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Bug 421977 - nsGNOMEShellService::GetDesktopBackgroundColor should supports GConf's actual format, r=gavin

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#include "nsRootAccessibleWrap.h"
#include "nsObjCExceptions.h"

#import "mozDocAccessible.h"

#import "mozView.h"

static id <mozAccessible, mozView> getNativeViewFromRootAccessible (nsAccessible *accessible)
  nsRootAccessibleWrap *root = static_cast<nsRootAccessibleWrap*>(accessible);
  id <mozAccessible, mozView> nativeView = nil;
  root->GetNativeWidget ((void**)&nativeView);
  return nativeView;

#pragma mark -

@implementation mozRootAccessible

// return the AXParent that our parallell NSView tells us about.
- (id)parent

  if (!mParallelView)
    mParallelView = (id<mozView, mozAccessible>)[self representedView];
  if (mParallelView)
    return [mParallelView accessibilityAttributeValue:NSAccessibilityParentAttribute];
  NSAssert(mParallelView, @"we're a root accessible w/o native view?");
  return [super parent];


- (BOOL)hasRepresentedView
  return YES;

// this will return our parallell NSView. see mozDocAccessible.h
- (id)representedView

  if (mParallelView)
    return (id)mParallelView;
  mParallelView = getNativeViewFromRootAccessible (mGeckoAccessible);
  NSAssert(mParallelView, @"can't return root accessible's native parallel view.");
  return mParallelView;


- (BOOL)isRoot
  return YES;