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Bug 1520377 - Replace/Inline subconfigure.{prefix_lines,execute_and_prefix}. r=nalexander Use an I/O wrapper on the configure output handler to add the "js/src>" prefix. Depends on D16643 Differential Revision:

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#ifndef nsIReflowCallback_h___
#define nsIReflowCallback_h___

 * Reflow callback interface.
 * These are not refcounted. Objects must be removed from the presshell
 * callback list before they die.
 * Protocol: objects will either get a ReflowFinished() call when a reflow
 * has finished or a ReflowCallbackCanceled() call if the shell is destroyed,
 * whichever happens first. If the object is explicitly removed from the shell
 * (using nsIPresShell::CancelReflowCallback()) before that occurs then neither
 * of the callback methods are called.
class nsIReflowCallback {
   * The presshell calls this when reflow has finished. Return true if
   * you need a FlushType::Layout to happen after this.
  virtual bool ReflowFinished() = 0;
   * The presshell calls this on outstanding callback requests in its
   * Destroy() method. The shell removes the request after calling
   * ReflowCallbackCanceled().
  virtual void ReflowCallbackCanceled() = 0;

#endif /* nsIReflowCallback_h___ */