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Bug 753517 part 5. Enable the list IC for new DOM bindings too. r=bz.

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#include "mozilla/net/PNeckoParent.h"
#include "mozilla/net/NeckoCommon.h"

#ifndef mozilla_net_NeckoParent_h
#define mozilla_net_NeckoParent_h

namespace mozilla {
namespace net {

// Header file contents
class NeckoParent :
  public PNeckoParent
  virtual ~NeckoParent();

  virtual PHttpChannelParent* AllocPHttpChannel(PBrowserParent* browser);
  virtual bool DeallocPHttpChannel(PHttpChannelParent*);
  virtual PCookieServiceParent* AllocPCookieService();
  virtual bool DeallocPCookieService(PCookieServiceParent*);
  virtual PWyciwygChannelParent* AllocPWyciwygChannel();
  virtual bool DeallocPWyciwygChannel(PWyciwygChannelParent*);
  virtual PFTPChannelParent* AllocPFTPChannel();
  virtual bool DeallocPFTPChannel(PFTPChannelParent*);
  virtual PWebSocketParent* AllocPWebSocket(PBrowserParent* browser);
  virtual bool DeallocPWebSocket(PWebSocketParent*);
  virtual bool RecvHTMLDNSPrefetch(const nsString& hostname,
                                   const uint16_t& flags);
  virtual bool RecvCancelHTMLDNSPrefetch(const nsString& hostname,
                                         const uint16_t& flags,
                                         const nsresult& reason);


} // namespace net
} // namespace mozilla

#endif // mozilla_net_NeckoParent_h