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Bug 1119169 - Update to freetype 2.5.5, r=jfkthame

  FreeType&nbsp;2 Project Files for VS.NET&nbsp;2005
  (Pocket PC)

  FreeType&nbsp;2 Project Files for VS.NET&nbsp;2005
  (Pocket PC)

<p>This directory contains project files for Visual C++, named
<tt>freetype.vcproj</tt>, and Visual Studio, called <tt>freetype.sln</tt> for
the following targets:

  <li>PPC/SP 2003 (Pocket PC 2003)</li>
  <li>PPC/SP WM5 (Windows Mobile 5)</li>
  <li>PPC/SP WM6 (Windows Mobile 6)</li>

It compiles the following libraries from the FreeType 2.5.5 sources:</p>

    freetype255.lib     - release build; single threaded
    freetype255_D.lib   - debug build;   single threaded
    freetype255MT.lib   - release build; multi-threaded
    freetype255MT_D.lib - debug build;   multi-threaded</pre>

<p>Be sure to extract the files with the Windows (CR+LF) line endings.  ZIP
archives are already stored this way, so no further action is required.  If
you use some <tt>.tar.*z</tt> archives, be sure to configure your extracting
tool to convert the line endings.  For example, with <a
href="">WinZip</a>, you should activate the <it>TAR
file smart CR/LF Conversion</it> option.  Alternatively, you may consider
using the <tt>unix2dos</tt> or <tt>u2d</tt> utilities that are floating
around, which specifically deal with this particular problem.

<p>Build directories are placed in the top-level <tt>objs</tt>