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Bug 1520377 - Replace/Inline subconfigure.{prefix_lines,execute_and_prefix}. r=nalexander Use an I/O wrapper on the configure output handler to add the "js/src>" prefix. Depends on D16643 Differential Revision:

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/* This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
 * License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
 * file, You can obtain one at */

include GraphicsMessages;
include MemoryReportTypes;
include HangTypes;
include protocol PAPZInputBridge;
include protocol PCompositorManager;
include protocol PImageBridge;
include protocol PProfiler;
include protocol PVRGPU;
include protocol PVRManager;
include protocol PVsyncBridge;
include protocol PUiCompositorController;
include protocol PVideoDecoderManager;

using base::ProcessId from "base/process.h";
using mozilla::dom::NativeThreadId from "mozilla/dom/TabMessageUtils.h";
using mozilla::Telemetry::HistogramAccumulation from "mozilla/TelemetryComms.h";
using mozilla::Telemetry::KeyedHistogramAccumulation from "mozilla/TelemetryComms.h";
using mozilla::Telemetry::ScalarAction from "mozilla/TelemetryComms.h";
using mozilla::Telemetry::KeyedScalarAction from "mozilla/TelemetryComms.h";
using mozilla::Telemetry::ChildEventData from "mozilla/TelemetryComms.h";
using mozilla::Telemetry::DiscardedData from "mozilla/TelemetryComms.h";
using mozilla::gfx::Feature from "gfxFeature.h";
using mozilla::gfx::Fallback from "gfxFallback.h";
using mozilla::layers::LayersId from "mozilla/layers/LayersTypes.h";

namespace mozilla {
namespace gfx {

struct LayerTreeIdMapping {
  LayersId layersId;
  ProcessId ownerId;

// This protocol allows the UI process to talk to the GPU process. There is one
// instance of this protocol, with the GPUParent living on the main thread of
// the GPU process and the GPUChild living on the main thread of the UI process.
sync protocol PGPU
  manages PAPZInputBridge;

  // Sent from the UI process to initialize a new APZ input bridge when a new
  // top-level compositor is created.
  async PAPZInputBridge(LayersId aLayersId);

  // Sent by the UI process to initiate core settings.
  async Init(GfxPrefSetting[] prefs,
             GfxVarUpdate[] vars,
             DevicePrefs devicePrefs,
             LayerTreeIdMapping[] mapping);

  async InitCompositorManager(Endpoint<PCompositorManagerParent> endpoint);
  async InitVsyncBridge(Endpoint<PVsyncBridgeParent> endpoint);
  async InitImageBridge(Endpoint<PImageBridgeParent> endpoint);
  async InitVRManager(Endpoint<PVRManagerParent> endpoint);
  async InitUiCompositorController(LayersId rootLayerTreeId, Endpoint<PUiCompositorControllerParent> endpoint);
  async InitProfiler(Endpoint<PProfilerChild> endpoint);
  // Forward GPU process its endpoints to the VR process.
  async InitVR(Endpoint<PVRGPUChild> endpoint);
  // Called to update a gfx preference or variable.
  async UpdatePref(GfxPrefSetting pref);
  async UpdateVar(GfxVarUpdate var);

  // Create a new content-process compositor bridge.
  async NewContentCompositorManager(Endpoint<PCompositorManagerParent> endpoint);
  async NewContentImageBridge(Endpoint<PImageBridgeParent> endpoint);
  async NewContentVRManager(Endpoint<PVRManagerParent> endpoint);
  async NewContentVideoDecoderManager(Endpoint<PVideoDecoderManagerParent> endpoint);

  // Called to notify the GPU process of who owns a layersId.
  sync AddLayerTreeIdMapping(LayerTreeIdMapping mapping);
  async RemoveLayerTreeIdMapping(LayerTreeIdMapping mapping);

  // Request the current DeviceStatus from the GPU process. This blocks until
  // one is available (i.e., Init has completed).
  sync GetDeviceStatus() returns (GPUDeviceData status);

  // Request to simulate device reset and to get the updated DeviceStatus from
  // the GPU process. This blocks until one is available (i.e., Init has completed).
  sync SimulateDeviceReset() returns (GPUDeviceData status);

  // Have a message be broadcasted to the GPU process by the GPU process
  // observer service.
  async NotifyGpuObservers(nsCString aTopic);

  async RequestMemoryReport(uint32_t generation,
                            bool anonymize,
                            bool minimizeMemoryUsage,
                            MaybeFileDesc DMDFile);
  async ShutdownVR();

  // Sent when the GPU process has initialized devices. This occurs once, after
  // Init().
  async InitComplete(GPUDeviceData data);

  // Sent when APZ detects checkerboarding and apz checkerboard reporting is enabled.
  async ReportCheckerboard(uint32_t severity, nsCString log);

  // Graphics errors, analogous to PContent::GraphicsError
  async GraphicsError(nsCString aError);

  async InitCrashReporter(Shmem shmem, NativeThreadId threadId);

  async CreateVRProcess();
  async ShutdownVRProcess();

  // Have a message be broadcasted to the UI process by the UI process
  // observer service.
  async NotifyUiObservers(nsCString aTopic);

  // Messages for reporting telemetry to the UI process.
  async AccumulateChildHistograms(HistogramAccumulation[] accumulations);
  async AccumulateChildKeyedHistograms(KeyedHistogramAccumulation[] accumulations);
  async UpdateChildScalars(ScalarAction[] actions);
  async UpdateChildKeyedScalars(KeyedScalarAction[] actions);
  async RecordChildEvents(ChildEventData[] events);
  async RecordDiscardedData(DiscardedData data);

  async NotifyDeviceReset(GPUDeviceData status);

  async AddMemoryReport(MemoryReport aReport);
  async FinishMemoryReport(uint32_t aGeneration);

  // Update the UI process after a feature's status has changed. This is used
  // outside of the normal startup flow.
  async UpdateFeature(Feature aFeature, FeatureFailure aChange);

  // Notify about:support/Telemetry that a fallback occurred.
  async UsedFallback(Fallback aFallback, nsCString message);

  async BHRThreadHang(HangDetails aDetails);

} // namespace gfx
} // namespace mozilla