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Bug 1185515 - Don't hold the observer service alive from nsDNSService; r=mcmanus

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 * This class wraps up the creation (and destruction) of the standard
 * set of atoms used by gklayout; the atoms are created when gklayout
 * is loaded and they are destroyed when gklayout is unloaded.

#include "nsGkAtoms.h"
#include "nsStaticAtom.h"

using namespace mozilla;

// define storage for all atoms
#define GK_ATOM(name_, value_) nsIAtom* nsGkAtoms::name_;
#include "nsGkAtomList.h"
#undef GK_ATOM

#define GK_ATOM(name_, value_) NS_STATIC_ATOM_BUFFER(name_##_buffer, value_)
#include "nsGkAtomList.h"
#undef GK_ATOM

static const nsStaticAtom GkAtoms_info[] = {
#define GK_ATOM(name_, value_) NS_STATIC_ATOM(name_##_buffer, &nsGkAtoms::name_),
#include "nsGkAtomList.h"
#undef GK_ATOM

void nsGkAtoms::AddRefAtoms()