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#ifndef __mozilla_widget_GfxInfoBase_h__
#define __mozilla_widget_GfxInfoBase_h__

#include "nsIGfxInfo.h"
#include "nsCOMPtr.h"
#include "nsIObserver.h"
#include "nsWeakReference.h"
#include "GfxDriverInfo.h"
#include "nsTArray.h"
#include "nsString.h"

namespace mozilla {
namespace widget {  

class GfxInfoBase : public nsIGfxInfo,
                    public nsIObserver,
                    public nsSupportsWeakReference
  virtual ~GfxInfoBase();


  // We only declare a subset of the nsIGfxInfo interface. It's up to derived
  // classes to implement the rest of the interface.  
  // Derived classes need to use
  // using GfxInfoBase::GetFeatureStatus;
  // using GfxInfoBase::GetFeatureSuggestedDriverVersion;
  // using GfxInfoBase::GetWebGLParameter;
  // to import the relevant methods into their namespace.
  NS_SCRIPTABLE NS_IMETHOD GetFeatureStatus(PRInt32 aFeature, PRInt32 *_retval NS_OUTPARAM);
  NS_SCRIPTABLE NS_IMETHOD GetFeatureSuggestedDriverVersion(PRInt32 aFeature, nsAString & _retval NS_OUTPARAM);
  NS_SCRIPTABLE NS_IMETHOD GetWebGLParameter(const nsAString & aParam, nsAString & _retval NS_OUTPARAM);

  NS_SCRIPTABLE NS_IMETHOD GetFailures(PRUint32 *failureCount NS_OUTPARAM, char ***failures NS_OUTPARAM);
  NS_IMETHOD_(void) LogFailure(const nsACString &failure);

  // Initialization function. If you override this, you must call this class's
  // version of Init first.
  // We need Init to be called separately from the constructor so we can
  // register as an observer after all derived classes have been constructed
  // and we know we have a non-zero refcount.
  // Ideally, Init() would be void-return, but the rules of
  // NS_GENERIC_FACTORY_CONSTRUCTOR_INIT require it be nsresult return.
  virtual nsresult Init();


  virtual nsresult GetFeatureStatusImpl(PRInt32 aFeature, PRInt32* aStatus,
                                        nsAString& aSuggestedDriverVersion,
                                        GfxDriverInfo* aDriverInfo = nsnull) = 0;


  void EvaluateDownloadedBlacklist(nsTArray<GfxDriverInfo>& aDriverInfo);

  nsCString mFailures[9]; // The choice of 9 is Ehsan's
  PRUint32 mFailureCount;



#endif /* __mozilla_widget_GfxInfoBase_h__ */