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Merge mozilla-central into Electrolysis.

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# NOTE: We need NSPR and xpcom, but their may or may not be
# included yet. Include it if needed.

ifndef tier_nspr_dirs
include $(topsrcdir)/config/nspr/

ifndef tier_xpcom_dirs
include $(topsrcdir)/xpcom/

TIERS += zlib

tier_zlib_dirs	+= modules/zlib

# tier "necko" - the networking library and its dependencies

# the offline cache uses mozStorage
tier_necko_dirs += storage/public

# these are only in the necko tier because libpref needs it

ifndef WINCE
ifneq (,$(MOZ_XPINSTALL))
tier_necko_dirs += modules/libreg

tier_necko_dirs += \
		modules/libpref \
		intl \
		netwerk \

tier_necko_dirs += extensions/auth