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#ifndef nsWindowMap_h_
#define nsWindowMap_h_

#import <Cocoa/Cocoa.h>

//  WindowDataMap
//  In both mozilla and embedding apps, we need to have a place to put
//  per-top-level-window logic and data, to handle such things as IME
//  commit when the window gains/loses focus. We can't use a window 
//  delegate, because an embeddor probably already has one. Nor can we
//  subclass NSWindow, again because we can't impose that burden on the
//  embeddor.
//  So we have a global map of NSWindow -> TopLevelWindowData, and set
//  up TopLevelWindowData as a notification observer etc.

@interface WindowDataMap : NSObject
  NSMutableDictionary*    mWindowMap;   // dict of TopLevelWindowData keyed by address of NSWindow

+ (WindowDataMap*)sharedWindowDataMap;

- (void)ensureDataForWindow:(NSWindow*)inWindow;
- (id)dataForWindow:(NSWindow*)inWindow;

// set data for a given window. inData is retained (and any previously set data
// is released).
- (void)setData:(id)inData forWindow:(NSWindow*)inWindow;

// remove the data for the given window. the data is released.
- (void)removeDataForWindow:(NSWindow*)inWindow;


@class ChildView;

//  TopLevelWindowData
//  Class to hold per-window data, and handle window state changes.

@interface TopLevelWindowData : NSObject

- (id)initWithWindow:(NSWindow*)inWindow;
+ (void)activateInWindow:(NSWindow*)aWindow;
+ (void)deactivateInWindow:(NSWindow*)aWindow;
+ (void)activateInWindowViews:(NSWindow*)aWindow;
+ (void)deactivateInWindowViews:(NSWindow*)aWindow;


#endif // nsWindowMap_h_