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Bug 1241764: Replace nsPIDOMWindow with nsPIDOMWindowInner/Outer. r=mrbkap,smaug

/* -*- Mode: IDL; tab-width: 2; indent-tabs-mode: nil; c-basic-offset: 2 -*- */
/* This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
 * License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
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#include "domstubs.idl"

interface mozIDOMWindow;
interface nsPIDOMWindowInner;
interface mozIDOMWindowProxy;
interface nsIArray;
interface nsIDocument;
interface nsIInterceptedChannel;
interface nsIPrincipal;
interface nsIRunnable;
interface nsIURI;

[scriptable, uuid(52ee2c9d-ee87-4caf-9588-23ae77ff8798)]
interface nsIServiceWorkerUnregisterCallback : nsISupports
  // aState is true if the unregistration succeded.
  // It's false if this ServiceWorkerRegistration doesn't exist.
  void unregisterSucceeded(in bool aState);
  void unregisterFailed();

interface nsIWorkerDebugger;

[scriptable, builtinclass, uuid(76e357ed-208d-4e4c-9165-1c4059707879)]
interface nsIServiceWorkerInfo : nsISupports
  readonly attribute DOMString scriptSpec;
  readonly attribute DOMString cacheName;

  readonly attribute nsIWorkerDebugger debugger;

  void attachDebugger();

  void detachDebugger();

[scriptable, uuid(87e63548-d440-4b8a-b158-65ad1de0211E)]
interface nsIServiceWorkerRegistrationInfoListener : nsISupports
  void onChange();

[scriptable, builtinclass, uuid(ddbc1fd4-2f2e-4fca-a395-6e010bbedfe3)]
interface nsIServiceWorkerRegistrationInfo : nsISupports
  readonly attribute nsIPrincipal principal;

  readonly attribute DOMString scope;
  readonly attribute DOMString scriptSpec;

  readonly attribute nsIServiceWorkerInfo installingWorker;
  readonly attribute nsIServiceWorkerInfo waitingWorker;
  readonly attribute nsIServiceWorkerInfo activeWorker;

  // Allows to get the related nsIServiceWorkerInfo for a given
  // nsIWorkerDebugger. Over time we shouldn't need this anymore,
  // and instead always control then nsIWorkerDebugger from
  // nsIServiceWorkerInfo and not the other way around.  Returns
  // null if the service worker is no longer registered.
  nsIServiceWorkerInfo getWorkerByID(in unsigned long long aID);

  void addListener(in nsIServiceWorkerRegistrationInfoListener listener);

  void removeListener(in nsIServiceWorkerRegistrationInfoListener listener);

[scriptable, uuid(9e523e7c-ad6f-4df0-8077-c74aebbc679d)]
interface nsIServiceWorkerManagerListener : nsISupports
  void onRegister(in nsIServiceWorkerRegistrationInfo aInfo);

  void onUnregister(in nsIServiceWorkerRegistrationInfo aInfo);

[scriptable, builtinclass, uuid(7404c8e8-4d47-4449-8ed1-47d1261d4e33)]
interface nsIServiceWorkerManager : nsISupports
   * Registers a ServiceWorker with script loaded from `aScriptURI` to act as
   * the ServiceWorker for aScope.  Requires a valid entry settings object on
   * the stack. This means you must call this from content code 'within'
   * a window.
   * Returns a Promise.
  nsISupports register(in mozIDOMWindow aWindow, in nsIURI aScope, in nsIURI aScriptURI);

   * Unregister an existing ServiceWorker registration for `aScope`.
   * It keeps aCallback alive until the operation is concluded.
  void unregister(in nsIPrincipal aPrincipal,
                  in nsIServiceWorkerUnregisterCallback aCallback,
                  in DOMString aScope);

  // Returns a Promise
  nsISupports getRegistrations(in mozIDOMWindow aWindow);

  // Returns a Promise
  nsISupports getRegistration(in mozIDOMWindow aWindow, in DOMString aScope);

  // Returns a Promise
  nsISupports getReadyPromise(in mozIDOMWindow aWindow);

  // Remove ready pending Promise
  void removeReadyPromise(in mozIDOMWindow aWindow);

  nsIServiceWorkerRegistrationInfo getRegistrationByPrincipal(in nsIPrincipal aPrincipal,
                                                              in DOMString aScope);

   * Call this to request that document `aDoc` be controlled by a ServiceWorker
   * if a registration exists for it's scope.
   * This MUST only be called once per document!
  [notxpcom,nostdcall] void MaybeStartControlling(in nsIDocument aDoc, in DOMString aDocumentId);

   * Documents that have called MaybeStartControlling() should call this when
   * they are destroyed. This function may be called multiple times, and is
   * idempotent.
  [notxpcom,nostdcall] void MaybeStopControlling(in nsIDocument aDoc);

   * Returns a ServiceWorker.
   * window is the window of the caller. scope is the registration's scope and must be
   * a valid entry that window is allowed to load, otherwise this will return nullptr.
   * These are only meant to be called from ServiceWorkerRegistration instances.
  [noscript] nsISupports GetInstalling(in nsPIDOMWindowInner aWindow, in DOMString aScope);
  [noscript] nsISupports GetWaiting(in nsPIDOMWindowInner aWindow, in DOMString aScope);
  [noscript] nsISupports GetActive(in nsPIDOMWindowInner aWindow, in DOMString aScope);

   * Returns a ServiceWorker object representing the active worker controlling this
   * window.
  [noscript] nsISupports GetDocumentController(in nsPIDOMWindowInner aWindow);

   * Clears ServiceWorker registrations from memory and disk for the specified
   * host.
   * - All ServiceWorker instances change their state to redundant.
   * - Existing ServiceWorker instances handling fetches will keep running.
   * - All documents will immediately stop being controlled.
   * - Unregister jobs will be queued for all registrations.
   *   This eventually results in the registration being deleted from disk too.
  void removeAndPropagate(in AUTF8String aHost);

  // Testing
  DOMString getScopeForUrl(in nsIPrincipal aPrincipal, in DOMString aPath);

  // Note: This is meant to be used only by about:serviceworkers.
  // It returns an array of nsIServiceWorkerRegistrationInfos.
  nsIArray getAllRegistrations();

  // Note: This is meant to be used only by about:serviceworkers.
  // It calls softUpdate() for each child process.
  [implicit_jscontext] void propagateSoftUpdate(in jsval aOriginAttributes,
                                                in DOMString aScope);

  // Note: This is meant to be used only by about:serviceworkers.
  // It calls unregister() in each child process. The callback is used to
  // inform when unregister() is completed on the current process.
  void propagateUnregister(in nsIPrincipal aPrincipal,
                           in nsIServiceWorkerUnregisterCallback aCallback,
                           in DOMString aScope);

  void sendNotificationClickEvent(in ACString aOriginSuffix,
                                  in ACString scope,
                                  in AString aID,
                                  in AString aTitle,
                                  in AString aDir,
                                  in AString aLang,
                                  in AString aBody,
                                  in AString aTag,
                                  in AString aIcon,
                                  in AString aData,
                                  in AString aBehavior);
  [optional_argc] void sendPushEvent(in ACString aOriginAttributes,
                                     in ACString aScope,
                                     [optional] in uint32_t aDataLength,
                                     [optional, array, size_is(aDataLength)] in uint8_t aDataBytes);
  void sendPushSubscriptionChangeEvent(in ACString aOriginAttributes,
                                       in ACString scope);

  void addListener(in nsIServiceWorkerManagerListener aListener);

  void removeListener(in nsIServiceWorkerManagerListener aListener);

  bool shouldReportToWindow(in mozIDOMWindowProxy aWindow, in ACString aScope);

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