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Bug 1587931 - LSNG: Force kill database actors during shutdown; r=asuth a=lizzard Database actors are force killed after 5 seconds if the child side doesn't respond to the RequestAllowToClose message during shutdown. Differential Revision:

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/* This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
 * License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
 * file, You can obtain one at */

#ifndef nsComboboxControlFrame_h___
#define nsComboboxControlFrame_h___

#ifdef DEBUG_evaughan
//#define DEBUG_rods

#ifdef DEBUG_rods
//#define DO_PIXELS
//#define DO_NEW_REFLOW

// Mark used to indicate when onchange has been fired for current combobox item

#include "mozilla/Attributes.h"
#include "nsBlockFrame.h"
#include "nsIFormControlFrame.h"
#include "nsIAnonymousContentCreator.h"
#include "nsISelectControlFrame.h"
#include "nsIRollupListener.h"
#include "nsIStatefulFrame.h"
#include "nsThreadUtils.h"

class nsListControlFrame;
class nsComboboxDisplayFrame;
class nsIDOMEventListener;
class nsIScrollableFrame;
class nsTextNode;

namespace mozilla {
class PresShell;
namespace gfx {
class DrawTarget;
}  // namespace gfx
}  // namespace mozilla

class nsComboboxControlFrame final : public nsBlockFrame,
                                     public nsIFormControlFrame,
                                     public nsIAnonymousContentCreator,
                                     public nsISelectControlFrame,
                                     public nsIRollupListener,
                                     public nsIStatefulFrame {
  typedef mozilla::gfx::DrawTarget DrawTarget;

  friend nsComboboxControlFrame* NS_NewComboboxControlFrame(
      mozilla::PresShell* aPresShell, ComputedStyle* aStyle,
      nsFrameState aFlags);
  friend class nsComboboxDisplayFrame;

  explicit nsComboboxControlFrame(ComputedStyle* aStyle,
                                  nsPresContext* aPresContext);


  // nsIAnonymousContentCreator
  virtual nsresult CreateAnonymousContent(
      nsTArray<ContentInfo>& aElements) override;
  virtual void AppendAnonymousContentTo(nsTArray<nsIContent*>& aElements,
                                        uint32_t aFilter) override;

  nsIContent* GetDisplayNode() const;
  nsIFrame* CreateFrameForDisplayNode();

  virtual mozilla::a11y::AccType AccessibleType() override;

  virtual nscoord GetMinISize(gfxContext* aRenderingContext) override;

  virtual nscoord GetPrefISize(gfxContext* aRenderingContext) override;

  virtual void Reflow(nsPresContext* aCX, ReflowOutput& aDesiredSize,
                      const ReflowInput& aReflowInput,
                      nsReflowStatus& aStatus) override;

  virtual nsresult HandleEvent(nsPresContext* aPresContext,
                               mozilla::WidgetGUIEvent* aEvent,
                               nsEventStatus* aEventStatus) override;

  virtual void BuildDisplayList(nsDisplayListBuilder* aBuilder,
                                const nsDisplayListSet& aLists) override;

  void PaintFocus(DrawTarget& aDrawTarget, nsPoint aPt);

  virtual bool IsFrameOfType(uint32_t aFlags) const override {
    return nsBlockFrame::IsFrameOfType(
        aFlags & ~(nsIFrame::eReplaced | nsIFrame::eReplacedContainsBlock));

  virtual nsIScrollableFrame* GetScrollTargetFrame() override {
    return do_QueryFrame(mDropdownFrame);

  virtual nsresult GetFrameName(nsAString& aResult) const override;
  virtual void DestroyFrom(nsIFrame* aDestructRoot,
                           PostDestroyData& aPostDestroyData) override;
  virtual void SetInitialChildList(ChildListID aListID,
                                   nsFrameList& aChildList) override;
  virtual const nsFrameList& GetChildList(ChildListID aListID) const override;
  virtual void GetChildLists(nsTArray<ChildList>* aLists) const override;

  virtual nsContainerFrame* GetContentInsertionFrame() override;

  // Return the dropdown and display frame.
  void AppendDirectlyOwnedAnonBoxes(nsTArray<OwnedAnonBox>& aResult) override;

  // nsIFormControlFrame
  virtual nsresult SetFormProperty(nsAtom* aName,
                                   const nsAString& aValue) override;
   * Inform the control that it got (or lost) focus.
   * If it lost focus, the dropdown menu will be rolled up if needed,
   * and FireOnChange() will be called.
   * @param aOn true if got focus, false if lost focus.
   * @param aRepaint if true then force repaint (NOTE: we always force repaint
   *        currently)
   * @note This method might destroy |this|.
  virtual void SetFocus(bool aOn, bool aRepaint) override;

  bool IsDroppedDown() { return mDroppedDown; }
  MOZ_CAN_RUN_SCRIPT void ShowDropDown(bool aDoDropDown);
  nsIFrame* GetDropDown();
  void SetDropDown(nsIFrame* aDropDownFrame);
  MOZ_CAN_RUN_SCRIPT void RollupFromList();

   * Return the available space before and after this frame for
   * placing the drop-down list, and the current 2D translation.
   * Note that either or both can be less than or equal to zero,
   * if both are then the drop-down should be closed.
  void GetAvailableDropdownSpace(mozilla::WritingMode aWM, nscoord* aBefore,
                                 nscoord* aAfter,
                                 mozilla::LogicalPoint* aTranslation);
  int32_t GetIndexOfDisplayArea();
   * @note This method might destroy |this|.
  nsresult RedisplaySelectedText();
  int32_t UpdateRecentIndex(int32_t aIndex);
  void OnContentReset();

  bool IsOpenInParentProcess() { return mIsOpenInParentProcess; }

  void SetOpenInParentProcess(bool aVal) { mIsOpenInParentProcess = aVal; }

  bool IsDroppedDownOrHasParentPopup() {
    return IsDroppedDown() || IsOpenInParentProcess();

  // nsISelectControlFrame
  NS_IMETHOD AddOption(int32_t index) override;
  NS_IMETHOD RemoveOption(int32_t index) override;
  NS_IMETHOD DoneAddingChildren(bool aIsDone) override;
  NS_IMETHOD OnOptionSelected(int32_t aIndex, bool aSelected) override;
  OnSetSelectedIndex(int32_t aOldIndex, int32_t aNewIndex) override;

  // nsIRollupListener
   * Hide the dropdown menu and stop capturing mouse events.
   * @note This method might destroy |this|.
  virtual bool Rollup(uint32_t aCount, bool aFlush, const nsIntPoint* pos,
                      nsIContent** aLastRolledUp) override;
  virtual void NotifyGeometryChange() override;

   * A combobox should roll up if a mousewheel event happens outside of
   * the popup area.
  virtual bool ShouldRollupOnMouseWheelEvent() override { return true; }

  virtual bool ShouldConsumeOnMouseWheelEvent() override { return false; }

   * A combobox should not roll up if activated by a mouse activate message
   * (eg. X-mouse).
  virtual bool ShouldRollupOnMouseActivate() override { return false; }

  virtual uint32_t GetSubmenuWidgetChain(
      nsTArray<nsIWidget*>* aWidgetChain) override {
    return 0;

  virtual nsIWidget* GetRollupWidget() override;

  // nsIStatefulFrame
  mozilla::UniquePtr<mozilla::PresState> SaveState() override;
  NS_IMETHOD RestoreState(mozilla::PresState* aState) override;
  void GenerateStateKey(nsIContent* aContent, mozilla::dom::Document* aDocument,
                        nsACString& aKey) override;

  static bool ToolkitHasNativePopup();

  friend class RedisplayTextEvent;
  friend class nsAsyncResize;
  friend class nsResizeDropdownAtFinalPosition;

  // Utilities
  void ReflowDropdown(nsPresContext* aPresContext,
                      const ReflowInput& aReflowInput);

  // Return true if we should render a dropdown button.
  bool HasDropDownButton() const;

  enum DropDownPositionState {
    // can't show the dropdown at its current position
    // a resize reflow is pending, don't show it yet
    // the dropdown has its final size and position and can be displayed here
  DropDownPositionState AbsolutelyPositionDropDown();

  // Helper for GetMinISize/GetPrefISize
  nscoord GetIntrinsicISize(gfxContext* aRenderingContext,
                            nsLayoutUtils::IntrinsicISizeType aType);

  class RedisplayTextEvent : public mozilla::Runnable {
    explicit RedisplayTextEvent(nsComboboxControlFrame* c)
        : mozilla::Runnable("nsComboboxControlFrame::RedisplayTextEvent"),
          mControlFrame(c) {}
    void Revoke() { mControlFrame = nullptr; }

    nsComboboxControlFrame* mControlFrame;

   * Show or hide the dropdown list.
   * @note This method might destroy |this|.
  MOZ_CAN_RUN_SCRIPT void ShowPopup(bool aShowPopup);

   * Show or hide the dropdown list.
   * @param aShowList true to show, false to hide the dropdown.
   * @note This method might destroy |this|.
   * @return false if this frame is destroyed, true if still alive.
  MOZ_CAN_RUN_SCRIPT bool ShowList(bool aShowList);
  void CheckFireOnChange();
  void FireValueChangeEvent();
  nsresult RedisplayText();
  void HandleRedisplayTextEvent();
  void ActuallyDisplayText(bool aNotify);

  // If our total transform to the root frame of the root document is only a 2d
  // translation then return that translation, otherwise returns (0,0).
  nsPoint GetCSSTransformTranslation();

  nsFrameList mPopupFrames;            // additional named child list
  RefPtr<nsTextNode> mDisplayContent;  // Anonymous content used to display the
                                       // current selection
  RefPtr<Element> mButtonContent;      // Anonymous content for the button
  nsContainerFrame* mDisplayFrame;     // frame to display selection
  nsIFrame* mButtonFrame;              // button frame
  nsIFrame* mDropdownFrame;            // dropdown list frame
  nsListControlFrame* mListControlFrame;  // ListControl for the dropdown frame

  // The inline size of our display area.  Used by that frame's reflow
  // to size to the full inline size except the drop-marker.
  nscoord mDisplayISize;
  // The maximum inline size of our display area, which is the
  // nsComoboxControlFrame's border-box.
  // Going over this would be observable via DOM APIs like client / scrollWidth.
  nscoord mMaxDisplayISize;

  nsRevocableEventPtr<RedisplayTextEvent> mRedisplayTextEvent;

  int32_t mRecentSelectedIndex;
  int32_t mDisplayedIndex;
  nsString mDisplayedOptionTextOrPreview;

  // make someone to listen to the button. If its programmatically pressed by
  // someone like Accessibility then open or close the combo box.
  nsCOMPtr<nsIDOMEventListener> mButtonListener;

  // The last y-positions used for estimating available space before and
  // after for the dropdown list in GetAvailableDropdownSpace.  These are
  // reset to nscoord_MIN in AbsolutelyPositionDropDown when placing the
  // dropdown at its actual position.  The GetAvailableDropdownSpace call
  // from nsListControlFrame::ReflowAsDropdown use the last position.
  nscoord mLastDropDownBeforeScreenBCoord;
  nscoord mLastDropDownAfterScreenBCoord;
  // Current state of the dropdown list, true is dropped down.
  bool mDroppedDown;
  // See comment in HandleRedisplayTextEvent().
  bool mInRedisplayText;
  // Acting on ShowDropDown(true) is delayed until we're focused.
  bool mDelayedShowDropDown;

  bool mIsOpenInParentProcess;

  // static class data member for Bug 32920
  // only one control can be focused at a time
  static nsComboboxControlFrame* sFocused;

  int32_t mReflowId;