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Bug 1222285 - Part 2: Making the keyboard events of modifier keys been suppressed when 'privacy.resistFingerprinting' is true. r=arthuredelstein,masayuki This patch makes 'Shift', 'Alt', 'Contorl' and 'AltGraph' been suppressed for content when fingerprinting resistance is enabled. Chrome can still get these events. The reason behind this is that websites can still observe key combinations to tell which keyboard layout is using even we spoof the keyboardEvent.code, keyboardEvent.keyCode and modifier states. For example, the AZERTY France keyboard, the digit keys of it requires the user press the Shift key. So, it is easy to differentiate AZERTY and QWERTY keyboard by observing whether a Shift key generates its own before the digit keys. There are similar issues for 'Alt' and 'AltGraph' as well. MozReview-Commit-ID: 3CwCgvey4lK

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#ifndef mozilla_dom_AnimationEffectReadOnly_h
#define mozilla_dom_AnimationEffectReadOnly_h

#include "mozilla/ComputedTiming.h"
#include "mozilla/dom/AnimationEffectTimingReadOnly.h"
#include "mozilla/dom/BindingDeclarations.h"
#include "mozilla/dom/Nullable.h"
#include "mozilla/Maybe.h"
#include "mozilla/StickyTimeDuration.h"
#include "mozilla/TimeStamp.h"
#include "mozilla/TimingParams.h"
#include "nsCycleCollectionParticipant.h"
#include "nsWrapperCache.h"

namespace mozilla {

struct ElementPropertyTransition;

namespace dom {

class Animation;
class AnimationEffectTimingReadOnly;
class KeyframeEffectReadOnly;
struct ComputedTimingProperties;

class AnimationEffectReadOnly : public nsISupports,
                                public nsWrapperCache

  AnimationEffectReadOnly(nsIDocument* aDocument,
                          AnimationEffectTimingReadOnly* aTiming);

  virtual KeyframeEffectReadOnly* AsKeyframeEffect() { return nullptr; }

  virtual ElementPropertyTransition* AsTransition() { return nullptr; }
  virtual const ElementPropertyTransition* AsTransition() const
    return nullptr;

  nsISupports* GetParentObject() const { return mDocument; }

  bool IsCurrent() const;
  bool IsInEffect() const;
  bool IsActiveDurationZero() const
    return !SpecifiedTiming().ActiveDuration();

  already_AddRefed<AnimationEffectTimingReadOnly> Timing();
  const TimingParams& SpecifiedTiming() const
    return mTiming->AsTimingParams();
  void SetSpecifiedTiming(const TimingParams& aTiming);

  // This function takes as input the timing parameters of an animation and
  // returns the computed timing at the specified local time.
  // The local time may be null in which case only static parameters such as the
  // active duration are calculated. All other members of the returned object
  // are given a null/initial value.
  // This function returns a null mProgress member of the return value
  // if the animation should not be run
  // (because it is not currently active and is not filling at this time).
  static ComputedTiming
  GetComputedTimingAt(const Nullable<TimeDuration>& aLocalTime,
                      const TimingParams& aTiming,
                      double aPlaybackRate);
  // Shortcut that gets the computed timing using the current local time as
  // calculated from the timeline time.
  ComputedTiming GetComputedTiming(const TimingParams* aTiming = nullptr) const;
  void GetComputedTimingAsDict(ComputedTimingProperties& aRetVal) const;

  virtual void SetAnimation(Animation* aAnimation) = 0;
  Animation* GetAnimation() const { return mAnimation; };

   * Returns true if this effect animates one of the properties we consider
   * geometric properties, e.g. properties such as 'width' or 'margin-left'
   * that we try to synchronize with transform animations, on a valid target
   * element.
  virtual bool AffectsGeometry() const = 0;

  virtual ~AnimationEffectReadOnly();

  Nullable<TimeDuration> GetLocalTime() const;

  RefPtr<nsIDocument> mDocument;
  RefPtr<AnimationEffectTimingReadOnly> mTiming;
  RefPtr<Animation> mAnimation;

} // namespace dom
} // namespace mozilla

#endif // mozilla_dom_AnimationEffectReadOnly_h