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Bug 1300995 - Part 1. Add a footer on formautofill popup to let users open a preferences privacy tab when click on it. r=MattN MozReview-Commit-ID: Izr6IbHlkLY

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preferenceGroupTitle = Form Autofill
enableProfileAutofill = Enable Profile Autofill
savedProfiles = Saved Profiles…
saveAddressMessage = Firefox now saves your form data to help you fill out forms faster!
viewAutofillOptions = View Form Autofill options…
openAutofillMessagePanel = Open Form Autofill message panel
autocompleteFooterOption = Form Autofill Options
autocompleteFooterOptionShort = Options
autocompleteFooterOptionOSX = Form Autofill Preferences
autocompleteFooterOptionOSXShort = Preferences