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/* -*- Mode: C++; tab-width: 20; indent-tabs-mode: nil; c-basic-offset: 2 -*-
 * This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
 * License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
 * file, You can obtain one at */


#include "GLContextTypes.h"
#include "prlink.h"
typedef realGLboolean GLboolean;

// stuff from glx.h
#include "X11/Xlib.h"
#include "X11/Xutil.h"  // for XVisualInfo
#include "X11UndefineNone.h"
typedef struct __GLXcontextRec* GLXContext;
typedef XID GLXPixmap;
typedef XID GLXDrawable;
/* GLX 1.3 and later */
typedef struct __GLXFBConfigRec* GLXFBConfig;
// end of stuff from glx.h
#include "prenv.h"

struct PRLibrary;
class gfxASurface;

namespace mozilla {
namespace gl {

class GLContextGLX;

class GLXLibrary final {
  bool EnsureInitialized();

  void BeforeGLXCall() const;
  void AfterGLXCall() const;

#ifdef DEBUG
#  define BEFORE_CALL BeforeGLXCall();
#  define AFTER_CALL AfterGLXCall();
#  define BEFORE_CALL
#  define AFTER_CALL

#define WRAP(X)                  \
  {                              \
    BEFORE_CALL                  \
    const auto ret = mSymbols.X; \
    AFTER_CALL                   \
    return ret;                  \
#define VOID_WRAP(X) \
  {                  \
    BEFORE_CALL      \
    mSymbols.X;      \
    AFTER_CALL       \

  void fDestroyContext(Display* display, GLXContext context) const
      VOID_WRAP(fDestroyContext(display, context))

          Bool fMakeCurrent(Display* display, GLXDrawable drawable,
                            GLXContext context) const
      WRAP(fMakeCurrent(display, drawable, context))

          XVisualInfo* fGetConfig(Display* display, XVisualInfo* info,
                                  int attrib, int* value) const
      WRAP(fGetConfig(display, info, attrib, value))

          GLXContext fGetCurrentContext() const WRAP(fGetCurrentContext())

              GLXFBConfig* fChooseFBConfig(Display* display, int screen,
                                           const int* attrib_list,
                                           int* nelements) const
      WRAP(fChooseFBConfig(display, screen, attrib_list, nelements))

          XVisualInfo* fChooseVisual(Display* display, int screen,
                                     int* attrib_list) const
      WRAP(fChooseVisual(display, screen, attrib_list))

          GLXFBConfig* fGetFBConfigs(Display* display, int screen,
                                     int* nelements) const
      WRAP(fGetFBConfigs(display, screen, nelements))

      fCreateNewContext(Display* display, GLXFBConfig config, int render_type,
                        GLXContext share_list, Bool direct) const
      WRAP(fCreateNewContext(display, config, render_type, share_list, direct))

          int fGetFBConfigAttrib(Display* display, GLXFBConfig config,
                                 int attribute, int* value) const
      WRAP(fGetFBConfigAttrib(display, config, attribute, value))

          void fSwapBuffers(Display* display, GLXDrawable drawable) const
      VOID_WRAP(fSwapBuffers(display, drawable))

          const char* fQueryExtensionsString(Display* display, int screen) const
      WRAP(fQueryExtensionsString(display, screen))

          const char* fGetClientString(Display* display, int screen) const
      WRAP(fGetClientString(display, screen))

      char* fQueryServerString(Display* display, int screen, int name) const
      WRAP(fQueryServerString(display, screen, name))

          GLXPixmap fCreatePixmap(Display* display, GLXFBConfig config,
                                  Pixmap pixmap, const int* attrib_list) const
      WRAP(fCreatePixmap(display, config, pixmap, attrib_list))

      fCreateGLXPixmapWithConfig(Display* display, GLXFBConfig config,
                                 Pixmap pixmap) const
      WRAP(fCreateGLXPixmapWithConfig(display, config, pixmap))

          void fDestroyPixmap(Display* display, GLXPixmap pixmap) const
      VOID_WRAP(fDestroyPixmap(display, pixmap))

          Bool fQueryVersion(Display* display, int* major, int* minor) const
      WRAP(fQueryVersion(display, major, minor))

          void fBindTexImage(Display* display, GLXDrawable drawable, int buffer,
                             const int* attrib_list) const
      VOID_WRAP(fBindTexImageEXT(display, drawable, buffer, attrib_list))

          void fReleaseTexImage(Display* display, GLXDrawable drawable,
                                int buffer) const
      VOID_WRAP(fReleaseTexImageEXT(display, drawable, buffer))

          void fWaitGL() const VOID_WRAP(fWaitGL())

              void fWaitX() const VOID_WRAP(fWaitX())

      fCreateContextAttribs(Display* display, GLXFBConfig config,
                            GLXContext share_list, Bool direct,
                            const int* attrib_list) const
      WRAP(fCreateContextAttribsARB(display, config, share_list, direct,

          int fGetVideoSync(unsigned int* count) const

          int fWaitVideoSync(int divisor, int remainder,
                             unsigned int* count) const
      WRAP(fWaitVideoSyncSGI(divisor, remainder, count))

          void fSwapInterval(Display* dpy, GLXDrawable drawable,
                             int interval) const
      VOID_WRAP(fSwapIntervalEXT(dpy, drawable, interval))

#undef WRAP
#undef VOID_WRAP


      GLXPixmap CreatePixmap(gfxASurface* aSurface);
  void DestroyPixmap(Display* aDisplay, GLXPixmap aPixmap);
  void BindTexImage(Display* aDisplay, GLXPixmap aPixmap);
  void ReleaseTexImage(Display* aDisplay, GLXPixmap aPixmap);
  void UpdateTexImage(Display* aDisplay, GLXPixmap aPixmap);


  bool UseTextureFromPixmap() { return mUseTextureFromPixmap; }
  bool HasRobustness() { return mHasRobustness; }
  bool HasVideoMemoryPurge() { return mHasVideoMemoryPurge; }
  bool HasCreateContextAttribs() { return mHasCreateContextAttribs; }
  bool SupportsTextureFromPixmap(gfxASurface* aSurface);
  bool SupportsVideoSync();
  bool SupportsSwapControl() const { return bool(mSymbols.fSwapIntervalEXT); }
  bool IsATI() { return mIsATI; }
  bool IsMesa() { return mClientIsMesa; }

  auto GetGetProcAddress() const { return mSymbols.fGetProcAddress; }

  struct {
    void(GLAPIENTRY* fDestroyContext)(Display*, GLXContext);
    Bool(GLAPIENTRY* fMakeCurrent)(Display*, GLXDrawable, GLXContext);
    XVisualInfo*(GLAPIENTRY* fGetConfig)(Display*, XVisualInfo*, int, int*);
    GLXContext(GLAPIENTRY* fGetCurrentContext)();
    void*(GLAPIENTRY* fGetProcAddress)(const char*);
    GLXFBConfig*(GLAPIENTRY* fChooseFBConfig)(Display*, int, const int*, int*);
    XVisualInfo*(GLAPIENTRY* fChooseVisual)(Display*, int, const int*);
    GLXFBConfig*(GLAPIENTRY* fGetFBConfigs)(Display*, int, int*);
    GLXContext(GLAPIENTRY* fCreateNewContext)(Display*, GLXFBConfig, int,
                                              GLXContext, Bool);
    int(GLAPIENTRY* fGetFBConfigAttrib)(Display*, GLXFBConfig, int, int*);
    void(GLAPIENTRY* fSwapBuffers)(Display*, GLXDrawable);
    const char*(GLAPIENTRY* fQueryExtensionsString)(Display*, int);
    const char*(GLAPIENTRY* fGetClientString)(Display*, int);
    const char*(GLAPIENTRY* fQueryServerString)(Display*, int, int);
    GLXPixmap(GLAPIENTRY* fCreatePixmap)(Display*, GLXFBConfig, Pixmap,
                                         const int*);
    GLXPixmap(GLAPIENTRY* fCreateGLXPixmapWithConfig)(Display*, GLXFBConfig,
    void(GLAPIENTRY* fDestroyPixmap)(Display*, GLXPixmap);
    Bool(GLAPIENTRY* fQueryVersion)(Display*, int*, int*);
    void(GLAPIENTRY* fWaitGL)();
    void(GLAPIENTRY* fWaitX)();
    void(GLAPIENTRY* fBindTexImageEXT)(Display*, GLXDrawable, int, const int*);
    void(GLAPIENTRY* fReleaseTexImageEXT)(Display*, GLXDrawable, int);
    GLXContext(GLAPIENTRY* fCreateContextAttribsARB)(Display*, GLXFBConfig,
                                                     GLXContext, Bool,
                                                     const int*);
    int(GLAPIENTRY* fGetVideoSyncSGI)(unsigned int*);
    int(GLAPIENTRY* fWaitVideoSyncSGI)(int, int, unsigned int*);
    void(GLAPIENTRY* fSwapIntervalEXT)(Display*, GLXDrawable, int);
  } mSymbols = {};

#ifdef DEBUG
  void BeforeGLXCall();
  void AfterGLXCall();

  bool mInitialized = false;
  bool mTriedInitializing = false;
  bool mUseTextureFromPixmap = false;
  bool mDebug = false;
  bool mHasRobustness = false;
  bool mHasVideoMemoryPurge = false;
  bool mHasCreateContextAttribs = false;
  bool mHasVideoSync = false;
  bool mIsATI = false;
  bool mIsNVIDIA = false;
  bool mClientIsMesa = false;
  PRLibrary* mOGLLibrary = nullptr;

// a global GLXLibrary instance
extern GLXLibrary sGLXLibrary;

} /* namespace gl */
} /* namespace mozilla */
#endif /* GFX_GLXLIBRARY_H */