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Fix for bug 844225 (Remove some DOMCI and quickstubs). r=bz.

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#include <QEventLoop>
#include <QStringList>
#include <QUrl>

class MApplicationPage;
class MeegoFileDialog : public QObject

    enum MeegoFileDialogMode {
        Mode_Unknown = -1,
        Mode_OpenFile = 0,
        Mode_OpenFiles = 1,
        Mode_OpenDirectory = 2
        // No Mode_SaveFile - the content picker can't handle that

    MeegoFileDialog(QObject* aParent = 0);
    virtual ~MeegoFileDialog();

    QStringList selectedFileNames() const;
    bool hasSelectedFileNames() const;

    static QString getOpenFileName(QWidget* parent, const QString &caption, const QString& dir, const QString& filter);
    static QStringList getOpenFileNames(QWidget* parent, const QString& caption, const QString& dir, const QString& filter);
    static QString getExistingDirectory(QWidget* parent, const QString& caption, const QString& dir);

    int exec();

private Q_SLOTS:
    void contentItemSelected(const QString& aItem);
    void contentItemsSelected(const QStringList& aItems);
    void backButtonClicked();

    QUrl trackerIdToFilename(const QString& trackerId);
    MApplicationPage* createOpenFilePage();
    MApplicationPage* createOpenFilesPage();
    MApplicationPage* createOpenDirectoryPage();
    void finishEventLoop() {
        if (!mEventLoop)
        mEventLoop = 0;

    QEventLoop* mEventLoop;
    MeegoFileDialogMode mMode;
    QString mCaption;
    QStringList mSelectedFileNames;