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 * Copyright 2010 Google Inc.
 * Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
 * found in the LICENSE file.

#ifndef SkGr_DEFINED
#define SkGr_DEFINED

#include "GrColor.h"
#include "GrTextureAccess.h"
#include "SkColor.h"
#include "SkColorPriv.h"
#include "SkFilterQuality.h"
#include "SkImageInfo.h"

class GrCaps;
class GrColorSpaceXform;
class GrContext;
class GrTexture;
class GrTextureParams;
class SkBitmap;

// Sk to Gr Type conversions

static inline GrColor SkColorToPremulGrColor(SkColor c) {
    SkPMColor pm = SkPreMultiplyColor(c);
    unsigned r = SkGetPackedR32(pm);
    unsigned g = SkGetPackedG32(pm);
    unsigned b = SkGetPackedB32(pm);
    unsigned a = SkGetPackedA32(pm);
    return GrColorPackRGBA(r, g, b, a);

static inline GrColor SkColorToUnpremulGrColor(SkColor c) {
    unsigned r = SkColorGetR(c);
    unsigned g = SkColorGetG(c);
    unsigned b = SkColorGetB(c);
    unsigned a = SkColorGetA(c);
    return GrColorPackRGBA(r, g, b, a);

GrColor4f SkColorToPremulGrColor4f(SkColor c, bool gammaCorrect, GrColorSpaceXform* gamutXform);
GrColor4f SkColorToUnpremulGrColor4f(SkColor c, bool gammaCorrect, GrColorSpaceXform* gamutXform);

static inline GrColor SkColorToOpaqueGrColor(SkColor c) {
    unsigned r = SkColorGetR(c);
    unsigned g = SkColorGetG(c);
    unsigned b = SkColorGetB(c);
    return GrColorPackRGBA(r, g, b, 0xFF);

/** Replicates the SkColor's alpha to all four channels of the GrColor. */
static inline GrColor SkColorAlphaToGrColor(SkColor c) {
    U8CPU a = SkColorGetA(c);
    return GrColorPackRGBA(a, a, a, a);

static inline SkPMColor GrColorToSkPMColor(GrColor c) {
    return SkPackARGB32(GrColorUnpackA(c), GrColorUnpackR(c), GrColorUnpackG(c), GrColorUnpackB(c));

static inline GrColor SkPMColorToGrColor(SkPMColor c) {
    return GrColorPackRGBA(SkGetPackedR32(c), SkGetPackedG32(c), SkGetPackedB32(c),

/** Returns a texture representing the bitmap that is compatible with the GrTextureParams. The
    texture is inserted into the cache (unless the bitmap is marked volatile) and can be
    retrieved again via this function. */
GrTexture* GrRefCachedBitmapTexture(GrContext*, const SkBitmap&, const GrTextureParams&,

sk_sp<GrTexture> GrMakeCachedBitmapTexture(GrContext*, const SkBitmap&, const GrTextureParams&,

// TODO: Move SkImageInfo2GrPixelConfig to SkGrPriv.h (requires cleanup to SkWindow its subclasses).
GrPixelConfig SkImageInfo2GrPixelConfig(SkColorType, SkAlphaType, const SkColorSpace*,
                                        const GrCaps&);

static inline GrPixelConfig SkImageInfo2GrPixelConfig(const SkImageInfo& info, const GrCaps& caps) {
    return SkImageInfo2GrPixelConfig(info.colorType(), info.alphaType(), info.colorSpace(), caps);

GrTextureParams::FilterMode GrSkFilterQualityToGrFilterMode(SkFilterQuality paintFilterQuality,
                                                            const SkMatrix& viewM,
                                                            const SkMatrix& localM,
                                                            bool* doBicubic);