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Bug 1530220 - part1 : allow some non-printalble keys as supported user gesture inputs to activate document. r=masayuki,cpearce a=lizzard `carriage return` and `space` are common keys which user might use to start media, so we should take account them as supported user gesture inputs. As their pseudo char code are zero, we have to check their key code in order to distinguish them from other controls keys such as shift, alt... Differential Revision:

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#ifndef BTVerifier_h
#define BTVerifier_h

#include "BTTypes.h"
#include "mozpkix/Input.h"
#include "mozpkix/Result.h"
#include "mozpkix/pkixder.h"
#include "mozpkix/pkixtypes.h"

namespace mozilla {
namespace ct {

// Given an encoded subject public key info, a digest algorithm, a public key
// algorithm, and an encoded signed tree head (SignedTreeHeadV2 as defined in
// RFC 6962-bis), decodes and verifies the STH. Currently only ECDSA keys are
// supported. SHA-256 and SHA-512 are supported, but according to the
// specification only SHA-256 should be supported at this time.
pkix::Result DecodeAndVerifySignedTreeHead(
    pkix::Input signerSubjectPublicKeyInfo,
    pkix::DigestAlgorithm digestAlgorithm,
    pkix::der::PublicKeyAlgorithm publicKeyAlg, pkix::Input signedTreeHeadInput,
    SignedTreeHeadDataV2& signedTreeHead);

// Decodes an Inclusion Proof (InclusionProofDataV2 as defined in RFC
// 6962-bis). This consumes the entirety of the input.
pkix::Result DecodeInclusionProof(pkix::Input input,
                                  InclusionProofDataV2& output);
// Given a decoded Inclusion Proof (InclusionProofDataV2 as per RFC 6962-bis),
// the corresponding leaf data entry, and the expected root hash, returns
// Success if the proof verifies correctly.
// (
pkix::Result VerifyInclusionProof(const InclusionProofDataV2& proof,
                                  pkix::Input leafEntry,
                                  pkix::Input expectedRootHash,
                                  pkix::DigestAlgorithm digestAlgorithm);

}  // namespace ct
}  // namespace mozilla

#endif  // BTVerifier_h