Kato — Bug 1121313 - Part 3. Don't commit composition on IME blur from child process's widget. r=masayuki
b919b63e11ef675276245966c8c5837c3f9fdba1Makoto Kato — Bug 1121313 - Part 2. Don't generate composition event on child process if parent process doesn't send composition event by NotifyIME. r=masayuki
4279fc4998561cd79f1e322f01d13ab1a1eae181Makoto Kato — Bug 1121313 - Part 1. Replace NS_COMPOSITION_CHANGE with NS_COMPOSITION_COMMIT. r=masayuki
649d598d8ee1ab1a3596b0986bf36b66189b73e7Jacek Caban — Bug 1133479 - Fixed media/gmp-clearkey build on mingw. r=cpearce
7def63a22bed82b8071d78d9741a089f85e5bbb0Jean-Yves Avenard — Bug 1132796: Revert incorrect change on A CLOSED TREE. r=me
471c75dc6c5674df6a7c353b17e3fe2200c58c05Carsten "Tomcat" Book — Backed out changeset d168a14d3f71 (bug 967792) for suspicion of causing OS X xpcshell test failures on a CLOSED TREE
491e81cd9cf8f4cf4aebf80a2c3c9370b03fe59fCarsten "Tomcat" Book — Backed out changeset 4ed31c8b45c6 (bug 1041340) for causing multiple timeouts on different platforms in service worker tests on a CLOSED TREE
daeecdd85accc5ee37c09bff0004e2df097afd1aCarsten "Tomcat" Book — Backed out changeset 4d8423d5a83b (bug 1130065)
fc8879aec5fb30d7405f6b37000d056fcb9906f7Carsten "Tomcat" Book — Backed out changeset 8e6ce9a41be7 (bug 1130570)
b8e16e872989355a2fa5aed560dd47148730e64dCarsten "Tomcat" Book — Backed out changeset 8ea3cf306727 (bug 1130570)
7cf148116396c911d129400f54a5a9ef111eeff0Carsten "Tomcat" Book — Backed out changeset 516a170b8fda (bug 1131695) for android m4 perma failure on a CLOSED TREE
b78ba86161079e1b1b931e6bde22743a029eae8dCarsten "Tomcat" Book — Backed out changeset 969d634fe396 (bug 1131695) for android m4 perma failures on a CLOSED TREE
c7626a07d3e8c82e540ae896bf8670b5bbaa271aXidorn Quan — No bug - Fix fuzzy in reftest css-ruby/float-handling. CLOSED TREE
55f796c0f011103f0eed6b594b58188c1858483eChris Peterson — Bug 1133284 - Remove nonstandard expression closures from services/sync. r=rnewman
a3d40211baa5b112ff37657fa51fe8e02cbc334bXidorn Quan — Bug 1055676 part 5 - Reftests for ruby-align. r=roc
309115dcfc7f137d08471e92ee1bd0b1d6703bf5Xidorn Quan — Bug 1055676 part 4 - Expand ruby boxes in respect of ruby-align. r=roc
2a4062a1ebfe77559e548c5d42eff9a7db50a5daXidorn Quan — Bug 1055676 part 3 - Adjust justification gap assigning algorithm for ruby-align. r=roc
3f463490055c069fb6c40732b3486e4f7780ed3eXidorn Quan — Bug 1055676 part 2 - Move inter-frame justification assignment to an independent function. r=roc
25727d64988754c93ec0856e4a7b268fd66df700Xidorn Quan — Bug 1055676 part 1 - Parse and compute ruby-align property. r=heycam
3cac512f3ec5f33181da20660cc26187a59c3961Nigel Babu — Backed out changeset 93fb431c3464 (bug 1121313) for M1,M2 bustage, CLOSED TREE
9fc9d2e35916ccaadd06c98095808361e7b2ed5aNigel Babu — Backed out changeset 456038b0bdb5 (bug 1121313) for M1,M2 bustage
dad2b32454574aabe1b66d5ee36ecd18a3bd3de7Jean-Yves Avenard — Bug 1132796: Evict data we likely previously read. r=cajbir
355f5e2dee58fb204d01701d4e3ed08b599239a6Jean-Yves Avenard — Bug 1132825: Don't evict partial segments. r=cajbir
9bb4736948d29947639523a66747b8a00c0536eaJean-Yves Avenard — Bug 1133478: Postpone parsing TRUN atom until we have all dependent atoms. r=k17e
4c294d64d19fd07175543fa517cce7131d23b2a0Jean-Yves Avenard — Bug 1131487: Part3. Fix stall when switching decoders. r=mattwoodrow
969d634fe396972428051ac50fb9fd2558bb1ff5Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 1131695 - Ensure that mouse and touch events sent via BrowserElementParent to the child are offsetted correctly. r=fabrice
516a170b8fdae9483f98149246e28ad25146ad80Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 1131695 - Extract a GetLayoutDeviceToCSSScale helper function in TabParent. r=fabrice
f10460c33eb6cc9fc68871de6de6326c79525a27Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 1132464 - Remove EventStateManager::GetChildProcessOffset in favor of TabParent::GetChildProcessOffset. r=smaug
abe8b4e23df0f051554210b395b7e783dffb7062Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 1133083 - Fix build when APZCCallbackHelper logging is enabled. r=botond
456038b0bdb5e2c3948c89714da94ef9491f34afMakoto Kato — Bug 1121313 - Part 2. Don't generate composition event on child process if parent process doesn't send composition event by NotifyIME. r=masayuki
93fb431c34649a8b742a4a35c94901c6b4fa5f5bMakoto Kato — Bug 1121313 - Part 1. Replace NS_COMPOSITION_CHANGE with NS_COMPOSITION_COMMIT. r=masayuki
23c78316747f971604118a0b10e213b0ecf316c8Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 1131840 - Propagate the EventRegionsOverride flag on RefLayers also. r=roc
34a3bc7200c191371137cdea16cd61ec1ffb2497Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 1131840 - Add an EventRegionsOverride flag to force an empty hit region. r=roc,botond
901326c8a66ce1012737ce01a8a05b86de6b76d8Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 1131840 - Replace the shouldForceDispatchToContent flag with a bitset enum. r=roc,botond
ab7017697a2b238e887153e3f07b4973b90607caMatthew Gregan — Bug 1133600 - Drop monitor before shutting down AudioStream. r=cpearce
426d022857ffec8b12cb556b8ab67ff7528ed286Xidorn Quan — Bug 1132008 part 4 - Fix reftests which rely on the old rtc sizing method. r=dbaron
a6b496503037cbf43f84aa7d365b3a2407e8a93bXidorn Quan — Bug 1132008 part 3 - Remove unused code in nsLineLayout. r=dbaron
2d9cfa37df706a96a439dbb9e05d70bb997ba682Xidorn Quan — Bug 1132008 part 2 - Sync bounds of <rt>s in line layout. r=dbaron
2ad44003f7be5f8f8e8b0e0ac9d527b3444d8c1cXidorn Quan — Bug 1132008 part 1 - Calculate bsize of rtc according to its children. r=dbaron
77accbb4e3f956db2e2ea32f9ac6e49778309e38Xidorn Quan — Bug 1133617 - Reftest Analyzer: Use process_log() directly instead of log_pasted() for log from url or param. r=dbaron DONTBUILD
991c40f008981e12a3ef6d56fc2e4e3a27aa0775Cameron McCormack — Comment typo fix; no bug. (DONTBUILD)
759b142056213d179c098e7bad5d77c30db7829dCameron McCormack — Bug 1133176 - Remoe commented out IDL for ViewCSS/DocumentCSS being implemented on SVGSVGElement. r=bzbarsky
9ae6ae84be5a8bafdaed956f844d05bc38d63f39Cameron McCormack — Bug 824222 - Remove commented out IDL members for xmllang, xmlspace and xmlbase. r=bzbarsky
fcb9b8ab059d5ab0e20bb753777e4463419e2160Cameron McCormack — Bug 1131994 - Part 4: Don't fail test_value_computation.html on min-{block,inline}-size:calc(-1%). r=dbaron
17ed7ce69a13f8491314c9e2c22a71dd02e647feCameron McCormack — Bug 1131994 - Part 3: Fix bad invalid_values in property_database.js for max-{block,inline}-size. r=dbaron
2af5e7c2345635bee1c7f08f27fe542394a4e3a9Cameron McCormack — Bug 1131994 - Part 2: Fix logical axis and offset property computed value lookup in tests. r=dbaron
8f6010300a59ce1ec571ae54a403b07d6ada4b28Cameron McCormack — Bug 1131994 - Part 1: Support border-block-{start,end} shorthands in Declaration::GetValue. r=dbaron
4a21032847e085221212197cd4102ef42a857ccaShu-yu Guo — Bug 1131759. (r=terrence)
31b85d92b8e98f3055dfff8bf2dfcbab5d26cb97Shu-yu Guo — Bug 1133530 - Check for Unwound_IonAccessorIC when advancing past fake exit frames. (r=jandem)
5b4a18aeb5110de43ede59799ace4bd0186fe5edGijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1133583 - pass window in EME notifications instead of null subject, r=cpearce
e4a219d27fd95bd60c85e41fa0dc05c59f200500Andrea Marchesini — Bug 1133541 - ServiceWorkerManger::GetRegistrations should use the principal to match the registration objects, r=nsm
a9dd7c71cc682b097535a5c4fc4390e276a946e4L. David Baron — Bug 960465 patch 22 - Remove implementation of nsRestyleHint_ChangeAnimationPhase. r=birtles
5be0a9b53dc2f8bd8308b508f68baf15a884d618L. David Baron — Bug 960465 patch 21 - Replace one use of nsRestyleHint_ChangeAnimationPhase with nsRestyleHint_AllHintsWithAnimations so that we can remove the rest. r=birtles
dbab5416b769ec580658c73501da82fb032aa944L. David Baron — Bug 960465 patch 20 - Allow pseudo-elements for style attribute replacement in RuleNodeWithReplacement. r=birtles
c2d39286ee4a0660cce3f8581282ac0200583fe9L. David Baron — Bug 960465 patch 19 - Remove users of eRestyle_ChangeAnimationPhase. r=birtles
a4225263cb35129a967ee89e4e92dd263fb7d758L. David Baron — Bug 960465 patch 18 - Remove aElementOrPseudoElement parameter to ReparentStyleContext (added in bug 1057129). r=birtles
29d623ce3ed29bb43cbd4ec4b868989290588228L. David Baron — Bug 960465 patch 17 - Remove separate animation and non-animation phases of restyling. r=birtles
c723fa9612998f409b211022b31756e8d2683606L. David Baron — Bug 960465 patch 16 - Only consume restyle data for the primary frame. r=birtles
f0ab4e7bf0d99de3f721e7c6341a9e8a2454c90eL. David Baron — Bug 960465 patch 15 - Switch debugging user of IsProcessingAnimationOnlyStyleUpdate() to InAnimationOnlyStyleUpdate() so that I can remove the former. r=birtles
b2ee72589c18ee3ad7492ee08c3268d0fffe7878L. David Baron — Bug 960465 patch 14 - Retain finished transitions until the next style change or until removed from transition-property. r=birtles
3b33596002e338d3f0c98722f48313a61ac9f74eL. David Baron — Bug 960465 patch 13 - Remove the cover rule code, which became unused in the previous patch. r=birtles
e65ef694c410daa549c96d8507ffe076c13fa252L. David Baron — Bug 960465 patch 12 - Instead of using the full style covered by the cover rule as the parent style for descendents when we've tried starting transitions, use the after-change style. r=birtles
dd59c46d30c41344a0ab344683914e4360d60b92L. David Baron — Bug 960465 patch 11 - nsTransitionManager should skip style changes that it posted while starting transitions. r=birtles
92029ebe8f74b2a27f75bca85dd8cf2330676cf9L. David Baron — Bug 960465 patch 10 - Invalidate the collection's style rule when we stop some but not all transitions. r=birtles
76167c597eb8a689b53c5ba4c0bee0aa6a37ce6fL. David Baron — Bug 960465 patch 9 - Move the addition of the cover rule into nsTransitionManager::StyleContextChanged so that later patches can make it other than just addition of a rule. r=birtles
c3a314fd17c4c6e4e214378dab2c94f398bcf922L. David Baron — Bug 960465 patch 8 - Get a style that is the correct "after-change style" for once we stop using animation phases. r=birtles
a92f3bc5ecd39e53ab2ad5cd98d1e9880fefdf2eL. David Baron — Bug 960465 patch 7 - Use SetInAnimationOnlyStyleUpdate for ProcessPendingRestyles runs that are only updating animation data. r=birtles
7d16f2fd83297da151207217a88fae96777d437eL. David Baron — Bug 960465 patch 6 - Add the new mechanism for avoiding starting spurious transitions as a result of animations: flush animation styles only before doing other restyle processing. r=birtles
0288ff191edf0ae7be2a2036920d4e777c49174bL. David Baron — Bug 960465 patch 5 - Make SMIL animations participate in the animation-only style flush. r=birtles
b36e2a0e902f4d7004220490778751442a7e9238L. David Baron — Bug 960465 patch 4 - Track whether there are any pending non-animation restyles. r=birtles
d5fa940bfd9ccb26df75b4a572094a640b7c90c5L. David Baron — Bug 960465 patch 3 - Use style without animation for base values for CSS animations (refixes bug 686656 in the new architecture). r=birtles
3faad716fa52993cd88d4472ab806d7480b4d42fL. David Baron — Bug 960465 patch 2 - Add method to return a modified version of a style context, with all or part of the animation data removed. r=birtles
84e9b82dab4f4d85d15a6be0fa1c6038686b0036L. David Baron — Bug 960465 patch 1 - Add parameter to skip animations work to ResolveStyleWithReplacement. r=birtles
4b118b959ffd1b18e434354d9a583d9b7c0aaca6Jan de Mooij — Bug 1132128 - Don't use recover instructions for MRegExp* instructions. rs=nbp
ffbe94ad05f9730fd03b5e8f94be795597887cb7Xidorn Quan — Bug 1133573 - Fix available size calculation of ruby text container. r=roc
2aee204e65cb7b48f4d69d101b4d5bdefb6cd517L. David Baron — Back out changeset ffa5f28f512c (bug 1133541) on a CLOSED TREE for failing to compile (aPrincipal: undeclared identifier).
2b28ac1903c5380036b7efdc1f9e0c3eb1910ec1Matt Woodrow — Bug 1133356 - Expand macro in OnImageAvailable to avoid checking NotificationsDeferred. r=roc
408f0108ff5344c26e98f8ad5c5ab9dd6315c4eaCatalin Badea — Bug 982726 - Patch 3.1 Throw InvalidStateError when ServiceWorkerState == Redundant. r=nsm
d168a14d3f71dc42aff473da268803d7942cfcc4Patrick McManus — bug 967792 - make localhost resolve offline r=dragana
ffa5f28f512c419762f7351393a1c39737ed6402Andrea Marchesini — Bug 1133541 - ServiceWorkerManger::GetRegistrations should use the principal to match the registration objects, r=nsm
f57201a6482da17d3ee8fb76697d30a26a16879aChris Peterson — Bug 1133291 - Remove unused code from Clear Key's openaes. r=cpearce
ad824f6cef5f2e19454a353ccb49979cf47dbeb0Chris Peterson — Bug 1133282 - Remove nonstandard expression closures from netwerk. r=mcmanus
8ea3cf306727006ff4b82557f1b159b7957364b7Andrea Marchesini — Bug 1130570 - Tests use iframe instead of r=nsm
8e6ce9a41be7b48745e09a58988cb4d71b755054Nikhil Marathe — Bug 1130570 - Ensure we have a valid runtime service, and clear updating scopes on early return. r=baku
4d8423d5a83b243edbf019b1f93c68654d6e6ffaNikhil Marathe — Bug 1130065 - ServiceWorkerManager capture "atomically" properly. r=baku
4ed31c8b45c69473b2d3e733fce93aecb809de8bNikhil Marathe — Bug 1041340 - Implement [[HandleDocumentUnload]]. r=baku
04f861bfe2645e118d05e1d5e1fd285df6619345Magnus Melin — Bug 1132337 - fix "ReferenceError: PlacesTestUtils is not defined" in test_history_expiration.js. r=paolo
91c3193203ecd196906597805231060f7658d8e7Valentin Gosu — Bug 1132693 - navigator.onLine detection not working on Android r=mcmanus
581ed2f292ff6d0fe3cdd6e0c0d0112292cf7947Bobby Holley — Bug 1125970 - Make flushing an opt-in mechanism, and use it only for the PDM task queues. v1 r=cpearce
59eb02479c38d6a336464893602fc23eea8efdf1Chris Pearce — Bug 1125970 - Don't flush decode task queue in MediaDecoderStateMachine::FlushDecoding(). r=bholley
4873be7b96a154b43fbd6194de7c465c47a3c1c7Bobby Holley — Bug 1125970 - Reject promises in MediaDecoderReader::ResetDecode and don't re-request audio and video when the promises have been rejected. v1 r=cpearce
9d2a1a5c46d239ea85ee03319b55ccf82d58fd6aBenjamin Bouvier — Bug 1130618: Introduce ion.gvn.enable in SetJitCompilerOptions; r=nbp
f5f503faaa2e278ef32956f960f3161c18714210Benjamin Bouvier — Bug 1130618: Ensure float32 coercion of inputs to Float32 MConstant; r=luke
4025bc064621e617729e861c52b02395f8f28668Benjamin Bouvier — Bug 1130972: Fix rooting hazards in SIMD load/store interpreter methods; r=jonco
49426db6bbefbffb85b5dc12f47fbbe6a5af00e8Benjamin Bouvier — Bug 1122401: Factor out zero special-case path for SoftUDivMod, UDiv, UMod in ARM codegen; r=nbp
fbc610bf6dfd568775e52cba6ea7c4819e2d6665Benjamin Bouvier — Bug 1122401: Add other checks for SoftUDivMod codegen; r=nbp
5d0cfe96d1fee6acacf5d0146700b30dd1778622Benjamin Bouvier — Bug 1122401: Check that the remainder is null in unsigned soft divisions on ARM or bailout; r=dougc
b0867af35eb0f43d6915d9cf3f3403d73546030fMason Chang — Bug 1128165 - Expose Silk Preferences in about:config. r=kats
3341a0bc3296f3c6096eadf378da2db912a58c7eBenjamin Bouvier — Bug 1130845: Add a list of SIMD freed stack slots in LinearScan; r=sunfish
12189d1c13af8dea7ebfe91391dee8b1186aeacaCarsten "Tomcat" Book — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
c4141f98a5df598af3d22f81682de7cdf23a8564Ankit Goyal — Bug 1131529 - Update the maximum FFT size in AnalyserNode to be 2^15. r=padenot
44476ddac532a98ab55f15e2e0cea84434dc090cJonathan Kew — Bug 1119475 - tests pt 3 - Modify reftest for textarea padding on Windows Vista and later. r=heycam
cb88a2c2b9503feabbbd3345dff70ab0fafdab0fJonathan Kew — Bug 1119475 - tests pt 2 - More reftests for logical properties in UA stylesheets (form controls). r=heycam
193adf744f28c73309116843c86e975421c3ec47Jonathan Kew — Bug 1119475 - tests pt 1 - Reftests for logical properties used in UA stylesheets. r=heycam
67bdeca6975187fe4c8fd103c4573f275fda829fJonathan Kew — Bug 1119475 - pt 4 - Replace physical with logical properties in content.css for android and b2g. r=heycam
130e64386759f2eec66f88ccb0c79cf4787cd6feJonathan Kew — Bug 1119475 - pt 3 - Replace physical with logical properties in quirk.css. r=heycam
84b55a575eeff5b3ff734f4f25994d31cedda544Jonathan Kew — Bug 1119475 - pt 2 - Replace physical with logical properties in forms.css. r=heycam
189f01bd536149fbdfcdfe32456feee369234abeJonathan Kew — Bug 1119475 - pt 1 - Replace physical with logical properties in html.css. r=heycam
2f8bf120bfa0782723ffec5d1f2831116fe3391cJonathan Kew — Bug 1119475 - pt 0 - Ensure logical properties are enabled in UA sheets. r=heycam
5e50387c02f1974aac04ec7f7896530057645cd7Jacek Caban — Bug 1102297 - mingw wchar_t/char16_t mismatch fixup.
7e23114418b99c7faa3fb3ae92cc3094822e4970zhoubcfan — Bug 1129335 - Add private destructor to D3D9 texture usage reporters. r=bgirard
226ad2adf361d20ab18f38f5937aa4b405bd19d7Jan Horak — Bug 1129859 - Wrong dictionary chosen when lang attribute is en-US on some Linux distros. r=roc
f96476302284cd7ffabfe63c1214cf9366793daaMasatoshi Kimura — Bug 1131880 - Modify the condition to disallow PR_CONNECT_RESET_ERROR on fallback. r=keeler
ee830b93a55263bfa7e459335fbe4ef8030aed14Masatoshi Kimura — Backout 9507662057de (bug 1130670) and c731517a47e8 (bug 1124039) due to compatibility issues
7f7e833005ea4f70bc01b004b20735f0fcc8ebe9Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge fx-team to m-c. a=merge
d03d21eb8aeb8415f17568acd98d538c457de919Dave Townsend — Bug 1132030: Check messages against the actual locale provided strings to avoid failing tests when the brandname changes. r=florian
0c61e565d418ef8ff6685a17f64b101efdd9b81eMartyn Haigh — Bug 1128497 - No scroll bar in portrait mode in Tab Panel (r=mcomella)
2737d0c349229e0404135038648720a6db10ea96Mike de Boer — Bug 1131581: move screensharing options into a dropdown anchored to the screenshare toolbar button. r=Standard8
33847f98f601592826dc8cf36364c1440514ccc1Carsten "Tomcat" Book — Merge mozilla-central to fx-team
79fcb3f8f12ec0d25fe343007e040b0d6f6b4619Paolo Amadini — Bug 1129896 - Part 2 of 2 - Convert the shared front-end code to a JavaScript code module. r=mak
c41b520cb4a83e166afb6104ca090e95ddfb236bPaolo Amadini — Bug 1129896 - Part 1 of 2 - Keep cached metadata for history downloads indefinitely. r=mak
acb012724bf0b36cb9be64c91b7dd00b94dfd36fPaolo Amadini — Bug 1127867 - Use the new back-end property to get the size of downloads asynchronously. r=mak
448f00fe77e1474b1576eb06141a1ffaaa9aeb8aPaolo Amadini — Bug 1117141 - Part 2 of 2 - Refactor notifications and remove the DownloadsDataItem object. r=mak
2b8d8208e2c59c1da8bc885b5f3b3453d8336769Paolo Amadini — Bug 1117141 - Part 1 of 2 - Bypass all the DownloadsDataItem properties. r=mak
37616c2fcc8b65d0a92028be89bab6be96ab711dPaolo Amadini — Bug 1117139 - Move code controlling the "download.xml" binding to a common place. r=mak
44c72cf73a9789a1d357cc875d018b8312f65182Paolo Amadini — Bug 1116176 - Create DownloadsHistoryDataItem and HistoryDownload objects. r=mak
8427ddc63056f38fb4bbe5f6e52f62f1e40cdb69Paolo Amadini — Bug 1115983 - Keep only minimal state information in the DataItem. r=mak
9a9285ff83879890a3db27240bc4ce79bf325a05Paolo Amadini — Bug 1115421 - Simplify download annotations handling in the Library. r=mak
1d9dcfdb7c08cc855b9fca9a46d5ff98b5834f14Mark Banner — Bug 1126321 - Loop Standalone should display both of the remote video and screen when screen sharing is active. r=mikedeboer
4fea2fc642e5c004c413febe4a087f5828e22a07Carsten "Tomcat" Book — Merge mozilla-central to fx-team
f457684b3610d8fc5a96ebe44ace98e09eea18d2Martyn Haigh — Bug 1132185 - Put the tab queue UI behind a build flag (r=nalexander)
fb12667e01478a930230af5695f83d4e4b4115bdMike de Boer — Bug 1069962: fix the ui-showcase to load assets using relative paths. r=Standard8
a2a834108f014dcb2793714b9b0169376d716661Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge b2g-inbound to m-c. a=merge
df1993bca8984821c482c7f7f954a013d434aaccWander Lairson Costa — Bug 1130467: Add flame-kk build to try server.
e16e5591df71b294fff81dd009fcd5572d8fab23B2G Bumper Bot — Bumping manifests a=b2g-bump
5be9b3e39912c1e95bc4fe6e76218e8fa8901a5dB2G Bumper Bot — Bumping gaia.json for 4 gaia revision(s) a=gaia-bump
81afbc24cad3ac745a83d56a49df5fe3b8b87e09Carsten "Tomcat" Book — Merge mozilla-central to b2g-inbound
cbf5a0dd70d77c8538a7030517b5a0db386cca5bB2G Bumper Bot — Bumping manifests a=b2g-bump
4481cec1000d53a8491e5f2e03b67c959e1cd0bbB2G Bumper Bot — Bumping gaia.json for 1 gaia revision(s) a=gaia-bump
9ab8b69d4a99ff13fabce337615d40b3e6c4d235B2G Bumper Bot — Bumping manifests a=b2g-bump
e87f0088b68140f30dba97f5b526e8406321ff76B2G Bumper Bot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia revision(s) a=gaia-bump
c7399d54500afca3ffb11b98367d4bb32a8c0ed8B2G Bumper Bot — Bumping manifests a=b2g-bump
ec101e8b0297c4c6402ef5ec566dc66892113813B2G Bumper Bot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia revision(s) a=gaia-bump
42625647394fcc4ee7fd85d292857a9104757415Szu-Yu Chen [:aknow] — Bug 1129277 - Remove builtinclass of nsIMobileConnectionCallback
b0ebb583d08e029a7e3cac1e59db42a12a6ae0c5B2G Bumper Bot — Bumping manifests a=b2g-bump
0b055a7098c510eb0f1be22c71b9f9328a940b35B2G Bumper Bot — Bumping gaia.json for 8 gaia revision(s) a=gaia-bump
d2ecb69c49c268be7798b52f6994f7e63e0a2307B2G Bumper Bot — Bumping manifests a=b2g-bump
3293535437b43ec20c844b89bdcd401893dc97eaB2G Bumper Bot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia revision(s) a=gaia-bump
77437eab7ddab57c0e19025a466bfa04c296a5e2B2G Bumper Bot — Bumping manifests a=b2g-bump
32ded075caa52d863fc21f5c2c9504571f651560B2G Bumper Bot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia revision(s) a=gaia-bump
0a5cb4590638bd84e2e89d4100c574a8366c26e1B2G Bumper Bot — Bumping manifests a=b2g-bump
1b66fa0ea786dfafd2de2d06852e643062e305d1B2G Bumper Bot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia revision(s) a=gaia-bump
633dabbc47fdd158eac3ddece0bc95b8540d10d7B2G Bumper Bot — Bumping manifests a=b2g-bump
e3661e1857795762b47af9d2b56c06087c844e71B2G Bumper Bot — Bumping gaia.json for 6 gaia revision(s) a=gaia-bump
138f5b4369e02f42160df7cab48ed7bcf49fff44B2G Bumper Bot — Bumping manifests a=b2g-bump
7afa11045eed929ac42e654b274b3d5c5598d997B2G Bumper Bot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia revision(s) a=gaia-bump
81633bc6771b8b26a943c4ea9179ed8ff8bb8d35Carsten "Tomcat" Book — Merge mozilla-central to b2g-inbound
29673996d54b42e74bc105a6d12a758930c202b8B2G Bumper Bot — Bumping manifests a=b2g-bump
2eeb2e87eae959a99c50dbb48309f596a030a972B2G Bumper Bot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia revision(s) a=gaia-bump
125bb44ccd346402c6e583b8b26c4b341112bc49B2G Bumper Bot — Bumping manifests a=b2g-bump
0562c248e72fe84f24ec3a4f7a930fdc917f4a11B2G Bumper Bot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia revision(s) a=gaia-bump
8cc59f0acbe432f3ea331bd173e8b56fb56bebb4B2G Bumper Bot — Bumping manifests a=b2g-bump
913d11496669596d0b96692a00aefbb5f8dc42faB2G Bumper Bot — Bumping gaia.json for 4 gaia revision(s) a=gaia-bump
e6ed8f17d3233ca4752d823323b755d446a4e8e2Edgar Chen — Bug 1113054 - [B2G][RIL] Support RIL version 10. r=hsinyi
42787b9fb44f43d60e818d8404caaa7ed0c12d70B2G Bumper Bot — Bumping manifests a=b2g-bump
42690059d0e64cf6050637a1b8985a9811be5a3fB2G Bumper Bot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia revision(s) a=gaia-bump
4bb425001d8a7fb4a578aa03308ba8ed3dfea50dGabriele Svelto — Back out bug 1075670 for causing smoketest failures on B2G, bug 1133518 and friends. rs+a=kats
feac5924bccbd2ace7d67b0d2a1eac3058b22286Carsten "Tomcat" Book — Backed out changeset 6952d9fe4f36 (bug 1129871) for causing R14/R15 Test failures
3c651fe655b6c2670e09e663b4218e048ad93196Carsten "Tomcat" Book — Backed out changeset e1bb91f60697 (bug 1129871)
29846628ba2b7072f707fcb6e5fff74ec6628b59Carsten "Tomcat" Book — Backed out changeset d81339c7ac52 (bug 1128934)
09f4968d5f429e48e8d53a8a21408cb9674e996cCarsten "Tomcat" Book — merge mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central a=merge
c99e7a982123e33a55cce791f0fd92dd38d6bfb2Paul Adenot — Bug 1129412 - Clarify the fact that ALSA is needed to build on Linux. DONTBUILD because comment-only. r=glandium
15dea2b0929b0dd78da350fc13fe877c6e6685a9Jim Mathies — Bug 1132592 - Avoid showing PluginWidgetParent widgets before they are positioned and clipped. r=aklotz
c598faec1736c6c141fc13b061d9039eb42b2847Alfredo Yang Bug 1130920 - don't set preload to none when src is MSE. r=cpearce
5931982fa54bd923b75658713367a2ef06b1bd51David Parks — Bug 1130051 - Compress mousemove IPDL messages. r=kats
416a3c508df259ff475257e85ea6a6c1cb93a464David Parks — Bug 1130051 - Restore old semantics of IPDL 'compress' attribute. r=billm
143174851bb7f0a2ef6501b48cfabfe382abb4ecIan Wills — Bug 1055933 - Fix Imagemaps Style in nsComputedDOMStyle.cpp. r=bz
44d89ddc145a2021fd150adb895ae394552de998Andrew McCreight — Backout 1ffecdc47c6d for OSX and Windows docShell leaks. CLOSED TREE
54aff1390b168fd9e7c896bcb974a5449f0a2469L. David Baron — Back out changeset 6849669e696e (bug 1130645) for Android robocop failures.
9f40d0612b71910036576163f2330683f9be3606Karl Tomlinson — bug 1132328 make ReleaseDecoderTask conversion constructor explicit r=fix
3b86c91f7b9688bbbd2f0290f5bb1a91960082a9Karl Tomlinson — bug 1095251 clear mDecoder on reader during Shutdown() r=cpearce
9ef73d0015dc49cb6ff5aa59fd5870b13b933605Karl Tomlinson — bug 1095251 shutdown GStreamer playbin during Shutdown() r=edwin
366a3d38c09e6a909537a567cb747bd38be5d3afKarl Tomlinson — bug 1132328 remove mCurrentDecoder handling from RemoveDecoder() r=jya
ba61225ba91c923f9007dea83ff4cf44ecccaec0Karl Tomlinson — bug 1114898 set GLIB_VERSION_MIN_REQUIRED/MAX_ALLOWED to support symbol version warnings r=glandium
0bd4e491041ad8f8b2c55c35cb7f7c2a8cf8cad5L. David Baron — Bug 992077 patch 5 - Remove implementation of OverflowChangedTracker::CHILDREN_AND_PARENT_CHANGED. r=mats
6a7452f4d1e40376e9b1107a7dbe58c6430e48baL. David Baron — Bug 992077 patch 4 - Stop using OverflowChangedTracker::CHILDREN_AND_PARENT_CHANGED for the overflow area updates dealing with absolutely positioned elements contained by relatively positioned table parts. r=mats
1fb87cd3cbfa829d6411055b035a6e3a1777c269L. David Baron — Bug 992077 patch 3 - Stop using OverflowChangedTracker::CHILDREN_AND_PARENT_CHANGED for the UpdateOverflow and related hints. r=mats
64d32a0aaa3da56ea2cd27978d8a0ed1dcbd3454L. David Baron — Bug 992077 patch 2 - Use nsChangeHint_UpdateParentOverflow for changes to the top, right, bottom, and left properties. r=mats
93fa6e70174a74a5cfb597df486f36234b7667acL. David Baron — Bug 992077 patch 1 - Add nsChangeHint_UpdateParentOverflow hint so that we can reduce unnecessary UpdateOverflow calls for top/right/bottom/left changes, and reduce unnecessary propagation to the parent for UpdateOverflow hints for changes that actually affect the element's overflow. r=mats
89e49bd65079d220cb177b6b7db2dfb77a4f1bd3Chris Peterson — Bug 1133289 - Remove nonstandard expression closures from intl/locale. r=smontagu
0741e9b56498a8f35fbddcddca616efad986ce9cEdwin Flores — Bug 1133370 - Remove redundant Shutdown() call in MediaDataDecoderCallbackProxy::Error() - r=kinetik
6849669e696e31ee14c99ed9f9cfcf866312ebeaDavid Anderson — Make sure XUL windows have a top-level APZC. (bug 1130645, r=roc)
327f350b5891e86025ca0199e47590042c831703David Anderson — FrameMetrics comparator does not include the scroll generation. (bug 1132715, r=kats)
c7c68c4389d666bfbfe9d18281457eba669896efAndrea Marchesini — Bug 1125713 - Browser API: Add event for page download progress, r=fabrice
e0060a3e4ed8270f5c28084996594144e191188dDavid Zbarsky — Bug 1125040: Use LayoutDeviceIntPoint for mMouseDownRect r=botond
b736b6fb4d1be1085f2a9a8a4839411b04d78a5fDavid Zbarsky — Bug 1125040: Use LayoutDeviceIntPoint for GetScreenCoords r=botond
157e840119deda4031383cf59c2bcd83510ea854David Zbarsky — Bug 1125040: Use LayoutDeviceIntPoint for synthesizing native events on widgets r=botond
f6f451fd13268e26f5330d78345938b7cfdb38cdDavid Zbarsky — Bug 1125040: Use LayoutDeviceIntPoint for GetChildProcessOffset r=botond
b160bea2b0304674189bf3c305babdad47bf0f4eMats Palmgren — Bug 1133243 - Fix compilation problem hidden by unified sources. r=heycam
ac19a93de1789c743e59a36fbcacf1c54a9dc431Brian Hackett — Bug 1131403 - Optimize uses of ObjectOrNull properties of unboxed objects better, r=jandem.
77537f14b7369b8dbbf62d1d993bdb416a8d1660Neil Rashbrook — Bug 1100118 Allow migration from Firefox to Firefox Developer Edition r=MattN
7344fdc1d969295db2eb5ea87330ef6b5bf5f21eTom Schuster — Bug 1073816 - Implement ES6 Function.prototype.bind length handling. r=Till,bholley
1ffecdc47c6d91018a38355221c2bd6b3f5af224Andrew McCreight — Bug 1073352, part 1 - Make the DOMWINDOW and DOCSHELL leak detector work with e10s. r=jmaher
dba1aedcb961b2d8a12897d8f7d61bc347d79791Chris Peterson — Bug 1129326 - Remove nonstandard let blocks from memory/replace/dmd/test/test_dmd.js. r=njn
509c07949a4cd5b36bc4e6953a93c088d852fd42James Willcox — Bug 1131793 - Disable SurfaceTexture detach on Mali r=jgilbert
f1348faedf2fb71338dd7b5582ad0a4221f3b272Brian Hackett — Bug 1121554 - Include receiver argument in setProperty hooks, r=jorendorff.
1f7d87422dfbd0699d91b7cb5f871552a9b37483Brian Hackett — Bug 1127167 - Avoid creating mutant half-native half-non-native objects when making unboxed layouts, r=jandem.
819fefe0c733e373a552a6b78e1f1e1b483a366fJan de Mooij — Bug 1129387 - Optimize JSOP_NEW object allocation better in Ion. r=bhackett
dc40389064bc5bacf1a5033269094639895cfb3bMagnus Melin — Bug 1073095 - nsPermissionManager.cpp references a browser path by default in kDefaultsUrlPrefName. Make the permissions.manager.defaultsUrl pref overridable. r=benjamin
d81339c7ac5220668003bd25e62276c8d8f044f9Nicolas Silva — Bug 1128934 - Avoid calling GetClientBounds from BasicComposior. r=roc, karlt
e1bb91f606976dcfe9508eb626a132e627686483Nicolas Silva — Bug 1129871 - Favor passing tiles by ref rather than copy part 2. r=BenWa
6952d9fe4f36b90405ed21d4e1d548f913119ed8Nicolas Silva — Bug 1129871 - Favor passing tiles by ref rather than copy part 1. r=BenWa
d9d47b2795b44f9952a95a6aaca3d37c2f315e7aOlli Pettay — Bug 1133104, null check parent node before checking whether it is <picture>, r=bz
a1bd894fbfc812f1f3ba524d8088eea1ab5bb474Benjamin Bouvier — Bug 1129491: Add SIMD.{type}.check() to asm.js; r=luke
099b350c49c49674aa49842334ed53c693497e84Benjamin Bouvier — Bug 1129491: Add SIMD.{type}.check to the interpreter + tests; r=evilpie
4d4b564c9d8415ddd3df0dc6a0926b357c1a2ae4Jan de Mooij — Bug 1132564 part 2 - Move ExecutableAllocator into JitRuntime. r=luke
7dc41de406250e7822d08c564b01b9e22b05a168Jan de Mooij — Bug 1132564 part 1 - Remove separate ExecutableAllocator for Ion code. r=luke
8db0046661cb7b81d79c0cb586d02302d7851f9fAndrea Marchesini — Bug 1132752 - RequestSync API should not try to clone nsITimers, r=fabrice
41aa3bdc7e753b84ed8b0fe54f95e1931001f029Andrea Marchesini — Bug 1132924 - XHR should support empty response in workers, r=bkelly. r=bent
9507662057de474ed29fd40550635332fe7a1668Masatoshi Kimura — Bug 1130670 - Remove dead code that tracks strongCipherStatus. r=keeler
8041e061077776d18cf39fe381e861fa34c77dc7Tooru Fujisawa — Bug 1129757 - Improve parse-mega-huge-array.js test performance. r=Waldo
2c72917f420bdd6ec68db2048c1f3db7ce7ef4feTooru Fujisawa — Bug 1132657 - Show JIT flags in output. r=terrence
f395713a11780d576422c70da51938603d24a164Tooru Fujisawa — Bug 1131988 - Fix function/constructor call error tests to work in Ion execution. r=jandem
edd04b167f471ad8c3374bbed2d1ed1d45404088Aaron Klotz — Bug 1130747: Ensure that we check that an actor is still valid before calling into it; r=jimm
008aa6494f9002a026f01fac2c81038c4bd56266Patrick McManus — bug 1133156 backout 7abb1cb9739e (bug 237623) for regression r=backout
4158bdaf7894be26a44e44aa29f99fd25cc14250Patrick McManus — bug 1132808 - HttpBaseChannel::GetPrincipal should return URI prinicipal r=ckerschb r=sicking
332dbc5e0d1a7968034e521a8a39a4732ee63560Zachary Carter — Bug 1130634 - More consistent error handing in FxAccounts.getOauthToken r=markh
951df5de4aa1031ca4e1392908a216719e5f27b8Wes Kocher — Merge m-c to inbound a=merge
36cbb1efffb3c827cad4e50ff8d57e2efcd4c93bBoris Zbarsky — Bug 1131096. Use IDLExposureMixins for IDLInterfaceMember. r=peterv
92ab79b20f61c617acf628feda416e81caebe484Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1132187 part 3. Remove the WANT_CONVERT bit. r=peterv
cd8ff1a7572c736b740e0228d9ae01dd18ab2a0bBoris Zbarsky — Bug 1132187 part 2. Remove the WANT_DELPROPERTY bit. r=peterv
42f34f826f3de96a723b04f3d83f5828edea85adBoris Zbarsky — Bug 1132187 part 1. Remove the totally unused WANT_CREATE bit. r=peterv
3bdb77f15f2ee0b922f430365c62113bf82ec2f4Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1132184. Remove the nsIXPCScriptable postCreate and postTransplant hooks. r=peterv
af5f70c0286a9562b0d347877ef123f32deb87a4Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1131801 part 3. Get rid of the now-unused ReparentWrapperIfFound. r=peterv
9a66f24829d9cf3284eaec480bd46c4d3f2f487eBoris Zbarsky — Bug 1131801 part 2. Get rid of the now-useless RescueOrphansInScope. r=peterv
7a3153f07028f193a83a03aad805e1fd3b075b21Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1131801 part 1. Get rid of the now-unnecessary RescueOrphans function. r=peterv
5793906a8cff318e352e0a0e1f7502961f620318Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1131799. Stop parenting XPConnect tearoffs to the XPCWrappedNative. r=peterv
95d37366ad836fa2975952335038ae5d43dafbd5Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1131894. Break out of the loop in the DOMException constructor once we find a code/result for the given message name. r=peterv
3a36b4d6958957a5d514befae933ba849fe64586Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1131887 part 2. Remove the now-unused nsIXPConnect.reparentWrappedNativeIfFound. r=peterv
109959c7beed4f31095f031b9ae41077798d056fBoris Zbarsky — Bug 1131887 part 1. nsNodeUtils::CloneAndAdopt can assume that all nodes are Web IDL objects. r=peterv
1765edeb13797708645b2cbf1ba52a17be10e5d3Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1131796. Don't parent the DOM proxy expando object to the proxy. r=peterv
fbf882d57a13e0c04d3cf472c04e69b09bcf0479Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1117242 followup. Rev the nsIStackFrame IID so things get rebuilt correctly. r=bustage
df54006fbe9e61a08ed95de60e1958db2e4d9f8fJeff Gilbert — Bug 1124394 - Support Core profiles for GLContext. - r=kamidphish
5b06098730e0402e04faff1cda7b15fc5fc073e7Alexander Surkov — Bug 1130793 - wrong class is used for ARIA grid cell contained by HTML tr@role='row', r=yzen
19bb3d54cafe6d98caa58ff1d219625f55ea6629Olli Pettay — Bug 1118689, Don't try to load an image if its container docshell is gone, r=bz
7d7c3210ea784595b9cde888f6655747707b9ee2Xidorn Quan — Bug 1132679 - Fix warnings on windows widget and enable FAIL_ON_WARNINGS there. r=jimm
b1055d934e7119546ab4e441375810621bf89b5cShu-yu Guo — Bug 1130214 - Add an .allowUnobservedAsmJS accessor on Debugger instances. (r=jimb)
640793eb1169d4730afd24a5e4d763ce70e69e07Shu-yu Guo — Bug 1132224 - Test. (r=jimb)
c9fd3ca16a292243a616812ccd36e683e8a0dae6Shu-yu Guo — Bug 1132224 - Propagate the delazification for Debugger flag when merging compartments. (r=jimb)
0b376024e3e00d5af9a1e49cc47c673309913e5aShu-yu Guo — Bug 1132224 - Reword delazification method names and remove stale reference to "debug mode". (r=jimb)
3571f361d77949bf19e77237bc5061010ee22ea3Dan Gohman — Bug 1131783 - Optimize away null checks in non-POD Vectors too r=waldo
588d1e20a4bb0f29af8dcdd8e7c75296fd0c5f5dDan Gohman — Bug 1131783 - Optimize away null checks in Vectors of POD r=waldo
c280abdc083f87373509770b8b5cdcf30e5007b3Dan Gohman — Bug 1131783 - Mark various unlikely conditions as MOZ_UNLIKELY r=waldo
59512894ddd495720dc28948a5d70dd8894e3601Dan Gohman — Bug 1117882 - IonMonkey: Check whether a previously pinned phi can be discarded r=nbp
f8556dc2b9856504cdb0fa843b9554010324838dDan Gohman — Bug 986981 - SpiderMonkey: Rename movsxd to movslq and prepare it for use r=bbouvier
78adb26a80b1d32f986ce49ed305c590ba067a6aTerrence Cole — Bug 1132282 - Part 2: Handlify ObjectGroup arguments to NewObject; r=sfink
7e497c0b0bad04f76d43d94e469b5a350c0a3598Terrence Cole — Bug 1132282 - Part 1: Handlify more parent args to NewObject; r=sfink
ded390f05c90f01a05f8f924eaec5d24f530c42aTerrence Cole — Bug 1132149 - Handlify the proto arg for NewArray; r=sfink
216e9a560a661342cc5de882df0ea82a4548761ePatrick McManus — bug 1132212 - nshttptransction.cpp dont play with data race fire r=sworkman
c899f3f1fb08e078c19e8d18aeb7f899a9bed639Wes Kocher — Fix merge failures for the backout of bug 1128287 CLOSED TREE
157678ffd0a988089454565f0eb86fe2c62bb348Wes Kocher — Merge m-c to inbound a=merge CLOSED TREE
2db2f36b944b2679d9f8bf60905266bdfc486e3fWes Kocher — Backed out changeset 4d03c3ba2969 (bug 1131796) for bustage on a CLOSED TREE
92c8656b090f41b483d67759184bd383c9e3932fWes Kocher — Backed out changeset 763a234926ca (bug 1131887)
7293a4249d522b03248d3f12fb21b3ac8a20ba4bWes Kocher — Backed out changeset 38bcb731dba8 (bug 1131887)
9f036ba0137e7ed9b87a8275a6993416e3f41afcWes Kocher — Backed out changeset 8db12229549a (bug 1131894)
ab77cac824f8892f5f3789b19267d1d9ff2f17a1Wes Kocher — Backed out changeset 564376c26384 (bug 1131799)
945a30df1b0a82b60bd4c1f740b409f44c04866eWes Kocher — Backed out changeset d71b934c28ee (bug 1131801)
238076a16f5a1e96dabb0b7126c1398c19f4f760Wes Kocher — Backed out changeset be654bd9e20d (bug 1131801)
fa2a3978652aa58e0375485aa7c4f2fe3a88625dWes Kocher — Backed out changeset 32176c758b4d (bug 1131801)
5bac46fc2c80f07f523cc720ca1429a42271faedWes Kocher — Backed out changeset 6d9547a55557 (bug 1132184)
5b6a8679f6eaf2dbebc67c39f3fd3f5066d433b7Wes Kocher — Backed out changeset e5479c58d966 (bug 1132187)
a58ff7cd48d460b9bb3c9830318e37fdbeef3d47Wes Kocher — Backed out changeset 70b09a891a37 (bug 1132187)
635b6b12ea52c0ebe59a0e8032a58ea3b6f6ca69Wes Kocher — Backed out changeset 9017975d0201 (bug 1132187)
437bf0790669ee4b0b1e5dd193c1b5f7a1923375Wes Kocher — Backed out changeset 6e0973b390f5 (bug 1131096)
dc2d6f67c2319f32d12d35eb763713e0232d621eWes Kocher — Backed out 2 changesets (bug 1131695) for mochitest-1 failures on a CLOSED TREE
b347698b4d7b031bb11b10990b27fca6627340c5Terrence Cole — Bug 1131877 - Part 3: Handlify TaggedProto NewObject functions; r=sfink
6ff7a6801951efddae7ad8266497b39590983dcdTerrence Cole — Bug 1131877 - Part 2: Handlify the proto arg to NewObject functions; r=sfink
8f282d6a1d1742fb7fb16eeaa71b81f74dd0a952Terrence Cole — Bug 1131877 - Part 1: Rename TaggedProto taking NewObject methods; r=bhackett
fcfbaf4b2428693fe0d57301150d16daff455cc3Bobby Holley — Bug 1127554 - Do a fallible allocation in SampleIterator::GetNext. v1 r=mattwoodrow
9edf780742d44b8bde443ac264632f8edb7e5c7bBobby Holley — Bug 1127554 - Make MP4Sample::Replace fallible. v1 r=mattwoodrow
f6b29b699aa87bb5521da19d835a017f92ad4517Bobby Holley — Bug 1127554 - Make MP4Sample::Prepend fallible. v1 r=mattwoodrow
6dc3d693ca762bac1e6ed70d676920bac0afa77aBobby Holley — Bug 1127554 - Make MP4Sample::Pad fallible. v1 r=mattwoodrow
c084da3154da5f385c63d2abcc0ec33cf518ad73Bobby Holley — Bug 1127554 - Get rid of infallible allocation in MP4Sample copy constructor. v2 r=mattwoodrow
6f06821072ef9dadaac2803ee47567d489119a82Benjamin Smedberg — Bug 1131136 part B - reload plugins when we load the plugins pane of the addon manager, r=Unfocused
708a10a8ac104e34f2ab896ff9af1bc3cf5348bfBenjamin Smedberg — bug 1131136 part A - watch the registry and reload plugins when it changes, r=jimm
cbb846c9b10717a986de75720484d4332c374014Robert Longson — Bug 1130888 - SVG text on path fill color does not render properly when preceded by RTL text. r=heycam
16df4e462d8022096471b3103dfefe94230c15cbBobby Holley — Bug 1126723 - Bail out of HasLowUndecodedData if we don't have a duration. v1 r=cpearce
20a6417016df1696532354bc4724a460a8c24c51Bobby Holley — Bug 1126723 - Don't store bogus durations. v1 r=cpearce
f235e9568add834a05398e69dc6659815e2bd342Neil Deakin — Bug 1131052, assign label values to the months so that the frames don't get recreated when the value is set, prevents the correct month from being displayed, r=neil
e590c2f29859eac36af00bc93ddd8b33018da7adBrian Hackett — Bug 1131035 - When allocating singletons with 'new', make sure the result is a plain object, r=jandem.
713722c64bd3cf8990e5fc8ecb81a14a3b9ffe3cChris Pearce — Bug 1111160 - Dispatch observer service notifications when content succeeds or fails to get CDM access. r=bz
32fe8089d155fceebe20d73d9d128ad9640d3c35Andrew Halberstadt — Bug 1127376 - PEP8-ify all mochitest .py files (auto-generated), r=ted
69f1b692f6fec2c15c258b2bc41f6bb0bb0f42e7Magnus Melin — Bug 1130488 - disable tests broken by bug 1114624 for thunderbird, until thunderbird can drop the legacy dl manager. r=paolo
c80e833d780ee0b6a2820d2a43aa9dd52343a9d5Tom Schuster — Bug 1127475 - Remove unnecessary parent arguments. r=bz
053b9215d1433377c053098526307010639740cbTom Schuster — Bug 1124934 - Implement ES6 HasProperty. r=jorendorff
d3babbfbe771777402148d64b572857cb2454a36Tom Schuster — Bug 1124934 - Add a HasProperty ObjectOp. r=jorendorff
1c070487cfcb6f79a6334397c68227fc17be64daBirunthan Mohanathas — Bug 1129795 - Make modelines consistent in docshell/base/. r=mccr8
6100bd3192d28f98d5d2e72c1ad21629bb8ca769Birunthan Mohanathas — Bug 1129795 - Remove some unnecessary code in docshell/base/. r=mccr8
1641a146787f37f44bef3360894b7dc0f2bda14dBirunthan Mohanathas — Bug 1129795 - Convert docshell/base/ to Gecko style. r=mccr8,smaug
6a20024567e3a2c93599f34d7481305c606cc9e0Birunthan Mohanathas — Bug 1070709 - Collapse test-only files under modules/ into ancestor files. r=mshal
debf253773e4420314498e8961acbdd93e5f2ba7Birunthan Mohanathas — Bug 1070709 - Collapse test-only files under services/ into ancestor files. r=mshal
8adbd53f76af9f2477d24aae2f7c7e313222a75dBirunthan Mohanathas — Bug 1070709 - Collapse test-only files under toolkit/ into ancestor files. r=mshal
4dd6d8966d89d489cd99e5ceb5fe20cd469d13bcBirunthan Mohanathas — Bug 1070709 - Remove unreferenced files in dom/canvas/test. r=mshal
4e3e4f105fc52f8fbc0dd4baf75ca864cfa6a63bBirunthan Mohanathas — Bug 1070709 - Collapse test-only files under dom/ into ancestor files. r=mshal
9d91dfe3f65724624e574dc924766bf008ba8db8Birunthan Mohanathas — Bug 1088125 - Part 2: Use arrow function instead of separate 'self' variable. r=gfritzsche
c6bfd511db8714dd337f2895495f3d049ac3b3caBirunthan Mohanathas — Bug 1088125 - Part 1: Make CrashSubmit.submit return a Promise. r=gfritzsche
6e0973b390f5d1cb1a432d0fc80f8d783a25b840Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1131096. Use IDLExposureMixins for IDLInterfaceMember. r=peterv
9017975d02018ed7bf4dfcb51232fb75a2b48201Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1132187 part 3. Remove the WANT_CONVERT bit. r=peterv
70b09a891a376bbb45774561c96d5629a69bb4fcBoris Zbarsky — Bug 1132187 part 2. Remove the WANT_DELPROPERTY bit. r=peterv
e5479c58d966338c24b4cc21cc85cd2f65f10a76Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1132187 part 1. Remove the totally unused WANT_CREATE bit. r=peterv
6d9547a55557ed4d28b0881afaf6e0f8c231c750Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1132184. Remove the nsIXPCScriptable postCreate and postTransplant hooks. r=peterv
32176c758b4dc7fa9ea35b8e173d3319a6274269Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1131801 part 3. Get rid of the now-unused ReparentWrapperIfFound. r=peterv
be654bd9e20dd4e3628e9a2bf6e8b7de98f81cbfBoris Zbarsky — Bug 1131801 part 2. Get rid of the now-useless RescueOrphansInScope. r=peterv
d71b934c28ee476a7b341f49fe8dacbea5ecbdf6Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1131801 part 1. Get rid of the now-unnecessary RescueOrphans function. r=peterv
564376c26384893b730bf3485c48f5c440f08baeBoris Zbarsky — Bug 1131799. Stop parenting XPConnect tearoffs to the XPCWrappedNative. r=peterv
8db12229549aa81824372e66f74fc6cb17016525Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1131894. Break out of the loop in the DOMException constructor once we find a code/result for the given message name. r=peterv
38bcb731dba8b56ca0caf29d3fd76e21d48cc8e8Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1131887 part 2. Remove the now-unused nsIXPConnect.reparentWrappedNativeIfFound. r=peterv
763a234926cac7725fbdf7af666e3c62b8f7c5b0Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1131887 part 1. nsNodeUtils::CloneAndAdopt can assume that all nodes are Web IDL objects. r=peterv
4d03c3ba29697c828739f70ca2eda08865309137Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1131796. Don't parent the DOM proxy expando object to the proxy. r=peterv
c5b1c517ad63bc99922dfe96a18ab0b964d350c0Nick Fitzgerald — Bug 1117242 - SavedFrame objects should do principal checks for every accessor; r=jimb,jandem,bz
13af514d6aea7bded99cf71fe219ba2621a9b263Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 1131695 - Ensure that mouse and touch events sent via BrowserElementParent to the child are offsetted correctly. r=fabrice
6823625f20424fdeb060cc24607c1efb6fb3b8c3Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 1131695 - Extract a GetLayoutDeviceToCSSScale helper function in TabParent. r=fabrice
1dd9353d0e97e62623b3fed1e692b1903ac45688Philip Chee — Bug 1130886 Warning: Trying to re-register CID '{22117140-9c6e-11d3-aaf1-00805f8a4905}' r=Mossop
4ca1304f0b4250b0572ff92eebe2c5a6e04503ccAndy Pusch — Bug 982797 - Robocop: Switch tests from using waitForTest to waitForCondition. r=liuche
5c8a20b982fb8cb32b742df4244312bfa51faa3bJW Wang — Bug 1132780 - Fix namespace and include files in MediaKeyStatusMap.cpp/h. r=cpearce
db8257416bff4cbf78f91a4f1ee1b82072eafadbHonza Bambas — Bug 1132109 - Make CacheEntry::mSortingExpirationTime atomic/relaxed. r=michal
4a61c39218431767244c112f1dff0d62a589bfe6Honza Bambas — Bug 1131092 - Place mFileStatus=NS_OK after CacheFile.Init() call in CacheEntry::Load(). r=michal
95666abd14471a5c41df765355a830e8ed1d6175Honza Bambas — Bug 1128219 - Re-check mListener while calling OnStopRequest after OnStartRequest in HttpBaseChannel::DoNotifyListener. r=michal
95f5dfa2292eafe53b732acf15c6508b11555155William Lachance — Bug 1132716 - Release mozversion 1.2. r=davehunt
a09191214534fd165aecec5f825f942d078d38d3Alfredo Yang — Bug 1127654 - Use runnable instead of monitor. r=ajones, r=bwu
20ffb3ebb7c5d01b319700a35199455fc423730eHonza Bambas — Bug 1117763 - Remove range request headers on cache entry open failure. r=michal
ff356750af3abe09c279ea5f39077edb26b1c866Gian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 1131960 - Check for NEON capability before using NEON code. r=derf
83b65d75fcf70d118dc96940e29f1989fcb7e0d9Barbara Miller — Bug 1131219 - Sort updated prefs alphbetically. r=dburns
8ed4a862c8e80c7a7feacd09e534bb1aa195bbc1Honza Bambas — Bug 1120631 - CacheEntry::mFileStatus made atomic/rel_acq. r=nfroyd, r=michal
0994e6eef68c019363e98d61ba99f725736e3756Honza Bambas — Bug 1079789 - Don't doom expired entries in the HTTP cache intermediate memory pool. r=michal
a94fb6a4642072856b53b1e47821caceefca3593Victor Carlquist — Bug 688219 - Cache String.prototype.split. r=djvj
af230f02ff2aad10368ef98422d8113975eeebd2Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound. a=merge
848ee095492df78b228d21453ad4efa16fab1db6Hannes Verschore — Bug 1132290 - IonMonkey: Remove indirect truncation of MLoadTypedArrayElementStatic, r=nbp
f0649ab1c75fbe9a865a7d375c5ca2b8a31982daMason Chang — Bug 1127151. Part 4: Update TimeStamp::FromSystemTime with windows testing. r=kats
6b41f4a594473ffcabf7d7885d166a7d9648fae6Mason Chang — Bug 1127151. Part 3: Create a vsync thread loop with dwmflush. r=jrmuizel
9b1c4da648cabaefc13638f720408dee3d3ea33aMason Chang — Bug 1127151. Part 2: Create a vsync source on windows. r=kats
c4061f7c942252920028d6f73f54902a242b5256Mason Chang — Bug 1127151. Part 1: Expose dwmFlush to winutils. r=jrmuizel
fe05446f8618c130caad5586498b65c10a236f66JerryShih — Bug 1129686 - fix friend class declaration. r=jrmuizel
dfc80e670462bee5ab2b497e0055bd8fff6d7d3dCarsten "Tomcat" Book — merge b2g-inbound to mozilla-central a=merge
93cc00406798766405bf3da10e6a8f059d99c36dB2G Bumper Bot — Bumping manifests a=b2g-bump
a048b92d60e3a2fbe5296f7b9d6a8f1eabcce385B2G Bumper Bot — Bumping gaia.json for 3 gaia revision(s) a=gaia-bump
0106580da072d02316a3181779b1312ae1dbe596Wayne Chen — Bug 1130196 - Update audio output device enum for L porting. r=mwu
4af25f2970917a6a0340498bc8c579c2f8c57bbcAlexandre Lissy — Bug 1129164 - Disable some failing mochitests on mulet. r=bent
9b677c29ca3a8b42ab9dd9454d0e5376299ec96bBlake — Bug 1115241 - Release video buffer in a dedicated thread. r=sotaro
3563d3cfba5cae6e32b0b2b68adaae61cef6668aTing-Yu Lin — Bug 1096185 - Part 3 - Fix function redefinition in r=automatedtester
eb7e4b1b9cf848f9917c2cf93d6e1e339cd1ab7bTing-Yu Lin — Bug 1096185 - Part 2 - Change hit test in tilt mode. r=automatedtester
f0f528da4d3b621d02712e5e1ee6af110eaf51a7Ting-Yu Lin — Bug 1096185 - Part 1 - Adjust caret size and shadow. r=roc
5fa3cd10706a065abc48b55f40ce81c253ab3227Jocelyn Liu — Bug 1063449 - Add and implement GATT client connection related bluetooth Web APIs. r=btian, r=bz
f379cddbf40ecc61514a40d47d44567f6f70f641Yoshi Huang — Bug 1133390 - onfocuschanged(false) will be notified twice. r=dimi
df27e9927e4b1921747735d18f2ef9325fb3e4faB2G Bumper Bot — Bumping manifests a=b2g-bump
143df6bd681a87ad7190690638e04188b9e1a30fB2G Bumper Bot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia revision(s) a=gaia-bump
1ac23cae55d2476d15d0b98aca4008a2d5a01d00B2G Bumper Bot — Bumping manifests a=b2g-bump
f6af1cdd3b5bc72f308175105bf740ff8e324220B2G Bumper Bot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia revision(s) a=gaia-bump
011be070f5edeee1e0288da7a90da367ca904059B2G Bumper Bot — Bumping manifests a=b2g-bump
2aaf01c1c8bf5c8afce1033225cf84e2f35d0aa9B2G Bumper Bot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia revision(s) a=gaia-bump
b75249f932a392cf1a00c1e788f10fdb07f7221eB2G Bumper Bot — Bumping manifests a=b2g-bump
14c50686011c7d2ccefe6f92dfa7ad359d7ade91B2G Bumper Bot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia revision(s) a=gaia-bump
0581ed25feea4821b7b01c4e3d8daf707b602c8dB2G Bumper Bot — Bumping manifests a=b2g-bump
3f1567e161c443d746aa5434d9ae93a1a0509fb4B2G Bumper Bot — Bumping gaia.json for 4 gaia revision(s) a=gaia-bump
dc0ccd7ac41d1fa2886998c734ee212fe796de48B2G Bumper Bot — Bumping manifests a=b2g-bump
2db57393874d8c79d74efd06d09e6d4b49c311b7B2G Bumper Bot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia revision(s) a=gaia-bump
375c7312561283273a210530b0c70f031e38807fB2G Bumper Bot — Bumping manifests a=b2g-bump
6ab9961a28b0dafad970014d627be8f7ba718338B2G Bumper Bot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia revision(s) a=gaia-bump
cda48c9887794a4cb610602861e0600a27f1ac3aAlexandre Lissy — Bug 1131590 - Support DualCarrier radio tech. r=echen
6fa14b22157a0bd8eaed0664d02b1c612b8711afB2G Bumper Bot — Bumping manifests a=b2g-bump
d23e57a86c04b1d1ad245f3f49944fb0fb5b1b6aB2G Bumper Bot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia revision(s) a=gaia-bump
fe975b40d2ff9b3ffc84db223603401fadc5d70aB2G Bumper Bot — Bumping manifests a=b2g-bump
e6b2f4b7f683ece2f5eb25fa5ce26ec16d3537c9B2G Bumper Bot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia revision(s) a=gaia-bump
0e394cf924d3b073e379c4020d82f24bd62645a4B2G Bumper Bot — Bumping manifests a=b2g-bump
45a61d444a67cc7a50f84e1ac1544916713b8fb7B2G Bumper Bot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia revision(s) a=gaia-bump
da33d95a51a6aa75dc9f5060f550be96c21ef930B2G Bumper Bot — Bumping manifests a=b2g-bump
321ad10248c4fa04a1a61feb2e402ea9bb419fb6B2G Bumper Bot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia revision(s) a=gaia-bump
232d46e4b51b9619d5fb51bf980b8152c9abd577B2G Bumper Bot — Bumping manifests a=b2g-bump
95ccfaf637bb7d115fbcc62b4f9d5357194ed188B2G Bumper Bot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia revision(s) a=gaia-bump
726ee370a7642f60aeb1fd5493a70a6c3300ebe4B2G Bumper Bot — Bumping manifests a=b2g-bump
3008ec36235a1c305d9dfea6a1a7c9b1c91051fbB2G Bumper Bot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia revision(s) a=gaia-bump
424924011310ad368310fd65110127eba687930dB2G Bumper Bot — Bumping manifests a=b2g-bump
fa42203858b9c7b84b684e3df5126fac3146a4faB2G Bumper Bot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia revision(s) a=gaia-bump
8273f4297421fcd5dba0558a105cc43273fbac4fB2G Bumper Bot — Bumping manifests a=b2g-bump
1e0577d398ed143c4396ba53e1d981279708998fB2G Bumper Bot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia revision(s) a=gaia-bump
f0618e8918275aa099bb881bc229190cc0edaad7B2G Bumper Bot — Bumping manifests a=b2g-bump
50d56554e6fdc8ae90603382c882a12fa63108c5B2G Bumper Bot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia revision(s) a=gaia-bump
fa6ae9d07394fd52184603dfe174f8b33cd166e2Fabrice Desré — Bug 1132844 - Fix ReaderMode.jsm to work with jsloader.reuseGlobal r=margaret
0e2e7780755bc00fc5b83d832175f46d0f697a58Mason Chang — Bug 1123762. Enable the vsync aligned refresh driver on b2g. r=kats
2ae1fcb56411035f38428a4d4676182ca09fb4adB2G Bumper Bot — Bumping manifests a=b2g-bump
faa2b5aad8d1bd3ccbdae45f85e49fe175268935B2G Bumper Bot — Bumping gaia.json for 4 gaia revision(s) a=gaia-bump
bcfb6f783eb391c372689411964a3bb3dc19f5b9Wes Kocher — Merge m-c to b2g-inbound a=merge
0841363f5b91ba4b4b5f0550553246ad91f7615eMike Habicher — Bug 1132176 - add support for '4kuhd' to Gecko, r=aosmond
2a6a0c025c7bf06c235b75ec6498de351b31cab5Carsten "Tomcat" Book — merge fx-team to mozilla-central a=merge
f0048ba132131de0a7816b4173db52914b058f95Ankit Goyal — Bug 1131940 - Delete unused getMigratedData method in ResetProfile.jsm. r=MattN
93f2c43f45e0834858e236140512dabca3bb92b0Tim Nguyen — Bug 1133060 - Clean up browser/themes/shared/tabbrowser/crashed.svg. r=Gijs
2c5db2a83e340bb23907437d60cbb891ad0e1350Tim Nguyen — Bug 1132950 - Don't keep showing sort arrow on a column if another column is selected. r=jaws
4d43899972e7574b7632010b622c6f9e17cd3e5aJordan Santell — Bug 1130204 - Hide views in the performance tool if they are not supported by the server actor. r=vp
9fe9d717e571946a4b2174aae8ecb0753f0eb815Tim Nguyen — Bug 1128882 - Fix welcomeback restore button not working. r=jaws
8df92e295ca597f7e44eb4b3a8afe7203a0f011fSami Jaktholm — Bug 1128352 - Align labels by baseline in netmonitor security tab. r=vporof
3ad37a67d2d5327b62a714ad2faad5c1cae138b7Tim Nguyen — Bug 1127621 - Fix checkboxes not showing up on about:welcomeback. r=jaws
5bf16b55dd0d31705f30e63fd4c64ecbc0257e22Richard Marti — Bug 1115924 - InContent pages: remove the focusring border when not active. r=jaws
2fa362f5b1b8f4ebdf0c4e9dd0f34018869e3f91Jan Keromnes — Bug 1090949 - Give WebIDE full control over simulator addons. r=ochameau f=jryans
d522b57c3cb7282a513418e214083d5a8c1eab9bCarsten "Tomcat" Book — Backed out changeset 32355c0d9d64 (bug 1014113) for suspicion of causing r2 perma failures
1900ac4cdf15ef9f8ff6bdb9105033c851d7aad1Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1128237 - fix dialogs on small screen sizes, r=jaws
7f9d625a5734983f370570b620b58c512a3cae39Stefan Plewako Bug 494210 - followup: undefined column.width/incontentcolumn.width entities, r=gijs
0c5caa6e7207fbb05cee40d8250ad096b6f89d58Mark Banner — Bug 1132882 - Slave the local video size to the remote video width on the Loop standalone UI. r=mikedeboer
09a43afd57b2e6a0ec6f9c170ebc341f117109e5Jared Wein — Bug 1044600 - Close subdialogs when the back button is used in the in-content preferences. r=Gijs
13b908ad9c77311dc681fe85b5d7f4bf30417bbcJared Wein — Bug 1044597 - Limit the minimum size of subdialogs in the in-content preferences. r=Gijs
22f0288cde3493ea545830fd3f6689d966bd9ef0Wes Kocher — Merge m-c to fx-team a=merge
33ca49e58e4b046f40302f7757e2d58ffc7600d9Robin Ricard — Bug 1130872 - Add Robocop JavascriptTest verifying that AppConstants module can be imported and is sensible. r=nalexander
688a64d4e746ca7e75b94ceee36d937d7088833cGijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1128480 - fix nsHelperAppDlg.js to create its download dir info on show() already so it continues working if the window is gone by the time we prompt for a directory to save to (incl. test), r=felipe
6280b92abfcb47a84815605cedb595819af07d35Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1111147 - update nsContextMenu for EME, r=florian
17e306ef06bf9b736d26ab530e095e7875e5105cWes Kocher — Backed out changeset 67b3b61d39f3 (bug 938845) for rc4 failures
6229b91659cf6047741f48504f90b1a70c0b8a35Wes Kocher — Backed out changeset 8a4280e98895 (bug 1122331)
0f829e7ccd2ff21fa02a9feb521ab5b61fef0ef1Wes Kocher — Merge m-c to fx-team a=merge
2439c229cacea574a5b398c8c766df447732b90bBrad Lassey — bug 1071880 - Notify user of addons that are slowing their browser down significantly r=mossop
82abcbb019d7a7961cc7b35616c62467551546f6Jordan Santell — Bug 1132713 - Only enable memory actor when both gecko 38+ and memory actor exists, for addon debugger. r=vp
8a4280e988954694c3e37fd7ace6cf967e562014Prabhjyot Singh Sodhi — bug 1122331 moving statically initialised String values from constructor to declaration. r=mcomella
67b3b61d39f3313df0fc2bc3e232e9e28ab72693Jalpreet Singh Nanda — Bug 938845 - Merge StringHelper and org.mozilla.gecko.* Strings. r=mcomella
ae0ae6c0e1ad36ec9bfd4936eeff1fcb4b42b791Mark Finkle — Bug 1133012 - Disable tab mirroring on RELEASE r=snorp
248aac04b9d85ecbab43fbfce134211f468e96abPatrick Brosset — Bug 1132783 - Fix the init sequence of animationinspector tests to avoid intermittents. r=bgrins
9dde2d05baa7f0ffff680696cd9362fd719d8cafChris — Bug 1132028 - Remove unavailable method from array call in hiddenOneOffs_cleanup.js. r=florian
9fd93e84a01d943107d150fbd9afe90304bf7be4Jared Wein — Bug 1108302 - Menulists in the in-content preferences have too much padding at the start of their contents. r=Gijs
e0cb32a0b1aa2b24db865d2cb0456861c07b430affxbld — No bug, Automated blocklist update from host bld-linux64-spot-1093 - a=blocklist-update
47c1732abb764b6d43e9c20992804f2d6c9077a3ffxbld — No bug, Automated HPKP preload list update from host bld-linux64-spot-1093 - a=hpkp-update
e0b1c3e7f1b2ce758aaf8d5305186947abe1ee96ffxbld — No bug, Automated HSTS preload list update from host bld-linux64-spot-1093 - a=hsts-update
a7c177546ca0e33d20622208993c42398707b1a0Wes Kocher — Merge b2g-inbound to m-c a=merge
197838b4972ee245b673f05f713e44667769f740Morris Tseng — Bug 1120750 - Part 5: Fix non-unified build bustage.
6c26cacc584f2cc91da65713dbb4eeea1b2ab4d0B2G Bumper Bot — Bumping manifests a=b2g-bump
930210a5301f4c99582bb0d54710e7b78c5806ebB2G Bumper Bot — Bumping manifests a=b2g-bump
c02c6334e529983332520b82cc90e00dbd9f9d61B2G Bumper Bot — Bumping manifests a=b2g-bump
e9f966123e17b806bae405c8a28c5c3b6f156096B2G Bumper Bot — Bumping manifests a=b2g-bump
1cd0ddc21eecca0546c28310be0544bbfc414492Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to b2g-inbound. a=merge
3bbbe722fbe749a25b1d3bd41f45c7589f91e6b4B2G Bumper Bot — Bumping manifests a=b2g-bump
7e8e0b9ba93bf13dbf1d4b1569c0a1b10cee304dB2G Bumper Bot — Bumping gaia.json for 5 gaia revision(s) a=gaia-bump
aea8a6b60a9049ccdb077a6d3aefffaee045c97eB2G Bumper Bot — Bumping manifests a=b2g-bump
8b9a8d6107c72a74013c02bf958079444dea7eb3B2G Bumper Bot — Bumping gaia.json for 4 gaia revision(s) a=gaia-bump
f341890317535620687294edae0db19f425a7c57B2G Bumper Bot — Bumping manifests a=b2g-bump
519e3450110470816da4e13dd1654c7b818e0263B2G Bumper Bot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia revision(s) a=gaia-bump
a3d96b773ef0171d8e53e816a2d4b51dc866984eFabrice Desré — Bug 1132830 - Re-enable http2 on b2g r=me
0243d54ec1013844da218fb0f2ddc96621bde86cB2G Bumper Bot — Bumping manifests a=b2g-bump
2e11649df7926d79b679d7a40666c450c3ea1718B2G Bumper Bot — Bumping gaia.json for 6 gaia revision(s) a=gaia-bump
992cf3981ca81ea65fb13cfca3f1906b7857b922Wes Kocher — Backed out changeset bab1f360bf44 (bug 1128287) for rc2 failures a=me
fd12875a8a48eba1591c0a70e17a142953161218Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge b2g-inbound to m-c. a=merge
5f83e77bfb403c1b4b6776cd3fe55c764c705f2eSzu-Yu Chen [:aknow] — Bug 1128823 - Remove hangUpAll. r=hsinyi
97b815700a42eca8ea3ee830479726e2632e9cfaB2G Bumper Bot — Bumping manifests a=b2g-bump
e0092755a03f41118971b21f72d178d5fbbed1bdThomas Zimmermann — Bug 1132388: Use Bludroid until update problem has been solved, r=shuang
76c0924aea88f0d498fc9c50d84a22cb3f106d29Yusuke Yamamoto — Bug 839120 - Support SafeBrowsing in b2g r=gpascutto
b6df2135b0ecab0025bf088956806f5707cdf377B2G Bumper Bot — Bumping manifests a=b2g-bump
ddfae2d3c35f51c012036aa1cc1b4803d2c20ce8B2G Bumper Bot — Bumping gaia.json for 3 gaia revision(s) a=gaia-bump
790b0366e73afb1f8fc5fa05cd9177d43b76020aB2G Bumper Bot — Bumping manifests a=b2g-bump
a475b7ceaee1d4e9583b0dfc75109908c506c21dB2G Bumper Bot — Bumping manifests a=b2g-bump
9b90259bc31922559596959385ac398f1c529faaB2G Bumper Bot — Bumping gaia.json for 1 gaia revision(s) a=gaia-bump
749d8f6b07b23aaaf522e85597f972925617589dB2G Bumper Bot — Bumping manifests a=b2g-bump
2360643e1c2f664d46b4882ca491deaf2eeeace9B2G Bumper Bot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia revision(s) a=gaia-bump
2b9834775157aa0f79dd7f5c939d889d9db13f6dKrzysztof Mioduszewski — Bug 1132007 - Initialise _iccChannelCalback in RilContentHelper.js. r=echen
fff3275b879f03d1f3d4b123e8f5057b77336096Ben Hsu — Bug 1095366 - Part 3: Update the related testcases. r=aknow
20ad233975c265aa347e08210ca74472cc0c67b8Ben Hsu — Bug 1095366 - Part 2: Remove some event firing (DOM). r=aknow
de43b958f3f410aabec11573b7fad18310dd930fBen Hsu — Bug 1095366 - Part 1: Remove some events (WebIDL). r=hsinyi
2eda9bb510d85236e31bb893291c8be369f4c0d8Krzysztof Mioduszewski — Bug 879861 - Part 6: Adding dom.secureelement.enabled pref. r=smaug
93f03475e1ad67535ba8daece719f1911687962aKrzysztof Mioduszewski — Bug 879861 - Part 5: Build support for SecureElement feature. r=gps
374b013116c244d5c1a7195b2af69e95d8b5553bKrzysztof Mioduszewski — Bug 879861 - Part 4: Adding SEUtils.jsm. r=allstars.chh
1d8a6e33379efcc470146e60b38123f258dca1cfSiddartha Pothapragada — Bug 879861 - Part 3a: SecureElement UiccConnector implementation. r=allstars.chh
c46f533989827f76cc7964ff8e2c74a97391a408Krzysztof Mioduszewski — Bug 879861 - Part 3: SecureElement Parent process implementation. r=allstars.chh
9d71758c5f7d31619fb1eed537d786aaffe33399Siddartha Pothapragada — Bug 879861 - Part 2: SecureElement DOM Implementation. r=allstars.chh, r=smaug
7b877b26ddee6783c94825231243b9ba025bf58dSiddartha Pothapragada — Bug 879861 - Part 1a: Add new permission 'secureelement-manage'. r=ehsan
e014c9f1d2fb798941a57000a08cd23d0c12dfc2Siddartha Pothapragada — Bug 879861 - Part 1: SecureElement APIs WebIDL. r=ehsan, r=smaug
bd459caf1f9a0458aa42c010c313d3e3a2aa0771B2G Bumper Bot — Bumping manifests a=b2g-bump
4c7c738437d916874dbacc006f161305083ee008B2G Bumper Bot — Bumping gaia.json for 6 gaia revision(s) a=gaia-bump
876033d29b844d99d6f75cec636e78e94a8773c0B2G Bumper Bot — Bumping manifests a=b2g-bump
fbae85ad2c2464eba711ae3f72d3ec774a0fa9a5B2G Bumper Bot — Bumping gaia.json for 1 gaia revision(s) a=gaia-bump
b3e3a1680d648335d4553e8db3cd01950bcb09efB2G Bumper Bot — Bumping manifests a=b2g-bump
b85b022abe8ac2b60bdd8c2b937a2c5db23faa64B2G Bumper Bot — Bumping manifests a=b2g-bump
1576606baf6a361ede7897f693a3efa3999f3bf4B2G Bumper Bot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia revision(s) a=gaia-bump
562b55f88c647ff8b9e1dd7df6b4bd2465352a00Thomas Zimmermann — Bug 1126720: Implement Bluetooth backend selection; use Bluedroid by default (under bluetooth2/), r=btian
2cdf7ddcfc457694821f3c00af31a5969f6c0727Thomas Zimmermann — Bug 1126720: Support random postfix for Bluetooth daemon socket name (under bluetooth2/), r=btian
39ca2a6127a82dbb1f349805b5a7b45d4b0dcc2dThomas Zimmermann — Bug 1126720: Listen for socket connections when starting Bluetooth (under bluetooth2/), r=btian
cac10b840a6595d5be44aaa726d550d7e8567b36Thomas Zimmermann — Bug 1126720: Fix ref-counting of bluetoothd channels (under bluetooth2/), r=btian
789b7b94a5ce4c8a0a3779466c8d509e9664457dThomas Zimmermann — Bug 1126720: Use |int32_t| for |Channel| in Bluetooth Socket HAL (under bluetooth2/), r=btian
e9bdf2b0131a5412035bc381b98a462321b46bf3Thomas Zimmermann — Bug 1126720: Handle all used type in PDU explicitly (under bluetooth2/), r=btian
aa339e258ccddadc378f942a8e0d6d3e3bd48c0aRyan VanderMeulen — Merge fx-team to m-c. a=merge
b40d31806495c3d7381719f19fb57c61612adb1cRyan VanderMeulen — Bug 1102900, bug 1104745, bug 1104761 - Disable browser_989751_subviewbutton_class.js on Linux e10s for failing ~50% of the time.
d0b991fa04711003a9b0f159e2c01bdac15f8413Victor Porof — Bug 1132463 - Samples column doesn't have enough space for the label. r=jsantell
b009014abdb390429f548c07792055e22b33bba2Monica Chew — Bug 1130893 - Use GetChannelURIPrincipal instead of GetChannelResultPrincipal in nsChannelClassifier, only call nsChannelClassifier if LOAD_CLASSIFY_URI is set. r=mcmanus r=ckerschb
8e757a59c0f509acc0ce87b6f4564e9a11cc4018Jordan Santell — Bug 1130202 - Fix compatibility issues in performance tool to work with FxOS 2.2/Gecko 37. r=vp
af21398055852bce0377c34dbbc9f03beb2588ddIan Moody — Bug 1124246 - Visually differentiate XHR network logs in the webconsole. r=past
266257775fc90116d84a48de073e8c165387bddcPatrick Brosset — Bug 1122466 - Retrieve correct animation index from node's computed styles; r=miker
fba1266ee2e7c785bc5baef1dcb7af93c1b61f62Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1099426 - make some uses of brandname shorter still, r=jwalker
1c2a91bccd4ae6ed70b023d2ecd78b2834349c17Roy Li — Bug 896688 - Replace finite state machine with flag in nsSearchService. r=smacleod
d215085d843144cd61257c6773ed8b223b4b3c12Robert Strong — Bug 1128005 - Re-enable unit_timermanager/consumerNotifications.js on Android. r=spohl
0b63903a6f41f75a8edbcc136541490289598da6Margaret Leibovic — Bug 1131458 - Make reader mode button accessible. r=Gijs
5ee524df8201f26cc90a8febe7812d652a4f7016Margaret Leibovic — Bug 1120735 - Implement desktop reader mode controls. r=jaws,bnicholson
0fe086880779ac1232eca6c54ac78a2304b7f81fMargaret Leibovic — Bug 1128724 - Rename "Print" reader mode theme to "Sepia". r=jaws
c4e03c92aaf575f1a7cdbe6b30965cfd227f47cdMichael Holloway — Bug 924009 - Add check for whether preferences are defined before checking for lightweight theme preference. r=margaret
d3ac91f56ef2c092996da785496b5817d509e3f2Andy Pusch — Bug 1099500 - Removes the if clause that prevented the release of callback data on ReasonHidden.TOUCH_OUTSIDE and ReasonHidden.REPLACED. r=margaret
bab1f360bf44141f3f1d6e710f3606e11e53e851Robin Ricard — Bug 1128287 - Intermittent testFindInPage | testFindInPage.js r=margaret
32355c0d9d645fb8d4d4b69790b9da77730d87a9Robin Ricard — Bug 1014113 - Refine and enable zoom for find in page. r=margaret
2008ce7ec4ea70a02616da1214e4baf3f47ac10aMargaret Leibovic — Bug 1129989 - ReaderParent.jsm doesn't need to be pre-processed. r=ttaubert
f85b33641ef7662ae04a510fa00803ebe67004daMichael Comella — Bug 1132165 - Remove padding from mic drawable in editing mode and add padding to url bar. r=mfinkle
c4265d0b3fbf7237309d6cef9ba91421b2f4fd29Nick Alexander — Bug 964854 - Cache account bundles to work around getUserData cache issues. r=rnewman
7fd2b4ed2a601036a95a237529373e1a21b08aacNick Alexander — Bug 1131635 - Make sure view was not destroyed before updating UI. r=nalexander
7fd767f1b043ecb5a249c85b78260f352cb69833vivek — Bug 1129181 - Make Remote Tabs split pane swipe to refresh apply to both clients and tabs in landscape mode. r=nalexander
463ff2bdf8fb55ed80b38d5989945b40169f1e1cMark Hammond — Bug 1131829 - remove PromiseUtils.resolveOrTimeout. r=yoric
8f9d3dabd12ee8f2dd407da4e599c2911d595f25Julien Pagès — Bug 1132415 - [mozversion] Expose the package name for local fennec APK file. r=wlach
0d0e9ab07f41172dffe1d689ae73d787b39cd479Steve Singer — Bug 1130910 - Fix non-ion jit compile issues. r=jandem
7d4f76e0411bf46f7f6cfd236bd2578c6e214055Nicolas Silva — Bug 1120331 - "crash in mozilla::ipc::MessageChannel::Send(IPC::Message*)". r=sotaro
8a411bde0705b16f168766843c833b1e3447fd95Jeff Walden — Bug 1130811 - Handle argsbody and seq nodes by kind, when recycling. r=shu
03eda399201b8c6ebc07066beff31c1f6573ff20Jeff Walden — Bug 1130811 - When |obj["prop"]| is folded into a new |obj.prop| node, convert the old |obj["prop"]| node into a |typeof "prop"| expression with the old |"prop"| node as its kid prior to freeing it (so that its structure doesn't appear to violate invariants when it's freed). r=shu
28cbfff0dd9a52ccfcef907f64cbd82c5f59a17bJeff Walden — Bug 1130811 - Handle a few more kinds, by kind, when recycling. r=shu
6d93b1ffb2ce1d4f8c2e93c91b1b86d1d62cdf58Jeff Walden — Bug 1130811 - Handle yield/yield* by kind when recycling. r=shu
7fd630ae8bbf0cb8c66e844730815beefbcdc258Jeff Walden — Bug 1130811 - Handle more miscellaneous nodes by kind when recycling. r=shu
d6c56cf464f524ca43301e099152d32dfca93faaJeff Walden — Bug 1130811 - Handle various miscellaneous nodes by kind when recycling. r=shu
af3054673b35978d957e15575ef7935a024cd52bJeff Walden — Bug 1130811 - Handle pushing assignment and compound assignment nodes by kind when recycling. r=shu
cb48b124f67b49ed2941e46fe23f0195a6ea05a4Jeff Walden — Bug 1130811 - Handle pushing binary-operation list nodes by kind when recycling. r=shu
823e4436a2ff5f613fe8e5f0de5eb12073322988Jeff Walden — Bug 1130811 - Handle pushing unary nodes with a non-null kid, kindwise, when recycling. r=shu
0a9bc8928f541376321012d9317e4528f7f7dd2bJeff Walden — Bug 1130811 - Start adding kind-specific handling for node recycling, eschewing arity-specific handling. r=shu
8353fc755046ded1a2c2db8c2d1fb3014ad682fdJeff Walden — Bug 1130811 - Refactor node recycling code into arity-specific methods. r=shu
008a003c15c9d711290e5858062720915f0f791eJeff Walden — Bug 1130811 - Mark PNK_NOP nodes as not being definitions for simpler cleanup of such nodes later. r=shu
ff4cb45a4588e26472deb5483ee2450ff3685b0fJeff Walden — Bug 1130811 - Eliminate an else-after-return when parsing ES7 array comprehensions. r=shu
984e5db41c439c064b08cc397aa39a8007cb9db5Jeff Walden — Bug 1132295 - Remove support for RegExp.prototype.unicode until Unicode regular expressions are supported, so that the property's presence is usable to feature-test for support for Unicode regular expressions. r=till
9cf76d4021ce9ee02aade9248e0999f43f2d82a3Mason Chang — Bug 1130681. Part 1: Add unlock back to ClientTiledLayerBuffer for causing emulator R14 intermittent but doesn't seem necessary. r=jrmuizel
a7c6bec02690ab181c1968aabe7f920aa6ceeccfMason Chang — Bug 1130681. Part 2: Backout bug 1118876 for android reftest failures. r=jrmuizel
c81728bfda79529ea31c42a6e7467b854e9baddfChris Pearce — Bug 1132789 - Mac ClearKey EME work on MacOSX. r=spohl
109c66867717f8b861cf6cb3f51e1894be431e60Timothy Nikkel — Bug 1132427. Make sure that the first frame refresh area for an animated image gets updated based on the refresh area of all subsequent frames, not just the second. r=jrmuizel
cfdcb37cc953c4655213e04bd921328b618799adMike Hommey — Fixup for bug 1114669 on a CLOSED TREE. r=gps
535453825f6dd51113f73957565ddc555ce879a9Markus Stange — Bug 1131397 - Add missing functionality to the profiler actor. r=vporof
e0a40aa0a2816247452a9f80d8f3e3e6d1c31074Mike Hommey — Bug 1114669 - Use a generated list of idl deps for xpt generation. r=gps
bd34e4330662fdbe9ffc897f055a62c2febff6adMike Hommey — Bug 1120937 - Properly initialize string fields from the PKCS#11 test module. r=keeler
73b8180cfd7e09aec15204e10b345f283c46d70aRandell Jesup — Bug 1108248: Swap CreateTimerQueueTimer() for timerSetEvent() in webrtc win32 code r=dmajor
d4e5a9c73060459d6861f4ca974db55fd873305aMatt Woodrow — Bug 1127925 - Lazily open shared handles in DXGITextureHostD3D11 to avoid holding references to textures that might not be used. r=jrmuizel
ab6236affc7299bfe0fb3e986af200b7a1276eeaEdwin Flores — Bug 981869 - Blacklist crashy flump3dec gstreamer plugin - r=kinetik
888760868216ff2b40610ca1f151d55b9f7d0c06Karina Li — Bug 1127642 WebRTC support for H.264 max_mbps r=jesup
f39857e8a9487feeeb71c0d0c2d513e67cb47497Geoff Brown — Bug 1130187 - Optimize devicemanager calls during remote xpcshell tests; r=bc