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<h1>Layout Technical Documentation: Primary Index</h1>
<p class="wip">Document Status: Work In Progress (attinasi)
<p>The goal of this document is to provide extensive links to documentation
on the Gecko Layout components and classes. There are two sections containing
links to the documents, and there is overlap between these sections by
design.   First, there is a '<a href="#TopicIndex">Topics</a>' section,
where  documentation   is listed by generic topics, more or less free-form
and ad-hoc.  Second, there  is a '<a href="#ClasscomponentIndex">Class and
Component</a>'  section, where  specific classes and components are listed,
mapping naturally  to the source  code. All documents should be indexed in
both sections, so  pick the index  that corresponds to what you are thinking
about. A <a href="#HowTo">Tech Notes section</a> is also included to help
contributors   find information on small topics and issues, including simple
'How To' cookbooks.
<i>For information about the structure of layout documents, see the <a
    Documentation Overview</a>&nbsp; and the Layout DocumentationTemplates
    Level Design Template</a> / <a
    Design Template</a>).

<hr width="100%" size="2">
<div align="left"
 style="border: 1px solid blue; margin: auto; width: 65%;"><big><b>Legend</b></big> 
    <li class="good">Black: complete and believed to be up to date (class='good')</li>
    <li class="wip">Blue: incomplete or work in progress (class='wip')</li>
    <li class="ood">Red: out of date or innacurate (class='ood', bug should be filed and bug number / link noted)</li>
    <li class="unassigned">Green: unassigned work</li>
<h2><a name="TopicIndex"></a>Topic Indices</h2>
<div style="border: 1px solid black; margin: 1em; padding: 1em;">
 <p class="wip">What is Layout? The High Level Layout Overview (attinasi)
 <p class="wip">Debugging Layout (bernd)
 <p class="unassigned">How Reflow works
 <p class="wip">Tables balancing (karnaze)
 <p class="wip">Table Borders collapsing (karnaze)
 <p class="wip">Block in Inline situations (kin)
 <p class="good"><a href="">Managing  Floats</a>
 <p class="unassigned">Text Measurement and Text Breaking
 <p class="unassigned">Image loading and display
 <p class="unassigned">Margin Collapsing
 <p class="unassigned">Scrolling Blocks
 <p class="unassigned">Box and Block interactions
 <p class="wip">Printing and Print Preview (rods)
 <p class="unassigned">Plugins: the object frame and related layout classes
<h2><a name="ClasscomponentIndex"></a>Class and Component Indices</h2>
<div style="border: 1px solid black; margin: 1em; padding: 1em;"> 
 <p class="unassigned">Presentation Shell and Context: High Level / Detailed
 <p class="unassigned">Frames and the Frame Manager: High Level / Detailed
 <p class="good">Reflow: <a href="">High Level (waterson)</a> / <span class="unassigned">Detailed</span>
 <p class="unassigned">Block and Line layout: High Level / Detailed
 <p class="unassigned">TextFrame - Text Measurement and Line Breaking: High Level / Detailed
 <p class="wip">PageSequenceFrame and PageFrame: High Level / Detailed (rods)
 <p class="unassigned">Object Frame: High Level / Detailed
 <p class="good">Space Manager: 
   <a href="">High Level</a> / 
   <a href="">Detailed</a>
 <p class="wip">Layout Debug Plugin: high Level / Detailed (dcone)
<h2><a name="HowTo"></a>How To / Tech Notes</h2>
<div style="border: 1px solid black; margin: 1em; padding: 1em;">  
 <p class="good"><a href="">How to Debug Reflow </a>
 <p class="good"><a href="">Waterson's Block and Line Cheat Sheet</a>
 <p class="good"><a href="">How to add Style Properties</a>
 <p class="unassigned">Measuring Layout Performance
 <p class="wip"><a href="">Running the Regression Tests (bernd/dcone)</a>
 <p class="good"><a href="">Debugging Table Reflow</a>
<hr width="100%" size="2">
    <li>Marc Attinasi (</li>
  <p>Document History:
   <li>05/06/2002 - Marc Attinasi: created</li>
   <li>05/13/2002 - Marc Attinasi: added Block and Line Cheat Sheet, and link to existing Reflow document</li>
   <li>05/21/2002 - Marc Attinasi: added Bernd's Table Reflow Debugging How-To (thanks Bernd!)</li>
   <li>05/21/2002 - Bernd Mielke: added Frame  Reflow Debugging How-To</li>
   <li>06/16/2002 - Bernd Mielke: added layout regression test description</li>