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# wrench

`wrench` is a tool for debugging webrender outside of a browser engine.

## headless

`wrench` has an optional headless mode for use in continuous integration. To run in headless mode, instead of using `cargo run -- args`, use `./ args`.

## `replay` and `show`

Binary recordings can be generated by webrender and replayed with `wrench replay`. Enable binary recording in `RendererOptions`.

RendererOptions {
    recorder: Some(Box::new(BinaryRecorder::new("wr-frame.bin"))),

If you are working on gecko integration you can enable recording in `webrender_bindings/src/` by setting

static ENABLE_RECORDING: bool = true;

`wrench replay --save yaml` will convert the recording into frames described in yaml. Frames can then be replayed with `wrench show`.

## `reftest`

Wrench also has a reftest system for catching regressions.
* To run all reftests, run `script/ reftest`
* To run specific reftests, run `script/ reftest path/to/test/or/dir`
* To examine test failures, use the [reftest analyzer](
* To add a new reftest, create an example frame and a reference frame in `reftests/` and then add an entry to `reftests/reftest.list`