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Bug 1553029 - Update WebIDE deprecation message to stop mentioning release 69 r=flod,daisuke a=jcristau l10n=flod There was a last minute schedule change for remote debugging release and we will not ride the trains with Firefox 68 The deprecation schedule is therefore shifting by one release. We update the deprecation message in WebIDE here and we should uplift this change to beta if possible. The patch was written in order to be uplifted, we can go for a simpler version if the uplift is a no go. Differential Revision:

# This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
# License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
# file, You can obtain one at

title_noApp=Firefox WebIDE
title_app=Firefox WebIDE: %S

runtimeButton_label=Select Runtime
projectButton_label=Open App

mainProcess_label=Main Process

local_runtime=Local Runtime
remote_runtime=Remote Runtime
remote_runtime_promptTitle=Remote Runtime

importPackagedApp_title=Select Directory
importHostedApp_title=Open Hosted App
importHostedApp_header=Enter Manifest URL

selectCustomBinary_title=Select custom B2G binary
selectCustomProfile_title=Select custom Gaia profile


# LOCALIZATION NOTE (project_tab_loading): This is shown as a temporary tab
# title for browser tab projects when the tab is still loading.

# These messages appear in a notification box when an error occur.

error_cantInstallNotFullyConnected=Can’t install project. Not fully connected.
error_cantInstallValidationErrors=Can’t install project. Validation errors.
error_listRunningApps=Can’t get app list from device

# Variable: name of the operation (in english)
error_operationTimeout=Operation timed out: %1$S
error_operationFail=Operation failed: %1$S

# Variable: app name
error_cantConnectToApp=Can’t connect to app: %1$S

error_appProjectsLoadFailed=Unable to load project list. This can occur if you’ve used this profile with a newer version of Firefox.
error_folderCreationFailed=Unable to create project folder in the selected directory.

# Variable: runtime app build ID (looks like this %Y%M%D format) and firefox build ID (same format)
error_runtimeVersionTooRecent=The connected runtime has a more recent build date (%1$S) than your desktop Firefox (%2$S) does. This is an unsupported setup and may cause DevTools to fail. Please update Firefox.

# Variable: runtime app version (looks like this 52.a3) and firefox version (same format)
error_runtimeVersionTooOld=The connected runtime has an old version (%1$S). The minimum supported version is (%2$S). This is an unsupported setup and may cause DevTools to fail. Please update the connected runtime.

# LOCALIZATION NOTE (error_runtimeVersionTooOld67Debugger): Dedicated message
# for a backward compatibility issue that occurs when connecting:
# - from Fx 67 to 66 or to 65
# - from Fx 68 to 66
# Those are normally in range for DevTools compatibility policy, but specific non
# backward compatible changes broke the debugger in those scenarios (Bug 1528219).
# Variable: runtime app version (looks like this 52.a3)
error_runtimeVersionTooOld67Debugger=The Debugger panel may not work with the connected runtime. Please use Firefox %S if you need to use the Debugger with this runtime.

# LOCALIZATION NOTE (error_webIDEDeprecated2): Text for the deprecation message displayed when starting WebIDE.
error_webIDEDeprecated2=WebIDE will be disabled in an upcoming release. Remote debugging is now available in about:debugging.

# LOCALIZATION NOTE (notification_openAboutDebugging): Text for a button displayed in the deprecation message for WebIDE.
# Clicking on the button will open a tab on about:debugging.
notification_openAboutDebugging.label=Open about:debugging

addons_adb_warning=USB devices won’t be detected without this add-on
addons_status_uninstalled=Not Installed

runtimedetails_notUSBDevice=Not a USB device

# LOCALIZATION NOTE (runtimePanel_noadbextension): Displayed in the WebIDE right sidebar
# when the ADB Extension is not installed, %S will be replaced with the name of extension
# ("ADB Extension").
runtimePanel_noadbextension=Install %S

# Validation status
status_tooltip=Validation status: %1$S

# Device preferences and settings
device_reset_default=Reset to default