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 * Copyright 2008 The Android Open Source Project
 * Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
 * found in the LICENSE file.

#ifndef SkImageRef_GlobalPool_DEFINED
#define SkImageRef_GlobalPool_DEFINED

#include "SkImageRef.h"

class SkImageRef_GlobalPool : public SkImageRef {
    // if pool is null, use the global pool
    SkImageRef_GlobalPool(SkStream*, SkBitmap::Config, int sampleSize = 1);
    virtual ~SkImageRef_GlobalPool();


    // API to control the global pool

    /** Return the amount specified as the budget for the cache (in bytes).
    static size_t GetRAMBudget();

    /** Set a new budget value for the cache.
    static void SetRAMBudget(size_t);

    /** Return how much ram is currently in use by the global cache.
    static size_t GetRAMUsed();

    /** Free up (approximately) enough such that the amount used by the cache
     is <= the specified amount. Since some images may be "in use", the
     amount actually freed may not always result in a ram usage value <=
     to the requested amount. In addition, because of the
     chunky nature of the cache, the resulting usage may be < the requested
    static void SetRAMUsed(size_t usageInBytes);

    static void DumpPool();

    virtual bool onDecode(SkImageDecoder* codec, SkStream* stream,
                          SkBitmap* bitmap, SkBitmap::Config config,
                          SkImageDecoder::Mode mode);

    virtual void onUnlockPixels();


    typedef SkImageRef INHERITED;