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Bug 675553 - Switch from PRBool to bool on a CLOSED TREE , r=bsmedberg,khuey,bz,cjones

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#include "nsDOMCloseEvent.h"
#include "nsContentUtils.h"


DOMCI_DATA(CloseEvent, nsDOMCloseEvent)


nsDOMCloseEvent::GetWasClean(bool *aWasClean)
  *aWasClean = mWasClean;
  return NS_OK;

nsDOMCloseEvent::GetCode(PRUint16 *aCode)
  *aCode = mReasonCode;
  return NS_OK;

nsDOMCloseEvent::GetReason(nsAString & aReason)
  aReason = mReason;
  return NS_OK;

nsDOMCloseEvent::InitCloseEvent(const nsAString& aType,
                                bool aCanBubble,
                                bool aCancelable,
                                bool aWasClean,
                                PRUint16 aReasonCode,
                                const nsAString &aReason)
  nsresult rv = nsDOMEvent::InitEvent(aType, aCanBubble, aCancelable);

  mWasClean = aWasClean;
  mReasonCode = aReasonCode;
  mReason = aReason;

  return NS_OK;

NS_NewDOMCloseEvent(nsIDOMEvent** aInstancePtrResult,
                    nsPresContext* aPresContext,
                    nsEvent* aEvent) 
  nsDOMCloseEvent* it = new nsDOMCloseEvent(aPresContext, aEvent);
  if (nsnull == it) {

  return CallQueryInterface(it, aInstancePtrResult);