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Bug 721131 - Speed up build in content/svg/content/src - clean up #include directives in its header files. r=dholbert.

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#include "nsError.h"

class nsAString;

// helper macros
#define ENSURE_MATCHED(exp) { nsresult rv = exp; if (NS_FAILED(rv)) return rv; }

// nsSVGDataParser: a simple abstract class for parsing values
// for path and transform values.
class nsSVGDataParser
  nsresult Parse(const nsAString &aValue);

  const char* mInputPos;
  const char* mTokenPos;
  char mTokenVal;

  // helpers
  void GetNextToken();
  void RewindTo(const char* aPos);
  virtual nsresult Match()=0;

  nsresult MatchNonNegativeNumber(float* aX);
  bool IsTokenNonNegativeNumberStarter();
  nsresult MatchNumber(float* x);
  bool IsTokenNumberStarter();
  nsresult MatchCommaWsp();
  bool IsTokenCommaWspStarter();
  nsresult MatchIntegerConst();
  nsresult MatchFloatingPointConst();
  nsresult MatchFractConst();
  nsresult MatchExponent();
  bool IsTokenExponentStarter();
  nsresult MatchDigitSeq();
  bool IsTokenDigitSeqStarter();
  nsresult MatchWsp();
  bool IsTokenWspStarter();

  nsresult MatchLeftParen();
  nsresult MatchRightParen();

#endif // __NS_SVGDATAPARSER_H__