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Bug 1729591 - 92-specific fixes for Firefox Suggest offline/online. r=harry,flod, a=RyanVM NOTE: This patch should land only and directly on 92. It should not land on 93 or 94. This revision is 92-specific fixes for Firefox Suggest online/offline. Summary of changes: * Changes that revert some things from bug 1725289 D122550: * Hide strings exposed in that bug by moving them to the preview Fluent file (note that the preview Fluent file is not yet on 92, but the revision that added it (bug 1709511 D123032) is also in the patch stack) * Add back the en-* locale check for group labels * Restores a couple of test tasks related to locales * Remove the `enum` in the Nimbus feature manifest because that property is supported only on 93+ (bug 1716985 D122745) * Increase timeout of browser_privacy_firefoxSuggest.js on Mac to avoid TV timeouts seen on try * Incorporate the patch to bug 1724786 (which landed in 93) to fix an intermittent TV timeout in browser_hideHeuristic.js and increase the timeout further to be sure Differential Revision: https://phabricator.services.mozilla.com/D125032

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