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Thu, 20 Dec 2018 16:03:00 -0500
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Bug 1513912 - Null check return from TextToSpeech.getFeatures(). r=agi, a=jcristau

# Bug 668068 - Maximum (256) width and height icons that we currently interpret as 0-width and 0-height.
load 256-height.ico
load 256-width.ico

load 83804-1.gif
load 89341-1.gif
load 463696.bmp
load 570451.png
# Bug 1390704 - Skip on debug because it triggers a quadratic behavior that makes it take
# so much time that it can trip on the reftest timeout of 5 minutes.
skip-if(Android||isDebugBuild) load 694165-1.xhtml
load 681190.html
load 732319-1.html
load 844403-1.html
load 856616.gif
load 944353.jpg
load 1205923-1.html
# Ensure we handle detecting that an image is animated, then failing to decode
# it. (See bug 1210745.)
load 1210745-1.gif
load 1212954-1.svg
load 1235605.gif
load 1241728-1.html
load 1241729-1.html
load 1242093-1.html
load 1242778-1.png
load 1249576-1.png
load 1253362-1.html
load 1355898-1.html
load 1375842-1.html
load 1413762-1.gif
pref(image.downscale-during-decode.enabled,true) load 1443232-1.html
load colormap-range.gif
HTTP load delayedframe.sjs # A 3-frame animated GIF with an inordinate delay between the second and third frame

# Animated gifs with a very large canvas, but tiny actual content.
load delaytest.html?523528-1.gif
load delaytest.html?523528-2.gif

# Bug 1160801 - Ensure that we handle invalid disposal types.
load invalid-disposal-method-1.gif
load invalid-disposal-method-2.gif
load invalid-disposal-method-3.gif

load invalid-icc-profile.jpg # This would have exposed the leak discovered in bug 642902

# Ensure we handle ICO directory entries which specify the wrong size for the contained resource.
load invalid_ico_height.ico
load invalid_ico_width.ico

# Bug 525326 - Test image sizes of 65535x65535 which is larger than we allow)
load invalid-size.gif
load invalid-size-second-frame.gif

load multiple-png-hassize.ico # Bug 863958 - This icon's size is such that it leads to multiple writes to the PNG decoder after we've gotten our size.
asserts(0-2) load ownerdiscard.html # Bug 1323672, bug 807211
load truncated-second-frame.png # Bug 863975