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Bug 1056923 - WebIDE launch button: strings. r=flod a=Sylvestre

# This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
# License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
# file, You can obtain one at

history-panelmenu.label = History
# LOCALIZATION NOTE(history-panelmenu.tooltiptext2): %S is the keyboard shortcut
history-panelmenu.tooltiptext2 = Show your history (%S)

privatebrowsing-button.label = New Private Window
# LOCALIZATION NOTE(privatebrowsing-button.tooltiptext): %S is the keyboard shortcut
privatebrowsing-button.tooltiptext = Open a new Private Browsing window (%S)

save-page-button.label = Save Page
# LOCALIZATION NOTE(save-page-button.tooltiptext3): %S is the keyboard shortcut
save-page-button.tooltiptext3 = Save this page (%S)

find-button.label = Find
# LOCALIZATION NOTE(find-button.tooltiptext3): %S is the keyboard shortcut.
find-button.tooltiptext3 = Find in this page (%S)

open-file-button.label = Open File
# LOCALIZATION NOTE (open-file-button.tooltiptext3): %S is the keyboard shortcut.
open-file-button.tooltiptext3 = Open a file (%S)

developer-button.label = Developer
# LOCALIZATION NOTE(developer-button.tooltiptext): %S is the keyboard shortcut
developer-button.tooltiptext2 = Open Web developer tools (%S)

sidebar-button.label = Sidebars
sidebar-button.tooltiptext2 = Show sidebars

add-ons-button.label = Add-ons
# LOCALIZATION NOTE(add-ons-button.tooltiptext3): %S is the keyboard shortcut
add-ons-button.tooltiptext3 = Manage your add-ons (%S)

switch-to-metro-button2.label = Windows 8 Touch
# LOCALIZATION NOTE(switch-to-metro-button2.tooltiptext): %S is the brand short name
switch-to-metro-button2.tooltiptext = Relaunch in %S for Windows 8 Touch

preferences-button.label = Preferences
preferences-button.tooltiptext2 = Open preferences
preferences-button.tooltiptext.withshortcut = Open preferences (%S)
# LOCALIZATION NOTE (preferences-button.labelWin): Windows-only label for Options
preferences-button.labelWin = Options
# LOCALIZATION NOTE (preferences-button.tooltipWin): Windows-only tooltip for Options
preferences-button.tooltipWin2 = Open options

zoom-controls.label = Zoom Controls
zoom-controls.tooltiptext2 = Zoom controls

zoom-out-button.label = Zoom out
# LOCALIZATION NOTE(zoom-out-button.tooltiptext2): %S is the keyboard shortcut.
zoom-out-button.tooltiptext2 = Zoom out (%S)

# LOCALIZATION NOTE(zoom-reset-button.label): %S is the current zoom level,
# %% will be displayed as a single % character (% is commonly used to define
# format specifiers, so it needs to be escaped).
zoom-reset-button.label = %S%%
# LOCALIZATION NOTE(zoom-reset-button.tooltiptext2): %S is the keyboard shortcut.
zoom-reset-button.tooltiptext2 = Reset zoom level (%S)

zoom-in-button.label = Zoom in
# LOCALIZATION NOTE(zoom-in-button.tooltiptext2): %S is the keyboard shortcut.
zoom-in-button.tooltiptext2 = Zoom in (%S)

edit-controls.label = Edit Controls
edit-controls.tooltiptext2 = Edit controls

cut-button.label = Cut
# LOCALIZATION NOTE(cut-button.tooltiptext2): %S is the keyboard shortcut.
cut-button.tooltiptext2 = Cut (%S)

copy-button.label = Copy
# LOCALIZATION NOTE(copy-button.tooltiptext2): %S is the keyboard shortcut.
copy-button.tooltiptext2 = Copy (%S)

paste-button.label = Paste
# LOCALIZATION NOTE(paste-button.tooltiptext2): %S is the keyboard shortcut.
paste-button.tooltiptext2 = Paste (%S)

feed-button.label = Subscribe
feed-button.tooltiptext2 = Subscribe to this page

# LOCALIZATION NOTE (characterencoding-button.label): The \u00ad character at the beginning
# of the string is used to disable auto hyphenation on the button text when it is displayed
# in the menu panel.
characterencoding-button.label = \u00adCharacter Encoding
characterencoding-button.tooltiptext2 = Show character encoding options

email-link-button.label = Email Link
email-link-button.tooltiptext3 = Email a link to this page

# LOCALIZATION NOTE(quit-button.tooltiptext.linux2): %1$S is the brand name (e.g. Firefox),
# %2$S is the keyboard shortcut
quit-button.tooltiptext.linux2 = Quit %1$S (%2$S)
# LOCALIZATION NOTE(quit-button.tooltiptext.mac): %1$S is the brand name (e.g. Firefox),
# %2$S is the keyboard shortcut
quit-button.tooltiptext.mac = Quit %1$S (%2$S)

loop-call-button2.label = Start a conversation
loop-call-button2.tooltiptext = Start a conversation

social-share-button.label = Share This Page
social-share-button.tooltiptext = Share This Page

panic-button.label = Forget
panic-button.tooltiptext = Forget about some browsing history

web-apps-button.label = Apps
web-apps-button.tooltiptext = Discover Apps

# LOCALIZATION NOTE(devtools-webide-button.label, devtools-webide-button.tooltiptext):
# widget is only visible after WebIDE has been started once (Tools > Web Developers > WebIDE)
devtools-webide-button.label = WebIDE
devtools-webide-button.tooltiptext = Open WebIDE