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Bug 1341285: rollup of changes for webrtc after applying v57 update r=ng,jesup,pehrsons,drno,dminor,cpearce,jya,glandium,dmajor Includes re-importing gyp files removed from upstream in v56, and then updating them to match the file changes.

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 *  that can be found in the LICENSE file in the root of the source
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#include "webrtc/modules/video_capture/device_info_impl.h"

namespace webrtc {
namespace videocapturemodule {

// Provides video capture device information using the Media Foundation API.
class DeviceInfoMF : public DeviceInfoImpl {
  explicit DeviceInfoMF();
  virtual ~DeviceInfoMF();

  int32_t Init();
  virtual uint32_t NumberOfDevices();

  virtual int32_t GetDeviceName(uint32_t deviceNumber, char* deviceNameUTF8,
                                uint32_t deviceNameLength,
                                char* deviceUniqueIdUTF8,
                                uint32_t deviceUniqueIdUTF8Length,
                                char* productUniqueIdUTF8,
                                uint32_t productUniqueIdUTF8Length);

  virtual int32_t DisplayCaptureSettingsDialogBox(
      const char* deviceUniqueIdUTF8, const char* dialogTitleUTF8,
      void* parentWindow, uint32_t positionX, uint32_t positionY);

}  // namespace videocapturemodule
}  // namespace webrtc