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Bug 753517 part 5. Enable the list IC for new DOM bindings too. r=bz.

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include protocol PBrowser;
include protocol PLayers;

namespace mozilla {
namespace layout {

 * PRenderFrame (in the layout sense of "frame") represents one web
 * "page".  It's used to graft content processes' layer trees into
 * chrome's rendering path.  The lifetime of a PRenderFrame is tied to
 * its PresShell in the child process.
 * The child process conceptually "owns" a PRenderFrame, because it
 * only makes sense wrt documents loaded by the child.
sync protocol PRenderFrame
    manager PBrowser;
    manages PLayers;

     * Shadow layer trees can be grafted into the parent's in one of
     * two ways
     *  - direct shadow tree: updates are sent to parent
     *  - indirect: the parent holds a reference (ID) to a shadow tree
     *    that's managed by the compositor.  During composition, the
     *    shadow tree is looked up and grafted appropriately
     * |id| is set to 0 in the "direct" case, and to a whole number
     * in the "indirect" case.
    async PLayers();

    async NotifyCompositorTransaction();

    async CancelDefaultPanZoom();

    async __delete__();

    recv PLayers goto HAVE_CONTENT;
    recv NotifyCompositorTransaction goto EMPTY_OR_DIRECT_COMPOSITOR;
    recv __delete__;

    recv NotifyCompositorTransaction goto HAVE_CONTENT;
    recv __delete__;

} // namespace layout
} // namespace mozilla