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Bug 716478 - update licence to MPL 2.

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#include "nsISupports.idl"

interface nsIRunnable;

[scriptable, uuid(4e8febe4-6631-49dc-8ac9-308c1cb9b09c)]
interface nsIEventTarget : nsISupports
   * Dispatch an event to this event target.  This function may be called from
   * any thread, and it may be called re-entrantly.
   * @param event
   *   The event to dispatch.
   * @param flags
   *   The flags modifying event dispatch.  The flags are described in detail
   *   below.
   *   Indicates that event is null.
   *   Indicates that the thread is shutting down and has finished processing
   * events, so this event would never run and has not been dispatched. 
  void dispatch(in nsIRunnable event, in unsigned long flags);

   * This flag specifies the default mode of event dispatch, whereby the event
   * is simply queued for later processing.  When this flag is specified,
   * dispatch returns immediately after the event is queued.
  const unsigned long DISPATCH_NORMAL = 0;

   * This flag specifies the synchronous mode of event dispatch, in which the
   * dispatch method does not return until the event has been processed.
   * NOTE: passing this flag to dispatch may have the side-effect of causing
   * other events on the current thread to be processed while waiting for the
   * given event to be processed.
  const unsigned long DISPATCH_SYNC = 1;
   * Check to see if this event target is associated with the current thread.
   * @returns
   *   A boolean value that if "true" indicates that events dispatched to this
   *   event target will run on the current thread (i.e., the thread calling
   *   this method).
  boolean isOnCurrentThread();

// convenient aliases: